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More Ipsy November 2017 SPOILERS + 2nd Glam Bag Reveal!

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Ipsy Glam Bag

We have more spoilers for the November 2017 Ipsy glam bag! First, we now know there are two variations of the bag this month:

Ipsy November 2017 Glam Bag Designs

Which one do you want?

And here are more products we know will be sampled this month:

  • ORIBE HAIR CARE Gold Lust Dry Shampoo – 1 oz
  • NAKED COSMETICS Mother Nature #06 – .5 oz
  • EM COSMETICS Infinite Lip Cloud in Rose Nude – 1.8 ml
  • MANNA KADAR COSMETICS Lip Locked Stain in All Of Me or Pinot Noir – 1.5 g
  • COLOURPOP COSMETICS Pressed Powder Shadow in Come and Get It or Paper Tiger – 1.5 g

And in case you missed it, here are the original spoilers we had for November:

Ipsy November 2017 Spoiler Samples

  • tarte Blush
  • Benefit They’re Real Mascara!
  • Ouai Hair Oil
  • MAC Prep + Prime Natural Radiance Base
  • ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip

Which samples do you want?

Ipsy is $10 a month. Check out my Ipsy reviews to see what you can expect with this subscription!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I was close to cancellation but decided to wait one more month just to see what they pulled out for November, and now I’m glad I did. I’ve had several Ipsy fails but this one is pretty good:

    ‘Tini Beauty Barfly Highlighter in Candlelit
    Crown Brush C141 Chisel Brush
    Mac Prep + Prime Natural Radiance
    Skyn Iceland Berry Lip Fix
    Tarte blush

    I love Skyn Iceland, the Mac works for me, I’m always happy to get new brushes, and the Tarte blushes I’ve discovered make fantastic eyeshadows. The highlighter’s about the only thing I won’t use, but I have a daughter who loves to sparkle, so it’s all good. Plus I like this month’s bag, very colorful. I guess the reviews are starting to pay off. Good job Ipsy!

  2. I got my perfect bag!
    – Colorpop pressed powder shadow
    – Limecrime Crushed diamond lip topper
    – Too Faced setting spray
    – shading brush
    – ‘Tini Beauty Barfly Highlighter
    I love ipsy! Perfect bag for me!!!

  3. I thought last month’s bag was awesome, but this one is even better for me! I’m getting

    tarte blush
    Lime Crime Diamond Crushers in Lit
    IT CC+ Cream
    Skyn Iceland Lip Fix (love this brand)
    naked Cosmetics loose pigment in Mother Nature #06

    I haven’t tried Lime Crime, but the color looks gorgeous, and it’ll probably help with whatever awful lip color I get from Boxycharm, haha. They always send great lip products in colors I hate. I have a few tarte blushes, but none of the colors they’re sending.

    Overall, I’m really happy with this bag.

  4. Ok…a couple of the items are different from when I did the hack… For the better!!

  5. Spoilers are up!

  6. This is my first month with ipsy and my hack said I was getting:
    Naked cosmetics eyeshadow
    One of the lip stains in the preview
    Lisa frank highlighter
    Tarte blush
    And the white tube which I’m really hoping is the skyn berry lip fix because I really want to try it.

    Overall I’m very pleased but I am also just really excited about receiving my first bag in general.

  7. So far, I’ve only been able to identify that I have:
    Lisa Frank x Glamour Dolls Matte Bronzer in Bitten & Bronzed
    tarte Blush
    MAC Prep + Prime Natural Radiance Base

    There’s two other things but I don’t recognize them. Looks like a cleanser and maybe a lip balm or scrub.

  8. I did my hack!
    i got:

    Lime crime diamond crusher(for those wondering, in the hack it looks like a light pink lipstick that doesn’t appear in other spoilers. Its a light pink diamond crusher, i think maybe in the shade choke, summer, or cleopatra?)

    Colourpop eyeshadow(the colour is one of two, so i have to wait for my bag to see which color i get. i’m hoping for paper tiger because i already have come and get it! dupes. IF anyone wants to trade let me know :))

    Something that looks to me like some kind of stick highlighter in a black container,and it looks like it has a beauty for real logo on it.

    The white “lotion” looking tube that people on reddit are saying is skyn iceland berry lip fix

    a white/light blue(not teal) brush that people are saying might be a missglam brush and i hope it is because i love those!

    if i get paper tiger as the shadow, and the teal bag, this bag will be a complete steal for me! lol

    • What’s the hack?!

      • i believe you need to do it from a computer?
        If you google “ipsy hack” there should be multiple sources that will show you how to do it!
        basically you manipulate the coding on the page to show you your stuff early. However, ipsy has been cracking down and they tweaked their code so it doesn’t work the same anymore. The trick is to get the “show me now!” to pop up and then “share to facebook” and that is the only way to “hack” it to see your bag early at the moment.
        When you look up the instructions, it’ll tell you to type the code into “phase 3”. i type it under the 1st, 2nd and 3rd phase to get that “show me now!” button to appear. i hope this helps!

        • That helped me! Thank you. 😀

        • Thank you for that update. I’ve been frustrated the last few months cuz it wasn’t working but I did exactly what you said and it works! YEA!

        • I still cannot get the code to work. I have done everything correctly but it refuses to let me see my products. please send help!!

    • I’m new to ipsy but I really want this bag but only certain things. I was wondering how to do the hack. I only have a little bit of money so I can only buy one bag and I am really haping its good! Please help.

  9. Ugh Ipsy,

    I love Colourpop and wish I could request it but nope that option is gone. I think I’m cancelling ipsy come 2018. I already have boxycharm and allure. Ipsy has become dull and disappointing for the last few months. I’ve liked the bags more than my products.

    • how do you like boxy charm and allure?

      • Boxy Charm is one of my faves. I personally got sick of Allure after a few months but they do a nice box. I’m just leaving towards bigger conscious samples lol

  10. Great, I got the leftovers. Most are the junk that I certainly don’t want. The only thing I’ll probably use is the eyeshadow brush. Month after month of disappointment. I’ve changed my profile over and over and I had an extended conversation with the CS team. I’m so done with ipsy…

    • What are you getting? I’ve noticed a lot of things I’m excited about might not be what others want. For example, my favorite things to get are make up. Anything for lips-so I love balm and love scented lotions. Otherwise, I just want makeup and brushes. I don’t want any face creams or CC or BB cream, sunscreen, dry shampoo, anything for brows, or perfume. Because of my medium complexion, I want specially RED or deep berry/pink lipsticks in bold shades not nudes, pink/plum blushes, not corals, cool toned shadows, and silver or white or pink highlighters look best on me. I also love getting brushes – the more colorful the better. I know lots of people get excited about sunscreen, dry shampoo, brow products, and liquid foundations that I don’t want. I also know I’m asking a lot to want cool toned makeup in a warm-toned world. So I am giddy when a color works for me, but I know how it feels to want something else. What kind of things do you wish for instead of what you’re getting?

  11. I might be the only person ever to actually want dry shampoos. I’ve subbed to 3 boxes for almost a year (Boxy, Ipsy, Play) and have never got one, and I’m in desperate need! I really hope to get the tarte blush as well. But, I’ll probably get a mascara and a random black eyeliner instead :’D

    • Hahaha @ black eyeliner… I have so many I’m thinking of putting them on the cats…

    • Sign up for Walmart beauty box and you’ll get two to three a year. Also Target always offer these.

    • same here i really wanted to try that dry shampoo. dry shampoo is kinda expensive for a small bottle to just “Try” it out

    • Try birchbox. All I ever got was dry shampoo from them.

    • I emailed the ipsy CS and told them I do not want any more eyeliners for 6 months. Problem solved.

    • Mallory,
      Let me know what you get. I don’t use blush at all and I think I am getting it. I also have plenty of dry shampoos.

  12. I did the hack and I am getting the manna kadar lip stain, naked costmetics pigment, tarte blush, it cosmetics cc cream (I got this in a previous bag and I thought we weren’t to get duplicates?) and something in a white tube that I can’t tell what it is.

    • Hi Guys,

      I did the hack and it looks like I’m Getting the Naked Eyeshadow- Mother Nature, A Sissyglam brush, Tresique Chubby something, Too Face Spray and a Tarte Blush.

      Question? Does anyone know what the Tresique is? And the Tarte Blush – will they be multiple shades or is it just that one yellow shade because I am very tan/ medium dark skintone and I am not sure if it will work for me. Hope they are offering other shades. Please let me know if you guys know what shades are coming in the Blush. Thanks

      • People on Reddit said eyebrow pencil .

        • Thanks.. sounds good. I’ve been waiting for brow products for a while.

  13. I can’t hack but I always check out the Reddit posts of people who can. Other spoilers this month are lime crime diamond crusher lipstick, Marc Anthony hair oil again, slmissglam brush, Touch in Sol Advanced real moisture liquid foundation, Kensie perfume, Skyn Iceland Berry Lip Fix , it cosmetics cc cream , manna kadar HD perfecting powder , some kind of lisa frank glamour dolls bronzer? Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Primer & Setting Spray , and MUDMASKY facial detox purifying recovery Mask . 🙂 keeping my fingers crossed for Lime Crime!!

    • i got the limecrime and i didn’t even know it at first! i was like oh great another lipstick! nevermind! lol

  14. I did the hack and I’m actually really happy. I’m getting:
    Benefit mascara
    Colorpop lippie
    What looks like an IT cosmetics CC cream
    Some kind of white powder?
    What I’m hoping is a moisturizer (dryskin4lyf)
    My favorite color is blue so I’d prefer the blue bag, but I like gold too.

    • I found the powder, it’s Manna Kadar High Definition Powder

      • I’m getting:
        *a colourpop satin lip
        *a big brush (yay! I get a lot of blending brushes and I was really hoping for a big one for blushes)
        *The Naked pigment powder
        *Tarte blush (but the picture on mine is really dark. I hope it’s a lighter blush and not a bronzer, I know you can’t tell the color you will get from the icon they use so fingers crossed!)
        *Something in a white tube with pink writing. If anyone knows what it is, let me know! Hoping it’s a moisturizer! Always need those.

        I’m really excited!!

        • Before anyone asks: Just google “Reveal ipsy items early” and follow the steps using the “display: block !important” coding entry. It no long just shows up like the post says it will though. You have to post to facebook and then you just get to see a slightly small picture of what you’re getting. I changed my app settings on fb so anything from Ipsy is seen only by me, so no worries about spamming everyone in my feed. Also, if they are still picking your stuff, it might be a day or two before it works. Last night mine made a generic “get ipsy” post instead of my items, but worked this morning. Good luck! Have fun!

          (Or just wait until the 5th/6th and it will be there without messing with coding)

          • I’m not having problems with the coding. But I haven’t seen a reveal since the first time I tried it last spring. All I’ve been getting is another picture of the glam bag with a blank space where the products would be. So your saying it doesn’t Just auto show your glam bag items anymore, but that if you hit post on Facebook it shows the items? Thanks in advance. Any help is appreciated.

          • @Trish Bell yup! click the button for “reveal my bag” and then select to post to facebook. It should make a post like “check what I’m getting in my ipsy this month” if they have it ready on your account. It’s possible they are still making it though, but I think most people’s are in the data. You will only see a small fuzzy pic, but that gives you an idea of what you’re getting. Good luck!

          • So I’m awful on facebook, but how do you change app settings where they don’t post, or people can’t see anything from them or you posting from them?!

        • Maybe Skyn Iceland Berry Lip Fix ? Some people on Reddit were talking about that being a white tube they did not say what color writing .

    • How did you do the hack? I’m dying to know what I got this month.. I know for sure I got the mudmasky thing but the other 4 are a complete mystery!

      • how do you know you got the mudmask? Did you ask for that? are they still letting you request stuff?

        • I heard some people that complained about their October bag got a list from Ipsy of November favorites to choose. There was a brush and that mask on list not sure what else.

  15. unfortunately I decided to this month, I did the skip one month option. It’s my birthday month, but I just wasn’t interested personally. But I do still love Ipsy, I look forward to Decembers glambag.

  16. I definitely don’t regret unsubscribing from Ipsy.

  17. Looks decent, but I still really miss the feature where you could pick an item. It’s a bummer to lose that. They made it sound like they would be introducing an automated version of that, but it hasn’t happened. No way to customize anything now.

    • I saw somewhere that ipsy will soon be giving subscribers that option to pick something for an additional fee, something low like $1 but it’s still a bummer

  18. Seems I’m in the minority but I’d love the yellow bag. Pro tip: I use that oil on my skin, as well. Perfect for legs when I wear a dress or shorts. Ok, I lied. I’m not a pro, just an ashy person who gets desperate not to look like a pale, shedding lizard.

    • I will be so disappointed if I get the blue bag! Yellow is my favorite color so I was really happy with the first reveal.

    • I Love the yellow bag too!!! Great tip on the oil 😉

    • I quite like the yellow bag. I think I prefer the blue, but honestly just love the design and I’d use either plenty. I signed up this month partly because I liked the yellow bag so much!

    • I was just gonna say I hope I get the green/blue(?) bag because the yellow one is ugly. lol! But my luck isn’t very good when it comes to bag choices.

    • Lol..I would have believe you were a pro. Sounds like good advice to me 🤣

  19. I skipped Nov & I’m glad I did. Really don’t like Manna Kadar brand & I buy direct from Colourpop so I already have way too much of their products.
    I’ve had Ipsy since Day One, and it’s always exciting to see what I’m getting-but I have so many makeup duds from them.

    Switched to BeautyFix this month & will probably drop both Ipsy & Sephora as I want skin care!

  20. I would love to get anything except those Manna Kadar lippies. I have those in full size and I’m not a fan. Really hoping for the ColourPop ultra satin lip!!

  21. I skipped this month but i’ll be looking to swap for the blue bag. Can’t get enough bags! Does anyone know if we can skip two months in a row?

    • I have skipped two months in a row before. It’ll ask you at the end of the month if you want the next glam bag.

    • If I get the blue bag you can have mine. I have way too many.

    • You can have mine if I get blue. I have too many bags!

  22. I’d love to get the dry shampoo, tarte blush and either one of the colorpop pressed shadows! Hopefully this will be a good bag!!

  23. I really hope for the really it’s so pretty and please no dry shampoo pretty please

  24. I always love my ipsy bags, but this month nothing is wowing me. I just changed my profile to remove eyeshadows and lip products, so curious to see what I end up with.

  25. Fingers crossed for the blue bag! The yellow one is just no for me; thank goodness for swapping! I love almost all the products this month, and I’m eager to see how their algorithm will go, since apparently the requesting of a specific product.

  26. I’m liking the copper & yellow bag now especially since the 2nd pic of it makes the yellow less mustard looking.
    I’d love to get the Tarte blush. I’ve already got the Mac prime & the Colourpop come & get it eyeshadow (both great). Not loving the paper tiger eyeshadow color.

    Did anyone else fill out the questionnaire where you went thru about 30 different products & just answered “I want it” or “no thanks?” I didn’t count but mine seemed more skincare heavy than makeup but it was probably close to half each.

    • No! Is it a new profile thing or did they email you about it?

      • I was on my Ipsy app & just ran across it under account membership. It had a section right under the skip a month option that said “improve glam bag products.” I didn’t get an email advising me of it. I’m happy I filled it out before the 1st of the month. We’ll see if any of my wants are in my November bag.

        • Thanks for the tip!!! I just found it on my app too. Cool to see some sneak peeks for future samples and to give feedback about things like sample sizes and shades being off etc. Everyone should take a look when they can!

          • I can’t find that!! I just see the regular update beauty preference one that has always been there .

          • It’s under “manage account” not preferences

          • Ack, sorry, under “Membership” 😀

          • I can’t find it either. I don’t have skip a month in my app. Only cancel.

          • You might need to update the app.

            Go to account at the top and then click on edit account settings then click on membership then manage membership and it should be the 3rd option that says improve glam bag products.

            Hope that helps.

          • I cancelled and downloaded Ipsy app again and no difference. I suspect that they test this function so some people see different things in their app. I might be not lucky this time. Oh well… Thank you, Jackie!

        • I’m hoping to get the Teal bag cuz it’s my favorite color ever! But I’m wondering if that option is only for long term Ipsy subscribers or certain people as like a beta test or something. I say that cuz my app is up to date & there’s nothing like what you’re saying anywhere, I don’t even have the ability to skip a month. Soooo, I’m thinking since I’ve only been a subscriber since this past July I’m not going to see these options yet.. Maybe after a year or so? Any ideas?

          • November’s bag will be my 12th so I’ve been with Ipsy for a year. I don’t think who got this “improve glam bag products” questionnaire has anything to do with how long you’ve been a subscriber. I think it was random. I never officially got asked to take part in this option, no email, no alert on my account. I just happened upon it because I was looking at my account to check the new layout. I think it said they were looking at the next 3 months for possibilities to help improve the personalization of my bag.

            I would say to definitely review each product you get each month, good or bad. I’ve always done that & over these past 12 months I think my bags have improved overall

        • Thank you for sharing this! I’m not seeing this on my computer-can you see it that way too? I have an annual sub.

        • Anita, thank you for sharing! Can you see it on your computer too? I have a 1 year sub; so maybe that is why I can’t see it. I don’t even see a way to skip a month.

          • Sunshine,
            I’ve only looked at it thru my app so not sure if it’s available on my laptop. I would say it probably is. Did you follow Jackie’s instructions in her post because she explained how to find it (if it’s there) perfectly

        • I also have a yearly subscription and no option to skip a month. I’m thinking it has to do with the yearly subscription plan.

          • I have month to month subscription since the last November. No questionnaire or skip the month button for me either. So go figure…

        • That’s pretty cool but I didn’t want most of them. We’ll see what happens.

        • Thank you, Anita, I did try to follow the instructions, but I only have my account-none of the options listed that others are seeing. It might be because I have an annual sub?

    • No but I’d also like to know if it was on the ipsy website you did this or did they send it to your email. That would be so fun! Wish I was picked!

    • I don’t see that or even skip a month option . I do see cancel subscription option and like I said update beauty option . I don’t see a membership option only account which is where other stuff is shopper etc. Oh well thanks anyway.

    • Neat find on the survey! Thanks for sharing!

  27. Hoping I get the teal bag. But I would rather get the ugly bag verses that dry shampoo. I’m kinda surprised to see Ipsy put that out. I’ve already seen that in other subs numerous times. If I do end up w/ that, it will be the 3rd one I’ve gotten from subs. I absolutely hate dry shampoo! But, on the other hand, my daughter loves it! With the Holliday’s coming up, anything I get from Ipsy will still be a win win for me. Saves me time & money. I don’t do a stocking for my teenage daughter anymore. She gets a decorative box FILLED with makeup, skin & haircare, etc., & candy.

  28. I know I’m in the minority here, but I would love to get more of the neutrals shown in the spoilers! Most of those nude/pink lip colors and eye shadows would be perfect for me, and it’s been several months of me getting dark, dark, dark colors that are not great for me (very light/pink skinned so dark colors make me look like an iron deficient vampire). Fingers crossed! The spoilers seem great to me as long as the colors are right. Hoping for a makeup heavy bag this month, as my last few have been mostly tiny samples of skincare that are too pricey to buy in full size and too small to get much use from (still great for a $10 bag though!)

    • Lol!!! Iron deficient vampire! That’s so funny! I’m of Native American & Eastern Euroean decent. There’s not a spot on me that’s actually white or pale but I have red & pink undertones. I have to be very careful with makeup, even w/ undereye concealers. Otherwise, the yellow undertones of most makeup make me look jaundiced! I tried explaining this at sephora but they wouldn’t listen. I had to call corporate to get them to use that color match tool on me. Oh?! You DO have red & pink undertones…??? Huh…

  29. I hope I get blue bag I hate the yellow 70’s vibe bag. Although my daughter likes it. I would like any of the lippies even though I just bought 15 lipsticks from BH cosmetics so I don’t really need more. I already got a similar eye shadow to the naked last month so let’s hope I avoid getting that . Great month!

  30. I hope I get the blue bag, the Tarte blush (if it’s shade I don’t already have), the dry shampoo, a liquid lipstick and an eyeshadow. But I like all the spoilers so far and wouldn’t mind getting any of these products.

  31. I admit I’m leaning toward the teal bag, but either would be fine. I have wanted to try Oribe’s dry shampoo, so that would be perfect! I am exploring ColourPop more, but I don’t want any of the eyeshadows – theirs or Naked’s. Right now I have so many nude/neutral eye and lip colors I can’t even swap them out. That Pinot Noir Manna lippie would be nice. I’d love to try a ColourPop Satin Lip if there are colors available other than the nude.

    I try not to be too picky or disappointed considering I understand Ipsy does what they can with what they are given. It is only $10/month, but my last two months have brought only two and one usable items, respectively. Those minis I did keep to use did not equal $10. This month looks more promising with the spoilers we’ve seen… I’m just trying my best to hide from all those nudes and non-makeup face stuff.

  32. I want both bags!

    I hope I get the dry shampoo!

  33. The yellow / copper bag has grown on me. I’d like the hair oil (I use it now), the mascara (can never have enough of those) and maybe the blush and dry shampoo. I know I’ll get the worst lip color for my skin and probably nothing I listed causing another CS case lol

  34. i don’t think either of the colors are ugly, the blue just happens to be my favorite lol. I’m so excited for this months bag.

  35. I like the blue bag — wish there was less makeup this month and more skincare 🙁

    • I wish you on that, Ash…

  36. I like the blue bag best, but all the samples look good! Hoping for a lip item – the Em shade looks nice. Hair oil, blush, dry shampoo, and MAC prep/prime might be my top picks. What is the NAKED item – is it a bronzer or a shadow?

  37. Love the bags, especially the blue one.

  38. I love everything! Both bags are super cute. This is a good month for ipsy ❤️

  39. Is there a wait list right now?

  40. I’ve gotten the hair oil in sephora play and birchbox now ipsy. I thought ipsy was cool because they send more full-size items and different stuff then just what’s ‘mainstream popular’ if you know what I mean. Now they seem to be more and more like play and birchbox.

    • I agree. It seems those 3 pass around samples and themes.

  41. I like both actually. I don’t mind getting the copper/yellow bag💛 but..ohh man! Manna kadar again🙈
    The only thing I want to try is the quai hair oil.

  42. I don’t get Ipsy but I can attest to the awesomeness of the Colourpop Come and Get It shadow. I own it & it is such a neat pink/orange duochrome! I’m also a fan of the Colourpop Satin liquid lips.

    I can also vouch for the Oribe dry shampoo, the Benefit mascara, and the Tarte blush. They are all great! I subbed to Ipsy ages ago when I didn’t recognize any of the brands they sent & I always ended up with things I did not like. I’m wondering if it might be time to give them another chance. (Of course, then I might end up with all the Manna Kadar or nude/neutral items and it would be just like before. 😉 )

    • This is the official last attempt I’m giving ipsy to get it right. I have CS a list of preferences and dislikes bc I was getting nothing I liked hey my mom and daughter (who I brought on Street 1.5years) are getting the things I want. So, this may be fatal for ipsy haha

  43. I want the blue and the tarte blush, so I’ll get the yellow and ALL the Manna Kadar

  44. I want the blue one so badly but I know with my luck I am getting that horrendous burger patty and mustard combo.

    Also these spoilers are not very impressive… 🙁 Getting worried ipsy

    • Same here.

    • Lol @ hamburger and mustard. I’m sure since I got the crap of the lot of samples, I’ll be getting the hamburger too. 🙂

  45. Skipping this month.

    • How do you skip a month?

      • Go to cancel subscription then it gives you the option to skip a month or cancel entirely. I just picked skip this month and the subscription renews after the month you skip.

        • I was going to try and skip this month, but they’ve already charged me so it won’t let me skip Nov, only Dec. 🙁

        • Does it give you the update glam bag option there too? I heard there is a better personalize glam bag option under skip a month I can’t find it but I have not tried cancel subscription

  46. Oh, I love the blue one!

    • Changing the colors made all the difference in the world! Love the blue as well.

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