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GlossyBox Limited Edition Holiday 2017 Box – Available Now!

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GlossyBox Limited Edition Holiday 2017 Box

The Limited Edition Holiday 2017 GlossyBox is available for pre-order now!

The Box: Glossybox Limited Edition Holiday Box

The Cost: $40

The Products: 7 full-size products worth over $204. Brands included:

  • Sunday Riley
  • Skinn Cosmetics
  • NEST Fragrances Candle
Are you going to grab a box? (Tip from MSA readers: Make sure to check your GlossyBox account for credit you can apply to the cost of the box!)

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Man! I am praying that they don’t sell out of this Le box before I get my check. I live on a fixed income and i don’t get my dis until the 3rd of every month. I couldn’t afford these brands full sized and it will be a very nice gift to me if it holds out 4 me long enough! Please Lord hold it for me! 😂😂😐😔😍🤗🙏🖐

  2. Glossybox has sent en email apologizing for the error about the Rituals box. That’s it.

  3. Do we think the GlamGlow product will be a mask? If so, do we think it would be a trial size or the full size? I have had my eyes on the SUPERMUD mask but am scared of buying it for $69…. if it will be in this box I may just have to get it for $40!

  4. I’ve been a Glossybox subscriber for 5 years, I didn’t get an email regarding this and when I went to the site the coupon code didn’t work even though I was logged into my account. Anyone else have this happen? GlossyBox is the most frustrating subscription box I have ever had and when this subscription period is up I’m done with it all.

  5. I just canceled my original order from yesterday and reordered using the new code. It’s funny that the email I received this morning states that the LE box is only available to current subscribers today. And available to all starting Nov. 12th, when many of us purchased it yesterday. I have yet to be disappointed in any of GB LE boxes. I’m looking forward to receiving it. But then I like GB most of the time, unlike many it seems.

  6. For GB subscribers an email was sent offering a $5.00 discount on preorder and I signed up. In the email it shows the brand labels that will be included in this holiday box. Buxom, NCLA, Skinn, Sunday Riley, Nest, GlamGlow, and DHC are what is included in this box. GB Holiday boxes are fantastic with the exception of last years. I have bought their Holiday LE’s previous to last year’s and have yet to be disappointed.

    • I guess the email was sent to current subscribers I had two Glossybox accounts one set up for my best friend and mine. Her’s isn’t active and the email says their giving subscribers the first 24 hours to order.

      Although we know people that weren’t current subscribers preordered this box already.

    • Awhh I. Totally loved last years LE! Why. Didn’t u like it?

  7. Just received an email with code H17SAVE to save $5 after I paid full price yesterday.

    • It was easy to cancel yesterday’s order online. Just click on the order and it gives you a button to cancel, then reorder. But you can only get the discount on one box. I wanted two. Maybe they learned something from Boxy.

      • When canceling, does it instantly credit any reward credits back to your account, so you can reapply it to the new order with the $5 discount?

        • Same question any answers ??

    • I wasn’t able to use it

  8. After going back and forth I finally decided to order. I was able to grab the rituals box yesterday for free with my credit and still had $7 to use on this box (spent $35 for both boxes). Of course I found a way to rationalize ordering. I have a weakness for the limited edition mystery type boxes.

    • Is the rituals box still available on their site because I don’t see it?? Also how did u grab. It for free???

      • Oh never mind I actually hadn’t been to their site since they redid it!

  9. I’ve not tried any of these brands so super excited to get this, and I love NEST candles…..wish it was shipping sooner! 😍❤

  10. I’m bummed there’s no discount for subscribers. I used what little credit I had to get the Rituals box for almost nothing earlier. But I also have a current sub thru December so I was hoping for a discount. I’m going to hold put for awhile and see if a coupon or subscriber perk pops up like before…

  11. I have a question on this box. For those that have ordered this holiday box, was your credit card immediately charged? After the Boxycharm nightmare, I am just trying to confirm if I order a box, when does my credit card get charged, etc.

    • This is a preorder so it will bill on December 1st when it’s ready to go.

  12. I lime glam glow. I’m even a fan of the glow tint Sephora sent a couple of months ago. I bought one just because anything from glam glow I know I will like. Im hoping the Sunday Riley is the Luna oil since they are marketing so heavy right now.

    Waiting for the spoilers to see if is worth it to get a 2nd one.

  13. I got my 2 boxes for $63.66. Not complaining! 😁

    • How??!

  14. Why does it say it won’t dispatch until December 2018? Is that a typo?

    • Great question!

  15. Got one, of course.

  16. I’m so broke (going thru a divorce right now so I cut all of my subs), but GB has the best limited edition boxes plus the brands that will be in the box make this a must have box. Christmas present for myself 😘

  17. Will there be a spoiler tomorrow?

  18. Because of my collected credits i just paid $9 for this box!!!! Awesome!!

    • What are u talking about credits???

      • Never mind

  19. I haven’t gotten Glossybox in over a year and I too decided to see if I had a credit and I had $18.48!! Since I love Sunday Riley and Nest candles I couldn’t pass this up.

  20. NEST Fragrances Candle!!! I love candles!

  21. I am not too familiar with all of these brands. Can someone tell me if these boxes seem to be worth it? I wasn’t able to get it boxycharm limited edition Box by think I’ll do this one instead depending on the brands.

    • They totally are worth it depending on the products they send.

      Glamglow usually does lot of skincare, each full sized product ranging anywhere between $40-70. I have tried few, and like the masks a lot. Just placed an order for another one.

      Sunday Riley is also quality and expensive skincare.

      Nest Fragrances are pretty good too. I have few of their perfumes but never tried the candles.

      Skinn Cosmetics would be a new brand for me.

      I suggest you go on Sephora’s website and look for these brands. See if anything interests you. May be that would make it easier for you to decide. 🙂

    • They are SO worth it! All these brands are awesome! Plus the value for what your getting is outstanding at over 200$!!

    • The limited edition CEW Awards Box was my first purchase from Glossybox. I loved every item- even the ones I thought I wouldn’t like became my favorites. Great value in my opinion, keep an open mind and try them all. I say that because I sell on Ebay and was really glad I kept them all for me- LOL! The packaging is gorgeous and it is a great treat for yourself at a reasonable price. Plus if you do reviews for the products it equals cash off purchases- like this one- or the look fantastic site. I did 7 reviews and received close to $3 off my box. Hope this helps!

  22. Thanks for posting about the credits. I have $10 in credit but haven’t had a box since December 2016 when I cancelled due to so much drama caused by bait and switch. So now I can get this box at the discount price or use the credit on the Look Fantastic site instead.

  23. Wow, I canceled GB about 4 months ago but I had a $43 credit so couldn’t pass this up for free. I may have to resub to GB. It looks like they are becoming a fantastic sub again!! I sure hope they are awarding people with $ for reviews like BB did ages ago. It was a great marketing tool for BB and kept me as a customer for 2+ years. Every time I accumulated $ in my account, I went shopping in the BB site. If GB starts doing this, I’m in!!

    • What’s BB?

      • Birchbox

  24. I am surprised that this box does not seem to be as popular as the Boxycharm box was. The brands, IMO, seem better for this one.
    Or maybe it does not seem as popular because it is not a brand new thing and the site has not been wonky (as per about 75% of the comments on the Boxycharm post).
    I passed on Boxycharm and decided to give this one a go. Fingers crossed I made the right choice! 🙂

    • I also think that these brands sound better so far, although honestly I don’t think a candle belongs in a beauty box – total waste of item space and price as far as I am concerned.

      It’s just that GlossyBox sucked so badly for so long that I think the general level of excitement for anything from this company is very low. It’s only now that it’s starting to get back on its feet.

      • I love the soy candles that double as scented lotion or body oil though!

      • Nest doesn’t do just candles they also have fragrances that are so nice so GB will. Probably have a fragrance not a candle I’ll take either though!

        • Whoops! I just went to the site and saw it’s a candle!

  25. So torn. I’ve never purchased from Glossybox, so I don’t have a credit to sway me. I love Sunday Riley, so I may purchase based solely on that. Do these LE boxes typically sell out? Or do you think they’ll have a coupon. Also wondering if that’s a full size Nest candle or a votive. Can’t decide!

    • No, Glossybox LE boxes do not typically sell out.

      Not all of the Sunday Riley products are good, which is why I want to wait for actual spoilers.

    • SInce it says 7 full-size product, I believe he candle shoud be full size as well.
      I want spoiler first and then make up my mind for this. 🙂

      • It could. Have a nest fragrance and not a candle

    • 99% sure it’s a 16.00 votive not a 40.00 full size.

  26. Oh wow! I have $35.91 in credit!😍 I wasn’t going to purchase but logged in just to check if I had any and what a surprise!!! I’ll definitely be getting it not☺️❤️

    • *now

      • Lol, I thought we were back in the 80’s

        • @Julie,
          Lmao!! 😂 Ah memories. . As soon as I read you I started laughing!

    • how did y’all get credit I’ve been subscribed for a yr and have no credit:(

      • @WGrind ,
        It’s glossy dots converted into money. I unsubscribed from GlossyBox almost a year ago but never used my glossy dots. I had them piled up, maybe almost 2,000 in glossy dots. Don’t quite remember. 😊

      • @ W Grind,
        It’s glossy dots converted into money. I had mine piled up and never redeemed them. So they were just there since like 2 and a half years ago. I cancelled my sub almost a year ago.

  27. Wow! I had a credit on an old account for $39.06! I paid 94 cents for this!

  28. Spoiler please – Besides a candle I dont need, wont use, tired of giving as gifts and dont feel like swapping

  29. SOS! I have a $26 credit but it asks for a discount code on the checkout. Where do I find this? Thanks

    • You put 26.00 in the credit to be applied box not the discount or promo code box. The box you need to put your $26 credit in is on the page where you put in your shipping address and it’s at the very bottom below shipping address information

      • Thank you, Rebecca! Found it after all & got my box for $13.75! Just ordered a second today with the coupon. I too have been happy with their Holiday boxes– until last year. That was just an awful box! Hope they continue to keep this level of quality.

    • I was on a desktop when I ordered, and the field to apply the credits was to the right of the address info.

      • Thank you, Luna! (Tech-impaired user here…. lol)

  30. Loving the look and feel of the new website, excited about the changes I’m seeing!

  31. Liz, anyway of finding out if dispatch date on Dec 1, 2018 is a typo?

    • Probably not. I was actually on the phone with Glossybox customer service and she said they should have tons of boxes since it’s a pre order (I wouldn’t think she would know that though). It’s not actually on sale yet so it will probably be on sale a week or two and then charged on the 1st. Kinda sucks for subscribers to be hit with this and monthly subscription at the same time.

      • It’s 2017 so I think she means that the 2018 is a typo because I would hope it wont be shipped 1 year from now lol

    • I saw that too!!!!

  32. Do these usually sell out? I love these brands but I’m trying to tell myself to wait for a spoiler.

    • Not sure about the holiday ones, but the last limited one I bought was around for a while. At some point they gave them out free with 6 month subs… lol

  33. Do you think there will be a coupon?

  34. I only had Glossybox for maybe, four months? But when I went to *just see* if I had any credit, I had $16! I canceled because of their terrible customer service, but I couldn’t pass up getting a Full Size SUNDAY RILEY plus other full size items for only $24!! That’s awesome!! Maybe I won’t rip on Glossy as much anymore… 😁

    • Umm how does everyone have these credits?! I was subbed for for ever and checked and had nothing! Just very curious for next time 😉

  35. No discount for current subscribers other than using GlossyDots (though it looks like non-subscribers can utilize those too)? I’m going to wait on this even though the candle is really tempting me. I need some product spoilers. And if it sells out, I guess I saved myself $40.

  36. Unrelated to this post but did anyone else got their LaSoula rings replaced that came tarnished in the Fall BOS? I just got mine last week. I haven’t seen anyone mention it anywhere so I figured maybe I should let people know.

    • You could post this in the actual Box of Style review….

    • No when I emailed the company like I was told to, I was asked for my address and then never heard from them again even though I sent several emails.

    • In the email they sent out asking for addresses, it says they will be shipping between oct 20 to nov 20 so there’s still 10 days left of rings being shipped.

  37. I used to subscribe to glossy years ago… thanks to you wonderful ladies… I decided to check my account to see if I had any credit… and YAY $31 in credit haha. This box will FOR SURE be worth $12!!

  38. Did anyone else that used the credit show the full $40 in the “processing” field? Hoping they edit once they actually charge…. not sure if I should email beforehand.

    • My guess is they will adjust. I bought some other stuff and used credit and it shows the full cost on Glossy Box but my pay pal was charged the amount MINUS the credit. So paypal which pays them is showing the discounted price.

  39. I had a $10 credit in my account, so I only paid $30 for this box. I needed nothing, but bought it anyway since I seem to always love their LE boxes.

  40. Woo hoo! I haven’t done anything with Glossybox in almost a year, but I had just over $8 in credit to apply!

    The Nest candle definitely tipped me over. I’m not used to Glossybox having prestige brands like this. They’re really upping their game.

    • Yes, the web site is better and even the monthly surveys are sooo much easier. I’m very impressed.

      • Huh, I haven’t gotten any surveys since the website changed, had assumed that was due to them struggling with the new site and was expecting surveys to show up any day. Probably should email them lol

  41. I just bought one! Then I noticed the website says it will be dispatched December 1, 2018. I hope that’s a mistake.

    • Gosh, me too!

    • I was about to say the same thing. I’m sure it’s a typo but they do need to fix it. Now I have to deduct from my FabFitFun add ons because I got this and also the glossy box ritual clearance. And Black Friday hasn’t even come yet. Yikes

  42. Wow, I got the rituals box for $13, and this box for free with my glossydots. GB and I are having a good morning together!

  43. Got it!! So excited!!

  44. OK, I need nothing but I ordered it…sigh. It does not ship and does not need to be paid for until Dec 1, 17. Maybe I’ll needs something by then. 😀

  45. They’ve now linked their site with look fantastic and the glossydots have been converted to dollars. I snagged my LE box for $21. Cannot beat that…except for being able to log in and pick it up in less than a minute. Amen for working websites lol.

    • Ha ha …yes …not a few hours like the last LE box. We did beat the traffic this time, but their web site does seem less glitchy.

  46. Alright. I just purchased it. Super excited about it!

  47. I can’t decide. I need nothing!

    • Get it yes you need it that’s what i told myself Lol

  48. I got mine too….. and thanks to the ladies comments on the Ritual link, I was able to use my credit and get it for $29.03 plus tax (which is new for GB) ……. what a deal!!! Thank you all…… thank you Liz!! 🙂

  49. Nah, I have to know more before I buy, especially since there is no subscriber discount.
    If it sells out, then so be it, but Boxycharm is my limit for buying something without knowing the exact contents.

  50. Ordered! Thank you for letting us know.

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