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POPSUGAR Must Have x Neiman Marcus 2017 Box FULL SPOILERS

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We have full spoilers for the POPSUGAR Must Have x Neiman Marcus Box thanks to With Kendra and Glamorable!

Each box will include:


Eddie Parker Heart Bag Charm – (You’ll receive this in either gold or silver)

Jonathan Adler Candle in Champagne Pop (for gold) or Vodka (for Silver)

ANNA by RabLabs Ita Cheese Plate & Forma Spreader in Gold or Silver – Retail Value $85

GLAMGLOW Dreamduo Overnight Transforming Treatment – Retail Value $59

W&P Design Pineapple Cocktail Shaker in Silver or Gold – Retail Value $80

And here is the gold color:

Neiman Marcus $25 Gift Card

Yves Saint Laurent Wild Illusion Palette – Value $60

(And Yves Saint Laurent The Shock Mascara)

(Check out POPSUGAR’s 5 different looks with this palette.)

Here are the shades swatched:

Kim Seybert Spotlight placemat, set of 4 – Value $112

Chan Luu Swarovski Crystal & Pearl Necklace and Earring Set in Gold or Silver – Value $195

Accessorize with trendy yet classic accessories with this set from Chan Luu. The Swarovski pearl necklace can be worn at any length from pendant to choker, and the dangling pearls of the hoop earrings make the classic shape more modern. This season is all about standing out, and this ultra-luxe set can be worn together or apart for an stylish look.

(POPSUGAR sent me this set early so I can answer any questions you have about the spoiler.)

The necklace is 17″ and extends to 19″. 

The earrings measure about 1.75″ in total length (top of hoop to bottom of pearl dangle.)

And here is the gold version:

(We took a lot of pictures of the packaging because it is SO gorgeous! You could definitely gift this set!)

And here is the necklace on to give you a better sense of scale:

I’m all for delicate gold jewelry, so this necklace is pretty much perfect for me!

UPDATE: And here’s Anna modeling the silver set!

More on this sold-out box:

The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have x Neiman Marcus Box

The Cost: $250

The Products: Everything you need for the ultimate cocktail soiree and more! $750+ value.

We’ve teamed up with Neiman Marcus to give you a covetable box filled with treats ideal for gifting or for keeping all to yourself. This box is filled with over $750 worth of luxurious items you need for the holidays from sparkling home decor to beauty gifts that will make you glow.

Select between gold or silver hues to get a box shining with your preferred color delivered right to your door. Each box will contain all of the same items, but the color of 5 of the 9 products will vary based on your metallic preference.

Boxes ship by November 27th.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. The only thing I find worthwhile in this box is the Glam Glow. Everything else is ugly or useless for me. The jewelry is ghastly! The gold style is so outdated.

    • Agree

  2. I love the cheese plate and spreader.

  3. .

  4. I do wish PS had been more up front about whether the box would be jewelry-heavy or homegoods-heavy when asking us to choose one metal over the other at this price point. I chose silver and now find it’s homegoods-heavy in which case I would have preferred gold! That’s my only complaint so I hope to swap a few things, item for item, with someone who would have preferred silver.

  5. All I can say is… wow, Wow, WOW!!! I am so glad I bought both the silver and gold versions. I was sweating bullets with the first couple of spoilers. Not that anything was wrong with the spoilers, just not my taste. I’m uber excited about the cheese plates!!! Yay!!!

  6. I just realized the pineapple is a cocktail shaker.

    I coveted it when I thought it was an ice bucket.

    Now I realize I am glad I passed. That heart keychain, the YSL palette, the cocktail shaker are not for me at all.

    I am glad I spent my money on add ons at FFF!

  7. I’m glad I didn’t purchase it but I’m really glad people are happy with the boxes.

    • Ditto

  8. Neiman Marcus currently has a sale offering 25-30% off select regular price home merchandise (including the cheese plate, placemats and candle).

  9. I’m so glad I took a chance on this! Last year’s NM box was not for me and I skipped it. I love the gold items I chose. The only item not for me is the bag charm. I really wish they would have included a chic fashion item at that price point instead. I’m keeping the beautiful earrings, cheese plate and placemats and gifting the YSL and Pineapple Shaker to my best friend in her Christmas box. She loves YSL and has an extensive bar collection. She might get the necklace too. Overall very happy with this box. The earrings take me out of my comfort zone and the home goods are things I would totally buy if I saw them in store.

  10. I’m so happy I skipped. I am slightly interested in the candle but already have a ton. That is it though. Hope everyone else loves it if they bought it. I’d rather splurge on one of the luxury French boxes.

  11. Nope not for me…especially that necklace and earring duo. I’m more pleased spending $222 on 13 add-ons from FFF than this $250 box. 😝

    P.S. That carboard or whatever looking heart charm retails for $125 which is insanity. Who would ever pay that?

    • Oh goodness I almost spent over $200 on FFF add-ons too!!! Talked myself down to under $100 at the last minute haha
      But yes, when you put it in perspective like this, I would also choose FFF over this box.

    • The keychain/charm is glittery on one side, and custom poured red acrylic on the other. Still not worth that much imo, but nicer then it appears from just that one picture.

  12. $125 of the total RV went toward a heart bag charm?!?

  13. Everything seems nice, but I guess I just expect more with a Neiman’s collab. The only thing I may gave given a second glance to walking through the store is the candle. All of it is really solid, just nothing that screams ‘WOW I have to have it’ to me.

  14. Ahh I am so glad I splurged and bought this box. I will use everything but the YSL palette. I cannot wait to get it in!

  15. This is a beautifully curated box. I think what I like most is the colors you can use year round. I wasn’t quick enough to get one but those who did I am so excited for you. Both colors are beaitiful. I would have had a hard time deciding between both!

  16. You go Popsugar….what a stunner of a box and yes the platter is super sexy.

  17. Liz, can you help provide a cost breakdown for this box so people can fairly go in on their box split deals? Thanks!

    • I bet she’ll do the breakdown in the full review. This is just the spoilers post 🙂

  18. I’m so glad I bought this! I love it, really excited to get it

  19. If anyone wants to swap or box split the Jonathan Adler Candle in Champagne Pop, and/or ANNA by RabLabs Ita Cheese Plate & Forma Spreader in Gold let me know?

  20. What an awesome box, wish I would have had an extra $250 lying around. I love the placemats so much, it must be the sparkles. I’m happy for everyone who got the box, it looks perfect.

    • The placemats are on sale at NM right now!

      • Thanks for that info!!

  21. If anyone wants to sell or swap their YSL pallette and mascara, I would happily take off your hands 😊

  22. I think this box is incredible and I am so envious. I will be trying to swap for the glamglow! And the cheese plate but I doubt I’ll be able to get it.

  23. VERY glad I bought the box in silver. I have Rablab coasters and the Rablab frame/clock from a previous box. The mats are perfect for my taste as well. The jewelry will be used over the holidays for sure. I hope it ships quickly! The shaker will be displayed.
    I just purchased a keychain set so will switch this out with that one. Very cute!
    Is the mascara full size? Travel? Love the eyeshadow. Couldn’t be happier with this box.
    What can you get for $25 at NM. I suppose I’ll have to look at the beauty or sale section.

    • Sugarfina candies (which are currently 25% off!)

    • Neiman always has great little gourmet popcorn tubs and cookies/candy for the holidays at good price points too! I used to work with them

    • My exact thought when I saw the $25 gc 😂

  24. I will pay $75 extra plus shipping if anybody wants to sell one to me. I don’t care about the color!

    • oops! asteppe @ yahoo dot com

  25. Darn! I wish I had bought this! If anybody wants to sell theirs let me know.

    I don’t care which color variation.

    Let me know. asteppe @

  26. I’m interested in the blue/silver cheese plate. Anyone want to do a box split for it? If so, my email is thoozie at gmail dot com.

    • Darn! I wish I had bought this! If anybody wants to sell theirs let me know.

      I don’t care which color variation.

      Let me know. asteppe @ yahoo dot com

    • I emailed you!

  27. That’s a well stocked box! It’s not at all my taste but it looks like a great value for it’s target market.

  28. Whew, so glad I didn’t get this box! While there are a few things I would have used if I received them, they’re not things that I would buy or put on a wishlist. Although I ususally buy most everything PS offers, this is the third year I passed on this box, and I’ve been glad each time. Just not a good fit for me, though it certainly sounds like it is making a lot of others happy.

    On the other hand, I can’t wait to get the winter LE box. That’s usually my annual PS favorite!

    • I am glad i passed too! The winter box is more my taste

  29. OMG I want that glamglow!!!

    • Me tooooo! Ergh!

  30. This turned out to be a really solid box. I’m not one to drop $250 on a sub, but if I had, I think I’d be pleased with this purchase, despite my initial raised eyebrow at the spoilers. The placemats are not for me, and I don’t have pierced ears. I’m a little surprised they didn’t choose the cheese plates as a spoiler. The plates are gorgeous in both colors. And I love the pineapple shaker, though it seems a little out of place going into winter. Oh well, pineapples are super trendy or something right? Glass Animals used pineapples way before they were cool, just sayin’ 😉

  31. I love everything, although the placemats would never get used. I couldn’t afford the box but it’s a really nice one, rare I like everything in a box like this.

  32. Love everything in this box although I would not use some of the items (too fancy for my life style) but I could put them on display and look at them frequently. Good thing they are sold out or I would be tempted.

  33. The picture in the spoiler is of the blue cheese plate, but Neiman Marcus actually does sell that cheese plate in silver. Liz, can you confirm subscribers will either get the gold or silver, or gold or blue?

    • Yes, it’s the blue dish with the silver knife for the silver box, and the brown dish with the gold knife for the gold box. Hope that helps! Sorry for any confusion!

  34. If anyone wants to sell their silver box, please comment and let me know!

    • I would!!

      • Awesome! Email me! jenniferwolters82 at gmail dot com

  35. I love the placemats, the YSL palette, and Omg that cheese plate!!! The Candle is always nice to have. The shaker is cute and I wouldn’t have bought it for myself. I am disappointed in the GlamGlow. The necklace/earrings are a bust but I am sure they will be better in person. The keychain is cute but I would have never bought that. Overall, a really nice box! This is my favorite box of all time. And the gift card is always so freaking amazing to have! Ahh! I love NM!

  36. While I would never spend $250 on a mystery box, I have to say this one is lovely! So much sparkle, so much shine – everything I love. And how beautiful are those cheese plates??? Too beautiful for cheese that’s for sure!

    I have box envy for anyone with this in their hands!

    • That cheese plate is stunning! I’ve never seen one like it before! I want one!

      • The cheese plates/knives are on sale at NM for $59.50.

  37. Very happy i got both gold and silver. Now to determine what to keep and what to gift.

    • I wanted to do that but this box sold out too quick!

  38. Great Box!

  39. I bought this box and LOVE almost everything. Except the jewelry and the Glamglow. I think I ordered the gold and am SO glad that I did.
    Does anyone know when it ships? I need some items for gifts before December 1st. If not then I will have to keep everything lol!

    • Ships Nov 27

    • I’d love to take the jewelry and the Glamglow from you! Please leave let me know if you’d like to do a box split or anything. My email is ellenliu518 at hotmail dot com

  40. WOULD LOVE the gift card and cheese plate & spreader! Im on the swap site with lots of Robb vices listed if anyone wants to swap theres away! Just click on my name

  41. Yay for a gift card again this year!

  42. The only thing I would want is the Glamglow, but I already broke the bank with the Sephora and SpaceNK specials, so I’m glad I sat this one out.

  43. I still can’t get over the $112. place mats.

    • They are beautiful!

  44. I didn’t buy the box this year but oh my, I love those cheese plates!! 😍😍

    • Agree!!! They’re on sale right now on for $60!

  45. I’m so glad I choose silver, I love the blue cheese plate and I’ve been wanting a pineapple shaker.

  46. I could make the necklace and earrings for $20 worth of materials.

    That is true of pretty much any Chan Luu piece of beaded jewelry, though.

    • I was thinking the same thing 🙂

  47. Who wants a candle that smells like vodka? That’s not really a scent I want emanating throughout my house lol. Thankfully (for my bank account) this is an easy pass for me.

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking.

    • It doesn’t actually smell like vodka (which is virtually odorless anyway). 🙄

      • No it isn’t! U must not drink a lot of vodka!

  48. Great box. I didn’t buy it as I’m not that fancy but I do like everything. Love the cheese plate. Again, too fancy for me but it is beautiful.

    • Chessboard Is on sale for 59 on Neiman Marcus. That’s all I love too, but not for 250. 59 I can do!!

  49. This is a nice box. Wish it was in my budget.

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