Allure Beauty Thrills Box December 2017 – Available Now!

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The December Allure Beauty Thrills Box is available now! (Thanks for the heads up, Susan!)

The cost is $49.95 + $10 shipping.

The December Beauty Thrills Box  includes:

  • AVEENO® Absolutely Ageless™ Eye Cream
  • CABOODLES® Sparkle and Shine™ Five-Piece Travel Set
  • CHAPSTICK® Total Hydration Moisture + Tint in Hello Bordeaux
  • FREEMAN Feeling Beautiful Green Tea & Orange Blossom Peel-Off Gel Mask GRANDELIPS Hydrating Lip Plumper in Lust Red
  • HASK Greek Yogurt with Blueberry & Acai Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner
  • INCOCO Nail Polish Appliqué in Sparkle On
  • LANEIGE Water Pocket Sheet Mask – Water Sleeping Mask
  • LECHAT Dare to Wear® Nail Polish in Cherry Cosmo
  • LE PETIT MARSEILLAIS™ Orange Blossom Extra Gentle Shower Crème Body Wash
  • L’ORÉAL PARIS Hydra Genius Liquid Moisturizer for Normal/Dry Skin
  • MILANI Make It Dewy 3-In-1 Setting Spray Hydrate + Illuminate + Set
  • NEUTROGENA® Light Therapy Acne Mask
  • NOT YOUR MOTHER’S Naturals Linseed Chia Blend & French Plum Seed Oil Volume Boost Tapioca Dry Shampoo
  • N07 Airbrush Away Original Primer OR N07 Airbrush Away Pore Minimising Primer OR N07 Airbrush Away Radiance Boosting Primer
  • PACIFICA Rainbow Crystals Liquid Mineral Strobe Multi-Use Highlighter
  • PAULA’S CHOICE Sun 365 Self-Tanning Concentrate
  • ROC® RETINOL CORREXION® MAX Daily Hydration Crème
  • SIMPLE® Skincare Water Boost™ Micellar Cleansing Water
  • TOM’S OF MAINE® Long Lasting Wild Lavender Natural Deodorant
  • VITABATH® Foaming Bath Bomb

FYI – the Allure Beauty Thrills box is separate from Allure’s monthly subscription box – check out our Allure Beauty Box reviews for more info.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Any news on 2018 Beauty Thrills Boxes?

  2. I saw there was a lot of delays in the shipping. A little bit after I placed my order I called to see if there was a backorder or something, just so I knew what to expect. The man was so rude. Was hesitant to answer any questions. He was dimissive. He didn’t give his name. I simply asked if I should expect a delay so I wasn’t constatantly checking for it. I was ok with waiting I just wanted to know. He ultimately hung up on me. Be warned the customer service is not great. I then wrote an email explaining my experience and never got anything back. I am very dissappointed. #AllureFail

    • Does anybody know when the 201i boxes are coming out?

      • I was just wondering the same thing. I haven’t seen any adds in the magazine. There will usually be a 1/2 or 1/4 page add in the magazine 1 month before the sale. I never received an invite to pre-order all 3 boxes for the year. That usually comes in March. Weird.

  3. My bonus thrills box from the 3-month BF deal came today(!), and I know it’s not the December thrills box because I just received that one yesterday (no issues with mine thankfully). Just thought I’d share since a lot of us on the BF deal were left hanging on when we’d get that bonus box.

    (btw, I don’t know which box I got. I’m at work right now, and the person who received it at my house said it was quite heavy, so I don’t doubt it’s the October box with all of the Wen products in it.)

    • what was the black Friday offer and how did you get it?

      i keep seeing posts referring to it but never saw anything about it anywhere.

      glad you got it finally….

  4. How many No 7 products are included the box?

    • just one. small 30 ml size.

      the description on the ad says one of 3 options.

      curious, have other who have received this product liked it?

      i usually love No 7 products but found this one a bit thick and sludgy. i am using the N07 Airbrush Away Original Primer now.

      to be honest it is so cold outside that i am slathering on a lot of moisturizer so
      perhaps the moisturizer isn’t working with the primer.

      directions say to moisturize as usual though. Maybe i should try it with No 7 serum.

      • Thank you for answering. I noticed the above description says one of 3, but someone on this discussion mentioned they got 2 so that’s why I was a little confused. And of course now I just noitced they said they bought 2 boxes. D’oh!

  5. My box didn’t have the red nail polish. No substitution item was enclosed, but I wouldn’t have used the nail polish anyway.

    • Mandy you should reach out to…

      Allure Customer Service can be reached at
      [email protected] or 1-877-356-9904.

      the October replacements i received were different and better than the item that was missed… worth a shot IMHO. the items I received were worth $50 and $80. not saying that will happen here but it might we worth the email. good luck! 🙂

  6. Just wondering- Why is this box promoted but not reviewed now?

  7. both boxes. arrived today. Complete, no missing or damaged items.

    The No 7 products are 30 ml…i think that is sample sized but if that
    is the case they are large. i was lucky enough to get one regular primer and one pore minimizing primer.

    this is the best box we have received in a while. Glad i ordered the second.

  8. Called on the 9th, have my box delivered today. It’s complete and no damage.

    I had NO shipping notice at all. Now, have to call the Allure CS people about my 3 Jan. Allure red beauty boxes- as they have my log ins all messed up on their site.

    I am thinking Allure CS is MY own personal Glossybox CS. Arrgghh.

    • Did you get the most recent beauty thrills box…or an older one? I’m still (im)patiently waiting for mine that was ordered 11/23/17. 🙁

    • Is this page just filled with nonstop complainers?

      • stick with this box a while, you’ll be complaining like the rest of us.

        • 😀 ;D – AMEN SAM!

        • 🙂

        • Sam couldn’t agree more 😉

          i defy people not to complain when something you ordered arrives 7-8 weeks late!

  9. Whoever lit the fire under the right people’s hind ends, thank you! I have a tracking number to my beauty thrills box! I preordered for the year.

    • YES! I ordered the DEC THRILLS on NOV 24. I finally got my shipping email this morning on Jan 11.

    • Has anyone received the free Black Friday Thrills box?

  10. Received my shipping notice today for the December box. Ordered on Nov 23.

    • Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah!

      2 December thrills boxes ordered and 2 separate tracking numbers received

      maybe we all should have started calling last month. 🙂

      • I think some were calling but we were getting the run around. I feel they could not fulfill our orders and that is why they were currently offering it for sale again.maybe they received more funds recently and can now fulfill the older orders. At this point we will never know for sure. Overall I would again recommend start calling them to hopefully iniatiate a tracking number.

        • yes they were giving lame answers,.

          But i think the calls today helped….. they can’t get that many calls without
          calling it out to management.

          hoping that nothing is missing or broken 😉

    • I received the tracking email tonight! I ordered on November 23rd and had emailed customer service today. So I don’t know if they shipped the box because of my email or if it is just a coincidence. What a hassle we’ve been through!

      • Received my box today, January 11th! Finally! I ordered November 23rd. Everything is in perfect condition.

    • I got my shipping email today too! I did the prepay option, and I never called CS (I was just going to ride it out until the end of the month to see what happens). Now I just need my free thrills box from the BF deal.

    • Hmmm. I ordered 11/24….no shipping as of yet. I’m in Chicago…

      • Same here… who should I email?

        • Update. I just got my shipping email today Jan 11! (i ordered on 11/24)

  11. Just received notice that my December box has finally shipped like many people here ordered and was charged November 23.

  12. Hi everyone. I just called CS. I live in Louisiana so it’s 6:15 CST and got thru with ease. Told them I ordered on 11/23 and was charged same day. Was told my box was in warehouse and would ship this week and once it did, would receive tracking number. Hope that is good news for those of you still waiting. I too am completely frustrated with this. And get this, before call ended, tried to sell me the yearly one for a friend or family member!!?! Wanted to say no but hell no! Wouldn’t want this headache again. 🤢

    • thanks becca. 🙂

      that is what i was told earlier today.

      however, others have gotten very different answers which is adding to the confusion.

      I am hoping that there will be something more official soon.

    • I just called and got a response that my box did ship and usps hasn’t delivered it yet. She didn’t know why. This is bull. She said she will send out a reship and if I don’t get my box one the next two weeks to call back. I said did they really ship it or do they not have the products. She said they wouldn’t sell something if they didn’t have it. More bull. I asked when they are going to be honest and let us know what is really going on. No response. I’m basically at the point of disputing those with my cc company. What a bummer.

    • Just got my shipping confirmation and tracking number. FINALLY. I ordered in 12/2. Hope everyone else gets theirs this week too

    • Just received a shipping confirmation and a tracking number. Hope everyone gets theirs too . I ordered my box in 12/2.

    • I just called again for a second time to see what the response would be. The first call the rep said she would send a reship and there would be no tracking number. I finished with her and decided I would call again to see what the next two would tell me. They told me another reship was in process. I started questioning the rep in a nice way she had no answers except to get a supervisor on the phone and put me on hold. While in hold I received an email from them that my box us being shipped and I have a tracking number. Even though they said they would not provide one on a reship. Now I feel that they are really shipping out my final box and never did previously. I highly recommended you call and me you hopefully get a tracking email right away. I will wait for this and let you ladies know if I received mine. Wow this is so much work and a disappointment.

  13. Liz, Do you have a contact at Allure that can give you any insight on this December Thrills box and if/when we will EVER get it?

  14. Just got off the phone with cs member Vincent His extension is 2100 and he is VERY NICE AND HELPFUL. He said I could give his name and extension to people who are having no luck getting their paid boxes.
    What he told me is this-IF your box has not arrived, and there was never a shipping notice, it is because they ran out of stock.

    He said the box sold out almost immediately. I wonder how many MSA readers DID get their boxes, because it seems a ton of us didn’t.

    They are offering immediate refunds for people who are contacting them, of course, but MAY have more stock/ other stock to fill the orders. I didn’t get a clear idea of whether that meant all the orders, or people who offer to take substitutions, like I did ( I do NOT need an Acne mask that lights up at age 59, for example LOL).

    I’d actually rather have a Mystery Box from them if they will take my skin type into consideration. I’ll update this as I know more.

    Mandy G.

    • Thank you so much for the contact info, I also pre ordered last year all 4 and never got a shipping notice . I also did the buy 3 months of the monthly and get a free mystery box and have gotten nothing. I hope to call Vincent tomorrow I will post here with the outcome of the call.

      • Your December Beauty Thrills Box Has Shipped! Came in at 8:18 pm today with a tracking number !! Now I just have to get the mystery box from the black Friday sale .

    • I don’t believe that the December Thrills box has sold out because they are still selling it. Just another lie in my opinion.

    • I don’t doubt that he told you that but it doesn’t make sense to me that they ran out of stock from overselling. Why is the box still for sale then? And why didn’t at least the people that ordered all 4 boxes in May get their boxes? I have ordered a lot of these boxes over the years and it has never taken this long to get my box. First the Walmart box is 3 months late and now this. Don’t sell something that you don’t have! I did receive my mystery box the end of December. I emailed today just to let them know I am concerned about not receiving it yet.

      • Linda i agree.

        they kept sending emails to offer the boxes; they would not keep selling a box that sold out almost immediately.

        I was told that the fulfillment list was printed backwards ….that meant that the solo boxes would have been fulfilled prior to my yearly subscription box.

        and that is what the customer service rep saw…. my 11-25 order on it’s way (whatever that means) nothing shows up for my may 8th yearly subscription order

      • Didn’t receive an email, but according to the post office, I have a package coming from Glendale Heights, Illinois. Finally!

  15. I did not get my December box either. All prepaid back in May. Couldn’t find a phone number to call for info. Can anyone provide a phone number so I can track my box?


    Has anyone received their Delivery of the December Thrill box this week?

    if you have, can you provide a shipping address?

    • I have not received the December Thrills box yet. So irritated with Allure! But I received the mystery box right before Christmas. The return address on the box was Iowa but the tracking showed from Illinois.

    • I’m wondering what they would do if people started showing up at the corporate office asking for their boxes….

      • just called customer service for the first time

        I was told my November order is on it’s way to the warehouse and there is a tracking number in the works. mmmm, ok.

        they were very friendly and said someone printed out the orders backwards…
        can’t figure how that caused a delay …. so just load the damn boxes and ship them.
        we can’t tell what the shipping order is anyway.

        so my May 8th order fulfillment will happen after my November 25th order fulfillment.

        • I just called and was told no update on the Black Friday box or the December box. Just depends who you talk to.

        • Can you please share the contact phone number for Allure beauty thrill boxes?

          • Phone number is 1-877-356-9904. It’s on the order page of the box. Let us know what they tell you. I emailed them this morning.

          • Customer Service can be reached at [email protected]
            or 1-877-356-9904.
            ©2017 Allure BeautyBox Terms |Privacy |California Privacy Rights | Contact

            from the order confrimation

  17. I still haven’t received the box and I prepaid for the year. I should have been at the top of the mailing list. I email “customer service” very week and am told every single time that they have no information to give me. I’ve never encountered such poor customer service in my life. Allure should be embarrassed.

    • I agree. I also pre ordered in the beginning of the year. Never had a shipment issue. Its strange I ordered an additional Dec. Box because I wanted to order a mystery box. Got the mystery box and did get a Dec box but I am still waiting on the extra Dec Box. And it is bothersome that another email has gone out to be able to order these Dec boxes again. Why would I have received a Dec box and not too many others have. It is annoying but the price of the box is so worth the products inside. Lets keep our fingers crossed. Good luck to everyone.

    • I prepaid 4 the year also. They should have at least sent out an email explaining the delay.

      • i have to laugh.

        Even if ALLURE sent me my boxes i wouldn’t have gotten them.

        haven’t had a mail delivery since Wednesday.

        i understood why there was no mail delivery on Long Island during the white out conditions during the bomb cyclone on Thursday but it apparently was too cold to deliver mail on Friday and Saturday.

        I was born and raised in Wisconsin and while it’s really cold on LI, i grew up with weather like this. for 3-5 months a year! and the road conditions on Long Island are pretty decent as well. been on the road since Friday AM.

        So is this type of thing happening in the upper Midwest now?? USPS just doesn’t delivery mail when they think it’s too cold? ( i am not talking below zero temps with wind chill of -30. that is severe.)

        I somehow doubt that the USPS stops delivery in North Dakota, Minnesota or Northern Wisconsin or the upper peninsula of Michigan when it’s 20 degrees, and sunny with a bad wind chill ( wind gusts = zero wind chill). people wouldn’t get prescriptions or bills and there would be hell to pay.

        maybe we will get something next week….

    • I was told over 2 weeks ago my box was shipping. To date I still have no tracking information and no box. I prepaid for the entire year as well. I have enjoyed the boxes but I will never order from Allure again. It’s just to frustrating!

    • You think they would at least mail an update to everyone who ordered. So strange. I am thinking… oh it could have been delivered, but stolen off my porch. We have no idea.

    • Me too, me too! I signed up for a full year. You should have seen my last season box. It looked like a returned box. When I mentioned it, they just said they would bring it up to the curator – they should have offered to replace. And still no box for this season.

  18. allure just sent out another email that says last chance to buy the December thrills box.


    No wonder customer service has no info about shipment.


    and the person who was told they needed to order more product: HOGWASH.

    Would love it if Allure would have the integrity to give honest info.

    • Got the same email and boy am I glad I came here to double check exactly what was in the box. Reading the comments, I am staying the hell away from them. I ordered once before, and that will be all the business I will ever give them. Sick of these companies that lie and also cannot get their stuff in order. It’s just not worth it. I’d now rather pay full price and just not have to deal with the nonsense.

      • I only just received an e-mail within the last 20 minutes about the January box (what’s in it, etc). Nothing about the Thrills box… this scares me, because I only want January’s box and this is my first Allure purchase (as a sub and the only month I want).

        Someone please tell me when I should cancel the box so I don’t get charged again. I don’t know when they ship, either…. think they said second week for the regular sub? :/

      • Just an FYI…..the monthly box is completely different than the Thrills box. I haven’t really had problems with the monthly box, just not having problems with this Dec Thrills box that I bought earlier in the year when I purchased them for the entire year.

        • Thanks. I realize it’s different, but reading all of these horror stories makes me wonder about their monthly sub! Yikes! Thanks for quelling my fears, though, about this month’s box. <3

          • the thrills boxes are handled differently than the monthly boxes.

            i have been getting the allure monthly boxes since 2008 – they were allure beauty bar boxes then- and never had a problem with the delivery of the Allure monthly boxes.

            And to be honest , the thrills boxes never had delivery issues until about 2-3 years ago. been getting thrills boxes since 2008 as well.

            I know we will all get the boxes EVENTUALLY…. but the advertising in the magazine and web pages say allow 7-10 days for delivery.

            that is what has me PO’d…. THAT and the things customer service is telling people .

          • I don’t know why I can’t respond to Wordsone, but yes- I just don’t appreciate that they say 7-10 days on this and I think it took a month and a half to receive my July “Thrills” box.

          • The monthly allure subscription box comes like clockwork. You will see a charge in your bank account around the 5th-8th or so and then it delivers by the 15th or so… (depending on where you are located), These Thrills boxes get released four times a year and are so strange! The delivery for Thrills takes forever, and this Dec Thrills has been the longest wait this year.

  19. Question for the people who have received the December Thrills box: when did you order? I ordered 11/23/17 and haven’t received it yet. I have received the mystery box. Thanks!

    • i ordered all 4 for the year on May 8th and a second box on November 25th.

      Certainly enough time to plan fulfillment better. huge snowstorm today so even if it made it to my local post office it’s doubtful that they would deliver this in white out conditions.

      • I also ordered all four in May and the Black Friday box. I have not received either one. The last time I called I was told the 2nd or 3rd week of January. Seems like it’s always a different answer. Must have patience. lol


          this was supposed to be given as Christmas presents so it makes no difference to me when it arrives now.

          just tired of the Fulfillment ineptitude.

          I just wonder how ALLURE did this for some many years with 2 to 2 times the product?
          I used to get them from Connecticut a day or two after we ordered them. they must have gotten rid of the people who used to manage these boxes. oR ceased to care about them.

    • Has anyone received the Thrill box from Black Friday? It seems the mystery boxes have been shipped. These seem to be ordered after the black Friday boxes. Curious

    • I ordered mine on 11/24/17 and I haven’t received my box either. I think I’m going to dispute the charges with my credit card company.
      I can’t believe they are still selling these with the promise of 7-10 day shipping. It’s not how a reputable company does business.

  20. I called today about my box and finally was told that by the time I had ordered on cyber Monday, they had ran out of a few products and had to order more from the makers, which is taking longer than usual to restock. So at least that is better than the standard “we have no information…”

    • I think they might have not told you the whole truth with that statement. I pre-ordered for the year, I have no information as to when my box will be shipping. So I don’t think it matters if you ordered from any other offer. The last I hear was on Monday that in two days I should get a shipping notice but, I didn’t…

      • What they told Nicole.. meaning: they cannot start to ship all the boxes out until they have all the products to put in all of them. They must have oversold and were short on some of the items. That is probably what the delay is.

    • I actually received an email a few hours ago that my box has shipped and is on its way. However I did place this order back in the beginning of the year and recently I also ordered an additional December box and a Thrills box haven’t had a shipping confirmation on this yet so at least it’s good news that one of my December boxes is on its way and they gave me a tracking number.

      • That is great news! I ordered for the entire year back in May and then I also ordered boxes for all three of my daughters and Mystety boxes for all three as well. So far the only thing that has been received are two of the mystery boxes. If I don’t get tracking notifications for the remaining items within the next few days, I am going to dispute those charges with my credit card company. That will definitely light a fire under their feet.

        • This is criminal. Don’t do it. It’s credit card and business fraud.

          • Happy New Year everyone!
            anyone else get a shipping notice? I didn’t.

            Roberta, i am not understanding why you think it’s fraudulent to dispute a charge.

            actually it’s only criminal if you receive the goods and accept a refund and say that you never rec’d the goods. THATS FRAUD

            you can dispute a charge for an item that has been billed and not been received and request that the charge be rebilled when the goods are shipped. You are the charge card customer so they remove the charge during the dispute.

            The charge card reviews the purchase with the biller to check if they have committed a fraudulent sale. if not you are rebilled.

            It’s a dispute, not a charge back.. the credit card mediates the transaction.

            i am not disputing this even though i ordered all 4 in may and a 2nd on November 29th.

            HOWEVER, if i haven’t received anything by February and there
            is still confusion at Allure you better believe i will be trying to
            resolve this some how.

            hoping this ships this week….

          • To: Wordsone. There is no rlly button to you.

            What she is proposing is both ethically and morally wrong! She already took partial delivery and is stating she is doing this to “push them”. That is WRONG!

          • How is this fraud? I am an attorney in CA and I can tell you it’s absolutly not a crime to report this to your credit card company.

          • She said she was going to dispute “those charges” . I took that to mean for the boxes she didn’t receive…..not the 2 mystery boxes she did receive….NO FRAUD in that.

      • So I did receive my box today all the items listed are what I received exactly. After I receive my additional see box and the thrills box I will be done ordering these.

        • sorry, think all of this cold weather has fogged up my brain 😉

          Are you saying that you received your December thrills box today?

          An with all items intact and nothing missing like the October box?

          If so was it delivered by the post office?

          hope you are someplace warmer than I!

          • Yes by the usps. I am in PA and it is brutally cold. I hope more of you start getting shipping notifications soon.

          • I am also in PA and asked when I could expect to receive my box. I received an email that they have no information on when my box will be shipping, and apologized. I hope if they don’t send this, they do send me a box whenever, as I also subscribed for four boxes for 2017 and have only received 3.

        • You received the December Thrills box above on 1/2/18? …or you got your $35 mystery box (which was the May box)?

          • Yes received Dec. Box yesterday and my mystery box today with no tracking notification. Lastly waiting on 1 additional Dec. Box

      • I’m amazed. I now also received my mystery thrills box which is from May. I like this box and glad I got this one. They didn’t send me any tracking information for it. Now all I have left to receive is the additional December box. If there are any extra items in this May box I will post it. Can’t check it right now since I am at work.

  21. I see people have been getting their additional Mystery Boxes, but still no word on the actual December Thrills above (since Nov 23)? This is crazy.

    • I just called again on the status, as I also received the mystery box but NO beauty thrills box. Was told it is STILL in warehouse mode and not being shipped yet. A supervisor is supposed to contact me. Insane.

      • thanks for the updates!

    • What is the Mystery Box? I did the pre-order for the years worth of beauty thrills boxes. Is the mystery box separate, party of the regular beauty boxes or inclusive of the years worth of beauty boxes subscription/pre-order?
      Also I haven’t received my December Beauty Thrills box nor have I received any sort of notification of any kind on it.

      • People who purchased the December Thrills box were given the option of adding on a Mystery Box for $35.99 more. As far as I know you cannot buy the Mystery Box alone but that really isn’t fair to the people who participated in the pre-order. So maybe call or email Allure to see if you can buy the bonus box because you pre-ordered the year of boxes. The Mystery Box is the May Thrills box plus 5-6 extra items. Definitely worth $35.99. Nobody has received the December Thrills box yet as far as I know. Also, Allure did not send an email about the Mystery Box shipping.

  22. I’m still waiting for my box. No shipping information available per Allure and “no information” to give me. I prepaid for the year. I should have been one of the first to receive a box. I’ve now resorted to swearing at them in my email communications and threatening a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. I have this issue with every box. The customer service is horrible and they never have an answer for me.

  23. Has anyone gotten their December box yet? I still haven’t gotten mine and I’m really getting sick of calling and emailing them. No one can seem to tell me why they haven’t shipped my box.

    • just looked up last years posts to see when they were received.

      people started to get on the 23rd. i got mine on the 24th.

      With coupons on the back of press on nails that expired on 12-31-16. and i was missing something from the box.

      lousy week to ship anything. wish they could plan these better.

    • These Thrills boxes take forever to ship. I have ordered them all this year except October and they have all been this way…. Even when I get the shipping, it takes another week to get to me.

    • Yes I got mine today actually worth the wait 🙂

      • Did you receive all 3 N07 Airbrush Away Or just one

    • Today I received the May box, which I am assuming was the mystery box. No word on the December box though, and I never received a shipping email about this box that has already been received.

      • Ooooh! I hope I also get the May box as my mystery box! That’s the one I didn’t order this year! I actually thought we’d be getting October boxes for the mystery box since it said 19 piece. Either way, that’s cool!

      • Where did your box come from? According to the post office, I’m getting a package on Friday from Glendale Heights, IL. I’m not expecting anything except the Beauty Thrills and the mystery box so hoping it’s one of them. Of course I haven’t received an email from Allure.

        • That’s Allure

        • Received the mystery box today. I think there are 22 items from the May Beauty Thrills box plus another 5 items. Definitely a good deal for $40. So glad to get another Wen body treatment. I will use over half of the stuff so that’s great. Still no word on the December box. I’m just glad to get one box considering how slow Allure is.

      • I also received the May box as my mystery box. I had not gotten this box before. There were 28 items in it. 5 were extras that were not in the booklet. I am glad I got this. Still waiting on my December box.

        • That is exactly what I got too! Definitely worth the $40! Not sure where it shipped from, I already threw away the box.

          • anyone get the December thrills box yet? hoping to at least get delivery next week
            before my family get together on the 30th. there are gifts in there.

    • And….another late delivery for this Allure Thrills box… they used to call this the holiday box.
      guess the holiday is Valentine’s day now. 🙂 😉 Merry Christmas everyone.

    • I bought on cyber Monday and still no shipping notice. They won’t tell me anything either

      • I purchased on 11/23/17. I think this was the first day available. And I have not received it yet. As far as I know nobody has received the December box. I did receive the mystery box that I ordered the same day but have not received an email from Allure that it has mailed. Typical for Allure.

        • i bought this is May as all 4 boxes and bought another for gifts after i saw the products.

          i wonder if they are waiting for delivery of the items.
          they were missing an item from the October boxes and got a lot of calls

    • This is taking so long and why can’t they just be upfront and honest to appease us. After this shipment I am finished dealing with this. I ordered 2 December boxes and 1 mystery. Most of the time the boxes are def worth the price but I am stocked and could care less anymore. They have literally taken the “thrills” out of any future purchase from me. Sorry just needed to get this off my chest. And yes I understand its a busy time of year but they should have planned better in the future. And should be more detailed when calling customer service.

      • i don’t think anyone who manages fulfillment follows up with customer service to let them know if there is lateness or missing product.

        and i doubt that they have anyone in the Allure offices this week to ask.

    • My reply from them this morning when I sent a message asking if and when I would be receiving my box…..

      Dear Subscriber:

      Thank you for contacting Allure Beauty Thrills.
      We do not have an anticipated date when you will receive this box.

      We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

      Really? You don’t have any idea when I will receive a box that I already paid for?????

      • SIGH…………That is JUST so wrong.
        and so tiresome.

        i have been buying these since 2008.
        had enough!

      • Ha ha ha I got the same email! I paid the yearly rate for all the 2017 boxes and all I get is a “no clue” Email. This is SO frustrating!

  24. I called Friday. They said they were in “warehouse” code. Evidently they must not stay in warehouse mode long. The lady I spoke with said that they should be shipped by Monday or Tuesday at the latest to be able to get here by Christmas. Well, it’s Monday and I don’t have any shipping info.

    • I’m in the same boat….called last week to get shipping info, as I ordered and was charged via credit card on Nov 23rd. This will be the last time I order this stuff. Crappy service!

    • I don’t have my box either! They told me they were shippping out this week but I’m not counting on it.


    Received an email this morning….

    “Get $280+ in Beauty Products for just $49.95 – While Supplies Last!”
    if they haven’t sold all of the Thrills boxes, I doubt they are making a big push for Christmas delivery.

    i did get a shipping notice for my monthly box and have always thought that the monthly fulfillment took precedence over the thrills box. I believe i have always received the THRILLS shipping notice after the monthly box shipping notice .

    could be wrong about that though.

    • I got the email too but when I clicked on it to buy it the October box came up. Definitely didn’t want that one. I went thru here to get to the correct web page to buy it! It’s a Christmas present for myself so I’m not too concerned with when it comes but I can understand people being upset they haven’t gotten theirs yet when they ordered early!

  26. I still don’t have my box. Has anyone received theirs yet?

    • Not yet!

  27. Hey everyone! I ordered mine on November 23rd and was charged and still no email or anything!? I am gonna be on vacation during the Christmas holidays and I’m worried it will show up while I’m gone. Signed up for the advanced payment boxes last year. Got duped and said never again. Then this box showed some new stuff and told myself I would give them another chance. Now seriously NEVER AGAIN after this!! Lol.

    • Becca … ups my choice says it allows you to reroute packages to another address.

      i have never used that so i have no clue how that works but it might be worth a try.

      Allure is so sloppy with these boxes! anyone else remember the old days when they had 3 times the number oF luxury products and responsible fulfillment??? and they cost $39.00!

      • wordsone, thank you for the info! I will look into it. But seriously, they are just losing customers if they continue to be so lax! Well I hope all y’all get your Box before Christmas! 🙏🏼

        • good luck becca. i am not holding my breath. i am resigned to a January
          delivery if they are still packing the boxes. sigh.

  28. Still no box!! not a happy camper. will never order this again. Ordered on 12/2 in plenty of time for Christmas. Still nothing. AND they already charged my credit card, which they are not supposed to do until item is shipped. I know email I got when I ordered says no refunds but I will definitely be disputing this charge with my cc company. It was a xmas gift so I no longer want it.

    • This would be credit card fraud. You ordered the gift NOT knowing exact delivery. So did I.

      You know darn well it is coming and yes, even on Amazon you pay immediately before shipping.

      You’ll be committing fraud with this claim I suspect. No different than ANY other website you buy from.

      • Said delivery would be in 7-15 days. Obviously that is not the case so it would be fraud on their part, not mine.

    • i have 2 boxes coming….i ordered and paid for the 4 box subscription in May so i am prepaid for one of them. i ordered the 2nd one after i saw the products and was hoping to use them as Christmas gifts.

      Allure needs to remove the copy from their on print and online ads that say this ships in 7 to 10 days. it’s misleading and just wrong. it’s been a month and they are still packing boxes.

  29. Just talked to Allure about the December box and mystery box. My December box is processing and being packed at the warehouse. It should ship “soon” but she couldn’t pinpoint a date. The mystery box is not processing yet. After talking with her, I asked if there is a strong chance, the boxes (and especially the mystery one) won’t arrive before Christmas and she agreed. I didn’t need mine by Christmas but I know that stinks for people who bought for gifts. I just called the Allure contact number and they looked up my account.

    • Thanks for the update.

  30. Does anyone know when they are supposed to be shipping these? I was hoping to get this in time for Christmas.

    • Anyone get their box yet???

      • Nope still waiting. Emailed today.

      • Nope!!! Ordered it on 12/2. Charged my cc. not a happy camper and will never order this again. If I don’t get in time for Christmas I will dispute the charge on with my cc company. They are not supposed to charge your cc before it ships.

        • I ordered on 11/24 and still have no shipping info… ugh. These Thrill boxes ALWAYS take forever.

    • On the confirmation or order form, I thought it said they would start shipping on Dec 4…but apparently not! ugh.

      • You know what. I was wrong about Dec 4. I was thinking of the Beauty Report Box. Which i got today!

    • ANYONE HEAR ANYTHING? I have not on a shipping date.

    • For the October box, I received my shipping email the same day I received the package in the post, so I don’t even look for the email anymore more. I have just accepted that it is a surprise box.

    • nothing has arrived and it is Dec 11th. I was HOPING to give some of these products as gifts.
      I should know better – we got the box in January last year.

      Only good allure thrills thing…. I received replacements for my MIA items from my 2 October boxes in O ct or Nov. and then I got 2 more today… 1st set of replacements were awesome high end products these were not your mother ‘s smoothing cream and the vitamin c cream from the box. nice surprise but I would rather have my box

  31. If buying the NYX lip cream vault for my Christmas present falls through, then I’ll get this instead. I have the light therapy stick, but it takes forever if I have multiple spots. I’d love to have the mask. It alone is $30. This is definitely worth it.

    • When does this box ship?? Anyone know. It looks great to me.

  32. I still haven’t received all of my replacement items from the October box! So I called them…2-3 more weeks for a Paula’s Choice item to ship from Connecticut to SC???? Is it coming on foot? By Pony Express? Ridiculous! And the girl was so nasty about it! Never again!

    • I am waiting for a replacement item from October too. I never call. I email so I have a record of my contact. Hope I get it soon.

  33. Well I finally received the elusive full sized tarte blush after 8 weeks. It was completely smashed and mirror broken. I will never buy from Allure again.

    • Just called customer service and they say they are out of stock. He offered me the bonus Pantene foam conditioner as a replacement. What a joke!

    • I still haven’t received mine. I signed up in Oct… 🙁

      • That’s because this is a DECEMBER BOX.

      • This is the thrills box, not the regular subscription.

  34. I wish they would add oz. to the listings. Allure keeps sneaking in trial sizes. I love No. 7 ….anyone else thinking it looks like a trial size? even if it is a trial size this box is one of the best I have seen in a while.

  35. I ordered this box and the mystery box. I didn’t notice that only one #7 primer would be included so that is disappointing. I’m sure the mystery box will be a lot of stuff from previous boxes but will hope for some good stuff. I still haven’t received the replacement item for the missing gloves from the last box. I need to email Allure again!

    • I am afraid that the mystery box will be full of WEN products so I doubt that I will buy it.

      I never had a problem with WEN it and used my samples, when I had them, once ot twice a week with alternating with regular shampoos since I shower every day. but I have WAY too much October Wen.

    • Wow! I was missing the gloves too, I called and like 2 wks later i received the replacement and it was much better!!!! I think its a high end body wash that smells superv ( i haven’t used it yet)
      I too ordered the mystery box… Hope it’s super good 🙂

  36. Got one! So much better than the Oct box.

    • I loved the October box. Remember, that was just an extra one (First ever) to raise money for breast cancer.

  37. Theoretically speaking, I think the light mask alone makes this box worth buying; but since I don’t actually have acne, I’ll wait till the box is discounted. 🙂
    Even if that never happens, I don’t feel like I’ll miss out on much.

  38. I’m so disappointed with the Allure Beauty Thrills subscription box lately. My last box seemed like a returned box- every box crushed and/or opened, many bottles smushed. I tried reaching out to them, and got an email saying they would let the producer know. Well, Allure, at this pace, I see this box as going bye bye very soon.

    • Honestly, I think the shipping and packing people are so rough with handling the box and they seem to be on these delivery trucks for almost two weeks. It is amazing their packing department doesn’t pack the boxes tighter so the products don’t flop around, get ruined or bust open. Allure would probably save so much money by not having to replace damaged items as well as the time trying to fix these issues… if they packed these correctly.

  39. Do these boxes typically get discounted?

  40. @Liz When you order, there is also the option of getting a 19 piece mystery box worth 250+ for 34.99. Most likely a past box, but it is there.

  41. What is the device in bottom right on the picture? I can’t find it in the description.

    • That’s the Neutrogena light therapy mask.

      • Thank you, Bonnie!

  42. Seems like a solid box, but I’m still drowning in products since I bough the August box lol

    • Why don’t you donate stuff? Give some to the young girls in your family to try?

  43. I’ll wait till it’s discounted… It just doesn’t look that good to me.

    • How do we find a discounted box? I would love to get a second October box at a discount!

      • I’m thinking the add-on box probably is an October box…..

  44. This looks better than the last couple, but still a loooot of drugstore stuff!

  45. If this is eventually discounted then I will consider getting it, otherwise no way

  46. Finally a box without Wen.

  47. Not on your life Allure! Still haven’t fulfilled my tarte blush and October box.

  48. Liz – Just wanted to give you a heads up that it says on the page that only one of the No 7 primers will be in each box!

    • Oh thank you for letting me know. I’ll update now!

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