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Jersey Shore Cosmetics Natural Beauty Box Review – September 2017

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Jersey Shore Cosmetics recently launched a subscription box. Each month you’ll receive 5 of their lip balms and a bonus beauty item or two!

All their products are natural, vegetarian, and some are organic, too.

UPDATE: Jersey Shore Cosmetics made this box available as a one time purchase for MSA readers here!

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

FYI – this subscription also offers a lip balm-only option for $10 a month + shipping

The Subscription Box: Jersey Shore Cosmetics Natural Beauty Box

The Cost: $25 + $5 shipping

The Products: A mix of four (4) of our all natural, organic lip balms and lip conditioners plus bonus beauty goodies.

Ships to: US + Worldwide!

The box

Now, on to the items! First up, the beauty surprise/bonus items:

Jersey Shore Spa Lavender, Bergamot, and Vanilla Candle – Value $55

First, I love the subtle scent blend of lavender, bergamot, and vanilla!

And even better, this is an ingredient-conscious candle! It’s pretty easy to find soy-based candles, but not so easy to find ones that are scented with essential oils and are phthalate-free. This one checks all the boxes!

Jersey Shore Cosmetics Luxurious Bath Salts – Value $55

This blend is made with dead sea salts, Hawaiian sea salt, organic flowers and buds, and essentials oils and extracts. The Vanilla Oleoresin scent is sweet and soothing – it’s such a luxe bath treat!

Jersey Shore Spa Apple Harvest Lip Balm – Value $10

If you aren’t familiar with Jersey Shore products, you may be thinking, “$10 for a lip balm?” I thought that at first when I got their lip balm in an Ipsy glam bag, but then I tried it. This lip balm is THE BEST! It’s so hydrating, the flavors are fantastic, and the formulas are ingredient-conscious!

Jersey Shore Spa Unscented Lip Balm – Value $10

While I love all the flavors, the unscented one is nice, too.

Jersey Shore Spa Black Coffee Lip Balm – Value $10

The coffee flavor is new to me and it’s exactly as good as I hoped!

Jersey Shore Spa Green Matcha Tea Lip Balm –  Value $10

At this point in the review I am officially repeating myself, but another fabulous flavor!

Jersey Shore Sun Mongongo Lip Balm – Value $15

This is one of my favorites from Jersey Shore – it’s an extra-large lip balm and the vanilla coconut cream flavor is fab!

Jersey Shore Spa Anti-Aging Whole Body Balm – Value $25

This one looks like a lip balm, but it’s actually a whole body balm – perfect for cuticles, dry skin, even hair flyaways, etc.

Verdict: If you are a fan of Jersey Shore Cosmetics like I am, I think you are going to love this subscription. The value is amazing! I probably wouldn’t pay $55 for a candle or bath salts, but to get those and 6 balms for $30? Always!

UPDATE: Jersey Shore Cosmetics made this box available as a one time purchase for MSA readers here!

What do you think of the Jersey Shore Cosmetics Natural Beauty Box

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Anyone else get the November box, either the $25 or $10 box? Not sure if it will be reviewed, so I thought I’d share the contents of the $25 box I received here:
    Pumpkin Spice soy candle (smells amazing!), Vanilla Bean Anti-Aging hand cream 2 oz. (haven’t opened it yet), Baccara Rose Lip & Cheek rouge, AMH Luxe Balm Fall/Winter (a product formulated for men), and 3 Jersey Kids hydrating lip balms in Pomegranate, Strawberry, and Pear.
    This is my first Jersey Shore box. My only disappointment is that there isn’t a regular lip balm that isn’t labeled a kid’s or men’s product. If I had received the early boxes with other lip balms prior to this, it wouldn’t be a big deal as my husband and sons use lip balms daily. These will be used and enjoyed by them, but the box was supposed to be for me, lol.
    By the way, the men’s balm sounds pretty amazing: chocolate, amber, vetiver, and cardamom! Not sure if it’s for lips or an all-purpose balm, can’t find any info on it.

    • I got the same exact items for November. And just because it’s labeled men’s or kids does not mean that’s who has to use the item. I’ve used the men’s balm and there’s nothing about it that makes it only for men! Same with the kids ones. They’re just kid-friendly flavors but anyone can actually use them. lol

      • I tried the “men’s” balm, and it is definitely unique! I was definitely aware of the cardimom.

        I know I can use any of the balms, but the “adult” flavors are more appealing to me personally. Green tea, coffee, chocolate, pumpkin spice, etc would have preferable over the kids’ fruit flavors. A better mix would have been nice. I could have purchased the September box (probably should have), but I chose to gamble on November instead. Again, only slightly disappointed, but I do enjoy sharing my beauty box goodies with my family.

    • Mine has been delivered so it’s at home waiting for me. I ordered the Cratejoy sub, so we will see if I get the same things. The sound of that candle and the men’s balm has got me excited. No way will a man get that from me!

      • Let us know if you get anything different! I hope you love it all! The “men’s” balm is very interesting. I’ll offer it to my husband, but I kind of hope he doesn’t like it so I can use it myself.

        I, too, took the Cratejoy route and sent myself a one-time gift box. I went back today and I noticed the only option now is the $10 box. I’d love to know if the balms in the $10 box are identical to the balms in the $25 box. If anyone has any insight into this, please share!

        • Oh no, there’s no more $25 box? Darn. I would’ve kept getting those every so often. I love the products. I gifted myself November to try it out. I also got a September box so I’m set for a while on balms but planned to get more in the future. Maybe they’ll bring it back. I’ll keep an eye out. Glad you love sharing with your family. Hope they enjoy as well!

          • Hi Jennifer,

            Thanks for your comments!
            We are sold out of the December Natural Beauty Box, but there should be openings in January.
            Please check back in December to sign up for January.

          • Hi JSC! I will definitely check back. So glad to see your company thriving!

        • Hi Carla,

          Thanks for posting!
          We hope that you are enjoying your all natural products.

          The “Balms Only” Pack has different balms than the JSC Natural Beauty Subscription Box.
          The next “Balms Only” Pack will ship in December.

          Any additional information on any of our JSC products may be found on our website.

          • Thanks so much for the information! I hope you keep both box options going. We use loads of lip balm in our family, and we will enjoy sharing the November box. My 13 year-old loves pear and pomegranate, so those flavors are perfect for him, and my 6 year-old loves strawberry! I’m looking forward to trying more of your products in the future! 🙂

  2. When I tried to order this one time box it said it was $55, not $25! Definitely not getting it.

    • September’s Box is Sold Out.

  3. Do we know if there are variations each month? I only found 1 review on YouTube and it was in the month of September. The candle was the same, but the other items were different than Liz’s.
    I ordered the November box using the MSA15 code and I am super excited to see what’s in it. I really really wish I could get the coffee balm!

    • The YouTube review by Rita is not a subscription box review. It is a review of random JSC products.

      Every JSC subscription box is exactly the same as Liz’s.


      • That is good to know! Thanks for the response! Looking forward to the November box. 🙂

      • Awesome! That makes me even more excited to get it! Thanks for the reply

  4. I just got this box! I’m so excited. I love the vanilla and coconut lip balm! I believe it’s a one time box. I can’t wait to get it! My lips are gonna be so happy!

    • I don’t think this box comes with the vanilla and coconut balm. Liz’s review said the flavor was coconut vanilla, but her picture is of the orange and ginger. I hope that one is good too, although I would have preferred the vanilla coconut myself. It was a good deal, and I need tons of lip balm year round here, so I purchased it knowing I’ll probably give the coffee flavor to my boyfriend, and maybe the green tea too.

  5. Nice! I was hoping there would be a one time option. This brand is new to me but it looks promising.

  6. Caved in had to buy. Now just have to intercept the mail before hubby.

    • Yay! Thanks for posting. Snagged one! Lip balms, bath salts, and candle. This was made for me. Lol

    • Thank you for posting! This looks like a one-time purchase on their site. Do you (or anyone) happen to know if you can subscribe to the box via Jersey Shore’s website, or do you have to go through Crate Joy?

    • Awesome!! Thank you!

      PS — you can save $5 and get free shipping on this with code “vegan20”

  7. I’m with everyone wanting to know if this box is still available? If so, I’m in for sure!

    • Yes, I want to know as well because I would also be buying this box! Fingers crossed. I’m tempted to go ahead and try it anyways….l

    • Following – and crossing my fingers!

    • This is the September box. I have been subscribing since August and September was the highest valued box so far. I would assume if you sign up today, your first box would be November. But, the October box contained: Lip and hand polish; Marigold face and hair oil; pumpkin, peppermint and lavender moisture balm; sunset pink highlighter; and a regular sized ginger mongongo balm.

      • Thanks so much phanne for sharing the information! I too have been sorely templated to sub. I’m not going to sub right away since the oct version doesn’t tempt me as much. Thanks again 🙂 !

        • November is the next box for new subscribers.

  8. If I subscribe now is this the box I will receive? Also can you sign up for one box and then cancel?

    • You could always sign up for a gift subscription for just one month. That’s what I did so I wouldn’t have to remember to cancel.

  9. I’m with several others when I cannot imagine who could use six lip balms in a month. I have dry skin, lips, hair, etc. and I did not use a full one all winter and I have gas heat which is very drying. Might be because I use Burt’s Bees lip balm?

    • This made me laugh! I probably go through 3 lip balms a week. My lips make zero moisture. I was always that weird kid with the giant rash around my mouth. My kid asked me flat out what could I not live with in life, autoresponce-lpsmacker. I have enough lip smackers stored away, I could survive a zombie apocalypse… long as I have moist lips.

  10. I just went to Cratejoy to subscribe and there was a message to enter code SIX10 to get a special discount. I tried the code for both of their subs and all the different sub lengths but kept getting the message “This coupon does not apply”. Darn, I hate when that happens. I ended up not subscribing, I’m gonna wait a little while to see if they get the code fixed.

    • Hi. I tried the code as well, it says the cart must total $135.00 for the code to be applied

    • The SIX10 code is for a six months subscription paid in full.

      Use code “MSA15” from My Subscription Addiction for $10.00 off the monthly subscription.

      • SIX10 does not work for the sixth month plan since it comes to $129.00 and the message that comes up specifically states that your cart must total $135.00 to use the code.

        • The SIX10 code has been fixed!

      • But thank you for the MSA15 code. That works and I went ahead and ordered a gift box to myself.

        • Did you use the code on the Jersey Shore website or the crate joy website. I cannot seem to get either code to work

          • How did you find the subscription box on the Jersey Shore website? I usually prefer to sub to boxes via the company’s website, as opposed to through Crate Joy, but I couldn’t find it. If you could please let me know what tab or link to use, that would be appreciated. Thanks!

          • I used the code on the Crate Joy website. Paid $20 in total, $15 +$5 shipping.

  11. Ohhhhhh I want this box!

  12. This is awesome! I have wanted a subscription box dedicated to lip balms forever. I am so happy that it was reviewed; I didn’t know it existed. Thanks!

  13. As always, a great review, well done! Is this box still available? Thanks!

  14. This is definitely a great box to subscribe to, especially if you need to restock. I totally forgot about this sub, and I was bummed when I finished the jumbo sized Mongongo lip balm recently. I think I’ll try this one out in a little while for a short while. I’m such a lip balm fan I’d rather be without my phone than my lip balm. Ha!

    • When I realize I’ve left the house without lip balm, it’s all I can think about!

      • Me too!!!! My mood totally changes. I actually feel lost without it. ha! I’ve actually forced people to stop at convenience stores just so I can run down to pick up a tube. haha!

  15. Wow but a little out of my reach if their was no shipping I’d be in.

  16. Who the heck can go through that many balms in one month, every month?!?!?!

    • You can cover yourself in lip balms from head to toes, for instance. 😉

  17. No one on the planet uses more lip balm per day than I do. And I still don’t use up as much as this sub sends. And the price per piece is still too high for lip balm. Yay for Yves Rocher!

  18. I’m so tempted!!

  19. I love this box and I’m swapping some of the items and keeping the ones that I love!

  20. Looks like you get a lot of value for $25. Tempted…

  21. I love this company! I can see myself doing 1 month and then cancelling. Do they do themes of any kind?

    • I agree completely — LOVE their products, but that’s a lot of balm in one month! I signed up (these will make perfect stocking stuffers if I can resist trying them all!) but I’m not sure how long I’ll want to stay subscribed.

      • Stocking stuffers…brilliant and all I needed to hear to pull the trigger.

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