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Diptyque 2017 Advent Calendar – Available Now!

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The 2017 Diptyque Advent Calendar is available now!

The Box: Diptyque Advent Calendar

25 little treasures to enjoy before Christmas.

The diptyque calendar brings together our beloved products in discovery format. A unique selection of miniatures including 10ml Vinaigre de Toilette, deluxe 15ml skin and body care, mini-candles in 35g format and a 70g candle make every day a celebration.

The Cost: $390

The Products: 25 miniature products. Includes 10ml Vinaigre de Toilette, deluxe 15ml skin and body care, mini-candles in 35g format and a 70g candle.

Are you grabbing one?

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  1. ok, for those of you that want to know about the $3336.00 makeup box – it is Net a Porter. New this week- The Ultimate Kit- 8 full size versions of their favorite skin, hair and makeup. Sadly, there is no mention of a living, breathing Unicorn included- so I’m sure my hubby would NOT agree. Truthfully, I don’t know what I’m missing anyway LOL! This sure was fun though!

  2. I need more spoilers, before I take the leap.

  3. I’m just loving the price of this! Have we all gone mad? It’s an advent calendar, for Pete’s sake! I always thought that rich people don’t need subcsription boxes nor advent calendars – they just go out and buy whatever they fancy. So who are these expensive boxes and calendars for? Definitely not for me, as I would never dream of dropping such serious cash on an advent calendar, however “premium” it might be.

    • I also find an almost $400 advent calendar crazy and far beyond my personal spending desires. To each his own, not ripping on anyone who enjoys these purchases-lucky you!, but for me, it’s an obscene price.

      • Yeah- I can’t do this one either. But to keep things in perspective- there was a Boxycharm post where the person was going to work extra shifts to be able to do something nice for herself. It touched my heart. I can relate because this is my grocery money for the month! LOL- I did great at the grocery store too! The funniest thing to me was when I was looking at Allure’s beauty award winners for 2017, a lot were drug store items. NOT all the supposed luxury items we all are taught to covet- Just make sure whatever it is, it is valuable to you for the right reasons and have a happy holiday!

    • I got this for myself last year.
      Im not rich but I dont think that should stop you from treating yourself.
      Different strokes for different folks.

      Im sure we all have something over priced in our possession that others would think its too much.

      No kids, an apartment, and a car – in NYC
      That’s enough reason alone for me to celebrate and gift myself nice things.

      I bought myself a Chanel bag not cause I needed it but cause I want it.

      We all need a lil lux in our lives and I dont think there is anything wrong with that

      • Abby I totally agree. I have children, a husband, a full time job,a house etc so I rarely splurge for myself. My splurge is my acrylic nails and going to the nail salon twice a month for a fill and polish change. Some people would say that nails are a huge waste of money. Everyone values different things. Nobody should be fussed at about what they are spending their money on.

        • Absolutely Liddy!

          We only have one life, and we only get one chance to live it – why not have a good time living it and loving it.

          • You’re so awesome Abby 😉 I couldn’t have said any of what you said better myself.

          • Aww Luna! Thanks so much. 😁

          • Did anyone even bother to understand what I asked? I asked – what’s the target audience for these boxes and calendars. I see now it’s poor people who have to work night shifts to afford this or poor people with a massive debt.

          • I dont think of myself as poor – and I have regular expenses.

            This product doesnt cater to the filthy rich – it caters to those who like lux things, those who save up with the belief that they or a loved one deserves to have a bit of luxury.

          • I’m guessing your first question is what caught people’s attention. 😉

            I think the target audience are those that are both willing & able to spend their money on these boxes/calendars to either treat themselves or someone else to something they already know they love or would like to discover. 🙂

      • Abby, I totally agree with you. We are all growns ups, work hard and decide in what we want to spend our money.

        In my case, Im just shocked that what started with $10.00 a month (and it was so much fun to wait for that little box of tiny samples) has just escalated for boxes/advent calendars of more than $100.00.

        I’ve noticed that people sort of stop enjoying the subscriptions and just rant, had temper tantrums over the content of a box that it was suposed to be about discovering brands or a treat your self ritual.

        Im interested about how the market will keep changing. In my opinion subs boxes now feel like an extended theme of your “cheese of the month club”.

        I hope everyone that is able to buy this calendar enjoys it. I would personally liked it reviewed as Im unfamiliar with the brand.

      • Abby, live your life! We all work very hard and little treasures make it all worth it. 🎁💖I’m in a very competitive industry which “requires” some luxury items such as Chanel bags as well. When I get home, have my glass of wine and light up my Diptyque candles, that’s when I can enjoy my sanctuary.

        • Karen G! I am living and loving already – with my feet up, a nice show and a lit candle and a nice wsrm concoction made by urs truly 😈

          • That’s the spirit!

          • 💃💃

    • I’m not poor or in massive debt and I love Diptyque. I won’t be buying this calender but I fail to see how someone who does must be poor or in debt.

  4. I thought buying two was a good idea but then the friend I wanted to give the other one to moved out of the country! Sigh. Let me know if you’re dying to have one, I have an extra (crying laughing emoji haha)

    • Oh no! I think I’d feel the same way… I wouldn’t know whether to laugh or cry!

    • Yes, it’s a good idea. More for you! 🎁🎁🎁

  5. Wow! $390!!! I remember when my subcription box budget was around $40.00 monthly and it consisted on Birchbox, Beauty Army and Ipsy. Then it escalated to Golden Tote, PSMH and way to much cash on random stuff until I finally cancel everything but LMDB.

    Its really interesting how the sub market evolved and how companies marketing are including advent calendars as a sub box sub-market.

    • I don’t think it’s the companies marketing them like that, it’s the subscription box review sites (like msa) who are showing them on subscription sites to us subscription junkies. But, it makes sense why. We like surprises each month. An advent calendar is a surprise.

  6. I bought this last year and I love it – I am still using my candles and still have several amazing perfumes that i haven’t used yet.

  7. I’m not really into home fragrances, so I’m saved on this one. But, I would *love* it if they ever came out with a calendar that was either all fragrance (like the Atelier calendar), or a mixture fragrance & skin care only (with maybe one or two votives thrown in).

    • Hi Luna! We’re opposite, I wish this was all candles. That’s why I didn’t get the Jo malone this year because it was fragrance heavy.
      Of course, I had to snag this immediately.
      They also released all their Holiday 2017 special edition gifts. They carousel is already sold out! 🎄🎁🎄🎁🎄🎁
      I’m still eagerly anticipating Net-a-Porter since I haven’t jumped in any of the others like I did last year.

      • haha. 😀 I love the idea of candles, but I just never end up using them (unless my power goes out)!

        I can’t wait to see what Jo Malone sets Nordstrom is carrying. I usually get those during their holiday 10-point event as gifts for my mom (who’s a huge Jo Malone fan… I’m sure like most Jo Malone fans her vanity looks just like a Jo Malone counter. haha!), and I keep all of the freebies. 🙂 I actually don’t see myself ever getting the Jo Malone calendar only because we have a lady at Nordstrom we always go to, and she hooks us up with a lot of the GWP sized samples that are the size of the ones that are in the calendar. She always gives one set to both me & my mom, but I keep them both since my mom gets all of the full-sized products. 🙂

        • Hi Luna, what is the 10 point event? I’ve been waiting for the Jo Malone sets and you’ve got me curious.

          • If you’re at least a Level 2 Nordstrom cardholder (either debit, credit, or rewards) there are two opportunities to get 10x points toward Nordstrom notes. During their holiday party & one personal day where you can select any day this year between BF & Xmas to be your personal 10-point shopping day. It’s beyond me how I’m a level two this year since I rarely shop at Nordstrom anymore, but I’ll take it! 🙂

          • I just realized my reply was partially wrong. Level 1 cardholders also get a personal 10-point shopping day (but no invite to the holiday party), but they have a smaller window to use it in.

        • My girl at Jo Malone in South Coast Plaza hooks it up too! I think they love to give gifts for you can fall in love with more scents.
          Currently, I’m burning the Eucalyptus Pine which is only available in winter time. Pomegranate Noir is also perfect for colder days.
          Space NK is having their shopping event at the Sunset Tower hotel Thais Wednesday, still trying to make that timing work! 😜
          Diptyque had their holiday release party 2 weeks ago so I went to that and got all my loot.
          Still waiting for Net-a-Porter, not the 3K box though 😂

      • I have been holding out for the Net-a-Porter. Received email today and thought it was the box but it was a different new beauty box with a price tag of $3,336.00. Not sure if this is the exact amount but was over $3,000.00. I was a little shocked and will have to pass on this one.

        • Oh my gosh. I’m dying to know which brand that was from! I know Tatcha has a pretty expensive one out there, but I don’t think it’s *that* expensive.

          • It was a Net-a-Porter beauty box with assortment of full size items. If I recall one was Oribe. After I saw the price I was afraid to look further.

          • Heck, at over $3K I would be gifting myself surgical procedures!

          • Ingrid, I agree! 😀 I love luxe skincare, but I have my limits. Instead of paying like $700 for a moisturizer I’d have to keep replacing (one from the Sisley sub comes to mind), I’d rather just put that money toward a professional laser treatment or something along those lines.

            I’m still so curious what this $3,600 box is all about. I couldn’t find it on the site. I think it’d be so funny if Liz posted about it. The comments would keep me very entertained. 😀

        • that would be my rent for 7 months. Sorry, I think there would have to be a living, breathing UNICORN for $3336.00. That way I could take pictures of it with people petting it to convince my hubby it was a NECESSITY! LOL!

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