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Dr. Hauschka 2017 Advent Calendar – Available Now!

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The Dr. Hauschka Advent Calendar is available now! (Thanks, Jenny, for the heads up!)

The Box: Dr. Hauschka Advent Calendar 

The Cost: $74

COUPON: (Sign up for their newsletter to get a 15% off coupon!)

The Products: Made from valuable ingredients using the knowledge that goes into all Dr. Hauschka products, this Advent calendar contains 24 precious experiences. These are provided by Dr. Hauschka products that promise moments of relaxation, wellbeing, comfort and freshness. Refillable, compact and versatile, the Advent calendar remains a loyal companion long after the Advent period is over.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I have full spoilers…IF anyone wants them. I don’t want to spoil it for people who may not, by just posting them! 🙂

  2. What products are in this advent?

    • I think so far it’s a mystery. 🙁

    • I just got mine and they’re revealed on the back if someone wants spoilers lol

      • Tj, please let us know what is there and size. Are you happy with it? Please share with us your opinion.

        • **SPOILER ALERT** 🙂

          Firming mask 5ml

          Soothing mask 5ml

          Revitalizing day cream 5ml

          Facial toner 10ml

          Cleansing cream 10ml

          Hydrating hand cream 30ml

          Lavender sandalwood calming body cream 10ml

          Almond soothing body cream 10ml

          Moor lavender calming bath essence 10ml

          Night serum 5ml

          Quince hydrating body milk 10ml

          Quince day cream 5ml

          Regenerating hand cream 5ml

          Hydrating cream mask 5ml

          Soothing cleansing milk 10ml

          Revitalizing mask 5ml

          Rose nurturing body cream 10ml

          Rose day cream 5ml

          Rose day cream light 5ml

          Blackthorn toning body oil 10ml

          Tinted day cream 5ml

          Lemon lemongrass vitalising body wash 10ml

          Lemon lemongrass vitalising body milk 10ml

          Lemon lemongrass vitalising body oil 10 10ml

          It also states the Dr. Hauschka hand cream is limited edition.

          I just received it, so no opinion quite yet. But it seems like it’s all essentially the same thing…but that may be just me! 🙂

        • I just posted them here, doesn’t look like they’re showing up yet…

  3. It’s free shipping, so with the 15% coupon and no tax to NC, it was $62.90. And this calendar didn’t go on sale last year, they sold out of it fairly quickly. That being said, they may be offering more of them this year, so who knows.

    • Were you able to use the coupon? I signed up for the newsletter, copied and pasted the code I was sent but when I try to checkout it tells me “There is no coupon longer available.”

  4. I ordered one last year and didn’t get it. I did get a full-size lotion and some body oil though. When I emailed them to ask where the calendar was, they said the lotion and oil were free, but that they had stocked very few actual calendars, so they’d run out of those. Free products were nice, but I was kind of bummed I had missed out on the calendar.

    • How do you like their product?

      • I actually ended up swapping them! 🙂

    • That’s horrible! Did they refund you? It’s bizarre that they would accept orders for more calendars than they have.

      • They never actually charged me. I didn’t realize it until I went back after they responded to my email.

  5. There used to be a veterinarian in my town who made house calls. The name of her business was Dr. Housecat. This brand’s name always makes me laugh because of it!

    • Haha 🙂 Whenever I say “Dr. Hauschka”, I can’t help but to elongate the “ausch” part of the name, so I’m always saying “Dr. Howwwshhhka”. Even when I try to not do it, I still do. haha

  6. Yay! I’ve been waiting for this one. 🙂 I got last year’s and loved it so much.

    • At about $3 an item I might try this too.

    • Ok Luna perhaps a bit of envy here but what do you do with all your product???!! LOL! I fancy your stash to be the size of a small mountain! 😉

      • Haha… yep, you’re about right. 😉

      • But to answer your question, I do use everything… eventually! I’m proud to say I haven’t had to toss anything due to spoilage yet. Yay! I also gift what doesn’t work for me, plus if a friend mentions they’ve discovered a new product they’d like to try I raid my stash to hook them up with samples (or I’ll make them up a generous sized sample) so they can try it. 🙂 Plus, I make little goodie boxes for Christmas and include pre-packaged samples of my friends’ HGs. 🙂 Win-win for all! haha

        • So here’s a question for you, what eye product do you love? I had two BH subscriptions and LOVED Bottega Organica (even though some had quality issues) but they aren’t making it anymore (boo!).

          I have major dark circles! I tried Skin 111 and it worked, but not as “natural” as I would like. I am excited for December Boxwalla, but in the meantime my saggy dark circle eyes are aging me!

          Also- what part of the US are you all in? Would love to meet up with some fellow addicts!

          • That’s funny you mentioned Bottega Organica, because that’s the next eye cream I’m going to use after I finish working my way through the 5 Origins Ginzing eye cream samples I have. Fortunately, I didn’t have the quality issues with the BO eye cream others experienced. Whew!

            But, speaking of that Origins eye cream… have you tried it before? I don’t have dark circles or bags, but since I get up at 4am ( 🙁 ), sometimes I can see a definite transition between my upper cheek area and my lower eye area (I sleep on my side), and I swear that eye cream smooths it out almost instantly. I think it’s due to the caffeine in it. Also, it has something in it that lightens the eye area. It’s almost obvious at first, but then it becomes more muted as it settles in. I actually really like this cream, and would definitely purchase a full size.

            Oh shoot… I just realized you were looking for a natural brand. Well, for night I’m currently using a sample from Dr. Haushka that’s really nice and soothing, but I’m not sure how effective it would be for dark circles & bags. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any natural eye creams I’ve tried recently. Sorry! But, I have heard a ton of great things about the 100% Pure caffeine eye cream.

    • Luna – I hold you in high regards – I admire your advent calendar expertise!
      You help me last year – and you’re helping me again this year too

      • Thanks Abby! Which ones did/will you get this year? I’m still longing for an awesome high-end U.S. calendar like Liberty’s or Harrod’s. It doesn’t look like the U.S. will be seeing one this year, but hopefully next year!

        • Hey Luna – I already bought the Rituals calendar, and I bought the Bath & Body calendar when it first came out.
          I still have tons of mini-candles and perfume from Diptyque, which is why I didn’t get a calendar this year.
          I really want a Jo Malone calendar – but I took 2 trips to Paris and Ibiza this year, so that’s out!
          I’ll most likely get the cheaper ones this year, and save for the pricey ones for next year.
          Harrod’s box came out yesterday and sold out in a manner of hours! I don’t think they’ll have anymore anytime soon.

          I really want to get the luxury ‘L’Occitane box – but I want the price to go down.

          • I think sacrificing the Jo Malone calendar for a couple of trips was well worth it. 😉

            I bet that L’Occitane calendar will go on sale. I remember last year, a ton of calendars (i.e. most, if not all) that didn’t sell out went on sale around BF and definitely in December. 🙂

    • Luna, please convince me that I need it :). What exactly did you like about it. I tried two product from line – toner, which I like and face cream, which was too greasy and too much perfume.

      • Absolutely Luna! They were once in a lifetime trips!!

        Luna has spoken – if you say that they’ll go on sale, then they’re going on sale! Lol! I will hold out. 🙂

        • Nice! I need to follow through and get a dang passport to take those kind of trips!!! Someday. 🙂

          What’s so funny is I’m the absolute worse at taking my own advice. I know that virtually all of these calendars will go on sale eventually, but partially due to FOMO and just because I like instant gratification I usually cave and get the ones that bring the heart-eyes out right away. The only restraint I have is waiting a couple of hours to see if anybody posts any coupons that can be used for them. haha

          • Luna! Are you serious!! You don’t have a passport!
            Stop what you’re doing right now, go to the post office and fill out an application for one right now!
            There is absolutely no excuse – just apply for one, you don’t have to leave immediately but maybe that’ll push you to want to explore the globe!
            Imagine stuffing your luggage with all the lovely goodies we’ve gotten.
            Dare to dream Luna! I dare you too! 🙂

            In my head, I’m a glamorous model with a multitude of fans – and my fans know that I keep up with the latest – which is why I have to have and get things before anyone else! I don’t wanna disappoint my fans 😉

          • Haha! That’s what *everybody* tells me. 😀 I guess my line of thought is that since I know they expire (every 10 years right?) that I’ll get one when I know I’m serious about taking a trip abroad. I know there’s a lot out there, but I’ve enjoyed my domestic travels immensely too! 🙂

          • Luna! You have no idea what Paris will do to you!
            Im talking life changing-earth shattering SHOPPING! 💃💃

            It’s time Luna – the time is now!

      • Haha… well I’ll start off by saying why I think you might *not* like it… the products are on the small side, and I know you don’t like tiny samples, which I totally understand! 🙂 Having said that it does look like Day 24 is a full-sized product, and I’m almost positive there was one full sized product in last year’s calendar (most likely the Rose Day Cream since it seems to be their hero/most popular product, but that’s just a guess).

        The face products I’ve tried I’ve always been able to get at least two weeks use out of them, and I really enjoyed them because they were very gentle while not sacrificing performance. Did you happen to try the Regular (not Light) Rose Day Cream? I’ve tried both (most likely from this calendar 🙂 ), and the regular cream was far too greasy & heavy for my oily skin, particularly for a day cream, but the light one was just right, and perfect for summer. I’m partial to rose scented items, so the scent didn’t bother me.

        From what I can recall, the body products in the calendar were the same size as the face products, so I was only able to get 1 to ~4 or 5 uses out of them. They were a pleasure to use, but gone too quickly. 🙁

        • Luna, thank you that was so informative and I had a good laugh when you nail my profile about tiny samples :). One more question, from you expert opinion, which should I get – Dr. Hauschka or Nuxe calendar?

          • Haha! 😀 I got you Svetlana. 😉

            I would suggest getting the Nuxe calendar over the Dr. Hauschka, because not only do they have much larger items in their calendar (i.e. more like travel sized products), but you can no longer get Nuxe in the U.S. whereas Dr. Hauschka is readily available in the U.S. like at Whole Foods.

            Even though you can always order Nuxe products from U.K. sites, at least with the calendar, this will allow you to sample their products before going through with an international online order on full-sized products you may want to try because you’ve heard or read such great things about them. The calendar seems to include some of their cult favorites, so at least you can try them out first to see if they live up any hype. 🙂

        • For some reason I cannot reply to your last comment, but with your blessing I ordered Nuxe calendar. The only place that carry it now is Feelunique. Also, Luna, you have so much skin care product and you understand it, may be you should open on the forum post where you tell us all your skin care routine. I want your expertise, knowledge and advise.
          I read russian blogger, and she is 38 but looks like 20, but her routine does not fit me, because all she does is taking care her face. I dont have that kind of time, that’s why I want to hear it from you.

          • Uh oh… I think I’m just like the Russian blogger, except I won’t flatter myself and say I look 20 (I’ll let someone else do me the honor 😉 , but I still get carded a lot of the time!). I’m the same age as her, and doing my routine is almost like a ritual for me since I really enjoy the “experience” of it. If I’m running late or incredibly tired (even sick), I’ll cut corners in every aspect of getting ready for the day or bed, but never my skincare routine. haha.

            Like probably most of us, the products I use are always changing, but my routine consists of cleansing (double cleanse at night), tone, mist, acne spot treatment if needed, serum, eye serum, hydrating gel (only for the Fall & Winter), moisturizer, & eye cream. I exfoliate & mask 2x/week (masking is one wash off & one sheet mask followed by a “sleeping” mask). Oh, and I also do an eye mask once per week. For virtually all of my products in each stage I do have two sets, one for day & night.

            Since I like to let the serum set before using the hydrating gel, and let the gel set before using a moisturizer, my routine typically takes roughly 15 minutes give or take. I just busy myself during those setting periods, but the downfall of that is that sometimes I’ll forget that I was doing my skincare and never finish the routine. ah!

          • Oh, I should clarify on the masking… I don’t do the wash off, sheet mask & eye mask all on one day twice per week. On one day (typically Saturday’s) I’ll do the wash off mask, and on another day (typically Sunday’s) I’ll do the sheet & eye mask.

        • Luna thank you for the detailed explanation. Liz is going to be mad at me, but one last question. Do you do any face tools? Massagers, Nuface, etc.

          • No, I don’t use any of those things. The only tool I use is a Ponds (or it might be Olay) cleansing brush. Have used it for years and will never use anything else. 🙂

            However, I do a 30 second to one minute manual massage in the morning when I wash my face with Eve Lom’s Morning Time cleanser. It’s a balm consistency with a low melting point, great slip, and it provides nice hydration to protect the skin for these cold Fall mornings. I massage it on, let it sit for a couple of minutes while I brush my teeth then rinse it off. Even though it’s brief, that massage is so relaxing & feels so good.

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