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Boxycharm Limited Edition Box – All Orders Updated to 1 Per Charmer

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Boxycharm Limited Edition Box

UPDATE – Boxycharm is updating orders so that anyone who orders a Limited Edition box will only receive one:

Thank you, Svetlana, for sharing this info with us!

FYI –  This box has sold out, but Boxycharm posted on Facebook that they are looking into restocking and that for future Limited Edition boxes they will make sure there is a limit on how many a customer can buy.

Each limited edition box will include:

tarte Miracles From The Amazon Eye & Cheek Palette or Be Your Own Tarteist Eye & Cheek Palette – Value $38

Ofra Advanced Vitamin C Cream – Value $50

Becca First Light Priming Filter Face Primer – Value $18

Sigma Brush E35 ($17) or E45 ($16)

Pur Cosmetics Big Look Mascara Full Size – Value $21

Makeup Geek Eyeliner (one of four colors)

Bare Minerals Lip Gloss (one of two shades) – Value $18

Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Blossom or Halo – $42

What do you think of the full spoilers?

The box is $44.95 and will feature products from Ofra, Becca, bare minerals, Tarte, Sigma, and Pur, CoverFx, and Makeup Geek!

If you haven’t signed up for Boxycharm yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I know they are sold out but where do I go to order the limited edition box? I can’t find anything on boxycharm. Do they release the limited edition boxes monthly also? Why didn’t I know about these!!!!! lol

  2. No new news on restocking??

  3. I just got the box delivered. I initially ordered two boxes, one for me and one to split between my two teenage daughters. I received shipment notification yesterday, and formal email about order adjustment today. I am amazed how bad CS of Boxy is. I feel like there is more noise and more disappointments now with the way Boxy handled the situation than there was with problems ordering it… surprised CEO is not addressing it. As to my box, do not even want to open it and really want to simply return it to them. Ps: no refund yet either for the second box and shipment charge. 🙁

  4. Hey, what the heck is going on with our orders? They were supposed to ship by November 20 and many of us have not received an email saying our boxes have been limited to one. I had to go ahead and buy other gifts since Boxycharm has refused to answer any messages that I have sent them per their instructions. What gives? I am still waiting on the reply to the $4 shipping that I was instructed that I had to get with Boxycharm in order to get the refund. We need to know something today about what is going on. If you can make a video when this debaucle happened then you can send us information. Personally, after this experience I really don’t care if I ever see another Boxycharm product. I just want answers, and it is not from a lack of trying on my part. I am just so surprised by their customer service and company. I expected more.

    • Just today received an email with my FedEx shipping notification but I have yet to receive any correspondence stating that my second box is going to be cancelled. I was lucky enough to have ordered a total of two boxes one for me and one for a gift for my mother. So I have no idea if the box that is on its way to me contains one limited edition box or two but again I have not received any email notification stating that my initial order of two boxes was being reduced to one box or any refined issue to my credit card for the second box. I gave the CEO a lot of credit for addressing their ordering fiasco with regards to the limited edition box but it still does not excuse the terrible lack of communication. Seems they need To hire additional trained staff to address their customer service issues quickly as it seems a lot of people are done with Boxycharm after the poor planning of this Limited addition release.

      • I just checked my American Express and they credited me back one box and the shipping charged on Friday the 24th. I have yet to receive an email about the one box limit or tracking. I sent them an email when I got two and only intended to purchase one. They never got back to me. I guess the LE box will show up mysteriously just like the monthly ones do these days. They send me tracking emails one month out of every three. What a mess.

        • I canceled this box, received confirmation that they were canceling and even received a refund. Guess what I got yesterday?! A shipping notification LMAO! I guess I am getting this box for free.

          • Enjoy your free box!

    • Seems Boxycharm is quite the lying company. LE boxes did not ship the 20th like they said in their sales ad. They REFUSE to respond to inquiries regarding the LE box. Now I have no clue if the stupid box will come in time to ship out Xmas gifts to family.

      Reading about the company online, employees give the company a 2.5 rating on Glassdoor, they claim Boxycharm lies to and treats a lot of the employees like crap, that explains why the company treats their customers like crap. employees dont care cause they are treated like crap!

      Also, BBB gives them a 2.6 rating, people complain of being charged but never receiving item nor refund, broken items, used items, etc.

      Most of their updates are given to their FB group, the one they wont let most people join. Discrimination. The rest of us commoners have to hunt down information and ask everyone and anyone on message borads wtf is going on with a product we paid for.

      As soon as a company that treats their employees and customers well comes along Boxycharm will be toast.

      I’m sad I bought into the stupid hype of this poorly ran discriminating company, I’ve prepaid for a year worth of boxes. And so far, I’ve received Sept in mid Oct, and Nov. palette was clearly used.

      • Your Nov palette was used???

    • Have you received a shipping date yet ?? I still haven’t 🙁

    • Just Today I received the official email from Boxee charm stating that any additional boxes ordered above one or canceled and I should get a refund between five and 10 days. I wonder why some people got their emails a week ago or more and I’m just getting mine today but I have received a shipping notification will see if it actually arrives but still very disappointed on how to handle this

      • I think holding your money is really wrong. They can’t even figure out who to refund!

  5. FedEx shows a label created from bc. Guess they ignored my request to cancel. Wonder what happens if I refuse the package. I’ll be emailing them a couple times a day to cancel my sub until it’s done. And of course documenting my requests for my credit card co.

  6. I ordered more than one box and if it wasn’t for this site I wouldn’t know they changed the limit. It would be nice if Boxycharm made a public announcement that this were true. Even so I still have not been refunded for the extra boxes (although I wish to get them since they are Christmas gifts) or the shipping charge.

  7. Has anyone received notification that their box has shipped? I have the FedEx app but it doesn’t show anything either.

    • I didn’t receive anything from Boxycharm but I just signed up for the fedex account and it says that I have a shipment from Boxycharm sent 11/24 and that it’s 1.1 pounds

  8. I wonder how long it is going to take them to refund all the multiple orders and ship this box out. I haven’t received this email and I haven’t been refunded the second box. I wrote them 12 days ago when I received confirmation of two boxes even though I only wanted one. No response. Have any of those who received this email and refund had their box ship yesterday?

    • The only email I have received is the one when I first ordered. I didn’t get the your order is now reduced to one. And, I haven’t received a refund yet either. I have tried to email Boxycharm but have not heard anything back. I just want to know sooner than later where I stand order wise because my extra box was going to be a gift so finding out two weeks later that my order is changing is not customer friendly to me.

      • I agree. They credited me one of the boxes on Friday. No emails, no explanation, no tracking. The upcoming December box is less than desirable. I think I’m done with this company.

  9. This boxycharm fiasco gets worse and worse by the week. I have been a loyal subscriber for over 2 consecutive years and I spent THREE hours of my only night off trying to get this box. And yeah I bought two because I wanted one for my mom who loves makeup but doesn’t have the money for nice makeup. It doesn’t make me greedy and I’m sorry to those that didn’t get one, at the end of the day it was boxycharms fault for not limiting to 1-2 in the first place and for not making sure it was only for subscribers first.

    But to now find out 2 weeks later they are canceling my second order and I’m getting penalized for their screw ups….bad business. Oh well, I hope my mom still likes the box since I now won’t be getting one. I haven’t looked at spoilers but reading these comments don’t make me hopeful.

  10. Sorry to hear that a lot of people are not going to get what they ordered. I love getting my boxycharm box every month and if I don’t use the product between my family and friends I am able to give the products away.

    My problem is that Fedex lost my November box and I am so sad because there where a couple items in there I really wanted to try. Tried looking on Boxy Charm website and I can’t find the email for their customer service. Does anyone out there no what the email address is? Not sure they can do anything, but it’s worth a shot.

    • Reach out to their customer service! I emailed them earlier this year with the same issue, they sent out a replacement box for that month. 🤗


    • [email protected] … this is the Customer Service email from their website. It is the only one I’ve ever used and I’ve never waited over 48 hours for a response. Most of the time, they respond within 24 hours. Be patient, though. If you email them again before they respond, it moves you back to the bottom of the queue. Despite what is written in these comments, I have had consistently good service from them… they’re really nice and helpful. Good luck.

  11. I didn’t order this box but I really hope the people that really wanted one are able to get one now. It is not cool for Boxycharm to wait 2 weeks to cancel- and it is not cool to buy up all the boxes you can to resell. I sell on ebay but… only what I personally don’t want from my subscription boxes and I get one of each. It is sad that people have to be reminded to save something for someone else- especially during the giving theme of the Holidays! LOL! Now, those that ordered 1-2 extra for gifts, i’m not talking about you- I hope you’re able to find even BETTER replacement gifts. Happy black Friday shopping!

  12. I get why the CEO was surprised by the demand for the box since he knew the contents were just mediocre.

    • ^^^^😂😂😂😂

  13. Yikes, this was not handled well. it seems pretty obvious they oversold and tried restocking, but gave up at this point. People were pretty vocal on social media about being able to order 10+, which I think is what made people so angry. LE mystery boxes can sell out quickly, and while people can be frustrated, it doesn’t harm the image of the brand, but when we have the website glitching, non sub customer dedicated, and multiple purchases, they could have handled it any other way, and it would have been better. I think the logical options would have been to retroactively limit to 2, or even cancel all orders altogether. They could have simply said that due to the website glitching, orders were processed with incorrect quantities and cost, and give a date when they would be offering again, this time with better servers and limits. I wish it was exclusive to current subscribers, but most LE boxes like this just make it cost more for non subs, and that seems fair to me. Oh, well, I shouldn’t complain; I was able to order 1 box, and I am very excited to try most of the items. The mascara was in Pur’s last mystery box, and I hate it, so I will sell it on makeup exchange, but the other items look good

  14. This comment might post 3 times because I can’t get it to enter lol. If so ignore the others. I said all along they should go in and adjust the orders with multiple box purchases. I was so mad I didn’t get to order one and so thrilled I didn’t after seeing the spoilers. Personally, I’m not crazy about any of it. I’m just mad they are adjusting the orders of all those selfish people who ordered so many just to mark them up and sell. I wanted them to be stuck with them. Sorry if that sounds mean but when people are on here bragging about it that’s karma in my book. I do feel bad for SUBSCRIBERS who ordered an extra one for a gift. Boxy has just really messed this one up. I bet they go on sale again because so many are going to be unhappy and cancel.

  15. Wow…what a cluster. I can’t decide if I want the box if it does come available.

  16. I said all along they should go in and adjust the orders with multiple box purchases. I was mad I didn’t get to order one and so thrilled I didn’t after seeing the spoilers. I’m just mad they are adjusting the orders of all those selfish people who ordered so many just to mark them up and sell. I wanted them to be stuck with them lol. Sorry if that sounds mean but when people are on here bragging about it that’s karma in my book. I think they are adjusting them because they have gotten complaints from people who ordered multiples and were going to be stuck with them!!! I bet they go on sale again.

  17. My daughter, who is also a Boxycharm subscriber, and I sat side by side for 3 hours trying to get online so we could each order and I finally was able to get in, so I just ordered hers with mine and now one of them will be cancelled? Really? We are BOTH going to cancel our subscriptions if this happens.

    Not everyone is nefariously ordering to resell.

    • I’m pretty sure they can make an exception for you especially since you are both subscribers. Definitely worth an email to ask. Hope you get your boxes!

    • Me and my sisternlaw did the same after trying for about 45 min I got in so I ordered hers with mine. We are both boxycharm subscribers. I have already emailed them I hope they don’t cancel her box!

    • My sister and I did the same thing Im pretty upset. Especially considering early on I had the chance to get 6 orders in and I let it go to be fair to other subscribers. Seriously what a mess!

    • I did the same thing with my mom!! I am so mad that they are going to cancel one of my boxes! I ordered one for my mom and I (she is a Boxycharm subscriber), so this isn’t fair. I’m definitely emailing them.

    • Silly to cancel your subscription over a learning period of bc I know as well as you it could have been handled differently but is this a reason to leave them? This is their first time doing a limited box from what I have read so next year they will take all what they learned and improve the glitches . If you like the monthly boxes gives th this as a learning tool.

      • A ton of people are or already have canceled their subs. My daughter’s on the waitlist so, that’s great for her.
        I think of it more like a protest without the picket signs. The consumers are slowing they won’t be treated like this so Boxycharm will have to come up with someway to win them back… BC had so many chances during the frenzy to fix or stop it and then they waited 2 additional weeks to tell everyone, sorry, everyone gets one box. Every decision they have made is either unprofessional, unethical or just plain stupid!
        But I love them and I’m keeping my monthly box lol!!!

  18. My mom and I are both subscribers but she never received the link. Like a lot of people I tried for over an 1 1/2 to purchase the box so when I got the opportunity I bought hers too, at the time it seemed logical and plenty fair. When I saw this post and then some of the hateful comments I was upset but realized I don’t want to attack a stranger for something as trivial as this so for the people who possibly had gifts canceled it really sucks and I’m sorry and for those who wanted it but didn’t have the opportunity to purchase before it sold out, I hope you’re able to buy one now…if they allow me to I’ll cancel my other box so hopefully someone who really wants it will get the chance to buy it. Thanks for the info Liz and everything you do!
    Happy holidays everybody

    • Thank you for the positive words 🙂

  19. Well the other part that bothers me, is that I got a limited edition box but I have yet to receive an email stating the limit is now one that others have received. Again, if it wasn’t for this site, I would not know anything about it which anyone who purchased this box should have gotten their own email from Boxycharm. Just like when their limited edition box came out, they said to share the link and we all know all of us don’t get tracking emails. I am just a customer tired of all of the box drama. Boxy charm, just cancel my order and refund my money including the shipping and as I mentioned before, I can spend my money with other companies. I think they realized they didn’t have enough stock and are having to go this route to make it seem customer friendly, just my opinion, otherwise, why does it take two weeks to decide this? Personally at this point, lesson learned on my part with this company and I want my money back as soon as possible.

    • I didn’t get an email either. I assumed only those who got more than one box got the email. I just got one box. I too think the oversold. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they are cancelling orders the day before shipping is supposed to start.

      • I didn’t get the email either. I spent three hours and managed to order two: one for me and one for my niece who is also a subscriber. I guess we will split the box. This is a horrible way to do business.

  20. I bet people who ordered multiple are excited they’re getting their money back for this generic box that was suppose to be so great. I don’t think a lot of people are gonna want to order it now that they saw what it was.

    • Right? Lame

  21. I do notice they didn’t say anything about offering them for sale, to those who missed out, though.

    • Exactly what I was saying. I’m wondering if they didn’t have enough stock to cover all the orders so they cut them down to one to be able to fill for those that ordered. Whether that’s the case or not, they dropped the ball on this one…like a ten story drop lol.

    • I think that the email only went to those who had a cancelled order. There’s no reason to offer this group of people a box.. they have one. That would be the next step

    • I’m wondering if they oversold bc of all the glitches and extra boxes that got tacked on people’s orders or if this was supposed to be their big Black Friday deal and they are going to bring it back when they figure out how many boxes they have.

  22. I think this is fair. I didn’t manage to get one, and although I didn’t really throw a fit over it, I do think they handled it badly and the amount you could order should have limited, and it should have been limited to subscribers first.

    I can’t understand how in a subscription so heavily waitlisted, they thought it wouldn’t sell out. Especially with as hyped as it was. But I’m sure they’ve learned a lot from this, for sure. I still like the subscription. 🙂

  23. I’m happy they are doing 1 per Customer. I’ve been with them for over a year & it sold out before I could order 1 not fair! I also never recieved an early email from them letting me know it was available. I hope this becomes available again.

    • Life is not fair. They are being unethical and making horrible business moves.

  24. I think they should’ve just limited this to one in the first place, then there wouldn’t have been such an issue. Notice this email doesn’t say anything about them using the freed up stock to make the box available to those of us that didn’t get one? I think that means they don’t have the stock to fill all the current orders, so the only way to make it fair to those that did order is to only allow them one box. I’m baffled on how they failed to anticipate the massive sales. There’s been a wait list for their sub for how long now? And I think everyone expected this to be spectacular…their regular boxes are usually great so you’d think a limited edition would be out of the park. I mean a limited edition by definition is something you can’t get normally.

  25. The timing of this does seem pretty late. When the CEO put out that video, he said they would be trying to make more boxes – but didn’t know how many more or how long it would take. I’m wondering if they are unable to get more of the items, with the same deal they got previously. So they decided to cancel some of the orders to free some up?
    Idk, just a theory. I also feel they could have made it a limit of 2, for subscribers, at least. Especially since some people did buy an extra as a gift.
    I did get 1 and am glad about most of the contents.

    Most of it just doesn’t seem like a LE box.

    • I think your theory is right.

  26. Thank you Boxy, I hope us subscribers will get a chance now to order a LE box if they go back up for sale. I would recommend sending links to subscribers so we will get a chance to really order a box before everyone else jumps on it before us current Charmers. I do appreciate Boxy Charm. Their customer service always comes thru. Just keep trying. They are there to help you. They don’t need to hold anyone’s money. It probably was a decision that was just made. Look at it this way, You have extra money now for Black Friday and more LE boxes.

  27. Taking so long to change people’s order is bad enough, but I’m going to get nasty influencers got free boxes too

    • Darn autocorrect. Tried to say going to bet beauty influencers got free boxes

  28. I emailed them to ask them to cancel my order of this box. I am really hoping they will let me back out. This whole situation has been a hot mess. I was unsure if my order even went through until two days later when I received like 5 emails in quick succession saying thank you for your order. I am sure its been a nightmare for them, for a box that isn’t any better than what they normally send month to month.

  29. I’m glad they’re correcting their mistake, but I’m afraid they’ve overcorrected, and it will bite them in the arse, again. Waiting this long is bad bad bad. Then limiting it to only one is going to cause problems for them. They should limit it to 2 since they’ve waited this long, but maybe they don’t have enough inventory.

    People are angry, again, and many weren’t impressed with the box anyway. They’re already losing more customers, and now they might ironically end up with leftover LE boxes. The spoilers are out. They can’t benefit from the mystery factor anymore. Overcorrected.

    • I don’t think BC will lose many customers. There may be some that leave, but there’s a waitlist that’ll jump right in. This sub box is too good of a deal to just walk away from IMO.

    • I ordered 2 one as a gift for my daughter who also has a subscription. Within an hour of receiving the email I had an email from my credit card company telling me about the refund. So I think that everyone will get their money quickly. I am ok with the result.. the box is just meh so we didn’t need two!!

  30. They have yet to refund the shipping they charged. I only ordered 1 box, but I’m sure some may have ordered 1 or 2 as a gift. That ain’t right to cancel them.

  31. I’m a subscriber who wasn’t able to get a box, even after trying for two hours. Personally, I’m very happy they’re doing this.

    • I agree, I tried for a couple of hours the first night, right after the link was posted but I could not get on the website. I finally just went on to bed and first thing the next morning I tried but it was already all sold out, I honestly didn’t even think people had ordered more than one box I was treating it like I did my monthly and I was only going to order one box ordering two never crossed my mind so now I know how they went so fast lol . I do hope they re stock for the December limited box so more people can have a better chance .

  32. Maybe I misunderstand but isn’t it saying for the restock it will be 1 for subscriber? Sounds to me if you ordered more than 1 on the original sale you will still get all you ordered.

    • no, they are canceling those boxes if you ordered more than 1 box from original sale.

      • yep I reread and get that now. Thank you

  33. I was not able to order one. I am fine that I did not get one. I just hope that people aren’t so angry about some cancelled orders that they blackball Boxy’s regular sub because I really love it.
    I am in the camp that ordering a bunch of extra boxes to resell or swap is not cool. It reminds me of the bots from stub hub and why I can never get reasonable tickets to broadway shows!

    • I know exactly what you mean. I’ve missed a few concerts I would’ve loved seeing because I refused to pay five times the price to a reseller. I would love to see the faces of some of the boxy scalpers when they read this notice. There were several people on social media bragging about scoring multiple boxes so they could make a profit…one person grabbed 16.

  34. I ordered one box before I saw the spoilers. I emailed them last Wednesday asking to cancel my order, and I haven’t gotten a response. The website says not to email a second time because the original email will get sent to the end of the queue. It’s really frustrating that they don’t have a CS number to call and don’t seem to be responding to emails in a timely manner.

  35. This seems fair, though I also think any limits or after the fact order modifications should have occurred sooner. I am a lucky subscriber who was able to snag one box, so this decision doesn’t affect me. But I imagine that subscribers who grabbed an extra box for a gift will be rightfully disappointed. I hope Boxy learns for next time.

  36. I got two boxes but only wanted one but couldn’t delete one of the orders. I would have been okay with this had they made this decision within a day or two. I have been emailing them for the past 10 days to no avail. I had finally decided to gift the other box and now they do this. They obviously don’t know how to efficiently run a business. They can keep both boxes and refund me my $ plus interest I am going to pay on my CC.

    • They arent going to credit you interest…lol

    • Maybe when they open up again, you can get a chance to buy one as a subscriber. I mean, I’m not sure their IT dep’t is bright enough to lock purchases when someone already has. The program would also need to know if someone returned theirs but changed their mind and was repurchasing. So, I think you may get another chance.

  37. Good! Maybe next time this subscriber will actually be able to GET one! No sympathy for those who ordered multiple, you’re part of the problem.

    • Harsh words to say a consumer who orders more than one limited edition box is part of the problem. Isn’t it the *CONSUMER* who made this company successful. I think its unprofessional to now back pedal on an attempt to fix their mistake. The company released a teaser about this upcoming limited edition purchase well in advance of the sales going live. Part of having a successful business is predicting and having in place regulations and standards prior to a sale going “live”. Its not the *CONSUMERS* problem, you forget its the consumer who makes their profits. I only ordered ONE box, however I detect a little jealously form your comment and think the only part of the problem is the inability for a successful company to already have in place a purchase limit.!!!!!

      • Excuse me, but I’m also a CONSUMER. And a Boxycharm subscriber that was not able to get a box because they were sold out. What makes you more right than me?

        • I agree boxycharm subscribers are the consumers that have made this company successful so why were we not prioritized ?
          I hope they do make the extra boxes available for subscribers we shouldnt be left out of the opportunity because other people felt selfish enough to buy more than one

      • I’m with Amy. Canceling orders for 2 boxes is a breach of contract by bc. Calling fellow “charmers” the “problem ” is just unnecessary and inflammatory. I’m forced to purchase 1 box despite needing 2 or nothing.
        If you were simply delighted with the possibility of a second chance at a box, I’d be inclined to offer you mine.

        • Charmers should be able to order 2

      • Ethically, this company handled the whole situation wrong. You can’t tell thousands of people you have a “limited edition” box with 8 full-size items that will be sold to “subscribers first” and then intentionally not release spoilers to ensure they sold out of boxes. They were intentionally withholding information and using people for capital gain. They knew exactly how much hype there was over that box. Oh, it worked but too good so they have to back pedal because handfuls of people are cancelling not only the LE box but also their sub! If they don’t act fast, this supposed “error” will hurt their business.

        • But isn’t that the exact business model for their current subs, though? You can purchase up to a year in advance, not knowing for sure exactly what is going to be in the boxes that you’ve already paid for.

          They handled this badly, absolutely. Yes, they should have probably done this earlier, and I do feel bad for those who bought an extra as a gift. But unethical?

    • I don’t think this completely fair. A lot of comments were made about people trying to order only one, and finding their cart with more than one in there, despite only wanting one.

      While there were some people trying to order multiples for resell deliberately, I really think most were victims of a glitch than deliberately trying to order multiples.

  38. I don’t know….this does not seem right to me. These people bought them in good faith and it seems wrong for the company to cancel orders when they had not set a maximum. Don’t get me wrong, the people who bought tons to resell I have no sympathy for, but I’m sure many people bought one or two extra for gifts which seems reasonable. I would think they should have people keep at least 2 or 3 in an order since I’m 100% sure not all subscribers want this anyway.

    This was just my opinion. I only bought one and I’m selling off most of the contents anyway…AT COST to a fellow Canadian.

    • I ordered 2 specifically to give 2 identical gifts. Now they cancelled one but didn’t give me the option to cancel the other. They have held my money for 2-3 weeks by the time the refund is processed. I’ve asked to cancel/unsubscribe to all things Boxy.

    • I have mixed feelings about it. I think waiting 2 weeks to cancel orders is wrong. They should have done it immediately imo. I don’t even know if they can legally refuse to fulfill orders that have been paid for. I wonder if they oversold and are cancelling orders for those that bought more than one as a way of rectifying a situation where they sold more than they had. It is bizarre to me to wait 2 weeks to cancel orders.

    • I agree, nobody should have been buying 10 boxes just to resell but it does suck for the people who bought just one extra to give as a gift. I didn’t buy a box but if I had bought one for myself and one for a gift and they waited two weeks and then cancelled one of the orders, I would be pretty upset. But I guess if they had just set a box limit in the first place they wouldn’t be having this problem.

      • I think two max would have been better.

  39. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get one once they restock!

  40. Not impressed at all. Glad I wasn’t able to get a box. I would have been very disappointed!

  41. Great news for fellow BC subscribers! Yay! I have ONE subscription and I ordered ONE box.

    I hope every BC subscriber gets a chance to get one…ONE.

  42. My comment is a little different. It has been almost two weeks and now the company decides instead of restocking to finally limit everyone’s order to just one. First, I had to email to get my shipping charge refunded. No response, no refund yet and now after the company has held my monies for almost two weeks, they do this. I missed other orders because they now decide to do this. And whenever, I have emailed, no response. I just think 2 weeks is a little long to finally make a decision about this mess. Personally, I am ready to cancel the entire order and go with companies who actually know what they are doing and how to handle customers. Not to mention, the box is not what I would call limited edition worthy.

    I have gone through the account route to leave an email message and yet, still have to wait. Does anybody have a telephone number because I am through with companies who can’t make a decision until much later. Many of us planned on our extra box to be given as a gift so this doesn’t sit well with me.

    Now, if you ordered 30 I can totally understand, but handle it a couple of days later not two weeks.

    • I needed 2 identical gifts. This borders on illegal. Holding money with no intention to fulfill the orders. I asked to cancel everything… sub, both LE boxes, account, emails. They will probably force me to go through my credit card co to resolve this.

    • No, they do not have a customer service telephone number.

    • I am 100% with you! I agree that those people who ordered 5 or more boxes most likely did that to then either sell them on ebay or put for a swap (which I already saw on MSA swap site), and it does make sense to maybe revise orders of those subscribers. However, for those of us who spent hours at night refreshing their web site and finally were able to order couple boxes with intention of gifting one, I find it very unfair from Boxy’s side to revise orders. And you are absolutely right, that Boxy held our cash for two weeks (I am not even mentioning shipping charges) and now they are deciding to process refund, which will take additional two weeks (if not more). We were out of cash and were counting on this box as a gift and did not go after other deals. This is not customer service that I would expect from Boxy. Truly, this act makes me very mad and makes me feel unfairly treated. Not cool, Boxycharm, not cool. Limit future LE boxes, but do not mess with current order and in a certain respect do not mess with my money.

      • Yeah, this reminds me a little of the Glossybox Rituals debaucle, because we are nearing Christmas, and people are needing to know what deals to get and truly know what they have. Two weeks after the fact of saying now we are limiting it to one is just wrong. Again, those who bought a lot I understand, but even then the company said they would restock and this isn’t the best way to do it. Not that this is all about me, but I made a choice to get the Limited Edition Boxycharm over a PopSugar item and the Popsugar item is now not available. Because of this practice, I really just want to cancel my entire order. When I can’t get a response over the $4.00 shipping that I was told we would have to initiate and now the company after two weeks pulls this, I have to deal with companies who do what they say and say what they do. I don’t have the time nor the energy to deal with companies who can’t make decisions in a timely manner.

        • Glossy didn’t wait 2 weeks to cancel people’s order. Boxy never responded to an email I sent them two weeks ago, and I see they haven’t responded to other people either. Glossy has a phone number at least and they do eventually respond to messages. I think they both have bad customer service, but boxy handled this a lot worse.

    • I have not received my money back for the shipping charged either…wth

  43. This is awesome I can’t stand people that order tons of products just to resell! Taking advantage of people that missed out.

  44. It would be nice if they offered their cancelled “extra boxes” to subscribers that could not get an order to completion who tried to order the day it went on sale

    • I’m thinking (or at least hoping) they will once the dust settles. These cancelled orders should greatly increase their inventory. I’m willing to bet their customer service reps are already overloaded as it is and they probably have to space out the timing of the sales from the launch, the cancellations/refunds, and (next) offering the box back up for sale.

    • you are setting the bar much too high!

  45. This makes sense given the troubles they had when they first launched this box but I feel bad for Boxycharm. They clearly didn’t think this through when they first put the box up for sale. They suffered such a backlash when they sold out, while others were able to order 10 boxes. Now the 10 box people will presumably have a fit over this announcement. It has turned into a lose lose for them. Meanwhile this offer should bring nothing but joy to people as both the products and value are pretty great.

    I hope this doesn’t dissuade Boxycharm from trying a limited edition box again. Despite the hiccups this really is a great box for a great price.

  46. I’m glad they did this for those that bought and planned on selling them on eBay or wherever they could make a buck. I hope next time goes better. I’m still unclear on if they are going to offer it again or not. Have they not committed fully to restocking it?

  47. I tried canceling mine because I honestly don’t need anything in that box but never heard from Boxy.

    • I emailed them and said I really don’t have the extra money to spend on the box and asked if they would please cancel my order. It took a couple days but the money is already back in my account.

      • Wow! I think it’s been over a week since I emailed them and haven’t heard anything. I think I might try again. Thank you. Idk if I can get through since they start shipping tomorrow.

        • I also emailed saying that I no longer wanted the LE box and never heard back. I did that last week Tuesday or Wednesday. I guess if I end up still getting the box I will have even more to add to people’s gifts. Everyone is getting spoiled this year because I have a TON of makeup.

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