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ModCloth Stylish Surprise – Available Now + Coupon!

The ModCloth Stylish Surprise event starts now!

If you aren’t familiar with Stylish Surprise, here’s what you need to know:

  • You can buy a mystery item (as many as you want) from any of the available categories – basically, it is a create-your-own-mystery-box!
  • All Stylish Surprise items are Final Sale. These sell out VERY quickly – make sure to buy ASAP if you are interested!
  • Check out our Stylish Surprise reviews to see what type of items you can expect.
  • Shipping is free on orders of $50 or more, and make sure to use coupon code LAPKUS to save 30% off orders of $100 or more! 

Here are the categories that are available:

Stylish Surprise – Dresses, $20:

Stylish Surprise – Outerwear, $15:

Stylish Surprise – Swim, $10:

Stylish Surprise – Shoes, $10:

Stylish Surprise – Tops, $15:

Stylish Surprise – Bottoms, $15:

Stylish Surprise – Accessories, $5:

Are you going to grab anything in the sale? Shipping is free on orders of $75 or more, and make sure to use coupon code LAPKUS to save 30% off orders of $100 or more! 

ModCloth Stylish Surprise

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Comments (61)

  1. Seriously! I got a duplicate and the spiel “well it says in terms and conditions you can get duplicates… but i can give you a 1 time store credit.”

    I told them I’ll never shop from them again (I really only jump on SS sales) if this is their policy going forward, so I’d really like a proper refund.

    I did get my refund! But I’m sad that they may keep this policy around. We should boycott SS until they get their act together! What’ll they do when they have hundreds of the same dress lying around their warehouses?

    At least the lady who worked with me in livechat said she’d pass on my comments…

  2. I can not actually believe I got decent clothes and a few great items!

    I asked for 1 top, 1 bottom and 4 dresses.

    I got the top, a really pretty deep red formal tank top with a cute travel style print. It’s nice for work.

    As for my bottoms, I got a long sleeved butterfly print romper!

    1 dress is a gorgeous nude crochet but it’s tight on my bust.

    The next dress is a bright blue, sexy formal dress that’s kind of lacy and requires a strapless bra. But it’s so fun. It’s lace up till the neck.

    The next dress is everything you imagine when you think 1950’s Good Housekeeping and I love it. It’s high necked with a bow and has a big full skirt. The print is cream overlaid with colored, shimmery flowers.

    The last dress I never want to take off. It’s blue and green. The top is green with little straps and the bottom is a blue ocean print.

    I’m so delighted with the last dress that it was worth the cost of all 6 items.

    Last time I got everything in 2xl and most the dresses were too large. The only thing out of 6 items worth salvaging was a cheap tank and a boring black dress.

    This time I tried 1xl and a few dresses were small. The top is snug as well. But I’m still pretty happy. This is a first for me with Stylish Suprise. I wish they had a size 1 1/2 xl 🙂🙃

  3. Huge bust for me. 3 duplicate dresses out of five total, and none are my style. 🙁 All size medium, but of course their sizing is different for each brand.

    I got:

    – Ritz and Wisdom dress by Lace&Mesh
    – 3 of the Promising Polish Shirt dress by English Factory
    – Respectfully Retro by Viola M

    I chatted the CS rep, and they pointed out the Terms and Conditions and finally gave me a one-time courtesy store credit for the two extras. Yea, I don’t think I’m going to go for the SS ever again.

  4. Well after seeing all the duplicates everybody was getting I was really nervous (because that sucks and I’m sorry that happened to you all). But mine came today and all 5 dresses were different! I got all in size 4x. I love 3 of them! 2 are not my color/style, but might work anyway. Here’s what I got:

    -Posh Presence A-Line Dress in Ice – Currently $36.97 ORIG $119.99

    -Stay and Sway Midi Dress in Dove (gray) No longer avail ORIG RV $140

    -Yours To Adore Midi Dress in Navy (No longer avail) Orig rV $80

    -Jacquard Darling Mini Dress (purple) (No longer avail) Orig RV $120

    -Sweet Sunday Midi Dress in Violet (no longer avail) Orig RV $80

    I’m pretty happy with these!! (Although I haven’t tried them on yet so fingers crossed)

  5. So….they have no problem canceling a portion of my order (two outerwear), and then I get my box and I get three identical tops?! They couldn’t cancel two of them?! I emailed customer service and haven’t heard back. This is the worst Stylish Surprise I have ever been a part of, and I have done many.

    • Yep, I have four duplicates. This is just wrong. I am the stupid one for doing it, but I have finally wised up. NEVER AGAIN!

  6. All my accessories were dupes. Did anyone get an accessory other than a gold bag or straw hat? Just curious. I doubt I will ever order multiples again.

  7. I just received my order of 5 of the SAME dress! This sale is a great idea but so badly executed. I understand that duplicates can happen, but 5!!!

    • Oh noooo. Write them and they will at least give you a credit or refund.

      • I did and they referred me to the terms and conditions which state that duplicates may happen. They aren’t willing to do anything. It’s very disappointing and a waste of money.

      • ARE YOU F*ING KIDDING ME?!?! I haven’t even received my order yet, but between the outerwear and now THIS, I’m totally sworn off of Modcloth.

        I mean, what the heck was going through the mind of the person packing that box of 5 identical dresses? If that’s truly all they had in your size, they should have at the very least called you to ask if you wanted a refund for 4 of the dresses and just send you one.

        Honestly, I don’t know what I expected after the Wal*Mart acquisition. LAAAAAAAAAME.

      • I did two orders (both over $100) and both have multiple duplicates. I got four accessories between the two and all four were the same gold clutch GWP from a few months ago and not actually sold on the site. Add to that two of the same pairs of pants, two of the same pair of shoes, and two of the same dresses and I’m done. Not to mention I didn’t even get an email saying my outerwear had been cancelled.

      • I did end up getting store credit. I was told that the reason for all the duplicates was because of low stock. Still not a reason to send people multiples of the exact same item, but okay. Cut to today…AND a new round of stylish surprise promo.

  8. I do feel like they used the Outerwear as a bait. I placed my order early – within the first 10-15 minutes of the sale. And it was cancelled. How few did they have? Did anybody get any Outerwear? If not, we are veering into the unethical area.

  9. Both my outerwear orders were cancelled. So heartbroken 😔

    • Same with mine 😪

  10. Despite being a ModCloth customer for about 8 years now, I’ve never actually purchased a ‘Stylish Surprise’ so I’m pretty excited. While I would have loved to try a dress / pants / skirt, my measurements (32/28/40) would have made those options a hit or miss. I took the safer route and went with a top!

  11. I got an email this morning canceling my order because they apparently got more orders than stock……..Okay.

    FYI – I ordered 3 outerwear (2 s, 1 m) and they were all fully “in stock” at least an hour after I ordered.

    • I’m worried this will happen with mine … You would think they know by now to set in the system how many items they have so they don’t oversell. Should be easy enough to do.

    • Both of the outerwears (m) I ordered were also canceled.

    • I ordered one outerwear (m) and one accessory and they canceled the outerwear and just shipped the accessory. Glad I paid the shipping charge to get that measly accessory *eye roll*

    • 20% off a future purchase almost feels insulting. For a mistake they made. I emailed back to let them know how disappointed I was, and I got an explanation of what an oversale is and the good news that they fixed the “bug” that caused this issue. Bye, ModCloth.

      • I only got 10% for my inconvenience…

      • I got only 10% off for them canceling my outerwear. Sad.

        I had budgeted for the outerwear and if I had known it wasn’t available, I would have purchased something else like shoes or another dress.

    • As I feared, my Outerwear items were cancelled (those were the reason I placed the order) and the filler items were shipped. I’m feeling duped. Done with Stylish Surprise.

    • I wish to holy heck they had cancelled mine. I got seven items to take full advantage of the discount, and ended up four duplicates. All mine are sleeveless tops that I won’t wear. I am FINALLY FULLY OUT of this madness.

  12. Man, I wish I had seen that 30% off $100 coupon. I ended up getting $60 worth of stuff, but I could have spent $10 more and got $40 more of stuff. Oh wellll.

    I told myself I wouldn’t do these anymore since last time was an all around bust, but I recently discovered Mercari and sold all my items that had been sitting for a profit. This time I snagged a swimsuit, 3 pair of shoes and 1 outerwear item. Fingers crossed I get some goodies I like!

    • If you notice you missed a coupon right after placing the order, you can contact them within an hour (chat is fine) and cancel it, then place a new order. You will run the risk of running out of some items/sizes.

    • Do you also have a Poshmark? I just made an account but nothing has sold 🙁 Is Mercari better?

  13. Aaah that’s what I get for not reading; I jumped on the Accessories thinking jewelry was part of it. Well, I was hoping for a new necklace or bracelet but fingers crossed for something fun from Accessories.

    I snagged Accessories, Outerwear, a Top, and Shoes. I’ve been burned on the dresses so I’m hoping trying a few new categories works out.

  14. I took the plunge again after receiving 2 wedding dresses and a bridesmaid dress last time. I also got a huge tank top and an itchy sweater.

    I can’t help myself! It’s like I’m in Vegas at the slot machines and this stylish surprise is going to be the jackpot!

    I can’t wait until we all receive our items and share what we got.

    Good luck everyone! May we all get well fitting, wonderful stuff ❤️

  15. With the coupon code I couldn’t resist ordering! Thanks for it!
    Wish I could’ve snagged some outerwear, but that’s ok!

  16. I find it interesting that everything BUT the dresses are sold out. I wonder if people have given up on receiving a dress they will like/use, or if their stock in dresses was just through the roof.

    • There are still tops and bottoms. The links here are wrong the tops and bottoms go to outerwear which is sold out.

  17. Everything I would buy is out of stock, so better for my wallet! 😉

  18. Last time I got three accessory items: sunglasses, blush and a make-up bag set.

  19. And I received the ModCloth App notification for this sale …48 minutes ago. So much for that being useful!

  20. How are shoes already sold out in all sizes??? Oh well:( I know I have too many shoes but still! I love their mystery bags for shoes

    • Most sizes shoes (under 11, excluding) were all available when the sale went live. Then the shoes (bigger sizes first) started to sell out as the hour progressed. Most sold out within an hour. The dresses link never worked for me (it took me to regular dresses, not SS) and my size shoes (11) were never available. But I did grab 4 outerwear and some other goodies which compensates for that.

  21. If we order swim, does anyone know if it comes with the whole suit? Or would we get just a top or bottom?

    • I don’t know. I ordered one swim in medium without thinking. I’m just hoping it’s a one piece or a bottom because a medium top is going to be too small for me.

  22. I am going to pass. Last time I did it and it was not too bad, but I end up with two coats and wedding dress. I live in CA and even coats are pretty, they are useless to me, so as wedding dress (unless ModCloth knows something that I dont). I got few shoes as well, one pair was very pretty but totally unwearable for me. It has 4 inch heels, but I am 5’11 already. Another pair of shoes was so small, I could not even put it on my feet. The bottom line, yes, you can get very nice pieces, and I did, which I wear, but I would rather take this money and buy 2-3 pieces that I really like then receive 10 pieces that I am forced to wear to make my money worth.

    • Im also in CA and I got 2 wedding dresses hahaha!

    • I agree with you here. I always find a piece or 2 I like and will wear out of like 6-8 items that I buy for the ‘surprise’ value I suppose! I rarely get really lucky and so I’d be better off to buy a couple items that I will love!

      • Plus, the two tops that I got for $15, I saw later on their website for $10.

  23. I saw the MSA posting as soon as it went up, and even then I was too late to get in on the jewelry and home surprises. Still, because I usually end up stuck in “sold out” land, I went a little nuts on accessories, dresses and shoes. By the time I applied the coupon code, I was spending something like $14 for a dress and $7 for a pair of shoes. For that price, even if I hate them, I’ll wear them.

  24. Are the items from the current season or clearance from last season?

  25. I clicked right when this post went up and Apartment and Jewelry were already sold out. I think they have like 10 of each. Does anyone know if “Accessories” includes handbags?

    • I am guessing accessories is socks. The handbags are so expensive. Even when marked down. I don’t think they would sell for $5. Maybe it could be sunglasses since it is the end of the season.

      • Read the item description on Modcloth’s site:

        For just $5, you might get anything from a sassy scarf or bold bag, to a brilliant belt or haute hat.

    • Last time I got 3 accessories: blush, sunglasses and a make-up bag set.

  26. Everything that was in my cart was sold out before I could even check out 🙁

    • Happened to me on the accessories. Luckily i got my tops and outerwear but still … if they let you put it in your cart you think they could at least put a 5 minute hold on the item

      • They really should. Other sites with flash sales do that.

  27. I was considering accessory, then realized it is a separate thing from jewelry. Since they don’t ask size, it’s probably socks.

    • Could be, but I think they advertise it more like scarves and handbags. Probably sunglasses and headwear, too?

  28. Do they ever give any warning about these sales (like an email the night before) or do they just drop them and we just gotta hope we get there in time?

    • I think you get some sort of head’s up if you have their app installed. I don’t know if it’s early access, the earliest possible notification, or an actual advance notice.

      • I have the app and got no notice – didn’t have any idea this was happening…

    • I just got my email notification literally 4 minutes ago, after nearly everything is already sold out.

  29. I haven’t done a stylish surprise in over two years. I went for it this time and bought an entire outfit basically (top, bottoms, outerwear, accessory, but my size shoes were sold out). I almost got a swim suit but a quick browse in the swim section made me realize I most likely wouldn’t like anything they sent. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that get a cute outfit!

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