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Pretty Litter Cat Subscription Box Review + Coupon – October 2017

Pretty Litter October 2017

Pretty Litter
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Pretty Litter is a monthly kitty litter delivery service.

PrettyLitter’s formula makes it easier for you to use and clean your litter box. Its highly absorbent crystals do not clump, but instead absorbs moisture, traps all odor, and eliminates the urine. That means less work, no odor and less mess.

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

This is a review of the $39 box for two cats. 

Pretty Litter October 2017

The Subscription Box: Pretty Litter

The Cost: $21 for one cat, $39 for two cats, $68 for 3–4 cats. Bulk ordering is also available. Shipping is free in the 48 contiguous states. 

COUPON: Use code AFF10 to save 10% off your first box!

The Products: Each box includes a monthly supply of Pretty Litter cat litter. 

Ships to: USA

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Pretty Litter October 2017

This card is really handy because it includes a depth ruler to measure how much litter is in the box.

Pretty Litter October 2017

The back of the card explains the unique feature of this kitty litter: it changes color according to the acidity and alkalinity levels of your cat’s urine, which could potentially indicate health problems. Thankfully, my cats both fell into the normal range. 

Pretty Litter October 2017

The litter comes in non-resealable bags because you’re supposed to pour the entire contents into the litter box and replace it each month. 

Pretty Litter October 2017

The bag of litter is surprisingly light at 4 pounds for a month’s supply. It could be a good alternative for elderly cat owners or anyone who can’t lift heavy bags of litter. 

Pretty Litter October 2017

And here we have a bowl of sea salt garnished with hints of saffron. Just kidding – but this doesn’t look like any other kitty litter I’ve ever tried. Their website says it’s made of ‘absorbent silica microcrystals.’ I think the orange flecks must be the part that changes color. It doesn’t have much of a scent at all. 

Pretty Litter October 2017

Don’t worry – no matter how it looks, this is just tap water! The litter is non-clumping – you only scoop solids. 

Pretty Litter October 2017

I have an adult cat and a kitten. This picture shows the litter in my adult cat’s ModKat litter boxPretty Litter says that one bag will fit an ‘average’ sized litter box, but it wasn’t enough to fill mine to a depth of 2″. 

That’s ok for now – the kitten uses a tiny litter box, so I just put the extra litter in the larger one. Still, it’s something to be aware of if you use this type of litter box. 

Pretty Litter October 2017

Here’s the kitten’s litter box. He managed to track this litter everywhere! (But to be fair, he also splashes water when he drinks and stands in the food dish when he eats. He’s a mess!) I was impressed that he adjusted to the litter immediately even though I didn’t mix it with his old litter at all. 

Previously, Zak has been using a walnut-based litter. I wanted to make sure this would be ok for a kitten. According to the website:

The litter is not absorbed by the bowel, does not swell in the presence of humidity and poses no risk in blocking the digestive tract. In contact with water and gastric fluid it will become a very fine powder and will be eliminated naturally. Even in cases of involuntary ingestion, Pretty Litter presents no danger and is safe.

Pretty Litter October 2017

I didn’t want to show the product in use, but I can’t do a cat-related review without a cat photo, so here’s my kitten, Zak. 

Verdict: I’d seen this product advertised on Instagram and was curious about it. I like the idea of monitoring my cats’ health, and I also appreciate the lighter weight of this litter compared with others. The cats seemed to like the litter and had no trouble adjusting. They’ve only been using it for a few days, so I’m curious to see if there will be a smell by the end of the month, but the odor control is good so far.

The only thing that puts me off is the price. I will eventually have two ModKat litter boxes to fill, which would cost $68/month. It doesn’t seem to be worth it, but if I only had one cat with a small litter box, the $21/month would be reasonable. 

What do you think of Pretty Litter? What do you usually spend on kitty litter each month?

"PrettyLitter is odorless and scentless. When in contact with urine, it traps the odor and then eliminates the moisture. With PrettyLitter, you'll never smell your cat's dirty business again."
Désirée Eien
Désirée Eien
Désirée has survived the subscription box rollercoaster since 2013. Her other hobbies include meticulously over-researching minor purchases, crafting things she hopes to pass off as gifts, and dressing her cat up in silly costumes.

Désirée Eien
Désirée Eien
Désirée has survived the subscription box rollercoaster since 2013. Her other hobbies include meticulously over-researching minor purchases, crafting things she hopes to pass off as gifts, and dressing her cat up in silly costumes.
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Karen Jones

My last two orders I received were not completely white. A lot more tan than our first shipment. My shipment this month is already late due to having to cancel my debit and get a new one. It has urine smell, is incredibly wet and it is changing colors. She has been vet checked with no issues so why the litter not working. If can’t be satisfied I will closed my account and payment method.


How does this do compared to World’s Best Cat Litter? We have three adult kitties and we like the litter. But we are also open to new options!


We have been using Pretty Litter for about 4 months now – with three cats, and I love it. It is true to it’s promises – no smell, no dust (which has helped my asthmatic kitty immensely!) and the cats love it – if used as directed (scoop out solids and stir liquid waste). My one concern was the color change – which actually turned out well. I found blue color – indicating alkaline urine. Having three cats, I then needed to find out which kitty (all girls). We found pretty normal urine in all cats, but did find a few “off” things in one – not enough to indicate infection or stones. At first I was a bit upset about the “false” alarm, but after talking to a couple of vets, it looks like we may have stumbled upon a need to change my cats diets. Seems that they are leaning towards problems, and we may have caught potential major concerns early. I have reluctantly been feeding a dry kibble, along with canned, because one cat turns her nose up to wet. Turns out she is the one with a few off numbers. This has led me to look into some tricks to get her on to a non-dry food (too little moisture!) and to focus more seriously on proper foods for my three carnivores! Needless to say at this point, I am loving this product. Please note, that I did try the litter your cats are currently using, and they hated it. My transition to pretty litter was super easy.


Been using this for about 2 months and so far love it. I have 3 cats, so get 4 bags (number of cats plus 1 = number of litter boxes). The very first day, I had a small amount of blue litter, and then it went away. Now, 2 months later, blue again, this time a lot of urine also, so kitties are off to the vet to make sure they are healthy. I also have a cat with asthma, and since switching to this litter, her asthma is amazingly better. She still has an occasional cough, but so far no longer needing meds. The fact that it is dust free, and that the odor is almost gone, is pretty good! I am saving money in meds for the asthma cat, and honestly, by the time I spend $$ on all the litter I had to buy because it didn’t last a month – well – I think the cost comes out pretty even.

Lois Gregg

I like it but also don’t get 2″ out of a bag. I think it’s great on the smell factor but agree with others that it’s expensive. I am trying to cancel my subscription and it’s not easy! First, was told they won’t cancel until I reply to their acknowledgement email. Then, when I said I thought it to be rather pricey, they said they’d give me 20% off on future shipments. So, I am wondering if they’re going to continue to charge me, too, as they have others. Perhaps the only way to cancel is to have your credit card block charges from them.

Tammy Haley

…don’t judge me…i have 8 cats currently, & keep 4 boxes going–40# box of walmart “special kitty” clumping for $9.98-best deal going!
yes, i know each cat should ideally have their “own” box…that’s not happening 😨

very few places can beat that, although i have went to farm equipment-type stores and gotten litter there for a couple dollars less…apparently, some farmers keep their barn cats in style…

i’m like the other reviewer-i’d rather spend the money on good food, treats, toys…and, oh, yeah…vet bills!


If you want to try this kind of litter I would suggest the mi mi litter from Wal-Mart. Less expensive than pretty litter but still more than regular litter.

Heather Dusenberry

I’m on week 3 of this and my cat loves it AND there’s no smell!! I only scoop the poop every few days and it’s wonderful!! I only have 1 cat, so the $21 is definitely worth it to me.


The crystal ball litters work fine but are pricier and man do they roll! Definatly need it in a carpeted area if you don’t want litter balls all over the house. This is the first time I’ve seen them with color changing components so that is interesting.


My cat loves this litter. I mean loves it. It is expensive as I use a large tub from menards as a litter box, so I need to use two bags in order to make it last a month, but I’ve tried to go back to traditional litter and he refuses to use it. In fact he tried to eat it. He’s weird lol. I won’t complain though, because I love this stuff too. I love not needing to scoop daily, the lack of smell and lack of dust. Because I use a menards tub, I also have less fallout. Overall a happy kitty and owner.


I get Feline Pine from Amazon Prime less than 10$/ 20lb bag, delivered. Generally speaking, I’d rather put more money in to what goes in to my 2 cats than what comes out. That seems really expensive especially since the money isn’t going towards shipping with the product being so lightweight.



you can buy “equine” pelleted stall litters or natural wood stove pellets for $5-$6 for a 40lb bag. They are the same as Feline Pine and what rescues use to cut costs. The stall litters are available at ranch stores and the wood stove pellets at any hardware store, or even Walmart during the winter. Although I guess these options would depend on where you live!


I tried pretty litter. I have 2 cats and 2 litter boxes. I only used it in 1 litter. I kept the clumping in the other. It took 2 bags to fill 1 litter box. Both cats seemed to like the new litter. If you have a cat that isn’t 100% committed to using the litter this might be worth a try. The box with pretty litter only lasted 10 days before I couldn’t stand the urine smell anymore. I ordered more litter. It took 1 month before it finally arrived. So now I’ve decided this is not going to work. I’d have to order 2 bags every week to keep up with 2 cats. Too expensive! Cancelling was not easy. They continued to charge me despite the cancellation. Several emails later I’m hoping I will no longer be charged, however, I’m still worried I’m going to have to change my credit card number to put an end to this


The internet is full of complaints by people whose credit cards were charged again and again for months after they canceled Pretty Litter. This multi-cat mama is content with Tidy Cats (red lid), at $26 a month for three litter boxes.


Such an adorable kitten!


I really like the pretty litter product but I had to cancel. Two cats at $68 a month for the size of litter box they use (it’s a top opening one) is just too much for me.


I tried one box (out of five) with litter like this once. My cats all avoided that box until I filled it with regular clumping clay. It’s like they didn’t know what it was for.


It would be pretty expensive to fill five litterboxes anyway, especially if they’re large ones.

I was confident my adult cat would use it. She will pee on anything in the location of her litterbox, whether or not the litterbox itself is actually present. (Learnt the hard way!) I knew a different filling wouldn’t phase her.


I was so excited to see this because I was actually just looking into Pretty Litter. Please do a follow up and let me know how well it holds up over the month and how effective it is at masking odor.


I’m about a third of the way through the month now and still like it. I don’t think any litter will totally mask litterbox stink, but it does better than the litter I was using before.

As a follow-up, I did see some blue crystals that could potentially indicate a health issue, but the next day everything was fine, so I’m not sure what happened there. (The litter itself wasn’t blue, but the little yellow crystals had turned blue.)

One thing I’d been worried about is that after the end of the month, the whole thing could be a smelly yellow mess, but that hasn’t happened. I mostly just see the white litter on top, and it looks pretty clean.


Haha, I have to scoop urine too because I have two cats on prednisolone (which increases urine output). Can’t leave it for a whole month — would totally be a smelly yellow mess.

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.