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Vegan Cuts Snack Subscription Box Review – September 2017

Vegan Cuts Snack September 2017 Subscription Box

The Vegan Cuts Snack Box is a monthly subscription box from Vegan Cuts full of vegan and natural food products and snacks. Many of the items will be gluten-free, but this box is not a dedicated gluten-free box. Vegan Cuts also offers a Beauty Box and quarterly Makeup Box.

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

This review is of the Vegan Cuts Snack, $22.95 a month, box.

Vegan Cuts Snack September 2017 Subscription Box

The Subscription Box: Vegan Cuts Snack Box

The Cost: $22.95 a month with discounts for 3, 6, and 12-month pre-paid subscriptions

The Products: 7-10 vegan snacks, pantry items, and occasionally supplements.

Ships to: U.S. for free, Canada for $9 CAD, and Worldwide for $15

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Vegan Cuts Snack September 2017 Subscription Box

Vegan Cuts Snack September 2017 Subscription Box

Vegan Cuts Snack September 2017 Subscription Box

The box came with this information card detailing the items in the box. There are also usually coupons and/or product literature.

Vegan Cuts Snack September 2017 Subscription Box

D’s Naturals No Cow Bar in Dark Raspberry Truffle2.12 oz (buy a box of 12 bars for $28.99)

I split most subscription box snacks with my husband so that we can compare notes. We both thought the chocolate raspberry flavor worked, but that the texture of the bar was a bit dry in the way that vegan protein bars usually are (we usually buy non-vegan protein bars that have whey in them, so the contrast is obvious, but if you are exclusively vegan, you might have a different take). Overall we both thought this was pretty good, though.

Vegan Cuts Snack September 2017 Subscription Box

D’s Naturals No Cow Bar in Chocolate Fudge Brownie2.12 oz (buy a box of 12 bars for $28.99)

We had a similar opinion of this bar as compared to the raspberry chocolate one – same texture issues, but we thought the flavor worked. I think it is great to get two flavors of a product because sometimes you really don’t care for one particular flavor of some food item, but might like it in a different flavor, but you’d never know that if you didn’t get both to sample!

Vegan Cuts Snack September 2017 Subscription Box

The GFB Gluten Free Bites in Dark Chocolate Coconut, 0.8 oz (buy a 4 oz bag for $4.79)

These also came in Love with Food this monthI did not actually share these with my husband but ate them while he was out mowing the lawn. (In fairness, I was looking for a snack at about 100 calories and this fit the bill.) I love coconut and dark chocolate and these actually have a really good texture.

Vegan Cuts Snack September 2017 Subscription Box

Karma Wrapped Cashews in Lime Twist, 1.5 oz (buy an 8 oz jar for $10.99)

I feel like I’ve had these before from another box, maybe in a different flavor. I do like cashews a lot, though, so I was happy to eat these. You don’t really notice the shells much while you are eating them. These allegedly had a flavor but it was pretty mild if it was there.

Vegan Cuts Snack September 2017 Subscription Box

Enjoy Life Proburst Bites in Chocolate Sunseed Butter, 6.4 oz. – Value $5.52

I was a little worried about these. I’ve had pretty good luck with this brand in the past (its products are free of the 8 major food allergens), but when I put them on plates, they made a loud sound like I was dropping marbles on the plate or something. (When I have a food subscription box, I wait until after dinner and then portion out the snacks between my husband and me until I have hit my calorie limit for the day.) Luckily, they were not actually that hard when we bit into them. They were kind of like eating pressed cacao powder, to be honest, though they held together better than I expected.

Vegan Cuts Snack September 2017 Subscription Box

Vegan Rob’s Brand Spinach and Matcha Kettle Chips, 2 oz. (buy 12, 5-ounce bags for $38)

I’ve had other products from Vegan Rob’s Brand in the past and have usually liked them. There was something off about these. The green color wasn’t too bad in the low light of my kitchen, but for some reason, the maker felt the need to include a lot of sugar in the matcha flavoring. I am firmly convinced that sugar and potato chips don’t mix after trying these. It’s too bad because they were good chips other than the sugar.

Vegan Cuts Snack September 2017 Subscription Box

R.E.D.D. Mint Chocolate Superfood Energy Bar, 2.2 oz (buy 12 bars for $35.88)

This was decent. I don’t think it must’ve had too much caffeine because we ate this before bed and it didn’t keep us up. The chocolate mint flavor was nice and I don’t remember any negatives about the texture, though we tried 3-4 bars in the same night and they are all kind of running together for me.

Vegan Cuts Snack September 2017 Subscription Box

Peanut Butter and Jelly R Bar, 1.6 oz. (buy 10 bars for $17.50)

Imagine if you took dates and peanuts and processed them in a food processor, then pressed into little patties, and this is pretty much what you would get. I guess “jelly” is in the name because there are a few raisins, too, but these are pretty standard date bars with peanut chunks.

Vegan Cuts Snack September 2017 Subscription Box

Betty Lou’s Chocolate Hazelnut Nuts about Energy Balls, 1.5 oz. (buy 12 for $16.99)

This is another date-nut product with a bit of a different ingredient makeup. If you are looking for this type of product, any of the ones I’ve talked about in this review would be good to try, because the textures and components are all a little different, and I thought they were all basically OK. (This appears to have undergone a packaging redesign but I think I linked to the same product.)

Vegan Cuts Snack September 2017 Subscription Box

The Soulfull Project Blueberry Almond Multigrain Hot Cereal, 2.26 oz. (buy 6 cups for $12.95)

This was 280 calories which is A LOT for instant oatmeal-type products (i.e., doesn’t fit into my calorie budget for the day; my weekend instant oatmeal is about half this number). I had my husband try it and report back to me. He found the flavor acceptable but thought they were trying to include too many ingredients in one product, which made the texture unusual (or “rustic” if you prefer). Also a lot of the calories were from sugar, which is not our preference for snacks. (Sugar is fine in moderation, and I generally eat quite a high carb diet as a vegetarian, but we find we are less able to handle it as we get older and we try to minimize sugar consumption.)

MRM Natural Flavor Veggie Meal Replacement in Vanilla Bean, 1.66 oz. (buy 3 lbs for $33.82)

This particular protein powder has shown up in a lot of food and fitness subscription boxes lately. But that is OK. I make smoothies every morning and I always put a little protein powder in there. I feel like this one blends a little better than some other vegan protein powders, though I think I prefer it in a smoothie with frozen fruit to drinking it straight.

Vegan Cuts Snack September 2017 Subscription Box

Salad Power Just Veggies330 mL – Value $7

It is possible that if you like V8 and similar products, this will work for you. I refrigerated it as suggested and then opened it up over the weekend. And, um, I was hit with the very strong smell of cruciferous vegetables. (I thought “cauliflower” at first but it turns out there is no cauliflower in this. I guess it was the kale that I was smelling.) Now, I actually like lots of cruciferous vegetables (even Brussels sprouts) but I don’t really like drinking them. Anyway, this mostly tasted like tomato to me, despite the smell, but I just couldn’t make myself finish it.

Taste Nirvana Real Coconut Water, 10.14 fl oz. (buy 9.5 fl oz for $2.39)

I credit Vegan Cuts with introducing me to all kinds of drinks that I have never tried before and don’t really want to try again. I actually had never had coconut water before, but had seen it touted as a natural alternative to Gatorade (it has some sugars and electrolytes to help with hydration). I was a little weirded out to drink something non-carbonated in a can. Anyway, my husband and I both tried this and neither of us really wanted to finish it. We both like coconut, but apparently we don’t like it in translucent beverage form.

Verdict: This month’s Vegan Cuts Snack Box had 13 items for an average value per item of about $1.77. Several items had retail values considerably above that (e.g., the Salad Power drink and the Enjoy Life bites), and there weren’t any what I would consider tiny samples here – everything was a respectable size. Further, although I was familiar with a few of the items and/or brands, there were many snacks that were new to me, as well. (This is one of the better months for this box in recent memory in terms of curation.) Although I didn’t care for every single item, I liked most of them and I definitely discovered some new things I loved, and I felt that the box seemed really well-put together, overall.

What do you think of the September 2017 Vegan Cuts Snack Box?

Vegancuts Snack Box

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Written by Ragan Buckley

Ragan Buckley

Ragan stumbled across My Subscription Addiction in late 2013 and immediately subscribed to way too many beauty boxes. She’s now focused on boxes for her cats and dog, vegan/vegetarian food boxes, and craft subscriptions (and she didn’t give up beauty boxes entirely).

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  1. That is a great coupon for a free Follow Your Heart cheese tho! That’s close to a $5 value where I live. I love the slices.

    • I guess I’m not familiar with that brand, probably because I’m vegetarian instead of vegan, so I usually just eat real cheese.

    • I’ve never tried that particular brand, but I’d love to! I didn’t notice it was for good for a free product.

  2. I usually love this box, but September is a huge miss for me. I just don’t see anything new or thrilling. It’s okay though. I have discovered some real favorites from Vegan Cuts and will keep subscribing.

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