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Play! By Sephora September 2017 Box #498 FULL Spoilers!

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We have full spoilers for the September 2017 Play! By Sephora #498!

Play! By Sephora Box #498 will include:


Play! By Sephora Box #912 will include:

In case you missed it, we also have the full reveal of all items sampled in the September Play! By Sephora box! (Thanks for the heads up, Judi!)


Each box will include one of these items:




What do you think of the September Sephora Play spoilers? Which items do you want?

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  1. I have box 514 if anyone would like to swap for any other box.
    My email is missyerable @ yahoo . com

    http :// swap.mysubscriptionaddiction . com/user/9708/swaps

  2. I’m pretty happy with this box. The serum and moisturizer are great, and new to me. I really like them, and may get the full sized version. I’ve never used Gimmee Brow and have just started getting into brow stuff as I had to stop plucking the pesky grays because they are prolifically breeding. The Urban Decay lip color is better than I initially thought. I’m usually not a fan of matte liquid lipstick and it is a little darker than I usually wear, but have received multiple compliments this morning and my lips don’t feel like the desert. The eyeliner has become my new emergency office liner because I have a ton of black liner, but that’s not a bad thing. I tried it on my hand and it was smooth and didn’t wear off right away. I’m actually ok with the foil packet instead of perfume because I’ve only liked one perfume sample thus far. My only complaint is that I have a LOT of hair and the sample only had half the amount of product I usually use. I was able to stretch it, though, and it was fine. I’m not rushing out to buy it, but it didn’t make me angry.

  3. Anyone else getting 578???

  4. Anyone have box 007?

    • How do you know which box you’re getting? My order number is 1966514 but that’s all I could find. I didn’t see another number.

      • It’s the last three you have box 514. That’s the one I’m getting too.

  5. I saw someone on instagram posting a picture of their box it had the Stila, gimme brow, clean sample, Laura mercier lipstick, devacurl and belief cream, idk what box number it is.

    • It was 051. Still not what I’ll be getting, which is 506!

    • That is the box I got and I love everything

  6. 2 box reveals & no perfume, strange

  7. Anyone else have box 514 or know what’s in it?

    • How do you know what box you’re getting? This will be my very first Play! box. Will I get a notification that it’s been shipped like Ipsy does?

      • Go to your account and it will be the last three digits of your order number.

    • I’m 514. It just shipped. I have curly hair and fine lines with normal skin

      • I’m 514 also, i have straight, fine dry hair, with no wrinkles or fine lines, and dry skin with roseaca. Weird how they group us, huh?

  8. Does anyone know what’s in #506?

  9. Does anyone have #555? I haven’t seen anyone with that box and I feel like a mutant, lol.

    Odds are better after the reveals that I’ll hopefully get the stila and/or touch in sol. Fingers crossed for both! Sephora could keep everything else if I got both, and I’d still be happy!

    • I’m 555!

    • I’m also 555!

    • Yes. Box 555 has the stila eyeliner , belif cream , urban decay gimme brow , Laura Mercier lipcolor in Happy ( it’s pink ) , diva curl melt mask deluxe sample in a tube and Stella McCartney Pop perfume sample .

      • How do you know? Did you get yours already?

      • Yay!!!! Those all sound fantastic. I evaded a brown lippie. And always wanted to try any of the belif products. 🙂

        • Oops I meant benefit gimme brow. I’ve had UD on my mind all week for some reason. Must be having withdraws from not ordering any in a min. Lol.

      • I’m so happy! This looks like another win for me. Not a huge fan of the fragrance this month because I got it a few boxes ago. I can’t wait to see if the Laura Mercier works for me 🙂

    • I am 555

    • 555…already canceled until I see spoilers for new releases….this stuff does not excite me.

  10. Ooh I hope my box gets two skincare instead of devacurl!! The video had me convinced devacurl would be in every box, and I’m sure it’s not bad but I have fine hair and am on overload of hair products rn.

    For skincare I’m hoping for blue tansy and/or I was also really wanting to try the algienst serum and fresh cream. I wanted either this lippie or ciate london in pinup (not red lol) but really any lip is ok with me, but the red is my last choice. I would definitely prefer perfume to hair foil packets tho… I love gimme brow so I’d be happy for more, and the eyeshadow looks really fun!! I hope I get the stila liner!! I only use liquid liner and want to compare to kat von d. And I don’t really use pencil liner ever and already have a few in black… so that would be donated/trash.

    Still have my hopes up for this box tho

  11. I’m getting this box . It’s ok , I can always use more of the belif cream . Pretty much everything else would go up for swap . I really wanted the ciate in pinup

  12. Oh great, I am #704 and really wanted the urban decay! I hope I get 2 skin care items like this box and I better get a perfume sample!

    • I’d swap with you and give you my urban decay if you got pin up from ciate. 🙂

    • I’m 704 too and I’m dying of anticipation!!!

      • I’m #704 too! I can’t wait to see what’s in there!! 🤗

        • I’m #704 as well! I’ve been constantly refreshing all day waiting to see if the contents have been revealed! 😄

          • I’m also box 704, my profile is fair skin, blue eyes, redhead with fine/dry hair, oily/combo skin, anti aging

  13. I already have all these items except for the algenist and I only use liquid liner so I won’t use the Sephora. I really wanted the maroon ciate and hebivore…I swear I never get what I want from Sephora…always box envy. Does someone wanna swap with me I’m box #498. I’d probably only keep the algenist. If even. Just like last month I only wanted to keep the kvd concealer so 1/5. 🙁
    BTW I’m gonna be doing a giveaway soon on Instagram since I have so many products I won’t use from past boxes. My link to my insta should be when you click on my name. 🙂

    • Nevermind I just saw herbivore has aha and I stay away from that…but I still want ciate in pin up and I also wanted touch in sol. I love how in the other box it has a huge devacurl sample and I got a little shampoo and conditioner foil sample. #912 box isn’t good either but better than mine #498.

      • Out of curiosity why do you stay away from AHA?

  14. I’m so excited for this box! I know others have complained about some items being previous gifts with purchase, but you still would have to make a purchase to get them! I have never gotten around to trying the Belif cream and I’ve always wanted to. I’m excited about the Algenist serum, the lip color looks great for me, and I always need brow products. Play and Allure are my favorite boxes lately!

  15. Anyone else with box 870 ?

    • Me I was just going to ask the same question .Box 498 looks awesome nice color for the lip .All I can hope is that I don’t get that ugly color from ciati London but as I’ve said I plan to cancel if I do .Ive had this subscription almost two years and I’ve never I repeat never got a lip product I can wear, fushia pink and ugly orange reds that’s all they have ever sent me

    • Mine is 870 too. Really hoping for the blue tansy mask!!

    • Me but it doesn’t seem to be a widely given out box. I’m nervous and excited

      • Same! I was nervous before, but I’m thinking the rarity is a good thing now.
        Hoping for the Blue Tansy and the Clean fragrance duo.

  16. I’m so happy they aren’t including a perfume sample! Two months in a row my perfume sample leaked all over my bag and its contents.

  17. This is the box I’m getting. I’m happy about the Algenist and Urban Decay, but that’s about it. The Belif and Benefit Gimme Brow are ok, but I’m not excited about those products. I need another black eyeliner like I need a hole in the head. I love getting perfume samples and am so bummed that I am getting the foil hair packets instead. Not a great month.

  18. Box envy! I’m getting 912 and this one is so much better!

    • How do you know what box number you are getting?

      • If you log in through a browser, not the app, and go to my account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details (it was dated 11/1 for me), you can see the “item number” next to the image.

        • Sorry for the weird date in there – I copied and pasted from a past post.

  19. Huh. They doubled up on eye makeup AND skin care and the only hair item is the foil set. I guess I’m okay with that since I wasn’t that interested in most of the hair options.

    I’m disappointed that the Blue Tansy isn’t in it, but I’m happy for the Belif and the UD lippie. I’ll have to check out the Algenist, but I can’t imagine it’ll beat my beloved DE Framboos.

    I’m not thrilled with this box, but I’m reasonably happy with it.

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself.

      I’m just hoping the brow shade is right and the shampoo doesn’t stink 😷

      Has anyone tried this Sephora liner before? I usually don’t wear anything black or waterproof anymore, and would rather swap it if it’s just meh.

      • I like the Sephora liner actually (I didn’t expect to) – it’s pigmented & fairly creamy so it doesn’t tug your eyes when trying to apply. However, I don’t line my waterline, so I can’t attest to whether it would smudge or stay put there.

        I’m the ‘extra’ person that puts down a regular liner and then puts a liquid liner over it, and I use the liquid liner to create a small cat eyeliner look. I find it helps lock in my liner all day.

        • *I only use it to line the top lid (for clarification).

          • Thanks! I used to do the cat eye look all the time, so maybe it’s time to revisit it. Doubt I’ll use it on my waterline either. I still have a Makeup Forever liner sample sitting unused, so another black liner seemed unnecessary at first 😉

  20. I’m getting 498 and I’m feeling unexcited about it. I’m not saying the products will be bad, I’m just not as excited as I have been for past boxes. I think it may just be that I have multiple pencil eyeliners, serums & moisturizers from past boxes. Serums and moisturizers are really hit or miss for me. (It doesn’t help that seeing the Touch in Sol product spoiler got my hopes up to try something new other than eyeliner.)

    But this is called the ‘Play’ box, so at least I get the opportunity to try and test something new, or I can always put something up for swap or see if any friends want anything. Sometimes things can surprise you, so I’m hoping for that with this month’s box.

    • Same here, I’m getting Box #498, and I’m just feeling, “Meh.” I’m not excited about i, but it could be worse I guess lol.

  21. Please bring back the perfume and get rid of these foils!

    • I actually don’t mind foils once in a while I love trying new shampoos and conditioners etc

    • I think it’d be nice if they gave us the option of wanting perfume or a foil sample – ask it as a question in our profiles. I know some people love getting perfume and others don’t. Maybe they’ll find a way to create a happy medium.

    • I feel the same way. I always look forward to trying new scents. That is why I keep both Ipsy and Play. Otherwise, might just keep Ipsy.

    • Agree

  22. Im so happy this is not my box. This is my
    2nd box, last month was a near” home run”
    But this month only the soleil eyeshadow looks remotely appealing
    I thought sephora didn’t do foil packets. I had birchbox while the spiraled into that chasm

    I don’t want to quit 2 months in but this is a

    • the foil packet is does not count as one of the five items –it’s just something they are trying out instead of the 6th item which is always a perfume sample.

  23. Dang, I wanted that UD lipcolor! I’m 555

    • Depending on what you get in 555, I might be willing to swap you the UD for something else.

    • It might still be in that box! There is usually at least some product overlap.

      • Good point, Emily! Don’t give up hope yet, Patti!

  24. I hope #506 includes Tansy

    • me too! plus I already have amulet ( it is really pretty) so I am happy that’s probably not the color we are getting

  25. I really liked this box better than the previous one revealed, but the problem is that my box (#904) is neither of those. The suspense is killing me lol

    • i have #904 too! but i haven’t even received my shipping confirmation yet :/

      • I received my shipping notification for box 904 this afternoon.

        • I checked my Sephora account- I am #704- I didn’t receive a shipping notification at all, but it has shipped already. It says it should be here Monday. I hope someone gets it before then- the suspense is killing me! LOL

  26. this is the box i wanted! so bummed i’m not getting it :/ i haven’t even received my shipping confirmation yet

  27. This is a terrific box! Lucky you!

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