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Boxycharm Limited Edition Box FULL Spoilers!

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Boxycharm Limited Edition Box

We have FULL spoilers for the Boxycharm Limited Edition box!

FYI –  This box has sold out, but Boxycharm posted on Facebook that they are looking into restocking and that for future Limited Edition boxes they will make sure there is a limit on how many a customer can buy.

Each limited edition box will include:

tarte Miracles From The Amazon Eye & Cheek Palette or Be Your Own Tarteist Eye & Cheek Palette – Value $38

Ofra Advanced Vitamin C Cream – Value $50

Becca First Light Priming Filter Face Primer – Value $18

Sigma Brush E35 ($17) or E45 ($16)

Pur Cosmetics Big Look Mascara Full Size – Value $21

Makeup Geek Eyeliner (one of four colors)

Bare Minerals Lip Gloss (one of two shades) – Value $18

Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Blossom or Halo – $42

What do you think of the full spoilers?

The box is $44.95 and will feature products from Ofra, Becca, bare minerals, Tarte, Sigma, and Pur, CoverFx, and Makeup Geek!

If you haven’t signed up for Boxycharm yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!

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  1. I was one of the lucky boxycharm subscribers that managed to get hold of one box but after seeing the spoilers i do not like the box, i mean its great for the price but the stuff is just not for me except the tarte pallette. the others are like meh, the cream i wont use it cuz of a few ingredients, i dont like bold eyeliner, im not crazy about highlighting, etc, etc. i wonder if there is a way of cancelling my order? (lol)

    • Or maybe just gifting it? A pay it forward early Christmas if you will. If so I’m your girl!!! LOL!

    • Can I buy it from you? I’d love be the box. Email met at qtosha7 at gmail dot com

      • Quite a few people are canceling both this and the Glossybox LE box. Looks like they may be available sooner than expected!

      • I’ll sell you mine if you want it lol don’t really like it either!

        • can you sell me yours? I’d love to buy it

        • I’ll buy it

    • I am kind of relieved I did not get one. I am always hoping for some Kat Von products, so far the only thing I have gotten out of her line is some perfume. I do use her concealer. I have a large tart palette that will take me a year to use. I often look at my collection and think how much more do I actually need. I have yet to use a whole eyeshadow palette down to the pan and I use it everyday. I am glad the people that didn’t get one are okay with it and the people that did are also okay 🙂

      • If you like Kat Von D, you might try Sephora Play (if you don’t already have it). I’ve gotten several KVD in mine.

    • Thanks for saying that! Whatever the reason it made me feel better. I didn’t get any notification about the box and was feeling disappointed… But you’re right when I really look at what is in it I can see it’s not all that for $45. Honestly, the Tarte shadows are not very pigmented I’ve not been happy with the last 2 palettes I got from them, the Becca primer came in a different box, very picky about mascara so chances are I’m not going to love the Pur mascara, Cover fx adding stuff no not doing that, Vit C from Ofra got to be mix and treated a certain way to keep working, not one more nude lip gloss, MUG eyeliner I would LOVE but not in that color, really the Sigma brushes are the only thing I’m sad about but that’s because I have a brush obsession! So all in all, I just need to order a Makeup Geek eyeliner for like $12!! LOL!! This is for anyone else sorry they missed it… not sure who actually got notified about it?

      • I didn’t get any notification either! I’m a regular subscriber too! Uggh …

    • I canceled mine yesterday and got an email confirmation of credit this morning and another email confirming cancelation of the order today. I suspect it’s either oversold, or they have a list of people who they’d like to offer it to.

      • How did you cancel it? I sent them two emails and no reply

    • can i buy it off of you?

    • Oh bummer. I never even got any messages to order it! I wanted that one. You are lucky to me anyway lol.

  2. So not worth the hype. So upset I wasted my time & money on this box.

    • If you’re looking to sell….. raaayvend @ a o l . com

  3. Now the question is when does it ship!!!

    • The 20th.

  4. I thought I’d have FOMO about the LE box as a regular subscriber to BC. I too watched the drama unfold in the comments . But now seeing the spoilers its almost as if Oct/Nov boxes combined and on their own were better than the LE box based on the products. I think that’s why these companies never really reveal the contents of these LE boxes beforehand because they KNOW there’s always a chance it won’t live up to its hype.But by that point the boxes are sold out and so Swapsoye overload it is for the consumer .

  5. I’m really happy to see whole spoilers and now I can 💃 💃 😍✨
    I spent 1 1/2 hour to score this 📦.
    I know it was fiasco and team Boxycharm is working really hard to have restock right now.
    I hope all ppl who bought multiple number of 📦 to make profit will change their mind and cancel their boxes.
    Then all ladies who really deserve this can have their box of goodies.

  6. Wish there were more brushes since that was the main reason I bought it but Ofra vit c was one of the things I was hoping for and I’ve wanted to try becca and cover fx so I’m ok with it.

  7. no need to restock this box.

    • Hahahahaha…lol

    • Agree! My thoughts exactly!

    • “Redo” the box would be nice

    • LoL 😂

    • My thoughts exactly.

    • LOL!!! Same thing I was thinking! I missed out on this box (was super close to ordering it, but was on the fence), and I am SUPER happy that I didn’t get it!

  8. The hype for this box was insane. I purchased one, but a lot of the items – not to thrilled by. Luckily it saves me with shopping for two people in my family who asked for some new make-up products. Guess 90% of this box will go to them – depending on what drops I get!

  9. I got this box by chance. Didn’t fuss like others but came on and it was live and working. But have to say I’m not overly excited. If the becca primer was fill size it would have made this box hands down worth it. But travel size it’s just ok. The tarte palettes are being discontinued and being sold for $27. The ofra cream is old because ofra has repackaged and rebranded….so that makes me nervous. I’ve tried that mascara and it’s just ok. Got it in a pur mystery bag.

    Now I am excited about the becca (again if it was full size I would be thrilled), the cover fx drops, the gloss, eyeliner and the sigma brush.

    So I’m getting my money’s worth. I’ll likely gift the palette and mascara for xmas. So they’ll still get used.

    • Thanks for the heads up on the tarte palettes! I want the MFTA specifically and I’m not really in love with the rest of the box (and didn’t get one) so that’s as good as an excuse as any to just buy it. 😉

    • You just made me so happy that I didn’t try to get a box. I think those that bought multiples to turn a profit will have a hard time selling these items individually. You know what they say about karma…

  10. Has anyone had any luck contacting Boxy charm about duplicate charges? They have not responded to my email as of yet, and they don’t have a phone number.

    • Contact them on Facebook. You get a better response that way.

  11. Wish I could have snaged one. Looks like a fun box!

    • If u would like I can sell you my box. I ordered one. I can let u know when I receive it.

  12. Are travel sizes considered full size now ? I’m confused that the Becca primer isn’t the full size. I am really excited to try this though.

  13. These are all nice products but I feel that people who bought multiples are going to have a hard time unloading them. Or maybe not, I guess you can sell anything on eBay.

    • Lol! Like the girl who was gloating about getting 7 boxes? So silly…. reselling just doesn’t seem worth it. I think they’d make out better by swapping.

      • I wish I could have seen the girls face who bought 28 boxes when the spoilers were released! Lol she was saying she going to sell them for $100 GOOD LUCK honey😂😂😂😂

        • Greed is a sin. She’ll get what she deserves and that’s almost 30 useless LE boxes lol. If she tries to swap, I’m refusing to swap with anyone who bought all the boxes up with bad intentions.

          • But you will not really know, if they list one at a time…..its still lame people buy up stuff just to resell on ebay and such. I was thrift store shopping a couple months back and two ladies were in a knock out , drag out fight over a name brand purse that was on the rack for 3.99 so they could resell on ebay. I guess they ran into each other often during their adventures to find stuff to sell, and one lady went to jail, and the other lady was standing there all smug thinking she was going to buy it, did not get it because the manager said “oh, it should have been behind the case (they put expensive good stuff for higher price in case) and marked it up to 49.99 and the cops where doing something, so both ladies were heard it, and both were so mad and upset, but one was actually going to jail and the other lady wouldn’t spend the 49.99 on it.

            So this scooping up everything to resell and basically take away from people legitimately would want and use it, that might not be able to afford it otherwise is annoying. …..

            I tried to buy this box for 4 hours, and it was glitch and kick me off, and I tried and tried and never gave up, then it was sold out….kinda upset about it, I am not even going to lie…but boxy should of been better prepared because even if they would have put it out with Emil links, some of us don’t get tracking, others get it at different times of the month, all the way to the end, so they need to figure out a way to hold stock in batches and then after all of those get sent out, see what they have left over the people did not claim and go from there with just a limit of one.

          • Now that is a hysterical, pathetic and very sad story. I use to sell on eBay so I know about searching store clearance and buying post season to get the most for your money but never have I been in a fight over a used purse lol. Arrested? Who knows this could lead to that if we find out who the non – charmers with the 10 boxes/ea are! Ha!

          • Yes agreed. There should be a limit maybe three. As a result I never got one.

        • Wait, what?? Someone bought 28 of these? Who? And they posted about it on the blog? Wow…that’s a lot of LE boxes. And those people are pretty much the reason a lot of subscribers weren’t able to get a box at all…like me. The swap site is going to flooded with listings from those boxes, as will eBay.

          But hey, if anyone is interested in selling a box at cost plus shipping, shoot me message. I’m chris444 on the forum.

          • Amen! I never even received a notice about the LE box. How did everyone received their notification?

        • I thought the same thing!!! LOL 😂. What a greedy b.

        • No way ion earth she’s getting $100 for this box. I did manage to order **1** and how much I’ll end up keeping is all based on what shades I get. My niece may be super extra thrilled this Christmas.

      • Wow she got seven? Lol… why? Oh goodness! Hehe

    • Karma bites back.

      • Karma is beautiful !

        • Schadenfreude isn’t.

          • 😞

          • Well said.

          • But it is human.

  14. I was kind of bummed that I didn’t get a chance to get one but now that I seen the spoilers im ok with that. The only thing i like were the eyeshadow brushes and maybe the cover fx drops.

    • I agree not worth it

  15. Anychance these aren’t accurate spoilers?

    • Boxycharm showed them live on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

  16. This is a great box, well worth the price! Too bad I couldn’t get one 😭 I’m hoping they’ll restock.

    • Agree… even thought I have the sad face for not getting one…. that palette is everything and that lotion… and those brushes…. and I love a lippie…I don’t get the drops but never heard of them, maybe they are great….I”m still going with the universe is on full budget mistress and I didn’t blow the budget because it was sold out…. I STILL WANT….a girl can want can’t she..

      • The same Ofra lotion is on ebay for about 10.00.

        • Well… that’s not really a valid indicator, none of the RV we normally get in boxes would be the same on eBay.

          • I agree. The rv on here is either really inflated, or really low….I’ve seen some things I’ve really wanted and couldn’t find anyone to swap with, and we to ebay to look (like recently was kat von d I have sinner and wanted to try saint) and the value here wasn’t bad at all, but when I went to ebay and looked it was like 15 to 20 dollars higher for the same bottle, so I was like woah….guess I won’t. .hahaha

  17. I’m genuinely happy to see that by and large, those that bought a box are ok and those that missed out are relieved. I managed to get one and will enjoy it. I think the cost (but not the hassle) was worth having and trying out these things. For those unhappy they bought, I’m sure you’ll be able to find someone happy to buy it from you at cost plus shipping. For those unhappy they missed out, be on the lookout for those not that impressed now. But most of all, let’s all band together to not pay way over cost from anyone selling off their 10+ boxes they bought and then chose to not ask Boxycharm to adjust from their order the next day (like they offered to do). Greed is NOT good. 😉

    • I agree with your comment 1000%. Im happy I bought one and I’m excited!

    • <3

    • Very well said. I saw the hassle, looked at my huge stockpile, sighed, and let it go. I hate the fact that someone would hoard something that others would have taken such at a pleasure in receiving.

      • Not only that but I seriously doubt that there was an option to get anymore than 5+ LE boxes, not sure but 28? Why do I find that untruthful? Attention seeker maybe lol 🤭

    • Indeed. I’m happy with what I paid for. Everyone was about to go on a killing g spree and then they hated the box..honestly I call bs. Sore losers. Yes boxy did a poor job and should have done this or hindsight that’s always easy to point out what could have been done better. But acting like the products are bad for $44? It’s like 2 boxes for the cost of one. And the products are good quality,good names and nothing different than they’d give us monthly. Haters gotta hate. I for one am grateful and will at least give the products a shot. Did people think we were gonna get Marc Jacobs or Chanel in a $44 box? A Tarte palette and cover fx drops are worth the box alone. .even if the pallets on sale for 27 on line. I think many ppl who say they’re relived secretly still want a box anyways. And with all the ppl who say they wish they hadn’t hot should be easy as pie to sell it then shouldn’t it?

  18. The becca product I’ve been wanting to try forever but not enough to purchase alone. And the tarte palette is a palette and I would of loved! Everything else is underwhelming!

  19. I’m concerned about the OFRA product. They have a new version and branding of the advanced vitamin C cream with the same ingredients. Not only does that seem to mean we are getting a very old product, but the new one sells for $69 with twice the volume.

  20. Omg I’m thankful I didn’t get this boxy crap box. Not work $40+

    • I did get it,,, and I totally agree with you.. Buyers remorse 100%. Not worth the money, I would have been better of getting two monthly boxes, it would have been cheaper AND I would have gotten more products.

    • Rofl!!! 🤣

  21. If I get the Halo shade and the E35 Sigma brush I will be so freaking happy the rest is just icing on the cake!

  22. I ended up getting one, but now I am a little meh about it. Those of you who want one stay tuned I might sell mine.

    • I’d be more than happy to take it off your hands if you decide to sell. But I will totally understand if you decide to keep it too.

      • You can have one of mine

        • I’d be happy to buy one off of someone…I’m on swap site…if maybe someone can shoot me an email there (I’m not too good with technical stuff hahah) just let me know.
          Thank you

          • A Boxy swap forum? Where? The fabric community is super viscous lol!!! People’s le asks no for 2-3 items for an inflated item that said $70 but on Poshmark it’s selling for $20 and no interest lol. Is the Boxycharm swap forum like that or do you guys swap here??

          • I meant FabFitFun not fabric. Lol dumb iPhone!

          • My apologies for the message typos! Don’t know why my iphone is making me look like I can’t spell correctly lol.!😳😅

  23. Anyone who knows anything about skincare what do you think of that ofra product? The packing is not appealing at all.

    • I think nobody likes hearing these things from me, lol 😉 , but fragrance and rosemary extract are irritants. The other ingredients look okay, I see hyaluronic acid high on the list, and (aside from vitamin C) tocopherol, allantoin, almond and avocado oils are all very good ingredients. I am a little surprised to see vegetable growth hormone, and not sure what its effect would be applied topically like this.

      • Thank you ! Not sure how I feel about it. The bottle looks like mayonnaise 🤢

      • Is it a natural fragrance?

        • I am reading it off the ingredient list, it just says fragrance. But any fragrance is irritating – essential oils, for instance, are irritating because of their fragrance, and their antioxidant properties can be achieved with other, non-sensitizing ingredients.

          Generally speaking, “natural” does not automatically mean good for skin.

      • Doesn’t vitamin C break down overtime JuJu ? so it would be less potent the older the bottle is and also how is vitamin C combined with those other things ? would that break it down more ? I know vitamins are kind of sensitive to things mixed with him

        • Thank you for bringing that up, a lot of “actives” break down actually when exposed to light and air, which it why it’s important that a cream or serum not be in transparent or jar packaging. This one is an opaque bottle, so I don’t know, they will probably be stable for a while. I can’t say more without seeing the actual dispenser part.

      • I just looked at the ingredients on the ofra website and noticed several are mentioned more than once. I’ve never seen that before…any thoughts?

        • I also noticed those, I think they were just mistakes. Also, some words were misspelled.

          • Oh I appreciate anything you have to say. chemicals and preservatives and I’m new on the scene.

          • Well, everything is a chemical. Our skin is composed of chemicals.

            And preservatives get a bad rap undeservedly – it’s much better to have preservatives than for the product to go rancid.

      • I love hearing from you about skincare!

        • Oh, thank you, my dear!
          I appreciate it. 😊

          I’ll keep sharing what I know, lol. 😌

    • There are a couple of items in there I’m allergic to. I will definitely be selling or swapping my ofra moisturizer when I get my LE box. Propylene glycol in a face cream is a bad omen.

      • Do you know why? I stay away from it BC I’m good too but I don’t knife wgy!

  24. The collective over reaction to this box and the rituals box has been fun to watch. I’ve been telling my husband about sub box drama and he doesn’t believe it’s a real thing lol. And I’m not judging, I ordered both.

    For real, I don’t know how boxycharm could pull off impressing people with a LE box when they pull off such massive RV every single month. We are all spoiled!

    • For real. I don’t know what people were expecting. It is exactly what I thought it would be. A high value box for the price paid.

      The drama has been pretty entertaining though.

    • This 👆🏻

    • I know! I woke up the morning after the LE debacle and had 185 emails all from the one strain of comments! I’m thrilled with the box and was lucky enough to try one last time before bed to get one but people are going nuts. Really hope it all works out and the people that want one get it!

    • Way too spoiled. It’s like watching a bunch of toddlers have tantrums! I told my boyfriend too and he also didn’t believe it was a real thing. But ya know… make up iz lyfe 😉

    • Boxycharm is always fabulous…even though I don’t always love every single thing. I don’t understand what people expected to magically spring from this box. I love the spoilers and all products will get use, even if I gift some of them. Fabulous value as always!!!

  25. This makes me soooo happy I didn’t ordered it! Not for me 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Me too. Glad the website crashed to prevent me from having buyers remorse!

      • I’m glad I saved me some money. All that hypeness for this. Save me money for Black Friday box

    • You got that right! Lol

  26. I’m happy with all the spoilers. Everything is usable or giftable for me. Worth the price tag. I hope they do more limited edition bigger boxes in the future so others can get their hands on one.m

  27. I like the items we are getting but I was just expecting a little extra I guess! Like a boxycharm collaboration with one of the brands like the small eye shadow zpalette we recieved a few months ago a limited edition item.that would of been nice too! Like the bare minerals could have made a special shade and maybe called it charmer lol just my thoughts on this limited edition box 🙂

  28. I hope they restock! if anyone doesn’t want there box let me know!

    • I will sell you mine if you can cover shipping+box cost. Let me know @[email protected]

  29. lmao ew.

  30. So disappointed on the LE box😒 👎🏼

    • Me too! I’m glad I wasn’t able to get the box, would have been disappointed.

  31. One brush? Not even a trio? They’ve had better monthly boxes than this….

    Over all disappointing from experience of buying to reveal of items. Not even the full size primer, which they had in their charm shop?

    Definitely will not pick up anything boxy charm calls LE again. Only thing limited about these items is the amount of people who’d actually buy them.

  32. So glad all the spoilers are out so we can move on!

    • Yes indeed. And these products the size itself not worth the price. I’m glad I had passed

  33. Well, now I am seeing some good stuff and feeling a little sad. Lol. Boxycharm really does know how to score some great brands and products and is definitely at the top of beauty subscription boxes in my opinion.

    • The $18 Becca isn’t full sized, is it? That’s somewhat misleading.

      • It’s 1/2 the full size, which I think is generally called deluxe or travel size. (Similar to what they did with the smashbox primer earlier this year.) I think that’s what they promise–something larger than sample. Of course, I’d rather have full size…

  34. I am sorry but I kind of want to laugh. All the build up, all the selling out and outrage that followed. I am so THRILLED I did not end up with this box!!! Yay!!!!

    • Ikr!!! Omg this is what we are all mad at?! Crap! Was this in the 1st box too? I hope so for those greedy buggers!!

    • I actually had some good laughs to someone’s response in the midst of all that craziness. It was crazy and It helped me take a step back and look at the whole picture. I didn’t get the box… I didn’t even try because I just didn’t have the time. This box does not seem special, which I expect with a limited edition. It seems like what you would get in 2-3 boxes of regular BC. I actually like GB LE much better.

    • 😂😂😂 I must say I feel exactly the same. I was expecting so much more Based upon the quality of their monthly boxes. I received the Cover fx and Becca primer last month in my Play box. The Tarte palette is nice but not 5 hours of fighting a site nice. I’m just so much happier with the Glossybox LE that’s coming my way in a few weeks. I might actually snag a second as a gift.

      • I personally just waited until I saw the comments start to come in saying that they ordered the box without any issues with the site, and ordered mine then.

        But it was a really short window between that point and when everything was sold out – like maybe half an hour.

  35. Please, are these products FULL SIZE or TRAVEL SIZE? Thank you.

  36. Bummed. This is not at all as interesting as I thought it would be. Tarte has been clearancing out those palettes for awhile and the Ofra Cream is the most expensive and least interesting item in the box for me. Sigh. I guess this is what I get for indulging my FOMO.

  37. I say yes to the brush, palette, eyeliner and face cream. I’m scared of the drops and have too many lip glosses in that shade…. Now to aquire a box… Or not… I’m not stressing but I’m glad they pulled through with some nice products. That cream is worth more than the box alone. I guessed I thought they’d be “fancy” but that’s silly and I’m definitely not fancy 😝😁

  38. I like the BACCA primer, CoverFX drop, and Tarte palette. I’m not sure about the brush or cream, but I think they should be good. Not a big fan of the other 3 items. I think if they could release some spoilers before launching the sale, there wouldn’t be such a big website crash. It’s definitely a good box, but now I just feel silly about all the outrages/complaints from the other day, lol.

  39. I’m a little annoyed that I redeemed my charm points for that Becca primer from the charm shop a few weeks ago (although the one in the charm shop was full size). I don’t why they would put it in the charm shop if it was going to be in the LE box. Oh well, I guess I’ll gift this one to a friend.

  40. So glad I wasn’t able to place my order.. pretty disappointing box imo.

  41. Overall nice – I have ever tried anything in the box and the cover fx and Becca items were both things I’ve been wanting to try. Ultimately I think that if I’d seen the spoilers beforehand I probably wouldn’t have purchased it but it’s also all things I will definitely use and I think the value is there.

  42. Omg so excited!! Yessss boxycharn!!

  43. So glad I spent the 2hrs trying to get this box! The things I won’t used will be Christmas gifts 🙂 Excited about the tarte pallet and Becca primer!!

    • The tarte pallets looks nice!!

      • I have one of those tarte palettes and it’s great. I hope I get the one I don’t have because I want the other one for me. Otherwise I will gift the one I have if I get a duplicate.

  44. I’m excited for it! 😍 (Before anyone asks Yes, I am a regular Boxy member, I only ordered 1 box and I will not be selling any of the products. 🙄) I definitely think they understand this didn’t go as planned and have learned for the future. But I am really looking forward to it!

    • Same here. I’m a happy subscriber who got one box after multiple attempts. I am very happy with the products as I always am with BC 😍

    • Same here! Regular subscriber for some time, lucky to get 1 LE box – and I will keep it all and use it! I was a little ambivalent about the first two spoilers but SO excited to try the Ofra vitamin C cream, the MG coloured eyeliner (yes!) and of course another pallet for my obsession of pretty pallets! The full size primer is very welcome to hold it all together! Haven’t tried Becca’s primer yet. Very happy to give Boxy my money for this!

  45. I’m happy with it. Hopefully all the backlash they faced with this box doesn’t prevent them from doing more in the future (similar to the Avenue A craziness…)

  46. Please, makeup gods, pretty please with a cherry on top, I have to get the Miracles from the Amazon palette! 😀

    Lol, seriously though, I’ve been eyeing that palette on the Macy’s site for months now, and even if I don’t use anything else in the box, the price of the palette alone already covers it, plus I get 7 more items.

    So in the end, even after all the complaints from everyone including myself 😉 , I am happy I was able to get this LE box.

    • Oh, I mixed it up – Macy’s sells sets of these palettes with travel size lip paints and mascaras for $43. But either way! I’ll be very happy if I receive the Miracles from the Amazon one.

    • If you don’t get it and want it badly the Miracles from the Amazon palette is $27 on Tarte’s website.

      • Yeah, I saw! Thank you. Like I said, I was under the impression that it’s closer to $45 because Macy’s sells them in a set and I forgot about the other two items in it.

        But definitely, if I don’t get the cool-toned palette, I’ll either try to swap for one or just buy it. There is another palette that looks interesting there, too – the “Make Believe in Yourself”.

        I see they have a lot of stuff currently on sale, but I’ll wait for Black Friday to see if anything changes.

  47. These are all nice quality products, but nothing I’m in need of. Glad I didn’t stress about this. Hope those who lucked out enjoy their boxes though! 🙂

  48. SO glad I missed this; nothing LE about this. I got a lot of these items in Sephora and Ipsy bags! this is not worthy of Boxy.

    • Tell me again about all these FULL SIZE items you have received from Sephora or Ipsy…
      I didn’t get the box, I didn’t want it. It’s a nice mix, but nothing spectacular.

    • True. I am glad I didn’t get it.

  49. I’m not sure that lives up to all the hype…

    • True, I find that strange. I don’t know what I expected exactly but this is just a bigger regular box. Which is fine. It’s their 1st try at this market item.

  50. Looks nice. Definitely not worth the craziness though. But worth the cost yes.

    • Well said!!! I very happy with what i got for my money and I will honestly use every product. I probably would not have purchased most of this stuff for myself, but I’m excited to try some new things!

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