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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Winter 2017 Box SPOILERS + Coupon!

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Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 8.59.24 AM

We have two spoilers for the Winter 2017 Box of Style! (Thanks, Alyssa, for the heads up!)

Each box will include:

House of Harlow 1960, Mesa Door Knocker Earrings – Custom Collaboration

  • Material: Imitation 14k gold plated zinc alloy with white pave
  • Retail value: $115
  • Dimensions: 1” x 3”

Rachel Zoe for Box of Style Clutch

  • Your choice of Black or White Marble
  • Retail value: $125
  • Dimensions: 7” x 4” x 2”
  • Material: Acrylic with Metal trim

More on this box:

  • Over $400 worth of this season’s most coveted fashion and beauty finds
  • 6 holiday-ready finds in one pretty package
  • Includes 2 exclusive collabs found only in Box of Style
  • Statement-making pieces to elevate your winter look
  • Makes a great gift for any style savvy woman on your list
  • Members get exclusive access to the Box of Style Holiday Marketplace, expertly curated
    with the best gifts at special prices including: beauty, home/entertaining, jewelry, tech,
    clothing, and accessories that can be purchased a-la- carte or bundled for even more

Here are the Add-Ons this season:

What do you think of the Winter Box of Style spoilers? Which clutch are you picking?

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MSA10 to save $10! (Regularly $99.99 a quarter.) Or use coupon code BOS20 to save $20 off an annual subscription!

Check out all of my Box of Style reviews to learn more about this quarterly subscription box.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I was successful selecting the White Marble clutch on my account just now. Love it! I don’t know about the big earrings, though…

    • It’s beautiful isn’t it? It looks like mother of pearl. So excited – if there was an option to choose both, I would have done so too 🙂

  2. I was having trouble too, but I was doing it wrong. When I clicked on select add ons I was getting redirected to homepage. When you sign in go to My account and then click the red Make Selection box. After you choose the color of the clutch it will show you the add ons

  3. Easy pass for me. Not the spoilers I was hoping for but hope others will enjoy the box!

  4. RZ you are so much more glamorous than me! I’d only wear these to a black tie affair and I don’t have black tie affairs to go to. Lol! Pretty but not casual enough for me to pull off. I will likely skip this season. Last winter’s box was more in line with my style and this year’s fall box.

    • Agreed! Wish I had occasion to wear these beautiful accessories!

  5. Going to give this a pass, wasn’t thrilled with last years winter box either. Love the spring/summer/fall boxes find that most of the items I either will use or are very giftable. I’m just not bling/glam nor is anyone on my gift list.

  6. I’m a crazy giant purse lady so a tiny clutch like that would honestly never get use, plus I never go anywhere so fancy my simple black leather cross body clutch doesn’t suffice. Plus, regarding the earrings, I am 29 and was a victim of the “emo” craze in my teens, and made the mistake of gauging my ears. They closed up a bit but not totally, and I can wear pretty much any earrings as long as they aren’t heavy. Those look like they would give me basset hound ears. Womp womp.

  7. Not really feeling this box, but happy everyone else seems to love it. Gonna wait this one out , unless it gets drastically discounted.

    • Are we able to skip with an annual subscription?

      • no, you must wait until annual ends per their rules, sorry for not so great news…

        • I have an annual sub. If I cancel now can I get out of being charged for this box, since it looks like my acct isn’t set to be charged until Nov 17?

          • you can’t cancel any annual sub until you are finished with the year or the 4 boxes – if you are done, you can cancel no problem – HTH

  8. I have almost that identical clutch! Mine is vintage 1960 from my mom.

    • Rachel said she was channeling the glam from the 1960s and 1970s!

      These spoilers are so me! They are exactly what I want for the holidays.

      The earrings look light to me. I don’t think they are going to be heavy.

      I use box clutches. I think the white one is so unique.

      I am loving this!

      • I love the Winter boxes! I cant decided between the 2 clutches! What a great idea picking different eras! I love these earrings by Nicole! This is so my kinda box!

  9. These boxes are saving me so much money. I am not getting this box, not getting pop sugar le, and I am still waiting for more spoilers from RH (which I love).

  10. I would love the earrings so much more if I didn’t keep thinking “long, old earlobes.” If they’re heavy, all I see is elongation. I prefer light, sparkly, shepherd’s hook dangles.

    The clutch? Very nice to have a formal purse.

    I love BOS, simply because it’s not who I am. I am boring and unglamorous. I appreciate this trip outside myself, but I will probably prefer the other items. I loved the Oribe and the Beauty Counter sunscreen stick.

    • fortunately, it’s pretty cheap to have your earlobes corrected as you age ha.

  11. Nothing has been temping me to re-sub. As a person w/o pierced ears, BOS loves to include earrings, and I was sick of putting them up for swap or gifting. While the clutch w/ chain is cute, it’s a little too fancy for every day use, so I’d rather just use my Gucci or Proenza.

  12. Is anyone else having difficulty choosing the the purse color? I keep getting redirected to the home page.

    • Yes, I don’t think the choices and add-ons have been added to everyone’s profile yet.

  13. “Imitation 14k gold plated” Is that a thing now?

    • Right?! What does that even mean? What bugs me most about these descriptions is that it seems to assume that the customer is stupid.

      • Haha, I’m so glad to see others feel the same way! It’s as if companies think that if they coin a really long term, we 1) won’t be able to tell that we’re getting inferior quality and/or 2) are getting something special Lol! I feel we keep going lower and lower in terms of the quality found in these boxes. Huge, fake prices slapped onto items to try and lure people in, but in reality, cheap stuff.

        • House of Harlow is owned by Nicole Ritchie, Lionel Ritchie’s daughter…

          also, I always see tons of House of Harlow very discounted at Nordstrom Rack! xx

      • I completely agree. My rings from the last box didn’t have plating at all and when they sent my replacements they sucked also. Total joke. Plus their customer service kept sending me the same message. I had to tell them 3 times they had already sent me replacements and those sucked also.

  14. The white clutch is fantastic, but what on Earth is ” Imitation 14k gold plated zinc alloy” I mean… gold plated zinc alloy yeah that’s a thing, but imitation 14K gold? Surely no one is using that phraseology, it’s worse than vegan leather or certified pre-owned vehicles!

    • Yes! They go great with genuine faux pearls.

      • Lol!

    • I’m thinking that maybe they are referring to the gems in the earrings as imitation?

    • Well sure, if you want to be a stickler for facts. Sounds like it may be *genuine* imitation 14k gold plated zinc alloy which would explain the $115 value attached.

      I’m thinking the decimal point was misplaced – $11.50 seems more appropriate.

      This nonsense is the reason why I don’t sub to this (and a few other known exaggerators) box! I nearly fell off my chair laughing when someone posted in Oui Please’s spoiler review the ebay link for the Le Bijou bracelet selling for $1.04, including free shipping!

      • I concur….

  15. I must be the only one who chose the black. I know myself, and I’ll use it more often.
    The pearl catches the eye, but I don’t want to get it and then never use it (which happens a lot with purses in boxes). Playing it safe.

    • Me too Kelly. I know I wouldn’t use the white one.

    • Me too! I like the white, but I think I will get many more uses out of the black one.

  16. After after the summer BOS I emailed Rachel Zoe’s customer service and suggested a glam clutch for the holidays. Somebody returned my email and said it was a great idea and they were going to try to make it happen.

    I am not kidding! I really did this! I did not specify anything about particular styles. I just mentioned a holiday clutch.

    • Yay! So glad that you put a bug in their ear!

    • Awesome suggestion made! I am always looking for a clutch for weddings, gatherings, nice evening dinners. I feel I will be able to use these for a long time.

    • I suggest a lot of things but have never received an email back saying it was a good idea or possible item they’d consider. Way to go at nudging them. I should probably stop asking for a jacket, but I do enjoy jackets. I also requested lux pjs but I have a felling that’s not in line with high end fashion. I keep suggesting that they let us input our measurements and preferred fit “loose, form fitting, etc” but they just aren’t keen on sized items.

  17. I love love love the clutch!! Just chose the beautiful pearl. Not a fan of the earrings though, way too big for my personal taste. Hoping they look better in person.

    • Looking at them again maybe I can try to remove the bottom portion of the earring…mmm. I do love HOH pieces, hoping I can make it work for me.

      • I can only wear post earrings because my earlobes are small so these earrings did not thrill me but great idea to take them apart. I wouldn’t have thought of that. I hope we can!

    • How did you choose your clutch already? I’m not seeing the choice on my sub page.

  18. Bah. C’mon, these winter boxes are making it so hard for me to waste money this year! Was really hoping for something cozy but Rachel lives in LA so her idea of winter is different from us East Coasters I guess. I do like the silk tassel add on earrings, wish those were the spoiler instead. When do we have to cancel by? The 15th?

  19. Glad I saw this. I re-subbed to Rachel Zoe when they offered the #31 off which was actually my second box because of Oribe – my hair loves it! I am adding the earbuds and subtracting from my fabfitfun add ons. Need a spreadsheet for my subs this holiday season or I will be broke in 2018. Thank you so much for the heads up Liz

    • I am doing the same with my FFF add ons. They got drastically reduced! 🙂

  20. I have been hoping for an evening clutch in the winter box! I even mentioned it in the feedback survey they had a few months ago, so I’m thrilled. I just made my selection with no issue- I chose the white! If you haven’t already done so I would suggest making your selection asap since they sold out of the rose and then the silver color pretty fast in the fall box.

    • Then you asked too! I think others besides me suggested it. I adore the pearl one. And I love glam earrings. I am not fond of delicate jewelry in general. So the earrings are a great change for me.

      The PS Neiman Marcus box’s jewelry was pretty but too delicate for my taste.

  21. I love both . . . which would be less likely to show scratches, cause it seems like that is bound to happen . . . white?

  22. Oh my god LOVE. I saw the first photo and the first spoiler as I was scrolling and thought “I hope that clutch is the spoiler,” then saw the earrings and was like “oh bummer but the earrings are great” THEN saw that it’s the clutch too. So many feelings in one scroll 😬😬😬

    • Same!!!

  23. I love this box and your blog. You’ve helped me to get in early and make my selections every time with this box!!!

  24. Maybe it’s just my lifestyle, but I never really use clutches. And I don’t have pierced ears. So I’m out.

  25. the earrings and the clutch are gorgeous! I so want them but I never go anywhere that nice. LOL

    • Same! I love both spoilers but not sure when I’ll use the clutch. I picked the white option too!

  26. I can’t get the link to work. It lets me choose and I do and then I get weird message.

    I really want this box. It is totally my taste – love the pearl clutch!

    • The add ons and selection choice aren’t showing up in my account yet. In fact when I first went to login it wouldn’t let me sign in and just took me back to the home page. I am not sure what is going on.

      • I posted on their Instagram page and they deleted my comment so I guess nobody can get to it right now!

      • Sorry, we posted this a little earlier than we should have. Box of Style has let us know they are aware of the issues and they are working to resolve them asap!

    • I got the same thing, but when I went back to look at the “My Account” page it said my selection had saved. So apparently it’s working now?

  27. IN LOVE!!!

  28. CRAZED about both of these – love these items so much!!!

  29. First I’m like omggg 😱😱😱 I gotta have it . Than I come to my senses and remember that the past couple of boxes all ended up having coupons . So I’ll just wait it out

    • I finally got in. I wanted to make sure I would get the pearl clutch. I think it is going to sell out plus I love those champagne flutes even though I don’t drink. So I wanted to make sure I got them! I used Liz’s code so I got $10 off.

      I may pick up another box if they go on a really good sale because I love the black clutch too!

      The FOMO was to real! But there will be all kinds of coupons for this!

  30. This is a glam box which I was kinda suspecting but not practical for me. I’m kind of thrilled I’m not dying over this bc I cannot afford this right now… cut to me buying this in a month and living in the street with a marble clutch! Liz when you get the earrings will you add how heavy they are please.

    • Hahaha, this will be me with all my recent purchases! And that marble clutch is a beauty!

    • Ha! At least we will be the fiercest box people ever. A bag lady with designer bags! 👜👛🛍👝

      “That is Fall Collection Zoe Report, you heathen!”

      That being said, nah. Easy pass for me. And depending on next spoilers, not even on clearance.

      • 😂😂😂 Vanessa I’m dying

  31. I can’t decide between the black or white clutch. I wear so much black so I’m leaning toward that one, but maybe it’s time for me to do something different and get the white. The earrings are gorgeous, and I love HOH, but I just know that they’ll be too long for me. 🙁

    • I’m having a hard time deciding too! I am leaning more towards the white because we did receive a dark navy purse in the Fall box. Decisions Decisions!

    • I ended up going out of my comfort zone and choosing the white because I prefer the gold hardware for the holidays. Most of my cocktail outfits are black, red, gold, or a combination. Do you guys think that the white clutch will work ok with those? The white pearl is soooo pretty!

      I don’t have a long neck, so I’m afraid that the earrings will be too long for me. If they are, maybe I can swap them for the black clutch! 😀

      • I think the white will look amazing with those colours!

        • Thank you, Cat! I’ve just got to get away from all black, all the time, lol!

  32. Yay for Winter Spoilers!! She always brings the holiday glam, and I love it! White marble clutch and added on the gold pony tailer holder.

    • What’s the gold ponytailer holder? 🤔 I missed that!

      • I can’t get the link to work. It shows me all this stuff to select and then takes in nowhere!

        • Sorry, we posted this a little earlier than we should have. Box of Style has let us know they are aware of the issues and they are working to resolve them asap!

  33. These are both GORGEOUS, but I don’t have pierced ears, and realistically I wouldn’t get much use out of the clutch. My wallet is safe for now. But I hope everyone getting the box enjoys!

    • My exact thoughts. Second season in a row that I’ll likely skip. I️ was hoping for something cozy like a nice blanket and candle.

      • Right? I cancelled, even though they’d already offered me $20 off when I cancelled a few weeks back. With the $20 off, I was content to stay, because the most I’ve ever seen off is $31. BUT I am not feeling these spoilers. I far prefer the velvet robe and luxe candle Happy Rebel is offering for winter. So I signed up for HR today after cancelling RZ yesterday!

  34. My only issue so far is that we just got a clutch bag in the fall box. These are pretty, but a little variety would have been nicer. Although…there are still more spoilers to see.

  35. yay!! I just love Rachel Zoe!

    The earings look way too heavy for my sensitive ears and the clutch looks kinda small for me… but I am still super excited for them both. totally nothing I would ever buy myself in a good way!

    • I have some Kendra Scott Lobe Wonder at the ready, just in case those earrings are as heavy as they look.

  36. I was looking forward to the winter BOS since I was so sad I missed out on the amazing winter box last year. These spoilers are pretty, but not my taste. I canceled. I hope everyone who gets the box loves everything!!

  37. wow. beautiful – i love these spoilers. 100% subscribed. Made sure to do my selection early so i don’t miss out on the marble clutch. already a winning box in my opinion!

  38. Eh the earrings are cute, but the clutch seems dated. I feel like these box clutches were in like 8 years ago…. Sorry, Rachel, not for me. Maybe next time!

  39. Oh man, those are both so gorgeous. Unfortunately, I only wear stud earrings and cannot for life of me make a clutch work. 🙁 I picked the white marble, so that and the earrings will have to go up for swap. I really wish I could make these work for me.

    • Can you pick already? I went to the website ( just to make sure I get the marble white) but is not showing anything or even giving me the add on option. 🙈

      • It worked for me, can’t remember how I got there though.

      • I made my selection just now. Worked fine for me…

      • Sorry, we posted this a little earlier than we should have. Box of Style has let us know they are aware of the issues and they are working to resolve them asap!

  40. Yay! So exited about this box! I love the look of the earrings( they look much better on Rachel and on the model than by themselves) I’m totally going for the white clutch … and the black earrings for my add on. Aweee! Merry Christmas to me! 🤗

    • I totally agree…the earrings do look much nicer on the model and Rachel in the clip than by themselves. Unfortunately, I also think they’d look much better on them than me. LOL. It doesn’t help I don’t have pierced ears (that’s twice now this year I miss out on nice jewelry in this box because of that) and I prefer silver. Ugh. Anyways, I’m glad that you are happy and Merry Christmas to you!!! 🙂

      • Omg! I never even thought of that! You should let them know, maybe they can offer something you can work with. Thats a bummer 😔

  41. Obsessed. This box is consistently amazing!!

  42. First time I will skip a box. The earrings and clutch are not my style, but they are pretty. Hope the earring collaboration is better than the rings from the fall box.

    • Same here. Both items are positively gorgeous, but not my style at all. Can’t wait to see the other spoilers, and I’m sure I’ll be feeling a little FOMO, but I think this season I’ll be splurging on another box.

  43. So far not for me….

    • I’m not feelin’ it, either…

  44. omg! That looks sooooooo gorgeous. I love both of them. It’s been a while that BOS has something that I am truly excited about

  45. Can BoS be “paused” or does it require a full cancel? Neither of those items are for me.

    • I just canceled, did not see an option to pause, but from what I understand, it isn’t hard to resubscribe in the future.

  46. Hmmm. I absolutely loved last year’s Winter box and then stuck around for the Spring box (at full price). Not surprising to me, I cancelled for Summer since I’m not a “summer person” but I fully expected to be back for Fall and Winter again. I skipped Fall even with all of the discount coupons because the only ring options were gold and I’m not a “gold person” either and nothing else in the box made it worth it for me. Now I’m not interested in either of the 2 Winter spoilers too. I guess I should be relieved, though, considering I’m spending so much on advent calendars and other boxes anyways. I’m kind of bummed out and disappointed….but my credit card is definitely giving a big sigh of relief. LOL.

    • I canceled as I was not feeling these items, but you just gave me justification to buy more advent calendars!

      • Ha! It’s a dangerous downward spiral!!! Don’t forget to save some for upcoming Better than Black Friday and Black Friday deals too. 😉

  47. Gorgeous!

  48. Is there more than one choice on the probe lip color?

  49. Yes! I’ve been waiting on BOS spoilers! I love the white box clutch!

  50. Ok, that did it, no neiman marcus popsugar box, definitely getting this box. I always need a good clutch for all kinds of events!!!!!!!!

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