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Nylon Box Subscription – October 2017 Review + Coupon

Nylon Box is a new beauty subscription box from Nylon Magazine! Each month you’ll receive a curated mix of five to six full/sample size beauty and skin care products, plus small accessories, too.

My Subscription Addiction paid for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes). 

The Box: Nylon Box

The Cost: $19.99 per month

COUPON: Use code FIRSTFIVE to use code FIRSTFIVE to take $5 off your first box!

The Products: A curated mix of 5-6 full/sample size beauty and skin care products, plus small accessories.

Ships to: US and worldwide. (Free shipping to the US.)

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Normally, Nylon Box comes with a booklet to guide you through each item, as well as a sticker sheet, but it looks like mine got skipped this month. Drat! Luckily I was still able to find all needed info online. 🙂

Now let’s get to the items!!

Milky Dress Bomb Pack – Value $3 (Buy a pack of 10 for $30)

I’m familiar with sheet masks as well as bubble packs, but this is the first bubble pack sheet mask that I’ve tried! Holy CRAP this mask is AWESOME. Two things: It smells wonderful (which most sheet masks don’t), and you only leave it on for 2-3 minutes instead of the usual 15-20. I love how bubbly it got and even when I removed it, my face was bubbly too! After removing, I washed the bubbles off of my face and felt squeaky clean! Love love love it!

Nylon Box October 2017 - tarte tarteist pro glow

Tarte Tarteist Pure Glow in Stunner, 0.16 oz – Value $8.29 (Buy a .56 oz tube for $29)

Wow- this is VERY pigmented! I’m not very versed in highlighting, but this is really quite beautiful. It comes out in liquid form and goes on really smoothly but quickly sets and turns into more of a powdery feel. It’s quite shimmery, so it seems best to start subtle and build on your cheekbones or wherever you need some highlighting. I’m looking forward to experimenting more with this pretty champagne color!

Venus in Leo Rosemary Grapefruit Deodorant Balm, 0.5 oz – Value $2.25 (Buy a 2 oz tub for $9)

Very cool that Nylon is including a small Etsy maker in their box this month! This looks to be a sample size about 1/4 of the size normally sold in Venus in Leo’s shop. I’ve been hoarding natural deodorant lately because it always smells SO NICE and never has aluminum in it. I really enjoy the smell of rosemary as well as grapefruit, so this is divine. I like the little gold tub it comes in and it applies easily to my underarm. It’s a little gritty I think due to the baking soda in it, which as we all know helps soak up smell and moisture.

Linné Botanicals Smooth Body Balm, 1 oz – Value $17 (Buy a 4 oz jar for $68)

I could tell right away that this was a natural product before reading any of the ingredients on the card. It has a distinct (yet lovely) scent that I recognize from other natural beauty products I’ve received. I spread a little of this onto my hands and they instantly turned buttery soft. This reminds me of a healing balm but can be used for everyday use on dry skin (or lips!). It contains avocado, beeswax, geranium, bergamot, and rosemary extracts to name a few. I am super impressed with how soft my skin feels! I’m pleased to know they make small batches of this with wild harvested, natural, and organic ingredients. I am certainly interested in this line now that I know about it!

Inked by Dani Hand-drawn Temporary Tattoos – Value $1.50 each (Total Value $4.50)

It never occurred to me that temporary tattoos are something that would be hand-drawn by someone, but it looks like Dani has done it! Nylon has sent us a pack of three designs which includes a holographic unicorn, a couple of back to back cresent moons, and my favorite, a simple “whatever” script typeface. Did you also happen to catch what cute packaging it comes in? So fun!

Nion Beauty Opus Express – Value $39.95

I was REALLY excited to see this device in this month’s box because I recently saw all kinds of face brushes at Sephora recently and have always been curious. It seems like almost all of the newer ones are made with silicone brushes instead of the old school nylon ones and the Opus Express follows suit. I received the pale pink version that takes 2 AA batteries (not included) that are easily loaded into the bottom. Once it has power, there are 3 settings to choose from to get your face clean which you can toggle through by pushing the single button on the handle. They are all basically the same with the exception of how strong the vibration is. Even the strongest setting feels gentle on my skin. The instructions call for you to apply your favorite cleanser onto your face, and then use the Opus Express by slowly moving it around your face in a circular motion for a minute and a half. I recently got a facial and the facialist told me that I should use a foaming cleanser moving forward (as opposed to a cream cleanser). This tool works well with foam, so I’m good to go! The silicone brush is also detachable in the event that you need to clean it.

Chef’s Knife Earrings by Vinca – Value $17.95

Hahaha, how perfect are these for an October accessory?! Another handmade item from a small maker, too! Go Nylon! These little knives are 1″ long and a great way to accessorize for this spooky time of year. These are a great item for me because I love cooking AND horror movies, and although they aren’t quite the same, I collect meat cleavers! The card these come on is also really cool with its red velvet anatomical heart. So cool!

Verdict: Nylon Box really knocked it out of the park for me this month! This has to be my favorite beauty box because it’s always so fun with really unique items I don’t see in other boxes. I’m happy to see them support smaller brands too. The facial brush is a clear winner for me but I’m also over the moon about the body balm that is insanely lush. For this $19.99 box, I received an UNREAL retail value of $93! Outrageous, I tell you!

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes! Each month’s cut off date is the 20th.

Coupon – Use coupon code FIRSTFIVE to save $5!

Value Breakdown: At $19.99 for this box, here’s what you are paying approximately per item:

  • Mask: $0.66
  • Liquid Highlighter: $1.82
  • Deodorant Balm: $0.50
  • Body Balm: $3.74
  • Temporary Tattoos: $1
  • Facial Brush: $8.80
  • Earrings: $3.96

Did you love this month’s Nylon Box?

Nylon Box

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Written by Marne Orenich

Marne Orenich

Marne is a lipstick connoisseur, record collector, and twice over cat mom. She loves discovering new clean beauty brands and has quite the collection of beautifully packaged serums and moisturizers.

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Comments (42)

  1. I’m crushed! This post says the cutoff date is October 26 and I signed up right away after seeing this month’s box. I was SOO excited about the earrings mainly but the other items look great as well! My box has yet to arrive after 10 days and everyone else is saying they got theirs. So I e-mailed Nylon and they said the cutoff was October 20 and I ordered mine on the 21st. 🙁 By ANY chance, does anyone want to sell me their box or at least their earrings? I know it’s silly but this sorta ruined my morning. lol

    • Marne, please adjust the cutoff date. Some people, including myself, ordered this box based on the post, only to find out that the cutoff date was incorrect.

      • Hi Holly and Sam! I’m truly sorry about that!
        The direct wording of their page is: “Each month’s cut off date is the 20th. If you purchase post the 26th of a month, your first box will be the following month to come.”
        I’m not sure what happens between the 21-25th, but I somehow locked on to the date of the 26th thinking that that was correct. 🙁

        I’ve updated the date and hope you are able to find the items you wanted the most via swaps! Again- so sorry!

  2. I subscribed for the scrub brush and the earrings and am completely delighted with this box. Some of the stuff in the earlier boxes was too young to tempt me, but this selection was right up my alley (although I will probably give away the tattoos). I wore the earrings to a Halloween event and got so many compliments! If they keep it up at this level, I will definitely stick with it.

  3. I got mine today and the difference was no deodorant and instead Lange detangling spray. The deodorant was the only thing I was meh about, so I’m very happy with the sub! I use detangler daily, so this will be put to good use.

  4. I got my box today, I caved after I saw the review and had to get the earrings. My jar of the body balm doesn’t even have a label on it; and it wasn’t even sealed when I opened the box. The lid was totally off the jar and the top of it is a little damaged from mailing with no lid on it. I just thought it was super strange there’s no label and kind of miss having the info card.

    • Whoaaa that’s super weird! Did you contact customer service? Maybe they can send a replacement!

  5. Marne, I agree they knocked it out of the park this month! Remarkable value, new indie brands to try, the highlighter is a lovely colour (I use on eyes, centre of lips as well), that cleansing brush!

    Can you or perhaps another commenter answer a question about the cleansing brush? I’ve never used one, always nervous as I have sensitive, dry (and ageing, boooo) skin. I’ve always been afraid it would be too rough, causing lines and wrinkles to get worse. Think it’d be safe for me? Would it more likely benefit our ghoul, nearly 18?

    Trying hard to resist… but with the coupon, it’s a fantastic deal! Happy Halloween! (Our 27th wedding anniversary is then, why I’m trying to keep spending down.)😘⚡️🖤👻🎃🦇 Jet

    • Hey Jet! I’ve actually never used a brush like this either (before now), but you bring up some good questions! Gosh, I would hope that they wouldn’t make a product that promotes wrinkles, but who knows these days. It looks like it’s sold on Amazon, so it might be a good idea to check out what people say there if no one here jumps in. I didn’t find it to be harsh at all. There are the three settings and the low one is pretty gentle. The silicone is quite soft too, so it doesn’t feel “scratchy” in the least. Hope this helps!

      Happy Anniversary as well!!

      • Duh, I hadn’t even thought to look on Amazon! Will do & see if anyone mentions my dilemma. Thank you for the anniversary wishes! 😘 J.

  6. This is my second Nylon box and I was THRILLED! I hadn’t seen any spoilers so I was so pleasantly surprised at all the goodies especially the fancy Linne balm (which I just had seen this brand featured on some swanky blog) and the Nion Opus. I really loved everything though…even the little tatoos! I really loved last month’s box (I ordered after seeing the contents) but this month’s was over the moon!!

  7. Bought this for my 20 year old daughter as a change from Ipsy but having FOMO for the good stuff lol! Very unique curation of cool and quality and DIFFERENT from all the other subs out there ( most of which I’ve tried 💸) Even the few things not my/her style are offset by brands new to me ( I mean hers 😏 ). Hope I can let it go when it arrives LOL

  8. Yeah, I caved. At only $15 with the coupon it’s hard to pass up. REALLY looking forward to those earrings! They’re the main reason I bought it. Everything else is a nice bonus.

    • Me too.

    • Same!! I wanted the earrings so badly that for $15, they were cheaper to buy through Nylon than their original site. The other items are a bonus though. 🙂

  9. Do they charge on the 1st of the month? Considering getting this box. Thanks.

    • In my experience, they charge right before they ship, in the last 2 months I was charged on the 15th. My boxed shipped right after. This is different from what their FAQ shipping states. They are a new sub…..expect the unknown sometimes.

      • I always get charged about a month prior to the box shipping – I’ve already been charged for November. So I’m not sure if it varies based on when you signed up?

  10. I completely forgot about this box and have only seen the first review when it came out. They really do a good job. There isn’t anything in that box that I ever tried let alone heard of so that’s is amazing. You get your 20 dollars worth and that a bonus. Great review! Loved it and really like this is a cool beauty box too.

  11. Wow what a great box!!! I can’t wear studs anymore as I usually have a phone at each ear all day at work, but I still want them!!

    • Why not take this opportunity to do something outside of work – go to dinner or drinks with a friend? Wear your cool earrings then and have a great time!

  12. Wowie, what a great box! I couldn’t order fast enough. 💨💰
    Apart from the cool ‘silicone!’ cleaning brush, imma be a unicorn at this year’s Halloween party and need those stickers!!

  13. Anyone know if the earrings are ok for sensitive skin? I have a nickel allergy. I guess if I react badly to it, I could use them as pins instead!

    • The back does say that they are surgical steel posts, but doesn’t mention if they are nickel-free. Not sure if that helps!

  14. I cancelled after last month, thinking this box wasn’t really my style, but then this box sucked me back in! So glad it’s not too late to grab it.

  15. Nice box! The curation is a bit more unique this time around. And the earrings are a genius addition!

  16. I love temp. tattoos. Our Chicago Field Museum had a tattoo exhibit last year and their experiential tour through the city passed out temporary tattoos drawn by actual tattoo artists. They were gorgeous.

  17. I loved last months box, this one tops it! This is one sub I’m keeping forever, if they continue to put together such amazing boxes. The earring are made of awesome!

  18. Ok, couldn’t resist. Had to order.

  19. I love the earrings. They would be appropriate for a chef as well.

  20. Woohoo! I have been WAITING for any kind of spoiler this month – they kept it so secretive, I was worried it may be because the box was a dud, but I love this month! AND my box arrives tomorrow 😊💖💕

  21. Marne if you like natural deodorant, you MUST try Bubble and Bee Pit Putty! My favorite is Lemon and Clove, but there are so many different fragrances. They also have a sample pack that allows you to select 6 (I think) different samples!

    This box looks amazing! I will have to keep an eye on this one I am trying Linne for the first time thanks to Boxwalla.

    • Oooh- thanks for the tip, Dee! Checking that out….now!

  22. This is the best box I’ve seen from them so far that makes me actually want to subscribe! I don’t want pins or patches or temporary tattoos… Give me beauty all the things! Putting this sub on my wishlist.

  23. I have been pretty consistently impressed with this box. Lots of unique items, and things that feel trendy/interesting. I LOVE those earrings too!

    • Me too! Those earrings are too cute! What a great box this month! Sad I didn’t get it.

      • Why, it’s not sold out. You can still get it.

    • OMGaaaaaaah!

  24. Wow, I think this is their best box yet! I think I’ll get it for the Tarte and the face brush. And those knives really crack me up. 😉

  25. I got my box today and I didn’t get an info card or stickers either—maybe they didn’t do them this month. I like getting the info card, but it’s ok that they skipped it because this box is great! My favorite so far.

    • I thought the same thing – no info card or stickers. I too don’t really care about the stickers, but I like the info card in all my boxes. I hate when they don’t have it. I like when they suggest ways to use the items. I’m okay with no card if it’s got an easy online access to product info, like Ipsy.

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