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POPSUGAR + Gilt City Flirty Fall Box – FULL SPOILERS!

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We have full spoilers for the Gilt City POPSUGAR Must Have Fall Flirty box thanks to Emmy!

This $25 Box (SOLD OUT) will include:

Stowaway Cosmetics Dawn To Dusk Palette – Value $25 (From the November 2016 POPSUGAR Box)

Kendra Scott Elaina Rose Gold Bracelet in White Pearl – Retail Value $50 (From the November 2016 POPSUGAR Box)

Pehr Chambray Runner in Wine – Value $44 (From the November 2016 POPSUGAR Box)

Jack & Lucy Bicoastal Wide Brim Hat – Value $58 (From the September 2016 POPSUGAR Box)

Smith & Cult Lip Lacquer in The Warning – Value $22  (From the September 2016 POPSUGAR Box)

Christian Lacroix Paris Pasio Sticky Note Folio – Value $13 (From the August 2016 POPSUGAR Box)

Lalicious Brown Sugar Vanilla Shower Oil and Bubble Bath – Retail Value $28 (From the October 2016 POPSUGAR Box)

(FYI – the marketing for this box indicated that there should be 8 items total, so this box might be missing an item.)

What do you think of the spoilers? 

FYI – this box is sold out, but the Gilt Exclusive Must Have Box is still available.

(Use coupon code WELCOME20 to save 20% off your Gilt City purchase – FYI – you may need to make a new Gilt City account to use this.)

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Just recently received my replacement 8th item and it’s the Tarte mascara. I probably won’t use it, but I’m pretty pleased that it wasn’t a swan or gift tags!

    • I also received that today for my replacement – I’m pleased😃

    • Me too!

  2. I got my replacement items from Popsugar for my 2 missing items (I ordered 2 boxes). The hysterically funny part is I asked for one of the items to be the Swan drink holder as I have a friend who built a house in Costa Rica and her and her hubs will love them. I asked for the other item to be beauty. I got a box today and it had 2 SWANS in it and the Tarte Mascara. I was super happy. BUT, then I came home and found another box on my doorstep with ANOTHER SWAN in there. For a total now of 3 swans LOL! My friend will now be getting 2. Number three is still waiting for a home. So, I have no complaints. I feel like I got my money’s worth and more. Thanks Popsugar!

  3. I’m so disappointed! I just got an email they are out of the Kendra Scott bracelet in the flirty fall box. The reason I bought it was for the bracelet, I wanted to give it to my sister for Christmas.

  4. Anyone else get an email from Popsugar support stating they are out of the Kendra Scott bracelet? I am so mad as the bracelet is the main reason I bought the box. They said I will get a Lipstick Queen lipstick and Dogeared necklace instead. No specifics. I would rather get a partial refund!!!!

    • I just looked up dogeared necklaces and they look super pretty! Kendra Scott bracelet was my reason for the box as well…as I’m sure it was for many others. I’m happy with my box considering what I paid, but it seems these boxes in general have been a total disaster.

      • I do still feel like this one was worth the money but still disappointed. Mine is in transit and states it will not be delivered until 10/6 even though I received the FedEx shipment notice on 9/22. I am just concerned that although the message I received from support states I will receive a Lipstick Queen lipstick which I am cool with, that it will be the cream blush from the September box which I really have zero use for. Also I am guessing even thought it says Dogeared Necklace it might be the Dogeared Friendship bracelet from the August box which does not appeal to me at all and I don’t think is a suitable substitute for the Kendra Scott one and costs about half the retail value. Will report back when received!

        • So my box arrived. I received the Lipstick Queen Morning Glory lipstick which I am ok with but that makes it 2 lip items in one box. The Dogeared item is the friendship bracelet which I have no interest in at all as I don’t like heart jewelry. Considering emailing support but not sure what they would do.

          • JessF, I replied to their email and told them I just wanted to return the box for a refund because of that Dogeared bracelet (yuck) and they are sending me a Sept. box. I asked them how in the world they could run out of the hero item for the box?! There’s a lot of discussion about these box fiascos on the forum right now.

          • Thanks Hawaii E! I was not aware this site had a forum. I did end up responding to popsugar stating I was unhappy with the Dogeared bracelet as a replacement and the retail value of both new items offered were less than the Kendra Scott bracelet. Also said they should not have oversold the box and run out of the hero item that was listed as guaranteed to be in every box. We’ll see what happens.

    • Same here! Not happy. Wanted the KS bracelet, it was the main reason I bought as well.

  5. I contacted Popsugar via the contact form on their website yesterday about only receiving 7 items in the Flirty Fall box. I received a reply today apologizing and saying that a replacement order was placed should be on its way shortly… we shall see what this mystery 8th item shall be! Anyone want to place a bet?

    • Andy sent me the same email. I’m afraid it’s going to be the stamp set, toothpicks, or gift tags from the dreadful exclusive box! Hoping I’m wrong, I just don’t have a ton of faith in them right now 😂

  6. Only received 7 items in my box, not the 8 that was advertised. My first PS box and underwhelmed .

  7. I received 7 items and I’m sure I was suppose to get 8. Do I contact Popsugar or Gilt?

    • *Update*
      I contacted Gilt and they told me I have to contact Popsugar directly.

  8. After seeing reviews for the other 2 boxes, I feel like I have won TWICE with Popsugar boxes – once with the “Girls Night Out” box (that was available about 6 months ago) and this time with the “Flirty Fall” box.
    I am breathing a sigh of relief. Pretty happy with this box, compared to the other two that were available.
    I think I have a use for just about everything, between keeping and gifts.
    Don’t know if I will risk trying again, but pretty happy being 2 for 2.

  9. So I’ve contacted Gilt and Popsugar. If there are only 7 items in the box I smell a rat. And it seems from all the spoilers they decided to just send 7, when the listing says 8. Either they owe us one more item or money back.

  10. Seems like a dodged a bullet with this one. I was SO tempted thinking there would be some good fall items.. nope. Just more overstock from past boxes.

    I do like the bracelet, but I feel like I can swap for that or find it online.

  11. Someone on the Forum posted the full spoilers for the Gilt Exclusive box … I’m just glad I didn’t get it.

    • It was a waste of money. I got it and am sad I did

  12. Liz Cadman, is there anyway to find out what the 8th item is?

  13. Ok, I have a question since there’s lots of swap talk on this thread…. I’m new to swap…. have two under my belt!! One perfectly wonderful and seamless… the 1st was an accepted swap as of a week ago last Thursday…. I swapped two items from PSMH LE fall…. necklace and eye shadow…. my box got to its destination on Wednesday… fellow swapper said she would ship out Mon-tues… then Mon- then Thursday…. not shipped yet and won’t respond to my comment asking for an update …. (asked thursda

    • …. should read asked Thursday) …. is this unusual?? 🙁 …. one shouldn’t leave feedback until shipping happens I suppose…. the necklace is already up for swap on her site …. mustn’t have liked …. 😟

      • …. don’t want to be out 239$ ….

        • Hi! When a swapper has fewer than five positive feedbacks, the other swapper gets a notice saying that they should wait until they receive the new swapper’s shipment first before shipping their package. This happens with everyone new, so it’s nothing personal. If I am in this situation, I try to include some nice extras to make up for the inconvenience to the new swapper (but that’s just me).

          • Thanks Rosemary!!! I’ll give it another week…. take my patience pill…. 😂

          • I promise that this won’t last forever. I remember feeling the same. Cheers!

    • You should give your swapper a few more days. It’s slower in the beginning since swappers are encouraged to wait to ship until receiving their package. Meanwhile, you can download the free USPS app to track your packages.

  14. That bracelet is one of the best items ever in a box. The quality is really good, it is really pretty, and it works for all ages. I can’t get enough of this item, as it makes for a fantastic gift.

  15. I’m really pleased with this! (And that the spoilers were posted since I was supposed to get this box Froday but fedex says “customer not available or business closed” so now I have to wait till Tuesday!)

    I have only subscribed to popsugar must have since June 2017, so everything here is new to me and I’m excited. I really wanted the hat and the bracelet, but it’s all a nice mix of stuff which actually feels like fall. Though I will end up with two runners since I ordered the gilt exclusive box as well.

    But I have a group of local ladies I meet with every few months to swap stuff, so that makes a nice option for the swaps pile!

  16. I was really hoping that the Smith & Cult 1972 polish would make an appearance in this box 😩

    • I have one for swap.

  17. I was going to say “yay, no Winky Lux Lip Pill!”…but then I realized that could be the 8th item… ::crosses fingers::

  18. When will they ever run out of that stuff. I have 3 of each because I always think there will be something new. Please run out of stow away it sucks.

    • If I have to see that HAT one more time😈

  19. Wow. That’s a pretty great box. And for $25! I’d use everything. I may be the one of a few people who has and loves that hat.

  20. I am so done with PS, I was really hoping they include at least one item from recent boxes, but no no, same old, same old

    • Next year?

      • Or the year after.

  21. I actually think this box looks pretty good but do wonder how many of some of these items Popsugar had? Seriously it must be in the 100,000s for some items!

  22. Yay! I’m looking around for the 8th item incase I missed it! Thanks for the feature!

  23. I have several of the runners and some of them are already listed.

  24. It’s off topic but I had a question on how to create a listing on the swap site. I’ve been messing with it for the last half hour and found my profile and see I have no listings but can’t figure out how to create one.

    • Happy to walk you through it

      • That would be awesome. 🙂 I’m doing it through the mobile site

      • Figured it out lol. 🤗 Finally!

  25. Wanderlust box I ordered finally has a label created and weighs in at 3 lbs. I had to look in my Popsugar account, didn’t get an email.

  26. I wanted the bracelet and the Lalicious makes the box a win for me. The rest can sit with their dupes waiting for a use. Drapes made stitching runners together? I’m afraid of getting more of these same items in the other boxes. Won’t be happy if the Exclusive box has this stuff but cost 3x as much.

    • Do you swap? I’d love to swap you something for that runner 😃

      • I have a runner for you if interested

        • Me too. It’s not listed yet but it will be! My arrival date is 30th.

        • I am interested! I’m on Swap –

      • Try clicking my name and see if it links you there.

  27. I knew it would be older stuff, but good grief….I’m so over popsugar. No more boxes for me. Can’t wait to get my swan and emoji napkins in the tropical wanderlust box….NOT!!

    • I know, i was hoping for a few newer things since April 2017 for the Wanderlust Tropical Box… the trucker hat, freakin’ tropical pouch, straws, matches…anything newer!

      • The pouch would be amazing!

      • Oh no. I forgot about the trucker hat. Please no. But I’ll try and swap it should it come. I’m ok with anything since I’m not a subscriber. I’m really hoping for the bracelet in one of the other boxes since I didn’t get the fall one. Cause of the hat lol. I’m not a hat person.

        • Omg every time someone mentions that trucker hat I die in a fit of giggles. That thing is three shades of hideous. But I’m excited about these other items because I just subscribed in August. If I already had them, I’m sure I’d be right there with you. I was hoping to get the box with the Turkish towel and pill box lipstick everyone hates because I don’t have either of those! But I wasn’t quick enough. Can we please keep giggling about the trucker hat though? How many of those are now in junk heaps at garage sales all over the country?! Gah!

          • 😂😂😂

          • I have one of the lipsticks you can have. I’m getting another in wanderlust box. Send me an email if you want it. [email protected]

  28. holy crap!! MORE stowaway??? How many of these do they have mm there at already over 400 on the swap site!! We may have a new record listing!!

  29. Wow,
    How many times are they going to recycle that stuff?

    • If that’s not the truth.

  30. File under: so so so very glad I passed on getting a third and fourth of some of these things!!

  31. All old stuff! Like super super old…

  32. Grr! I wonder if they will ever run out of some of that stuff.

  33. Amazing value, no nonsense items featured as well! Really appreciate this review. Thanks so much too for the subscriber who shared the 30% off coupon code – this is such a treat!

  34. I’m waiting on the Gilt City Wanderlust Box Spoilers

  35. Yay for more Lalicious!! I loved using that for shseaving my legs.

    • shaving my legs – not that crazy word my Kindle invented.

    • Right? I LOVE that stuff. I just ran out so I’m thrilled to get another one. My skin rebels against anything else now. And I’m obviously in the minority but I really like that little Stowaway palette. Mixing the third colors over in the top and bottom rows gives me the perfect brow powder. Happy to have another one to play with.

    • Good tip! I will try this, since I don’t take baths. (Wait… that sounds wrong… I take plenty of showers, I swear!)

  36. Really want the Kendra Scott bracelet but still on the wait list for swaps 🙁

    • If I could figure out how to find you on swaps, I’d see if you have anything I’m interested in :/

      • I’m not in swaps yet, I’m still waiting for my email invite. Hopefully soon, it’s been almost a month since I signed up.

    • I have one you can have!

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