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Ipsy October 2017 SPOILERS + Glam Bag Reveal!

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Ipsy Glam Bag

We have more spoilers for the October 2017 Ipsy + a look at the glam bag for October!

Plus, for 24 hours, Ipsy has removed the waitlist to sign up for the Glam Bag!

What do you think of the spoilers and glam bag?

In case you missed it, you can email [email protected] and ask for one of the following:

If you’d like to select a sample for October, I recommend emailing [email protected] with your sample choice from the items listed above. Make sure to email before the end of September!

Are you going to email Ipsy and request a sample? Which one are you picking?

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  1. Does anybody know if there will be any full sized items in this bag? I am tired of the Itty bitty samples…

    • Same..

    • I get full size items in every bag usually 2 or 3. So to answer your question yes.

    • Just FYI…I just emailed my sample selection, and they are phasing out this feature in October. Support did say they will honor my request, but this is the last time.

      • you mean we can’t make anymore request? So they shouldn’t release spoilers then because it wasn’t like requesting a selection was common knowledge to others besides what we find out here. I hate seeing spoilers I HOPE to get ugh.

        • I did notice they have been showing less spoilers the last two months. But they didn’t say anything like that that when I made my request.

          • U are still able to request an item for October, but this will be the last month for it. So in November we won’t be able to anymore. But my ipsy last told me there will be another type of personalization available soon. I can’t wait to see what it will be

          • same

      • Really? I emailed them and they didn’t say anything. That’s a bummer. I wonder if this means we can make requests on the website soon?

      • Yes I got the same from them😬Hey it works lol

        Thanks for your message! We’re phasing out our product selection program, but I’d be happy to honor your request this time. Your pick will be included in your October Glam Bag!

        Starting in October, you’ll no longer be able to write to us and request specific products for future Glam Bags, but be on the lookout for another fun product personalization opportunity coming soon!

        • Yeah you can PURCHASE additional samples or items you’d like to try. No thanks. I think I’m going to start searching for a good replacement box. I’ve been with ipsy since the 3rd month but I don’t like the new changes.

    • They have full size items each month. It’s just the matter of if u get them most the time. I have gotten quite a few full size

      • The only full sized item that I have ever gotten was a brush…

    • It’s 10 bucks so you only get sample sizes. Boxycharm is $21 and you get 5-6 full size products each month!

      • I don’t just get sample size though. I get 2-3 full size for $10. Every month for past 6 months. That colourpop lippie was full size for example .

      • I love Boxycharm

    • That is one of the reasons every month I say it’s going to be my last month! I have enough tiny samples all over the house lol

    • In my bag this month I’m getting a full size lip crayon (rv $18) and full size eye cream (rv $35.)

  2. When are we getting round #2

  3. This October bag is sooo much better than last years!!! I threw last years away! Then again I am a mature woman and do not like the cutesy childish bags at all. I tossed that egg thing bag away too.

    • That’s kind of wasteful…if you don’t like them, donate them to a women’s shelter or even Goodwill. They’re perfectly good bags, and even if they aren’t your style, someone else could find a better use then them rotting in the dump.

      • I agree, especially since that bag was collab and better quality. I mean come on, it was Valfre right?! I’m sure there are many people who would have loved to have that bag or even pay money for it.

        • I agree. I gave mine to a friend who is really into that Sanrio stuff.

          • I save all my unwanted bags and use them as birthday gifts for my nieces. They love them!

      • Agreed. I get a few sub boxes. Last year my “stash” of products/colors I won’t use as well as all those ipsy bags was taking up too much room. So I divided the products up & placed them in the bags & donated them to a domestic violence shelter. Many women escape with little to nothing. The shelter rep said the women were all very appreciative & started using items immediately. Throwing those items away is beyond wasteful.

        • Awesome! Hygiene bags are another excellent use, even in shelters pads and tampons are very limited, you are legitimately only allowed, like 2. The homeless people on the street have MAJOR issues when it comes to menstruation.
          Aside from socks, they’re one of the most needed & least donated items. Just my .02, you did a good thing. Keep up the good work! 😉😘

      • I give the bags I don’t like to my 6 nieces, including the egg one. They love them.

    • I am over 60 and I think Gudetama is cute! Last October bag is adorable and I love this one too!

    • yikes

      I mean, seems very No Fun.

      Even if you don’t personally like the bags because they’re “too childish” there’s no reason they wouldn’t make cute gift bags for someone else. Or as folks said, a good donation to a women’s shelter.

      I’m pretty disappointed with the look of last month’s bag, and this month only has me smiling a bit because of the bat. If you can’t be a little silly and childish during Halloween, when can you goof? I can get a bland “mature” make-up bag just about anywhere.

      • Also, I just got my September bag last night, and I have to say, not only do I hate the look of it, but I also hate the way it feels. It’s a very unpleasant-feeling bag to me. Just…bumpy. Why.

        • I think they make a variety so someone will eventually find one they like. I like the black bag. I tossed my favorite lipsticks and glosses in it and put it in a black bag. I can feel it easily. My favorite ipsy bag in 3 years is that baby pink foldover one! They aren’t high quality, but they are holding up, and the small size is perfect for organizing my bag.

          • Omg! I totally do that too! I have all my bags in a bag, then I can easily take what I need with me & not carry everything around! 😘

        • Oh, really? I love it! The only bag I’m not a huge fan of was the ticket one, but, I still use it!

        • Interesting. I love it and swapped for a second one. Different strokes.

          • The ticket one? It just seems like there’s less, cargo space, for lack of a more articulate term. 🤣👄

    • I’m also a mature woman and thought last year’s bag was so adorable, I bought a second on eBay to have around.

    • Please don’t toss the bags – if you don’t like them, please give them away. I often take a lot of the IPSY bags, as I package them together with makeup I collect over the year and make a bag for each lady at a women’s shelter for Christmas. If I’m lucky, I have enough to give 2 bags to each lady, as they often need little bags for various items. They love them and are grateful.

      I loved the Gudetama bag and I’m glad I had 2, as my 9 yr old son swiped one for a pencil case for school…lol.

      • Me too, after having read about the donation to the women’s shelter, I have been collecting all my ipsy bags this year along with makeup items from both ipsy and boxycharm, colourpop
        etc, So I can give out bags at Christmas, great idea! But I will keep the lazy egg and bat bag for myself, love these cute bags!

    • HOLY TROLLS!!! WTH?!!!! Hey Cynm, it’s your money, your Glambag and you can do whatever you want with it including throwing it away! I could not agree with you more on some of the bags. I don’t give a crap who designed it or how popular something is, if I don’t like it, it’s gone. Everyone has there own way of doing it. Not everyone has the room and/or time to store stuff up and donate it. Mostly, I can give the ones I don’t want to teenage nieces but there have been a couple I couldn’t even pawn off on them. Just ignore the perfect people.

    • I literally paid $15 for just the gudetama bag on ebay, because my best friend and I loved it and I wanted to get her one that matched mine, and before I even signed up for ipsy in January of 2017 I bought the valfre bag from Halloween last year for $10 on ebay for myself. and found another oct 2016 bag at the thrift store for $3 for my friend. you could of donated them or sold them instead of being wasteful….

    • I sold both of those bags (just bag) for $8 each since they were collabs. what a shame

    • Please, donate them to a shelter, I don’t expect you to go through the effort of making hygiene bags, which are desperately needed, but, the bags with makeup you don’t use, could help a homeless woman feel better about herself & nail a job interview. I’ve been on both sides of this & something so small could be all one person needs to get off the street.

    • They are your bags and you are entitled to do with them as you wish. Ignore the negative comments from all of these so called “do gooders.”

  4. Oh no! the bag is very ugly. That’s disappointing considering last October’s was one of my favorites. I hope I get that peach hand creme though!

  5. I didn’t request anything for my first bag this month, but ended up really liking what they picked and ended up with both products I was hoping for (Tarte mascara and smashbox primer.)

    For October, though, I just requested the CONTEXT SKIN Vitamin C All Day Eye Cream. I’m giving birth in a few weeks, and with my first pregnancy my face and eye area got so dry for a while! I was tempted to request the hand cream because the peachy shape is so cute, but the eye cream seems like it would be much more useful. 🙂

    • And the lacy illusion on the October bag looks so nice! I was worried October would be too over the top Halloween (since I don’t actually celebrate Halloween), but it is actually very pretty. I think the little bat zipper is kind of cute, too.

      • I love it too! The lace illusion and the little bat charm are enough for me! I am not a Halloween person either and don’t celebrate it for a holiday ever.

      • I love it too! It’s not that last years October bag wasn’t cute… but it was just that… “cute.” I think this one, from a Retired Goth Girl point of view, is perfect for October!

  6. Me and my mom are both requesting the It cosmetics pressed powder hope we like it but we still haven’t got our september bags yet 🙁

  7. Aw, I don’t like any of these options enough to request them 🙁 . Hope I get the lipstick.

  8. I didn’t know you can actually email them and request a specific sample! Do they really send you the product requested?

    • Yes they do! I just got my bag today and I had requested the eyeliner for September and I got it! Just make sure to message them before the end of the month, they’ll actually reply to you to confirm and everything!

    • Yes

    • I have requested for the past 3 months and have gotten the item I requested!

  9. Emailed CS several days ago, heard back within 2 hrs I chose the Context eye cream. I’m really wanting the eye lid primer but I need skin care especially eye cream/serum etc more & I just bought the travel size Urban Decay eye lid primer from Ulta’s sale.
    I appreciate the spoilers this will be my 2nd month requesting something.
    Thanks to all who share their tips on here. I’m really starting to love my Ipsy more. The 1st month was blah then got a little better then after 2 months in a row of just ok was ready to cancel. August, September much better, looking forward to October.

    • If you haven’t already, you should check out the Allure beauty box. It’s a lot of nice skin care, with a bit of makeup. September’s box is really great, and the spoilers through the end of the year look fantastic!

  10. Are the items shown with the bag , what is coming in Oct for everybody or just certain ones ? I’d like what’s displayed lol …I’m thinking two things from Sept bag will not be favs this time. The black bag will make up for it tho.

    • No. They’re just potential items. With Ipsy, the items vary from person to person. You might get multiple that have been shown, or just one, or potentially none depending on your bag combo.

  11. Yay! I signed up for October, and I’m excited. I already put in my request for an item and I received a confirmation email back in less than 15 minutes, so I’m already impressed by CS. Is Ipsy good about following through and giving you requested items?

    Also, I’ve seen that you can opt out of certain categories, but can anyone give me examples of what those categories are? I’m still building up my makeup collection, so I have no problem with receiving eye makeup (I love liner, mascara and eyeshadow), but I’d like to know what other people have opted out before I send an email about that.

    • I opted out of brushes and I tried to opt out of skin care. They told me I can not opt out of all skin care you can also not opt out of all hair care. They told me they could opt out of my least favorite which are cleansers and moisterizers which is mostly what they send anyway . You can opt out of 2 product. Ipsy has good CS and you usually get what you request as long as you stick to first spoiler list . If you don’t stick to first list it depends on who you get most say no but a few get yes.

      • I opted out of mascara and nail polish for the first one year. When my mascara stash ran low and I realised I now have 5 black eye liners , I messaged them and switched my opt out to eyeliner and highlighters! Lol. But ipsy CS is really good with responding and taking care of such things !

        • Omg I’m so opting out of mascara, never thought of it . I have so much I seriously give it out to all that visit

      • You can actually opt out of three things, not just two.

        I’m opted out of Serums, Cleansers, and Hair Styling.

        • My person told me 2. A lot of other people have been told 2 also so you must be lucky.

          • I have 2 accounts 2 bags. 1 told me opt out was only 2 the other said 3. Also some girls get different things to choose from. Like round 1 spoilers are supposed to be the pick options and I email and they say sorry we can’t guarantee that, pick from these and they are different lists. It really seems there are no set standards.

      • I don’t have hair care checked on my profile & have yet to receive hair care, I’ve also not received any bronzer or contour, outside of an ipsy offer, so, I would start with your profile. Also, black eyeliner, I didn’t contact care to TOTALLY opt out, I just changed my preference to adventurous. 😉

    • I’ve always received the item I requested! I opted out of eyeliner and brushes and I haven’t received any since I did. To get an idea about categories look at your beauty profile – I think they use those categories for opt outs as well as preferences.

      • I didnt know that so accidentally i opted out of alot of makeup and picked cleansing and skin care more then i picked makeup stuff like blush and eye liner i am super pissed because they really ended up just sending me cleansers and nail polish and skin care stuff i am more into makeup im upset

        • You can retake the beauty profile quiz at any time and update it if you want to shift the focus from skincare to makeup. I ended up modifying mine before the end of the month to focus more on brands and stuff I liked – and my first bag they selected for me was great! I got brands I wanted + stuff to try in colors I liked.

  12. I am loving the look of this bag online! Hopefully its the maroon/burgundy color it shows on my phone lol. I’m getting married on Halloween this year in Gatlinburg and our colors are burgundy and plum. This bag will match perfectly with our theme! I actually like any of the makeup options so I’m not going to ask for anything but to be surprised.

    • I love it too! The lace illusion and the little bat charm are enough for me! I am not a Halloween person either and don’t celebrate it for a holiday ever. p.s. I live so close to Gatlinburg, TN. Such a beautiful place! We are going that way next week!

      • I went to college in Cookeville and I fell in love with East TN in the fall. We cannot wait for the most gorgeous wedding photos ever! I’m a Halloween person but more of in a “I love all things fall and pumpkins and the colors and the weather and haunted houses.” The entire month of October is pretty much one big fall celebration extravaganza for us ♡

  13. I hated last years bag! This one is much better! What happened to the garanteed items each month? I did not see them last month.

  14. More spoilers!

    I asked if they would be featuring any blush or other eye shadow for the month of October that I could pick from and they told me

    – Dirty Little Secret Cosmetics Eye shadow (color not mentioned, I just emailed them asking what color it is)

    – Essence cosmetics Satin Touch Blush in Satin Coral

    – Essence cosmetics Satin Touch Blush in Satin Love


    If you e-mail them asking if they’ll be featuring said type of product (don’t go overboard, only mention like 2 at max ex. brushes & eyeliner) because you’re not really interested in the sample choices released they’ll ‘sometimes’ give you a list of 2 to 3 new options for you to pick from. If anyone tries this and finds some new spoilers for beauty tools (like brushes), eyeliner & lipsticks/liquid/gloss please reply to this comment and let me..all of us.. know!

    • They did that for me in August . I emailed to opt out of brushes and skin care told them I hate black eyeliners and that was all the first list was . So they gave me the list with perfume, hey honey scrub and Caprice ? highlighter. I got the perfume.

    • Did they tell you the eye shadow color?

      • It’s Bronzed!

  15. I was told they couldn’t assure I get the primer 😢.
    They said I could pick from these items.
    SKYN Icelandic Relief Eye Cream
    –IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powder
    –Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Perversion
    –MEECH AND MIA Loose Eyeshadow in Purple or Beige
    –SKINVOLVE Peppermint Body Scrub
    –CUTE BALMS Vanilla Lip Balm
    –NAIL MEDIC Volcanic Ash Charcoal Infused Nail Polish

    • Oh no I want the primer too!! I did not ask but I was hoping it was going to be like foundation primer and sent to most people. But if they said no its probably like Mac and DLS which a much smaller group got. I did give it likes though and in review I wrote that I would prefer eye shadow primer as I rarely use foundation.

  16. Finally not looking at spoilers on my phone!

    A huge no to peel off BLAQ mask.

    I asked for the Smashbox eye primer & the IT pressed powder (although I’m sure it’s going to be Balm size for sure.)

    Le sigh. The bag is so 1980’s Like a Virgin World Tour, but I love the bat! Where are the pumpkins & mummies & ghosties? UGH

    • honestly, this is the best description i’ve read lol. I think last year’s custom Valfre bag was so much better/ more spirited. I just love Halloween!

  17. Any insight into the size of the blaq mask item? I’ve always wanted to try a charcoal mask but would def request another Oct item if it is itty bitty!

  18. I love this bag! Last years October bag looked like something a 6 year old would carry around and this is soooo much better than July or the lazy beauty bag with the egg yolk = trashed.

    • I agree

  19. I’m confused about about the bag. What is it trying to be? September’s bag was classy & sophisticated. This…?

    I requested the Blaq mask & was told I’d get it. The sample shown of IT pressed powder worries me, although it was also on my list initially. Now, I want to add the eye shadow primer too.

  20. Boo. After seeing how cute last year’s Ipsy bag was for October I had high hopes for this one, (I didn’t get that one) but as usual am let down. The February one was a huge let down too, I guess this wasn’t their year for holiday bags.

  21. The bat zipper-pull is great, but the bag itself is kinda meh to me.

    Tempted by the peach hand cream. I’ve been eyeing that stuff for a while even though I don’t have a great track record with hand creams… (I don’t like my hands to feel slippery, and half the time the fragrances in them give me headaches). But it’s SO CUTE.

    …maybe the eye cream…

    • Whenever I put on hand creams I only put it on the backs of my hands. I can’t stand my palms feeling the least bit greasy.

  22. Your link for the peach cream leads to a spam site that looks like malware, just so you know.

    • The peach hand cream link took me to the Ulta Website.

  23. Loving the bag! It looks like a rose lace pattern. The zipper handle is a bat. That’s too cute! I get it that people wanted a Halloween bag for October & so on for different Holliday months but who can blame them??? They got SO MUCH CRAP over last years October Glambag. It had a Ouija type board on it. Some people canceled over it! I personally didn’t like it so I didn’t keep it. Problem solved.

    • Right? Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Last years bag was cute, but SO kiddie Halloweeny. Like, I have the bag, I use it sometimes. But this years bag is something that I have more appreciation for. You can be a “grown up” and still be all about Halloween. You know, without being a goofy mess.

  24. So glad I got to see October’s bag since it is my birth month!! I love the bat on the zipper! I wish Ipsy would personalize their bags more to the seasons/holidays in the certain month!

    • I agree with you, I wish the would do holiday themed bags.

  25. I like this bag, the color and the shape… and I LOVE the bat! Bats are my primary spirit animal, and this will be the third ipsy bag that I want to collect several of to make jewelry with the zipper pull. The others are August’s gold tassel and Gudetama’s meh speech bubble.

    • I have those bags, I can sell them to you!

  26. Wish the bag was cuter. Especially for October. I got the one last year and I have it in my purse right now. It is so cute.

  27. I’m glad y’all like the bag, but man… I think that is the ugliest bag I’ve ever seen. Wow.

    • LOL!!! I think it’s pretty but that’s just me. I have loved some bags and been more than happy to give my daughter or niece others. Wouldn’t the world be a boring place if we all liked the same exact things? What’s been your favorite bag so far?

  28. I absolutely LOVE this Glam bag and the samples all look great to me! Granted I could paint every red door in the world black with the amount of eyeliner I’ve gotten from subs, but I’ve never tried the Urban Decay eye pencil and hear great things about it. My sample choice was the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powder, I love IT! Pretty excited to see what the Ipsy fairies decide what to put in each bag.

    • I like how you worked a Rolling Stones song reference in there.

      • You’re awesome for noticing! 😊T

  29. Requested the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powder. This bag is so me. I love it! I will use everything in this bag.

  30. I emailed ipsy care to confirm about the products i can choose from and in addition to the spoilers listed above, they also have TONYMOLY Peach Hand Cream.

    • Omg I just googled and the container is shaped like a peach! How cute is that? It is $10 at Walmart so they will probably send that full size! Thinking about changing my request !

      • I know! very cute it is.. but I want the pressed powder more 😀

      • I waited to request and I’m so glad I did – that peach hand cream is so cute! I saw it at Ulta and decided not to get it – so glad I waited. Ipsy has sent me the TONYMOLY lip balm in a previous bag and I absolutely love it!

      • Just so you know I emailed them and the hand cream is not full size. It’s 10 ml which is about .3 ounces. The full size is a bit over an ounce. (probably 30 ml

      • The peach hand cream link took me to the Ulta Website and is $12

  31. Love the nice bags for September and October! No crazy stuff. Looks like a good collection, too, but I know what you get can vary. And no dark or purple lipstick, Yay!

    • I blend dark purple lipstick with ones that are too orange.

      I mix my own colors to get the shade I want.

      • Great idea , thanks

  32. Wondering if the spoiler pic showing the bag & 5 items is the “one of these will be in your bag” for October.

  33. I’m loving the bag and that lipstick looks so pretty!

  34. Love the bag!

  35. I may skip this one, the first round of spoilers looked good but I don’t really need/want anything in particular, including the bag. I’m on a bit of makeup overload, so this may be a good month to skip. Of course, I may end up not skipping (again!) because I am just way to curious about the products, and getting makeup in the mail is way too much fun.

  36. And this was one month where I was looking forward to a juvenile tacky Halloween themed bag. This is like adult Halloween.

    • Yeah, i was hoping they’d do another collab or something like last year. Instead i had to just buy the bag from last year lol

  37. I emailed support to request to Bye Bye pores pressed powder. ipsy emailed me back within two hours to confirm this will be in my October Glam bag. I;m new to Ipsy so this was great customer service in my opinion.

  38. I just started Ipsy last month. Is it normal for them to send the same mascara two months in a row? I requested it for the September bag and I would be kind of disappointed if I got it again in October. The Rimmel lipstick is pretty meh for me as well. All of the other spoilers are exciting though!

    • Yes… You may get mascara consecutively. However, it will be from a different brand.

    • No, you won’t get it again

      • Thanks! That’s good to know.

    • They do often have an item in bags two months in a row, but if you got it the first time they won’t turn around and send it to you again the next month.

      • I got a liquid eyeliner (which I don’t use) in June and August of this year. Different brands. I finally unchecked eyeliner in my quiz, even though I use pencil eyeliner.

    • Last month was my first month too…

      I’m excited for new stuff to try. I’m a big makeup person but hey, for 10 bucks why not try it out! 😉

  39. I’m all for the bags getting more elegant? grown up? fancy? but this is October’s bag. Burnt orange with a bat zipper? Couldn’t they have at least made it blood red? I saw last years October bag when I wasn’t a subscriber & was really looking forward to something fun. Oh well… I am loving the variety of higher end products that might be in the bag.

    • It looks like it is a deep red lace print

      • Thanks Amber. Probably the color looks more orange on my phone when it’s actually red. Once I enlarged the pic I could see the lace.
        I didn’t think I was going to like any of the bags from August but I got the Wild & Free & it’s gorgeous. Can’t always judge from pics online I guess.

    • Maybe we’ll get a fun Thanksgiving or Christmas

  40. Omg I love the bag. Finally!

  41. Do You have to order something first or.sign up n get a box in the mail?

    • Hi Erica! No orders. You just subscribe. You’ll have to give your card info to pay. Then it’s a monthly charge.

  42. That little bat zipper is so cute!

  43. Very cute bag! I am constantly impressed with ipsy each month. I can’t say the same about my other $10/month subs.

  44. I don’t comment on here much but I have had it with ipsy. Every single box I have is delivered at the same date each month. As it says it’s going to be. Ipsy constantly is just a mess for me. Maybe it’s just my bad luck? If I order a points reward. I don’t get it for months!!! If and when I do get it it’s completely wrong. Like almost dark brown when I ordered light concealer. Then they refund me. And then repeat the same process. I send email like all of you when we get the option to choose samples. She writes back says. Yep you got it! Than nope no chosen sample. Sometimes the bag gets here on the 10, 15, 20 of the month or not at all. The samples are the smallest of every single box I receive. Am I the only one that feels this way?? Lol maybe I should resub to change up my luck

    • Maybe you should change your profile information. I have been with Ipsy 6 months now and I love them! I have been impressed with what I’m sent monthly! For $10 free shipping and tax free it’s a steal!

      • I usually get 3 full size items every month. I just redeemed points last month for pixi lippie so not sure how that will work out yet.

        • When you redeem points,your box comes a little later probably because they have to add the product you chose

    • Yes, if you redeem points for an item, it will take your bag longer to get to you. Ipsy bags are put together through an automated process, so rewards have to go through an extra step to get the product into your mailer.

  45. Cute bag!! I may actually use it.

  46. I hope I get the eye primer!! I got the foundation primer this month and was going to use on my eyes because I need eye primer. I wish bag looked spooky.

    • The zipper is a bat, that’s spooky! Lol but I personally love how this year the bag looks more elegant. I got it last year and it was super fun, but I never use it. This bag will definitely go in my diaper bag as a cosmetic bag for me to use.

      • Ya I did not notice the bat actually I still can’t tell but people say that is what zipper is.

    • I hope I get the eye primer too. Somehow despite all the sub boxes I get, I have yet to receive one!

    • I have the Smashbox photo finish lid primer – I love it! It has good coverage and is silky feeling – put it under the Elizabeth Mott eyeshadow I got in my bag this month and the eyeshadow lasted all day until I washed it off 🙂

  47. Aww man! I was totally going to take a break from Ipsy this month and i am not excited about the spoilers, but i really like the bag!

    • Exactly. Actually not 1 item in my bag did I end up wanting. Guess I just got a new makeup bag and some trash!

      • What are you getting?

      • Feel exactly the same. Two out of the last three bags have mostly been $2.00 items for the majority of the bag.

  48. I love the bag and I love Bye Bye Pores. October is already a win for me!

  49. Ooh, very vampy bag! Like it!

  50. Cute! I hope it’s more of a burnt orange color than red in person.

    • I do, too!

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