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Paleo By Maileo Subscription Box Review + Coupon – November 2017

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Paleo by Maileo November 2017

Paleo By Maileo is a snack and food box for those who follow the Paleo diet. The Paleo diet, in a nutshell, is high in fat, fruits, and nuts, and excludes grains, legumes, refined sugars, and dairy. Of course, it’s more complex than that, so I recommend doing your own research if you’re interested in trying the Paleo diet.

Paleo by Maileo November 2017

Paleo by Maileo November 2017

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Paleo by Maileo November 2017

The Subscription Box: Paleo By Maileo

The Cost: $39.00 per box + free shipping

COUPON: Use code SNACKATTACK to save $5 off your first month-to-month box!

The Products: 5-8 Paleo snacks and food items each month.

Ships to: US and APO only

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Paleo by Maileo November 2017

Same as last month, this card offers a great introduction to the Paleo By Maileo box. Whether subscribers have signed up for this box due to dietary restrictions or simple preferences, it’s wonderfully reassuring to have written confirmation that their needs are being met. For me, I don’t follow a strict Paleo diet, but I did try it for a spell, and I do still work Paleo recipes into my rotation regularly.

Note: Part of the reason the Paleo diet didn’t work for me was because of how meat-heavy it is. I do eat and enjoy meat—preferably local and/or grass-fed, which is consistent with the Paleo guidelines—but I’m a real veggie-lover, so it feels more natural and satisfying for me for plants to make up a larger part of my diet. For the sake of a range of opinions and a fair review, I asked my husband, Guy, to join me in trying all the food items in this box again. In particular, he was able to provide a more experienced opinion surrounding some of the meat products.

Paleo by Maileo November 2017

Paleo by Maileo November 2017

Dark Chocolate Espresso PaleoKrunch Bar, 1.5oz. — Retail Value $2.95

This PaleoKrunch bar was an A+ way to begin eating my way through November’s Paleo By Maileo box! One million yum’s. Like the package says, it’s a dark chocolate, espresso, grainless granola bar—a.k.a. perfection. There was a similar product in last month’s box, which I also loved, but this one was even better…maybe because it tasted chocolatey-er. 

Paleo by Maileo November 2017

Paleo by Maileo November 2017

It definitely does have a little crunch to it, which is just delightful. Almost like a crackle, if you will. After that initial bite-down, this is a soft and chewy bar with that deliciously bitter aftertaste that dark chocolate offers. It’s a pretty filling snack, too!

Paleo by Maileo November 2017

Pure7 Organic Salted Almond Dark Chocolate Bar, 2.2oz. — Retail Value $6.99

Okay, my eyes popped out of my head when I saw this chocolate bar in my box. The timeless wrapper design, the “sweetened only with honey!”, the salted almond flavor, ughhh this is my spirit food. Even when Guy and I go stints of giving up desserts, we still allow ourselves small bites of dark chocolate (75% cacao or higher) to satiate our sweet tooth in a ‘healthy’ way and keep our cravings at bay. So, this honey-sweetened choco bar is speakin’ our language!

Paleo by Maileo November 2017

Paleo by Maileo November 2017

Alert: notice how there are no pre-defined squares to this bar. That means it’s a choose-your-own size type of situation. *Obviously* we got carried away, but one bar equals two servings, so we didn’t feel too guilty. Flavor-wise, this chocolate’s subtle, natural sweetener keeps things pretty bitter. In a very, very good way.

Paleo by Maileo November 2017

When you flip it over, you can see the almonds and sea salt sprinkled throughout. They provide a little crunch and an awesome flavor. I will absolutely, positively be buying more of this chocolate, and exploring some of the brand’s other flavors (which are sold on the Paleo By Maileo website)!

Paleo by Maileo November 2017

MuffinElse Double Chocolate Muffin Mix, 1.3 oz. — Retail Value $3.29

This mug muffin is the cutest idea! Here is where I confess that I’ve definitely made a decent amount of the not-healthy-kinds of mug muffin, cookies, and brownies in my day—the kinds where you’re mixing heaps of butter and flour and white sugar into that mug and trying to forget about what you’ve just done during the 60 seconds that it takes to ‘bake’ in the microwave so you can actually enjoy it when it comes out. This MuffinElse Paleo version is the answer to those dark moments. All you have to do is add water and pop it in the micro for 90 seconds.

Paleo by Maileo November 2017

Notice the little peachy word bubble that recommends adding a chunk of high-quality dark chocolate to the bottom of the mug so you get a molten lava center. If a genie appeared and offered to grant me one wish right now, it would be to go back in time and notice this note prior to making my mug muffin. Oh, how I yearn to have experienced that molten center with the Pure7 chocolate I just got. Words cannot express. (But don’t get me wrong, it was still awesome without.)

Paleo by Maileo November 2017

Here’s what the powder looks like poured into the mug.

Paleo by Maileo November 2017

And, here’s a steamy-fresh photo of the just-baked muffin. You bet I burned my mouth on it trying to take an immediate bite! Guy slyly entered the scene a few minutes later and gobbled up the rest. Can’t blame the dude, it was a delicious snack. While the package touts this muffin as “double chocolate,” we both beg to differ. We couldn’t quite put our finger on what the flavor was, but maybe sort of bran-ish? Not a super rich flavor, but it totally worked. I might have to buy a few of these packets to keep on hand when I have that urge again.

Paleo by Maileo November 2017

Primal Kitchen Macadamia Sea Salt Bar, 1.7 oz. — Retail Value $2.99

This is a really unique-tasting granola bar. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve only ever had macadamia nuts a few times and I’m not super familiar with their flavor, or if there’s another ingredient in there that’s making this one a standout. I was really struck by the claim of “grass-fed collagen” on the front of the package. I hadn’t the slightest clue what that meant, but I’ve seen health food bloggers talk about collagen supplements a ton lately. Well, according to the internet, it’s “a natural beef gelatin.” I’m promptly trying to erase that image from my mind so I can go on enjoying life.

Paleo by Maileo November 2017

Paleo by Maileo November 2017

Paleo by Maileo November 2017

I can at times be a pretty squeamish eater, so until I can wrap my head around the idea of eating collagen, I passed this bar (which looks totally normal and is actually very delicious) over to Guy to enjoy. And, he did! To him, it tasted like a regular ol’ yummy granola bar. It was a bit sticky, but nothing that couldn’t be avoided by opening its wrapper strategically.

Paleo by Maileo November 2017

Bilton Original Grass-Fed Dried Beef, 2 oz. — Retail Value $7.99

What would a Paleo diet be without a little jerky? This package had a really great pepper-y smell when we opened it, so we were excited to dig in. And, it’s resealable, yay!

Paleo by Maileo November 2017

The back of the bag advertises that this jerky is dried with air instead of heat so that it stays more tender than traditional jerky. Maybe it was power of suggestion, but Guy totally agreed that it was very tender.

Paleo by Maileo November 2017

The flavor has an awesome spice to it. Not hot-spicy, but more like pepper-spicy, consistent with the smell. Two thumbs up!

Paleo by Maileo November 2017

Supernola Power Pineapple Granola, 2.5 oz. — Retail Value $3.99

We are a granola family—we can’t keep it around the house because it’s gobbled up on the same day that it was purchased, every time. And it ain’t me doing the devouring. That’s why I declare this Supernola pineapple granola the first addition to my secret stash. It won’t come as a surprise to anyone that I’m pickier about my granola (read: my everything) than Guy is, so when I find one I like, I’ve gotta hang onto it and spread it out over a few days!

Paleo by Maileo November 2017

Paleo by Maileo November 2017

What I like so much about this granola is that it’s not overly sweet, which I find to be rare for a fruit-themed snack, and that it has some sea salt throughout. It’s extremely sticky and left me picking at my teeth for a few minutes, but it was a few minutes that kept the good flavor goin’!

Paleo by Maileo November 2017

Bacon’s Heir Garlic Thyme Pork Clouds, 0.7 oz. — Retail Value $1.75

I’ve never been able to bring myself to eat pork rinds for the same reason that I couldn’t get the collagen down. My all-time favorite seasoning is thyme (I have a sprig tattooed on my arm!), but my love for thyme wasn’t enough to override my confusion about pork rinds. So, this last snack was a Guy snack. He was into it!

Paleo by Maileo November 2017

Paleo by Maileo November 2017

Guy’s report is that these pork clouds seemed more “substantial” than your typical rinds and that the garlic/thyme flavor was rather subtle. He ate a few before meeting with a client and didn’t feel as though said client would be offended by his breath. So, there ya have it!

Verdict: Yet again, I’m enthusiastically in support of the Paleo By Maileo box! Every snack was an awesome, healthy adventure, and November’s box opened my world up to a few treats on which I plan to stock up. Like last month, the contents of this box added up to about $30 or an average of $3.75 per item, which is a little shy of the $39 cost (including shipping) of the subscription. But, again, I feel the time and effort the subscription saves me from finding and shopping for these specialized, high-quality products completely makes up for the value difference. I love the curation of the Paleo By Maileo box and will be waiting with bated breath for next month’s delivery!

What did you think of the food items in this month’s Paleo By Maileo box?

Written by Christen Russo

Christen Russo

Christen stepped into the world of subscription boxes by signing up for Graze. After her world was changed (for the better, obviously) by a steady delivery of amazing snacks, she realized she needed to expand her horizons to include deliveries of eco-friendly products, clothes, and beyond.

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. As someone who is gluten & cow dairy intolerant, the curation of this box is of great interest to me.

    However it feels a little pricey just for snacks.

    I love collagen! I take it twice a day in powder form.

    • It’s a pretty great box, isn’t it? The thing about the price is, the snacks themselves are usually pretty specialized and would end up costing almost just as much (especially when you consider shipping) if you were to buy them separately. If you see a snack or two that you want to try a la carte, without subscribing to the whole box, Paleo by Maileo’s website sells them all individually—each one is linked under the photos.

      I want to know more about your collagen supplement experience! What do you mix it with? How does it taste?

      • I suppose, if you consider all those factors. But I’m close to several markets I’m sure carry comparable items, especially Whole Foods, Sprouts & Trader Joe’s. Even Ralph’s & Vons have gotten into the allergen/specialty diet game! That being said, I do like the curation for this month’s box alot.

        I have been using Further Food Collagen Peptides in the AMs. I really like it, it’s totally flavor less. You could mix it in everything & it doesn’t change the taste. It does dissolve better in hot than cold – in cold takes longer & you have to stir more. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, there are plant based collagen peptides on market, but it is more expensive.

        At nite, I take Crushed Tonic turmeric collagen peptide. It helps with digestion & sleep. During the Summer I was adding it to my sweet tea & to me, it sort of made it taste like a Thai iced tea or something. Really tasty & I’ve been in contact with Sally, the owner & creator & she’s awesome! I like supporting a woman based company when she seems very good hearted. This reminds me, I need to order more 😁

        Hope this info helps!

        • Thank you so much for this thorough info! Super helpful. I might just have to explore collagen supplements after all!

          • Good luck! From my research, I haven’t read any drawbacks from taking it.

  2. My comments never show up here! Anyway, I wrote a whole long thing about the difference between paleo and ketogenic, what it boils down to is don’t say paleo is low carb, because it isn’t! Just look at the staggering amount of honey and maple syrup in this box. Natural, yes. Grain and dairy free, of course. Low carb? Not in the slightest.

    • Ahhh my old comment just showed up. Sorry! Wow I read as very grumpy, sorry about that too!

      • Hey, Anne! Thank you so much for your input. Throughout my research, I’ve definitely seen some controversy over whether or not to consider the Paleo diet “low carb,” so I guess making the bold declaration in my opening paragraph could be a bit misleading. I’ll see to it that the post is updated to remove that tidbit so that it doesn’t further confuse folks. Again, thank you for reading and offering your expertise!

        As for the comments, sometimes it just takes a couple of days for them to process in the system and show up. 🙂

  3. As a vegetarian, I obviously don’t do collagen, but if you can eat Jello, it’s pretty much the same thing (though the animal source may be different, as you can get gelatin from a pig or chicken or even fish — gelatin is denatured collagen).

    It is supposed to be good for hair and nail growth, for what it’s worth.

    I’m kind of sad about the collagen protein trend as now I have to read the ingredients in things I previously would have just eaten without question (protein powder, protein bars, etc.).

  4. I can’t eat those primal kitchen bars. Not sure if it’s the “tasteless” collagen but no. Did not like them, there is a funky taste and texture to me. Please note that macadamia nuts are so delicious! Just not in that bar.

    • Good to know. I’ll have to give macadamia nuts a try in another form!

      • If you can eat chocolate, try the nuts covered. Then again, everything taste better under chocolate! 😉

  5. This looks like a great box, but your little blurb about the paleo diet is incorrect. Paleo in general doesn’t limit carbohydrates (just look at the staggering amounts of honey and maple syrup in this box alone!) while a ketogenic diet does. A lot of people do both paleo and keto, since they share a grain free approach to eating, but for insulin resistant or diabetic people, or people (like myself) who experience inflammation when eating more than 80 or so grams of carbohydrates in any form in a day, claiming paleo foods are low carb could be actually harmful.

    Honey may be less processed than table sugar, but it’s going to impact your blood sugar the exact same way, as will fruit, as will maple syrup, as will coconut sugar.

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