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Play! By Sephora September 2017 Box #912 FULL Spoilers!

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We have full spoilers for the September 2017 Play! By Sephora #912! (Thank you Eliz!)

Play! By Sephora Box #912 will include:

In case you missed it, we also have the full reveal of all items sampled in the September Play! By Sephora box! (Thanks for the heads up, Judi!)


Each box will include one of these items:




What do you think of the September Sephora Play spoilers? Which items do you want?

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  1. This is the first box in a while that I’m truly disappointed in 🙁

  2. I’m 904 too!

    • How do I tell which box Im getting?

      • Sign into your Sephora account-Click on recent orders- Hit view details- See the playbox picture- the last 3 numbers of your item number are your box. Hope you get a great box!

  3. this is my box (#912) and i’m not even going to bother opening it. luckily this is the first time i’ve felt this way. if someone wants to swap, please let me know!

    • I have box 514 if you’re interested.

      My email is missyerable @ yahoo . com

  4. Damn. Very few people like this box. LOL.

    #912 happens to be my box and I feel like I keep getting the sh*t boxes, especially the last few months.

    Initial reaction to this box:

    Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Oil—GTFOH with a foil packet. Seriously, though? I hate one use products in my subscription box! I don’t care if it’s a “bonus” item. Especially something I can get for *free* out of a magazine.

    Fresh lotus cream—Whatever. There’s nothing particularly unique about this cream, I would have preferred the Herbivore Blue Tansy Clarity mask, it’s a better option for my skin needs: I have oily/combo skin that breaks out.

    Ciaté London Liquid Velvet Moisturizing Matte Liquid Lipstick in Diva—I saw this on a YouTuber and it looked really pretty. So I don’t mind it. I got the same lipstick in the shade Pin Up last year from Ipsy, and it looked awful on me. It looked like a really dark brownish mauve shade on me. So happy I didn’t get Pin Up again.

    Benefit Gimme Brow Brow—I don’t mind this. I’ve used it before. It’s great for lazy days when you need to spruce up your brows and you don’t have time to fiddle with a pencil for precision. OR just top it over your penciled-in brows.

    Sephora Contour Eye Pencil 12 Hour (black)—Again, whatever. Who cares. Black eyeliner is the basic b*tch of makeup.

    DevaCurl Melt into Moisture Matcha Butter Conditioning Mask—Happy about this one. THANK YOU for not sending another Dry Shampoo.

    • “Sephora Contour Eye Pencil 12 Hour (black)—Again, whatever. Who cares. Black eyeliner is the basic b*tch of makeup.”

      This was my favorite comment about the black eyeliner so far, HAHA!

    • You need to get a job reviewing products. I laughed the whole time while reading your review. I needed that today on a boring Wednesday. haha

    • This is great.

  5. I have 514 super curious. I assumed I would get Devacurl because my hair is crazy curly. Hmmm

    • me too!

  6. Is anyone getting box 083? This box is definitely not for me but I’m worried as to what I will get…..

  7. The Fresh face cream is the only thing I wanted, but I don’t have box #912 🙁

  8. Has anyone gotten a box with the Herbivore product yet?

  9. Yeah, I’m getting box 912 and am quite disappointed. Of all the other things I could have got! Whatever sephora. If not for swapping I would absolutely cancel my subscription.

  10. When do the Play boxes usually arrive? I see they processed mine on Sept 4th, and it just says “pending”. Thank you in advance : )

    • Mine usually arrive during the third week of the month.

    • I don’t usually get an update on it either until it’s day of delivery or maybe the day before. Just FYI.

      • One easy way to keep track of your Play! boxes is signing up for My USPS where it notifies you of any package coming your way. It also notifies you ahead of time. Like I can already have my box and Sephora is still saying pending.

        • Oh cool! Thanks!

  11. This is my box and I HATE this shade of lippie on my skin tone… if anyone is getting literally any of the other lippies, do you want to trade? Please, I am begging you. I’ve never traded before but I just can’t do bright red.

    • Yesssss!

      I have box 514 for The lippie

      My email is missyerable @ yahoo . com

      I don’t know how to link to my swap

  12. If anyone wants this box I would love to swap! I really wanted the Urban Decay lipstick so I’m willing to trade for a box that has it or just trade lipsticks with someone who gets it. I will consider any swaps though, this box has nothing for me and I’d love to trade it out for a box that at least has samples I would want to try!

  13. Has anyone received box #555 yet?

    • Curious too! Getting that box!

      • Me, too! Ready for some more spoilers!

  14. This is my box. I’m glad I got the deva curl product and the fresh product, but I’m annoyed I got another stupid black eyeliner. I hate pencil eyeliners and I’ve gotten so many in my boxes. I wanted the touch in sol product really bad. I’m also disappointed with the lip color because I never wear red. I wanted the urban decay one. I usually like my play boxes, but I think having too many options per box creates disappointment, because odds are you won’t get the item you want. Especially when the have a more interesting item like the touch in sol product, but some people get a plain Sephora brand pencil liner. I think they should have a three makeup items that everyone gets and then one hair care and one skincare that depends on your needs you filled out in the quiz.

    • I agree there are too many options. It makes you feel like your box is “less than” if you don’t get what you want. I really want the Touch in Sol and will be bummed if I don’t get it. I’m box 555.

    • This is my box, too. I agree with you on every point and I’m also disappointed that there is no fragrance sample. I can almost pick from watching the spoiler videos the items I will receive in my box. I never get the items I like the most! As soon as I receive shipping confirmation of this one, I’m cancelling.

  15. This is the major reason I quit Play! Too many variables, & none of them it would seem that worked in my favour.

    I would have been somewhat happy to get this box – at least the Deva mask would have been a HUGE hit. But the skincare would not have been as I have oily/combo/acne prone skin & I don’t want teensy, no value samples of fragrance. Le sigh. It could have been swell, Play! but it was not meant to be.

  16. This is my box, and I’m happy! I’m glad I’m not getting another perfume sample; I have way too many that I never use. I kind of wish I’d gotten a different lip color, but I have been wearing red lipstick lately and I’ve been told it looks great on me with my dark hair. Can’t wait to try everything!

  17. This is my box. I think I’m the opposite of most people — I’m happy about the lip color, indifferent toward the hair mask and unhappy with everything else. That Fresh moisturizer makes me break out and the Benefit is unnecessary for my brows. And I have three full-size and one half-used black pencil liner already. I would switch full boxes with anyone else exceot for the lip color if anyone wanted. Preferably for Herbivore and Touch in sol.

  18. Received my box. I would rather have the perfume sample instead of a foil. The lipstick is way too bright for me, made me look like a clown and I could not wait to wipe it off. Luckily the Fresh and Deva items I like and if I did my math right are more than the cost of the box.

  19. This is my box and I love it! I’d rather have the UD lippie, but maybe I can swap for that. Otherwise, this is a home run!

  20. That’s the one color of lip product that I would hate to get sooo this is probably my last box

  21. This is my box. It looks like it hasn’t shipped. But with Sephora you never know. I’m happy with half of these samples. I hope the perfume here is just missing from the picture and not actually from the box. I hate getting foil packet samples.

  22. I’m #498 and I’m glad this isn’t my box. I think there’s a lot of good stuff in here (the Fresh and the Devacurl if that’s your hair type), but it’s totally not for me.

    More than anything, I want the Blue Tansy since I think it could be good for my oil, acne-prone skin.

    • I’m 498 too, but have dry, sensitive skin (prone to redness, but not acne or oil.)

      I’d still love the blue tansy, but how they come up w/ these box groupings is still totally lost on me 🙄

      W/ you on the devacurl- I have fine, semi-wavy hair, but I think it would be a bit much. Plus I’m kind of drowning in hair masks and oils right now.

      Anyway- I’d love to hear other 498’s chime in about their beauty profiles 😉

      • Interesting I also will receive box 498 but my skin type is combination and my hair is coarse, wavy and dry. Totally different from your profiles- I wonder how they select their boxes???

        • I am also getting 498 and i have combination skin and wavy/coarse hair

      • 498 too with normal skin prone to acne in my beauty profile. So we have dry, normal and oily all getting the same box…strange??

        • 498 also,My Skin type Normal,Skin concerns Acne, Aging, Dullness, Pores, Uneven Skin Tones

          My Hair
          Hair color Black
          Hair type Normal, Wavy
          Hair concerns Damaged, Frizz, Heat Protection, Oiliness, Shine, Straightening/Smoothing

      • I’m 498 as well. I have fair, combo skin – don’t have acne prone skin, but have a little redness on my cheeks. I have dark semi-wavy fine hair. My hair can get a little dry on the ends, but I also have oily roots. I feel like no matter what type of hair gel/cream there is for wavy hair, it just doesn’t really do anything for me. I think the hair product I use the most is heat protectors for when I actually style my hair. I’m really curious to see what products our variation will have.

        • I think you’re the only profile so far that (almost) exactly matches mine! 😂 Oh, Sephora…

        • This is me, too, exactly except that I am normal-to-dry with cheek redness, but everything else matches me perfectly. Here’s hoping 498 is also a good match for us all!

          • 🤞 If nothing else, it might end up being a busy Sephora beauty swapping month.

            I am glad to see similar profiles getting this box though 😊

      • I have fair, dry/combo, acne prone skin with concerns about fine lines and wrinkles. I have dark brown, wavy hair, but didn’t put any hair concerns because I don’t want a bunch of conditioner samples. I never blow dry my hair, or really do much with it because it looks best when I wash and go. Would love to get more samples of eye cream or face moisturizer….

  23. Less than thrilled for this box. I can try swapping but since I have zero experience, I doubt anyone would swap with me. ☹️

    • There are lots of people who will swap with newbies!! They’re more likely to give you a chance if you start with lower value items, like beauty products, so you’ve got a good chance. Give it a try! 🙂

    • I love to swap with new people because when I first started swapping I was so lucky to swap with some really amazing ladies so I always try to pay it forward by swapping with new people! You should have no problem trying to swap your items!

    • I’m new to swapping as well, only had two people so far, and both ladies were super helpful, fun and helped me along the way to try and figure it out..try it, lots of nice people here 😀

  24. Am I the only one who went To check which box I was getting only to see “OUT OF STOCK”???

    • I’ve seen that before. I still rcvd my box w/out any issues.

    • It always says that on mine, every month and it still comes. Guessing its just because we’ve all been billed

  25. Pleeeaaaaaassseeeee let us keep the fragrance!!!

  26. Not really excited. I think this will be my last box. I’ll quit Sephora Play! box. Bye!

    • Me too

  27. I love this box. I wish it was mine! I hope my box has many products like this box

  28. I love this box. I wish it was mine!

    • This is my box. I’m waiting for the other spoilers to begin the swap process. The only item I really like here is the DevaCurl. Since I only use cruelty-free the Benefit and Fresh are of no use to me. I love that Briogeo that everyone seems to be sick of.

  29. I hate to be Debbie Downer, but…..My Ipsy bag is one of the worst I have ever received, and now my Sephora is awful too. I am never too excited about black eyeliners, but I would’ve at least used the Stila one because it is a waterproof liquid. I am not a fan of pencils either. At all. Out of all the lippies, the bright red one is the worst for me. I have never tried the Gimme Brow, but it has a lot of bad reviews. It’s not something I would really use. The Fresh face cream looks really tiny. Not excited for a hair mask either. But the added insult? We get a foil packet instead of a perfume??? No, Sephora. I LOVE sampling fragrances. I do not want a foil packet of anything, bonus or no. I
    am betting that this box will be the dreaded one no one else wants. I am willing to forgive Ipsy because I have been getting some really great bags from them, but Sephora has been a disappointment almost every month. This month’s Ipsy and the Sephora box will go straight to sell (diane14cats at if you are interested). I am planning to keep Sephora through Christmas/December, but if it stays like this, it’s next on the chopping block. I will do the same with Macy’s. Funny that the two subs no one could wait for turned out to be a big let down (at least for me).

    • I FEEL THE SAME WAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I could not wait to get off of the waiting list for Sephora and it has been one of the worse subs I have gotten. I cancelled Birchbox for Play. I keep saying I will give it one more month to see if it gets better but, it hasn’t so I guess this is the month I am going to make the cut. I have not used but a couple of things from my play bag and given the rest away to friends and family…. Ipsy has seemed to stepped it up the last 6 months. I think the reviews have a lot to do with it. My all time fav sub it BOXY CHARM!!! Anyone have any other suggestions for a replacement sub for my Play bag?

  30. Foil packet hair sample? Looks like they are taking a page for the Birchbox playbook! The Sephora eye pencils are sooo tiny and virtually impossible to do anything with. I was hoping for the Urban Decay lipstick, fingers crossed that the Ciate isn’t as red as it appears online… I guess I just need to continue to fine tune my profile, this is my least favorite variation I have received in the last 18 months :/

    • There are still 5 deluxe samples. The foil sample is a bonus hair item, which I think some subscribers will get instead of the bonus perfume sample

  31. I’m getting box #704. Have no idea whats in it,hoping at least 1 thing I can use.

    • I have that number too but mine hasn’t even shipped yet.

      • I got 704 too! The suspense is killing me! I hope it’s a good box…

    • Me too! Mine still has not shipped. I’m nervous for it though. This box doesn’t seem good. I can only hope ours is better.

      • I’ve been getting the sephora play for a little over a year. I think sometimes they pick the items from the rejected items on the warehouse floor. I’ve adjusted my profile & I’m still getting unusable item’s. If I get another fragrance sample I’m gona scream. I’m beyond over it & will be cancelling before next month’s billing. Hope you enjoy your box!

        • Just an FYI every box from play gets a perfume sample

          • Yes I know,I’m just ranting.

          • Apparently not. This box gets a foil instead of a fragrance sample. A foil that can be found in a magazine. Unlike most people, I LOVE getting fragrance samples. It is much easier to sample at home rather than going to a physical store and trying to get a feel for several different ones. I like to wear one and see how it smells on me…everyone knows that a perfume can smell fabulous in the bottle or on someone else, but individual body chemistry can change it a great deal. I also like to know it’s staying power before I make an expensive purchase. If the sample is a no for me, I can then pass it on and let someone else try it. I can get several uses from a perfume sample, but a foil?? Not so much. Sephora Play (for me) has been so disappointing.

  32. I just subscribed 9/10 – any idea if I’ll get this month’s box and if so when it might ship?

    • You probably won’t. Billing occurs in the first 4 days of the month. but take a look at your order history. You’ll see if you were billed for September.

  33. I’m 912. I’m on the fence about this month. I am happy I’m getting the Benefit Gimme Brow Brow, FreshLotus and DevaCurl. However, I’m kind of bothered by another black eyeliner. How about a dark brown or something? I already have I have 2 Ciaté London Liquid Velvet in Diva. I guess I’ll welcome a 3rd.

  34. Mostly happy with this, but was really hoping for the Blue Tansy mask as I’m running out of my deluxe sample. Very excited for the DevaCurl hair mask though.

    • I really wanted the blue tansy as well because redness is my major skin concern lately. Kind of disappointed because lotiony moisturizers break me out. I might be doing my first swap and I have too many red lipsticks already

  35. With the exception of the Fresh cream, this is everything I *didn’t* want, so I’m hoping that’s a good sign.

    • I agree! I want nothing in this box so I hope this means mine is way better

  36. I have mixed feelings. Really excited about the devacurl, especially because it’s such a good size. But I really wanted the touch in sol, blue Tansy, and stila liquid liner. Hopefully I will be able to swap for them.

    • Those are what I wanted, too. Notice no fragrance sample this month? I’m fine with that. The Blue Tansy mask was the only one appropriate for my skin type though, so that’s a big disappointment.

  37. **** you Sephora 😠 Last month’s box I got was bull**** and so is this month’s. It’s like they’re just giving us the samples no one wants in the boxes I’ve been getting! I regret forgetting to cancel last month, heading over to their website to do it now because I don’t want to pay for yet another box of samples I won’t use!

    ***If anyone gets the Urban Decay lipstick I would LOVE to swap! You’d be my best friend everrrrrr! Lol 😄***

  38. How do you know which version you are getting?

    • Sign into your Sephora account- Click on Recent orders- Hit view details- See the playbox picture- your box is the last 3 numbers of your item number. I hope you get a great box!

      • Does #904 sound right?

        • 168?

        • 506 and “out of stock”? Cry cry cry

          • It’s not out of always says that you’ll still get it don’t worry

        • Yes that sounds right, mine is the same.

        • I have 904 too!

  39. So DONE with Play. This is my box and it is TERRIBLE. That black eyeliner is a repeat from last year. And some of those other samples have been recent GWP in store at SiJCP or online and I am just DONE. That ciate liquid lip looks terrible too. UGHHHHHHH.

  40. please tell me they are not replacing the perfumes with foil haircare? i am really hoping for the clean perfume . i thought the foils would be a bonus and not instead of the perfume…. urghhhhh no

    • I agree. I love getting perfume samples and will be so bummed if I get a foil hair packet instead.

  41. I would love to see a price breakdown of each box once they all come out. Especially since some people will be getting the Algenist and full size is over $100 compared to the Belif that is over $30.

    I’m getting this box and it’s ok. Happy to try the DevaCurl and Fresh, but the rest is not exciting. I’ll give the lipstick a try, but reds tend to be up there with pinks for me, don’t look good on my skin tone. I have thin, fine hair so oils just weigh it down and make it look dirty. I have a sample of the Gimme Brow and don’t remember being too impressed by it and I received that eye pencil in blue in my November 2015 box and in love affair in my August 2016 box and didn’t like it. It was hard to apply and didn’t stay put for me. I would have preferred a perfume sample over the Living Proof, Benefit or Sephora pencil. Actually, I changed my mind, I don’t like this box, it’s boring.

    • I have been doing price breakdowns of my past Sephora Play boxes for the last few months and I will definitely be doing one for this month’s box. (I will have box 704 for reference)

  42. I wasn’t particularly excited about this month’s overall selection, but out of all the options, I’m pretty excited about my box. I’ve never used brow products so I’m glad to get a chance to try one out. I was hoping for the Fresh face cream so that’s good, and I would’ve been fine with most of the lipsticks anyway. The only thing I’m bummed about is the liner pencil. I have too many of those already and I was hoping to get the Stilla one instead.
    Not thrilled about the foil packet but then again, fragrance wouldn’t have been any better, so it’s all the same to me. Overall, box #912 (mostly) has good picks for me.

  43. So happy to be getting DevaCurl – it’s a staple for me! Was sooo hoping for the Vice lipstick instead of this one – lucky ladies who’re getting that! Brow gel not needed but my sister will be happy to take it off my hands – and black liner is never a waste for me, so happy to have it.

  44. I’m so happy this isn’t my box. I’m 506 over here!

    • that’s my box too and agreed!

      • I’m box 506. Want to know so bad what I’m getting.

        • 506 here as well.. Please no red lip color for me

  45. I like everything except the the lip color 🙁 That’s the ONE I did not want

  46. This is the box I’m getting and I’m super stoked about the no-perfume thing. Fragrances are a personal choice and because the RV is so little on them, it’s hard to find new homes for them. Before I get hit with all the please donate to nursing homes and shelters; a lot of the ones in NYC do not take beauty items – they prefer monetary donations or clothes. Even Bottomless Closet (if you haven’t heard of them, look them up it’s a wonderful organization) doesn’t really deal with beauty items. If the Benefit is in shade 5, Play would have FINALLY made a box that I don’t have to swap anything out of; it only took them about 8 months.

    • I thought I was the only one who was encountering all of the shelters saying “no beauty/personal items” (in so many words). I found it quite difficult to find a place to donate to (w/out having to ship items out of state), and I live in a major city! Well, my co-workers get a nice haul at the end of the year. 🙂

      • I’m making a basket of extras and including a Sephora gift card. I’m donating this to an organization I belong to so it can be a raffle item for their fundraiser.

        • Great idea!

  47. This is my bag. I’m bummed that I’m getting the brow product. My brows have a lot of natural volume and don’t need any help from a product like the Benefit. I also really wanted the Touch in Sol.

    The hair products look good, but the foil packet is disappointing.

  48. I cancelled and the only thing I’m missing is that cute bag!

  49. This is my box. I like it. I was going to be disappointed if I didn’t get the DevaCurl Mask, and I got it. I wanted the Gimme Brow, and the color 5 works for me. I am happy with the moisturizer (and would have been happy with most of the face products). I am not super-psyched to be getting a “true red” lipstick, but at least I wear true red, I was just looking forward to something else, so that’s ok. I don’t need the black eyeliner but I didn’t need the Stila one either. (I still have the Kat Von D one and the other pencil one they sent us). I thought for a second there that the Sephora eyeliner was brown – now that would be something special! And you know, they could send us brown anytime they wanted to, and people would be happy. It’s they’re brand, they could send any color they want. I don’t have brown. I’d personally rather have the foil packet of frizz oil than the perfume sample, because perfume gives me migraines, although I’m not a big Living Proof fan and I bet Argan oil is better, and I bet this oil has silicones in it, just a guess. Anyway, I’m super psyched about the Devacurl mask and also looking forward to the moisturizer and Gimme Browl

  50. Yes!!!! This is the box that I’m getting. I’m happy with getting everything shown except the black eyeliner (again, I have too many of those). Also, I’m bummed that it doesn’t look like those of us who are getting this box will be getting a fragrance sample, but I’m now thinking that with the video that the foil packet samples might be replacing the usual fragrance sample in some boxes as the bonus item.

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