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BoxyCharm November 2017 FULL SPOILERS!

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We have full spoilers for the November 2017 BoxyCharm thanks to edgarsmakeup!

One version of the November box will include:

BoxyCharm x Luxie Quad Eye Travel Set Brushes! – in all boxes

Winky Luxe Kitten Palette – Value $25 in all boxes

CoverFX illuminating setting spray – Value $31 in all boxes

Two new item reveals:

KNC Beauty Collagen Lip Masks (Set of 3) – possible variant

Laqa & Co Cloud Lips Airy Matte Lipstick – possible variant/colors may vary

What do you think of the Boxycharm spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more. (And sign up asap if you want November’s box – there’s a waitlist!)

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I love boxycharm. I have loved every single item I have received. I love this blog, makes me look forward to my box even more.

  2. Loving my box this month!

  3. Has anyone seen the MADNESS going on about the LE box?? Wow! I knew it would be in high demand,nothing like this?! I ordered 1 right before they sold out..

    • I’m so sad that I didn’t get it in time!!!! 🙁

      I got the deep wine color of lippie in this boxycharm. I like everything I got. One of my brushes was shedding horribly though.

      • My daughter also got the dark wine lippie in her box, I received the lighter color one that was pictured. Love Boxycharm …..IMO, best monthly beauty box for the money. We also get Ipsy, BB, Sephora Play, and Allure. Birchbox has been really skimpy lately, at least mine has been. But hey, it’s 10 bucks 😎

        • I agree with you about Birchbox and I ended up dropping them because of it. I realize that they’re only $10 but so is Ipsy & I’m getting much better from Ipsy than I ever did from Birchbox unfortunately…

    • I know! It was sold before I even got my email. Hope they do another one soon! I’d love a holiday/Christmas themed one. 🙂

      • I never got any type of notification about the LE so when I discovered it by accident they were sold out. I am so mad!

    • I thankfully picked up a LE box right before it sold out. I had to wait patiently for over 30 minutes on my one box since the site was so slow. Once I told some of my friends about it, they were shocked since they hadn’t heard about it and were going to get in on the restock. So its going to be very popular and I imagine the restock will sell out fast too..I had no idea though it was going to be crazy. Now I want to see some sneak peaks!!

      • Do you know when the restock will be??

        • I forgot to hit follow up comments!! Restock of the special boxycharm?

  4. Has

    Has anyone seen the MADNESS going on about the LE box?? Wow! I knew it would be in high demand,nothing like this?! I ordered 1 right before they sold out..

    • Not sure why that posted twice..oops?

  5. So have there not actually been any other variants?

  6. I just saw a post of this on ig and the laqa lipstick looked like a nude color, maybe one of those variations.

    • Ohh just found out the lipstick deep wine

      • *is deep wine.

  7. I got some nerve being super anxious for the shipping notice so I can get a sneak peek at that limited edition box…. not too mention I want to get my paws on that palette. I left my Pur palette at my sisters in Ohio and now she’s begging to keep it…. I am so geeked for this box… I feel pretty !!!!

  8. CRIES because I want to get this subscription box so bad but can’t ever get one until they start shipping to AUSTRALIA 🙁

  9. I have a question: I am not a subscriber to this box…yet. But I’ve been thinking about it ever since I saw the November spoilers. I see there’s a wait list, so if I subscribe this month, but I’m put on the waiting list, will I still get NOVEMBER’S box when I am taken off the wait list??? Does anyone know???

    • Only if you get charged in November will you get the November box

    • If you can get off the waitlist sometime in November, then yes. But if they take you off in say, December or even January, then no, you’ll get the box for whatever month you become a full fledged subscriber.

    • U will be on the waitlist, basically whenever they get to u they would bill ur card, probably not til Dec or jan

    • ive been on a wait list since october, i just got off the wait list and im getting the november box.

      • How early in october did you sign up? I signed up mid-october because of the spoilers for this box and really hope to get it.


    • You’ll most likely be take off at the begining of next month and recieve the december box. Thats what happened to me when i subscribed in october

    • Probably not. I was on the waitlist for 2 months until I got off. You receive the box from the month they charge your card.

  10. This is box number 973

    • Wrong page for this post – lol sorry

  11. I signed up REALLY hoping to get this box, but from everything I’m reading it looks like I’ll be stuck on the waitlist a while. Ugh so disappointed

    • So sign up for three, six, or twelve months! I signed up for twelve and I’m definitely stoked that I did. It’s so friggin worth it!

    • Most of the time you are on the waitlist but I was too in the beginning and then ended up with the same months box I signed up with. So don’t loose hope. Each month is just as amazing!

      • I was on the waitlist for 2 full months. JUST got off 😀

  12. Whats a lip mask ? I love the 1st 3 but I am not sure I would like the Variants . Shall wait and see !

  13. I love the LAQA & Co lip lube! I’ll be looking to swap for the Cloud Lips!

  14. Looks good to me! I don’t bother with lip masks, so I will give them to my daughter if I get them. I also checked the four colors for the lipstick, and I would be happy with two of the four. I might even be okay with the darkest if I can find a way to tame it with something else in my collection, but the pink would be way too childlike on me. I’m hoping for the mauve-nude or the red. I’d enjoy the red a lot.

  15. For the lipstick, I’d prefer either the lightest or the darkest shade. But I’ll probably get red…. again. 😑

    Overall, not a bad box. Never get tired of brushes, lippies, and palettes, but it’s fun to get something new from time to time, too. 😉

  16. I would actually be totally happy with this variation! Like, whole box happy – and there’s almost ALWAYS something I’m swapping out of my box. FINALLY a lipstick that isn’t a liquid – so much easier to touch up.

  17. ok, so this month, there will be 4 items total? eye palette, setting spray, brushes, and either a lippie or lip mask? boxycharm always releases all the items in the box each month, so this is the whole box, right?

    • Pretty sure we get the lip mask and the lipstick. But there are variants of those 2 items but we will get 5 products.

    • The 5th product is the tarte mascara. If you look at the previous spoiler it has a picture of the mascara. 😊

      • Nevermind… I went back to check and I misunderstood when I previously read the 4th spoiler… I guess the tarte mascara was a guess and not yet a confirmed product for Novembers box. Hopefully the mascara will be in December’s box??! 😕

      • I was looking forward to the mascara. 😞

        • Nope, the mascara was not in November…..

  18. Even though red is by far my least favorite lip color, this box once again delivers. I will of course try, and probably hate, the red, but sometimes these things surprise me and I get a good one. Or maybe I’ll get a better shade, but ’tis the season for red lippies – I’m sure we’ll all get a ton of them if we have multiple beauty subs. This will be my 16th Boxy and only once was I disappointed in the box. A lipstick/gloss just makes the box more fun, and I think there was one month where we didn’t have one.

  19. So I have only had Boxy for three months (this being my third month) and I am kind of confused by the the variants for November. Does this mean we will only have 4 items and we will get the lip masks OR the lippie and liner set? Please someone help lol Not complaining if it’s only 4 items, just want to make sure I understand.

  20. Love Boxycharm and will never ever let this sub go but I can’t pull that lippie color off so I hope I get a different one but will definitely be swapping the spray.

  21. Loving these spoilers! Cant wait to get my box!! I’ve been with boxy for over a year and I’ve never been disappointed.

  22. Sure hope get the red lip, love, love red lipsticks, but never seem to luck out and get them. Haha

    • I got the red but ordered the storm online ….

  23. Do they ever take people off of the wait list in the middle of the month or is it normally just the first of the month? I’ve been on the list since Oct 12th. Just wondering if I still have a chance to get taken off this month.

    • Not sure actually. I’ve been on it well over a month. I’m frustrated only because my credit card was lost and I updated it online and THEN sent an email alerting them. Somehow, in their email response, that was the day they attempted to charge…my old card, not the new updated card that I alerted them to, so it RESTARTED my wait time on the wait list which I do not feel is awesome.

    • There is more info about the waitlist in another post here from yesterday. It references a Facebook post from the CEO of Boxy Charm addressing the wait list. It was posted yesterday morning.

    • When I was on the wait list I got off in a month. I signed up the beginning of September and received an email on October 1st saying I was off the wait list and would be getting October’s box. From what I’ve seen people generally get off the wait list the month after they sign up.

      • That’s strange, I signed up the 3rd of September and was automatically charged for a box

    • I got taken off on the 26th of September, and got my September box. So yes it does happen. I missed the August box only.

  24. Not bad! The setting spray is the only thing in this box I won’t use.

  25. While I generally adore Boxycharm this month is split and I suppose the final judgement will come when I finally get the variants in my box. BTW, I hate the idea of “variants”…

    • If I’m right variants is what makes such a large selection of makeup every month possible. Few companies can afford to practically give away if not actually do so that large amount of product so variants might be where they make up the difference. The post from the owner of boxycharm did try to explain that it takes almost 6 months per product negotiations and such and that’s also a really great reason for the waitlist to make sure everyone gets something vs certain other boxes that will throw in leftovers from previous seasons. I generally don’t like variants but in this box they tend to be pretty great no matter what you get.

  26. not loving the red lip but soooo happy this month!

  27. Hoping for that gorgeous red lippie. 🤞 Still serioulsy ❤️ing Boxycharm.

    • Hoping for the gorgeous red lip stick too!

  28. Fingers crossed I finally get a wearable lip color! I’ve been subscribed four months and all the colors have been hideous on me. Love everything else though, it’s more than worth it 😊

    • Same here. I keep getting browns and I just toss them in the trash. I don’t know a single person who wears poo colored lipstick.

  29. There’s only 4 items listed here (since the last two are one or the other variants) and BC gives 5 items a month.

    • The five items listed are one variation of the box.

    • No this is one box when another variation gets out we will find out the other 2 items. They do the same article every month.

  30. I love this subscription and this box looks fantastic as usual!

  31. I’m on the waitlist. Anyone know how long they were on the waitlist for before their subscription started? So bummed I missed out on that October box…

    • I was on for about a month… I missed out on the August box, but the first day of September I got an email saying I was off the waitlist. I hear it varies… I think I’ll be listing just about everything from this box on the swap site, if there’s anything you don’t want to miss out on! 😊 If you click on my name it will link you to my swap profile. Not sure when I’ll get my box though, it’s usually around the 10th-15th each month.

      • Would love to swap for the CoverFX. Shoot me a request once you have it listed! My swap site is also linked to my name as well

      • Thanks for the info! I’ve done the swaps in the past but all the money I was paying to ship packages was adding up so I haven’t done it in a long time. I don’t even know if my swap profile is active anymore.

        • That’s why I’ve never done it. Shipping costs more than the items are worth sometimes.

    • I was on the wait list for about 1 1/2 months…but it appears most people are on it for a shorter period of time.

    • There’s another post on MSA from yesterday that references the CEO of Boxy Charm writing about the waitlist. It will give you an idea of how long it could take.

  32. So hoping to get that lippie in the beautiful mauvey color on their website. Looks like a really lucious lippie.

  33. Yuck hate the lip masks hope I don’t get them! But… LOVE everything else!

  34. Omg I’m totally obsessed with boxycharm by far my fav subscription..😊😀😁😍😍

  35. This is the one box I won’t give up. I love it. It is just amazing!! I’m excited for this months. I need to clean out a drawer for my palettes though!

    • +1 on this. If I was on a major budget crunch and needed to downsize, Boxycharm would definitely be my last subscription standing. They kill it every month, and I love all the palettes!

  36. I’m loving the variations this month! Funny thing is that Glossy’s also giving that same lippie this month 😊 ❤️ 🤞 fingers crossed that I don’t get the same color from both of the different boxes 🤞😳🙄😉

    • You can always go buy the color ypu want since you like the formula. That’s what these boxes are for. To promote brands. Not give you stuff that you just deal with and use because ypu only want to spend 20 a month on basically free makeup.

  37. Whether I have too many palettes or lipsticks, I am ALWAYS excited to get my BC box cuz I simply don’t know how they do such amazing items for $21. Here’s hope y’all get off the waitlist…🤞🤞🤞

  38. Is the Tarte mascara a possible variant? That’s the one item I really wanted!

    • It might be, but at this point, I’m guessing it will be in the December box. I’ll post as soon as we learn more!

    • No , it wasn’t a confirmed spoiler . It was just speculation because they used it

  39. Praying I get off the waitlist. I’ve been so stressed out this month, and this box motivated me to work more shifts to afford this! I signed up Oct 12, so it should be plenty of time to get me off but who knows 🙁

  40. I like the two possible variants! Can’t wait to receive mine!

  41. so excited, love it!

  42. Well I always love getting lippies so I like the look of that! I hope I get one of the other colors though so far I’ve have not received very wearable colors from boxycharm

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