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GlossyBox November 2017 FULL Spoilers Coupon!

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We have full spoilers for the November 2017 Glossybox thanks bellium to in the forum!

One version of the November 2017 Glossybox box will include:

What do you think of the November GlossyBox spoilers?

For a limited time, use coupon code GRATEFUL to save 25% on a 6 month or 12 month GlossyBox subscription. 

GlossyBox is regularly $21 a month. With this coupon, a 12-month subscription would be $157.50, or $13.12 a box. A 6-month subscription would be $83.25 or $13.87 a box.

Check out our GlossyBox reviews and GlossyBox spoilers to see what you can expect from this subscription!

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  1. It gets worse… Not one item in the box do I actually use. I use cleansing conditioner. I don’t do my broad, no need for primer bc I don’t wear foundation, don’t wear lipstick and perfum gives me migraines. I’m going to give it as a Christmas gift, I think.

    • Unsubscribe yourself from a beauty box. Seriously.

    • It’s a beauty box. Do yourself a favor and unsubscribe yourself.

    • What’s “broad”?

  2. Guess what I got today? A Glossybox! I don’t have a sub. I canceled it. No response from them. I don’t want another one of these boxes I didn’t order! I’m so confused.

  3. I’m so angry that I can’t get a reply from glossy box. I never got either box that I payed for already. I cancelled that dam subscription. Took my money on October 30th and November 7th and nothing. This was such a good deal. Look Fantastic has messed this whole thing up because I had the same thing happen with them. Im putting claim later today with paypal. They won’t reply. Hate this.

    • When I 1st signed up for Glossybox, I got walk 3 boxes from my sub within a week of each other. Then they had the nerve to continue to charge me. Obviously, if you look at my posts I’m still having issues with them… Box #7… Didn’t order but was changed for.they told me lazy month was too late so I HAD to get that one. Scammed!!!

  4. Just wanted to clear up the coupon. According to glossybox it is 25% off the first month when you order a 6 or 12 month subscription. Therefore you only save $5.25 on a 6 or 12 month subscription. Very upset that the coupon is so misleading on glossybox’s part. “They are going to look into it” -.-

    • Same story here. $5.25 is 25% off one month only. I think it is an error on their part. I have called sales line yesterday and informed them of this “error”. Still nothing had been fixed.

  5. My lipstick was broken. It fell out when I opened the cap… wondering if it’s worth emailing them about this when I’m still on the $10 plan. =/

    • I did email them about my broken lipstick, and received a reply today saying they’ll replace it.

      • Mine was also open and broken and made a mess throughout the box. I sent them an email with a pic.

        • At least mine was still closed. The lipstick just fell out of the tube when I opened it to look at it.

          I wonder though, how something like that could even happen – the top of the lipstick was a bit smashed too, it’s like they sent a used /broken item on purpose.

          I just hope I really get a replacement within a month because I am planning to cancel this sub next month when my $10 deal expires.

        • Mine was also broken. I just emailed them ☹️ It just arrived

    • My lipstick was broken and smushed too. I emailed them with picture on Sunday and no real respond yet. Just a bunch of auto reply emails.

    • Mine was broken too. I️ came here to see if I️ was the only one. I️ will be emailing them.

  6. I just went to to review this box and collect my glossydots. I was 40 pts away from my next free box. Glossydots are no more! Now you just accumulate rewards $ that you can use on Look Fantastic’s US site. I’m so disappointed, as I routinely collected my free GB every 9-10 months. I mean, I’m sure I can use the rewards $, provided they don’t expire too quickly, but I liked getting my free box.

    • You can use the reward money towards the LE box! I think you’ll find the change pretty great!

      • How do you use the towards the LE Box? I’m trying to figure it out, thanks

        • When you checkout there will be a screen telling you how much credit you have with a space to put in how much of it you want to use for the purchase.

  7. As they say, be careful what you wish for. 😀
    I got the Sinner perfume this time, and totally don’t care for the scent, Saint is so much better!
    But then if I received another Saint in this box, not having smelled Sinner I would have thought that I am missing out, lol.

  8. Got my November box yesterday and i LOVE the products i got except i was missing the Parfum and the Tarte brow gel. Contacted CS and they are suppose to send out.

    Last month I was missing an item and they were out of it so they gave me the option to pick from a few different items. I picked a pretty lipstick.

    Not sure about their employees/warehouse and who handles the packaging of items but doesn’t seem like they have anyone doing QC and double checking.

    • I missed my Tarte gel, too. I’m going to email them now. But the rest of the box is great.

  9. Your company charged me twice, won’t refund one, said ill get 2 boxes, I PRAY THEY DIFFRENT, IT’S BS……. please DON’T send me two of the same, I was just on hold for 2 hours still no answer, what is wrong with your customer service? Hope I get the 2 different boxes

    • I hope you realize you’ve posted to basically to a blog site which is unaffiliated with Glossy Box. In other words posting here isn’t going to do much. Good Luck.

    • Email them directly. I missed an item in box last month and they were out of it and gave me a choice of a few items and I️ picked a really nice lipstick.

  10. Code doesn’t work! So I tried this code and it says it’s going to be active November 16 if you guys wanna wait and receive 50% off your first box, if you use code November50 in there on November 16 like I’ll be doing it’s gonna take you down to $10.50 so imma wait til then 🙂

    • Thanks, I might just do that. My poor pocketbook and xmas shopping has barely begun. All I know is every female over 2 on my shopping list is getting some sort of make-up this year thanks to this addiction.

  11. Somewhere in the universe, there must be a beauty sub box that Kat Von D hasn’t yet bombarded with the Saint/Sinner perfumes. Maybe.

    • I would like it if she put her lipsticks in boxes more…

  12. Looks like a great box! Looking forward for it and happy that they already sent the box. Should get it tomorrow. Hoping for Sinner as I already got Saint on Allure Oct box. Glossy is getting better!

    • are they all full sizes?

      • I wondered the same thing, anybody know?

        • Everyone gets 3 full size items and the other items are deluxe size travel items as i have read on there site page it is so much better than them little tiny sample size items you can only get one use out of.

        • I got the Sinner one. I don’t like the smell. Anyhow, they aren’t full size… more like a deluxe sample.

    • I got sinner in this box. I got saint in my Allure box. This classy box is a great box. Finally getting regular shampoo and conditioner in a decent size. I have so many dry shampoos from my sub boxes that I don’t have room.

  13. Just got this box today and I was impressed especially for $10. I got sinner which smells amazing and is a decent deluxe sample they last forever anyway cause you only need a dab. The brow gel seems nice so far. You can never have too much primer. The shampoo and conditioner are very nice same sizes they will be perfect to take on a 2 week vacation it really is a good amount of product and they smell bomb. Also they were nice pump bottles that were individually wrapped in plastic. I was also pleasantly surprised by the lip chubby. It is a fantastic color and seems to have great wear only thing is it smells disgusting. Please someone else smell theirs and let me know if something is wrong with mine cause it smells foul. Can’t stop smelling the amazing perfume though I was saint now too

    • My lip thing does not have a scent.

    • My lipstick doesn’t have a scent either.

    • My lipstick has no smell at all, but it came broken. Product literally fell out of the tube when I opened it.
      I sent them a photo, hope they exchange it for me.

      They do answer their CS phone, btw, I don’t know why people say that they don’t. I called them a few times in the past couple of weeks, and didn’t even have to hold long before they answered.

      • I also had the same issue where my lip product separated from the barrel. It made a small mess in my box because it wasn’t even fully closed when I received it. Hopefully I will be able to get in touch with CS.

        • The Laqa lip in the Glossybox was different than the one in Boxycharm and I want to know why the different label on the tubes.

  14. Keeping my fingers crossed 🤞 for “Saint” this time cuz I already received “Sinner” from Allure last month. Everything else is new to me and I’m really looking forward to this box 😊😍😊

    • Lol, I am hoping for Sinner because I already got Saint in Allure, let’s swap if we each get the other one. 😀

  15. I just got mine and it had all these items. Great box this month!

    • What were the full size? The tarte, lipstick and primer?

      • Yup, I got it yesterday and had to double check myself.

      • Yes, the brow gel seems like a sample but it’s full size on their site.

  16. This is actually a decent box from Glossybox.

  17. I resubscribed for 6 months after seeing this month. I cancelled after a 3 month trail earlier this year because I was ho hum about most of the products. At $13.87 a box including shipping, I’ll probably get my money’s worth.

  18. Love love love this month!!! 😍😍😍

  19. Glossy box has the best packaging but is lacking in curation and providing good size products. I only subscribe when there are promotions which would make it worth it. However, I am liking this month’s box – hope they continue 🙂

  20. I saw that primer in a Lip Monthly October bag review.

    • It was also in a recent Benevolent Beauty box too. I happened to receive it in the mystery box I ordered from them. It’s getting around. 🙂

    • I redeemed points for that primer, from Ipsy too.

  21. So thrilled to be almost done with this sub!

    • Me too. 😀

  22. Glossybox has terrible customer service and tiny products. I’d rather stick with So Susan. Theyre items are full size, unique, you get a cute bag every month AND its cruelty-free.

    • I agree with them having terrible customer service!

  23. Don’t really care for getting the perfume but I like everything else in this box!

  24. I don’t have a brow gel either so yay on receiving one this month and I love primer of any kind so super happy with that as well. I’m probably in the minority but I didn’t love the October box but signed up because of the 3 months for $10 deal and wanted to give GB a try. Liking this box much better already. 🙂

    • Now I wish I would of signed up when they did the $10 deal! Great box!

      • Keep your eyes peeled…..There may even be a better deal this month for Black Friday. 😉

  25. Yep- This does look great!

  26. Everything is FULL SIZE? Even the Kat Von D perfume? This is one unbelievable box!
    Seriously, I still can’t believe I am getting all this for $10!

    • No. Not every thing is full sized. At least that perfume I can say for sure that it is a miniature, like the one we got from Allure box

    • No. Glossybox always lists the retail value of the full size regardless of the size included. The fragrance a a small bottle, same size that Allure recently had. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

      • Ah, I knew it was too good to be true, lol. 🙂
        Yeah, I seem to remember the brochure now – it’s been a while since I’ve read one.

    • They only post the price of the full sized item on their pamphlet, in case you want to purchase the full size item. However, not all of the products in the box are full sized. The shampoo, condition and the lip product are full size, this month. The perfume and the primer are deluxe size samples.

      • The shampoo and conditioner are full size? They’re 16.2 oz each full size how big is the glossy box this month?

        • I think she was mistaken. The shampoo & conditioner are the 3.??oz bottles. I could barely make it out in the picture above. 🙂

        • shampoo/conditioner 3.38 oz. each- both sealed in plastic, smell incedible. I got Sinner again, but for $10 I can’t complain.

      • It’s the lip product, primer, and brow gel that are full size this month. The shampoo and conditioner are tiny. I believe 3 oz or so.

    • The shampoo and conditioner are not full size the bottles only contain about 3 ounces and the Kat Von D perfume is a miniature. Glossy always list the retail value on their insert sheet. You typically get three full-size items with your box and the other will be what they determine as deluxe size.

  27. This looks like a great box. I’ve been wanting to try the Kate V. perfume. I don’t have a brow gel, so that’s good and the lipstick, shampoo and primer are all new to me, super excited about this box.

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