Luxor Box September 2017 FULL SPOILERS!

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Luxor Box

We have the full spoilers for the September 2017 Luxor box thanks to Angie! (Luxor Box is $139 a box).

Each September Luxor Box will include:

Rose et Marius Silver and Porcelain Bracelet in Blue Casteu Design – $290 Value

Bittersweet Velvet Pumpkin – Value $19

Cloth & Paper Fab 5 Pack Greeting Card Set

Cloth & Paper Note Notecard Set

Cloth & Paper Blush Foiled Recipe Cards – Value $12.90

GreenMarket Purveying Co. Apple Cardamom Candle – Value $16

What do you think of the spoilers?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. If I order now will I still get September? I must have that bracelet and have nothing with high enough rv to swap with anyone.

    • I’m selling my box if you are interested reach me onlyadoreme aol

  2. I’ve had my subscription since they started and I have to agree it seems like something is missing. I do like the candle. My bracelet however has a knot in it. One end came out of the thing holding it down and some how got quite the knot in that end. It’s a tight one too, I’m afraid I’m going to break it! I think I just need to get a new one and send this one back! Very disappointed😕

  3. I just saw luxor advertises 5-9 items a month for this box, but we only got 4. Something does feel missing for sure.

  4. I have been with Luxor since the 1st box, so I am locked in at the $99 rate, I agree I would have been upset if I had paid the $139 for this box. They put all the value in one item, the bracelet which is gorgeous but you need to have small wrists for it to fit, luckily I do and it just barely fit on mine. I wish they had included a larger pumpkin, this one is adorable but so small. I like that they included a candle that doesn’t bother my allergies (floral, woods and pine scents bother me). The cloth&paper items are nice, but something I would expect from a lower priced box such as Fab Fit Fun or Popsugar. I also feel as though something was missing from this box.

  5. I love the box. Haven’t tried the candle, but love the bracelet. I like how the pumpkin has a real stem, and I just signed up for the monthly paper box!

  6. I agree with everyone else’s comments. This box was a serious rip off. I subscribe to multiple boxes and when other people have complained there is always something in the box that was redeemable and worth the value but for this box – absolutely nothing in the box justifies the price tag. Nothing. I just wasted $139 on crap that will be going to the local goodwill store. I tried to pawn off the braclet on family members and they all found it to be tacky. I’m embarrased to even admit how much I paid for the box.

    Whoever curated this box needs to be fired.

  7. I would love to swap ya. Not sure how to get you my swap adsress.

  8. This box was a miss for me too. The bracelet is nice but everything else just feels like filler. The pumpkin is BEAUTIFUL but isn’t a stand alone piece IMO.

  9. Seriously disappointed! I can’t believe they actually curated this box and expected people pay $139 for these. It’s a really hard sell. I hope November box totally make up for it. 🙁

  10. This is the first Luxor Box I have not liked. I’m extremely disappointed. I love the bracelet but it’s huge on me. Hoping I can size it.

    • I would love to swap for the stationary if you’re interested!

  11. I stopped my subscription and after seeing this box I’m glad I did. No regrets.

  12. sorry if double posted i dont see my comment showing up! anyway, this is my first luxor box and i’m not impressed with it at all. The only thing i liked fits me a little tight :*( the bracelet. anyway, if anyone wants to trade stuff i’m soooo up for it!

    • I would love to swap for the bracelet. Is there anything you’re looking for?

      • This is my first month subbing. So not sure what’s out there… Do you have something that would be a fair trade?

          • I clicked on your link but it says I’m on the wait list for swaps so I can’t even see what you have 😭. Any idea how to get off the wait list? Onlyadoreme aol

    • Would love to swap for the stationary! I think it’s gorgeous!

      • Sure what do you have for trade? Onlyadoreme aol

  13. If the value of the box is calculated on the inflated price of that bracelet, what an incredible rip off. I am certain I could get a bracelet entirely to my taste for less than $100 – far less. And a candle? Meh. In a digital world, the last thing I need are expensive recipe cards or note cards. I have literally a lifetime supply of paper goods that I never use.

    For $139, I could have a lot more fun wasting it on something or some things that I would enjoy more.

    I am failing to see any value in this box at all at this price.

  14. Geez. This is my first Luxor box and I am not impressed. Sadly the only thing I liked, the bracelet, is a little tight on me. Sad day! If any one wants to swap stuff let me know!

  15. I opened my box before checking this spoiler page, and this is probably my least favorite Luxor Box I’ve received. It’s not terrible, but I am usually much more excited about this box. I really do wear bracelets often and like the one they sent this month, but I’m a bit tired of getting a bracelet each month. (Plus they are all sized quite tiny. Luckily they’ve all fit me so far including this month’s, but I think even those with an average size wrist will find this month’s bracelet on the small side.)
    I’ll gift the pumpkin to my mom, who will love it. I’ll keep the bracelet and candle. Not sure about the paper products yet. I may gift it to my adult daughter as part of a holiday gift.

    • Now that I think about it, I may try to trade for a couple more pumpkins. I’m thinking a duo or trio of pumpkins might make an even better gift for my mom. LMK if you want to swap yours. I do have plenty of luxe stuff, such as a mountain of Luxor plates, that I’ve never bothered listing.

  16. Love the pumpkin and at first thought, yep ok LOL but it’s darling!! I love the bracelet but it’s small, wonder if I can get an extended made or if that would look silly!?!? I agree though feel that something was missing from this box, it just needed a little something more!

  17. I wonder if that porcelain bracelet center would smash if you made contact with something – if it dangles, there might be a chance of breaking it. Unless it’s coated heavily on top.

  18. I like this box, but I feel that it was missing a beauty item. I just got my box today, and I love the plush pumpkin. It is not something I would buy for myself, but it is the cutest thing!

    • Agree

    • Agreed. The box is nice but feels like it’s missing one more item. Oh well. Can’t please us all.

  19. This is my last box in my annual sub, and I really love the bracelet but the other items seem like a real let down. I never really felt like I “got what I paid for” unfortunately, but now I can save that big chunk of change for other things!

  20. My box should be here in less than 15 minutes but I still had to look at the spoilers…:P The bracelet seems nice but the other items to me– not so much. Maybe when I see it in person I will feel differently. Looks like they counted the paper items as 3 separate items– to me it feels like they should have been grouped as 1.

    • I agree! No tracking for mine yet 🙁

  21. My box is being delivered today. I have to agree, the other items besides the bracelet in reality are probably worth about $25. I’m sure I can find a tiny velvet decoration, note cards and a candle at Home Goods or TJ Maxx easily. I love my Luxor Box subscription and this is probably the first one I’m a little disappointed with.

    • Would love to swap for the stationary! I think it’s gorgeous!

  22. I’m a little confused. That bracelet was in another luxe box not too long ago, wasn’t it? It is beautiful, but the $290 RV seems high for a rerun item.

    • If I remember correctly, the matching necklace was offered as a free gift for a long term sub, but I don’t think the bracelet has been in a previous box.

    • No the bracelet was advertised as being in this box for over two months now. They also sold the matching necklace at a discounted rate back in June/July with delivery this month.

  23. I love that bracelet. It is fortune but I want it so bad

  24. I felt compared to other Luxor boxes, this box seemed like it was missing one more luxe item. I did enjoy the Fall theme.

  25. I have been a long time subscriber and loved this box and the fall theme. The velvet pumpkin is gorgeous.

    • Just saw today at TJ Maxx velvet pumpkins in bigger sizes for around 14.00.

      • Those are most likely not Plush Pumpkins, which use actual pumpkin stems at the top. I’ve seen similar velvet pumpkins but they do not compare in quality/luxeness.

        I’ve admired Plush Pumpkins for years! If anyone wants to swap theirs, please lmk.

        • I’d like to swap. My email is onlyadoreme at aol
          I actually don’t like anything in this box and the bracelet is a little tight on me too 😞😰.

  26. I just received my first box from Luxor. I subscribed because I really liked the bracelet but I expected a little more from the other items. Let’s see if the next box is better – not counting the October Travel Box.

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