Walmart Beauty Box Fall 2017 Box – Shipping Delay Update

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Thanks, Alexia for sharing this update with us on the Fall 2017 Walmart Beauty Box:

Hi there,

Due to an overwhelming volume of requests, we had to push back our fall launch date. Be on the lookout for boxes shipping in the next few weeks. If you have any other questions in the meantime, please be in touch!

Have a great day!

BrandShare Customer Service

So, we still have a few weeks to wait…

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. They Charged my credit card Nov. 14th and still haven’t recieved my box or even an email/tracking number and its been over a month. I contacted them several times with no help. I tried to cancel my subscription and this is the response I got…Subscription cancel failed. Please try again later. I also asked for a refund to my credit card and have not recieved that either. I will contact the credit card company next to explain what is happening so that I will not have to pay for something that I never got.

  2. Has anyone heard anything on this?? I was charged for both boxes Nov 17th and have yet to see any……fall is already here and gone, and winters boxes should have already gone out by now…..does anyone have any news or info they can share please?! Has anyone recieved fall boxes??

    • I just received mine today,I’d already canceled but still ended up being billed for the fall box. I never received tracking info.
      The card included says “ Visit site & Complete your profile for more personalized boxes, I had filled it out but it never made a difference.
      The Classic box I received included:
      Dove Go Fresh body wash 1.8 oz Pear Aloe
      Jergen’s wet skin moisturizer 1.5 oz
      TRESemme extra firm hairspray
      Hask Argon Oil Deep Conditioner 1.75 oz
      Found pore care charcoal sheet mask
      Olay Tone perfecting cream foil packet .02 with 3$ coupon
      A $2 coupon for Everpro Gray Away

      The previous samples of the Jergen’s wet skin were 2ozs.

      I was billed at the same time as you

    • I was charged back in November for the $5.00, but haven’t received the “Fall” box and it is December 12th. They aren’t supposed to charge you until your box ships. They won’t respond to my emails. There is no good way to contact them. I think this is a complete scam. I will be getting my money back.

    • I was charged Nov.14th and never recieved an email saying it shipped or a tracking number. Contacted them several times. No help! I tried to cancel my subscription and asked for a refund since I was charged over a month ago and it was never shipped. I could not even cancel my subscription because it kept saying “Subscription cancel failed. Please try again later.” I guess I will have to call my credit card company to tell them what happened so I won’t have to pay for something I never got.

    • I just received an e-mail saying that mine was shipped today 12/23/2017, over a month after they charged me.

  3. I emailed at the end of October to ask them about my box, since I didn’t get any email about the delay. I was told to watch my inbox the following week. Two weeks later I was finally charged. it’s been another 2 weeks and they still haven’t shipped. It’s only $5 but I don’t feel good about lending Walmart my money haha…. I’ll wait a bit longer and then I’ll probably just cancel the subscription – 2 1/2 months behind is pretty darn pathetic.

    • I have been sending messages to them, but haven’t received a reply. I was charged the $5 on November 17th, in their emails it says “Don’t worry, you won’t be charged until your box ships.” Yet, I haven’t received a shipping notification email. Getting a bit peeved, and like you, thinking about canceling my subscription.

    • I’m so frustrated… “Jordan” the automated reply keeps apologizing for the delay for my SEPTEMBER BOX, but they still have my $5.00 and I still have no beauty box. I’ve emailed brandshare way too many times. This is the worst run organization I’ve ever come across. If you’re reading this… don’t even think about joining. It’s not worth the frustration or loss of $$$.

    • I totally agree! Part of the deal is we aren’t supposed to be charged until the box ships, not 15-20 days before. Mine still hasn’t shipped and they just say “soon.” I know it’s “free” but we are supposed to get 4 boxes a year, not three.

      • I was charged on the 16th and no emails about my box shipping! I almost forgot about this 🙁 I just emailed them today – will keep y’all posted

    • It’s 12/11 and I still haven’t received my fall box! They charged me weeks ago and said they were shipping it out and haven’t. Not sure if I should cancel or not. Did anyone receive theirs since posting?

    • I was charged back in November for the $5.00, but haven’t received the “Fall” box and it is December 12th. They aren’t supposed to charge you until your box ships. They won’t respond to my emails. There is no good way to contact them. I think this is a complete scam. $5.00 could have been spent elsewhere and I don’t like money stolen from me from scammers. I will be getting my money back.

  4. I have been charged for the last beauty box on my charge card and have not received it as of November 11th. This is the second time this has happened. Whats up?

  5. Someone posted that their box has shipped. So I checked my account and it shows a charge of $0.00 on 10/26, shipping pending? Huh??? Now I’m really confused. That’s the same date I received the response from them that it will be a few more weeks…

    • I got a $.0 charge a few weeks ago, but I had changed my billing card a few days before. I was excited and confused for a day until that dawned on me lol.
      I just checked my and my mom’s accounts, not billed yet here..
      But I used to get both boxes and I know now that people are writing on here that you cannot do both when you try to sign up.. my account now says I only have trendsetter subsciption… I have been waiting to see what would happen. I have not bothered to write about that, just been waiting. Anyone else notice a change like that on your account?

      • I don’t need to update any info and I have not heard back from CS directly. But I do know what the $0.00 charge on the 26th is for. I have an email stating that I’m being shipped the summer Classic box. I didn’t ask them to send a new one. Just said I’m not happy about getting a bottom of the barrel box & hope that doesn’t happen again this time. The CSR response was snarky & unprofessional. I’m guessing my snarky response is the reason behind being sent a new summer box. Still waiting to find out/hear back. I just checked my account. That summer replacement box is pending. No billing for the Fall box yet.

  6. Checked my Walmart Box account today to see if any word, but nothing. However, I noticed a link at the top I do not remember seeing before today…. “Pick of the Season”. It is Olay Luminous. I wonder if a sample size of that is going to be in the Fall Box. I hope so! Would go nice with the other Olay I recently received, I think from them. (or was it Target? Or a one time Amazon box? Get the store ones confused, lol!)
    I hope we get word of shipment soon… “jody” posted theirs was shipped earlier this week. ???!!! !! ?? !! LUCKY!!!!!

    • Groan. Just tried to order another box with a friend’s preferences and it gave me an error at the checkout page. So I thought maybe it didn’t like the fact that I was still logged on, so I tried logging off and got yet another error screen (different code) in the log off page.
      I think their site has problems! I am going to try again tomorrow, to see if I can get an order in.

  7. My box shipped earlier this week. Waiting to receive it.

  8. I still can not get their support email system to let me send them an email. There are required fields that have to be filled in but it simply will not let me. So I found an old email & replied to that in hopes for a response. It took 9 business says for a response. The response is that they have had an overwhelming response for their Fall box and it’s putting them behind. Please look for an email for us in a few weeks. That was a couple of days ago. So we still have a few weeks before we will know anything. By then, it will be close to being time for their Winter box. I did email back & got a response late yesterday. I was polite & business like in my response but did express that this is not existing subscribers fault. It seems like some of the longtime subscribers got the bottom of the barrel boxes for the last couple, missing and/or substitute items. I certainly hope this isn’t going to be the case with the Fall box. Yes, I do understand that this is only $5.00, the cost of shipping, products are free. I get that. However, communication with customers is a good thing. Please do keep us updated via emails. The response was to that was pretty rude. Stated that I need to remember that this subscription is FREE! Subscribers pay shipping. So keep in mind if you don’t get what’s shown in previews, it’s not costing you, it’s costing us. Because you are paying for shipping and not the products, you shouldn’t complain about anything. We are only aloud to put X amount of weight in each box so you ARE getting what you pay for. Please look for your fall box shipping info in the next few weeks…. That’s from Brandshare, not Walmart. Brandshare is who does the walmart box. Don’t get me wrong here and please keep nasty comments to yourself. I’ve said it before, it’s only $5. But at this point, it is frustrating to existing subscribers. Then add rude as hell responses from “customer service” when I’ve been nothing but professional & polite, kinda makes me feel questionable about staying subscribed. But then again, if I cancel, I know I’ll regret it.

    • I cannot find a release date for the Fall box anywhere and nowhere to find out the date.

    • I cannot find a Fall box release date anywhere. Like you said ‘in the next few weeks’ it will be winter. I find no way to contact them. If they would email us it would solve a lot of confusion.

      • Yes it would. I’m still just trying to keep in mind that it’s $5. No release dare was given. Just wait a few weeks…

        • At least we are not billed until shipped. All the other subscription boxes seem to bill on the first of the month regardless of when they are shipped, which is usually around the 15th to 20th.
          I really do not mind waiting, but they should keep in contact with the subscribers. I have heard nothing since the email that said it was coming soon — almost a month ago.

  9. Thanks for the update I was wondering what was going on. They didn’t send me any kind of email after the initial check your account to make sure all information is correct kind. Been wondering for a while was going on.

  10. Thanks for the update. I was wondering where it was.

  11. Thank you for this! I was wondering what happened and where my box was lol. I never received emails from them. It’s more like I go to the mail box and poof it’s there haha.

  12. I remember walmart doing this with the men’s box. And I don’t understand why one person in hundreds get an email update. Not complaining, thank you Alexia and Liz. I would be lost without this site and all the helpers. Walmart just does strange stuff compared to other subs. I was excited about boxes until I got summer boxes in late August. Those we’re bare, only 4 items, and they were repeats. I had been with walmart over a year when that happened

    • Yeah, it’s weird how they do their e-mails. I didn’t get the e-mail about this box, either. When I do get e-mails, they are either way too early (like shipping happens 2-3 weeks after they tell me my box is shipping) or way too late (I get an e-mail after I’ve received my box). This box is so inconsistent… I think if they raised the price at all, everyone would bail!

      Thank you, Alexia and Liz!

  13. Walmart is definitely big enough to have a handle on this lol. I personally don’t care when they ship, but if you are gonna jump in to a sub box don’t make it a half assed attempt.

    • Agreed!

    • This!

  14. I always forget that I subscribe to this box, so waiting a bit longer isn’t really a big deal. That said, although this box is kind of predictable as far as items, I do use just about everything in it! 😊

  15. Very cool of them to let us know. They should still send out a mass email because not every one stocks MSA like me. Lol Do you guys think it’s because our profiles I wonder? They really have been amazing for like a year now which it’s great to see. It was sad when many felt they were getting their 5 bucks ripped off because the boxes were pretty bad for some. I do get excited when I get my box. Thanks for the info Liz!

    • So glad to finally hear something about our Walmart Box! I have been wondering where it is after getting the email that it is “on the way”! lol I love their samples. Worth $5 to me because I get smalls I can take on vacation, as well as try out a lot of things instead of buying full size packages and not like the stuff.
      Thanks for posting the reply from them!

      • I love it too! I’ve heard a lot of people complaining (not necessarily here) about how “boring” it is because it’s all just stuff you can get at the drugstore. Ummm yea, that’s the point, it’s a Walmart box lol I LOVE getting those items though because they are perfect to pack when i go away for the weekend or when I’m in the hospital. I know that if they send something I’ve never used but end up really liking, that I can just go to Walmart and get it! With some of the other ones, like Birchbox, they send a lot of indie brands which are harder to get and usually have to order online, pay for shipping and wait until it’s delivered. I had Birchbox for 3 years but cancelled this summer because I don’t like what they did with their points program and the samples were getting weird. I love Play by Sephora for the same reason, that if there’s something I really love, I know I can go to my local store and find it easily. I’m realizing I’m not the kind of person that likes to experiment, I’m more of the practical, budget friendly kinda person and that’s ok lol

        • I absolutely agree I get several other boxes BUT this Send a me well small things from the beauty section. And if people didn’t read correctly the items are free your just pay the $5 to ship. They could say the box is $5 and free shipping but they don’t. Everything I’ve ever got I’ve used amazing. Things in my fabfitfun $50 I don’t. Have away the gym bag n scarf. Like seriously point is this is walmart beauty. So expect small samples of Wal-Mart beauty. And 4 samples are worth $5 people. I spend easy $50 on beauty at Wal-Mart a month. Wal-Mart is the cheapest box along with there baby box I already get for two people. I mean come on $10 to surprise two expected mom’s I mean come on! It’s amazing box!

  16. Uh-oh, the Walmart beauty box secret is out! What do we think, how long before the price goes up and value down?

  17. Thank you Liz! Thank you Alexia! Only a few more weeks… Trying to keep things in a positive perspective. It’s only $5 and hopefully this wait will end up with a shorter time between the Fall box & Winter box.

    • You are very welcome and I am happy because is the first time I help get the news out


  18. I use just about everything they send …. well except those press on nails lol I enjoy getting basic items like makeup wipes and deodorant, toothpaste too

  19. I stopped getting this box when I’d get mainly foil packets and one decent item.
    I know it’s cheap, but I can use my $5 to buy something I need, versus an odd grouping of the foil packets…

    Good luck to those of you waiting.

    • I agree. I know it’s not super expensive – but not really worth it when you don’t use a lot of the products. Target’s boxes are hit or miss for me, but I like that I can buy them when I see something I like and not get stuck with an actual subscription and wind up with boxes I don’t like it.

    • I stopped this box a while back. Yes, I know it’s only $5, but way too many foil packets, facial products that had way too much fragrance in them, press on nails that I’m never going to use and my kids/nieces are too old, etc.

    • I did the same. I’d rather get the occasional Target box for a few bucks more, but I know what I’m getting and can use most of it. I might come back for the summer box though…the sample shampoos/lotions come in handy during beach season.

    • That is a downside to this sub. If you are billed in the first couple of waves, you get most of the “good” items. Billed later on and you get more foil packets and not the same value as the earlier people.
      I’ve been lucky *knocks on wood* and only had that happen once. I’ve been with this one since it started and now get one of each type.
      I fully understand people who cancelled due to being in a later batch, more often than not, though.

      • My spring boxes were in later waves and were terrible (like all foil packets and one sample size – I could spend my $5 at Target’s travel section much better), but I got two good summer boxes. Unfortunately both my classic and trendsetter boxes had exactly the same items, literally no differences. At least I didn’t get fake nails, though, so it was two boxes of stuff I could use!

  20. I received my fall box a few weeks ago and loved it. It has these sponges that help take off masks and give your skin a little exfoliation, it’s exactly something I never knew I needed and has made a great difference in my skin already.

    • Those were included in the Trendsetter Summer boxes. If the box you got was pink and yellow, I suspect it’s actually a summer box. It should also indicate it in your shipping notice email or in your account — it will be labeled “summer.” But yes, I like those sponges and I got a second set when I created a new account just a few weeks ago too

      • That’s probably what it was then! Usually I’m not the only one with my box while everyone else waits. Lol. I just received my other box so I don’t mind waiting for this one. I like the Walmart boxes cause they are cheap and most everything in them is actually useful and if not there’s plenty of people I can gift it to. My little sister started college this year so I’m collecting some stuff to send her in a little box of my own and love having stuff to add to that.

    • Those sponges really are excellent and can be used w regular cleansers too! Make your skin feel so good afterwards and they dry fast as well!

      • Yes! I use them every time I wash my face or do a mask now. So much easier than blindly throwing water on my face and rubbing off the product. I can see these 2 sponges lasting a while, but will definitely be repurchasing! A+, Walmart.

  21. Note to self: Don’t start a subscription box company…… Some make it, many fail, and fail and fail and fail, and some recover, others never do.
    Blessings on all of those that are honest and have integrity!
    Thanks to MSA for helping us all know what is going on, keeping our fears under some sort of organized control…You are providing a needed site for all of us! Keep on keeping on! We need you!

    • Thanks, Janet! And thank you to all the MSA readers who send us tips/info/deals – we couldn’t do it without you! 🙂

      • Yay thanks. Is my first time helping 🙂

    • I agree Janet! Visiting My Subscription Addiction started my addiction, I would have purchased some horrible boxes if not for this site.

  22. Thanks for the update….but I’m not buying the excuse being demand. They have no problems sending out more summer boxes. In fact, they are sending those to people who are creating new accounts now (I speak from personal experience). So why would they have better inventory of those than the upcoming Fall box which they should have planned for based on the numbers of people that got the Summer box? Something just doesn’t seem right. Maybe the problem is the addition of the more personalized profiles. Or maybe they are just missing some new items to include…..but I don’t think it’s due to a sudden high demand. But, no biggie, since it’s only a $5 Walmart box anyways!

    • Exactly what I am thinking! I started a new subscription with them also and was sent the summer box, which I already had 2 of. It was the same day the fall box went on sale. I was pretty upset, emailed them asking why they sent me the summer box when it advertised the fall box on the site. They said I subscribed before it went on sale… WRONG! I had screenshots to prove it. End result, I received the summer box and was refunded the $5 to my card on file. This all seems pretty fishy to me!

    • I still don’t see an option to personalize my box. I’ve been a subscriber for over a year, and my account shows a classic and a trendsetter box (which is what I’ve been getting this whole time). I looked on the site for a place to fill out some sort of beauty survey, but I can’t find one :-\

      • The survey is only available once when you activate a subscription. If you want to change your profile, cancel your subscriptions and sign up again.

  23. Honestly, I always forget about this one. It’s just not exciting enough. But the items are always useful, so I still get it. Not bothered by the delay, though I am curious to see if there is any difference with the addition of a profile.

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