Sugarbash Secret Sale – Up to 80% Off!

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Sugarbash is having another Secret Sale!

Grab a Limited Edition Box, Warehouse Mystery Box, Beauty Box, or Bundle at up to 80% off!

Are you grabbing anything from the sale?

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  1. Got my mystery box today. Seeing as I actually paid for shipping and waited a month, I had my hopes up probably too high.

    Orange mug – 10
    Black sparkly headband – 15
    Lemon & Lavender candle – 18
    Mozie – 5
    Socks – 5
    Pure Lano – 34
    Addictive Apothecary foot balm – 15
    Spongelle Fresia Pear – 15
    Pure Cosmetics Fiber Last set – 30
    Pure Cosmetics Luminizer – 28
    How to live in flip flops – 13
    MM Necklace v shape – 48
    MM Necklace sparkly dagger – 68

    This officially makes the box worth 304 and they guaranteed 300.

    I am totally “meh” on this box though cause for 65$ the only item I’m stoked to see is the foot balm. They’ve had WAY cooler items than these before.

    I’m also curious if anyone was in the magical first 100 orders that was going to get a free extra something cause I ordered FAST and I wasn’t one of them apparently.

  2. Does anyone know if these have started to ship yet?

  3. I ordered the Beauty Box. I’m assuming, could be wrong, that they’ll send a questionnaire to ask about things, if not with the Beta they could send a questionnaire afterwards to see how people like it and maybe they’ll offer this box too in 2018 since that’s when everything with them is changing.

  4. Didn’t realize that we had to pay for shipping, too. 🙁

    • I was sort of surprised too. It’s probably still a good deal but I got cold feet the last minute seeing shipping – still debating about the Mystery Box.

      • Thank you Robin! I received this today so I hope it explains the beauty box questions:

        Hi Jennifer,

        Thank you for your purchase of our Beauty Box. You are not in a subscription program, this is a one-time purchase. We updated our website to reflect this information. We are running a beta program to test our customization processes. Next week you will receive more information on how to select your color shades. We are keeping to beta program to a limited number of members.

        Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

        The Sugarbash Team

  5. I need more information on the customization. If we place an order, when do we customize? I am really confused…..

  6. Not saying this isn’t a good deal, but it’s very misleading. The $80 limited box is now $65. That’s 80% off the retail value not the box cost like most other sub box sales are. Not that great. I clicked on it expecting something like a popsugar warehouse sale.

    • And they don’t even have swans!!

    • Agreed. I purchased the original limited edition box at $80 and was thinking this wasn’t much of a discount.

  7. I would like my more info on the beauty box too. Looks interesting.

    • I caved and ordered it anyway… hope it’s really a good value and we have good customization options.

  8. Is the Beauty box a one-time purchase? The word program is scaring me. If so.. I’m going for it!

    • I don’t believe it is….you sign up to become a member I believe. They are going to be asking members to give colors; based on complexion, etc…I assume
      It is all beauty too….

  9. How much was there limited edition box when it first came out? Wasn’t it $50? Is this the same one? If so than they really shouldn’t have went up in price.

      • Okay….thank you

      • Thanks for reference link, Jen.

      • Thanks. I looked at the link and it’s a definite no

    • No, it was $80. You can easily find that on this website since they post/review on this box……

    • If my memory is correct (no guarantees, lol), I think existing Sugarbash subscribers got the the limited edition box as part of their subscriptions, but the box was sold for the single purchase price of $80 to those who weren’t subscribed.

    • I think it was $85 without sub.

  10. I really want to get the combo one but it’s just too much for me to spend without getting any spoilers at all.

    Do they give out the spoilers after you’ve clicked “order”?Thank you.

    • Unfortunately, no.

      But I do most of the LE box & there will be no repeats! 😁

    • Constance, I purchase the bundle with this deal because I’ve been eyeing the limited edition box for some time, but didn’t want to pay $80 for it. You can see the entire limited edition box if you look back at the MSA reviews, and there’s also a picture of it on the Sugarbash website. The only spoiler (that I’m aware of) for the mystery box it that there is 13 items. Also, the Sugarbash site says that there will be no duplicate items between the two boxes. My confirmation email says that the box won’t ship until Oct. 13. It seems like a long time to wait for the box, but i think its awesome that they tell you the expected shipping upfront.

      • DITTO to everything, especially the price & I missed Purple box.

  11. One thing I do like is they clearly state no crossovers between boxes.

    Take note, PS 😑

    • No doubt… that they were smart enough and thoughtful enough to do this

      • Right???

        That’s how lure suckers like me to bite!!

        • I would get the bundle but I am afraid that I will get a lot of what was in the purple box that I purchased awhile back…

          • Now THAT is a legit cause for concern.

  12. I got so excited but 80% off is misleading. I was hoping for a warehouse sale akin to what they did for the holidays when I got to stock up on spongelle. Mystery boxes at over $50 a pop is beyond what I can afford with no spoilers. =/

  13. This isn’t really a sale. It’s the retail value of the box crossed out to make it look like a sale, then the normal box price. Kinda disappointing

    • The August box had only 7 items….so I guess it is a sale

      I liked the August box…I am kind of tempted

    • I got the Purple Box and that box had 16 items for $100. That broke down to $6.25 an item. That is a sale!

      • I got the bundle. Saved an additional $10 & hopefully if I’m before the first 100 orders will get another bonus!

      • Yes and this one has 13 for $65….I would love to know if the cosmetic case is in there from the August box….need some spoilers

        • What cosmetics case from the August box? I’m not sure I got it in the last box.

          • The pur one…with the blush, lipstick, eyeshadow, all in one case? I really liked it….

        • I have one up for swap if you are interested 🙂

          • How does the swap work exactly? We swap out items and pay shipping?

  14. What’s up with the Beta beauty box? Has this been offered before?

    • I was wondering about it too… Anyone know?

  15. Hmmm..wish they would release some spoilers like they did before…thinking about the warehouse box

    • I’m sure it’s all product from past boxes so just check out past box contents. Since they’re changing over to a quarterly box, it makes sense that they are clearing out all stock. I’m tempted by this but I think I’ll see if they discount further closer to the holidays.

    • If you click through, you can see everything in the Limited Edition box. The Beauty Box concept is interesting. From the website – Join this beta program and get $200 worth of beauty products. This program is to help us improve our systems and give you more of what you want! This is a pre-order and boxes ship November 10.

      I was on my way to purchasing the beauty box but there is a $7 shipping charge. Kinda killed it for me. 🙁

      • Would love to know how many beauty items but if it is 80% self selected you have no idea. Could be one or two items depending on what you pick?

      • I am totally confused with this “customization”. When will we customize it? after purchase?

        • Me too! Can anyone help answer this I ordered the beauty box for the first time!!

          • I’m a VIP member and about 2 weeks prior to shipping they send an email with a link to customize your box. For the Oct box we got to pick a color for the tooth brush, 1 of 4 Starboard Alchemy products and either a gold or rose gold pen. I’m assuming this will be similar and I think it’s great that we get to customize 80% of it! I’ve really loved every box I’ve gotten so far.

          • I thought that the beauty box is all beauty?

          • It is all beauty. I think she was talking about how it works in the regular boxes as VIP and guessing that’s how the beauty box will be. The beauty box is new I think, so no one has experienced it yet.

          • Oh I see….I cannot wait to see this reviewed also. Curious as to how it will compare to other beauty boxes.

      • Yes shipping charges does play into the decision making….some boxes are worth it, but without ever been reviewed to much of a gamble.

        I also thing that they priced their mystery box too high and couldn’t take the risk of getting more of what I received in the purple box. Wish they would reveal what most of the boxes contents would/could be.

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