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Beautycon Black Friday Coupon – 70% Off BeautyCon Kits!

BeautyCon has a Black Friday deal available now!

Use coupon code SHARE70 to save 70% off BeautyCon Kits! (And free shipping on orders of $50+!)

The Box: Skincare Kit

The Cost: $25

Coupon: Use coupon code FLASH70 to save 70%

The Products:


  • Skinvolve Body Karate Cream
  • Deco Miami Cuticle Oil
  • Feel Brilliant Bamboo Active Charcoal Facemask
  • Garnier Mini Micellar Water
  • Mystic Tan Mocha-Kissed Bronzer Lotion
  • VersaSpa Gradual Tanning Face Moisturizer
  • Freeman Renewing Cucumber Peel-Off Gel Mask Sample
  • Garnier Micellar Water Wipes
  • LA Fresh Oil-Free Face Cleanser (Purple Pouch)
  • LA Fresh Instant Cooling Body Soother (Green Pouch)


The Box: Classic Kit

The Cost: $35

Coupon: Use coupon code FLASH70 to save 70%

The Products:

  • L’Oréal Voluminous Feline Mascara.
  • L’Oréal Voluminous Lash Primer
  • Luxie Rose Gold Tapered Highlighting Face Brush 522
  • Luxie Rose Gold Duo Fiber Powder Brush 516
  • Luxie Rose Gold Large Angled Face Brush 504
  • Simple Cleansing Wipe
  • Colourpop Beautycon Lippie Stick
  • Deco Miami Glass Nail File
  • NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil 630 Cashmere
  • NYX Illuminating Stick
  • Milani Cosmetics Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow (Bella Cappuccino)
  • Milani Cosmetics Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow (Bella Taupe)
  • OFRA Liquid Lipstick – Mocha
  • Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
  • Redken Fashion Waves Sea Salt Spray
  • Laser Kitten Lipstick Pin

The Box: Glam Kit

The Cost: $45

Coupon: Use coupon code FLASH70 to save 70%

The Products:

  • iSlay Flutter Lashes
  • Jonteblu Electric Blue Eyeliner
  • CoverFX Contour Brush
  • NYX Ombre Lip Duo Peaches & Cream
  • The BrowGal Convertible Brow Trio
  • The BrowGal Highlighter Pencil
  • Rimmel London The Only 1 Lipstick Pink A Punch
  • Makeupdrop Silicon Applicator
  • Ardell DUO Eyelash Glue
  • Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powder – Illuminati
  • Garnier Micellar Water Wipes
  • IBY Mineral Pressed Blush
  • Cargo Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette

Are you grabbing a kit?

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Comments (90)

  1. I got all three boxes today – they are even better in person! I don’t think I fully appreciated everything I would be getting when I saw them online.

    Very happy with this amazing value and purchase.

    • U might get box today of FedEx hasn’t updated. Estimated is end of day today but tracking still shows Illinois so here hoping. Excited for those brushes!!!

      • I might …

    • My shipping notification was Friday , November 24th asmnd that durn box is still in Illinois. Guess for 8 bucks shipping I can’t complain… so excited for this box …. hopefully by end of the week. Pennsylvania does have Fedex trucks … lol

  2. Got my order and a few boxes are missing although they are on the packing slip. Every time I order from them there’s some kind of issue. Their customer service is also very hard to communicate with and have not been very helpful so far. This is so frustrating.

  3. I received my package last week, with no issues at all. I didn’t use PayPal, however. I used my regular Visa card. It seems like most of the people with difficulty paid with PayPal, so perhaps that’s where the problem is. I don’t think Beautycon was trying to scam anybody.

    • I received all my Boxes yesterday and I had no issues. Are used PayPal and there hasn’t been a problem for me

  4. Hello, has anyone of you already receive their beautyconbox?… i paid thru paypal and they said didnt went thru but our bank got charge already.

    • I contacted PayPal and they said that my payment had been processed but that Beautycon had not verified or accepted the payment on THEIR end. WTH? Since payment was not claimed, I received a refund. What a stupid company.

      • Yeah. Me too. Its like almost everyday i followed up. I agree! We deserve refund. They said their company dont accept PAYPAL mode of payment. How come they have paypal options! Its like they only have one worker with different names. Such a waste of money and time. Should have used it to other subscription box like ipsy sephora and birchbox with excellent customer service !

      • @JACKIE Did they refunded you back already on your PAYPAL?

      • Yes, PayPal issued a full refund and the rep said she thought it was strange that a company this large was having to verify every purchase.

    • I haven’t received mine yet, they are en route. According to tracking I’ll receive my boxes on Thursday.
      I paid with a credit card.

    • My PayPal account is still showing a pending transaction. I sent a second note to customer service to see whether they are going to process or not. I really wonder why they had this option to pay if they don’t accept it and why they didn’t contact anyone that purchased that way.

      • Its like scamming lol

      • Did they refunded you back?

      • I received a message from customer service this morning saying they had an issue with PayPal payments which was escalated to management. They said they were working on resolution to the issue so the order could still be fulfilled. I had offered to pay by credit card instead and they said they could not accept a new payment method. I guess we will see what happens? I was really hoping to get these for stocking stuffers.

      • My payment went through on the 20th. It’s not showing as pending or anything. I filed a complaint with PayPal considering I haven’t gotten any kind of shipping notice or any confirmation from them. I also email customer service will see what they say.

      • I did get Fedex shipping notification from BeautyCon so they must have got their PayPal issues worked out.

  5. Got two skincare kits for $23 with shipping. One tube of the Body Karate is $40 alone and I love that stuff.

    • Any code should working?

  6. The Spring 2017 box is available. Hoping they continue adding old boxes.

    • I don’t see it there?.. Am only seeing Fall and Winter 2016, and Summer 2017.

  7. anyone have the most recent code? none of the ones mentioned are working

  8. Why r these codes not working? I’m aggravated ‘ and I want these boxes

    • DOWN70 just worked for me.

  9. None of the codes posted are working! (SHARE70, SAVE70, FLASH70)

    • I’m looking for a code too…I shared my cart, but haven’t received a new code…

      • The code is DOWN70.

        They don’t send it to you, it comes up on the screen after you share on Facebook.

      • Thank you!

  10. So shipping is free after $50 so I bought 5 classic kits, I am so excited to be able to give one to all the ladies I work with. it came out to be like $53! that’s amazing for everything in that box!

  11. I ordered 2 boxes. After reading some of the comments, I hope they don’t cancel or omit anything. Great deal and I’ll take the risk.

    • I already got my shopping confirmation via text, and I ordered one of each as gifts. So I’ll think you’ll be good!

      • I gitnshipping on Friday but box hasn’t moved yet … still says label made. Could be there at home waiting. I am so into those brushes!!! Now seriously eyeing the skincare box… I need help … lhivny name is Tanya and I am subscription junkie!

  12. Cool, got 2 skincare kits. These past two days have been terrible for my wallet.

  13. I have already received a shipping notice for my 3 boxes!!!

    • Me too!

    • Did you get an email your order was received? The only thing I received was the PayPal confirmation.

      • Yes, an email for confirmation and then shipping email and I sign up to get the shipping texts.

  14. Does anyone have a new code? None of these are working for me and I’m not able to share my cart.

    • Nvm. Did it from my computer and got it to share. The code is now SAVE70. Looks like they keep changing it. Literally had one of the previous ones applied and it stopped working.

      I love and hate this site – I spend way too much money!

    • Posted a reply but not sure if it went through.

      New code is SAVE70. Likely to change since they keep changing it.

      • Thank you for posting this! I was finally able to purchase a few.

      • Yay! Congrats!!

  15. The classic kit is now sold out.

    • Or they were out when the code stopped working. Now they appear to be back in stock.

    • Classic kit now shows available.

    • I just bought one! Luxie brushes are now sold at Nordstrom’s. Even with shipping, the cost of the one brush covers the box!!! At that price I won’t beat myself up … no business dropping a twenty bit it is well spent. Thanks Liz … You Rock!

  16. The Fall and Winter 2016 boxes and the Summer 2017 are all 70% off also, in case anyone didn’t get a chance to get them on the previous flash sale.

  17. I got six skincare boxes for gifting and one classic which I can’t decide whether to gift or keep. The skincare boxes were $7.50 each and I calculate a value over $84 and the classic was $10.50 with a value of over $174. My total was $55.50 so I got free shipping as well. The glam box was the only one that didn’t appeal to me due to the bright liner and lip colors. I like the palette but Boxycharm is keeping me good with palettes for now. Hope everyone gets what they ordered this time!

  18. I bought 5 boxes for $52 with free shipping. I got the two glam kits for my nieces, who started high school this year. These will be perfect Christmas gift since the girls can now wear makeup! I got my mom the skincare one. That’ll be perfect to throw in her gym bag. I’m gifting one skincare. And finally I got the classic kit for myself.

  19. I tried to purchase but it won’t recognize discount code…is there a trick? Lol!

    • I had to use BEAUTY70 to get the discount. Which their site gave me after I tweeted about the deal. It wouldn’t recognize the other.

  20. I bought the Glam and Classic. Going to keep the things I want for myself, give some stuff to my best friend if I think it’s stuff that she’ll like and then the rest is going in to a white elephant gift.

  21. I got 6 boxes – somebody please stop me XD

  22. I am getting charged $8 shipping when I have a total of $60 before the discount. Is anyone else having this problem, or am I doing something wrong?

    • I think it has to be $50 /after/ the discount

  23. Code is now SHARE70

    If that doesn’t work, you need to share it on facebook to get the most updated code.

  24. When I put the code in the shipping now jumped to $8.00!

  25. Share70 code

  26. I used a different code Beauty70 for it to work. I placed an order for two of them but then realized it was charging me five dollars in shipping so I had them cancel the order and ordered three of the classic and three of the glam and got free shipping

  27. Code isn’t working for me so weird. :/

    • Beauty70 I think too many people used the other code

      • I tried both of these and neither is working.

      • I had to share my checkout bag on FB to get the code to work.

  28. What an amazing deal! Added it up and the Retail value is WELL over $100. How long before these sell out usually?

    • RV for Classic

  29. Aww, I’m sad. I used the code and PayPal but after I checked out, I didn’t get the 70% off.

  30. It’s not letting me use this code

  31. Pass.. all repeats and all my Christmas shopping is done!

  32. I can’t get the flash70 code to work.

    • Answered my own question! Just shared the cart and got an new code “BEAUTY70”

  33. Pass. Last time I ordered one of each and they ended up refunding me for all but one. Of course, those who order multiples of everything never have a problem.

  34. I tried to order these and it is telling me that FLASH70 is not a valid discount code. 🙁

    • try BEAUTY70

      • Yep, BEAUTY70 worked! Got all three boxes, two tote bags, and a water bottle for $61. With three daughters, deals like this right before Christmas are awesome for stocking stuffers.

  35. I got the skincare kit and the classic kit and it was $25 after shipping.

  36. Got all three for $36.50
    That used to be the price of one box from them.

    I used to regret the fact that I found out about Beautycon very late in the game (the box I subscribed for turned out to be their last). But now, with the previous flash sale and this one, it turns out I am just getting all of their prior stuff at a deep discount. Works for me! 🙂

  37. Such a great deal, but still have a bunch of stuff from the last time I ordered these. As much as it pains me, I’m going to pass. Trying to get better with not buying items that’ll just sit there just because they’re cheap.

    • Ditto!

  38. Thanks for the heads up! I ordered the classic kit and the glam kit. These will make great presents. Just hope they can fulfill all the orders. Last time they had a flashsale, I was refunded for 2 boxes that they weren’t able to fulfill.

  39. Too good to pass up. I bought 4 boxes last time and they sent me one wrong box but balanced that out by sending an extra box. I grabbed a Glam box for the Cargo palette and a Classic box for the Luxie brushes.

  40. What is the amount to get free shipping?

    • Spend $50 and get free shipping.

      • Is it $50 after the 70% discount?

  41. I bought a classic kit and two of the skincare kit! $5.00 shipping and total was $30.50, such a great deal…the items listed better be in there this time, last sale they had, I was missing the l brush in all 3 boxes…I wrote to them and never heard back, but for such a low price it was not worth fighting over.

    • The shipping is $8 when I go to checkout… I think I’ll pass this time around..

  42. Wow! Such a great deal. I just ordered 2 Classic kits. Thanks for sharing the info!!

  43. Bought a classic kit just for the luxie brushes! Thank you MSA! 🙂

  44. Pass. Last time they had a deep discount they canceled boxes on me.

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