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BoxyCharm November 2017 SPOILER #2!

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We have the second November 2017 Boxycharm spoiler!

The November box will include:

Winky Luxe Kitten Palette – Value $25

In case you missed the previous spoiler:

CoverFX illuminating setting spray – Value $31

What do you think of the latest Boxycharm spoiler?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more. (And sign up asap if you want November’s box – there’s a waitlist!)

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  1. Got my October box today. So excited about dr. Brandt since got beautyfix so covered for 2018 sub shutdown. Have no idea of what to do with a liquid highlighter and xoxo oranges out on my dark brown skin… my two friends are loving this box but I am happy with dr Brandt… funny dr b tube beauty fix came in a box so no box cuts down weight for boxy. Jonteblu rich red went orange too but I’ve always had to really stick with ester launder, Chanel and urban decay for shadows and lips. My mac pencil is amazing no problems there! And love Briogeo hair mask so cost of box covered two months in a row two full sized products covered box. Let’s see what next month brings. Palettes make amazing gifts if not your color!!!

    • I got my box today and LOVE LOVE LOVE Dr. Brant. However, everything else was something I can’t wear. I got the liquid highlighter, the eye pencil crayon and a lipstick that is my skin tone, I will not wear as it will look like I have no lips! Eye pencil is the same color, could be used as a concealer. No nail kit, so sad! I was looking forward to that. 🙁 November looks great though. I also got BeautyFix and was so happy with that! Have a great day!

      • I would love to trade the nail kit for the lipstick if you’re interested!!

      • I got a lip color that completely washed me out too (pillowtalk). I recommend layering it over a creamy lip liner in a darker color. It mixes pretty well with the liner color and creates a lighter matte shade. I just woke off the applicator before putting it back in the tube!

  2. I am very excited about the Cover FX spray, not so much the eyeshadow palette. I might gift it to my mom, she would look better with those eyeshadows. I could always go for another eyeshadow palette, but I know this would not look good on me. Still subscribing though to get that spray!

  3. Boy, that pallette sure does look like Laura Lee’s cat’s pajamas, which also looks like colorpop. I am assuming it’s teh same lab and packaging facility – at least it’s a cruelty free brand. Please correct me if it’s not. woo.hoo. Bring on the eye shadow!

    • Colourpop has their own facility in California where they make their items. 😁

  4. OMG that’s adorable. Which is good, because I’m a little disappointed with my October box that just arrived yesterday. Seriously I was hoping that the “nail kit” would be something a little more impressive than a logo slapped on a dollar store item.

    • I got the matte lip instead of the nail kit. They should have called it flesh, because it is the color of my skin. NOT flattering at all. 🙁

      • Everyone received the Tarte lip color. To my knowledge it wasn’t one of the variable items.

      • Thats the color lippie i want

  5. See? I told y’all to calm down the other day bc a palette could still be included. 😀 They sure have improved their brands from the year I subbed. Not tempted though, I am on beauty product overload. I’m happy for you guys, though.

    • lol Mary, you sure did tell them. Very excited

  6. I seen the palette and thought it looked like the Laura Lee Cats Pajamas palette that’s about to be released. Then, i see the name the name of this one has to do with cats. I guess a good knock off isn’t bad.

    • They actually have their own brand and products. I have a lipstick in this brand and it’s excellent. And the packaging is adorable too.

    • This palette has been out and for sale for months now – Winky Lux is actually a really good indie brand. I own their Diamond powder, a couple of lipsticks, and the brow pencil we got in boxy a few months back. If anything this is the palette being copied…

      • Actually, according to the several reviews I’ve read on it, this palette was released at the beginning of October, so only a couple weeks now. I’m surprised it will be included, given that all of the other palettes I’ve received have been out for at least a year. But Winky Lux isn’t as well known, so the publicity will be good for them. I also have a couple liquid lips from them, and one of the colors is a fave of mine. I wasn’t sure I would like it. It went on pasty peach-rose, but it dried down a nice medium rosy nude and was perfect.

    • I agree 🐱dupe

  7. I love all the palettes but I wish they’d do different colors. There’s only so many nude shadows a person needs.

    • Agreed! Why are so many palettes nude-heavy this year? Lips, eyes, even blushes. I can’t even give away all that I have.

      Nudes aside, I like the richer colors in this palettes. It looks autumnal, which I am lacking.

      Now.. if some richly colored lippies were involved too, that would seal the fun for me. I haven’t received my October box yet, so I don’t know if I’ll be receiving a Tarte nude or some nicer color.

    • The shades are not really well represented in the photo above. The reviews I’ve read show more plum, pink, smoky, and duochrome effects than nude. It’s similar to Cat’s pajamas, except that “holographic” color is pretty unique.

  8. I really love Winky Lux ever since that pill-shaped lipstick. So I’m excited to try their eye shadow. Though mostly I’m excited about cats. Take note beauty boxes: more cats.

    • Can you imagine a cat-themed beauty box? I’d never unsub!

      • Oh my gosh, yes! A cat themed beauty box!

    • Right, remember Jessica? I love the Winky Lux pill-shaped lipstick. It’s my favorite. I only use it for special occasions and the formula is to die for. Excellent

    • Yes! Whether I like these shadows or not, I’m just excited for the package!

  9. Ooooooh I’m excited. Was sad that there wasn’t a palette on Octobers boxycharm buuuuuut I’ve loved everything in it so far soooo YES!!! Now i’m definitely thinking about unsubbing to Ipsy’s mediocre bags.

  10. Super excited for this one! Love eyeshadow palettes!

  11. Okay boxycharm, I see you!

  12. Question, I signed up october 3rd, I’m on the waitlist but I don’t really care much for october so I’m fine missing that one but I really really want November, how likely am I to be able to get off the waitlist for it?

    • Probably I would I guess the 1st of nov. that’s usually when poeple get off the waitlist is the beginning of the month

      • I was on the wait list during the end of sept. And got off the 1st of October so your probably gonna get off November 1st

    • I got off the waitlist the 1st of October after signing up September 17th.

    • I signed up the middle of september (about 1 month ago now), and im still on the waitlist 🙁

    • I signed up in the hopes of getting the October box. Been eyeballing that scrub for months. *sigh* Still parked on the wait list as well. Hope we get off the list for November’s box. :o)

  13. I first subbed for the August box when I saw the Tarte eyeshadow palette and have been thrilled since then. The few misses (bad Tarte lipcolor) were easily swapped or gifted to my teenage niece. I like a box that is mostly makeup, and the palettes are really upgrading my sadly basic shadow collection. Never tried Winky Luxe shadows, so fingers crossed!

  14. oooohhhh! SO excited for this box! Who am I kiddin? I am excited every.single.month!

  15. YES! YES! YES!

  16. I cancelled it, and now they get a palette?? Figures. Even though the palette is cute on the outside, the colors look the EXACT same as the the other palettes that we’ve gotten. Saving my money & buying the MLP palette from Colourpop~!

  17. YAY!! Another palette! I feel like I am the only one addicted to palettes, lol. I love making eye looks using all my palettes.

    • I think lots of us are palette addicts here. I know I’m part of the club! 😍

      • I honestly can’t get enough eyeshadow palettes but there seems to be a lot of people complaining about getting too many. I, for one, and so happy a make-up sub is sending actual makeup instead of 4 skin/hair care items and one liquid lipstick which is what every other beauty box seems to do. I just wish more boxes had this business model so I could sub to more, lol.

      • Yes my name is Toni and I have an addiction to eyeshadow palettes lol

  18. Yes!!!!! I love eyeshadow palettes and cats and my fiancé calls me kitten so this is purrfect. 😻

  19. I love these two spoilers. Absolutely worth the $21.

  20. I’m delighted to see the COVER FX setting spray but am not really impressed by the WINKY LUXE eyeshadow palette. I don’t know what’s with me these days as I was not pleased by this month’s box either…maybe it’s time to cancel all boxes?

    • I understand. Although Boxycharm IS a great value, the items are just not exciting and I’ve been disappointed in all but my first box. Aside from the Dr. Brandt scrub I really didn’t like anything else in the October box. Maybe Boxycharm is better for people beginning their collection?

      • I agree that October wasn’t my fave, but a Becca highlighter and a Tarte liquid lipstick? For 21 bucks? Worth it.

  21. It’s interesting to see that there are always different feelings towards the same items. When there’s no palette, someone gets mad; when there is a palette, someone gets disappointed… I guess I’m at the point where I take anything I receive, and gift things away if I don’t like them (too lazy to swap). I wouldn’t complain unless the qualify of an item is too bad…

  22. So cute! I’m excited (as always) for this box! And, my October box should be coming tomorrow. Yay!

  23. Adorable!! I love the colorful shadows to mix with all the neutrals we have received recently. I should give this one as a Christmas gift but….. I just can’t do it!! Ha!

  24. I can’t wait to give this as a Christmas gift! The packaging is adorable!

  25. As usual, another great box! I love receiving palettes!

  26. Just as a warning, I noticed a few of the eyeshadow shades contain PET (aka plastic, aka phthalates)….For anyone that gets concerned about that.

    Hope I still get this box though! I had to remove my sub for Oct from finances, but I got on the wait list last week…. we’ll see!

  27. It’s funny to me how almost everyone is so excited about this palette and the spray. So many are like “BEST BOX EVER”. Then the other items are spoiled and they are not so happy anymore. Lol. This happened a LOT with the October box. (Not specifically on MSA)
    I am looking forward to the palette and setting spray.
    Those 2 items make it worth the $21 cost for me.
    I hope everyone continues to be as happy about November, as they are now.

    • If I know one thing about beauty boxes, its that people will complain no matter what. It could be a box full of super high end, full size makeup and people would complain about the shades, how they don’t use that specific product, etc.

      I don’t even sub to Boxycharm anymore (I was overrun with TONS of unused makeup after subbing for a year) but that Becca highlighter in October’s box more than covered the cost alone! The rest is gravy!

      • Right? I mean the stuff in October except the Becca wasn’t my bag, but I got a Becca highlighter for almost half off and great stuff for trades so it’s STILL an awesome box…

  28. if you pay the annual subscription you still enter the waiting list someone can answer this question ..

    • Yes, you will still be placed on the waitlist.

  29. I hope this eyeshadow is better than the Winky Lux liquid lipstick. I received one in my IPSY and it was so terrible I pitched it in the trash. I’m hopeful though… The colors look pretty!

  30. Oh, BoxyCharm! You just keep killing it!

  31. This palette was just released last week!! Boxy hits it out of the park once again!

    • I thought this was one they’d had up a couple of months or am I thinking of a different palette of theirs?

      • You must be thinking of another because this one just released on the 7th. Got good write ups on Hello Giggles and Popsugar. I’m sure there’s more reviews, these are just the two I’ve seen 🙂

  32. I’m excited for November bc Oct was a waste on me. Also hoping to avoid yet another liquid lipstick! Not only do I hated the formula but I’m only getting colors that are terrible on me! Pale people can’t wear light brownish orange lip colors! If anyone wants to trade the Becca power highlighter for the liquid I got, let me know!

  33. So darn cute! 😊 really looking forward to every box every month, so happy to have found beauty subscriptions cuz I’d never be able to afford anything like these beautiful products without them 😊

  34. Not sure how I feel about this – I don’t really wear a lot of colorful eyeshadows. I feel like i’m the opposite of most people I prefer this month where we got a nice face product rather than more shadow, but the eyebrow pencil we got from them a few months go became my holy grail so I’ll keep an open mind.

    • I feel exactly the same way. I’m not crazy about tons of palettes but I absolutely love that eyebrow pencil.

      • That MAC pencil is the best!

        • My MAC pencil was an old (and most likely expired). It was dry, brittle and it of absolutely NO use. It simply crumbles over and over again…useless ☹

          • Mine breaks easily too. I find it so stupid when brands give their leftovers to companies like this (which is how Boxy started I’m sure).
            I’ve never bought anything MAC and I’m not likely to start now!

          • Dang! I need to go home and open mine up to see if it is good. I was waiting to use up my current one before opening it.

    • Agreed. As boring as neutrals are, they are harder to screw up than the brighter colours.

    • I don’t do colorful eye looks either…except for colorful liner. Depending on the formula, you can wet an eyeliner brush with setting spray to create a nice, smooth eyeliner. That’s my plan for the deeper colors in this palette.

  35. I don’t know what I am doing wrong but I can’t get off the wait list. I feel like I should just unsub and try again.

    • Right there with ya, sister. I subbed in late September and am still on wait list. You?

      • I subbed second week of September and was off the waitlist October 1 so maybe it’s coming soon for you!

    • I am assuming waitlists generly open up to the next set of people at the beginning of the following month, once more boxes are actually being made.
      Doesn’t make sense in the middle of a month.
      I also signed up in late September myself, the 29th i believe? I’m still on waitlist too.

      • I signed up middle October and am off the wait list..I’ll get my first box Friday!

  36. Boxycharms instagram story also said in November we get the tarte mascara!

    • Which tarte mascara☺☺☺☺☺?

  37. Looove the colors!

  38. By far THE BEST BEAUTY SUB EV ER. Im so glad I joined on an open wait list day ; Ive yet to be disappointed since Aug. Waiting on October’s box to be delivered today and ALREADY beyond excited for November. I may order a second sub JUST BECAUSE the value of these boxes is AMAZING.

    • I have two subs to Boxycharm so I can pick the colors I like 😬

  39. Always wanted to try this spray and that pallet is gorgeous, anything else is icing on the cake 😊😍

  40. Still one of the best boxes out there . I’m excited for this palette. I enjoy a good palette. Unfortunately for me, I’m on a fixed income and can’t afford to pay top dollar for alot of the brands out there. With these boxes (i have 7 subscription boxes monthly), I get to treat myself. I’m happy with these 2 items. The rest is icing on the cake.

    • Which boxes do you Get? I get boxy,sephora play,allure, and I’ll occasionally buy target. I canceled birchbox .

      • I used to get glossy box, but it’s so much more about style, rather than substance. I am a Boxycharm CONVERT.

      • I’m with you on all the same subs except for this month I added glossy to the list with the new $10/3 month deal.

        Boxycharm was my first subscription box and I was introduced to the world of beauty boxes by one of my fave YouTube influencers Niki Murphy.. I then found this site (MSA) & it’s become an addiction lol 😂 seriously though, I’m disabled and on a fixed income so I never thought I’d have an opportunity to try such high end products. I now have 7 subscriptions and I love being able to pamper not only myself but whatever I can’t /don’t use I pass on to my mom who’s never pampered herself either (she’s 69 and looks 50-yay for great genes!)

        All my subs together cost me under $100/month so I don’t complain if I don’t get “the perfect color etc” I’m excited to be able to build my makeup collection and to be able to try high quality skin care products that I wouldn’t normally buy for myself 😊💖

  41. I am obsessed with cats and cat themed pallets so I am PUMPED.

  42. I have been wanting to try a setting spray, so this is an awesome new item to introduce to me!

    And pallets are always great! No matter what else I get I am happy with this box already!!! YAY!

  43. YAAAAAASSSSSSS!!! I loved the packaging so much on this palette I was considering whether to buy it full price. Added bonus: it’s cruelty free 😀

  44. I unsubbed for October, but will def resub for November for that palette!

    • I’d be careful, it’s not that easy with boxy anymore. You’ll probably get waitlisted and not get it.

    • Good luck getting back into Boxy. I’ve been on the wait list since September with no end in sight.

      • Really? I was on the waitlist mid September,off October 1st..hope your off soon xo

  45. I’ve never tried windy luxe before! I hope it’s good. Has anyone tried their shadows before? And do you like them? I’m excited for the cover fx setting spray! Can’t wait for this box!

    • Winky luxe* stupid auto correct… lol

    • I love Winky Luxe! Haven’t tried their shadows yet, but I’m sure they’ll be great, too!

  46. I’m excited about November’s box. Those colors look perfect for fall! I haven’t been very happy with the past two months boxes so I’m glad this box will be good. I haven’t/ can’t use anything from last month and this month looks like it’ll be the same.

  47. I dont use eyeshadow but that is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Is it weird to want to swap someone for any empty container?

  48. YEEEEEES. Looks amazing and cruelty free! So Happy!

  49. This will be a terrific compliment to te PUR pallet last month !


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