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Adidas: Avenue A Subscription is Pausing

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Sad news! Avenue A from Adidas is pausing their subscription:

Hello Liz,
Stronger. Bolder. Better. Just wait for our next move.

As 2017 comes to an end, Avenue A will be taking a break to focus on refreshing our subscription service based on your feedback, and to better serve your needs.

To thank you for your continued support, enjoy a 25% discount* to shop the latest women’s apparel on Simply use the following code at checkout to enjoy your discount:


Rest assured that you’ll be the first to know when we’re up and running again. Also, for the protection of your privacy we’ll be deleting your billing information, so when we come back online in 2018, we’ll ask you to re-enter your payment details and subscription preferences.

Have a question for us? View our FAQ below or on our website.

Thank you for being a part of the Avenue A journey!

No winter box! We’ll keep you updated as we learn more. In the meantime, check out our list of yoga + workout subscription boxes to find alternatives.

Check out my Avenue A by adidas Box reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

Avenue A by Adidas

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (111)

  1. Just checking to see if anyone has heard anything about this box 👀

    Im going to assume that they’re gone for good.

    • I think they are gone for good, Abby 😭 In the post above they referenced coming back online in 2018…makes me so sad, I loved this box. Wish another athletic brand would follow suit!!

      • Me too! This was an amazing box and in hindsight, worth the drama.

        I am still using just about every single item from my boxes.

    • I loved it too. Too bad there were so many negative comments on their last box, but I loved every single product and still using all! Well we can always hope.

      • Me too Lia. I absolutely loved every single box and use all the items as I go to the gym a lot.

  2. Is it safe to assume that this box is Dead? Because I’ve been waiting forever to sign up again? 🙁

  3. Looks like their website is completely gone 🙁 Could they have removed everything and about to update with new and improved subscription box?? *wishful thinking*

    • Anya, you always do a good job in reminding me about this box.
      I did notice that – hopefully that’s the reason

      • I would sign up again in a heartbeat (if they continued to include sneakers or other shoes)…and if they made a male version, I’d sign up for that too! I sure hope they return one of these days.

      • Me too – it’s really an amazing box, but I hope that when they do come back, that we don’t lose the quality or quantity and that the price remains the same

  4. Just checking in. . . . .again. I guess we’re still waiting. Dang it.

    Would anyone else be interested in a Calia box if they ever did one? I actually love their products!

    • Love Calia products!

  5. Just checking to see if anyone has heard if this will come back ever. The Adidas box was my favorite. Trying to wait patiently.

  6. Just checking in to see if there’s been any news on the return of Avenue A, but it looks like we’re still waiting. . . =(

  7. We are at March 20th 2018 and still no word on the relaunch!? 🙁 this is killing me!

    • I have emailed them twice recently asking for an update, I have never heard back from them 🙁 I really hope they come back.

  8. Hi Liz,

    Any news on when Adidas Avenue A is coming back? it’s my favorite subscription box. Thank you

    • Oh yes! Please – thanks Lia!

    • I was wondering that exact same thing? @lizcadman?

    • I haven’t heard anything. 🙁 I’ll reach out and see if I can get a status update!

    • I just tried to go to their webpage, and it does not exist anymore.

      • NOOOOOOOO! This is a travesty. All workout and athleisure that I buy now is all Adidas because of their Avenue A Subscription box so they’ve gained a customer for life either way! But come back!

      • Oh no. Not a good sign 🙁
        (Thank you for checking, Liz).

      • All is not lost – b3cause they did say that they’ll take their website offline and when it comes back on, they’ll contact their subscribers 1st – you’ll just have to enter all your info in again.

      • I just saw the site and was sad then I read your comments and remembered they were probably revamping the website before they relaunched.

        Fingers crossed I loved avenue A.

      • #FingersCrossed

      • Website is back up but it’s the same as before.

      • Well, this is hopeful. I could be wrong, but it looks different to me. The FAQ’s seem to have been updated and I don’t remember the ‘athletic artist’ that’s pictured. I could just be getting old though! Lol

      • I feel like we’re one step closer. 💃💃

    • I just came here to ask the same thing! Since the box, I’ve definitely purchased more Adidas clothing than I used to (I also love Calia). Hopefully we’ll be able to resub soon!

    • I’d really love a spring or even summer box. I need new shoes!!

    • I was just think ing that. The Adidas Avenue A box is my favorite box. My niece and I both subscribe to it and we had a number of friends that were going to sign on because we bragged about the boxes we received and then they paused. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Please come back Adidas Avenue A Box!!!

  9. Booo! I cancelled because I didn’t like the bees for the last box & I’m glad if skipped it… But I too was planning on getting the winter box. I hope they come back with the box next year because I want it again- best box I’ve ever paid for!

  10. I was bummed when I was going back to review some emails I missed the last few days when I came across their email. I’ve been a subscriber since the first box. Hope they come back soon.

    This was one of subscription boxes I most enjoyed and looked forward to receiving. I didn’t always love every item in the box, but the value was good and amount of items I did like outweighed the 1 item I may have not liked initially (I recently wore the Rita Ora sweater while traveling as it was comfortable in the freezing airplane).

    They can’t please everyone, but if your preferences are that specific, maybe a surprise subscription box isn’t very suited for you. You give up control and let others choose items based on their inspiration for their curation.

    I tried to give as much constructive feedback about the elements I liked the best of the subscription and those I didn’t in their survey.

  11. I’m so sad about this ! I didn’t know this box existed until about 2 weeks ago! I looked back at the past boxes and liked all of them ! I signed up and I was super excited !

  12. Quite bummed when I got my email. I love this box! I’m a fairly new subscriber (only 2 boxes so far) and really loved everything, even if not at first glance. The tank from last box was my least favorite item but it actually was great on my walks or even in yoga. And the shoes are the comfiest ones and I’ve always had issues with sneakers. So I hope they come back, and not raise the price.

  13. Is it just me or are there a LOT of comments on here that are like “awww I’m so sad…even though I already canceled. But I totally was going to resubscribe!”

    Suddenly not so surprised that they paused the subscription after reading all these comments from people who like it but cancelled.

    • Right?! I somehow missed this news.. I thought it was weird there weren’t any spoilers rolling it around the 1st. Then I went to check their website to see.

      I did cancel my sub after the last box because I felt like they were inconsistent and it wasn’t going to be worth the money. I’d re-sub if I saw a box that interested me.

      I love all the items I got from them, but I could do without the neutral shows every few months. Also the last box just didn’t feel curated at all like previous ones. So hopefully they’ll work out the kinks and come back better.

  14. I liked this sub, so I hope they come back. I wish something could be done about the comments that are overly harsh rather than constructive, and agree that people who consistently have nothing good to say about MYSTERY boxes should just go spend their money elsewhere and spare us from their vitriol.

  15. So bummed! I had canceled my subscription before the last box because I’m pregnant but planned to resubscribe after baby is born. I’ve loved everything I’ve gotten. Hope they start it up again.

  16. Adidas set the standard of expectation, thereby causing the recent complaints. The original boxes were an incredible value, the more recent boxes barely went above the price point.

    Adidas did not have to source the products from outside vendors & already has a shipping & returns policy in place for all their products. The sub box added very little extra responsibility to the company. It did, however, add a guaranteed customer every quarter at $150 per customer.

    The complaints may have seemed excessive to those who may be newer to the sub, but with the extreme disparity in the value of the recent boxes, it is not surprising that people expected more.

    With a lower value, all it takes is one thing to not work for an individual & then the value isn’t even as high as the price.

    It’s not because people don’t like surprises.

  17. I doubt that Adidas (a really big company) ended a subscription box because they didn’t like reading internet comments! I would imagine it has to do with profit. They were overly generous with their return policy for the first few boxes (letting people keep shoes – I remember one person got returns and then took the extras back to the outlet for more store credit!). Then after everyone was accustomed to getting five items in a box they sent the summer box which felt short an item and then the Fall box where they had obviously added on the probably unplanned sunglasses in response to unhappiness with a four item box. People asked for whole-box refunds and people also cancelled. $150 is a lot for a box so I don’t think it’s unreasonable for people to complain if they aren’t happy or to cancel their subscriptions – everyone has a right to decide how they should be spending their money. I loved the four of the five boxes I received, didn’t hate the summer box but questioned the value for $150, and I really hope they come back with something interesting.

  18. I was very constructive in my comments on the survey and I hope they take the good suggestions (and more critical ones) into their planning if they ultimately decide to resurrect this box. I did enjoy the boxes I got (3 in total) and hope they come back strong!
    I’d 10/10 resubscribe! 🙂

  19. I’m wearing all diferent stuff from this sub as I type this.

    Although, as some many others, I paused the sub for Christmas. Im going to miss this box. I travel constantly for work and the tights they sent were the most comfy ones to travel during the Summer.

    Looking forward to see what they come up with for 2018.

    BTW their return policy was more than generous. I imagine thats one of the things they will be changing.

  20. I think the complainers are so much more vocal than the vast majority who are generally happy with the box. I mean some folks were actually tweeting the CEO of Adidas to complain!

    This was my favorite box and I’ll jump on it again IF it comes back.

    • I am with you! I am totally bummed that it is leaving for the moment! This was my favorite box and introduced me to awesome athletic wear. My favorite sneekers are now my superstars. I am sad….

    • Same here. I was hoping for a Holiday Outfit from Adidas. I know that we should all provide feedback, but it should be constructive criticism. We need to choose our words better. Some of the criticism of the past few boxes were brutal, no longer objective. People should consider that one, it is not custom so it cannot cater to all tastes, and two, it’s a mystery box so there are always risks – but isn’t that the fun it brings and finally, for as long as we are not shortchanged – we need to know that it still is a business- we do get value for our money because often times it’s double sometimes even trip the value of what we pay for. I hope they do come back.

  21. Ave A has gone through so many changes – starting as a runner’s box (and yes, it did used to say that), then the unannounced change to athleisure, then yoga, and finally to general fitness clothing. I hope they come back after clarifying who the box is aimed towards, as I think that would end lots of the “I don’t like it” complaints – and help me figure out if I should keep my subscription or not. I also hope they find a way to allow customization to the extent that one style of sports bra/tank/leggings is just not going to work for all body sizes and shapes.

    • That’s what I put in my survey – they should decide what kind of box they want to be and if they want to be all of that it would be better if they announced what type of box that quarter would be and allow us to opt out.

  22. Bummer.

    I had actually already cancelled my subscription, only because I was accumulating way too many unused shoes! This was by far my favorite subscription box, and it made me such a fan of the brand itself. Even if I swapped a few things here and there, I generally loved everything that was in each box. Maybe this break their taking is just enough time for me to get caught up with the shoe situation and I can get back into in 2018 🙂

  23. Since they are removing billing info I bet there is a plan to come back at a different price point (probably higher).

    I really liked this sub how it was before – it got harsh feedback from people that expected too much and complained about freaking EVERYTHING (“I hate shoes with color”, “I hate plain colored shoes”, “what about bras that fit 48FFFF?”, “I don’t wear tank tops so I wish they didn’t send them”). I hope the “revamping” doesn’t really change too much. The survey had some strange ideas for a shoe swap which seems like they may try to go in a strange direction.

  24. I love love love this box but I’m happy to take a break over the holidays since there are always other temptations, plus a pause will give me time to go through some of my shoe stockpile from them. I just hope they do what they say and bring it back, and this is not goodbye forever.

  25. I guess customers overdid on the complains 🙁

    • I think the same, they even complained a lot on the rita ora box and the spring 17 boxes, which were super awesome. cant say the same for the summer though

  26. Super bummed! I loved what they had to offer.

  27. I hope they come back. I really enjoyed the box and even if there was something in it I didn’t like, I still enjoyed most of it.

  28. This makes me sad. I only got the last two boxes, both were fine by me, loved both pairs of shoes, and I was looking forward to more. I will subscribe again once it’s available to do so.

    I always hated to read the harsh comments on here from folks that strongly disliked the box. Take your $150 and buy stuff you know you want. I never understood how folks could have such hatred toward a mystery sub box. If you don’t want to risk $150 on stuff you might not like there’s an easy remedy for that, and it is NOT bashing the company and box since you WILLINGLY took the chance by buying it.

    • I agree. If you have specific needs, it’s better to just buy the items yourself instead of expecting mystery box curators to read your mind.

    • A lot of the mean comments came from people who never even bought the box to begin with and just came to the comments to be rude.

  29. I am so bummed about this. The Avenue A box was my absolute favorite box! I just really hope they actually bring it back. I think I gave fair feedback on the survey. I look forward to seeing what they come up with!

  30. So, their email was very positive and all but, how many of you get the feeling this is just the end of this box, not a “reset”? I feel like (for Adidas, not my personal feeling) this was a failed venture 🙁

    • I do. I will be shocked if they come back. They don’t need to. They’re doing well without a bunch of sub box people slamming them because they don’t like their surprise box 🙄

      • Exactly. I’m thinking they were trying to reach out to people who, they thought, would like to experiment a little with their sports fashion. While many were happy, my guess is, enough negative comments & feedback killed it. They have had a good rep and maybe this was ruining that a little. Plus, while I’m sure they didn’t “lose” money on these boxes, they really weren’t making the money they could have on these items. I really hope I’m wrong and they do come back but the removal of our financial info kind of makes me think, no. OR if they do offer boxes again, they won’t be anywhere near as good a deal.

  31. I figured as much when they asked us to fill out a survey, I hope they took into account what i filled in – speaking to someone for questions and comments instead of emailing, and an easier option to exchange items with fit issues, new offerings in their boxes.
    i think this is a good thing – and hope they’ll be back really soon.

  32. i LOVED this box, even with the occassional miss (jog bras always too small).

  33. Aaaaannndddd, my bank account takes a sigh of relief. Definitely would have purchased. Lol

  34. I’m really bummed about the box being paused. But, honestly I feared this would happen as too many people send complaints about items not being “their style” or complaining that they “don’t need” stuff. Subscription boxes are compiled so people can be introduced to new experiences and I feel that too many subscribers have the wrong expectations. Some people like the excitement of receiving a surprise in the mail, but others would be better suited shopping traditionally in store or online so they can hand pick their items. I fear that the subscription box era will soon come to an end because of the unrealistic expectations of some subscribers.

    • This.

    • i agree – i mean it’s really the luck of the draw with sub boxes, you get what you get, whether you like it or not.

    • Lol – you hit the nail on the head. This is why we can’t have nice things…

    • I agree. Unrealistic expectations is causing box companies to give up and shut down.

    • I agree and disagree. A lot of subscription box lovers also want a good deal or “value” from a box, and I think it’s reasonable to expect that, for the very reason that they DONT have input on what they’re getting. I’m not an expert, but I would say it’s safe to assume that these bigger boxes get their merchandise free or very deeply discounted, and in the case of Avenue A, since it’s their product, the items must cost them a few dollars (cost of manufacturing), and they must make a killing. $150 is steep, so I would hope that with that price, Adidas would make an effort to put items in the box that will be liked by the majority, or put in best sellers ,etc. I have never subscribed to this box, but I remember seeing some very colour specific bras and shoes in previous boxes, which I and most people, found ugly. You shouldn’t be putting items into your box that are bad sellers IMO. So I can understand subscribers being irate. Probably what got too costly or time consuming was finding and paying these “celebrities” to curate their boxes.

      • Does not change the fact that this is a MYSTERY box! If you want a sure thing at a ‘good value’, then shop the clearance rack. I love clearance racks and I love this sub box. How do you know that the items they put in these boxes were bad sellers, are you assuming that because you didn’t like them? Remember, what one person likes another may dislike, and that is the difficult part in curating a box to start with. There are very few companies that, and I cannot think of any actually, that everyone who received it loved it.

      • When the items from the box, are on clearance soon after getting the box, I think it’s safe to assume they aren’t best sellers.

      • I agree for $150 I should be able to somewhat have a hand in curating my surprise. This fall box missed the mark 100% for me.

    • Agree. I think another factor is that after people have subscribed to so many boxes for so long, they become harder to please. They either have too much of everything and/or they’ve had a taste of the occasional jackpot box and most boxes pale in comparison.

    • I wish there was a like button for your comment and everyone else who posted in response to the comment.

    • Completely agree.

  35. I had a sinking suspicion this was going to happen after I took the survey they sent out at the end of September. I could tell the questions were geared toward Avenue A changing how they do subscription boxes. The crazy thing is, I emailed customer service this morning (not even 1 hour ago) to ask when the Winter 2017 boxes would ship. Customer service replied in less than 10 minutes and said this: “We are awaiting final confirmation on dates for the next box and will let you know as soon as possible.” They failed to mention that date for the next box would be in 2018!! 🙁 🙁

    I am so sad as the Fall box was my first one and I was very much looking forward to the Winter box. Shucks.

  36. This is my favorite box. There wqs so much hate which I couldn’t understand because we were still getting more than double the value of our money. Loved the double ahoes with the classic. The stella bag is amazing! Last month’s bra was good. Looking forward to having them back. Too bad I was hoping for a winter outfit

  37. I’m not surprised but I am a tad disappointed. I thought the last two boxes were just so-so. I had such high hopes for a box curated by two great female soccer players. I look forward to Avenue A coming back in 2018 and hope they are as great as they were in the beginning. The Spring 2017 box was probably my fave. Winter is my season so I’ll miss the winter box.

    I wish UA would do a box like this.

    • The problem with them pausing now is that UA DOES have a box similar enough to this that is debuting right now.

      True, it’s more like the fashion boxes. UA sends a few items (without a styling fee), you pay for what you like and get a discount if you buy the whole box. It isn’t a set-fee mystery box, but you do have a person there who you can contact about how to personalize your gear. Since it’s just started, I don’t have anything to say about how well it works, but I have gotten messages from my “stylist.”

      This is bad timing, and I’m really upset that Ave A is changing how it works. Even if I didn’t always love the gear, I always felt like it was worth my money, and I don’t really feel that way about any other box I sub.

      • When I got the email I immediately became worried that when Avenue A comes back it will be under this model. Get a few things in the mail, pick what you want and pay for them. I really hope it doesn’t go that route, my personal feelings on those types of boxes is that it feels no different to me than buying things from Gap, trying them on and sending them back. I really liked the curated aspect of Adidas sending out a complete outfit once a quarter of things not found on their website. I don’t see any other way, though, to appease the people who get so up in arms about the items and go into ‘I am demanding to return this whole box and won’t take no for an answer’ mentality just because they don’t think the purple and blue match enough or they don’t prefer orange.
        Fingers crossed they figure out a way to still surprise us and open our minds to things we may not normally be drawn to.

  38. This is a bummer for sure but I’m excited to see what they come up with. What drives me nuts is people who bash the subscription “it was complete crap” when you literally come here knowing it’s a SURPRISE box and they cannot POSSIBLY please your every wish and dream. It’s ridiculous how some people are. If you have such issues with your every desire coming true go take your $150 and go buy something you know you’ll love. Enough said…the “critical” bashing is ridiculous…it’s a freakin’ surprise box.

    ADIDAS…can’t wait for your new box…hope you guys don’t cancel it completely 🙁

    • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    • >What drives me nuts is people who bash the subscription “it was complete crap” when you literally come here knowing it’s a SURPRISE box and they cannot POSSIBLY please your every wish and dream. It’s ridiculous how some people are.

      This 100%! While the Summer 2017 box was my first (so bummed to missed Spring) I’ve been happy with what I’ve gotten for the most part. I live in the shoes from the Summer box and I surprisingly wear the tights and sunglasses from the Fall box more than I would have otherwise.

      But come on – it’s a SURPRISE – get a grip. I enjoy it because it puts me outside my comfort zone and try new things I would not have otherwise bought. 🙂

  39. I think they should do limited edition boxes instead. They should release all the items and save one for surprise.

    This way, you know what you are getting and its going to eliminate the constant complainer.

    I felt that no matter what they did, there were always comments that were disparaging.

    I’m glad they are taking a breather. There are two sides to every transaction and the “customer” is not always right. They should have specific guidelines on the “return policy” so the customer is clear.

    Some people forget that it’s a business and you can’t get everything you want all the time.

  40. This is a bummer for sure but I’m excited to see what they come up with. What drives me nuts is people who bash the subscription “it was complete crap” when you literally come here knowing it’s a SURPRISE box and they cannot POSSIBLY please your every wish and dream. It’s ridiculous how some people are. If you have such issues with your every desire coming true go take your $150 and go buy something you know you’ll love. Enough said…the “critical” bashing is ridiculous…it’s a freakin’ surprise box.

    ADIDAS…can’t wait for your new box…hope you guys don’t cancel it completely 🙁

  41. No!!! This was my very favorite box. Granted I am on shoe overload, but I have been a subscriber since box 1. I think people have been really dissatisfied with the box lately but I love it and it has made me buy more adidas. Unfortunately I think boxes that send specific sizing are up against a tough wall without releasing spoilers. Maybe several curated boxes at specific prices would let subscribers choose outfits/sizes? My feedback to Adidas was super positive. I was hoping for a 1x a year adidas outdoor box!

  42. This makes me a little sad and a little hopeful. I think the 2016 boxes were on point – the wow of the Stella bag, the sports watch, the double shoes, the white jacket…and then…snore. I think boxes should continue to get better and this one didn’t.

    I hope they really do come back, and I hope they’re boxes I feel lucky to get.

    • Yes! Perfectly stated. They set their own bar very high with some amazing boxes, but failed to sustain that WOW factor. If they do continue, I wonder if it will be a model that allows for some customization. I would love that!

  43. Thank goodness! You can tell they went off track with the last few boxes and I appreciate they are taking time to refocus instead of sending whatever out and upsetting people. They need to take time to think things through and we’ll see what they come up with before I decide to resub since it’s such a costly sub, it has to be great.

  44. Not really a surprise – unfortunately. I had actually cancelled my subscription last week since there had been no spoilers on the winter box & I assumed another dud. A pause makes more sense.

  45. This question was answered in their FAQ in the email they sent to subscribers:

    When is Avenue A coming back?

    We haven’t yet set the date, but we’ll send you an email letting you know when and where to sign up as soon as the new Avenue A is ready to go.

    So…if we are existing Avenue A customers, are we automatically subscribed to their new and improved subscription service? The statement “where to sign up” above is iffy and complicated?!

    • You will not be automatically subscribed, but they will email you to let you know when the subscriptions are back up, and you’ll be able to enter your billing info if you’d like your subscription to continue. Hope that helps!

  46. I just got the email and came directly here to see what people say.
    I gave them VERY critical feedback. Loved my summer box but the fall box was absolute crap. I still haven’t sold every item which i’m pissed about. I hated every item except the sunglasses in the box.
    Glad they’re listening to feedback but I hope they’re not paused for long. Glad they’re deleting billing info!

    • And for every person who hated the fall box there is someone who loved it. For me, it was a 100% hit; I loved everything.

      • I love the shoes in the fall box. Super comfy.
        I’m reasonable in my expectations bough, I don’t ever think that they are going to give me everything I want in every box.
        The fun part for me was discovering new items and I thought they did a great job with that.

      • I agree. My worry is that a lot of people comment mostly on color and so forth. I don’t want them to shift the box more towards fashion and atheleisure… I subscribed because I am a runner and it was a running box (I thought). Functionality and usefulness matters a lot more to me. I thought the last box was great.

      • See, I didn’t think it was a box for runners. I don’t recall ever seeing anything about it being specifically for runners. Obviously being Adidas, it was going to be sporty, and I agree items should be useful, but I felt it was more of a “function meets fashion” box. I’m not a runner and subscribed based on past boxes that had more of a fashion theme. Having said that, I mostly liked the fall box (or found items useful) but wish I’d been a subscriber earlier for more of the boxes that were heavier on the fashion.

      • I can’t remember how I got that impression– but there are running shoes in every box so that helped me believe that. LOL.

      • Oh, ha ha. I got it from this website: “Avenue A by Adidas is a quarterly fitness and running subscription box. “

      • I guess I just based my decision directly from Adidas’ website that didn’t use that description, and by looking at past boxes that didn’t always contain running items (like the Superstars and that entire box). I guess anyone can describe it how they see it, but Adidas didn’t seem to claim it was for runners. I love wearing running shoes for walking and day to day stuff, so it didn’t really matter to me, but I never felt like it was meant to just be items for runners. Adidas is about many more sports than running so, no surprise here that they didn’t focus on it.

      • I mean, I think it’s totally fine if people want to wear athletic clothes for day to day purposes (how is that my business?). But even the description on Adidas’s website advertises the box as “athletic” clothing for “active” women. All I was saying is that the majority of the complaints around here had nothing to do with athletics or performance and everything to do with fashion. My point is simply that I personally hope they don’t lose sight of the focus on athletes to focus on those who like wearing athletic clothes in their day to day lives. There are plenty of fashion boxes, but not many athletic boxes.

      • I loved the box too!

    • are you on swap? i liked the box and I didn’t get it. i was able to swap for the shoes, but haven’t had luck with the other items. i would be happy for the pants if you had the size i was looking for…. (probably large)

    • I don’t think you should buy subscription boxes. You really should not complain when you WILLINGLY take the $150 chance on a box that is a SURPRISE! Good lord people, get a grip.

      • The internet has created a culture of complaining entitlement and faux outrage.

      • Amen!

      • It feels like some people buy subscription boxes (any boxes, not just Adidas) only in order to sell them. Buy a box for $150 that’s worth $300 and then expect to sell it for $300 to make a profit, I guess? This isn’t the first time I’ve seen comments about being pissed that they can’t get a buyer for their items.

  47. I just got this email too. This is a real bummer as once a quarter is basically when I need to update my running shoes (and I’m lazy and don’t want to shop for this stuff). Well, I look forward to seeing what they come up with– hope it’s even better!

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