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The Modern Mystic Tarot Review + Coupon – October 2017

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It's a personal tarot reading in a box! Meet Modern Mystic.

The Modern Mystic is a monthly subscription that delivers you an entire tarot reading… in a box! Robin, the box creator, performs the readings based on specific questions from the subscriber, or on a general level, then delivers a box of written insights, a reiki-activated crystal, and more inspiring items. Once you’ve received your box, you can ask additional questions or seek clarification from Robin.

It's a personal tarot reading in a box! Meet Modern Mystic.

With every box, Robin will seek to help you delve deeper into the issues and questions most relevant to your life. As she puts it, “Every month’s reading will build upon the last, helping you to gain clarity into the challenges and opportunities that rise and fall in your life.”

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

It's a personal tarot reading in a box! Meet Modern Mystic.

The Subscription Box: The Modern Mystic Monthly Tarot Subscription

The Cost: $30.00 per monthly box, or save with longer subscriptions.

The Products: From the Modern Mystic site:

*A printed, full color reading containing a photo of your reading’s cards and a comprehensive written reading explaining the guidance in those cards.
*A Reiki charged crystal, chosen intuitively by me in conjunction with the contents of your reading, and an information card explaining the properties of the chosen stone.
*An original hand-painted meditation card. No two will ever be exactly alike.
*A coordinating affirmation card, for you to focus on throughout the month.

Good to Know: Your box includes the ability to ask Robin two follow-up questions to the tarot deck, in case there’s something specific you need to address, or if you have something that needs clarity. Also, note that this subscription does not auto-renew. Once your subscription period has ended, you’ll need to pop back on the Modern Mystic Etsy page to order more.

Ships to: The US only. Shipping is free (included in the cost of the subscription).

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It's a personal tarot reading in a box! Meet Modern Mystic.

Mystical practices are really having a moment, aren’t they? I’ve been really interested in things like astrology and tarot, but I don’t see readings as “telling my future” or predetermining anything, really. Instead, I think they’re a helpful way to step back and be more mindful about my day-to-day.

It's a personal tarot reading in a box! Meet Modern Mystic.

If a horoscope, for example, says an upcoming celestial event will put a spotlight on money, I’ll use that as an excuse to be a little more considerate about my spending or to finally set up that budget I’ve been putting off. In short, to me, it’s more of a prompt than a promise.

It's a personal tarot reading in a box! Meet Modern Mystic. It's a personal tarot reading in a box! Meet Modern Mystic. It's a personal tarot reading in a box! Meet Modern Mystic.

The first thing I pulled out of the box was my tarot reading, which is written on a scroll of parchment-patterned paper. There’s a picture of the spread that was pulled for me, as well as explanations of how the cards might apply to my life.

The cards that were pulled for me were:

  • Seven of Cups (which represents where I am now)
  • Four of Pentacles (pulled to supplement the Seven of Cups—an explanation of what might have caused the overthinking represented by the Seven of Cups)
  • The Nine of Wands (which represents a defining moment or energy for this month)
  • Cernunnos (another defining moment or energy)
  • Six of Cups (pulled to clarify where the Cernunnos card is signaling for me to direct my energy)
  • Seven of Pentacles (the last of the defining moment or energy cards)
  • Princess of Swords (which represents how I’m moving forward)


What was interesting about this month’s reading was how it continued on the story of overcoming creative blocks that started in last month’s reading. I found the September insights really relatable and insightful—the reading motivated me to think about hobbies and dreams I had deprioritized in the shuffle of adult life. This month’s cards seemed to recognize that while I’d put more focus on those hobbies, there was still some hesitation. Or, perhaps, that I was still inventing reasons to hold myself back.

I think the most resonant lesson in the story told by these cards is that I have to give myself a little leeway. One of the cards, the Four of Pentacles, noted that I’m a somewhat conservative person in terms of resources and responsibilities, which is so true—I’m always worried about being productive and making sure I’m not wasting (my or anyone else’s) time. But that can be a hindrance when I’m trying to do something truly creative, without any meaningful “endgame”. For me, that’s drawing, which I love to do, but have a hard time justifying when I have a busy schedule. It was perfect, then, that the Cernunnos card was drawn, reminding me to “lighten up a little and let go”!

It's a personal tarot reading in a box! Meet Modern Mystic.

With the lessons of my reading resonating in my brain, I checked out the “supplemental” items inside the box.

It's a personal tarot reading in a box! Meet Modern Mystic. It's a personal tarot reading in a box! Meet Modern Mystic.

There’s always a “meditation card” in the box, which is essentially a hand-painted credit-card-sized card to concentrate on when meditating. It’s sort of nice to have something to focus on, whether it’s the colors or just the simple object itself, and keep me from getting distracted by everything else in the room.

It's a personal tarot reading in a box! Meet Modern Mystic. It's a personal tarot reading in a box! Meet Modern Mystic. It's a personal tarot reading in a box! Meet Modern Mystic.

There’s also a crystal—Green Calcite. This jade-colored stone is probably just under 2 inches long and has a triangular shape to it that fits perfectly inside my closed palm.

It's a personal tarot reading in a box! Meet Modern Mystic.

According to the card that comes with this reiki-activated stone, Green Calcite is helpful in achieving “mental balance” as well as “[dissolving] old energy patterns and beliefs that may be holding you back.” While I don’t believe the stone itself is going to turn my life in a new direction, I do think it’ll help inspire me to focus on my hangups and let them go.

It's a personal tarot reading in a box! Meet Modern Mystic.

The meditation for me this month is “I trust my intuition.” It’s a nice culmination of all the things I learned in my reading. I know the things I want to pursue—now, I just have to trust myself to pursue them in the way that’s right and responsible for me!

It's a personal tarot reading in a box! Meet Modern Mystic.

There’s also a little bat button as a special Halloween treat! That’s a cute gesture 🙂

The Verdict: I liked very much that this month’s reading built upon the themes presented last month. It’s hard for me to figure out if this reading was truly specific to me, or if I’m just reading into what’s actually a relatively broad “fortune”. But I truly did find it relatable and helpful to where I am in my life and the things that have been begging for my attention. The supplemental meditation tools were helpful, too. I appreciate having little totems to coax me towards a more regular, much-needed mindfulness practice.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Order by the 20th to get the next month’s box. (Ex: Order by October 20th to get the November box.) Remember though—what’s inside the box depends on the results of your reading, and the results of the reading will vary from person to person! Your reading (and box) might look totally different from mine!

Value Breakdown: Being that most in-person tarot readings I’ve seen around town are usually well over $50.00, I feel like this $30.00 box is definitely worth it. What a fun experience!

What do you think of the Modern Mystic Tarot subscription? How do you use tarot?

Written by Anna Reilly

Anna Reilly

Anna loves collecting little treasures, be they pop-culture finds, handmade mementos, or new potions to put in her makeup bag. Beauty boxes got her interested in the subscription world, but now she’s swooning for all things kawaii!

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  1. Those “readings” you’ve seen around town can often wind up costing a good deal more than $50 – many are con artists! I signed a confidentiality contract so can’t disclose details, but always check out readers to make sure they’re reputable. (Large cities may have a police task force department just for catching the scammers. Always make a police report if they say something like you have a curse on you, they can remove it for $XXX, con artist for sure!) Readings are simply guidelines. A good reader will tell you that you’re always in charge, can (and often do, sometimes without realising it) change course, the outcome. They’ll also always say readings are “for entertainment purposes only” as claiming one has ‘mystical powers” is illegal – every New Age, Metaphysical, Occult, etc type shop has a sign saying “all items sold as curios only” for this very purpose. I think this is a good price, a one question reading with no follow up questions is generally $25, plus you get the extras. It got you thinking, what a good reading does! I’m curious, did the page with your reading mention the name of the deck used? I collect decks (started reading publicl 40 years ago), this one looks lovely! Happy Spook-tober!☠️🎃👻🖤🦇⚡️Jet

    • Jet, your comment was SO informative! I’m going to have to do some digging on some of the places around town and see just how legit they are. Thank you for sharing – it’s very helpful to someone like me who’s new at this stuff!

      And yes! The deck they used is called the Druidcraft Tarot. The page says “This beautiful deck invites us to celebrate the earth and the rhythm of her seasons, which seems fitting for the first full month of fall.” Hope that helps 🙂

      • Hi Anna,
        I’m glad I could be of help, anything else I can help with I’m happy to – don’t know it all (how boring!) but can point you in the right direction! I don’t like seeing people getting ripped off (so awful when feeling vulnerable, looking for help) so much so that I wrote an entire chapter in one of my books dedicated to getting “magickal” advice.

        Thanks for the info on the deck, knew it looked familiar, it’s one I swapped for a few years back and do fab readings with it! I have so many, I often forget what I have, crazy! 😘👻🦇⚡️J.

  2. Thanks for reviewing this one, it’s a really interesting idea for a subscription.

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