Beauty Report Limited Edition Sampling Box – Available Now!

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Thanks, Paige, for letting us know that the Beauty Report Limited Edition Box from New Beauty is available now!

The Box: Beauty Report Limited Edition Box

The Cost: $29

The Products: TBD but check out the spoilers from the last Beauty Report Limited Edition Boxes to get an idea of the types of products you can expect!

Are you grabbing a box? Want to see it reviewed?

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  1. I still haven’t received my order that was placed on Dec.3rd. Anyone else still waiting?

    • Yes, quite a few of us are. We are chatting about it on the most recent Beauty Report spoilers that Liz posted. I ordered on 12/06 and received my tracking number early this morning.

      • Finally received mine yesterday!

  2. Who does it show this box ships from? I have a fedex shipment that I can’t figure out and I think this is my only outstanding order except for my regulars.

    • New Beauty out of CT.

  3. There are def 6 full size items but I would consider saying even 7 or 8 due to the size and cost of the Cellex-C and another item. This is a really great box.

  4. It’s here! It’s here. First thing out of the box is Cellex-C starter kit $95 value expires 2019 and 2020!

    • Oohh what else????

      • Everything arrived in perfect condition. Nothing missing and expiration dates 2019-2020. 17 items as advertised. I think this shipped pretty quickly also. Inner foil seals on all but couple of small tubes. Seems like a huge improvement. I think it’s a nice variety of products. I love New Beauty Boxes. If something is wrong they always go above and beyond to fix it. Did anyone’s confirmation state anything other than Box 2?

    • Oh yea!!! So glad I ordered right away, when you have a sec can you list the other items I literally can’t wait until mine gets here on the 12th.

      • I’ve submitted other comments in general and those are not showing up.

      • Cellex-C starter kit $95
        Cuvée Beauty 4 ok haircare $8
        Dermelect exfoliating masque $10
        Doll 10 Masacra $18
        Grande Cosmetics Hydraplump $25
        LiftLab moisturizer $24
        Madison Reed S & C $6
        Miss Spa exfoliating booties $7
        Neocell Super Collagen Powder $15.95
        Neostrata neck cream $10.50
        PMD lip plumping Serum $15
        Purlisse BB TInted spf 30 $10
        Revision Skincare trio $10
        Scaraway $17.99
        SIO eye and smile patches $14.95
        Skin & Co truffle Serum $16.10
        Truist Skincare moisturizing gloves $14.99

        • I broke down and ordered one. Whatever else isn’t up my alley can always be added to gift bags, tis the season. 🙂 Thanks for listing the contents of yours, much appreciated.

        • Thanks for the spoiler, I think that this box includes a couple really cool products.

  5. I ordered this box, sight unseen, because despite all the bs everyone chatted about, the last box was well worth the money

    • Vicki,

      Just curious was the last box also a sampling box or an awards box that you are referring too? I haven’t seen any reviews for the sampling boxes…just awards boxes and the one offered with the dermaflash.

      • tbh, I am not sure what the box name was. It was the one that had the Dermaflash in it (which I did not receive). There was an expired, or soon to be expired sunscreen in it, which the company replaced with a nice face serum.

  6. They have a daily 365 giveaway and I won!! I’m getting a VIP bag with $575 worth of stuff, soooo excited. Definitely worth entering.

    • Congrats Monique!!! I used to do the daily giveaway, but gave up. I guess I should try to make that part of my daily morning routine again. 🙂

      • Thanks beautiful, I have only entered a few times when I really like the giveaway items. There’s some pretty cool stuff in there. I’m sooo excited, hopefully I can swap for some of my follows with what I don’t want.

        I’ve been following your Advent calendar revels, so excited for you and all of your fun goodies.

  7. I got an email that mine shipped today. I ordered one and email says Beauty Report Box 2. Soooo I guess there will be variations. Last time there were 3 versions with 2 being the same but for the first 500 who got the Dermaflash. Unless they meant 2 as second edition/second time Beauty Report has done a box? I just hope they are equally good. The last time there was a vast difference.

    • Out of curiosity, I checked both my order confirmation & shipping email, but neither of them had a number after the box. Maybe I’m getting box 1. 😉 It’ll be interesting to see if there are variations. 🙂

    • Did it say this…
      The following item on order 5160420174842xxxx (Confirmation number S099xxxx-1) was included in your shipment:

      I’m curious what that means?

      • Oh derrr, mine says that too. Now I see it. haha

        • But what was included with the shipment?? I’m so confused. As last time I was 1 of the first 500, but nothing like that was announced. So I don’t know what it means.

      • Yes. Exactly that. I’m thinking variations and this is the second.

    • Mine says Beauty Report Box 2 also, so perhaps it is referring to 2nd edition. When I track it, it says it weighs 2.6 lbs. I’m curious if everyone else’s package weighs the same?

    • I don’t think there are variations… I think it just means that this is Beauty Report Box #2. Last Beauty Report box was the first one, and now this is the second edition..

      • You know, I’m thinking that same thing too since I ordered the second their site was working, I also think they mean BR release box #2 as well vs variations. And since there was no first 500 get XYZ, I think it’s just the box of samples, new and probably repeats.

  8. Would like to know contents of this box or pic of contents before ordering!

  9. I couldn’t resist ordering. On Instagram they said there’s 17 deluxe and full sized items. I hate the delivery wait on these boxes, but opening them I’ve never been disappointed.

  10. I caved. I don’t have a great feeling about this one but was scared to pass it up so I got one. And one for my mom too. Eek!

  11. OMG! how do I contact them? My CC expiry date in 2025 and their drop down only goes to 2024 :0

    • I know right? I had to search for my other card with a lower expiration date.LOL

  12. I’m fighting FOMO right now…..I’m worried it will win.

  13. I couldn’t resist guys… i couldn’t resist!!! What is this MSA sorcery???

  14. The copy states “try your favorite brands from the latest Beauty Report issue” This leads me to believe that we can peruse the New Beauty magazine we received with our last box and get some clues as to what will be included in the box.
    Any guesses?

    • The Beauty Report has its own magazine but is part of New Beauty magazine. I think it is around $5.95 an issue. Last time that magazine did show things from the boxes we received. I’ll have to check Barnes & Noble for the latest issue.

      • Good call. I’ll be near a Barnes & Noble tomorrow, so I’ll make sure to see if they’re carrying the latest issue of Beauty Report. 🙂

  15. Argh. Gotta have it. I must.

  16. uuuugggghhhh! i bought one! i didn’t need one, and am a little worried after the summer box, BUT, i am hoping this one will be as glorious as the winter box last year! i am still in awe of that box! *fingers crossed, ladies!*

  17. Yes. Please please review!

  18. I got one:)

  19. Umm….of course I’m getting it!!!!!! >.<

  20. With free shipping… Well dang, can’t refuse that lol

  21. Will this box have spoilers?

    • I want to know too!

  22. Well poop. I remember all the hype last time, yes, I was one who got the Derma-flash, so I ordered two of these. Then I went and looked at the review on the last one. There I was, the first comment on the page, telling about the drama I had and that they were going to send me a replacement box. They NEVER did. I should have looked before I lept. Hopefully no expired, soured or broken items this time.

    • I would have liked to seen a review of the last sampling box I think it was this past Summer for $29….I couldn’t find a review on MSA for that one.

      • I never saw a review either. I came out in April. It was under Beauty Report Limited Edition. The first 500 got a dermaflash. It had an expired sunscreen (they sent a replacement item), a couple of broken items and a hand cream that smelled like it had been filtered through gym socks.

        • Heather,

          The limited addition with the first 500 getting the Dermaflash was reviewed on here. There were 3 different boxes A, B and C.

          There was another sampling box that I seen come out after those for $29 and I believe it was called a sampling box either way I don’t need any samples.

          • Oh, I never saw the sampling one! Hah! I also didn’t see the review of the one I got, just the full spoilers on all of them. Oh well, hopefully they do better this time (no broken or expired stuff, not that broken is completely their fault though). I hope it is more like the Limited one rather than just all samples. That would actually suck if it was all samples, but then again, with a 300+ value, they theoretically should be some pretty high end samples, or just a boat-load of them. It all lies in the eyes of the beholder. LOL

  23. I just ordered. Hope that is all the deals I want. I need to but my credit card on ice.

    • Someone on the forums recommended doing just that…freezing your credit cards in a block in the freezer as a deterrent. Come 2018, I might just be doing that and going back to cash!

      • That’s what I’m thinking about doing. I’ve not been this bad with wanting everything in ages. 🙂

    • Oh my gosh! I need to do that too! My Visa, Target, and Nordstrom are going to be cut up by my husband if I don’t watch out. These BF, Cyber Monday and GWP deals are too good to pass up.

  24. It about time!!! This box was supposed to be released on Black Friday.. I have been checking and waiting for it ALL weekend. Probably over 100 times, if it was released yet…lol. It was driving me nuts because I really wanted this box. Then this morning, they sent me an email saying that this box was sold out or discontinued. So I figured that being they never released it yet, that they just wern’t going to at all… I’m so happy they finally released it! YIPPY!! I ordered two… ALL for me!

    • Melissa,

      Do you have any idea if it’s going to be mostly deluxe samples or more details?

      • I believe they said it’s going to be mostly deluxe sample sizes with a couple full sized. That’s what the original advertisment said anyway… As for the items it contains, I’m not sure, but I do know that they said that this box is back by popular demand, based on the original Beauty report box. So, it may have some repeats, or it may contain new items? I’m just not sure. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

        • Melissa,

          Thank you…you actually helped to clarify a lot.

          • This is right from their page where they are advertising this box…”Back by popular demand comes the limited-edition BeautyReport Box. Enjoy full- and deluxe-size samples from the brands you’ve read about!” So, yes.. some full sizes and deluxe!!

          • Melissa,

            Cool…happy for those who need it. I hope it gets reviewed.

  25. Ordered!! Yay!! I absolutely love anything from New Beauty/Test Tube!!!

  26. OH nooo I can’t purchase anymore.. Is there free shipping on this one??

    • Oh duh okay I see there is… Thank you, beauty report, but my bank account is very angry with me right now! lol

  27. Wish we knew if there are any full sizes….In the past it seems some of these are good and others not so much. Can’t really go by the rv.

    • This “Beauty Report Box” is more deluxe size/trial size and the “Beauty Choice Awards Box” was more full size, but cost more money.

      • Thanks for clarifying….I don’t need any samples I have plenty. Than I guess they haven’t came out with an awards box since 2015.

        • I bought the ‘Beauty Choice Awards Box’ this year – in July 2017 and received it in August…

          • Oh…guess I missed that one. I hope it was a good one? I guess it didn’t get reviewed?

        • In the search function on this site search for “Beauty Choice Awards Box” and all of the spoiler updates pop up from July. They are not listed under the link she provides above because it is probably filtered under “Beauty Report”…

          • Laura,

            I was able to find it that way….I hope this box gets reviewed.

  28. this box was such a disappointment last year and very confusing if i remember correctly. gonna skip.

  29. The hits just keep coming just when I thought I was done! HA

    • LOL – I feel the same way, I am trying to figure out which boxes to skip and cancel next month because of all the shopping

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