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BoxyCharm December 2017 SPOILER #3!

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We have the third December 2017 Boxycharm spoiler thanks to Yosef on Boxycharm Beauties!

The December box will include:

Pretty Vulgar My Lips Are Sealed Liquid Lipstick Value – $24 OR Makeup Geek Showstopper Creme Stain – Value $12

In case you missed the previous spoiler:

Real Her Blush Kit – Value $32


Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara – Value $23

What do you think of the latest Boxycharm spoiler?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. Liz I tagged you in a photo on IG. Someone posted a glimpse of the full spoilers not sure if you saw it or not yet. 🙂

  2. I’d give ANYTHING to be off the waitlist and get this box. I have to have pink- toned pastels.. love the spoilers. :).

    I think I am the poster child for BC waitlist though.

  3. My box already shipped. Full spoilers please! I can’t wait for the slow trek across the country.

  4. I am a fan of boxycharm 💖 I also have sephora and ipsy but boxy is my favorite by far. There are items I don’t use but my girls are happy to take them from me so they can play with makeup.

  5. I think all of the complaints are completely ridiculous. So its not something you like or will wear. Big freaking deal. So sell it, or give it as a gift. Every time I see someone complain I want to yell “Don’t be ungrateful! Do you know how many people are sitting on a waitlist just praying to get off. This is one of the best boxes I have ever gotten and yes there are items I don’t use that I get, but you don’t see me complaining. I usually save all of the items I do not use up from this and along with my ipsy and birchbox and sell the lot at the end of the year on ebay, or sometimes I shop that bin for Christmas or birthday presents. I am grateful to be getting this box in general considering how much moneys worth you get its incredible. If you do not like the box instead of complaining you can always unsubscribe and let one of the people who would be more than grateful to get a box have yours. Id gladly cancel both my ipsy and birchbox and just get two boxycharm, because I think it is completely worth every penny and I am super grateful to get stuff for such a deal.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. I am super happy to be off the Wait List. I just got my notification today.

      • I just got off the wait list yesterday, thank goodness.

      • I just got off the waitlist as well YAAYYYYY it’s been since Oct 20th finally I get my own BOX😝😝😝

      • Me too! Just checked my emails literally five minutes ago to find out that I’ve been removed from the wait list! I was never happier!

    • How long is the wait list typically?

      • I waited approximately 2 months

        • Do you get charged right away or when you get off the wait list?

          • You get billed as soon as you get off the waitlist.

  6. I’m excited for this month’s BoxyCharm box. I love Tarte and Makeup Geek, and Real Her has great potential. I’ve never heard of Pretty Vulgar and don’t like the name at all. I love getting a palette every month.

    • The name’s a little weird, but their products are beautiful! They’re bird-themed and I’m a bird lover so I’m in love with their packaging! The mascara cap looks like a bird cage with a bird atop it. The eye palettes look like ornate bird cages. The tube lipsticks have a beautiful floral pattern, and the patterns vary. Search for the brand on Sephora’s site to see!

      The products themselves are hit and miss. I’m in love with their eyeshadow palettes!! I haven’t tried their lippies yet.

  7. I’m going to admit this is the worst spoilers ever. I guess I like the one flat lippie but my luck I will get the other. The sad part is the one I like is the cheapest item in the box. I don’t care for getting mascara in a sub box unless it is something like superhero or better than sex. I rarely wear blush and I’m not a fan of real her products! This month which is Christmas should have been their best! Instead I feel like they invested more into the se box which I still would not have wanted! 😢📦 so to sum it up the worst box is at Christmas time

  8. I have gotten so spoiled by Boxycharm. Full size everything, decent selection of products, and $21. If there’s something I don’t use, I gift it. This is absolutely the best deal in cosmetics. You can’t buy drugstore products for $21 these days. But, having said all that, I’m really hoping the lip colors shown are the lip colors we get. Out of the six lip products they’ve given me, I’ve gotten concealer for ghosts, dead zombie, garish blinding Barbie pink plastic, insta-flaking and cracking something or other, a harsh dark brown, and one wearable red that I actually like. They always seem to drop the ball on the lip, but for the price, I’m holding out hope.

    • Your descriptions of the colors & formulas made me 😂 laugh 🤭 I totally agree

      • Me too! I have been a subscriber for only two months and I got the Tarte liquid lipstick in the shade that I’m thinking is the concealer for ghosts kkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!

        • Me too. I couldn’t even regift it, because I don’t hate anyone that much.

          • LOL! I don’t hate anyone either to give it away.

    • Ditto.

    • Okay I literally never log in but your comment made me laugh so hard! For some reason, I guess because it’s Christmas, I heard your answer to the sound of the 12 days of Christmas! Haha 🤣

      • So did i!

    • I agree with everyone, your description of the colors is down right hilarious! Just what I needed to get me going on this cloudy, cold, rainy morning!!

      • OMG! I’ve been so busy the past few days that I haven’t been able to come back to the page. I’m glad that it brought a chuckle to all y’all. As much as I love Boxycharm, I want a good lipstick, dang it!

  9. Did anyone else get shipping info for the LE box? Mine says it only weighs 0.1lbs and I was wondering if anyone else’s said that too. It makes me nervous because thats way too light for 8 products considering the regular boxes usually say 0.9lbs.

    • Mine says 1.1 lbs. Maybe it was a typo? Fingers crossed for you!!

  10. I’m ready to end my subscription, however I have 7200 charms to spend and there is nothing in the charm shop other than a sharpener and a cheap sample bag. Has anyone ever had the chance to redeem for anything worthwhile? I don’t want to lose all those charms, but don’t really want to continue subbing just to keep them.

    • I’ve gotten some stuff from the charm shop. they run out quick so you have to keep an eye out for them. I usually check around the end of the month and the beginning.

      • I’ve gotten some really nice things from the charm shop. When things become available I spend as many charms as I can right then because the products go fast ! I got a great Christmas gift the last time I redeemed charms it was a 3 piece lip set from colourpop

    • If you sign up for emails from this site related to Boxycharm, they let you know when there is new stuff in the shop. Or just cancel and use the money you’re saving for that month to buy yourself a reward you want. Lol.

    • I’ve gotten some really nice things from the charm shop. When things become available I spend as many charms as I can right then because the products go fast ! I got a great Christmas gift the last time I redeemed charms it was a 3 piece lip set from colourpop

  11. Do you think we will get another spoiler before the end of the month? None of these 3 are doing it for me. I literally will not use anything. I usually really like at least 1 thing and get my moneys worth from that, so this honestly might be the first box I am unhappy about. Not sure if any of these will be easy to swap either :/ oh what to do, what to do…

    • I sure hope there’s another spoiler before the end of the month. And unless it wows me, I’m about 95% sure I’ll be canceling my sub before December 1st. I have zero use for any of the revealed items so far. Heck, I even have last month’s box still totally unused.

      • I am having the same thoughts. I just really hope we get at least one more spoiler before Dec 1st.

    • They only release three spoilers for each box. Then we learn what the other two are when influencers get their boxes around the beginning of the month. Too late to cancel by then.

  12. November was my first Boxycharm box and I was very impressed with it. I have several subscription boxes and some are okay and some aren’t so great. I am impressed when I get full size products and Boxycharm certainly delivers on that front. I am excited to get this box too. The spoilers have been exciting. Can’t wait!

    • I love Boxycharm. They never let me down!

  13. as always i am excited and thrilled with December’s box. Absolutely LOVED my November box!

  14. I wish this box was every other month or had a skip option. I have so many products and cant use them in time before the next box with more mascara, blush or eyeshaddow

  15. Everything is subjective but I definitely think BC has spoiled us, looking at the comments. I am excited about this box myself. I don’t have own a blush palette, and even though I have a ton of mascara, I don’t have this one! I am used to giving away lip products since I have dark skin. The last three months I’ve gotten “nude” colors for completely different skin tones. Not everyone will be pleased but I’m stoked to try something new.

  16. I really like Boxy overall, but this box is…ehhh…

    And I have given away every single Lillie they’ve ever sent. They need someone new picking those. I can’t do any of them.

  17. Makeup Geek is on sale for 8 bucks and the other lip product Pretty vulgar is a mettalic finish and over 20.00. Who decides which lipsticks we get? I would prefer the Pretty Vulgar. I don’t think that’s to fair.

    • I dont know why so many people get so hung up on the price tag. Ive used some $5 products that have blown high end products out of the water. Would you rather have a kick ass $8 lipstick or a crappy $20 lipstick? Because all the reviews I’ve seen on the Pretty Vulgar lipstick haven’t been so great. I wish people would focus on the actual product instead of the price point. Because a $20 product is pretty useless if its no good. Just my opinion.

      • Totally agree!! If it’s on sale, go buy it, don’t try to ruin our day

  18. It’s alright but the good news for me is my daughter in law has asked for some blush so score on that one she also loves mascara

  19. This will be my second month of BC and I’m disappointed in both boxes. November they sent an awful brown lipstick and although the value was there $ wise, there wasn’t anything I will use, save the brushes possibly.

    This month is underwhelming for me as well. I will give it a couple more months before freeing up a space for a waitlister, lol.

    • Did you try the lipstick on? It was actually a berry red color when you put it on.

      • I thought it was brown too…. but when I put it on it was a pretty berry color!!

        • Yeah I was definitely not excited about the lipstick, until i put it on! Very pretty color.

    • i agree..i figured for December they would go all out and top the best of the best box….i dont care for anything this month so far either, and will trade or give away almost everything it seems. oh well, it Christmas, and maybe my friends could use some new makeup , thats always nice 🙂

      • I’m making 2 nice boxes of products I’m not going to use from various companies as Christmas gifts!

  20. Oh my gosh I can’t wait!! I have been loving by Boxycharm, I just can’t believe how much we get and they’re all wonderful products!

  21. So happy with these spoilers! So far I will use everything!! That mascara is in my top 3 along with It Cosmetics Superhero mascara and Lancome Monsieur Big mascara. I can’t wait to see what else will be in the box!!

  22. While I do hope there is a color variety for the lippies (too many nudes now, and I don’t like nude), I would like to receive the Pretty Vulgar. Haven’t tried any of their products. The packaging is lovely. I’m thrilled by all the lippies coming in subs lately although, haha, most of mine have been nudes. XD I am not a fan of gloss or stains, trying to use up those I have now, so for me I’ve been happy to build a lipstick collection and try new brands in the meantime.

  23. Here’s hoping I get the makeup geek lippie. I have the Pretty Vulagar abdI hate the formula. It doesn’t last long at all and is more like a gloss than a liquid lip. I’m excited for this box. I need that mascara…have just enough to make it til my box comes in.

    • Haha, I am also milking along this current sample of Clinique mascara… ahtough I have a million others to open -I’m waiting for the Tarte.

    • Hoping for the makeup geek loopy as well. I need a nude!!! Last one they worked was water lauder so here’s hoping!

      • Estée Lauder … lol

  24. I am soooo looking forward to this box! 10/12 lipsticks I have are nude so it’s safe to say I am happy with the color choices! I’m also looking forward to playing with the blush palate. The mascara, on the other hand, has bad reviews about it flaking and weighing down the lashes… I hope that isn’t the case.

    • I love the mascara, it’s one of my top three. The top 3 that I have I love equally, haha I think this is a mascara that people haven’t realized how great it is! With this mascara, and one coat, I can get amazing long lashes with no clumping, get into the tinyest areas to build out those lashes (which I can’t do with mascaras like Better Than Sex). With just one coat, lashes are so long I have to choose certain sunglasses because my lashes will bother me by rubbing against lenses.

      Now maybe you girls don’t want lashes like that with one coat, but for me, everything else in this box is just gravy after this mascara.

    • I don’t like the Tarte mascara at all because I end up with raccoon eyes by the afternoon. It’s the same reason I also don’t like BTS mascara.

  25. I really wish they would ship to Australia 😞

  26. This is my second BC box and im already super deflated about the boxes. This will probably sound crazy to diehard boxycharmers but I think I might like my Allure sub better. Im going to give BC a couple more months to impress me. I know everyone on the waitlist would love for me to cancel my subscription right now 😂.

    • Not crazy to me. I feel you! I unsubscribed in October because of dark lippies & not getting a replacement for my blinc palette that broke months ago! I don’t regret unsubscribing, but I like to see if there is anything worth it in the boxes to come.

      I got glossybox instead and I’m so far happy about it! I also got yas oh yas which was decent this month, 7 full sized products!

    • Allure is a better fit for me to. I kept a chart of all the items I’ve received from my subs, and overwhelming my holy grails/items I’d repurchase came from Allure.

      • For me, it is Sephora Play and then Allure. Those are true sampling boxes for me.

        I cancelled Boxy after I realized not only do I never re-buy any of the products they put in their boxes, but I don’t even really use the items I receive. I would just bask in having received full size items and the “value”, but continue to use the items I buy on my own at full price.

        • I completely agree. I recently came to the realization that even if the value is high, if the products just sit in my collection unused, they are not even worth the 21 a month. I’m pretty disappointed with this month’s box so far. I am seriously considering unsubscribing.

        • I agree Sephora Play box is always on point with their treats. For eyes hair lips

          • Sephora? Really? God, I hated that box. I never, in the 6 months I had it, got anything decent. I got one eyeliner and a mascara in as far as make up went. The other items were parfums I don’t wear and skin and hair cleansers that were too harsh for me to use.

      • Keeping a chart sounds like a pretty good idea. I should try that.

      • I’m agreeing with you about Allure. I’ve got to cancel something…too much makeup coming in!. Boxy may be the one to go. I think Allure has more variety and maybe better quality brands.

        • Hoping for the makeup geek loopy as well. I need a nude!!! Last one they worked was water lauder so here’s hoping!

        • I used to LOVE Allure beauty box but once they got a new editor last year, I couldn’t use it wear a lot of their products. The December box has the mascara, philosophy face wash and blending brush. I am using everything but lip from November Boxy. Many variables but beauty fix has my skin game tight I need to figure out my makeup game. It needed help and they are on point to help me get this part together. So I will hang with them until I figure out. Right now my makeup looks dope thanks to boxy!!!

      • I keep a spreadsheet of each box and a master list where I color code products based on liked, loved, hated, and gifted. I’ve found it to be helpful to keep track of the different products I’ve tried and it also makes it easy to track duplicates and products that are shipped excessively such as eyeliner and shampoo, so I can go back and edit my profile for those subs..

    • I just canceled mine, as I am gifting most items because they do not appeal to me.
      I noticed that when full size items from brands I like – like Tarte – come in a sub box, they go on sale everywhere.

      I canceled everything but the remaining annual of my FFF and Popsugar (just upgraded with the MSA code). Tired of highlighters, nude gloss, black eyeliner, bronzers and red lipsticks!

      That being said, this week I purchased MANY BTBF deals 🙄

      • I noticed that these products go on sale as well…And I REALLY thought December being Christmas and all would be special…nope….I’m really truly disappointed with the choices…

  27. I actually like this box. We have been getting so many eyeshadow palettes the blush palette will be nice. I am pretty sure I have never used a whole eyeshadow palette or blush palette down to the pan. The lip stains are such a price discrepancy. I believe I got a sample of the tart mascara paint in another box. Overall without seeing the rest of the spoilers it is an okay box, not the best. I was expecting a fairly special one since it is Christmas month. I was happy to have not gotten the LE box I really did not see anything in there that was better than their regular monthly boxes and the way they allowed some people to purchase numerous one’s at first turned me off from even trying.

  28. I hope to get the Pretty Vulgar lippie as I’ve never tried the brand. Not excited about the blush palette, that will end up in my trade/sell or donate box. Looking forward to the mascara and to see what the other options will be. Hopefully they will balance out the value with another item, since the two lippies aren’t even close to the same price.

  29. I can pull off both the lip shades I hope unless they look like foundation on me. Probably want be a eyeshadow palette for December I guess because of the blush palette. I have a lot of Mascara but I like this brand. Maybe will get some sheet masks and some hand lotion that would be ok. Maybe a flowery perfume or a gold eyeliner I hope not. I’m on a wait list maybe I’ll get January’s haha might be better. I knew I should have waited. Wanted this month but I really don’t care anymore. I’ve gotten their boxes for years I unsubscribe sometimes and resubcribe in the month I want and I usually get in but not this month yet. But it looks like so far I might get in for December because it’s not that great so far. I watched some videos on this box and it looks like they changed the box size and it looks like it want fit in my mailbox now the mail temps will just play football with it at my front door like every other package that doesn’t fit in the box.

    • It will fit in the mailbox. I live in an apartment complex and it always fits in my box with my other mail just fine.

  30. The swatch of the makeup geek is literally the same color I got in the tarte that I couldn’t wear

  31. Do they allow a ‘skip month’ option?

    • No they don’t. You have to unsubscribe or try to sell or trade the box

  32. Not looking like a good box for December. I would have thought they would have made December a wow month.

  33. I actually like these lip products and either one will be fine with me! There is a big difference in price though!

    • I noticed that too. I’m wondering if one of the other items will be a variation that evens that out. They’ve done that in the past.

  34. I am not a lippie fan I am a chapstick girl, however, I wanted to try the mascara anyway so I figure everything else is just a bonus.

    • Same here, don’t wear lipstick or gloss and get so many. Gonna make a basket for our local women’s shelter.

      • That’s amazing…I will donate to a local women’s shelter as well. Good Idea!

      • awesome idea!

      • I donated a ton of new makeup from sub boxes to my local women’s shelter recently and they were thrilled! Do it. 🙂

      • I’ve done the same! The shelters don’t have a budget for these extras. The women are thrilled to receive these items. We have used some of our Ipsy bags and put items in there and bought additional bags at Dollar Tree (or anywhere they have cute little bags) to have enough of them. Tis the season! 🙂

  35. Yay another unwearable color lippie! Said my niece who so far has been gifted six of these 😂😭

  36. 3 spoilers that are better than the 8 products from the LE box.

    • Really?..
      I don’t see what’s so exciting about these, especially if that’s the only palette.

      • Because I like more simple makeup. Everyone sees items differently.

  37. I hope the colors are different? Neither one of these will show up on my lips…

    • All the lippie colors I have received so far from BoxyCharm have been unwearable for me. These two colors will most likely follow suit. I always try them out hoping some magic will happen once they are on, which can happen, but not yet with any of BC’s picks.

  38. They both look very pretty. This is shaping up to be a great box.

  39. I feel like I’m the only one not super excited about this months box 🙁

    • You’re not. Anything is really blah to me.

  40. Yes! I will be happy with either of these lippies 💋❤️✨ it would be great to know if the holiday boxes are actually going to be shipped though since it’s Wed now its prolly going to be next Mon before they start shipping. I’ve been checking my FedEx account and I haven’t seen any label created yet unfortunately…

  41. Pretty Vulgar… I hope we are al getting it and I don’t get red. Love this box. I been eyeing that blush, so pretty!

  42. Hopefully we’re also getting an eyeshadow palette. Fingers crossed. Should hopefully get off the wait list by next month.

  43. DYING to try Pretty vulgar!!!

    • Me too, so I’m not getting my hopes up for it. *sigh* I HATE it when there’s a variation like this…

  44. I’ve been a BC subscriber for over 3 years and now I have been placed on a waitlist. There customer service is going downhill. I got a different card, updated my info, and kept getting emails that my acct was abt to expire. They said it must be my banks problem- wasted my time going there cause they did not even see attempted charges from BC on my act.!! BC finally admitted today that they ran out of November boxes and wasn’t even attempting to charge my acct on my new card info. And they put me on a waitlist!! Unbelievable!!! I will be looking for a replacement subscription. Smh

    • That is awful! Especially since you’ve been such a loyal customer. I would definitely blast that info on their FB account and instagram in posts. That would beyond tick me off especially since my card expires next year and you really have no other option other than to update your card info.

    • Try Lola beauty I do that 1 as well as Boxy

  45. I wonder if there will be color variations? The ones shown look really pretty, but I’ve learned not to count on a particular color with Boxy…

  46. I’d be happy with either of these lippies! Another win for Boxycharm! They never disappoint! 😍😍😍

  47. I just hate variations, especially with such a price difference…..

    • Agreed. These 2 lippies are not comparable!

    • With the price difference, these two lippies aren’t comparable.

  48. pretty vulgar !? Yes pls ! i dont own anything from this brand even though it has been at Sephora for a while now so really excited seeing it being featured in the box. hope I get that one

  49. Finally, another spoiler! Now, if I can just find out when the LE boxes are actually going to ship out. From numerous comments I’ve read, nobody has received notifications about the box shipping on the 20th as anticipated.

    • I just finally found out that they are canceling my order like I requested. I was so disappointed by the LE box. I hope you get the notification that they are shipping soon!

    • Customer service said they have begun shipping!

  50. It’s shaping up to be a great box! I would be happy with either of these!

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