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Ipsy Is Ending Sample Selection – Last Call To Pick October Sample

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Ipsy Glam Bag

Sad news! Ipsy is ending their sample selection program. After the October glam bag, you will no longer be able to email [email protected] to request a sample.

If you haven’t already, make sure to request your October sample by the end of September.

You can email [email protected] and ask for one of the following for the October 2017 Ipsy glam bag:

Which one are you picking?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I have been with Ipsy since the start, I think I missed their first ever and after that I have been a subscriber. For a long time I got bags with samples and brands that just weren’t great, but I stuck it out. I’ve been around for all the major changes, I’ve gone through playing around with the old and new customization quizzes, I spent my fair share of time complaining about my bag not having anything at ALL that matched any preferences, and they mailed me an item of my choice when that happened without me even asking. They appear to be going by the profile guidelines more, and this was never an official feature, so I respect that. It was probably a ton of time and work that wasn’t necessary for their business model. I hope the new changes are something we will really be excited for, but in the end I always get my $10 worth (or I have lots of friends who are happy when my bag comes). My one fear is that the changes are going to focus more on the ipsy shopping side of things, to the detriment of the subscription service…but even then, the only thing I can do is unsubscribe. Can’t fault a company if their ultimate goal was to expand the business and go into sales and not just a sub. It would probably be the death of the company…I know we all had the Birchbox moment. I actually randomly grabbed this month’s Birchbox and I have never received a more sad subscription delivery ever. I had samples I had tried back in 2011, that were leaking, and of course one sample was a perfume one as well. I gave them a shot a year later after cancelling, and as tempted as I am to give them one more month, I would rather put the $10 towards the new KVD palette I ordered.

  2. I’m sad they won’t be offering this anymore, because it was nice knowing there’s at least one item I’m going to like. There have been plenty of times I got an ipsy bag full of crap I would never want or use. Lately, they’ve been better, but I do wish they allowed more personalization. I still want to be surprised but there are more categories I’d love to be able to opt out of and even brands I would like to never get.

    • If I get one more product from The Balm, I may lose it. Sometimes I am fine with the eyeshadows, but those tiny little blush or bronzer or luminiferous samples that you can’t get a brush into…I’m furious thinking about them.

      • Best typo ever. LUMINIFEROUS! I’m a wizard.

        • I literally laughed out loud….haa

          • It’s the wizarding spell for transforming into a fabulous drag queen with lots of highlighter.

        • I tried your spell for transforming into a fabulous drag queen, I guess I need more highlighter lol

  3. Totally agree with the “in subbing because I can’t choose an item” comments. I only found out about the spoiler request in August so I only had a choice for September and October.
    Part of the point, IMO, of not getting to choose an item is to introduce me to brands, colours, products I might not otherwise just go out & buy outright. I haven’t loved everything every month but I’ve discovered several new to me products & brands I now use regularly. If I was depending on my choice of 1 particular item being the reason I subscribed then I would have canceled awhile back. I think some people are missing the point of the subscription.
    I’m excited to see what they have in store to make my subscription better.
    If you don’t want a particular item you always have the opt out. Problem solved.

  4. I think this is a bit disappointing because it was a nice option, but ipsy has never advertised this service. When the selection posts first started on MSA, they always included the disclaimer that it was a beta program and that subscribers could give it a try but there were no guarantees. A lot of people felt lucky that they were able to chose even if they weren’t in the beta program and equated it with great customer service. Over time, subscribers just started expecting it, but at no point has this been a part of what ipsy promises to subscribers. I would much prefer to subscribe to a sub that knows their limits and stops while they are ahead rather than having to apologize for not being able to hold up what they promised. It sounds like ipsy is planning an alternative anyway, so I don’t think it is worth getting upset over until there are more details about what comes next.

    I’ve mentioned that my glam bags aren’t always a hit for me, but I’ve gotten some great items for myself or to share, and some pleasant surprises too. If you know exactly the products you like, or if you don’t like to stray from your usual look, then maybe a subscription whose purpose is to let you try a variety of new products isn’t for you and you should just buy what you like and avoid what you don’t. It blows my mind when someone says I never wear lip or eye products, hate hair products, only use pink blush, etc. and get upset because their boxes don’t work for them, give subscription boxes a break! Subs are meant to allow you to try new items before buying them. Maybe the color doesn’t work for you but you like the formula, or the expensive cleanser made you break out, now you know.

    Sorry for the rant, but finally… your profile preferences are a guide, and the more buttons you click the less happy you will be. Just because you didn’t click on the eyeliner button doesn’t mean you will never get any, it just means you prefer the other items more. I’ve found that the simpler you leave the profile the better. Don’t like getting tiny the Balm samples? Take the Balm off your preferred brands list. Don’t want hair products? Skip the hair concerns section altogether. I’m not saying ipsy is perfect, but they are $10 a month and I think they do a pretty good job overall, cut them some slack. Not every month can be hit, and we can’t expect a personal shopper at that price.

    • Not exactly true. I have never been a picky ipster and usually love my bags…but they sneak those samples from the balm in no matter what.

      • Yea, I didn’t mean you would never get them, but at least it wouldn’t be as frequent. I originally had the Balm flagged as a brand I liked, because I think they have really good products, but I literally got every single tiny the Balm sample that they offered. I took the Balm off my profile and I haven’t received one since. I might still receive them in the future but at least it’s not every single one.

    • Well said Cris!

  5. Ipsy is still one of the best, most reliable beauty subs out there for the price.

    • AGREED! I have tried all of the beauty subs out there, not joking like all of them, and Ipsy is the most consistent. I have loved being able to choose my one product, hopefully, they will work it in again at some point. When I get my Ipsy bag it really feels like they picked products that I want based on my profile and no other sub I’ve tried feels that way.

      • Ditto. I’ve tried several beauty subscriptions and I still think IPSY is the best!
        I did enjoy the sample choice option but I think IPSY’s algorithm does the best job at picking my samples with my beauty profile and product reviews then any other beauty service I’ve subscribed todate.

  6. I just don’t understand the “I’m unsubbing because of this” – this was never an official part of the Ipsy program. Just because people took it upon themselves to e-mail requests even if you weren’t invited to do so, doesn’t mean that it was a part of the subscription service.

    They were testing a service, and now they’ve stopped. Nothing to cry about here IMO.

    • Not all of us were around when the program first started, this is the first time I personally am hearing of these “rules”. I’ve been an Ipsy subscriber only for the past five months, and requesting an item was part of the deal the whole time.
      Heck, the list of items you can request were even officially posted on here every month.

      • It wasn’t technically part of the deal. You only knew about it because of this blog. And back when it was first announced, there were many people that voiced concern over publicly posting something that was in beta mode, by invite only. Now, if that’s the reason why they stopped doing sample choice altogether, I don’t blame them. But I personally think they will be rolling out with some sort of sample choice option that will be easier to do, as in, from your account, without having to bombard customer support with emails. If you want to receive better matched products, make sure to review your samples every month.

        • I hope they do move to a simple form in the account! I usually skipped sending a sample choice email unless there was a must-have item posted, because I can only imagine how overwhelmed their email team must get.

      • That’s the point, though– you only read about it here. Never from ipsy, because it was never expressly offered by them as “part of the deal.”

        • I am not sure how that’s a relevant distinction.

          • It’s incredibly relevant. You’re not hearing it from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. A blog post is not to be construed as a company policy. Ipsy was COURTEOUS to honor these requests for a time because they were being accommodating. Nobody is entitled here. That is all there is to it.

          • To me MSA is the source of information on various subscriptions and promotions. What exactly are you proposing? That all the new(er) subscribers contact the issuing company first to verify whether a promotion is valid?..

  7. Just came here to go inform people of this. This was my very first time requesting an item, was so excited to see this was a thing. Sad to see it go. However when I emailed support they said they had some other fun customization things in the pipeline so I don’t know if that was just fluff or not but hopefully it’s accurate.

  8. Speaking of which, though, are the above six items the only ones we can pick from for October? We are kinda at the end of the month already…

    • Yes and the first list of spoilers were the only spoilers people were suppose to request think that was other problem too many people were requesting spoilers off the other lists which were probably just FYI spoilers not hey you can request these too spoilers.

  9. This is VERY disappointing. This is a HUGE advantage that IPSY had over other companies!! I have multiple categories of items that I can not use – due to perfume allergies. I would always request the 1 item I knew I could actually try and use. ESPECIALLY as they are sending items I specifically have not checked in the profile section. if you are going to ignore items I’ve told you I’m interested in – then at least let me choose 1 item I can ACTUALLY TRY!! SO VERY DISAPPOINTED IPSY 🙁

    • I totally agree with your comment. I used to always receive literally the same sorta items.. like brushes or blush. I have tons of brushes and I don’t use blush. Having this option made my bags a bit better. Im not entirely mad because I don’t know the full reason why Ipsy is doing this but I hope they come up with something better for future bags & us having options.

    • do you review your items every month? I don’t think I received one perfume sample in my three years I have been with ipsy. I don’t like them and I made sure my profile reflected that. I always feel like they customize my bag really well, Also I think they are about to roll something better out soon I wouldn’t be too worried.

      • Ditto

    • This is actually a valid point. I have allergies and sensitivities too. I suffer from both Lupus and severe rosacea, and have autoimmune issues that present me with brand new allergic reactions out of the blue ever so often, so I have to be extremely careful. In addition I have a super pale complexion with blue tones and red hair which makes color coordination difficult. I chose ipsy because I was told it was light on the skincare products I try to avoid and that their beauty profile ensured personalization. I even double checked with their customer support beforehand. Personalization through the profile and product reviews was heavily emphasized from the first. I’m still a relatively new subscriber so I’m diligently leaving detailed feedback on every item, and I really hope they add some new customization features to replace this. I think that’s what a lot of those commenting on here miss overall, the fact that yes, the whole point is to discover new brands and new products, but there is really no point in introducing someone who has already expressed an inability to wear something like mascara to new brands of mascara. They have no use for it, they’re not going to consider purchasing it. It’s wasted. If you ask subscribers to fill out a beauty profile so that their product choice can be curated, then it stands to reason they are perfectly within their rights to expect a personalized bag, or at least products suited to their profile.

  10. I usually get good products and I never picked. I get a lot of makeup brushes and usually get a eyeliner before I run out. I go Thur eyeliners like mad. I hit pan on a lot of my single eyeshadows I usually get facial lotion before I run out. I cancelled Boxycharm because I’m not using what I’m getting with Ipsy I am. Plus Ipsy is 10 dollars not 21. The first 4 months with Ipsy I didn’t get exactly what I used. But for the past 2 years I get products I actually use. I can’t wait to see what they do next.

    • I feel the same way.

  11. I wish they would keep it because I personally hate seeing spoilers for the month and hoping I get a product that I know I will use and instead get a product I know I’m NOT going to use, or a whole box full. (Sephora).

    Anyway, I am open to this new personalization option, it might be cool. And I’m for earning cash on my favorite makeup brands but i think the Ipsy shopper would work better if they had more samples in our bags from those specific brands you can earn money back on like MAC. That way, those who are not familiar with the brand can sample and if they like it, can transition into that option. But whatev, we will see

  12. I’m not mad at them over this. It was something they had a TEST group to try. Then it was posted all over (even here) and they got slammed with emails to request a item from people who were not in that test group. Yet, they still accommodated them.
    I’ve been with them 4 years and they only started this late last year.
    The profiles do work, UNLESS you have a bunch of stuff checked off and don’t do your reviews. I have to laugh at people who say they never get anything that works for them. That’s obviously not true. Even if you think you won’t like something TRY IT. Most likely, you’ll change your mind.
    Or you are just someone who is never happy.

    • I’ve only been doing ipsy for about half a year now and I totally agree. I got brushes in my first two bags, but I’d rather buy my own brushes than get them from ipsy, so I rated the last brush I got one star and I haven’t gotten a single brush since then, so I know that reviewing works. I’ve gotten items that I wasn’t excited about and ended up loving them, and I’ve also gotten items that I won’t use at all (hello, bronzer lol), but I always make sure to at least give them a try. I’ve never rated something badly and then gotten more of it. Some people just like to complain.

      • Yep. The reviews have always been the key.

  13. I don’t think that is a good move! In the last six months the only thing I have liked in my bags are the items I pick. It would be very easy for them to set up an item pick just like birchbox does. Maybe if we all email them and tell them not to get rid of the picks they would change their minds.

    • I think we should wait to see what their new system is before clogging their support chats with complaints. For all we know it will be a better, more automated process that’s better than individual emails back and forth with their customer support staff. This was never a procedure that was official with the majority of the people who used it, so I’m not mad it’s being phased out. Getting worked up over a business experimenting with how best to find a balance between serving their customers and having enough manpower to process those requests seems a little unreasonable to me. I’m withholding my reservations until I know more.

  14. I’m thinking the app store Ipsy Shopper is about to go live. The only thing that would make it worthwhile is if it came with free shipping. Or you got Ipsy cash just from having your sub (like the old birchbox points system)

  15. A few words about Ipsy. I have been with them for around four years. At first my bags were terrible, but then they started getting better and better. The rewards program always had great items for a reasonable amount of points. Then I decided I loved it so much that I wanted two bags. I opened an account with totally different profiles. A vast majority of the time my two bags had several duplicates….sometimes they were EXACTLY the same. Theory debunked: Ipsy does not cater to your profile and there is no “super secret” algorithm. I cancelled my second bag and kept the first. This was around the time when selecting an item was starting. I chose an item every month until September. I was getting amazing bags!!! But I skipped in September and my bag this month was awful. I am very disappointed about this program ending.

    Ipsy pros: EXCELLENT customer service, no repeats on same account, great value for $10, a good balance of skin care, makeup, hair, etc., usually great brands, a decent bag every month AND the product opt-out feature. I hope they continue this because I am paper white and never want to see bronzers or sunless tanners ever again.

    Ipsy cons: Ditching the product selection of one sample, rewards are not very good but cost a lot more points and finally, the company now seems to target teens. It was always geared to the younger audience, but their site and Facebook and social media stuff is definitely for the younger set. That’s cool, it’s just not for me.

    I was planning on dumping Sephora and/or Macy’s after December, but Ipsy may be on the chopping block as well. Ipsy, this is very painful. You were my first. Such amazing memories. Maybe we can stay together if your new “personalization” is special. We’ll talk again after the holidays…!!!

    • Agreed. VERYYYYY Well said.

  16. I never did that anyway. I like being surprised by what I get.

  17. awwwwwww sorry to hear that Ipsy is cutting this option. I loved to be able to pick one of my favorites…..

  18. I’ll wait and see what their new personalization option is, but I’ll be sad if they discontinue the ability to choose an item altogether. In the past that was literally the only way I could’ve gotten an item I’d actually wanted, since everything else in the bags didn’t fit my preferences.

  19. I never have requested anything from them yet I feel liked I always received what I wanted. Out of the past year they nailed it every month but one.
    You can’t really select with most other boxes and especially known at the $10 price point

    • That would be none at this price point lol

  20. I barely trusted Ipsy when I had a say.

    Bye, bye, bye!

  21. They did state in an e-mail when I selected my sample that they were phasing out of this option, but to be on the lookout for another fun product personalization opportunity coming soon…I really don’t understand why people are so mad that they’re cancelling but oh well. I personally LOVE my subscription with ipsy. Every one has their own opinion though 😊

    • September was my first month and I loved it, didn’t preselect anything. 🙂 For October I did pick the eye cream.

      I wonder if they are switching to something more automatic that doesn’t have to go through email? ? Letting people check a box and submit would save tons of time/money for their customer service!

      But even without the offer to pick Ipsy seems well worth it. 🙂

  22. Oh no! I loved this service. We’ll see how well they do with their selections without this option.

  23. Some people are probably going to cancel their subscriptions over this. A lot of us loved having the option to choose 1 item for their bag so I don’t know why they would phase this out. This is not a good decision. Why did they even test this out to begin with if they were going to end up doing away with it? And they have been “testing” this out for almost a year now. Doesn’t make sense. Why ruin a good thing? Such a bummer.

    • Well, the point of testing things is to see if they will work out in the long run. The same reason why restaurants will test items in a few locations before they make it available everywhere. This particular thing seems to not be working out for them.

  24. Glad I cancelled after Septembers bag. Choosing the sample was 1 reason I hesitated, besides too many points to redeem products. Now someone else can have my spot from the waitlist. There are too many excellent boxes out there to care! Tired of boring neutrals and non exciting bags. Bye Ipsy!

  25. They must be too busy launching the sale part of their website- the ipsy cash part. I had ipsy for a year and a half- I just cancelled after September’s bag. I liked choosing 1 sample. It was fun and 1 of the reasons I was hesitant to cancel. The points products were costing too many to redeem anything good. So, I guess somebody on the waitlist will be stoked to get my spot. For now, I don’t regret it – I was receiving too many neutral products and nothing that was really exciting anyway. I kept my Boxycharm which looks to be a great deal- at least through December. Also, really LOVE my Allure box- terrific products, great incentives to stay, and we all get pretty much the same box and therefore, no crappy boxes. I think Allure is knocking it out of the ballpark and I got a deal for 4 for $10 thru January. Yeah, I’m good with my Ipsy decision.

    • Can you please share that Allure discount info. Is it a coupon code. 😀

  26. Well, this sucks. But then again, I’ve never really requested anything specific from them by email, so I’ll live. I’m not going to cancel my Ipsy subscription over this. Although the July and August bags were “meh” in my opinion, I’ve always received bags where I would be able to use everything or almost everything. Besides, I just cancelled Birchbox, so next month it will be just Ipsy, Sephora Play, Cocotique and We Are Onyx’s OnyxBox for me (the last two are curated for women of color). And, despite the fact that I got my Ipsy bag late this month, the bag itself as well as its contents will be the reason why I will keep my Ipsy for another month.

  27. I will give it a few months, but I really value the option to customize so this may be the end for me. I just recently rejoined after a break of several years. Knowing I’ll like at least one item in my bag does make a difference to me.

    • I agree with you Ipsy has not been great for awhile now but i was happy like you said to at least know i was getting one thing i would like to have an i may end up cancelling. I think since we pay for this they should kerp giving us this option if the customers wanted it.. this upsets me

  28. I get two bags, and it seems like the past few months the number of items I like in my bags has gone down, not up, even though I always review ASAP. It hadn’t occurred to me that that it might mess up their algorithm. I’ve already requested the UD eyeliner for bag #1 and was going to request the purple eyeshadow for bag #2, but now I won’t. Maybe I’ll start loving my bags again.

  29. I just did my first request, sad. But I totally get not wanting to respond to individual emails! Do they really give a lot of brown eyeshadow and black liner? I thought the reason for the quiz was to cater the bag to you in a way?

    • In my personal experience, they didn’t follow my checked preferences, and a few times even sent items that I specifically left unchecked (including the dreaded black eyeliner).

      I emailed them asking why they have us fill out a beauty profile then, got a bunch of generalities in return saying how the profile is not a guarantee of receiving only the items or the colors I want.

      Oh well.

  30. So I’m assuming we will be able to choose a sample from our account instead of having to email. Either way, I love every single bag I get. Maybe cause I constantly update my beauty profile so I never receive a product I don’t want. Go Ipsy!

    • Your right. I bet your right. I would find it hard to go through thousands of requests’daily.Its probably moving to the site where it would be easier for them to do something else then to answer emails all day…. I havent even read this post and I found out from Ipsy. They did said that they was more fun things in the works and more personalization with your bag.

    • I never understood why that wasn’t the case to begin with. Surely it would be much easier to set up and handle an automated system than to have people e-mail their requests.

  31. I’ve always picked a sample – but I’ve also liked my bags overall. They send things I wouldn’t have chosen, but I end up loving. There’s only been one product I didn’t like, a liquid lipstick, and I loved the color online, but the formula was weird. It should have been something I loved, just didn’t work out. This month I chose the purple eyeshadow because it’s rare to see a not brown/black color.

  32. I picked it powder. I usually like what they send whether I picked it or not.

    Bummer about the change but I’ll survive, I just hope they still let you opt out because if I start getting mascara and black eye liner in every bag I’ll peace out.

  33. It’s disappointing, that was the only good thing about Ipsy. Otherwise the things I get rarely match my profile or anything I like. No matter how many times I update it or leave reviews. I still get nail polish, black eyeliner and a highlighter or bronzer every time. Also why I canceled until they did the request your own samples.

    • Same here Sara. I hear other people saying they get things that match their profile, but I never do. Even at $10, if I won’t use anything it’s a waste of money.

  34. I wonder if the opt out option is going away too.

    • Sample selection is nice but losing it is not a deal breaker for me. Losing the opt out would be.

  35. I don’t mind – still one of my favorite subs! 🙂

  36. I figured this would stop at some point. It was great while it lasted. I requested the IT Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powder.

    • I also requested the IT powder, I’m sad to see this option going away cuz I love being able to get at least one item that I know I’ll love. Oh well I guess I am going to see how it goes. I did update my profile this month and I do review the bag and items each month (only been with them for a few months now) and I hope that helps me to receive a good bag. Mine doesn’t seem to be tailored to my profile at all so far 🤔😧😢

  37. What a bummer! I’ve just started to feel that Ipsy is my best box (and I have more than 13).

  38. Very sad they’re ending this. Hopefully they will add a similar feature to their app and/or website.

  39. Sounds like they are trying to shift to something less hectic for them as responding to emails one by one.

    I dont mind at all. It was never something I depended on to get a good bag. Even when I did request one it seemed like the rest of the bag was cheaper and not necessarily catered to my profile. There are certain bag combinations and I think choosing a sample sometimes throws that off.

    • I agree with your comment. I feel like if I don’t pick an item, their algorithm will be less boxed-in in terms of picking the best bag for me overall. That said, if there was something I REALLY wanted, I would ask for it. Not that it matters anymore!

    • This.
      I have requested a few items over the last like 6 months, but I kinda prefer the bags they just put together for me. They have done a great job of catering to my profile (I only have a few items selected and always leave reviews).

  40. I requested the Context Vitamin C Eye Cream (also hoping I’ll get the Smashbox eye primer).
    It doesn’t bother me that the request option is no longer available. I only found out about it in August so I took advantage of it for September & October.
    I’m coming up on 1 year as a subscriber & Just recently have started to really appreciate & love most of the items I get each month. I’ve traded with or given products I don’t like to a friend. A lot of times the samples are too small in my opinion but for $10 a month, I still think I get a good deal.

  41. It does suck but nothing I would quit over. I did not know about this for my first bag in April and I liked it. Did not make a request last month because I liked most of spoilers and wanted to be surprised. Then there was month I requested Nomad highlighter it is so dinky I regret requesting it I might have got something way better. So I am cool with it.

  42. Was sample choice ever officially a thing announced by ipsy? My perception is that they started beta testing it, then word got out on the internet and people started emailing a choice even if they weren’t invited to make one.

    If that’s how it played out, I don’t blame them for stopping it.

    • Yeah i actually agree.
      They must be

    • This is why I never e-mailed them and only did it if I got the e-mail. Afraid they are stopping it because it’s being ‘abused’.
      Of course it could be coincidence and it being beta was never going to be for long at first anyways. It might come back out later in a different format.

      • I felt the same way & never requested anything either. Too often it seems that we forget how costly it is to have the available staffing for all the extras beyond what we originally purchased.

    • I agree. And I never emailed them either. So if that’s the cause I can’t blame them.

  43. A sad day indeed! 🙁 I loved sample choice…it was really nice to know you would have at least one item you wanted/liked.

  44. Oh, no! I wonder what they mean by a new personalization opportunity. Maybe we can select something in our account (on their website) instead of emailing them?

    • Maybe they’ll actually follow the beauty profiles?..

      One can hope. 🙂

  45. Was tempted to resub but not now.

  46. Yep. So glad i cancelled ipsy last month. The selection item was the best part of the sub for me. Because i only ever got black eye liners and neutral taupe eye shadows besides….it was was just time to part ways i guess. Bummer to hear that perk is ending.

  47. I just started ipsy but will be canceling immediately due to this

    • Some people (or even most people, perhaps) like it regardless of that opportunity, and I’ve seen comments on here that the overall value of the bag is better if you don’t request anything specific.
      That’s not enough to sway me though, at least not based on my own experience with Ipsy.

      • I will miss the sample pick option. I chose Tonymoly peach cream for October and DLS nude beach gloss in September. Ipsy still is my fave makeup sub. (I have dumped others)

    • Good. That will free up a space for someone on the waitlist.

      • Hahahaha!

      • Yeah, wow, you really showed her.

      • Well, except that their waitlist is totally artificial, they remove you off it the moment you promote them on social media.

        It’s not like the Boxycharm waitlist where they legit don’t have the bandwidth.

  48. Well, if I needed one more reason to leave, here it is.

    I’ve complained before already that normally the only usable item I receive in my Ipsy bag is the one I request, so this means there is nothing to stick around for at all.

    I did always wonder, however, why they are fulfilling requests in such an inefficient way – all these emails must be extremely time-consuming and labor intensive for them.

    • I agree with this completely. Emailing is super inefficient and it seemed odd. But it was the only way to ensure I’d like at least one item in my bag, when I often don’t like much of anything.

      • It is weird! I want to message back and say thank you but I know that clogs up the emails they have already. It makes me feel rude :-/

    • My understanding is that the option to choose an item was never meant for everyone. It was something they were trying out with people they selected. It was probably easier to handle before a bunch of other people started doing it.

  49. noooooooooooooooo

  50. Yep, just got an email from them in response to my request for next month. This si what they said in the email:

    “Thanks for your message! We’re phasing out our product selection program, but I’d be happy to honor your request this time. Your pick will be included in your October Glam Bag!

    Starting in October, you’ll no longer be able to write to us and request specific products for future Glam Bags, but be on the lookout for another fun product personalization opportunity coming soon! “

    • this sounds promising 🙂

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