GMA Discover The Deal Box Available Now + Spoilers!

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Good Morning America has a new one-time-purchase box available now – Discover The Deal Box! (Thanks for the heads up, Kassie & Monica!)

Throughout the year, Tory Johnson and her dedicated team attend trade shows, review pitches, test products, research brands and listen to viewer feedback to assemble an impressive line up of weekly GMA Deals & Steals with one clear goal: to save you money on great stuff. Trying new products is often singled out as an most exciting part of the behind-the-scenes action. This box is designed to give you the same joy of trying new things and discovering your favorites.

The Box: GMA Discover The Deal Box

The Cost: $36.99 + free shipping

The Products:

19 sensational products from 19 top beauty, wellness and lifestyle brands!

  • Discover great things
  • Delight in trying new stuff
  • Enjoy your favorite finds

A mix of full size items and deluxe product samples included in every box.

Among the items you’ll have fun unpacking:

  • Stylish sunglasses with 100% UVA/UVB protection and scratch-resistant lenses
  • 4 pairs of on-trend comfy liner socks
  • On-the-go cooling towel
  • Beautifully-scented travel candle
  • Romantic fairytale fragrance
  • Full-size nail strengthening treatment
  • Bestselling exfoliating foot peel booties to rid your feet of dry, cracked skin
  • 8 popular skincare solutions — masks, scrubs, cleansers, concealer, instant tanner
  • Teeth whitening gel, floral temporary tattoos, travel makeup brush and more!

BONUS in every BOX: 17 discount codes for significant savings on your future purchases directly from participating brands

Good to Know: Limit 3 boxes per order.

Will you be getting the Discover The Deal Box?

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  1. I got my box yesterday. Some hits and some misses, but overall a good value. (Maybe not quite the amazing value I’d hyped myself up for, considering some of the samples were very very small – but there was enough in there that I would have specifically paid at least $40 for so I got my money’s worth.)

    I was a bit worried when I opened the box and the first thing I saw were some weird socks with OK sign hands on them! But the second patterned sock had unicorns and the solids are nice, so overall it was a winner.

    The biggest hit for me was the Julep oxygen nail treatment stuff. Great coverage (one brush full did all 10 nails) – and the shade is exactly what I have been looking for for french manicures – a sort of translucent ivory that makes the nails look really healthy and glossy. Technically it says it is used best on its own since it isn’t a normal polish, but I don’t think white tips would hurt. I’ve been debating whether to sign up for Julep down the road, so this is a good first impression for the brand.

    The second biggest hit for me was the perfume. The scent is interesting and weirdly does seem like the ‘dark fairytale’ sister to a DNKY green apple perfume I have.

    The biggest ‘miss’ for me was in the skin care samples. Some were so small! There was only one screen wipe, too. The glycerin soap was nice enough (pretty snowflake) but they shipped it in a plastic back, so the glycerin got all over the bag and smudged the soap. They should be more careful with wrapping soap.

    Also a miss for me was the baby peel. I was looking forward to trying this – but I got lavender scented and am allergic to lavender. I’ll put it up for swap if I ever get off the waitlist.

    I got the Apt 9 glasses so wrote customer service – hopefully, they will send a code for the Foster Grant glasses on the website.

  2. So I’m not disappointed with the box. It’s about what I expected for the price. Unlike some others I luckily did receive the actual FosterGrant sunglasses and Baby Foot is always a favorite! What I am pretty bummed about is the socks! The deciding factor for me purchasing this box was the fact that I needed liner socks and the description states 4 pair of liner socks. I received 4 pair of low-cut socks. Although they are cute I definitely did not need more low cut socks.

  3. How did this package arrive? I am trying to get shipping updates, but nothing is showing up except that my shipment is confirmed.

    • I didn’t get any updates at all and then suddenly it was on my doorstep.

      • Thanks. I will just be surprised when it arrives. 🙂

      • Mine to! It just said ‘we are preparing your shipment’ or something and never updated. Then yesterday, it came!

    • Looks like mine is due to arrive today. FedEx “Smartpost” for anyone who has not yet received theirs.

  4. No box arrival yet, but I did get that Foster Grant email. I had my husband pick out a pair of sunglasses, because his broke in Las Vegas. So….. If the box stinks, at least we know he will have a good pair of sunglasses for next summer.

  5. I have listed most of the items in this box up for swap. click on my name for my swap listings.

  6. For those of you disappointed in this box, my impression of value just drastically changed! I received an email this evening with a unique code for $20 off a pair of Foster Grant sunglasses. This included free shipping as well. Most of the styles on the Foster Grant site are priced at $20…so my out of pocket was ZERO. It even let me upgrade to overnight shipping for free. My return on investment for this box just got a whole lot better!

    • I didn’t receive my box yet, but I already ordered my extra pair of sunglasses 😀
      I just didn’t know I could upgrade the shipping and they will probably take like forever to get here.

    • Did you code actually work? Mine did not. It just gave me free shipping.

    • Ditto. I was disappointed but then had the best customer-service experience ever. Responses in less than two minutes every time. I’m getting my choice of two pairs of Foster Grant sunglasses, which more than makes up for the box’s shortcomings. I’m truly impressed.

    • I ignored the email when I first got it with the Foster Grant coupon code, but actually went and looked at it because of your comment here. Thanks. I ordered some really cute ones that were $20 and got free shipping. Definitely takes away the disappointment I originally had with the box.

      • So glad you were able to take advantage of it as well! I initially ignored the coupon as well thinking I didn’t want to spend more out of pocket, but was shockingly suprised!

  7. I regret this box too! I think I was just overly excited about the babyfoot. There are a few things I can use/gift but the rest is junk imo. I hope Liz does a review I would love to see what she says.

    For those that thought the box looked small.. it’s exactly what is in the picture. Mine even had some of the crinkle paper sticking out from the sides of it! It isn’t a great packing material because my julep polish package was scuffed and candle dented. Unless they were like that before?

    The glasses are $10 “Madonna” style. My dented travel candle has the sticker off center and the smell is not pleasing at all. I only received one tattoo. My socks have pandas on them. The big “travel” soap is handmade by a USA company but does not list ingredients. It appears to have glitter? It smells like a fake clean scent and is in a plastic bag that is really unattractive for gift giving imo. The company has better options on their website, I wish they had included a shrink wrapped loofa sponge instead or bath bomb.

    • My sunglasses are not labeled “Foster Grant.” They are some cheap knock off with really weird sizing. I purchased this for the sunglasses…. And I was substituted for a “fake pair,” that is labeled “made in china,” where the Foster grant logo should be. Mine also came with a sticker Apt. 9 on the lens. I don’t have a good feeling about this box. I was very excited till I started really looking into to each product.

      I contacted the company. I will give them a chance to rectify this situation. But I feel something happened in between packing the box, someone taking the correct sunglasses out of the “foster grant” bag, and then subbing what they could find at the local $1 store.

      My soap has stockings in the bar. I believe that it is just glycerine soap. Mine has no glitter. My tattoos did not come in the box.

    • Mine are not the Madonna style. Mine had a faux pattern on the temples. All the foster grant sunglasses that I looked up on the website have a plain thing temple. Mine is chunky.

      Very suspect

    • Agreed. Wish I could get a refund on this. The “deluxe samples” are not what I’d consider deluxe — they’re tiny! The glasses are extremely flimsy dollar-store-grade plastic.

      Buying this was a mistake, and I feel misled by the advertising.

  8. Im sorry – but I actually really like my box – it came today and I think for $40 it has some good things in it.
    I’m a nail junkie and I love Julep polishes, I am from NYC and for some reason you cant find vendors selling socks anymore on the street – and paying more than $1 is just ridiculous, the feet peel thing is awesome because again I’m into doing home mani’s and pedi’s and the glasses will do – even though my brother works for the biggest glass making company out there (I’m talking Fendi, Chanel, Gucci, RayBan, Tiffany for more then half retail- Im wearing my faux Micheal Kors clear glasses that go with everything, lol) he’ll scoff at me cause he hates when I dont get ‘nice shades’ but these glasses will do just fine.

    • You are not alone! I was happy with this box too. My socks had mermaids on them and are so fun. I’ve burned the candle and loved the scent, I’ve used the wipe on my grubby screens, and loved the Julep nail treatment. I thought the sunglasses were OK, didnt notice the Apt 9 sticker until it was pointed out in the comments, but the style works for my narrow face (a lot of sunglasses are too big). I’m saving the baby foot for end of Winter when my feet will really need it! I really like the Tokyomilk fragrance, most floral perfumes give me a headache but not this one. The Amazing cosmetics concealer I thought was great-more moisturizing than the bye bye undereye. I’ve used the teeth whitening gel a few times and noticed a difference. I got everything that was listed on the card-nothing missing for me. it worked out to be $1.60 an item, for me it’s a good value.

      • Right!!!
        I really can’t complain – the box was fulled to the brim with that I have never tried before and it will definitely be useful during hibernation season (still single, ugh 😑!), on some cold Friday or Saturday.
        I like your idea about using the baby foot at the end of winter – I was just about play kitchen beautician witj my chrome kit and thought of using the baby foot before my pedicure, but Im going to hold off now.

        • Awesome!! I recommend holding off on a pedicure for awhile after doing Babyfoot…..your feet will peel for a week or two after using it. Read the Refinery 29 Babyfoot review!! It’s funny and has all sorts of good info

          • Thank you Chillybeans!
            I had no idea how involving this product was – Im super excited to use this.
            Thanks for all the tips.

  9. I regret this buy so much! what a rip off.
    very disappointing. definitely not worth the money. It was one thing to read about the items or see the one picture they had in the advertising but then in person its so disappointing.

    • Bummer, I wish someone would post a picture. Mine wont be here til next thursday!

  10. I just got my box today, and I’m not feeling like these are actually Foster Grant sunglasses. I could be wrong, but there’s no branding and no tag except for a cling sticker on one lens that says APT.9. Isn’t that a Kohl’s store brand? I’m really confused and feeling a little misled and cheated. 🙁 Sorry if this posts twice. I don’t think my first one posted.

    • That sounds suspect. My glasses did not have a sticker on the lense. They were “Madonna” style by Foster Grant.

    • thanks for reaching out. You are absolutely right: Foster Grant made an error on a small portion of the sunglasses packed and clearly you’re among them. To make up for it, please go to and choose any pair that is $20 — and let me know the style number and color. I will have them shipped to you on Monday. Just need you to confirm the mailing address. Hope that works for you. Thanks again for your email and we apologize for this error. We are here to make it right.

      • I also received Apartment 9 sunglasses – who are we to let know about this?

      • I received apt 9 too. I was looking forward to a cute pair of Foster Grants. Box was disappointing in a few ways.

      • Received apt 9 too. Hi can this be fixed L. Lease help

  11. So, I just got mine, and I’m not feeling like these are Foster Grant sunglasses. I could be wrong, but there’s no tag and no branding on them…except a cling sticker on one lens that says APT.9…which is a Kohl’s store brand?? I’m so confused and feeling a little misled and cheated.

    • I just received my box and was sent no-name glasses too. I emailed you, will my issue be attended to swiftly also?

  12. Just got the shipping notice. 1.9lbs? I was expecting it to be a little bit heavier lol.

    • I just got mine. It was missing the tattoos. The fragrance is a deluxe sample size.

      • Can you share what else is in the box? Mine arrives Saturday and the suspense is killing me!

        • Ella
          It was the full size items pictured and the rest mostly birchbox sized samples.* dr. Brandt, murad mattyfing primer, nugg mask, sheet mask, a single use screen wipe, etc) The sigma travel brush is a liner brush, it is nice and there is a nice travel soap. The rest is kind of a bummer.

          • Thanks! I’m still excited to get it, as it was mostly the full-size items that drew me to it.

  13. Pretty Rotten is the only fragrance from Tokyo Milk that I don’t like so I’ll be giving that to someone. I doubt it’s full size. It’s likely the trial size rollerball or mini dabber.

  14. So glad I got 1 as soon as I saw the post!😊

  15. Sold out… 😢

  16. Sold out

  17. I need it! No you don’t. Yes I do. But you don’t. I do.


    Just typing this out to talk myself out of it.

    Want the socks.

    Want the Baby Foot (LOOOOOOVE the peeling….I’m sick that way)

    Sunglasses not my style (could pawn them off on husband though…just for them to be lost within a week).

    Have a few cooling towels already.

    Already have backups of Supersmile.

    Not a tattoo person.

    Way too pale for medium shades of makeup.

    Don’t need any more scrubs (have so many full size ones now thanks to hoarding)

    Would probably hate the perfume.

    Ok….I’ve got myself on the don’t get it side of the fence (just barely leaning though…LOL)

    • How are you able to tell the shade of the makeup? I am pale too….

      • Ellie said it in an earlier post: “Until I saw that the Amazing Cosmetics AmazingConcealer shade is Medium Beige.”

        Not sure where she saw it, but that’s where I got it from HTH

        • Yes I responded to her asking also….she hasn’t replied.

          • In the picture, on the card listing the contents, it shows Medium Beige.

          • Thank you…

            I am cancelling…..I am pale too… I agree it is time to be VERY picky this time of year…waiting for some great deals:-)

      • It is medium beige

  18. That box is so tiny for 19 items.

    • I think it may just be the video/picture….I hope

    • They are sample sizes. There are 4 pairs of socks!!

  19. I have been wanting to try that perfume….

  20. Ok ladies. You almost had me. Almost pulled the trigger. Until I saw that the Amazing Cosmetics AmazingConcealer shade is Medium Beige. So that’s a guaranteed item that I won’t be able to use.

    I’m being very selective leading up to the holiday deals.

    • That is a bummer! I already ordered my box. Maybe I can gift or swap it.

      • How are you able to see the details of this item? or any items? I don’t see on the msa page?

        • If you go on the actual site, you’re able to zoom in on the pic of the box. The first item listed on the card is the concealer.

          • Yes I did….my zoom wasn’t clear and I couldn’t make out the words. I wouldn’t be able to wear this shade but it is one of the samples so this really isn’t that big of a deal.

            I am torn on this box because there are some nice full size items. I just don’t need another pair of sunglasses or socks….so they would be gifted. I love great deals.

      • It is very small….

    • Elle,

      How are you able to tell the shade of the concealer?

  21. Oh wow! I love Tokyo Milk so that’s a big selling point for me – those sunglasses are right up my alley, I always need socks….

    This seems like a great pick me up box that I’m desperately in need of after today!

  22. Ohhh god give me strength. I love a TRUE mystery box. No repeats like Popsugar. I looked all over for a place to sign up for emails but I couldn’t find. I wonder if they make Christmas boxes too. My birthday is next month that could be my reason. I gotta do it. Help me!

  23. I was on the fence until I read the comments then rushed to order. You all are such a bad influence. I love it.

  24. The pictured Tokyo Milk is #33, Pretty Rotten. (Apple + Rose)

    Looks to me like it might not be full sized.

    • A box that spews confetti when I open it?! Even better!

  25. Ugh…you’re killing me, ladies! I thought I could pass on this, but I made the mistake of scrolling to your comments. You provide such damn good justifications, now I’m thinking, “How could I possibly pass on such a great deal?!?”

    • I know! I saw it on GMA and thought meh. Then I read the comments…now I’m the proud owner of one of these boxes.

  26. I bit. I’m a big Amazing Cosmetics concealer fan, and if they have a mini concealer in there (I’m lucky I’m in the “shade majority” most of the time) , that’s $28 right there!

  27. Ugh. I bit. With many nieces (my SIL does foster care and has mostly teenage girls, and I consider every single one of them my nieces) and the holidays coming up, I only see this as a win/win.

  28. Hesitated for 2 seconds but at less than $2 per item, how can I not??

    • Thanks for helping me justify this. I love tokyo milk and have wanted to try babyfoot.

  29. I don’t need this, but I want this. HELP!

    • I could only resist for 15 minutes 🙁
      Got one. I’m weak.

    • I know the feeling.. I want it but then I see temporary tattoos and like don’t do it!!! I’ll probably still get it. So weak!

      • I didn’t get any in the box…

  30. The site says total RV of $168. Excited about the Julep nail strengthener, Baby Foot peel, and the socks (to cover up all the gross peeling!), so there’s the cost of the box. Hoping to find other products I love, and if not, at least some stuff to freshen up my swap offerings! 🙂

  31. Liz can we get this box added to the swap site? Thanks!

    • Good idea – there will probably be some things in the box that don’t suit but will be eminently swappable.
      Super excited for this! It’s a sort of semi-mystery box. I love surprises when I have a good idea what I’m getting. lol
      Now to try and resist the $17 Lollia candles on their site.

  32. Of course I had to order!! Seems like a great box 🙂

  33. Those Foster Grants look like the POL 710’s on their website, they are listed for $30.00

  34. I rolled the dice and hope to find some new favorites!

    • Me too! Plus there was no shipping – you can’t beat that.

      • Exactly! I love free shipping!

        • Yes!!! A thousand times yes!!

  35. I need for one you of ladies to give me the rundown on this – is it a good purchase? Cost? Etc.
    You know how you gals do. #Besos

    • I don’t know anything about this as I’ve never purchased one before… but I will tell you that the Baby foot peel has a retail value of $25, so that’s more than half the price of the box right with that one product.

      • Thank Michelle!
        That was all I needed to make the leap!!!

        ***who am I kidding??! I already purchased it – but you made it easier to justify the purchase 😁

    • Here is my guess based off cross-referencing brands listed and items ( just a guess! And no way to tell what will be samples vs. full size)

      $10 sunglasses foster Grant
      $8 for 4pair liner socks from sockart
      $18 julep nail treatment serum
      $25 baby foot peel
      $40 Tokyo milk perfume
      $12 mission cooling towel
      $90+ Skincare (depends on sample sizes): Murad, Dr. Brandt’s, Nugg, spalife, amazing cosmetics concealer?, Michael todd beauty, Vita liberata tanner
      $21 primal elements candle?
      $29 gosmile tooth whitening gel
      $15 sigma travel makeup brush
      $8 spruce & co screen cleaning wipes?
      $5 for two Tattly temporary tattoos

      No idea what is the item will be from rustic cuff. One of their $90 cuffs or $12 headbands or $10 travel case?

      My guess is estimated retail would be around $280, but could carry greatly depending on what’s a deluxe sample vs. full size. I might order a box and see how close I got with items/price. 🙂

      • It says right on the site that the RV of the box is $168.

        • Yep, saw that after I posted! That likely means the perfume and skincare items are all samples then.

      • I think the Rustic Cuff is the candle? The logo on top matches.

        • That would make sense!

        • I guess the primal elements item would probably be bath or skin care then.

      • Jenai! Bless your heart! You are amazing!!!

      • I guess it will be mostly deluxe samples, but all seem to be great products!

      • LOL, I guess you are doing the math if they were full-sized. They are not.

  36. Oh this looks amazing. Do these usually sell out fast?

  37. Is this for today only?

    • On the GMA website it states “EXCLUSIVE DEALS ONLY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST UNTIL THURSDAY, OCTOBER 19th AT MIDNIGHT”, so looks like yes, today only.

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