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Play! By Sephora October 2017 Box Spoilers Round #2!

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Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 9.12.22 AM

Sephora has released a first look at the October Play! By Sephora box through a live tutorial!

Sephora PLAY! Box Tutorial

What looks can you get with this month’s PLAY! box? Watch Sephora PRO artist Myiesha give a live tutorial. #FacebookLive

Posted by SEPHORA on Tuesday, October 3, 2017

This month’s theme is “Your Complexion Companions” and there will be eight variations!

First, we have a look at this month’s bag:

One box will include the following items (we’ll update as soon as we know the box number!):

And here are two more box variations thanks to TrendMood1 (Thank you, Audra, for the heads up!)

Source: Instagram user TrendMood1

Source: Instagram user TrendMood1

What do you think of the spoilers so far? Which box do you want?

To find out which box you’re receiving at the beginning of each month, follow these instructions:

If you log in through a browser, not the app, and go to my account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details (it was dated 11/1 for me), you can see the “item number” next to the image.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. They’ve posted another boxing video showcasing all products going into the boxes

  2. I’ve got box #743, so fingers crossed that it’s as good as last months was for me!!!!!!!!

    • I have this box too! I’m already excited lol

  3. Where’s spoiler #3??

  4. I’m not complaining about the’s $10? But if you also subscribe to ipsy,etc.,it’s a lot of samples..I’m going on my 11th month..Iv never been “wowed” like Iv been w ipsy,Iv got a bunch of full sized products over the past 2 years Iv been with,it’s $10..maybe this will be my month:)

    • Sport but ipsy is garbage. They give you full sized $1 store products, send you unbearable colors, and then ban anyone who criticizes anything. Sephora isn’t perfect, but you get real products, not kids stuff.

  5. This box looks like crap, so many repeats in here! And I have not even subbed for a year! The Sephora makeup remover, the Skin Laundry I just got a couple boxes back, the Cover FX…all repeats.

    And what’s up with all the primer, ugh, I don’t even use primer. There’s no color in this box AT ALL.

    Yeah I know it’s only 10 bucks a month. Yeah, I know everyone is different. But really, out of like the last 5 or so boxes I got , only last month’s was good. I have FOMO so I keep not canceling every month. But if this box is full of the above stuff, I am definitely canceling. I think the quality and variety has really gone down.

    Too bad, I waited a long time to get on the list, but oh well!

  6. Yeah, not mad I cancelled. The only thing I’m remotely interested in I can get the bigger size for $12…This sub has drastically reduced in quality and I’m over it

  7. Re-subbed recently and have mostly been meh- tend to get the variation that’s least desirable to me. Yet, Looks like an overall decent month, although gotta say that bag is ugly AF (IMO)….yet, they typically are (again, IMO). I’d honestly just prefer the items w/ paper shreds (to prevent damage) in the box- toss it all into the recycling bin, but these ugly arse bags are just wasteful.

    • thank you…thank you for finally telling the truth about the bags

      i’m a grown-ass woman, & while i appreciate the occasional touch of whimsy–these things are “everything’s a dollar” dollar store tacky, to me

  8. what numbers are the boxes shown?

    • We don’t know yet. Hopefully we will know soon

    • I don’t think Sephora has updated anyone’s numbers yet, mine still says pending so I’m sure they’ll update on here as soon as they find out 🙂

      • Where am I able to see the box number I’m getting?

    • My number shows as 743 can’t wait to see what it is.

      • Where do you check for the box number? I’m a new subscriber to the play box and I’m so confused.

        • Its the last 3 digits of your order number

          • It’s actually the last 3 digits of the item number, not the order number. 🙂

      • Mine is 743 too! Praying it’s 2 or 3.

  9. I hope I get that Coverfx!

    • SAME!!!! My daughter’s been eyeballing it for months

  10. Just a heads up….. please check your Sephora accts. Last night I went in to see my last three digits and saw i wasn’t charged for October yet. It’s never been later than the 4th. After poking around I found my acct showing my old CC I deleted not the new one and when I went into it to edit it showed I needed to put in the security code for the card. So it never charged me. MUST be checked/fixed by the 7th or you may not get your bag

    • This happened to me as well! For some reason the cvc of my card had been deleted. Luckily I got an email about them not being able to charge my card and was able to fix it on time! I called up customer care just to make sure and the rep told me that they have been having computer issues.

    • That’s odd…I can’t remember ever having to put in the security code for mine so I panicked and went on my account and there isn’t one but there also isn’t a place for one. So I added a new credit card on to my account and it never asked for that either. Are you sure you talked with Sephora and not someone scamming you? It may have been totally legit I just can’t find where I would have put that code in to save my life haha

  11. Anyone have #941? I have

    Last month the last 3 numbers were #514 but showing contents of #498 in my Sephora account

    • I do. Dry skin, aging concerns, medium complexion, brown eyes and brown hair.

      I am SO ready to cancel. If it weren’t for my giant FOMO. This box–ugh. If next month’s isn’t any better, I am so cancelling. And I was so psyched about getting in on Play, it hasn’t even been a year.

    • I have 941 this month too. Brown hair, green eyes, oily skin, dry hair, and med skin tone on my profile. Last month I got #870, before that I got #130.

  12. Box #743 & I just read some comments & Idk…thought Sephora was doing good, but after reading some comments I’m confused! I have medium light skin. Oily/acne prone & dark brown hair & eyes!? Still hoping for the best with them! LAST MNTHS BOX WAS AWESOME, LIKE THEY REALLY PAID ATTENTION TO MY PROFILE! EVERYTHING WAS GREAT & GREAT LOOKING ON ME FOR MY PROFILE! I have to AGREE with alot of ppl!! These are some killer brands & samples for this month, but also, besides last mnth, it didn’t seem like there was a method to their picking & was usually very unhappy bc I wud never seem to get the box that I wanted or felt was great for me! I think I’m gonna give em more time! Seems like the longer you stay with them & keep active & social, the boxes seem more right for me…hope i didn’t speak to soon!!

    • I have light, close to medium combination skin w/acne listed in profile, dark brown hair and eyes and have box #743.

    • Same here. Light/fair combo and acne prone skin, dark brown hair & eyes and box 743.

      Which box looks best for combo and acne prone skin? Seems like the lighter shade with those skin issues are something we all have in common.

  13. Has everyone else been charged for their October boxes? I keep looking for my box number but haven’t been charged yet even though it says they will charge 10/1-10/4.

    • yup was charged on 2nd oct

    • I was charged on the 2nd

    • Check your acct. I looked yesterday and couldn’t see my October transaction. For some reason my acct needed CC security code put in. It was fine thenlat few months. Some glitch I guess. MUST be done by the 7th otherwise you might not get our bag

      • I called finally and they tried to say I had cancelled! I absolutely have not.. haven’t even logged in until I went to see my Box number. Then they tried to say it was a problem with my card…it’s a gift card and the same one I used last month. They said it was taken care of, but I still haven’t been charged. I was on the phone with them for 30 minutes!

  14. I REALLY want the box with the Becca primer & IT Cosmetics under eye concealer…. Please let me get that one 🤞🤞🤞this will be my first play box so I’m really hoping to start off great with this sub & I’m excited to get it! I just wish they would ship earlier than the 3rd week of the month lol… But it does give me something to look forward to receiving at the end of the month at least lol 😂

  15. The skin laundry came out in another box (beauty fix/derm store?) ad it became my favorite for sensitive skin. The dr.brant pore dermabrasion was in another recent box and it was wonderful and made my skin look glowing. Great looking product boxes this month!

  16. I’ll be interested to see what the remaining 5 variations look like…

    • I am excited about the featured Makeup Forever products since it’s one of my favorite brands. I wear the HD foundation so I don’t mind getting a bonus amount, it makes the value of the box well worth the value. Skin Laundry is also one of my favorite cleansers and I haven’t tried this particular version so I won’t mind getting this as a sample especially right before the winter months. I started using the Skin Laundry cleansers after getting a sample in a Play box months ago and now use their toner and exfoliating scrub. I also am excited about the Color FX products because I actually have had that in my basket to buy on my Sephora app. I was waiting to see what the spoilers were before I bought anything just in case, now I am glad I did. My only complaint if you would call it that is I would love at least one makeup product with some fun color. I have a ton of sample black eyeliners geeze! Why not a purple eyeliner for fall? Not really my color but it’s something different. Maybe a fun fall color nail polish or blush. I don’t think that’s to much of a reach. Masks, moisturizer and face wash is cool but even big girls like to play with fun makeup and really I think that’s why we all subscribe. I get everyone wants to push their products but I would like to try something new and different along the makeup side of things. Makeup Forever would of been a great line to give us some fun color, they have amazing stuff.

  17. The October box looks pretty good, especially the 2nd and 3rd options. I think I’m getting the second box because the skin tone seems about right (I’m box # 743, with light, combination skin and blue eyes). Maybe that’s wishful thinking because the second box is my favorite of the 3. I don’t really want a primer, and I don’t want Cover FX…I’m not sure what I’d use it for. The dermabrasion cream looks cool, and I’d enjoy the Tarte mist.

    • I want that box too, also 743, light skin, blue eyes. I’d love to get the mist. I’m addicted to toners and mists thanks to pearlesquebox.

    • I’m also box #743, but I have medium light complexion, dark brown eyes & oily/acne prone skin! Hmmmm…they’re usually right on the money for my profile & products!?!?

    • That box has a primer – by Urban Decay

    • The Tarte mist is awesome! I have a sample size from an employee that stashed a ton of stuff in my bag, and I love it!!

  18. I really want the first or second one shown (with the Dr. Brandt and UD primers, respectively) because I’ve tried almost all of the products in the boxes revealed so far.

  19. All of these look awesome so far! I’m guessing that within the variations there might be different shades for the same box number. Because foundation isn’t always one size fits all. Good luck to everyone who had a bad experience last time.

  20. Wow this is the first time Sephora Play looks really really great to me. Maybe it’s because I’m into skin care more since I’m just a year or so away from being a DINOSAUR… RRRR. LOL

    • YASSS I LOVE SKIN CARE ALSO. I also am in love the gucci bloom perfume i hope my box has it.

  21. The second one looks possible to be mine based on foundation but I can’t tell if it’s light enough. Would love that box minus the poredermabrasion, but only because I have sooo much of that. The rest of that box I’d love tho. The rest don’t look bad to me, but not as good.

  22. I hate bare minerals mineral veil powder therefore I will be getting that box, I know it.

    • Me too! I don’t particularly hate it but it’s not a go to definitely. I would much rather have box 1 or 2 especially the first cause I’ve been wanting to try the cover fx luminizing drops but I know I’m gonna end up with the 3 box. Lol

  23. Which one is box 925?

  24. Still a bunch of crappy junk!! I’ve been getting all these things for years from Birchbox. Sephora says they are more exclusive & high-end, BUT they’re NOT!! Does ANYONE ever get the samples they want or the limited-editions?!? I sure DON’T… :/

    • Just cancel

    • It’s just $10, cancel or look at it as being worth tying some items you might not and donate the rest when they build up to a women’s shelter or for toy drives for teen girls at Christmas.

    • I get many high end items I love every month. None of the items spoiled so far are junk.

  25. Those all look great! Sad I cancelled, wonder if it’s too late to get Octobers box?

    • Probably not. If you sign up before the 15th, chances are good you will receive October’s box. I signed up for September’s box on 9/13 and got it one week later.

  26. I hope the second one’s not mine, but the foundation matches…those of you getting Beautyfix, there’s a full size of the Dr. Brandt exfoliator in the October box.

    • there is a full size in boxycharm as well this month

    • I will be set for exfoliator for a while 🤔

      • I just bought two of the Philosophy exfoliating face wash at the Ulta sale last month! I’m set for a while as well.

  27. Better than my Ipsy this month! Come on box #925 give me some goodies!

  28. Looks like I’m in the minority when I say I’m so glad I cancelled. This box has become way too boring.

    • I cancelled as well and looking at this I’m fine with my decision. It’s not that I think its a bad box, but I probably would have received one of the second two listed here based on my shade.It would have been cool to try the foundation but everything else is stuff I have or have tried from samples and don’t like.

      The way I am looking at it is I would rather put that $10 toward on of the sephora favorites kits I really want then receive this box.

    • I canceled as well, so far no regrets

  29. These all look awesome. I’d be happy with any of them, but the first or 3rd one would probably be my favorites, just cause I’ve tried Tarte already

    • I like the first & second. The third isn’t bad either but I have multiples of all the items.

  30. I think the first box is the best but I know its not mine since the foundation is too dark. I aso like the second one so I hope that’s #925. It looks like it has the medium foundation.

    • The foundation is based on your profile, so it could still be your box. Don’t give up hope!

    • I’m getting 925 and also have a medium skintone, so maybe!

  31. Which one of these do you guys think is light?

    • The second pic with the Tarte and dr Brandt.

  32. …and, this is why october will be my last play! box…too many variations-tired of never getting the box i wanted, or being pissed about the value of my box…all of it

    these boxes are supposed to be fun and a treat…instead, play! just hurts my feelings…

    • OMG

      • …”omg”…? what?

        8 variations of the same $10 box is about 6 too many-and, i’m done feeling as though i’ve been “cheated” every month
        with the lowest value box sent out

        what are you “omg”-ing about?

  33. Wow, these all look really good. I wouldn’t mind any of these variations.

  34. If we’re going by foundation shades then the one with the Tarte mist would be what I’m getting and I’d be cool with that.

  35. Yes I love these two variations. Even though I have a couple of them already and I don’t care about foundation as it never matches your tone I will like these two box variations.

  36. I’m actually really excited about this month.. Id be pretty happy with any of the variations so far..

  37. I kind of want the first box, but the makeup is too dark, so I’ll probably get the middle one. I really want those cover fx drops…

  38. This is much better than Ipsy.

  39. These are amazing box items. I seriously don’t know what people think they can get for $10 anywhere close to this with high-end brands. None of these so far are foil packets or anything like that. I’d be happy with any of these!

    • ^ Exactly!

    • I agree! These spoilers look great so far! What other box gives out foundation samples like this? And it’s so nice to see primers that aren’t Smashbox or Benefit Porefessional. I don’t know what some people expect to get for 10 bucks. The other $10 boxes out there have way more drugstore and obscure brands.

  40. I like the items in the middle box the least, but the skin tone on that one looks closest to mine, so that’s the only one I could possibly get. I hope I get a different one. I like the overall idea of complexion, but don’t want a primer since I use a sunscreen primer. I love cleansers, concealers, and I wouldn’t mind having that blue CoverFX stuff. Oh wait. I like the MakeUp Forever Booster, I just didn’t know what it was.

    • There are five additional box variations. One of those might have a foundation shades that matches you better. I tend to think this one is the “medium” shade, but the lighting in the pic could be making it look darker or lighter than it is.

  41. Well I know neither of these are my box since the foundations are darker. I hope they’re sampling the Becca backlight primer because it’s amazing.

    • 2nd that on the Becca backlight primer. It’s very light and absorbs into the skin beautifully.

  42. The only one I wouldn’t want so far is the one with the IT Concealer which means I’ll probably get it! They sent me a concealer not that long ago that didn’t work out and I tried the IT before. That stuff was thick and made my eye area dry.

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