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BeautyFIX Cyber Monday Deal – Buy 1 Box, Get 1 FREE!

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The BeautyFIX Cyber Monday deal is live! (And it is awesome!) Thank you, Melissa, for the heads up! UPDATE: this deal is back to get one box free.

Use this link to buy the November BeautyFIX box pictured above for $34.95.(This is a one-time purchase, not a subscription.) Then you’ll automatically get one bonus box added to your cart:

Here is a closer look at the free box:


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. They just cancelled my 3 box order. “Warehouse error” after telling me it was going through okay…..

  2. I ordered the 3 box for the price of one deal and just received an update from dermstore that thy will start shipping the boxes on December 5th 🙂

  3. Anyone else seeing order date but nothing else? It shows my order # but it hasn’t updated or moved to fulfullment.

    Those who got a response, did you call or email?

    • I emailed CS and it took two days to respond to my initial email. I received a new invoice through email from CS and they confirmed that I was getting the 2 free boxes as well through email. I also received a shipping notice and tracking number as my boxes shipped yesterday.

      • Thanks, just got an email that 3 boxes shipped, yay!

    • Neither. I checked my account on their website.

  4. Is anyone having issues doing their reviews for the month for reward points? I’ve been trying for a week and they will not submit.

    • Dermstore has a limit on the amount of reviews you can do each month, or else people would get way to much free stuff with all the rewards. I forget that limit.. maybe 5 reviews a month? The limits should be under their points section.. Hope this helps..

  5. Just a heads up… I ordered from Black Friday deal, pay $24.95 for Nov and get August? (the one with Juice Beauty cleanser and mini Foreo, etc.). I received my order the other day and the bonus box was October box (Dr. Brandot and Paula’s choice, etc.). I called customer service for clarification and they said we may receive substitute box. I don’t remember reading they send out random box, but either box is ok by me considering the deal we got. Just FYI 🙂

    • Well that sucks, the juice beauty cleanser was the only thing that I really wanted.

  6. They just updated my order history to in fulfillment and I see my order now with the 2 free boxes 😁 no tracking number yet though.

    • Yep me too. After two days customer service finally emailed me back and gave me an order confirmation and confirmed I would receive the 1+2 free boxes. 🙂 Yay!!

    • That’s awesome! Does yours show pics of all 3 boxes? Mine shows the nov and then one thanksgiving throwback (the nia24 box) but quantity 2.

      • Odd. Mine shows pictures of both extra boxes.

      • Mine shows three boxes Qty of 1 by all 3 pictures

    • Hmmm, mine still shows an order # but no other info. Argh, I’m so impatient.

  7. They’ve updated my order history. It says I’m getting both bonus boxes!

    • Did they ship yet? I’m still waiting.

      • Not yet. “In fulfillment”

    • Did your order history always have your order or did it just pop up? If I type it in status it just says order placed but is not in the order history.

      • It just popped up!

  8. I’m honestly a little put off that this blog post miraculously changed without any mention of what was originally advertised! Wouldn’t an edit mentioning the mistake be more honest? I purchased the deal early in the morning and then I thought I was crazy when i saw a different offer, until I read the comments here! Mistakes happen, but why try to pretend this never happened?!

    • This is so unnerving. They’ve charged me 37.13. But I also found a return in my account history at dermstore for the Thanksgiving throwback with a memo “error warehouse” for 21.20. Sent them an email earlier today. Why did I order this? Not worth the aggravation and dealing for hours to get it straightened out (again).

  9. Just curious if anyone has heard anything from Beautyfix today? I ordered early yesterday morning and I had 3 boxes in my order but now I’m not sure of the status or if I should cancel? Any updates?

    • Mine is not even showing up in the order history. Their chat doesn’t seem to be working but I don’t want to bother them and get a bad rep to cancel it. Seems like they were overwhelmed yesterday and it may take a few days to get orders going. I was definitely charged though. Does yours show up anywhere other than your confirmation email?

      • Nicole- same here. I doesn’t show up in my order history either. I have the confirmation email too which gives me the order #. When I go onto their website and click “check order status” and enter the order # it shows that the order was placed. I paid with paypal and the transaction is still pending. I guess I’ll just wait it out.

        • Ok cool! Well at least we are in the same boat. I will just let it be for a day or so. I’m more concerned about when these boxycharm limited editions are shipping out!

    • Thank you ladies, I’m in the same boat.
      Paid with paypal, got confirmation email and nothing since.
      Fingers crossed.

    • I’m in the same boat, just got the one email with 3 boxes on it. No follow up email, order status just says placed and it’s not in my order history and the charge is still pending. Just sitting here with my fingers crossed!

  10. I’m confused… the free box had different items when I ordered.. is this the actual free box? Oh no.. 🙁

  11. So what is going on with this?? Was it a mistake advertisement of two free boxes or what?

    • Yes, it was a mistake. Not sure if everyone’s boxes have been canceled, but so far some people’s have…. I never received a specific email about the issue, just bizarre order confirmations. Had to contact CS to clarify.

      • Hmmm… I wonder how this happens?

  12. Just checked my order history and my 3 box deal purchase is fine completely. Not sure if it’s being corrected or just cancelled.

    • I meant gone completely

    • Ugh, they better not cancel or change my order. After so many bad experiences in the last 2 months I think I’m done with beauty boxes for a while.

      • You might want to log in and check on it. That was the only way I found out. The email they sent was not all that clear and no where on the email did it say my order was canceled

        • Still missing from my order history. Ugh.

  13. Based on my experience today and spending 40 minutes on hold ( to be expected) I called twice, then 2 hours later getting an email that looked like a cancelation ( even though I did not cancel I wanted the 3 boxes instead of 2 like my cart showed ), then logging into my account to find out no order existed – Ughh

    Suggest other people also log into their account to see if their order has been canceled.

  14. I got a second email that said i ordered 3 boxes – said Balance : $0 —-This seemed odd – I looked at my account and no order was found. So the balance of $0 was them canceling the order – Ughhh – The deal was to good to be true. Even though I am disappointed by this. I am actually fine with it, it was not meant to be and I spent to much anyhow on other great deals since Thanksgiving

    • Double check everything with them. I never said I wanted my order reinstated and yet it was reinstated and made into a subscription($24.95? with the extra box) instead of the earlier original order. I have had 3 different orders emailed to me and I only ever made one. And I canceled that one after they said my actual order would not be honored.

      • I did, I even called back to make sure I would get the 3 boxes. It was a surprise to see the order canceled. I thought it would be an email with tracking since the person i spoke to said they ship very quick within 24 hours.

        • Jeez. I get the earlier people wanting to defend a simple mistake, but I spent way too much time dealing with this today and it sounds like other people did, as well. I’m now getting nothing and I spent way too much time fixing this today. What a bummer.

          • When they make a huge mistake like this and waste peoples time they need to at the very least come up with a $10 to $20 credit ( not a coupon – an actual gift card ) and place it in someones account for a future order.

  15. For everyone who ordered, I hope Dermstore makes this right. I hope everyone gets their 3 boxes as Dermstore advertised…. I have good faith that they will, as they usually have amazing customer service..

    • Well, I just chatted with them a 3rd time. Now it’s like my original order never existed, despite the various confirmation emails. I hear that they have great CS, but this has been one hell of a bad first date and it will be my very last with them. They still can’t answer my question of why they are honoring some orders instead of others. Bizarre. Annnnd now I just got an email saying I have an order with a subscription. I AM IN HELL.

      • Their VS varies based on who you speak to. One have me an extra discount because I forgot to enter my coupon code- awesome. Another just told me the answer to all my possible questions was on the website and to go there and find it.

  16. I just spoke with April in CS. She said that I would be getting both free boxes. I also sent a transcript of the conversation with her to my email just in case. It looks like if you ordered when they had the two free boxes up, you are getting both of them. I did not receive any email from them stating they were changing my order either.

    • That’s great! I don’t know why they sent me the changed order. This is what I get for talking to CS and clarifying anything. Oh, well.

    • Awesome! For the update

    • Awesome! My order specified both boxes and I didn’t receive any change order emails so fingers crossed. 🙂

      • Same here. No message yet and 3 boxes in my order.

  17. I got one extra and so happy!! One of my favorite boxes and happy to get another! I wish I had known about the reward points!! I will have to remember to use them next time!!

  18. Wow, really??? People are mad because they didn’t get to “take advantage” of another’s mistake? Getting ONE box free is a pretty great deal.

    • I agree its a good deal, except I keep purchasing stuff i dont need based on “good deals”. 3 boxes is a better deal then 2. Time to cancel and look for a better deal.

    • Dude, it’s that I ordered something and they changed the order. You’re cool with ordering and paying for something and then getting less than what you ordered and paid for? It’s not as if we knew it was a mistake. I’m mad because I wasted my time and now I’ve wasted more time correcting their mistake. And in the end, I get nothing.

      • Exactly! It’s not like we knew the deal was wrong and we’re taking advantage. I emailed customer service and told them if the deal is different than my. Information order to please cancel and refund my derm dollars. The Black Friday deal was better and I already got that one.

    • Right, TK? Someone could lose their job over the mistake and/or the backlash caused by it. Wonder how they’d feel if a swap listing or garage sale tag mistake of theirs was received with the same outrage? We’re never too busy to post comments, so I guess we may find out one day.

      • Well said! If you’re happy with your one box then so be it! I purchased with the intent of two boxes only with the intentions of getting the one that I wanted; which was one of the free one! Since I don’t really know if I would be getting the one that I actually wanted in the first place! Then that’s why I’m canceling! Why pay for something that wasn’t advertised! You opinion is your opinion! We respect your decision to purchase one box; so respectful our decision to have a free will choice as to cancel since we’re not getting what was originally advertised!

      • Having worked in the retail and restaurant industry all of my adult life, I can tell you I always give the benefit to the customer. Was it accidentally labeled underpriced? Our bad, but great for the customer! Did we apply a coupon incorrectly? Sure, but the customer gets what ever the better deal is. Because our mistakes are OUR mistakes. The customer is not the one at fault in this situation. Most businesses do not fire people for these mistakes. It’s built in to the cost of running business as an assumed loss. Because sometimes stuff happens. And hey- sometimes it was my personal fault so I paid for my mistakes out of my pocket. Why is this concept so hard for people to understand?

      • I am one of those individuals who could lose my job over a mistake like this. Quite frankly, these mistakes are very easy to make. At my company, we always honor the mistakes on the website to avoid customer backlash like this and yes I have personally made those mistakes. However, we have a statement on our site saying all information is subject to errors as I’m sure dermstore does as well. It’s really upsetting to see all of these comments as I understand both sides and have personally been horrified to be hated on for one mistake on a website.

    • I bought one last week received one free as a 1 time purchase and bought another as a 1 time purchase and I thought that was a really good deal too. I really wanted the box and sometimes mistakes will happen. Beautyfix is a great company and doesn’t make a lot of them or do bait and switch either. The bottom line for me was $70 for 4 boxes was fantastic- don’t forget they give lots of points for orders and reviews too for cash off boxes in the future if you sign up for it. On my deal last week I bought 2 so that me and my hubby would each receive the foreo skin cleanser tool. It’s sad if everyone is mad they didn’t get 3 for 1 over an honest mistake.

      • Totally! I understand a mistake now and then, Dermstore/Beauty Fix is a great company and honest mistake shouldn’t be construed as a bait and switch. I’m happy with the great deal with buy one box get one box free, especially since the value of the box far outweighs the price.

        • happy holidays! You have the right spirit… I love a good deal but not at the expense of someone else. If people are doing without household basics, they can’t afford the deal-no matter how good it is!

          • I completely agree…we all love a great deal but not at the expense of another. My brother lives in a small town with a family run gas station. One Friday night an employee accidentally set the pumps wrong so people were getting gas for 26 cents a gallon. Instead of telling the employee, people were calling friends and relatives to fill up their vehicles. My brother called the owner but by the time the error was corrected they had lost thousands of dollars. I understand if people no longer want the deal and I think BF should have offered some compensation for the “hassle” but what they did was not deliberate. It was just a mistake and we all make them.

  19. I chatted and they are correcting the orders so you only get the November box and one of the extra boxes. I canceled my order.

    • Normally, a company who makes a mistake with on line products; honor the orders; like the time Best Buy and Walmart had the system glitch; which caused products to sell at a cheaper rate! It was their mistake and if that’s the case then, I will be canceling my order as well! Because the box that I really wanted was one of the extra boxes and there’s no guarantee that I will really get the one I want! And last, it’s the principal of it and it’s unethical!!!! Dermstore need to take ownership for their mistake

      • That’s what the person I chatted with said. Maybe other people will be told differently.

        I’m so sick of getting excited by a deal and then getting burned and having my time wasted. It’s happened like 3 times with different companies in the past month. I’m just throwing my hands up in the air.

        Target has a really good deal on toilet paper and paper towels(20% off plus $10 gift card) so my money went there instead. I can’t deal with the constant mistakes of these companies anymore.

      • Plus, I got sent several conflicting emails a half hour ago, after I’d already received my original confirmation. One showed what I ordered, the others showed the “corrected” order. UGH.

      • I agree it should be honored it is their mistake not ours.. If they do start changing orders to only 1 free box; They should send an email to everyone who has an order that they are changing with an option to cancel in the email. I shouldn’t have to contact DermStore to see if I am getting what the order confirmation says I am supposed to get. If it is only one free box I will cancel as well.

  20. Anyone who got the 3 boxes what does your order confirmation say? Did it have all boxes listed individually or does it say gift with purchase- thanksgiving throwback quantity 2? Not sure if others got it and didn’t see that.

    • I got lucky and ordered immediately after Liz posted. Mine shows Nov @ $34.95 and two Thanksgiving Throwback items at zero each.

      • Same here

    • Mine confirmed order has all 3 listed. I printed out a receipt at the end of my purchase that has all 3, as well.

      • Plus, my printed receipt actually shows pictures of the different boxes.

    • Mine says:
      BeautyFIX Gift With Purchase – Thanksgiving Throwback
      BeautyFIX Gift With Purchase – Thanksgiving Throwback
      BeautyFIX November 2017

    • I got same message 1 gift box

    • Mine shows all 3 boxes too. I took a screenshot when it went through and that showed a pic of the boxes as well.

  21. My confirmation email shows I’m getting 3 boxes so hopefully that’s what I receive!

  22. I only got one box as an extra, not two. Is it sold out?

    • Yay! Checked out right away and was able to secure the 2 extra boxes before they ran out!

  23. Wait, so our are earlier orders going to be cancelled? Because I don’t want it at all if it’s just the one extra box.

    • Dermstore customer service is very good so they will always try to make it right. If it says 3 you will get the 3. I’ve never had them cancel an order.

      • Whew. I mean, should I call them? I hate flooding CS with calls when they have issues like this. I figure they would email or something.

        • You should be fine but their chat function is the easiest and best option. You have to use a computer for that I believe. They were a little jammed up but not too long of a wait. I’m assuming they will ship them all out together and know the drill for which boxes go where. If it makes you feel better to confirm than just hop on the chat. Customer service is their job so don’t feel bad.

  24. That sucks!!! Lol oh well better luck to me next time

  25. I ordered/sub’d during the Black Friday deal, but this is the past box that I was coveting but didn’t get! May have to order another and give the extra November as a present!

  26. Just chatted, the two free boxes were a mistake they have now corrected:(

  27. It’s just showing me one free box.

  28. Wow, that sold out fast. I was lucky and got both free boxes. Didn’t use a code.

  29. First thing this morning, the two free boxes showed up. Then it went down to one and now no freebies. 🙁

  30. I deleted from my cart to try again since it was only showing one bonus box and now it only shows the November box without a bonus box. Oh well.

  31. Mines only showing 1 bonus box.

  32. Is there a promo code? Only one box showing up. :/

    • Same for me!!!!!!!!!! I dont know what Im doing wrong

  33. I had all 3 in my cart but by the time I got to the last page, only the one with the Hum was a bonus freebie in my cart. So I removed it all and tried to order the November box again and only one free box is showing now….guess they ran out of the other one or fixed a glitch…oh well….

    • Same. I had two bonuses in my cart showing as well but I wasn’t quick to check out because I was looking at a couple other Items I was considering adding to the order, then it went to 1 bonus. It’s maybe silly but I’m pretty disappointed enough that I don’t think I’m going to order at all.

      Happy for those who snagged it though. 🙂

  34. Only the box with the Hum products is being added to my cart automatically…bummer. (

  35. Got it! Loved that box with the Nia in it.

    • That’s the only reason I bit. I don’t really use/need the other stuff, but I love that Nia lotion for my decolletage. I do hope that this was a legitimate offer, as I wouldn’t have laid my money down if it wasn’t for the Nia.

  36. I just added it to my cart and only have one extra box. Is anyone else having this issue?

    • Yup- same issue for me. Maybe they sold out of the other box but if so, it’s not really that great of a deal with just the two 🙁

      • I agree!!! Its almost like they want people to get it and hope they dont notice hmmmmm

  37. I only see 1 of the two free boxes in my cart. Has one sold out? Does anyone else see all 3 boxes in their cart?

    • I was wondering the same thing. I only see one box showing as included which is the one with the Nia.

      • I’m having the same problem. It showed two free boxes but by the time my payment was ready to process, it showed only one.

        • Same happened to me and I thought it was shady lol

      • I’m having the same issue. Liz? Do we need to use a code?

  38. I’ve been watching this and finally caved with the extra box.

  39. I got this for $14.95+ tax using my dermstore dollars. Great deal!!!

  40. Well, I debated buying two of these the other day but only ordered one. Now I was pushed over the edge to buy a second one! Not upset about it either. Popsugar just lost that money….

  41. “You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention.” LOL

  42. I got this just for the Nia.

    • same here!

    • Me too!

  43. Yes!! I was on the fence with this one, but two extra boxes is too good to pass up.

    • Me too! But 2 extra boxes is too good of a deal to pass up. Less than $12 per box and what I don’t like I take to a woman’s shelter.

  44. Yes!! I was on the fence with this one, but two extra boxes is too good to pass up.

  45. Wow, that will teach me to buy earlier in the weekend.

  46. Got one! Thank you.

  47. YES!!!! LOVE BF!

  48. Great deal – I got it for my mom. Thanks Liz!

  49. Wow great deal! Thank you!

  50. Yes please!

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