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Rituals Limited Edition GlossyBox Canceled Orders Update

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Quick update for anyone who bought the GlossyBox Rituals Limited Edition box when it was marked down to $13.30:


Hello Liz Cadman,

Thank you for placing order XXXXXXX with us.

Unfortunately we have had to cancel this order. This is due to a pricing error on our website. We pride ourselves on having accurate information on our website, but on this occasion there has been an error which has subsequently been amended.

We understand this could be very frustrating for you and apologise for any inconvenience this might have caused.

If a charge has been taken for the order, then a refund will be requested upon cancellation and the money returned to your account within 3-5 working days.

If the item is still of interest to you, it can now be ordered at the correct price on site.

If there is anything else that we can do, then please do not hesitate to get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help.

Kind regards,
GLOSSYBOX Customer Service Team

All orders have been canceled. And if you bought the Limited Edition Holiday Box with this box on the same order, that entire order has been canceled. (That happened to me.)

Sorry about this! GlossyBox has had past boxes marked down in price before, so this clearance seemed normal, but in the future, we’ll double check to make sure that pricing is correct.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I got an email from them yesterday that said :

    Your new message from our Customer Care Team:

    Hi Alison,

    Thank you for getting in touch for an update on your recent order.

    I am really sorry to let you know that we have had to cancel your order for the Ritual Limited Edition because our suppliers were unable to provide it.

    I understand how disappointing this might be. We have tried other suppliers but we have not had any luck. We will be removing the item from our website as soon as possible.

    If a charge has been taken for the order, then a refund will be requested upon cancellation and the money returned to your account within 3-5 working days.

    If there is anything else that we can do, then please do not hesitate to get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help.

    Stay Glossy.

    Kindest regards,


    GLOSSYBOX Customer Service Team

    I am disappointed to not get the deal since I was going to use it for gifts, but I’m not raging mad. I just know to be careful when I decide to buy from Glossybox.

    • And the Plot Thickens LOL

      Hi Shari,

      Thank you for getting in touch for an update on your recent order.

      I am really sorry to let you know that we have had to cancel your order for the Rituals Limited Edition edit because our suppliers were unable to provide it.

      I understand how disappointing this might be. We have tried other suppliers but we have not had any luck. We will be removing the item from our website as soon as possible.

      If a charge has been taken for the order, then a refund will be requested upon cancellation and the money returned to your account within 3-5 working days.

      If there is anything else that we can do, then please do not hesitate to get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help.

      Sending Glossy love.

      Kindest regards,


      GLOSSYBOX Customer Service Team

      • Why do my comments keep not showing up but you use them? Act like they are your messages? Terrible!

        • Huh???

  2. This is all such a ridiculous mess. If you don’t want to honor the price that YOU had posted and that YOU allowed to be processed, fine. But let people know IMMEDIATELY and THEN issue refunds. You don’t freaking cancel orders and finally send a generic non-specific message 3-4 days later!

    Oh, and I had sent a message asking why my order showed my card couldn’t be processed – I had signed up for the 3 months for $30.00 deal – and the guy said it’s because of a “price change” and they can give me $5 off of my next box. Real damn big of them. So apparently they’re not going to honor my 3 boxes for $10 deal either.

    I’m DONE with Glossybox. This is horrible customer service, horrible business practices and the products aren’t that great anyway. They can go suck a goat.

    • I read somewhere else in here that, allegedly, the 3 boxes for $10 each deal wasn’t supposed to be in the US (which raises the question, if the boxes were ten DOLLARS each – was that supposed to be for Canada? Australia?). Based on what you said, it sounds like they’re not honoring that. Are they offering you the next box at $16 and the other two at $21? If so, that is insane. Will they at least let you cancel without further charges if they aren’t honoring the deal they offered and you accepted?

  3. Hi Liz. Is there any code or coupon for a discount on this specific box? Thanks for all your hard work and keeping us all well informed for all things subscription related!!

  4. This discussion is out of control .. lol

    Not really sure what the frustration is for I am currently a member of glossybox and yes the customer service is a nightmare and yes I always get the shorter end ( the cheaper variation ) in my glossybox .. buy hey they said there would be a variation and I have reached out to them more than once and yes there is THE time when you feel like you want to just give up but that’s when they get back to you and they may not have the best alternate in the world but it is something plausible ..

    They said it was a technical error they owned up to it and more importantly they gave you your money back they didn’t just keep it and disappear like a few boxes that just closed their website and vanished over night this year ..

    I mean the Salem witch trial that glossybox has to go through for every error or delay is ridiculous

    It’s like they are NOT allowed to make a mistake…it’s like a broken product in your box is nothing to do with the shipping and is purely a vendetta against you …

    They sent an email telling you it’s a technical error and refunded your money they were closed this Saturday due to Veterans Day which is why it took them so long to get back

    People are not happy with just an email so they want an already wobbly company to honor the deal ( $13.30 I mean come on the price should have been your first hint !!) or give them a $5 gift card I mean come on you guys

    They had deals when they were giving 2 boxes when you buy one back in June July
    and from $21 to $10 a month deals for the last 6 months!!!!

    CLEARLY, They are already drowning but instead of understanding it’s like the attack of the vultures over here (business take years to stabilize I am sure people who own them Understand better )

    If they ran away with your money it would be understandable .. if they refused to acknowledge an error it would make sense but I mean come on you guys!!!

    Take your money elsewhere that’s your decision…but give them a break I mean seriously !!!!

    • Very well put, Rakshanda.

    • I don’t care if you’re down to a team of 1 person – if you made such a giant stupid mistake (and it comes down to human error and not technical) – then it is your RESPONSIBILITY to inform the people that YOUR ERROR is impacting. They were “closed” and yet they were able to magically cancel tons of orders but not give out any information? Yeah, that’s pretty convenient. ANYONE who works in business knows that this is shoddy business. You did not cancel orders and wait 3-4 days to give a non-answer. You give answers and then give refunds. Kind of common sense.

  5. @lizcadman my comments never post for some reason???

  6. @lizcadman my comments never post for some reason??

  7. I am absolutely not trying to minimize people’s feelings at all. They have the right to be upset but I agree some are taking it to an un-needed level. A website error, sales were cancelled, everyone refunded along with their free charm points. No damages here other than the major loss boxycharm could have incurred. The customer has the right to be upset but they do not have the right to force glossybox to sell it to them at that errored price. I studied contract law. There are people quoting acts from the UK, other countries as well and googling and the stating cases (without reading them to fully understand them) that do not really apply.
    I am personally not a fan of the “sue happy” and I hope not to offend. I am a business owner and the customer honestly is not always right. Glossybox is not popsugar meaning a giant business. Small businesses can be destroyed by things of this nature. They have the right to fix a website glitch and quickly refund people their money (keep in mind popsugar and other companies can and have taken up to 21 BUSINESS DAYS TO REFUND. glossybox is doing so in 2 days and one of the days was a weekend )
    Easy terms: “Unlike many other countries there is no US national law regarding contracts. Rather, each state has its own contract law, so it is important to determine which state law would actually be applicable to any given contract. Of course, there is much commonality between states for what is required to form a contract and also in relation to enforcing terms. In general, courts may not uphold a contract if one or more of the following is found: Lack of Capacity, Duress, Undue Influence, Misrepresentation, Nondisclosure, Unconscionability, Public Policy, Mistake, Impossibility.”
    The word mistake is pretty loud here. They made a mistake. AND THEY DID RESPOND QUICKLY IN BUSINESS TERMS. (Not trying to be shouty capitals here, just point this out in my seriously long essay lol). Ritual boxes went on sale Friday November 10th. Orders were cancelled Saturday 11th. They notified everyone via email in ONE BUSINESS DAY. Businesses have the right to be closed on weekends too. They caught it and fixed it in less than 24 hours. They responded in technically LESS THAN ONE BUSINESS DAY. AND they refunded everyone. Before blowing this way out of proportion, it’s okay to be upset. But it isn’t to be unreasonable and trashing/harming a small business/sue happy/ when the fact your order was cancelled quickly and refunded immediately. Yes their customer service in the past could be handled better. But they were quick here.

    • It’s not a small business.

  8. I had been considering signing up with glossy for a while now, but seeing how they cancelled everyone’s orders over THEIR mistake, I don’t want to support a business like that. They just lost my business and my money.

    • It looks like Glossybox is trying to do themselves in! Terrible! At least they’re consistent about being inconsistent!

  9. I hope they get stuck with a boatload of these Ritual boxes and have to put them on super clearance just to break even…

    Between GB and Boxy being both huge disappointments, I’m thinking I’m going to reconsider which companies I do business with.

    Right now I’m feeling under appreciated and that these companies feel like they can do whatever they want.

    I’ll probably cave in tho if there’s Black Friday super deals tho- dang, no power to resist.

  10. I think they legally have to honor the posted price even if it was in error.
    I placed 2 orders, only one of which was cancelled – the one I spend my glossy point on…. which I find interesting.
    I stopped my sub 6 mo ago, was thinking of watching for a black friday deal, now I am not so sure I want to do that

    • Before people jump on this idea, I just want to point out that it’s NOT true that companies are required to honor pricing errors.

      It’s a common misconception, with people equating it to “false advertising” or thinking they have to sell it at that price because they put in an order for it, but in terms of the actual law, a retailer isn’t actually selling/”offering to sell” an item for an advertised price. They’re actually soliciting offers from the public. Until the item actually ships, a seller is free (within certain limitations) to refuse your offer to buy at a given price.

      That said, in many cases, it makes sense in terms of PR/good will to honor the pricing error, if it’s not substantial. In others, the good will generated isn’t worth the revenue loss when you have something like a 60″ TV accidentally listed online for $9.99.

  11. The worst part of all this is that spelled apologize wrong 🙁

    • Haha, you do “realise” that GB is now owned by LookFantastic, which is a British company. That’s how they spell apologize.

    • They spelled it correctly. It can be spelled two different ways.

  12. I’m so disappointed in how they handled this. I wonder if they are even legally allowed to do this? Here in New York, businesses are held to honoring pricing for things like their employees put items on the wrong shelf. They have to give the price listed under the product. I’m already upset because I ordered a limited edition box on Sept 30 and still haven’t received it or my October box. The tracking number doesn’t work. I’ve been trying to get it resolved for weeks but it’s back and forth nonsense from them. Last night I received an auto response on the email chain that says something about sorry but use a different customer service email instead of this one you have been. What does that even mean? That now I have to try and start over again trying to get these people to send me what I paid for 7 weeks ago….idk I wanted to get the holiday LE box but I don’t think so anymore.

    • Honestly regardless of an error that’s still false advertising and any other businesses will honor it cuz it’s false advertising bottom line

  13. The one good thing that came out of this was I found out I had a credit of $20, since I can use this on look fantastic I plan on picking up my conditioner, which I actually need at a great discount.

  14. Why are everyone’s comments posting but mine?
    I am not even seeing the ones from last night.

    • Yup, happens to me too when I complain about something. Even after getting a response claiming they don’t delete posts.

      • Mine too, I never see my posts anymore or get the email to confirm my following my post.

        • I think the way the notifications work is that you only get them for other people’s comments, not your own.

  15. Nice way to use our money as a temporary loan for 5+ days. I️ will no longer do business with glossy box! They could have tried to make this right!

  16. Maybe they sold too many at a super low price!!! They have been discounting their subscriptions very often lately. I wonder if they are having financial problems.

  17. I hope whoever the Glossybox employee was that made the technical error in the pricing isn’t reading all these comments. Especially if they were a lower ranked worker and not a manager or something. I would be terrified of being fired for a seemingly small mistake that led to such outcry!

    • In retail, though, that’a big mistake.

    • Well Ally, it actually may be good for somebody in that company to read the comments. We have the Rituals fiasco, where the pricing that was put in their system was accepted. And then after that, the limited edition Glossybox showed a ship date of December 1, 2018. So for a large company, I think improvements in the web posting at the very least should be addressed. However, based on how all of this was handled, I am pretty sure there is more to the story.

    • A responsible company would not put all the blame on one worker for a human error. Of course people make mistakes. But there should be systems in place to verify and check work to protect employees and the business from these issues. And the outcry came mostly from this not being a responsible company that takes ownership of their mistakes proactively (sure jumped on cancelling those orders but took 3 days to send out even an explanation or apology…only after the pressure of the outcry). If a single employee gets blamed, thrown under the bus and fired for this, they are probably better off at a different company anyways.

  18. This fiasco was the last straw for me. Between nonexistant customer service and just a generally poor personal experience overall, it’s time to cancel. New ownership or not, GlossyBox has turned into a suuuper shady company. The fact that they’re refusing to offer any kind of rectification whatsoever to this mess is just the cherry on top. This box is not worth the headache.

    • I agree Danielle. There are too many other boxes that will keep me stocked and not aggravated.

  19. Pretty sure I will get blasted for this, but … people were posting, as they were buying the box, that they thought the price was a mistake.

    Why is GB now the evil company for trying to get out of this mess? If anything, people buying the box were the dishonest ones trying to exploit a mistake. All this anger is misplaced.

    • Hmm, I haven’t seen any such posts?.. Did anyone really think it was a mistake at the time??

      I bought the Rituals box earlier this year for $25 from Glossybox, and that was the regular price for subscribers. Considering that the box has been out for a while now and that it’s not high value cosmetics, I don’t see why it can’t be on a clearance sale.

      It certainly never occurred to me the day of the sale that it’s likely just an error.

      • Ditto.

    • Omg whatever

      • Lol

    • No. The customers are not the dishonest ones for expecting a product to cost what it was advertised as on a retailer’s website.

    • Boy Sally, that is definitely a new one for many of us. Glossybox advertises a clearance price, we decide to buy the product at the clearance price and we are now the dishonest ones? I can’t find any reality where that makes any sense. Glossybox lost a lot of customers on how they handled the situation.

    • No -a 99% off glitch where a $900 TV goes on sale for $9 is an obvious glitch or mistake. A $13 sale on an item that’s been discounted to $17 before just looks like inventory clearance. Companies routinely discount old inventory to 70-90% off, especially towards the end of the year, for tax reasons. It isn’t an ‘obvious mistake.’

      • I also don’t get why we should have automatically concluded that it was an obvious mistake.

    • First, I didn’t read any comments about this being a mistake at the time (only speculation when they started cancelling orders). This box has been for sale for awhile and has been marked down already and even sold through GILT or somewhere too. It is not unreasonable to think it would be on clearance, especially if they are trying to clear out inventory for the Holiday boxes. Even Liz admitted she didn’t think it was odd. So to follow your suggestion, I should never buy anything marked on sale or clearance online in case it’s a mistake because I might be taking advantage of someone’s error. Finally, I don’t think Glossybox is evil, especially for the mistake. What is disappointing is the quick cancellation of orders without any explanation for days (only after so much pressure) and the longstanding and generalized lack of customer service, response, and caring about issues.

      • “So to follow your suggestion, I should never buy anything marked on sale or clearance online in case it’s a mistake because I might be taking advantage of someone’s error.”

        Yeah, that’s some interesting logic, to say the least.

      • Amen! Well said! I would be upset too. I can’t even get my Oct box and now it says sold out…WTF. I was sooo excited about the 3 boxes for 10 bucks……. Growing pains they say…..boooooooook

    • I called them first to check that price, I wasn’t trying to exploit anyone. I thought it might just be a great sale price because of the holidays. I was told that the price was right but I would have to pay for shipping.. I don’t know what more, I as a consumer could have done. In fact, the price originally said $40 preorder so that’s why I called to see if the $13.30 was a deposit. Then I saw after verifying with a customer service it was $13.30 full price. Then the orders were cancelled. Then the box was back up for $30.00. This was handled poorly by just cancelling everyone’s order and waiting a few days to issue an apology.

      • I don’t know why you even called them to verify in the first place. You already went above and beyond.

        • She explained why she called to verify. Reread it.

          • Yeah, nice attitude there. She said she called that to check the price. That’s not a reason. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of anybody doing that. Normally if you see a low price – you just buy. Why would you bother with the verifying?

        • I am new to Glossybox and didn’t know the box was a prior release. I thought it was new since it was a preorder. The original price said $40 but when I clicked on it said $13.30- so I didn’t know if it was a deposit. that is why I called.

          • Ah, I see, thanks for chiming in.
            They are lying btw about the price being $40. I got this box from Glossybox site back in April for $25.

      • Interesting that they verified the price! That does make it doubtful that this was just a website glitch or other form of error. This gets weirder and weirder…

  20. I can’t believe they have a whole customer service TEAM. I figured at the most they had one part time 97 year old woman with cataracts who worked every other Tuesday afternoon.

    • Soooo funnny..hahahehe!Thank you for this post.Priceless

    • LOL !!!

    • Helen, thanks for lightening the mood, we definitely needed it!

    • LOL omg!! Best thing I have read all day! Maybe all week!! Haha!!

    • LOL… best comment I’ve read in a long time.

  21. Yup, cancelled my other orders and closing account. Bad form Glossybox. You should honor 1 box for each customer that ordered before you realised your error. Liz, not your fault at all, thank you as always for being the source of info and advice , often times before the companies themselves give heads up on any errors and changes. Thank you

    • How do you close your account? Is there a way I can do it? I’ve sent emails requesting they close/delete my account, but no response.

    • I was hoping that even if they refused to honor one box (which I think would have been the best solution) that we would have at least been given a code for 25% off a box or something.

      • Right?! Not that it matters anymore. The fact that I had to find out from commenters on MSA about my box being cancelled pretty much stopped me from ordering the holiday box and doing any future transactions with them.

        The bad word of mouth/internet they are getting from two hiccups in a row is not good for the company at all. It is mind boggling to watch a Glossy Box botch customer service like this.

        Popsugar had that mystery box uproar and even though we all knew we were taking a chance and could get crap, they still bent over backwards to make people happy. My mind was blown away by how they handled that.

        • I agree. I may not care for some of the items but I get a response from PMSH.

          • If PopSugar has a Black Friday deal, I’m signing up for a year. I was really impressed with their CS and they totally made me eat my words. TAKE MY MONEY, DAMN IT.

  22. Part of me wonders if this was a Black Friday deal that accidentally went out early. But whatever the reason, I’m disappointed I won’t get the box I ordered. It’s highly unlikely I’ll ever attempt another purchase from this company again. Completely unprofessional.

    While I hope they’ll see the backlash from this and decide to honor the price, I doubt it will happen. Which is a shame. Bad customer service is their M.O.

  23. I’m not sure I believe this was a mistake. The box is almost a year old and had already been discounted, I think the original price was $30 for subscribers. It was on Gilt for 20 or 25 or something like that months ago, so being on sale totally made sense. Something weird is going on here, why would they need to preorder if they already have tons from before?

  24. Cancelled my LE box over the Rituals fiasco. Let em know. Rather spend my money with another company. Too many other choices.

    • I am with you Auryn!

    • I cancelled mine too. Not sad about it either, cause I’m not really interested in the two items spoiled either. I just have too much stuff, and I’d rather save my $40 to put towards a Christmas gift for someone

  25. Do the new owners of GB not know this box already has an image problem when it comes to customer service? Knee-capping the momentum they’d started to build all over an old LE seems a bit … short sighted.

    At least honor the box price 1 per customer, dump some old merch and build a little goodwill.

    • I agree. They should honour one of the $13.30 boxes per customer.

    • I agree. They were just starting to have more favorable comments than negative ones.

  26. Mistakes do happen, but this email should have gone out immediately, plus maybe $5 in glossydots for a future purchase to make up for the time spent placing the order. Perhaps they would have kept customers that way.

    Customer service can make or break a sub box with all the competition out there. Case in point, Little Lace Box. Oh wait, they folded because they were a female operated company doomed to fail. Ha! Baloney. 😂

    • “Customer service can make or break a sub box with all the competition out there.”


      This is why I will never shop or subscribe to Glossybox again. Their customer service is abysmal. They make mistakes left and right and half-heartedly apologize for them, making no concession to their loyal customers who missed out on something as a result. I’m surprised that with the new ownership, they’re still faltering. I had high hopes that GB might be what it once was, but sadly I don’t think it will ever be. One can hope, I guess. It’s a shame because it was a great box at one point.

  27. How much was it supposed to cost? I wanted one but was afraid I’d hate the smell.

    • Ok. I found the website. it should’ve been thirty dollars.

    • I hated the smell. And the shower oil bottle BROKE when I dropped it in the shower. End of that story.

  28. Liz, I just posted a lengthy post but don’t see it?

    • Sorry, not sure why it wasn’t showing up immediately but I see it now.

      • Liz, this is so wild. Did anyone at glossybox yell at you? I totally understand growing pains but after I lost $ to little lace box I feel like sketchy companies need warning labels.

        • Did anyone ever get money back from little lace box. I had paid for 2 subscriptions, one for me and another for my new daughter in law and after saying the boxes would come for over 3 months, they up and left me dry.

          • I never got my money back, I still had three months to go of their serendipity sub. I don’t think they were ever planning on refunding anyone, which is horrible.

  29. Well I was surprised that after three days, we are told by Glossybox to check our emails and all would be handled per their Facebook site. This was a horrible way to handle this situation. And Liz, I am a little confused with your comment on checking price, because we all placed orders and our prices said the $13.30 so it is very clear this was Glossybox. These are not companies that I want to do business with. They proved that with no regard to making the issue right and everyone thought the new takeover was going to be better. Well I will be making a formal complaint not for monetary wise or anything of that nature, but to document that these type of practices are the worst that I have seen. And what I really feel bad about is that Rituals is a great product. I will also let Rituals the company know what happened and perhaps they can put their products in different subscription boxes that have at least ten percent better customer service than what we experienced. However, these are now two boxes, Glossybox and LookBeautiful that I can scratch off my list and I have bought a lot of their boxes. I am hoping if more of the companies that actual put their items in their box and know more of what the customer has gone through, that the companiess will think twice and go to other boxes that don’t have negative practices. This has definitely been an eye opener.

  30. Certainly not your fault, Liz! Glossybox handled this poorly – what a shame they couldn’t do a better job of correcting THEIR mistake.

    • Yeah, I agree – I don’t think Liz or anyone at MSA needed to do a better job fact- (or price-) checking. The price was on the website, a bunch of people’s orders went through, including Liz’s, and it wasn’t totally unreasonable to assume that the price was correct given its price history and some sites’ practices of sometimes discounting items to clearance prices (especially with Black Friday right around the corner). It’s not like it was on sale for $1.30.

  31. With the money I was going to save by ordering 4 of the Rituals boxes, I was planning on purchasing the LImited Edition Box.

    Now I have $93 that is going to be spent anywhere BUT Glossy Box.

    • Totally and one hundred percent agree!

  32. I haven’t even got my Oct box from the 10 deal that I put in on Oct 30th. They sent me a message that Look fantastic bought glossy box and having growing pains but you took my money before this happened. Others recieved their boxes and they even got November which I also was charged on Nov 7th. I cancelled and said if you can show me tracking info for both boxes they sure but if not refund my money. Look Fantastic was my favorite box a few months ago until all this craziness went on and had to cancel and fight for my money back. I finally sign up for Glossybox the first time ever and I’m sad that they are part of them now truthfully…

    • I am having almost the same exact issue…. I am super nervous after ordering my subscription and them taling my money, and then…. nothing. No email about shipping. Nothing mentioned on their website. Then I eventually received the same email as you, it seems. No mention of helping me with the actual issue at hand though. This is my first time ever with Glossybox, and I’ve already cacelled my subscription with them.

      • Omg right. So true! That was my second email to CS about the Oct box too. The first reply was over a week ago about that missing box and they told me they will charge me right before they will ship out my box and that I would see a tracking number soon. Ok sure! Everytime I have had to deal with LF it has been really awful and if I knew they are taking over I most likely wouldn’t of signed up. So true when you say that they dance around the issue and never give you a answer or try to fix it.
        And what the hell is up with Walmart too. I was so excited for all these boxes now I cancelled most..booooo

    • I was on the Glossybox facebook and another customer wrote a post concerning the Halloween special at $10 per box for 3 months. Apparently, that deal was not supposed to be offered in the USA. People were charged and had Not received their boxes. When they went to their accounts it didn’t show as an order or have tracking numbers although their subscription said active. I received my Oct. box but it shows nothing for Nov. Though I was charged. You have to contact them through your account message section. I also had an almost $3 credit for my Le Holiday box and still ended up being charged $40 and some change. Counting the Rituals fiasco where I called to verify the price- this is now the 3RD mistake with Glossybox. Please spread the word. I posted it on MSA Facebook and sent Liz a message too. GOOD LUCK!!!

  33. Not your fault Liz! They handled this completely wrong and having to wait 3 days for this barely an apology note? I’m still getting the holiday box and Dec box is my last in the 3/$10 then I’m done with them. I worked customer service for over 25 years and this is not the way you handle things like this. In my opinion…

    • Agreed, boo glossybox.

    • I’m right here with you! Very bummed, and very done with them, after I receive my already ordered Holiday Box. I understand mistakes happen. I understand it was a holiday weekend. I have no clue how many orders they had at the wrong price, so I can’t really even judge them. But this was the final straw. Once my 3/$10 ends in December, I will be done. Maybe if enough people pull out, they will have a chance to get their act together for future subscribers… Hopefully they will give themselves time to get it together. Or maybe they like being not liked….

  34. I really hope Liz doesn’t feel like this is in any way her fault!!! I actually bought my box a day before MSA announced the reduced pricing (still canceled without an email or notice from Glossybox). I hate seeing her apologize on behalf of a company that doesn’t honor their mistake!

    We love you and the MSA family, Liz!!!

    • Wait…are you saying that the $13.30 was up the day before MSA announced it? If that’s the case, that really makes me think that the $13.30 wasn’t actually a mistake at all. That maybe they got significantly more orders than they expected, freaked and bailed.

      • I’m not trying to fuel the “conspiracy ” flames, but someone put on another post after the fact that they actually called CS to verify pricing before making her purchase and was told by the CS rep the price online is correct. That’s why she never posted that there was an issue…because she was told there wasn’t. I still have a feeling the price was a web error (and the phone call, large volume of orders or MSA post alerted them), but everyone representing Glossybox was unaware too and spreading misinformation, so they needed to own up to the error and throw a bone to the customers honestly thinking they are getting a good deal and holiday presents. I’m not even looking for a $13 box if that’s not viable, as someone else mentioned, a timely explanation and $5 in credits as an apology would go a long way…

      • Yes! I purchased this before MSA posted, so it really seemed legit.

        Interesting someone called and was told it was right……

        • It looks like the person who called was “chris”…posted again to a comment above!!

        • You know, I would really love to give GB the benefit of the doubt that this all started with a pricing error (and I did at first), but the more information that comes out about this, the more doubtful I’m becoming. It’s hard for me to believe that an “error” like this could be on the site for several hours and absolutely no one of importance would notice. The only items GB has in their shop are the regular subscription box options and a few LE boxes. It’s not like they have several hundred items like Walmart and a glitch like a $9 tv could easily go unnoticed until people started placing mass orders. In any case, I suppose speculation doesn’t do any good at this point. A pricing error is their story and they’re sticking with it. Even if that is the real story that doesn’t excuse the way the situation was handled. Liz – if you’re reading this, please don’t blame yourself. It looks like the price was checked with a member of the community and they were told it was legit. There’s no reason to believe you wouldn’t have received the same answer. We all appreciate you!

  35. I don’t see why you should double check their marked down prices. As a business owner myself, I would honor any mistakes I have made and correct the error as soon as possible to avoid future losses. This is a major letdown to prospective customers such as myself and any current loyal customers.

    • I think they legally have to honor the posted price even if it was in error.
      I placed 2 orders, only one of which was cancelled – the one I spend my glossy point on…. which I find interesting.
      I stopped my sub 6 mo ago, was thinking of watching for a black friday deal, now I am not so sure I want to do that

    • Good for you, yours is they type of company I like to give my business to

  36. In other words, it’s exactly what we thought.

    Oh well, at least I don’t feel bad about missing out on that “deal”.

    • at least *now I don’t, I meant to say

  37. wow I was excited for this too smh

    • If it’s too good to be true…. then usually it is!!!

      • Amy, normally I would agree. However, this box was discounted later to $25.00 at either Gilt or Rue la la which I purchased after buying one at the full price from Glossybox. So six months later being further discounted didn’t seem too drastic.

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