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GlossyBox Limited Edition Holiday 2017 Box FULL SPOILERS

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GlossyBox Holiday 2017 Limited Edition Box

We have the fifth spoiler for the Limited Edition Holiday 2017 GlossyBox.

More on this box:

The Box: Glossybox Limited Edition Holiday Box

The Cost: $40

The Products: 7 full-size products worth over $204. Brands included:

  • Sunday Riley
  • Skinn Cosmetics
  • NEST Fragrances Candle
  • NCLA
  • Buxom
  • DHC

And here are the full spoilers:

NCLA So Rich Cuticle Oil in Dark Almond – Value $18

DHC Liquid Eyeliner EX – Value $20

Skinn Cosmetics Smokey Treatment Eyeshadow Palette – Value $32

Buxom Big Tease Plumping Mascara – Value $22

Nest Fragrances Candle in Sugar Cookie

GLAMGLOW Lip Balm Treatment – Value $19

Sunday Riley C.E.O. Rapid Flash Brightening Serum

What do you think of the latest product spoiler? (I’m OBSESSED with the Sugar Cookie scent thanks to my Nest Candle subscription. I highly recommend it!) Are you going to grab a box? 

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I was waiting to have the mid- month funding to buy the Holiday box, and it sold out an hour before I could buy it.
    So, I clicked on the Rituals Spa box and it’s sold out now too.
    Co-incidence. or are they shifting some of their stock over to a discount site like Ruelala?

    • Add to the list the CEW box and last year’s Holiday box which has been listed for sale. They took down every LE box they had up. This is impossible through normal sales.
      They cut a deal with a discount site, I believe.

      • So??

  2. Add me to the list of people who cancelled! Loved the serum, was disappointed by the Nest candle size, was okay with the GlamGlow product but the last thing I need is any more mascara, black eyeliner, eyeshadow palettes or cuticle oil. But really it was the messed up way they took away the 7 full sized items and what they did with that other box last week – I can easily find another awesome company to give my money to! (Julep I’m looking at you to do nice colors for Dec!!)

  3. So Glossybox was recently bought by another company. When I called earlier this week about a broken item in my November box the very polite rep stated they were having system issues from the change over and my old orders wouldn’t show on my account. I’m thinking that the new management doesn’t fill understand how this business works. But the snarky social media comments are uncalled for.

    Also- does anyone know the size of the serum in this book? It’s the only reason I got the box

  4. HOLD UP LADIES!!! I just went to their website & logged in and to my disbelief EVERY LE box they have is SOLD OUT? 😲 How is this possible? Confusing ad super shady??? Any thoughts??? 🤔

    • Yep, Ruelala, Gilt City, or eBay.
      Or all 3. Rituals box did the exact same thing.

      • Wow….I was in total disbelief when I saw that…like over night…strange 🤔😞

  5. The box is now sold out.

    I know people are upset that things are smaller in size, but I prefer that sometimes. Whenever they put 7 full size products in a box and charge $40 or less, I wonder if they are all old inventory, overstock from a third party retailer, or being discontinued. But if they are mini deluxe sizes, then at least I know they are more likely to be directly from the brands themselves and more recently manufactured.

    Like the Boxy limited edition box, the Ofra is being discontinued (if it hasn’t already), the Tarte is as well and/or old inventory and a lot of the stuff they throw in seems like products that haven’t sold well.

    • I just received the Holiday box today. Nothing was old or expired. Not sure what point you were *trying* to make?

  6. I’m actually looking forward to receiving this box and glad to get the cuticle oil instead of another nail polish that will just sit on my dresser.

    I’m probably the only one that could care less about the size of the candle. 🙂 But I get where others are coming from.

    • So you do care?

      I’m just teasing you; I know what you meant 🌹

    • I don’t mind the candle being a deluxe size sample. We’re still getting some really nice items in this box. The shipping box is only so big, so I understand the candle not being full size. People just want to complain and carry on with unnecessary drama. It’s a nice box and priced accordingly.

      • *rolls eyes*

  7. I was just on glossybox facebook and someone posted: Disappointed the candle is not full size. I was under the impression all the products were full size. Glossy answered: There is no specification on what the Limited Edition should or should not have. I’m so sorry if this is dissatisfying for you. You can always check out our page for other limited edition boxes.”

    • How nice – SNARKY customer SERVICE (insert sarcasm emoji here) rep!!! Glad I cancelled – first and foremost – we only have our word – keep it – and secondly DON’T attack MSA for your “bait and switch” ….

  8. The $40 noted in that email link on their GB page is the same notation that is in every box!!! They always always always list the full size value in the booklet. We have had issues with the swap side of things because of that. I DID not take it to mean the candle was full size.

    I am gonna really like my box. Happy to have gotten it! The rituals boxes would have been nice too but this will be much better.

    As a side note, what if the RV if the entire box was $500 and there were no full sizes? Or what if the value is the $207 and there were only 4 full size products?

    While I know people have had issues with customer service and variation issues ( I have had both as well) when did getting $200 worth of products for $40 (or less) become a bad thing? Regardless of the full size count this is still a great deal.

    I would bet there were communication / advertisement issues between Liz and GB, we know Liz wouldn’t post information she knew was bad on purpose. lol

    It’s the holiday season, grab some eggnog and think about the yummy food for Thanksgiving! This is SOOO not worth all this aggravation.

    • My major issue is that they WERE advertising 7 full size products. Screenshots of their website show it. Now they have changed their story, are admitting it’s not all full size and trying to blame MSA for miscommunication instead of admitting their initial mistake and taking personal responsibility. And it’s not the first time it’s happened with them. They are just shady…or seriously need to do a better job checking their advertisements and then admitting error like responsible adults.

    • Liz did NOT post bad information. She reported information straight from Glossybox — info that many others had also received and taken screenshots of.

      Glossybox backtracked & edited their information, but that is NOT on MSA, & is very foolish of Glossybox to imply.

  9. First, to everybody that bought this box, I hope you really enjoy it. I cancelled mine and i’m good with that too. I just read in the comments that Glossybox and Boxycharm are blaming Liz. Glossy for their advertising of full size products- Boxy for letting people know about the Holiday box. I kept up with both of them because of the reviews on here MSA. Personally, I think it is a cheap shot to gladly receive the publicity year round and take the resulting business and then when they aren’t prepared, to shift the blame. I think it really is disgusting- and I do not intend to purchase from either company again. And when it comes to Glossy- lousy customer service and bait and switch should be in the reviews. I guess they get away with it because everybody thinks the boxes are such a good deal until they get burned themselves. I am done with them both.

    • Well said, Chris. If it weren’t for MSA & similar blogs, nobody would know what Glossybox or Boxycharm was!

    • I found Boxycharm and stalked their boxes for almost a year here before purchasing. It was Liz’s sneak peeks into the past few boxes that got me to sign up. They should be thanking her for bringing in new business. As for GB, since their change in ownership, it’s been a hot mess and I stopped my 3+ year subscription with them. They used to be my fav, but now… It’s not worth the headache. I also had been a member so long, I got TONS of repeat items that I had given a bad review, so they weren’t paying any attention to their feedback. Don’t miss them at all.

  10. I like this box, but I’m not nearly as impressed with it as I have been with other boxes. I like when they have a cohesive theme. The 2015 holiday box with it’s rose gold theme was AMAZING and is what first turned me on to GlossyBox. Incredible full-size products, great value, a color theme so that those who know rose gold doesn’t work for them could avoid it. The 2017 Mother’s Day box was equally impressive. All full-size (though there was some question about that when Liz was sent a deluxe sample size product and people were angry), great value, cohesive pink theme.

    I feel like this box would have had potential if they had just eliminated the two mini products and had just one, quality, full-size product instead. I was very intrigued by the Nest candle, but not when I saw how tiny it was.

  11. Still pretty happy with this box and the spoilers. Like it better than the Boxycharm box.
    NCLA – Keep
    DHC – Gift
    Skinn – ?? Don’t know yet
    Big Tease – Keep
    Nest – Hostess Gift for holidays
    Glamglow – Keep (depending on color – otherwise gift)
    Sunday Riley – Keep

    One for you, one for me…. One for you, one for me…. 🙂

  12. As someone who specializes in Marketing and PR, I’m interested in seeing how they try and recover from this mess.

    I think they may have forgotten the power of social media.

    • I don’t think they care. It looked like so many of us cancelled our orders for this box and it still sold out before Thanksgiving. I don’t think we are particularly important to them. They have made that clear.

      • Yeah, I’m with the “I don’t think they care” group……on another note…

        does anyone know, for the monthly subscription people, they used to have a area where you reviewed items from your box and they gave you points that then in turn you used for real money for boxes or whatever….since they updated the site (I read they got bought by another company ) do they still have the deal where you review what is in your box for points/money?! I have looked and looked and can’t seem to find it, not sure if I am over looking it, or they took that away as well…… anybody know?!

  13. I cancelled. It isn’t a terrible box, but it isn’t anything terribly exciting either. I figured I would order it and keep a few items and use others as gifts, but the more spoilers I see the less I care for it. Definitely don’t need more mascara since I’m super picky and already constantly giving the ones I get away, the shadows just look a little washed out, I don’t think they would look very good on many people, kind of remind me of the Too Faced White Chocolate Chip, I’m maxed out on red lips of any kind, the cuticle oil would be useful but I know I won’t keep up my nails enough for it to make any difference. I really just want the candle and Sunday Riley, but I have a brightening wash and serum that work well enough for my needs.

    I don’t think it is bad, just everything was slightly a miss for me. Here would be my ideal box by these brands while staying as close as possible to their current box value:

    1. Sunday Riley – Tidal Brightening Enzyme Cream $65
    2. Nest – Votive $16
    3. Buxom – Wildly Whipped Lip $21
    4. NCLR – Nail Polish $16
    5. Skinn – Mineral Eye Lighter $14
    6. DHC – Aroma Balm Natural Balance $16
    7. Glam Glow – Dream Duo Overnight treatment $59

    Total – $207 (fits their over $204 claim). I would have 100% have preferred this and paid full price for the box if I didn’t get the subscriber discount and Glossydots credit!

    • Ohhhh. I would buy this fantasy box for sure. 😉

    • I’d buy that box!!

  14. Glossybox has been shady from the beginning and this whole fiasco is no surprise to me. While the boxes are sometimes very good, I had a bad experience with customer support about 2 years ago and swore them off at that time. Don’t expect their customer service to get any better. I can’t wait until they close down for good.

  15. I’m surprised this box is sold out with all the cancellations.

    • It’s not sold out. On FB and IG they are telling people to “hurry” and get it.

    • Sorry, website says sold out. Well that might not be factoring all the cancellations yet. But hey, more power to them.

  16. I cancelled my subscription with Glossy Box, because their customer service is terrible. It’s November and I still have not received my October box. They have done nothing to rectify the situation.

    • Same here. I subscribed October 30th and still no box nor tracking number sadly

  17. When Glossybox advertised the Estee Edit Peoni I asked them if it was full size and they flat out lied to me to get me to make a purchase. I was so mad I took screenshots and posted on their fb and they erased everything and blocked me. I would not put it past them that they are lying again. IMO they are crooks!!!

    • OMG, wow… 😮

  18. I ended up cancelling this box after Glossybox’s false advertisement and instead of reflecting accountability, blamed MSA for their error. I can forgive mistakes, but not projecting culpability. Glossybox’s actions are in opposition to the principles of the types of companies I choose to support.

  19. I really thought I’d be more excited about this box but it’s honestly quite mediocre. At this point I’m only buying for the SR serum anyways, but I hoped the NCLA item would be the gold nail polish… I have no use for a nail oil. Also bummed about the glamglow balm and the eyeshadow palette. Pretty indifferent about the candle and the eyeliner and mascaras are good basics to keep in store but nothing really exciting.
    Now if the SR isn’t the full-sized 1oz… I’ll be sooo livid. It does seem though that we are getting all the products as pictured, and the serum the model is holding is definitely full sized (the deluxe 0.5 oz version has a thick glass bottom, you can see it on Sephora’s site). Honestly though with everything Glossybox is pulling I really can’t feel 100% sure.

    • This is how I feel

  20. Honestly, they should’ve just said that they made a mistake in their email and that they can’t fit a full size candle in the box. Apologized and got it over with.

    Instead, they blamed a blogger who has provided them with free exposure since day 1.

    Not cool.

    • Agreed! I wouldn’t have ever known about GB if I hadn’t seen it reviewed here.

  21. i purchased this box after the sunday riley spoiler.

    i’m not thrilled about the other products *especially* after finding out that they aren’t full size as advertised!!!! i’m not going to cancel because i really want the SR, but i will be so, so, so frigging peeved if it ends up not being full sized. after reading their replies about if it is full size on instagram, i’m worried. the way it is stated is *really* questionable! also, this is my first *and* last purchase from this company because of the misleading info. deluxe size is NOT full size! grrr.

    not even going to touch on the rest of the shadiness as so many people already did. just shoddy behavior all around.

    • I had to go check out the instagram replies and you’re so right – she is not answering the question. When directly asked if this will be the full size 1 oz product the responses are “Yes, this product is considered to be full size” (why add the word ‘considered’?) and “As stated, the Sunday Riley serum will be a full size product” (why ‘a’ full size product instead of ‘the’?). Maybe the instagram rep doesn’t really know anything for sure (only we she/we’ve read) and doesn’t want to misstate. I mean, it has to be the actual 1oz full size product, right?

      • *nods*
        that’s what worries me… that they could have replied, easily, “yes, it is the 1oz full size product”, but instead slipped the word “considered” in there. considered? it is or it isn’t, it isn’t up for consideration.

        i’m keeping my fingers crossed and trying to keep positive, but all of this info pouring out today is making it difficult.

        • I don’t know but on FB Glossybox is saying that SR will be a deluxe size. Let me know if I am wrong.

          • Are they really? 😲

          • If you look on the post about SR, GB says it’s 1oz on FB. “Brooke Engebretson The Sunday Riley serum will be 1oz <3” (don’t know how to post a screenshot, so copied from FB.)

  22. I cancelled my order. I am not feeling the palette, the mascara or the mini size candle (biggest disappointment to me). They did advertise 7 full size products worth $204. I saw it several times on their website, so not sure what is their problem. Over all not the box for me. At this point the November and the October box is better than the LE.

  23. I wasn’t going to post because I didn’t want to appear sour grapes after my Glossybox disappointment. But, after seeing that email reference where Glossybox was blaming MSA, that is unacceptable! First, if you are getting the box, happy for you, hope you enjoy it. I was one of the individuals affected by the Rituals disaster last weekend. Glossybox advertised the clearance sale, many of us ordered and our orders were cancelled with no email explanation and it took them three days to respond. We found out only because another customer posted it on the MSA site. And the response, when we did get it was a generic email and was only done because we blew up Facebook and Instagram. Glossybox, if you want to blame MSA for any of this, bring it! I have all of my documentation as well as other complaints from many customers. Your company is shady and you operate in a vacuum by thinking customers won’t communicate. And, to be honest, I don’t care if you advertise the Rituals for $1 I wouldn’t buy it. I wouldn’t trust your company and you are not going to spoil our subscription box fun. The sad thing is, Glossybox could be such a good box. But, I guess it is just not meant to be. And lastly, it is really sad that as customers, we have to do screen shots and documentation because you change what you are going to provide and then try to cover it up. End of rant, now I feel better.

    • Ditto, @Jeanette. Unacceptable and appalling for GB to blame MSA. Liz has been more than fair in her GB reviews and posts, but it wouldn’t be out of line if new GB posts included a standard caveat about the difficulties some of us have had with the company.

      • Oh, and for the record, it would have been better if the email I *finally* got cancelling the Rituals order was MORE generic. It was just rubbing salt in the wound for GB to tell me that if I still really wanted the box I could reorder it… for more money.

      • Yes! Thank you for posting my exact sentiments about this company.

    • Yeah, I got some email back about the Rituals box. I asked them to cancel/delete my account since I would have no further business with them(I wasn’t rude, just stated that fact) and they replied with an email about how if I order the box over the phone they would give me a $5 discount on it. I don’t want to buy product from them, why would I want $5 towards a purchase? And they never addressed getting rid of my account which was the point of the email.

      To blame MSA is just so, so mind-blowing. I wouldn’t know about any of these companies if it were not for MSA. I never knew about Target beauty boxes until there was a beauty thread on SNS on Jezebel and someone mentioned them and that led me to here. I have spent so much $$$ because of this site. Julep, PopSugar, FFF, Target, etc. have all gotten a lot of $ from me because of MSA.

  24. I canceled my order…Not happy with the products.. actually really disappointed. The CEW box was so much better.. I loved that box…

    • Agreed, the perfume alone is amazing.

  25. I would love the Sunday Riley and overall this would be a good box for me, but I swore off glossybox after the tarte sunscreen and being lied to by customer service. They almost reeled me back in with this box, but how they threw Liz under the bus is unacceptable. They don’t deserve my (very) hard earned dollars.

  26. I canceled yesterday (thanks for the tip ladies) when I realized that I really don’t *need* the brightening serum. I mean of course my skin could be brighter but there’s always the question of “will I actually use it”? Anyway, after seeing these spoilers I am not regretting that decision. The last things I need are mascara I can’t use (my lashes reject most mascaras) and another palette. The tiny candle could be gifted but it turns out that this box just isn’t for me.

  27. Wow, it makes me sick that they’re trying to gaslight Liz and all of us. Ugh, Glossybox, get some class.

    Guess the change in ownership doesn’t signify a change in culture.

    • Agree!

    • Hate what Glossybox is doing but LOVE that you said Gaslight. I have to explain that term (and classic movie) to way too many people.

  28. Just went to the GB website and they are no longer advertising the holiday box as being valued at $204…hmmm. Maybe it’s worth more… Or less..

    • Well, there is no way it will be worth more, it can only be less.

      So basically this entire thing has been one lie after another from start to finish.

      When we started seeing better monthly boxes and thought Glossybox might be transforming now it’s been bought by another company, we spoke too soon.

    • Not trying to say Glossybox isn’t being shady, but if you add all of the values we are given, and the full size Sunday Riley price, the box value is $196. Only thing not in that price is the Nest Candle.

      SR: $85
      NCLA: $18
      Glam Glow: $19
      Skinn: $32
      DHC: $20
      Buxom: $22

      If the Nest candle is half the smallest they actually sell as an individual, that’s the remaining $8.

  29. What are they thinking, inviting the wrath of Liz’s squad??

    Seriously though, I’ve cancelled, and sent them the following message since there wasn’t a cancellation reason of “You are SHADY.” It’s honestly not a bad box but I don’t want to support this company.

    “I just want to let you know I’m cancelling my order because when people complained of the false advertising of 7 full size items, your response was to try to blame other people including the MSA blog. Considering you just also cancelled my rituals box, I don’t trust your company. You just lost a potential new subscriber.”

  30. I just canceled my order. Website says it’s processing my cancellation. Fingers crossed it works. I ordered only because they claimed it was seven full size items. I knew it was too good to be true. GLOSSYBOX used to be one of my favorite subs.

  31. I guess some of us are disppaointed that the RV: is not what we thought and that there will not be full size product’s. The item’s are very nice,

    • There ARE full size products, and it actually appears that 5/7 are full size. Is that what was originally claimed? Apparently not, but your comment makes it sound like nothing in the box is full size.

  32. I’m actually pretty happy with this box.I’ve never tried any of these products. Except for Glamglow and Buxom, I’ve never tried any of these brands either.

  33. Nest not full sized? I just got the spoiler email that says “Full size” $40 value. So which is it?? I am happy with the box for the Sunday Riley. But now I know why I cancelled my monthly subscription. Glossybox is pretty shady and not worth the monthly $$. But at least they had enough boxes unlike the Birchbox debacle! Not cool about the blame game with either sub.

    • Got the email too! It does say $40/full size. Ugh… unfortunately I’m not familiar with the candles except that their pricy.

      • *they’re* smh

      • Full size is around 8 oz at $40. Votive size is 2 oz for $16. The size shown here is about half that or 1 oz for estimated $8 although you can only get that size as part of a set. Based in the box value from GB and the values of the other spoilers, that would leave $8 left…the smallest size. Someone else said they already posted the NEST size is a “mini” and tried to blame MSA for falsely claiming full size. If they are sending out emails sayi mg that, it would be even more ridiculous. Time to check my email I guess….

        • Right? And in an email I just received, the Sunday Rileyi product doesn’t look much bigger than the NCLA cuticle oil. I don’t think we’ve heard the end of this, until people start receiving the box. Let’s hope they are happy and things turn for the better. But, I’m not betting on that at all.

          • I didn’t get any emails. I feel so left out. If anyone has one with the full size Nest claim, you might want to forward to Liz since they are trying to blame her….

          • Could someone also share the email with the Sunday Riley bottle not looking like a full size? Only preordered the box cause I was about to grab the serum at Sephora anyway, so all this has me pretty worried.

          • The cuticle oil is 0.5 oz, so if it’s just barely bigger than one of the small ornaments in the pic, and the Sunday Riley could probably have had three (or close to three) of the same size in its height…then it’s full size.

    • Has anyone gotten confirmation that the Sunday Riley is the 1oz? I have been looking through the glossy box comments on instagram and they never say 1oz. When someone asked repeatedly if it was the 1oz they said it is considered full size. Then they said so you can confirm that it is the 1 oz and glossybox again repeated that is it a full size product but never said yes it is 1oz.

      • Hahas I think that’s me! I wonder why don’t they say it’s 1 oz rather than “full size” I might hold back until they have further info about the products!

        • One of their Instagram replies specifically says it’s “considered” full size–anything can be considered full size; committing to the 1 oz label can’t be disputed.

  34. Awwww. I wanted the seasonal peppermint oil.

    Overall, I’m pretty happy with this box.

  35. My limited edition Boxycharm doesn’t seem so bad anymore. At least the eyeshadow palette is a decent brand known for it’s blush and pigmentation and the eyeliner won’t be black.

    • The eyeliner seems to be black only. I hope I’m mistaken though.

      • I’m referring to the Boxycharm LE box.

        • Sorry, my bad 🙂

          • My wording was confusing, my fault!

  36. Well, I’m still happy with the Sunday Riley, but I was really hoping the DHC product would be the cleansing oil.

    • Me too.

  37. I think this is a great, well rounded box and I can’t wait to have it.

  38. I’ve attempted to cancel and, of course, it won’t work properly. Imagine that!! I just sent them a message advising them that I don’t want it. We’ll see if they actually cancel it or come up with a story about why it can’t be because of something MSA supposedly did. 🙂

    • I had the same problem, but the website seems to be functioning again.

  39. Trying to cancel as well….that’s crap….they DID say 7 FULL size products….I signed up many moons ago from the very first 10 dollar 3 month deal, and have stayed paying full price since, even on most months when it’s crap….but now to blame Liz for this is wrong…boxy did the same saying the link was not supposed to be shared, yet if Liz didnt, everyone else would have on social media…..and many missed out on those…..guess I just won’t have any extra holiday boxes for myself this year

    • I’m wondering if I messed up when I originally posted about this box and they never said 7 full size products. The webpage that I got the original spoiler info from no longer is on the GlossyBox website, so I can’t check. I make mistakes, and that very well could be what happened here.

      I don’t want to create a situation where GlossyBox looks bad because of my own error. And I’m sorry if this is what happened!

      • Starting taking screen grabs. A little CYA never hurt anyone, sadly.

      • You didn’t mess up, glossybox did their bait and switch…Again!

        • Just saw the screenshot. Glad I’m not losing it 🙂

          • You are most definitely not losing it, alot of us saw it, screenshots exist, and you are NOT at fault. The fact that Glossybox is trying to blame MSA is ridiculous.

          • Thank you. Between this and Boxycharm I’ve been having a bit of a self-doubt week! :/

          • Hi Liz…if you are looking for more proof you are not crazy or losing it, apparently GB is still sending out emails advertising the box and it says the NEST candle is full size RV $40, while they are claiming they never said so and it’s MSA’s misinformation. I didn’t get the email but others did above and there is a screenshot of the GB FB page under the palette pic post.

  40. I cancelled. I got a good deal with credits but the different information I was receiving ticked me off. You would think GB would have learned something from the BC box. Liz is providing a service by advertising for these companies and providing information. I am not okay with blaming her. They won’t get another penny of my money.

  41. Is the Sunday Riley full-size? Do we know when this is going to ship? Any coupon codes still available?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Yes, the Sunday Riley is confirmed to be full-sized.
      Likely to ship on Dec 1st. Correct me if I’m wrong. Not 100% sure about this one.
      If you are a current subscriber and go to the website through the LE box email, you can still use the $5 off code.

      Hope that answers your questions.

      • Thank you, Ellen!! 😘

    • I got my shipping email yesterday saying shipped. It says (on my email) it will be delivered between the 23-28 sometime. But I haven’t been able to get the tracking number to work yesterday or today at all. The courier seems to be newgistics which I’m not familiar with

  42. I’m having problems canceling. It says my order is ‘Processing’ and ‘Awaiting stock pick.’ When I try to cancel the website stops responding. 😕

    • I’ve cancelled but received no confirmation.

      • You should get an email saying your order is cancelled. I got one within an hour or so of cancelling my order (this was a few days ago).

    • I took me three tries but I just received email verification that it’s canceled.

  43. Not the products I was expecting from those brands. I was expecting a mask from GlamGlow, cleansing oil from DHC, a lip product from Buxom, a skincare item from Skinn. Not at all a bad box, just nothing I’m interested in even at a discounted price.

    • I agree. The most exciting thing is the Nest Candle, but may be better just to buy it in a gift set.

      • That’s exactly what I am thinking. So glad I didn’t order it.

  44. Does anyone know how that DHC Eyeliner performs?

    • It’s good. Smooth.

  45. Definitely worth the price, I can always use a good cuticle oil but the eye liner is meh.. I just prefer brown cuz it brings out my blue eyes better… I’m still really looking forward to getting this one in the mail early Dec 😊😊😊

  46. Hmm…GB website says the NEST candle is full-size with a value of $40. That doesn’t quite jive with the picture.

    • Where did you see that? Assuming Sunday Riley is full size that only leaves a value of $8 for the candle which is half of a Nest votive (so accurate per the pic). If they are claiming full $40 size that’s another blatant lie per their own box value calcs.

    • I asked them on Instagram why the value listed is $40 if it’s not the 8.1oz candle? If there’s more inconsistencies I’m canceling my preorder.

    • Where is that?

    • Based on spoilers and RVs of other products vs total box value that would be another lie if that’s what they are saying.

  47. I was laying low on this whole train wreck, since at $40, it was still a decent box UNTIL they threw @Liz under the bus on IG. Blaming MSA for the “Seven Full Sized Products”, which was posted on THEIR website and which a ton of people have screenshots of is really so not cool. Add me to the ranks of “Cancelled”!

    • What???? Did they really??? That is suuuuuppper shady and is a total lack of taking responsibility. As you said, there are plenty of us that saw it on their website and there are screenshots to prove it. I seriously hope they don’t keep doing this on purpose just to divert blame when people get upset (like the cynic in me suspected).

      • Here is their reply –

        [email protected] Apologies for the source of your information 🙀. However, Glossybox never stated the Nest candle was a full size candle. The nest candle is a mini size. We have reached out to my subscription addiction who did say it was a full size so that it can be corrected 😁. Again, sincerest apologies💋”

        • Ahahaha. GB seriously need to get their facts straight and own ducks in a row. MSA never specified a size of the candle. We, the commenters, figured it out by the pics. All MSA said was the 7 full size description that came directly from GB. Wow. Just wow.

        • That was their reply on Facebook as well. They then proceeded to argue with a lady about the sizes, telling her there’s no specification for what the LE box should or should not have. That was fine until someone else posted a screenshot of the $40 full sized nest candle email. Now it’s crickets. I cannot believe this is happening again. Actually yes I can. So sad.

          • Oy vey, this is so bad…

            I agree with the poster who said we haven’t heard the last of it yet – just wait till people start receiving their boxes and the Sunday Riley turns out to be a deluxe size!

            That would be my next guess.

    • Whoa, for real?! 😯
      They actually did that??

      The best defense is an attack, I suppose… 🤔

    • ……..and if I wasn’t already done with GB, this would have sealed their fate!!! Not cool at all………..

    • They actually replied to someone asking why it wasn’t 7 full size saying, “Apologies for the source of your information” uhm isn’t Glossybox the source of that information? The screenshots of their site actually say FULL size. This is just shady, and I’m glad I cancelled the order too.

      • I cancelled my sub with them months ago because of all the false/misleading advertising and promises. They are the worst company I have ever seen for that. I don’t know how they are still in business. If I were Liz, I would stop reviewing their product. They need her more than she needs them. Creeps.

        • I agree. I think it’s shameful of GB to behave this way. Especially to Liz / MSA, the person / site 100% responsible for each and every dollar I’ve spent on Glossy boxes. I didn’t even know GB existed before reading a review on MSA. Poorly done GB. Suck it up and admit to your scandalous ways!

    • Oh no! Now I’m furious. I’m canceling just for them having the nerve to be that rude to Liz when she’s on here every month giving them free advertising just be reviewing the box. How dare they blame their mistakes on her!
      Bye bye glossybox 😡🤬

    • Who is “they”? Glossybox? Or some random person. There are screenshots on this site in the forum showing “full size” directly from glossybox.

      Yes, this website makes money when we hit links and buy stuff but hello…that’s how the internet works.

  48. Thank you everyone who provided feedback along the way. I am so glad I canceled this box… Bittersweet, because I really was excited to start with… But, as with so many others, I am done with glossybox. I had hopes for improvement and integrity.

  49. Well im so glad ncla wasent a gold nail polish as i have so many. Im on the fence about my looking forward to the eyeliner but hey its still worth what i paid for it.

    • Right? The NCLA not being the gold polish is the only relief I’ve gotten from seeing the spoilers. I was hoping the NCLA would be a glass nail shiner though – very much ISO one!!! I was specifically hoping that the Buxom would Not be that exact mascara. Haven’t bought it but still might do it for the Sunday Riley despite the BS on Glossybox’s part.

  50. Like I said before, it’s a nice enough box overall, just not for someone who already has everything.

    No FOMO. 😎

    • I agree. I ordered and cancelled, not because I am angry, but because I have too much stuff! It’s a good box!

      • Especially since I don’t have account credit like many other people here. If I could get the box for something like $5, I would have probably still bought it, but I wouldn’t pay full price since there is nothing in it I particularly want or need anyway.

    • DITTO to no FOMO

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