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GlossyBox Limited Edition Holiday 2017 Box Spoiler #4

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GlossyBox Holiday 2017 Limited Edition Box

We have the second spoiler for the Limited Edition Holiday 2017 GlossyBox. (Thanks for the heads up, Julie and Barbora!)

More on this box:

The Box: Glossybox Limited Edition Holiday Box

The Cost: $40

The Products: 7 full-size products worth over $204. Brands included:

  • Sunday Riley
  • Skinn Cosmetics
  • NEST Fragrances Candle
  • NCLA
  • Buxom
  • DHC

And here is the latest spoiler:

Buxom Big Tease Plumping Mascara – Value $22

And in case you missed the first spoilers:

Nest Fragrances Candle in Sugar Cookie

GLAMGLOW Lip Balm Treatment – Value $19

Sunday Riley C.E.O. Rapid Flash Brightening Serum

What do you think of the latest product spoiler? (I’m OBSESSED with the Sugar Cookie scent thanks to my Nest Candle subscription. I highly recommend it!) Are you going to grab a box? 

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Spoiler #5 is an ugly palette 🙁

  2. I cancelled too. I had ordered three boxes because I got caught up in everyone’s excitement over the serum but when I saw the mascara, I knew that I just don’t have any need for this box. I don’t even need the serum. I have boxes from Beautyfix, Allure and Boxycharm that I haven’t started to use. I haven’t used a single item from the last Glossybox LE. I have mascaras stacked up enough to last me years. I am in the fortunate/unfortunate position of not needing any makeup or skincare at all. I’m afraid I am becoming a hoarder of these products.

    • I can relate, girlfriend.

  3. Well. I’m kind of on the fence about this at the moment. When this box was announced and it said 7 full sized items I was intrigued. Then I saw that Nest was one of the brands and I jumped because I’ve been dying to try one of their candles…I have a bit of an addiction to candles that’s almost as bad as my sub problem. I saw the candle spoiler and thought I was mistaken. I expected a votive since they’re pricey, but this one is the mini size that they give as a free gift with $50 purchase. I should’ve seen this coming…they’ve pulled the switcheroo four months in a row now. I’m past the point of being angry over anything they do. I should’ve waited but I honestly thought they’d start off on a better foot after the buyout. What better time to start fixing your reputation? *Sigh* Oh GlossyBox, why can’t you learn from your mistakes?

  4. More mascara?!!!! Ummm no thanks. Time to cancel. All the spoilers suck and this company does not care about their customers. I givd up!

    • Yup I can’t with the mascara!… I don’t wear mascara. That and the size of the candle is making me rethink this box. One more spoiler like this and I am out.

  5. Why is everyone saying that the Glamglow lip balm isn’t full sized? I just did a quick Google search and Sephora, Nordstrom AND Glamglow’s own website sells it for $19, just like the RV revealed in the spoiler. It doesn’t look very ‘mini’ in the picture either, and if the full size is $24 like some people are saying why would they make a mini that’s worth only $5 less…?
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to defend Glossybox because they’ve already been really shady with this LE box regarding the Nest candle, but it’s just false information. I get why people are quick to believe that though given the candle situation- if they had the $16 votive included then I personally think it was fine, since they sell that size individually anyways, but not smaller than that. So they’re definitely not making themselves look good lol. I’m going to keep this order though since I like the SR sérum they’re sending and I could always use more black mascaras. I’m basically thinking of it as the SR serum on discount + extras haha.

    • On Glamglow website it is listed as a “mini”. I do think it’s odd that for $5 more you get 3x the amount of product.

  6. I just cancelled. I have decided deal or not on the Sunday riley- it’s not worth it. I used the money I saved and bought a ful size dipptyque candle and a 2nd beautyheros bag at spacenk. Used the code Singlemoon and received the 31 piece autumn sample bag+ 3 foil samples and 1 deluxe sample and used my incentive money and gained more plus free shipping. Feel less taken already. Glossybox is too shady – I just don’t trust them.

    • Chris, which fragrance of Diptyque did you get? Their best seller is Baies and smells glorious. I am a huge Diptyqyue fan. I, too cancelled this order even with the $23 credit. It’s just so disappointing how everything keeps getting smaller and smaller compared to original expectations.
      I like full size even if I pay full price. You are going to love the Space NK gift!

    • Hi Chris, I just tried code Singlemoon on Spacenk website to get autumn sample bag but won’t recognize that code. Help!

      • Hi Jewelcat,

        It’s SINGLESMOON. You are missing the “s”. Try again. Good luck!

        • KarenG, Thank you! Just needed the extra s. Many thanks to you💕

          • Enter code stackable SIXTY!5 for an extra $10 off … I just canceled GB, ordered the Diptique 12 candles set and the lovely extras!

          • OK, so what is the dollar amount you need to purchase to get that SpaceNk gift pack?

        • I cannot get the code to work. Any suggestions?

    • I cx’d too – was hoping GB was getting their act together – the past couple boxes have been great & their last LE box was especially nice. I had high hopes for this one based on the brands, and they ARE still nice, just not for me.

  7. I’m still excited about the box. I hope the Sunday Riley is full size, that makes it worth the $40

    • I am a sucker for a serum…. so far holding out due to budget restrictions plus already get boxy and beauty fix monthly so….

  8. Personally. I’d rather have a smaller candle and larger sizes of cosmetics, as that’s mainly what I’m looking for from Glossybox. So far, these spoilers seem seasonally appropriate and comparable to other Holiday boxes they have done in the past, so I remain Team Fine With It.

    • I was talking to someone about this earlier today. If the candle took up $40rv a lot of people would be upset about that too. Not to mention… nest fragrance barely discounts their candles for their own sub box. If we got a big candle in this box we probably wouldn’t be getting much else…

      The reveal of the candle size made me realize I wanted the candle more than the box, so I am just buying a candle 😀 but good for everyone who’s happy

  9. Does anyone know if we can still cancel the Boxycharm LE box?

    • I did cancel mine today. I would suggest you send em an email asap. They replied with in two hours in my case.

      • Thanks!!

  10. I would bet the nail polish on the model, the brown eyeliner and blush/contour are next 3 products.

  11. I just canceled based on principle. Voting with my money that this was uncool.

  12. I just cancelled right online. I’m totally done with all HUT Group companies. The bait and switch, and horrendous customer service is getting old.

  13. Not gunna be dramatic, just… done with the bait and switch. Cancelled. Toodaloo glossybox.

    I have realized that the candle size really bummed me out because it was what I was most looking forward to. I’m gunna take my $40 and buy a real sized candle.

  14. so, it looks like she is wearing all the spoilers…I’m guessing the NCLA is the gold nail polish she is wearing. And the Skinn maybe the eye liner? Not sure about the DHC but I’m hoping it’s the cleansing oil to “take it all off”. Fingers crossed cause I love that oil 🙂

    • I’m hoping we get the DHC Cleansing Oil as well!!! Fingers crossed!✌🏼🙂

  15. Ok… so full size if off the table which I assume takes the $204 retail off the table too?

    Liz can you please clarify if you can what exactly is no longer full size?

    • Yes. Just reached out to get confirmation of sizes on all spoiled items. I’ll post as soon as I hear back. Thank you for the suggestion!

      • Thank You!! After the underwhelming boxycharm reveal I’m really crossing my fingers that only the candle it mini.

      • Hey Liz.. I’m not sure of your email address, but I just wanted to let you know that New Beauty is releasing a Beauty Report sampling box on November 24th, for $29, with free shipping. The web page is.. https :// www .newbeauty. com /beautybox/ without all the spaces of course..

  16. I was really hoping for a win from this box after the Boxycharm LE fail. I won’t be getting this one either I guess. Is anyone getting a good Winter box worth mentioning? I need some suggestions!
    I’m super happy with the FabFitFun winter box this year but I’m in the market for one more box *cough cough* (Or more if anyone has some good suggestions.) *cough cough*

    • I too am super happy with the FFF box! I cancelled this box, and that made me super happy as well.

  17. I hate to say that I cancelled too. Almost all serums cause pulling for me, I don’t do red lips anymore, I just ordered a D.L. candle subscription as my birthday gift, and the mascara gets bad reviews.

  18. I so disappointed in Glossybox. These spoilers are terrible! The only item I want is the Sunday Riley… and what if it’s not even the full size? If it’s not full sized, I will never buy another box off them again! They lied about this box containing 7 FULL SIZED products.. not happy!

    • I agree. That is the only one that interests me at all. I’m relieved I didn’t get it. I usually regret not doing it. but not this time. I’m sorry for all that bought it 🙁 However, they usually save the best for last so that people don’t get disappointed when the spoilers go down in value. I will be crossing my fingers. I thought they had advertised full size as well, but now that is confused. They really need a PR person!!

  19. When I made my purchase the site definitely said 7 full size items. Personally, I’m still pleased with what I see. I like the variety. This is a bonus Christmas gift to myself and I missed out on the Boxycharm LE (which I am no longer disappointed about). I’ll just wrap it and put it under the tree until Christmas. LOL

    • Awwww….that’s so sad. 😟

      • Why is this sad?

        • I was wondering the same thing…why is it sad?

          • Wrapping a gift for yourself to put under the Christmas tree, I am guessing?

            Although who is to say that’s sad? For all you know, it brings that poster joy.

          • Probably people think it’s sad that she has to buy and wrap her own present rather than have someone buy it for her. I don’t think it’s sad but that’s my guess as to why some people think it is.

  20. I just cancelled. The whole bait and switch and then the rest of the spoilers made me say NOPE! Plus the coupon wouldn’t work. If there’s a Black Friday sale I’ll probably buy it again, but otherwise I’m happy using Dennis Gross instead of Sunday Riley- it’s done wonders for my skin! The Sunday Riley product also doesn’t have very good reviews on beautypedia.

    • I initially thought of just giving the two boxes I ordered to my daughters. However, after reading all the comments, I just cancelled both and bought 2 additional fabfitfun boxes for my girls. For $10 more – all full size and great variety!

    • That Sunday Riley product contains toxins. Most of her products do.

      Look up the ingredients on CosDNA. The inclusion of Phenoxyethanol alone is enough for me to never buy.

      • Oh no! I used up my sample and like what improvement I see so far. But I’m not good at checking ingredients, just looked up Phenoxyethanol, will have to cancel since I only wanted the Riley. Does anyone know another nontoxic brightening serum?

        • This is a copy-paste from the Paula’s Choice site, which I trust more:


          Rating: Good
          Categories: Preservatives

          Common cosmetics preservative that’s considered one of the least sensitizing for use in formulations. It does not release formaldehyde. Phenoxyethanol is approved worldwide (including in Japan and in the EU) for use in all types of water-based cosmetics, up to a 1% concentration.

          The safety of phenoxyethanol has been assessed by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) Expert Panel several times. This group evaluated the foundational scientific data plus the newer relevant data, and concluded that phenoxyethanol is safe as a cosmetic ingredient. Interestingly, although the phenoxyethanol used in skincare products is almost always synthetic, this chemical occurs naturally in green tea.

          In short, phenoxyethanol is considered a safe and effective preservative when used in amounts approved for use in leave-on or rinse-off cosmetics products.

        • Anna – I just started the Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum – you can get it at Sephora and their sale ends today. They have $20ish mini sets before you take the plunge.

  21. If enough people cancel and tell them why then maybe they will shape up a little. Probably not but at least you know you aren’t contributing.

  22. This box is worth it for the Sunday Riley alone. My skin looks brighter and the sun damage melasma is slightly lighter. I’ve using a sample for two weeks and about to run out.

  23. I bought this but even with the $23 credit, I still don’t want it. I requested a cancellation as well.

  24. I won’t say anything negative – I will say that when they first said the box was 7 full sized items – was that the mistake of that same employee that posted the $13 Rituals box price – they could just blame him again.
    Canceling this box would be more effort than I can handle.
    3 more items to go…any chance of anything full sized at this point? There’s always a hand cream!

    • I said somewhere else in all of these posts that I would think the same thing as you — just another web error — except that they have done this multiple times with their standard monthly box too. Once, even twice, I can say is an innocent error but if the SAME issue keeps happening over and over, you seriously need to look into your processes.

    • Is actualy very easy to cancel the box. Just enter to your account, click on the order and then click in cancel order.

  25. Aw, this is the one spoiler I’ve seen so far that I’m not into.

  26. Glad I got this box for only $7 dollars after using the credit I had in my account!😍 Totally worth it!!

  27. Wishing I had waited for spoilers to buy…I wouldn’t have.

    • You can cancel! I just did.

  28. Well that’s a bit disappointing. Buxom’s original mascara is one of my all-time favorites, but this one gets a lot of really bad reviews.

    I bought the box after the first two spoilers because I love them and I kind of think if the rest as bonuses. (Another bonus: I freaking LOVE that box! I usually use Glossyboxes to give gifts, but I’m keeping that one!) I I’m not overly concerned about the candle.

    BUT deleting the “full size” wording is SERIOUSLY shady and affirms that I will think long and hard before buying anything from them again.

  29. The candle is the same size as their sampler pack, not sure if they still sell those, I picked up a few of those multi packs last year from them. It’s also the same size that is offered when they give a free gift with purchase.

    BUT I am still very pleased with my purchase and i didn’t even get a $5 coupon. lol

    I won’t use the mascara most likely OR the lipbalm stuff but still ok with the box.

    I have to say I am kinda used to issues with this box as I have been dealing with Oui Please for the last two tears and have learned to be patient and deal with the “service” issues because the boxes are so awesome. And that is a $150 box so for $40 bucks I can cope knowing I still got a good deal considering the Sunday Riley.

    For those who are super upset with GB over this PLEASE do not sub to Oui Please or 5th Avenue style! lol You will most likely lose your mind. 🙂

    • Seriously! People who don’t like this box can even cancel right now and get their money back. No harm, no foul.

    • Agree with you Carey! As long as the Sunday Riley is full size (which it appears to be), I’m good. The rest is just bonus. 🙂 When the post initially said “full size” I took that with a grain of salt and figured it wouldn’t be the case…thinking back to several times they promoted items that were to “be in all boxes” that then weren’t. I’ve long since dropped GB due to repeated CS issues , but I went into this purchase just for the Sunday Riley so I’m happy with it…I actually bought 2! 🙂

  30. I highly recommend that everyone who ordered this box cancel their orders and tell them why. That they originally advertised 7 full size items but the candle and Glamglow lip balm are both minis. That would have a much bigger effect than venting on a blog would.

    • The glamglow lip balm in colors only come in one size. The .24 oz which is listed as mini on Glamglow site. The larger size at $24 is the colorless balm which I like to use at night. So while I don’t normally agree with GB and their trickery the colored lip balm is as full sized as it will get.

  31. Fyi the Glamglow lip balm is not full size. It’s the mini size.

    • I saw that after you pointed it out. That is kinda shady on GB’s part.

    • And that was the only item I’m keeping so far!


    • Neiman Marcus sells the colored Glamglow lip balms for $19. Why do you think it is not full size? Only the clear balm comes in a larger package for $24.

      • If you look at the Glamglow website or just click on the link above they call it a “mini” size themself.

        • It’s a full size mini size. Okay so maybe it’s not that funny. But that’s typical GB.

          • Lol. Right. “Typical GB” is I think what everyone is fed up with.

        • They call it mini since it is smaller than the regular clear one – $24. They don’t offer bigger size of colored ones.

          Personally I am happy with this box. If the RV will be as promised I am happy camper. Some people would not be happy with full box of diamonds-wrong cut, wrong shape etc. I feel I am getting stuff worth what I have paid for.

  32. I would’ve thought/hoped the Buxom product was a lipgloss or something. Not a bad box, just nothing I’m interested in.

  33. Dear GlossyBox,
    Kindly release all of the spoilers now. I will not consider purchasing this box until I see everything that is included. Money is scarce these days, and I can only spend it on things I absolutely need or love.
    Thanks so much.

  34. I requested a cancellation.

    Has anyone been able to successfully cancel??

    • Yes, last weekend I cancelled and my points/credit is back in my account and I show no pending “pre-order”.

    • Yes, I just received email confirmation that my order was cancelled. The SR and GG were not what I was hoping for, and I think it’s pretty sketchy the way they removed “full size”. I wanted the Nest candle, but maybe I’ll just buy one later.

    • Yes! I literally just submitted a request after this spoiler was posted and the status of my order online has changed from “pending cancellation” to “cancelled.”

  35. I hate seeing all the negativity on the forums these days. I, for one, am really excited for this box 🙂 I know glossy has some issues so I adjust my expectations accordingly and am super stoked to get a special box of goodies- all of the spoilers are things I have not tried before even though I subscribe to a lot of beauty boxes! I’m also kind of happy that the buxom product isn’t a lipping- the tingling feeling isn’t my favorite so I’m happy to try something else from the company!

    • People have a right to be negative on this one. 2 of the items are mini not full size as advertised. It is becoming painfully obvious that Glossybox just isn’t honest.

  36. Really not into the red lip balm on the model here… It actually looks really dry and that it enhances the lines on her lips. She’s gorgeous, but that lip balm is not doing her any favors. Bummed about the lip balm and Glossybox’s dishonestly with the ‘7 full-size items’ claim (now nowhere to be found).

    • It looks painfully dry! Like red house paint.

    • I thought the exact same thing! Is that the GlamGlow lippie she’s wearing?

  37. I contacted them through IG and they stated that the serum is full size. $40 isn’t bad though!!! Everything in the box would be extra! Do you think there will be coupon for this box ? if not I’m planning to get it today or tomorrow! Maybe until they confirm the 5th item!

    • Thanks, was really hoping someone would confirm the serum was full sized!

      • Um, even if the company confirmed it, what is their word worth?

  38. I have to say, so far I haven’t seen a single item that I actually want. And I know NCLA will not be something I need, either.

    That settles it, I now have $40 more towards Black Friday purchases. 🙂

    • I’m thinking the NCLA will be the gold polish on the model. I think it’s really pretty, but I agree the lip balm looks dry.

  39. This kinda ruins the box for me. I can’t use any mascara except tubing mascara.

  40. The sephora reviews aren’t the best, but I’ll try it regardless. I must be that person who gets different variations than most but I feel like I never receive full size mascara, so it will get used. Either way, all I care about is that full Sunday Riley. Everything else is a cherry on top. I could literally just get that SR and the other items were different colored rocks and it would still be a success to me.

    • I kind of love this comment. 😀

    • I would love to get different colored rocks!!

    • Now Lindsey has me wanting the Sunday Riley & colored rocks variation of this box 😐

    • But are they POP rocks…?!?!??

      Because then I am so full of YES.

  41. Just wanted to say thanks MSA for crossing out the “full-size” description above (since Glossybox seems to have removed it from their description online)! You guys are the best. 😉

    • Thankfully there is a copy of the pic with the FULL SIZE discription on the forum, if the items are not full size I will definitely consider a chargeback.

      • FYI – besides the iffy argument about what a full-size candle is (I still claim this mini votive doesn’t count because it’s not even a size sold on the Nest website — if it was a standard Nest votive size, I wouldn’t argue), it’s been pointed out that the Glamglow lip balm treatment is also “mini” size. Full size is RV $24 on their website, not $19. I just submitted a request to cancel the order I placed with the $5 off code on Saturday. I’m not really into any of these spoilers and the change in description thing has left an even worse taste in my mouth after the Rituals box fiasco.

        • Nest says their full size candle is 8.1 oz not a votive. I contacted them yesterday.

    • Right?

  42. I almost bought this, was sooo tempted by The Sunday Riley, but then did some cleaning yesterday… started my Christmas basket sorting with leftovers from Sub boxes… ahhh nope absolutely not… no more !!!!! Omg I have issues!!!😂

    • You are not alone my friend! lol

  43. Ugh, the last thing I need is more mascara.

    I’m done with this company. I don’t see how changing the wording on the site after the fact somehow makes them no longer responsible.

  44. Awesome!!! This box is the best yet!! I might have to buy a few more!

  45. Those are some really poor reviews on Sephora!

    I am starting to feel sorry for the folks who purchased this box sight unseen.

  46. ack. no bueno!! LOL So glad I didn’t go for this.

  47. I’m sorry I ordered this.

    • You can still cancel it if you want to. 🙂

      • I can?? I didn’t know that — thanks!!!

      • Thank you. Just requested a cancellation. GB removing the “full-size” wording is some shady, shady business and even though I think this is a reasonably good box for a decent price, I absolutely refuse to support dodgy liars with my business.

      • Thanks! I just requested a cancellation. Hope it goes through!

      • Just canceled. I feel so free!!!

  48. I bought two limited boxes and based on the spoilers I’m sure my daughters will love them. Christmas presents. I am clearly not the target market for this hahaha. I hope I get them in time for Christmas

  49. I wonder if the NCLA item is the gold nail polish that the model is wearing.

    • I kinda hope so. I think it’s pretty. Plus, I don’t have any gold nail polish.

    • I was thinking a gold nail polish as well. Both Skinn and DHC are more skincare brands as well as opposed to makeup.

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