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Subscriber Survey: What Types of Content Would You Like to See on MSA?

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Sunday Subscriber Survey time! This week we would love your help on what type of content besides spoilers/news/reviews/deals you like seeing on MSA!

We’ve tried content like Makeup Tutorials, How-To-Wear-It Posts, Party ideas, and Top 10 Swap Item posts, and we’re always open to trying out new things!

What types of content would you like to see on MSA? Anything we’re currently trying you’d like to see more? Or anything we aren’t doing yet that you wish we would?

P.S. If you have an idea for a future Subscriber Survey question, let me know in the comments!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. No photos of literature/coupons. Please. Cannot even read photos of included paper. Photos of print too small anyway. Why do you photograph coupons? Does any photo of Fresh Chef coupons differ from others? I can only spend so much time on MSA. After awhile my eyes hurt. And on a matter of principle, I am giving up on spoilers. With the exception of high end boxes, I don’t bother to look. No spooked on earth will get be to subscribe to a Kawasaki crate. If you want to run editorial features, many of which I do like, put them in a separate section.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE when you turn holidays or shopping days into an all-day or multi-day experience. I really love it when you get special offers for us – and I think there are boxes out there that should be knocking down your door to offer you special deals for readers. I hope you can get some extra bonuses for Black Friday and CyberMonday! I love when everyone is online on those big days, waiting for each update. And, even better, love when you mix in giveaways.

    The deals are nice, but what is really fun is sharing the excitement with blog/forum friends.

    For me, anything that builds community and creates shared experiences is a win. You have a lot of different kinds of readers here – some who are active with forum or swapping, some who are just focused on reviews, etc. I think you can serve both audiences as long as the reviews continue or even increase.

    It could also be fun to see more user-generated content, where community members can share their experiences. When you see a box like the 5th Avenue Style purple box which is personalized for individual tastes – or mystery boxes that will send different things to different buyers — it would be great if you did a thread on the forum to collect photos (with a note that anyone who posts may see their photos/comments in a blog post) and then posted a roundup. That would also be really useful the following year when people are wondering if they should order a certain box.

    I have liked the expansion of reviewers and the new perspectives they bring.

    I am fine with affiliate links and with content that tries to find the positive. You are serving a lot of readers with varying tastes… not necessary or even appropriate for you to decide something is ugly or boring. I think the informative tone is perfect, and, if anything, the new reviewers could shift a bit more to the style Liz set up. I do want MSRV to be included, with sales as a separate note.

    It would be interesting to see more boxes reviewed as well. Maybe on the weekends when there are fewer posts? Perhaps labeled as a “Discovery” series or something to let people know that all you know is what you see in the box.

    I would love to see more staff assigned to the forum. I think there is a lot of potential to grow the community, the exchanges, the swaps, and even to consider a few regional events. (Sponsored?)

    • Excellent comment @LynnDeane. I agree with everything.

      We really do appreciate those special MSA shopping days and the wonderful community that has been formed on this site.

    • Great post, LynnDeanne! I love the Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals and if they stretch into multi-days, just as you said, that is wonderful! Love it!

  3. I would love to have this info on reviews:

    — Is there often a waiting list for this box? If there is, I might subscribe sooner rather than later if I knew that I might have to wait a few (or more) months to actually get a box.

    — What is the method of cancellation? Email/form, or live chat, or live phone call, etc. This would also make a difference when deciding whether to subscribe. I have telephone anxiety, and more than once I’ve continued getting a box longer than I wanted to because I was too scared to cancel….. and a few times there was pretty hard upsale when I called, which just meant I’d have to call them again. Ugh.

    • Great suggestions! I also think adding the auto-renwal billing date would be helpful. since a lot of people base their decision on whether to cancel or skip a box from the spoilers.

      • *auto-renewal.

        Arrgh – I hate it when I see a mistyped word as soon as I hit the “Submit Comment” button but it’s too late to do anything about it 🙂

        • And the shipping dates!

    • I agree, I always like to know cancellation policies before subscribing to a new box. With these services you literally put your payment information out there to get withdrawn automatically and trust that the company won’t make it impossible for you to cancel, so I like to know what I will encounter when that time comes.

      I also think reviews of customer service would be equally important. I think it is really helpful to know if a company is notorious for taking a very long time to respond to email concerns, beating around the bush, etc. On the other hand, with so much competition in the beauty box market, I think it is also great to know who provides great support and shows they value their customers.

      • This is why MSA now has the MSA User Reviews by number system at the bottom of each review. MSA readers can input a number, based on their own personal experiences with a company, and the numbers are tallied for the results and placed at the bottom of each review for that companies box.

        I see that, while the MSA reviewers are careful not to “trash” review items, they certainly do make mention of items that don’t suit them, and why.

        • What? How did I miss this? Thanks so much for posting about that.

    • Those are great suggestions KimberlyB. Cancellation and waitlist time will be so helpful!

    • Or if they charge you right away like goodbeing then don’t ship until the next month and also charge for that month. So you end up paying one month ahead. Also agree about adding how to cancel. Just general terms that you’re signing up for. I do like that with cratejoy, I can sign up for a box, get charged that month for that months box and cancel through your account online with a click.

  4. I think Liz and the MSA gang are already doing a super job. I think it would be terrific if there were a cancellation guide that provided the basic information on how to cancel each subscription box. A central source leading to whatever form, email address, or phone number is needed to cancel a subscription box. Some of subscription boxes hide this type of information or require you to cancel by a certain date.

  5. I really enjoy the variety of content MSA puts out. I’ve only been around for (almost) a couple of years, and seeing the evolution of MSA in just these two years has been fun & exciting. But having said that, I can also understand people wanting MSA to go back to their “roots”.

    One of my most favorite features is the monthly posts on which new-to-MSA subscription boxes readers would like to see reviewed, and the request for additional ideas of sub boxes in the comments. My list of boxes to sub to, or keep an eye on, is always growing thanks to these posts & MSA commenters. 🙂

    I also find the weekly (or is it monthly?) recap of sub box news (especially when it’s mentioned how MSA readers reacted to some of the posts) quite entertaining. I hope this survey makes the recap cut!

  6. I would love to see unboxing videos here like you have on Facebook. I’ve really been enjoying seeing the videos for Globein and such on there. Sometimes with photo reviews it’s hard to really nail down a good representation of the item, but on a video the item can be easily seen from all angles and that helps me determine whether it’s something I want or not. Don’t get me wrong, I love the photo reviews because they’re awesome for when I can’t watch a video (aka when I’m stalking the MSA site at work rather than doing my job) but it would be nice to maybe have an unboxing video at the bottom of the written review that we can click on to see the items in “real time”?

  7. I really like the true spoilers when they come out. I am not big on just a theme spoiler but I like to see what the spoiler item actually is, especially on big ticket boxes. I love the specials, coupons, mystery box info and did I say coupons? I also really like the different ideas on how to use an item. Some times I may see an item at first and think, what the heck would I use that for and have appreciated ideas on how to use the item. And lastly, even though customer service ratings for a box can be iffy, I also appreciate knowing how a box company’s customer service is. And lastly, even different requirements if you get a product damaged, etc. I have noticed that the sub box companies have different requirements and knowing ahead of time of what to expect can be helpful. For example, I had one box that leaked and they wanted a picture of the box and shipping label. Thanks for asking for our input.

    • I agree. I do not like the “theme spoiler” thing. I mean, does anyone? It’s silly, actually, when all most of us care about is content!

      • Right, I agree. Seems that theme spoilers are a waste of time.

        • Yes but someone might also only by a box based on the theme spoiler., for example the one off boxes a few months ago where the themes were Beauty and the Beast or The Princess Bride.

      • Those are more for marketing a box. I feel like they are mostly misleading but i think this step sadly helps the box business (not us subscribers at all though!).

    • I totally agree. The theme spoilers for things like Pop Sugar or GlobeIn are rarely helpful – not only do they give no realistic idea of what will be in the box whatsoever, but they also seem to come out right before an actual item spoiler, so they don’t give people a leg up on the market anyway. I do like reading about the actual spoilers and find that useful. So, my suggestion would be to maybe group theme spoilers somehow so they don’t clutter up the entire feed, or make the theme spoiler content email opt-in only, or just somehow move it away from the rest of the blog content which is way more useful (by “rest of the content” I mean reviews, favorites, etc.).

  8. I would love for there to be a way to get emails about certain groups of boxes, and not others. Right now, I get emails about all the boxes, because I don’t want to miss a review of a new box in an area I like. If I could choose not to get emails of geeky box reviews, however, or perhaps clothing box reviews, I probably would do that, just to reduce email and highlight the other emails. Is that a possibility?

    • Yes, yes, and YES!

  9. I love this site and the reviewers, only one thing has ever bugged me: when a coupon is actually a referral link. I don’t mind being referred to help out MSA staff but I’d really appreciate it if it were called what it was. Or if it referred to a generic account for all MSA staff rather than an individual member’s personal account. For example, Eric is really cool, but for some of the Pop box discounts the coupon link is a referral link to his account. It made me uncomfortable enough to be surprised by that that I didn’t subscribe.

  10. This is more of an I.T. function, but it would be GREAT if the items you reviewed on MSA automatically imports into the swap site so it’s more streamlined. Then everyone doing the swap knows that you’re swapping the same thing. I’ve seen swap listings for one item that had 3 or 4 different variations of sizes, type, formulation, etc – that they were definitely not from the same box. Or people listing one item multiple times because they didn’t see the other listing or they couldn’t remember the box it was from.

    • agree!!!

    • This!!!

  11. I would LOVE to see a little more detail in the review about the projects. Like sometimes I will get a product and I have no idea what it’s supposed to be for, it will just have a one sentence blurb. I look forward to the reviews and sometimes it’s disappointing when I want to know more. Otherwise this is still my favorite website on earth!

  12. just want to keep up with this

  13. I consider you girls (and guys) product experts now since you try so many different products. I would like to know what YOUR absolute favorites are, products you think are the best of the best. I.e. What you’ve fully FINISHED and/or RE-purchased since trying something out from a sub.

    • Me too!

    • I would love to see everyone’s favorite products too, ones they actually purchase after getting in a box. I enjoy trying all kinds of new things but ultimately I’d like to find “holy grail” products. I love reading reviews!!!
      I also like spoilers of products but not themes.

  14. I love seeing:
    – similar value box comparisons (helps me choose what suits me best from an array of similarly priced boxes)
    – the recent box price breakdowns have been helpful in the current scenario of discussions regarding RV (also its cool to know the $ value breakdowns)
    – how abc looks on xyz body type : in reference to the recent poncho review. Very very helpful esp for deciding if I want a one time box based on how he hero item might look on me
    – I LOVE spoilers.
    – I love these new surveys where subscribers comments are taken into consideration. I’m really hoping the feedbacks help.

    I’m not particularly fond of:
    – quoting amazon/eBay based RV in any reviews. For the same reasons as stated earlier by various commenters.
    That said, knowing an item is on sale at the retailers webpage is good info but well that is irrespective of the originally set RV by the seller.

    And this is not regarding MSA reviews but I’d like to say that some posters might want to tone down their mean comments about the reviewers.
    Every reviewer puts in sooo much effort, it’s awesome. There are definitely nicer ways of pointing out deficiencies in a review than being not-so-nice to the reviewer.

    You guys do a GREAT job! I wouldn’t have started subbing if it hadn’t been for MSA!

    • Agreed. Keep up the fantastic work, Liz and Co! I LOVE the gifs- they always make me smile. And more Buckles, please!!!

      Being nice matters.

    • What Grishma said.

    • Awesome comment!

    • Exactly! 👍

    • I wish we could up vote comments like this one!

      • I too would like the ability to up/down vote comments.

        • I don’t think down voting comments would add a lot of positivity to the site.

          • 100% agree-no down voting. Yikes, I can just imagine that.

    • I also love the price breakdowns and showing clothing items on different body types!!

      And I also want to thank you guys for all that you do!!

    • Agree 1000000000000000000000%

      Just to add: started sub-boxes JUST because of the MSA reviews.
      I did find other review sites and did not like the ‘coldness’ …. here I feel like I belong

      I’m actually looking forward to the user posts (as long as they are not the mean girls who think/feel they are better than the rest) – the funny exchanges brighten my day … and I really can not see what is wrong with having fun and being nice ?!!

      Would love to have a separate tab (like we have for Reviews, Spoilers, Coupons) for user submitted pictures: like, how you use/style the items … I know that this happens on the Forum but I’m sure there are many awesome ladies here who could contribute greatly

      Invite long ‘normal’ subscribers to write a review and post the comparison to the official MSA review: no negativity allowed except if it is sprinkled with humor – yes, some items are not ‘my cup of tea’ but it does not mean that is the truth for thousands of others – like the PSMH hat in which I look like a witch BUT Tanya is ROCKING IT

      Oh, and MORE giveaways/prizes by MSA (or even the box-owners) – like for the funniest comment, best styled sub-box item, most active member, best suggestion what to include in a future box, best suggestion how to improve MSA (*hint*) … we all love freebies and it would increase the traffic on the site

      As for the RV – please keep the MSRP in the reviews (that is what I show my family to justify my sub-box purchases 😉 – you can add the current ‘sale’ prices in the same line where you do the box ‘breakdown’ by $$ paid per item – to me that would make sense: I would pay XX$ for this in the box, I already know the MSRP from the review and here is the link to purchase it for XY$$ on a different site

      The Forum and the Swap site could use some extra moderation help – why don’t you utilize people that are active and have proven their positive attitude and willingness to help?

      I love MSA, the reviews and the GIFs …. and wish you all the best 🙂

      Peace and love <3

      • Excuse me Elma but saying “Normal” reviewers is pretty mean girl as well. What you said is not peaceful or loving. You are asking Liz to censor the comments and reviews to be overwhelmingly positive and as someone else said on here censoring msa is a terrible idea.

        • sigh…. Elma meant US, the regular “normal” subscribers, not the staff. Which is kinda a neat idea, it would put a new spin on things.

          That has zero to do with censoring.

          Before being so “picky” and pointing fingers at other people, maybe you could actually get to know a few of these ladies? When you spend a decent enough amount of time on this site between here, swaps and the forum you get to know people through chit chat and it makes the site and all interactions better. You are seriously missing out.

          Elma is one of the first swappers that I came to “know” and she is truly a sweet and wonderful person. I have a few other people I have met here I consider actual friends here and off site.

          I’m the last person who is a Debbie Do Good kinda person but there really is NO harm in being nice.

          • Thank you Carey for the clarification …. yes, by ‘normal’ I meant non-paid non-professional reviewers …. just to get the perspective of a everyday regular person who is JUST a subscriber

            And the ‘no-negative’ thingy is not for censorship purposes: saying something is garbage or ugly is really not helping me as a reader since it is a personal opinion and my taste might be different … it is just for the purpose of maybe trying to keep our thoughts positive since there is already so much ugliness and evil in this world and most of us subscribe to boxes because we like to receive the ‘gifts’ in the mail and receive something that we normally probably would not purchase but who am I to say that my garbage is not your treasure?

            Is it really THAT difficult to say: this is not to my taste, I don’t see myself using this, the quality does not appear to match the price, I think I will gift this to my husband’s ex-girlfriend, etc., instead of insulting the people who curated the box as well as those who actually like that item?

            I was not trying to say ‘sugarcoat’ the reviews (… IF MSA ever invites the subscribers to submit them, since that was my suggestion to which this applied…) but just try to use humor when doing it (since the actual reviewers have to be more professional) … this is a hobby for most of us and hobbies, after all, should be FUN, right?

            And don’t let Carey fool you – she is a real sweetheart and definitely one of my favorite people I met on MSA <3

            Btw – if you sign up for the Forum and come there with an open mind (and heart) – you could learn so much about generosity, support, love, fun … and cookies 😉

            Love an peace <3

          • Carey, I am actually a Debbie Do Good in real life…just chatting! 🙂

        • Excuse me, Liddy, but by “normal” Elma meant not employed by MSA. It’s perfectly clear that she’s not going Mean Girl on anyone. Suggesting that she is not “peaceful and loving,” however, is.

          In your comment above, you state that censoring is a terrible idea. Further down on this comment thread, you write that MSA should prevent/remove/censor comments that do not contribute to your enjoyment of the thread. Specifically, you don’t like chit chat, commenters engaging with one another, gifs, or other videos. Other than making you the sole moderator of the blog section, I can’t imagine how Liz could thread this needle.

          • Another reason to avoid personal negativity is that it’s simply not helpful. I know my own taste. It doesn’t help me to know that a reviewer thinks something is ugly, or dated, or hideous. I know what looks good on me, and what I’m likely to use. Now, if the piece arrives damaged, or is poorly made in a way that won’t show up in photographs, that is helpful info to pass along. The purpose of a review is to give us enough information to make an informed decision, and I think the diplomatic style that MSA reviewers usually employ works well. I don’t need The Real Housewives to take over.

          • She clearly stated that someone else said not to censor. Try reading before freaking out.

        • Excuse me Liddy- frankly you’re being ridiculous! (Actually I have a few other better descriptive words, but I figured it’d get censored). Earlier in the thread YOU were the one that was actually encouraging censorship of others comments!! There are times when I wished all of the negative/mean posts would be removed. However this is a forum where everyone is allowed to voice their opinions (even if they are rude and ridiculous!). PS- Elma was saying that it’d be nice for some of the normal readers of MSA to write a review. There was nothing mean or wrong about her comment.

        • Well put Liddy.

          • Why do you bother to read the comments if they upset you so much?

        • It takes a special kind of person to be able to read Elma’s post and find a way to construe something negative out of it. Congrats!

          • Haha so true, Elma is the biggest sweetie ever!

        • Let’s go back to basic grade school etiquette. Comment about ideas, don’t attack a person. By way of example, Elma had a series of ideas which she thought would be great for MSA, and I really can’t see how anyone could misinterpret that. I loved reading all her ideas.

          There are people who go on the internet and say negative things becuase it makes them happy to make others unhappy. MSA is apparently not immune to that. If you are not one of those people, I urge you to think about what you write in comments before you write them. Would you walk up to someone and say “that necklace is ugly and looks cheap”? If you wouldn’t, and in real life you might say “I’m glad you like that necklace, it’s really not my style “, why would you say it on the internet? The only result of the first comment is to make someone else feel badly about liking it.

      • Agree with most of what Grishma and Elma wrote – well said!

      • Like the idea: have a separate tab (like we have for Reviews, Spoilers, Coupons) for user submitted pictures: like, how you use/style the items

    • Agree with all this @Grishma!

    • Yes to everything Grishma!!!! 😎👍🏻

    • Grishma is my BFF.

      • Nellie yea let’s be clucking2.0 😉

  15. Oh, and I would like it if on the iPhone App, it were easier to see which reviewer wrote each post.

    • I totally agree on the iPhone app! I will go to the website if I’m wondering that much but have always wanted the reviewer shown on the iPhone app.

      • It seems like it would be an easy fix, and I really am interested to know who’s reviewing what.

        • I agree 1000% – it’s actually kind of annoying.

          I’d like to see a reviewer list with bios and tags so you can click to some particular reviewer’s stuff.

  16. Is there someone who looks over all the reviews before they are published? I think it would be great for you guys to have an editor to make sure everything was consistently posted the same way. That way RV is always posted the same, someone spell-checks, and a second set of eyes reads through everything to make sure it makes sense.

    • yesssssssssss

    • Lots of cut and paste fails as well that need to be edited.

    • Agree @Jackie!

    • This is something I’ve thought of many times! I definitely think you guys should have a second person read through the reviews just to make sure everything is spelledcorrectly and looks right! Love everyone here on MSA and love this site! Couldn’t live without it! Lol but seriously…..

      • I’m an editor/proofreader. I would love that job, Ashley. Hello, Liz, if you are reading this 🙂

  17. Totally agree. Stop the intolerable back and forth clucking! Stop the constant junk posts. Stop the silly gifs and video clips. Do what these box companies are “paying” you to do and just review the darn box!

    • How about a Snickers? Or Milky Way? – my treat, no need to pay 🙂

      • “Your not the same when your Hangry” Hee hee

    • Some of us actually really enjoy the gifs and video clips and the “clucking”. This is a community. If you don’t like the conversation, then don’t read it! If you don’t enjoy how Liz and her staff are making their job fun, then start your own review blog and give your own boring reviews.

  18. I would like to see more variety of box types reviewed. I appreciate it when you review a lesser known box, even if just for a few months at a time.

    • I agree. I’ve seen a few boxes on cratejoy that I thought about getting and I’m always like I wish MSA would review it! I love your site and the reviewers are awesome!

      • If there’s ever a box you would like to see reviewed, please send us an email and we’ll try to review it! 🙂 ([email protected]

  19. I greatly appreciate you asking us what we want to see! I have went through and now read every single comment. Reviews are what got me here. I am fairly active on the swap site, but limited greatly financially on what boxes I get and how many swaps I can do. For me, what I do since I can’t gamble on boxes with unknown contents, I look for reviews or at least full spoilers and then a coupon. Usually a better than everyday coupon- i.e. FFF with $20 off or BOS on Gilt City. I will say it is becoming harder to score these great value boxes on deals, but I don’t think that has much to do with you or the site. I will say that I feel like there are much more posts than maybe a year ago or two years ago. And it has been harder to find the things I am trying to search for – i.e. in app I searched for Beautyfix because there was a $10 off coupon (not everyday kind of thing) and I had already seen the review and wanted to look again. The review did not show up – just several spoiler posts. No idea why that happened but given what has been said in other comments, I feel like there is more fluff. I definitely see more Advent calendar available posts (and they all seem more expensive than in the past). Given the holiday season, a summary of Advent calendars would be greatly beneficial I would think for those in that market – similar to the 20 something deals available now posts. I can only imagine the constant influx of information of new boxes available, new Net-a-porter box, etc. especially because of Holiday season. I think you have been doing a great job at trying to inform the community of things available as soon as they are live, but I think it has loaded down the site with lots of additional posts. I think it used to be about every other or at least every third post was a review, but I would agree with others that reviews aren’t the majority of the posts now. I greatly appreciate the ability to sort Reviews, Spoilers, News, and Deals.

    • Hey AH,
      I have noticed in the past that some Beautyfix posts are searchable by spelling Beautyfix in the search box as one word, while completely different posts show up when you search Beauty fix as two words. It seems about 50/50, so try searching it with the other spelling.

  20. I think it would be fun to see subscribers by area. For example, I live in Portland, OR and for those that wanted we could meet for coffee and have a live MSA support/swap group.

    • I also live in the greater PDX area and I think this is a fabulous idea!

    • Oh – I like this idea:)

    • They do that on the forum sometimes

    • That would be awesome!

    • Although some may think it would be fun to see subscribers by area, I think this should be an optional election in everyone’s profile, so we can elect to keep it private if we wish, or share it, with the default set to private.

  21. It would be wonderful to see where the product is made. (The country ) mostly for make up or skin care products.

  22. I want to see your stash of sub box stuff!

    • Omg me too!

  23. Email alert choices. Say I’m the one that only wants reviews, or only wants spoilers. Have a way to subscribe to only those posts and not the ones that we don’t want like tutorials or comparisons or vice versa. If this was set up you could even have a better idea as to what is liked more and what is not, what could have more and what could be phased out.

    • Great idea!

  24. I love this site, it’s really fun! It would be kinda cool that see some random folks do a video review/unboxing. Like-have Liz review FFF then follow it with other folks reviewing and sharing opinions of their boxes.

  25. I love the time lapse videos showing someone putting on makeup. I think that’d be a fun addition to arm swatches so we can see what it looks like on (and if possible on different complexions also).

    • Ooh that’s an awesome idea!

    • Oh me too, maybe readers could submit video of using all the make-up products or whatever is in their box, but that sounds like a lot of work to watch all the submissions…but would still love to see it

    • I also really like the reviewers that show the make up on! It really gives you more info on how it looks on as opposed to a swatch.

  26. I like the different ways to wear something. I would to see more modeling of the products. Model a watch, show me make-up on your face, etc. Keep the discounts coming and positive vibes.

    • I was reading through all the comments waiting for someone to request more of the different ways to wear/use something posts, like they did with the FFF Mersea wrap or just any accessory/clothing item. Posts like that are what have made the most difference in whether or not I cave into a sub (aside from coupons), and thus far everything that I’ve seen modeled, liked, and gotten has worked out really well for me – I appreciate it so much!! And I love seeing all the wonderful reviewers rocking their personal styles!

  27. I would love more posts that show makeup items on the person. I love having swatches too, but it really helps see what the makeup would look like in action – I really appreciate when reviewers post a picture of their face with the makeup on and say what the used.

    • I apologize if someone already mentioned this. I didn’t see it mentioned but might have missed it.

      I would like to a list of winners to the give-aways. I always enter but have never won. I would like to see it as a new post, opposed to having to search for the original posting. Thanks!

      • I have won a contest on here. They’re completely legit. It felt like my birthday! I love this site!!

  28. I like:
    • reviews – all of them!
    • comparisons
    • round-ups (new boxes, boxes on a theme, in case you missed it, etc.)
    • option spoilers for boxes that have them
    • spoilers for seasonal boxes
    • surveys/contests
    • posts with multiple deals/coupons (Black Friday, etc.)
    • updates on box news (like Birchbox Select Beta ending)

    I care less about:
    • theme spoilers (ugh)
    • intro deals/coupons for boxes that continually run promos
    • spoilers for monthly boxes that don’t seem that popular
    • ‘last day to order’ reminders

    I’d like to see:
    • interviews with box curators
    • another MSA box subscription!
    • more unexpected appearances from Buckles

    • I’d also like to see more Buckles (or more dogs/cats of any kind).

      • I took photos for five dog boxes and four cat boxes today…

        • I always read your reviews Ragan! I love seeing the cats or Nyx show up in the background randomly. Always makes me chuckle. 🙂

          I just can always use MORE pictures of cats and puppers.

        • I love all your babies! I read all ur reviews. I really loved the ones of Mr kitty playing that you took not too long ago! I always look forward to reading your reviews and seeing all your pictures of the animals! Love ur bead box reviews and seeing your work and what u have used out of the boxes also. And seeing you try on the vintage dresses you get in boxes is another fun one!

    • Stealing this from Desiree but adding in a few of my own comments and deleting a couple of things:

      I like:
      • reviews
      • comparisons
      • round-ups (new boxes, boxes on a theme, in case you missed it, etc.)
      • value tallies at the bottom of a post
      • spoilers for seasonal boxes
      • surveys/contests
      • posts with multiple deals/coupons (Black Friday, etc.)
      • updates on box news (like Birchbox Select Beta ending)

      I care less about:
      • option spoilers for boxes that have them (usually they’re for boxes I don’t get)
      • theme spoilers (ugh)
      • intro deals/coupons for boxes that continually run promos
      • ‘last day to order’ reminders

      I’d like to see:
      • sometimes I will want to add a box to my wish list and I can’t find it in the directory (I think because it’s not been added yet)
      • another MSA box subscription!
      • more unexpected appearances from Buckles
      • a way to up-vote or “like” comments (I do not want the comments section to turn into a popularity contest, but sometimes I really want to virtually high-five certain comments)
      • more polls (for example, honestly, what is everyone’s favorite pet box? I appreciate hearing from MSA staff, but I’d also like to know what the common man’s perspective is)

  29. I would like more genuine judgments about a box or an item. Marne is not afraid to say “This is not a good value”, or similar calls on a product or a sub; however, some reviewers avoid that. The Pollyanna-type “yes, it’s twice the price that it should be, badly designed, a terrible color that doesn’t go with anything, and its flammability defeats the whole purpose, but it could probably be awesome in an alternate universe!” reviews ring hollow. We don’t come to the MSA website for the QVC host presentation.

    More of, please: Reviews by Eric. He brings so much spirit and coolness to the reviews!

    • Totally agree. Too often if the person didn’t pay for it they are not objective – they only say positive things so they continue to receive boxes free. “For review purposes” should read “For promo purposes”.

      • OMG YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yes to more freakin honesty, please — sometimes everything seems so fake just so they keep getting everything for free… Annoying!!

    • Agreed

    • 100% agree

    • Totally agree. Reviews and spoilers are the posts I come here for. If the review does not feel honest, it’s not useful to me. I understand if a reviewer gets a serum in a box for free, it makes sense to review it as “good” serum, and say it does it’s job. What I want to know, is this serum worth me spending money on the box or just the same old, same old? We don’t have the same taste, bodies, skin type, style etc. so I won’t always like what others do. That’s no problem. I just don’t want to spend money on things that I can get cheaper elsewhere and an honest review would help with that.

    • Has anyone else counted the number of ! (exclamation points) in a review? Great fun! Some reviewers have over 50…

      So, yeah, more honesty and neutral opinions. Coupons in a box are trash. I trust Ragan and Marne the most, and actively distrust others. I also miss some of the earlier reviewers. Not forgotten, you guys!

      Spoilers for one box should be grouped. Hate themes. I like to read reviews for new boxes, but how about putting a star next to them the first time you review them, so we know?

  30. I’d love to see more comparison posts between similar boxes! Like the Birchbox vs Ipsy ones. Maybe continue with a comparison of different wine subscriptions, food/meal prep subscriptions, etc. I’d especially like to see one comparing natural and organic boxes. Like Pearlesque vs Beauty Heroes vs Art of Organics, maybe Boxwalla Beauty.

    I also appreciate the regular reviews with lots of photos/swatches, etc. I enjoy seeing the actual retail value, and the breakdown of what you essentially paid for each product based on the cost of the box.

    • I second the natural/organic beauty box comparison!! This would be amazing as I’m trying to decide which one would be best for me–and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  31. I loved Jess Cole Payne’s picture demo of how to create a look with a beauty box’s contents. One or two of these a month would be super inspiring without making too much content to wade through, although I honestly find it simple to skim and select what I read.

  32. More Marne and Nicole!

    Admittedly I am on this site multiple times a day. Lately it feels like most of the posts are coupons/ sales/ redundant psmh or fff news. The actual reviews are few and far between.

    I’d also recommend looking at reviews that consistently have no comments. Maybe it’s time to swap those out for fresh boxes.

  33. Show the comparison prices that are actual against the retail prices of the boxes- in other words- what you can buy them for on Ebay. For example, I bought a 1 ounce bottle of Drunk Elephant for $58 on ebay instead of $90 the frambos serum that is very expensive. Most of these boxes have generic, expensive stuff…. figure out the product you want versus the GREAT deal! You would love what you actually want- instead of what is given.

    • I think having a comparison to eBay or Amazon type marketplaces is absolutely the wrong way to go. MSRP is the appropriate value. There is no guarantee, especially from EBay and the amazon marketplace, that you are even getting genuine items. I do not think I am alone in this. Liz has already demonstrated on her attempt at this on the Breo review that Amazon prices change constantly and it is unfair to the boxes and will create a real mess on the swap site.

      • Agree totally Nelliebelle!!

        • I agree!

      • I also agree with NellieBelle.

      • I also Agree with Nellibelle. I would like to see the actual RV listed. I don’t mind if the reviewer mentions a sale somewhere at the moment, but that is not consistent and could change daily.

      • It has been my experience that the majority of the currently in demand items on Ebay cost as much or more than the retail so that wouldn’t be a good comparison and often times their items are old and you can’t rely on whether they are effective.

      • Completely agree. I love shopping on eBay and Amazon marketplace, but I always have to keep in mind that even when something is listed as new, it might actually be gently used, refurbished, or even fake. Some “sellers” aren’t even legit. You purchase and they send nothing. It wouldn’t be fair to compare the RV stated by subscription boxes to those prices.

      • I completely agree with Nelliebelle. Aren’t we all capable of looking up our own sale price on the internet? I mean, really we are all here because we love a great deal, right?

    • A lot of them on eBay are cheaper cause they come from a subscription box.

      • I was going to say this. Ebay is the worst place to get pricing for numerous reasons. The flood of an item after a box can in and of itself be the cause for a price dropping for one and another thing is you have a chance of getting a fake item on ebay so not everyone is willing to buy their skincare or other things on ebay. If you want to notify us of a sale at nordstrom in addition to the regular retail price that’s fine but no ebay pricing on msa for me. Its too unreliable because yk..its an auction not a set retail price.

      • Or because they are completely fake! Fake makeup and skincare scare me and it is a HUGE business!

        • I agree! And with eBay, it doesn’t even have to be a manufacturer counterfeit, as are often found on sites like Amazon & apps like Wish & Tophatter. It could be a dishonest person using genuine packaging & putting heaven knows what inside.

  34. I’ve been wondering about the possibility of having access to a data base of subscription box contents, which would help to make it easier to find a specific product from a recent box. If I don’t make a note of the particular product when I see it reviewed, I have to search recent reviews to find it again! It could just sort products from the last two months or so of boxes, especially the ones with beauty products.

    • From the general MSA Review website you can type in the name of the product in the search box (top left hand corner of the page) and it’ll bring up every instance the item was mentioned on the website. Unfortunately it will often bring up items with similar names too which kinda slows down the search though.

      • Wow! Thanks for letting me know!

  35. I love MSA for the reviews, I don’t really look at any of the other types of posts. It does get a bit cluttered sometimes, especially now with all of the advent calendar posts, so I would prefer to see less of the non-sub box posts and more of the reviews. That being said, it’s your blog, and I totally appreciate that you are asking for readers’ input but at the end of the day I support the blog no matter what you choose to post 🙂

    • Agreed!!!!!! 😎👍🏻

  36. I would like it if a post which has a coupon or spoiler for a box has a follow up review of that box.

    I’ve looked for reviews of some boxes here, and all I ever find in the search results are monthly coupons.

    If the box is good enough for a staff member to post a coupon, shouldn’t it be a follow- through with a review?

    Also, there are some really great clothing subscriptions which are different in Plus and Regular sizing. Many times, only one or the other is reviewed. I think that since the clothing is so varied, there should be a dual review- one in plus sized, one in regular sized.

    I hope I’m not asking for too much. Thanks!

  37. I get emails of all your new posts, so if it’s something I’m not interested in of don’t want to read, I just delete it & move on to the next. I love that I have the option to do that. I love that you ask us what we like/want. I would definitely be interested in seeing more interviews w/ box curators & in seeing more “behind the scenes” type posts. I live the reviews & spoiler posts, of course, that’s where this all started. BUT, your site is way more fleshed out than other sites. I think MSA is way more in tune w/ it’s readers & offer a bit of everything. There’s a post for every type of blog reader & I love that (& your GIFs are awesome & funny; never get rid of them!).

  38. Unboxings…not the staged ones where you have already unboxed and know exactly what’s in it; more like the videos on youtube where they actually open the box and go through the items and you see them as they see them and without a scripted description; just initial reaction. My favorites are the ModCloth surprise unboxings, they open the box, get a quick look at what came and then show each item, regardless of how bad it may be, modeled. It’s fun and it’s informative.

  39. I have really liked the posts that show different ways you can use an item. I liked the pictures of the Popsugar poncho on different body types and that played a role in my decision to order the box. I like the feeling of community here.

    • I agree.

  40. I also wish Liz would limit the superfluous conversations that some people have in the comments. I don’t want to wade through 30 comments that are the same 2 people having a conversation about nothing to do with the post. Especially when both ladies think they are funny and cute. Just stop. Take it to private message!

    • … there are no private messages on comments.

      If you don’t want to read it, don’t. Threads are nested so that you could easily skip them.

      • I meant take it to email. Nobody else needs to read tons of back and forth jokey and silly conversations. I do pass them but when there’s 30 comments and 25 are from 2 women chatting it’s annoying.

        • No one else needs to- you are right. And the grand thing is no one HAS to! With a scroll of your mouse and a swish is your finger you too can avoid the witty exchanges of people enjoying themselves.

      • I meant take it to email. When there’s 30 comments and almost all of them are from the same two ladies having a back and forth jokey and silly conversation about nothing it can be tiresome.

        • Scrolling past is super easy.

          • Definitely nelliebelle. And a very obvious solution to feeling so tiresome!

        • What exactly are you hoping to find in the comments? You are asking people to what? post their email addresses publicly to have a quick exchange so you don’t have to scroll past it (which I’m guessing would soon lead to being annoyed by ppl posting their emails) or have msa make rules as to what you are allowed to say on a comment like you must mention at least one item in every post?

          Full disclosure I haven’t had any of the interactions you’re discussing but they sound kinda fun and I always thought comments existed to add a social element to the reviews.

          • That’s the point of comments. I am not sure what one expects to find in comments – great Jedi wisdom?

          • If I see two people connecting and having fun on the internet, it makes me happy, even if I’m not in on the joke. There are lots of worse social interactions people can have online these days.

          • I absolutely LOVE that the exact thing annoyed her so much is happening in this thread. Never change, ladies, I love you all!

    • “Especially when both ladies think they are funny and cute”. LOL! So, so true! There are some “regulars” on this blog who think they are hilarious and witty but they aren’t and it takes away from the actual review when you have to wade through all of it. Trust me, these same ladies are even worse on the Forum.

      • Ajann-

        Conveniently the reviews are located above the comment sections so you don’t have to wade through the comments if you don’t want to read them.

        And all the ladies on the forum are amazing and also hilarious.

        Humorous Conversation is much more fun than negativity. You should try it!😀

      • Thats why comments are at the end of a review, not included in the text/photos of a review. If you don’t scroll or click on read-comments, you don’t see the posts made by users.

      • Maybe they aren’t to you, but people do think differently and don’t all have the same sense of humor as you. I’ve never thought anyone on here has offended me or said something that should be censored because you don’t think “it’s funny or cute” Get over yourself.

      • Yep, the forum is super weird. But if you want to swap the 1951 bag you have that you don’t carry (it seems they all highly value but don’t actually use these clutches) for another color, it’s the place to be.

        • Michelle, what’s so weird about the forum? Because what I usually see on there is kindness and good humor. A lot of the time I see people willing to just GIVE away their items because they want them to go to someone who can use them when they can’t. If that makes it weird, then maybe I don’t want to be normal….

          • Totally agree Janie! That’s the place where miracles and unicorns abound!!

            The random act of kindness thread over there is soooo long now!

          • The forum community is great. One of the friendliest groups of people I’ve met online. The exchanges and RAOK are wonderful.

        • Jealous much? Envy comes out, even in the written word… and it’s pretty ugly

      • You don’t have to read the comments to understand the review, LOL.

      • If you don’t enjoy the content, simply scroll past it. It’s super easy & takes about 5 seconds. I love the interaction on this site, whether it be here in the comments, on the swap site, or in the forum (I really need to get on there more!), no matter the conversation. MSA is my favorite sub box site for that reason! I’ve made actual, real-life friends in my time here & I wouldn’t want to have my ability to talk to other box fiends like myself about ANYTHING censored. So, if you don’t want to read it, skip it; it’s that easy!

      • Ajann…I’m sorry but the comments section is completely separate from the actual review and for…wait for it…people to comment. Just like you leaving this comment here, what kind of response were you trying to get. Your passing judgement and that is just not cool. Maybe just try sticking to reading the reviews if the comments are bothering you that much.

      • I love my forum ladies. I personally find them funny and cute, supportive and generous. I also use a lovely gray size L 1951 (with chain) every day thanks to MSA. And I’ve been carefully plotting my next swap for yet another, hopefully in a lovely python noir …

    • Censorship is an awful idea.

    • Even though I can’t recall seeing the types of comments you’re referring to, I’d definitely rather see two people enjoying themselves on here rather than the same few people trying to make others feel bad for liking a certain box by showing how they *think* they’re better than, or above, the contents of a box or its cost. Unfortunately, some tend to forget everyone has different preferences when it comes to what they’re willing & able to spend their money on.

      • Luna a perfect example of this is on a recent full spoiler post for a mystery box sold on Gilt City.

        • KarenG is this you? If so, I just wanted to let you know I saw you were quoted by Mintd (in an email I received) on thier most recent box. Pretty cool! I can’t wait for your review of next month’s box! 😉

          Btw, I’m so curious which review you’re referring to. 🙂

          • Luna I think Karen is talking about Psmh mystery box on Gilt that had dozens of comments about shared names or some such nonsense. I could be wrong but I would bet that’s it.

          • I was thinking the same thing. 🙂 I searched “Gilt” and those PSMH posts were the most recent, but when posts get past 100 comments I usually don’t/stop bother reading them. Emphasis on “usually” cause clearly I can’t stop reading all of the comments on this post! 😀

          • Liddy can you clarify for those of us who are confused, what are you reading the comments looking for? The reviews aren’t in the comments. I’m genuinely not sure why you are reading them if you don’t want chit chat.

            In addition, lets do the math. Someone posts something, someone else comments off topic, they then (to pasify ppl like yourself) say here’s my email address. You had to read 2- 4 unwanted posts. Or someone posts something, someone else comments off topic, someone replies, you realize you have no interest and stop reading. You have had to read 2-4 unwanted posts.

            So with your desired rules you would change nothing on your end but squeegee all fun from the forum in the process.

          • No I am a different Karen. Yes the Ps one. Yes the ladies who thought they were hilarious because they all had the same name and it somehow morphed into obnoxious babbling.

          • Karen, oh okay… I was referring to different types of comments. The ones where people are trying to make others feel bad for liking something they don’t, not comments where others are having a fun time because they find they have something in common.

      • 👍Totally agree! It’s super easy to be nice. Like my mom always says “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”.

    • Keep scrolling. Nothing to see here but people having fun.

  41. I’m enjoying all the content, appreciate the opportunity to voice my opinion.

    The reviews and spoilers are the bread and butter of the site, but new information is always welcome. I don’t feel it’s overwhelming if you check often, or use the links at the top to choose what you want to see.

    Love weekends are for winners! Really looking forward to seeing some holiday specials coming up for Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

    I believe the forum is the part of this site that could use the most help. Chris does a good job, but more moderation is needed.

  42. I’d like to see a simplified tutorial on how to swap items. Tips on how to link what you want with what you have to swap. It’s overwhelming to me. Any you tube videos out there? Talk me through it!

  43. Occasional Q&A/brief interviews from founders and curators of sub boxes, particularly in providing a sneak peek of what to expect from upcoming boxes. Also, additional ways of putting sub box items in use, like how its been done for fashion, but with decor, makeup, etc.

    • I agree! I liked the FoodStirs interview & would love to see more!

  44. I love the “how to wear it” comparison series shown on various body types and ages. I think you can include make up in that – so many times I think we swap away stuff instead of trying it because we think we can’t pull it off. Including 45 plus age group in that series would be wonderful.

    I also really love your beauty box comparison series and the monthly round up of “In Case You Missed It” news. The top coupon/deals is my immediate go-to when I see it. So all of these are super successful for me.

    I would love to see a category of New Sub Boxes. Otherwise I really mostly rely on you guys for my sub box news and reviews. 🙂

  45. I agree with so many others. Please stick to reviews. All of the cutesy chit chat and excessive non review posts is obnoxious. The silly gifs and boomerang videos are annoying. Msa used to be an awesome sub box info site. Now it’s like a clique of drama and gossip.

    • Right?! Agree 100% !

    • You’re just a ball of sunshine, aren’t you? I think you’re obnoxious in the way you are talking down to others. Don’t like the content on someone’s personal blog? Don’t visit their blog! Simple as that!

      • No kidding! This person also complained about all of the “drama and gossip” in the comments earlier in this thread, but so far the only evidence I have seen of such on MSA is their negative comments today!

      • Wow. Just WOW! All the negativity on this one thread. Though it has been more rampant over the last few months. 🙁 I can’t be the only one who’s mom told me “If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything?”

        With people picking apart other people for “chatting and socializing” is this REALLY the way you want to interact with others? For all the effort of saying negative things and complaining why not just put that energy to good use? It’s gotta be easier, I mean really!

        This is a free site for us. (I do know they get “kickbacks” for clicks BUT if you really want to deprive the site of that you can go to the boxes page manually).

        I’m pretty sure Liz created this post and question to get some feedback, not to get people all riled up.

        Overall, I think this site is pretty darn awesome, though nothing is perfect and can always be improved.

        On a final note, 1951’s!!! People love them so much I had to try some, though sadly I guess it’s lost on me. I will say there are maybe 3 of them though that are truly works of art, I have one that I look at every once in a while cause it’s just so glittery and well, just unique. Different strokes for different folks right?

  46. How a bout a “gift-able” post?
    Good gifts for your (mom, sister-in-law, friend, husband, teenager, teacher, etc) from recent boxes.

    • This is a great idea!

    • Great suggestion!

  47. Simple — spoilers and reviews — nothing else.

    • I second that. It’s getting to be too much in my opinion. Love the info, but I find myself looking less and less.

      • Ditto — I’ve been skipping over so many posts lately that just do not interest me whatsoever. I find myself going to another blog more often that focuses a lot more on spoilers and reviews — and a lot more boxes.

    • Agree. I want info more than anything. No extras.

      • To expand on my quick comment above, I do actually like the comparisons and box “deal” alerts, especially Black Friday and Galentine’s. I like the discussions below reviews, too. So maybe that’s really more comprehensive than just spoilers and reviews. 🙂

        • You have to realize, though, that the Galentine’s and Black Friday deals are available to MSA solely because of how her blog is set up. Changing what’s working would end those deals.

    • Exactly! Keep it simple to be successful and remember what your initial purpose was of creating this site. I get notifications thinking there is a review of a particular box and it turns out to be all this extra stuff, tutorials, how to wear it , etc. spoilers, coupons, reviews, and notifications of shipment delays are all I need to see if you can keep the other stuff in separate sections.

    • You all realize there are literally tabs on the front page so you can hide everything but reviews or spoilers, right? It’s automatically set to “All” and you click “Reviews” and it shows you all the reviews instead of you having to hop through and figure out what posts you want to look at.

  48. I would like to see some interviews or other articles to give behind the scenes looks at some of the popular subscriptions. I would love to see who is really behind Zluxor Box, Oui Please, FabFitFun and others.

    • Love this idea!

  49. I don’t have any ideas for something new at the moment but I really enjoyed the Top 10 Swap Items list and would love to see that periodically.

  50. more comparison series!

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