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GlossyBox September 2017 FULL SPOILERS + Coupon

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GlossyBoxWe have full spoilers for the September 2017 Glossybox! (Thanks for the heads up, Julie!)

One version of the September 2017 Glossybox box will include:


What do you think of the September spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for GlossyBox yet:

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  1. Received my box today, included:

    Lancome Advanced Genifiue Sensitive sample – no size listed
    Lancome Visionnaire Sunscreen – 0.17 oz
    Manna Kadar Glo – 0.67 oz
    Morgan Taylor nail polish in Pretty Wild
    Pureology Hydrate Sheer Shampoo – 1.7 oz
    Pureology Hydrate Sheer Conditioner – 1.7 oz
    Vendor Paris Beauty Pearl Eyeshadow in a lovely color called Fraise – 0.12oz or 3.5g

  2. I received the same box as msa, but I got the clay mask. I’m super happy. I would much rather get that mask then the shadow. Happy- 😊

  3. Forgot to cancel in time after my 3-month deal ended, so the September box was full price. Gag. Cancelled immediately and glad I did. The value just isn’t there. I need hair volume, so I’m hoping I like the shampoo and conditioner. I’m sure I’ll like the mask, but substituting an $8 item for a $28 item is just wrong. When I read all the glowing remarks about BoxyCharm, I can’t believe anyone subscribes to Glossybox at full price. Good riddance to Glossybox!

  4. I am a little nervous to see that people are receiving the Freeman clay mask this month. I received the same mask in last month’s Glossybox, and I’ll be highly disappointed if I get it 2 months in a row. Is it the norm for GB to send the same product in back-to-back months?

    • I got a beauty infusion clay mask.

      • I believe it’s the same mask. Does it say “Freeman” above “beauty infusion”? Is the the same one Liz reviewed in August?
        It will take me ages to finish the one I have. I’m hoping for the eyeshadow this time around.

        • Yes, Freeman Beauty Infusion clay mask

  5. In my box I received Morgan Taylor nail polish (full size) in magicians assistant, freeman cleansing clay mask (full size for a whopping $8), manna kadar glo illuminator (I’m guessing glossy is counting this as full size. The tube I got was .67 fl oz but the pamphlet lists full size as .7 fl oz), pureology clean volume shampoo and conditioner (trial size) and the Lancôme trial kit

    • Do you know the weight of your box.

      • I got the same box. It says it weighs 1.7 lbs.

    • Got the same crappy box as you. Really a Freeman mask versus a French eye shadow, $8 value vs $28 value. I pay full price for my subscription I did not get a “deal”…I immediately have gone out and cancelled my subscription and I will never sub to Glossybox again, they really have gone downhill bad and quickly. Boxycharm is rocking it, I already am and have been a happy subscriber paying my $21 monthly with no disappointments ever.

    • I received the same crappy box as you. Really an $8 Freeman mask versus a $28 French eyeshadow? How is that even justifiable? I have immediately cancelled my Glossybox sub, I have been paying $21 per month because I did not want to lock in nor was I on a special deal. I have happily been a Boxycharm subscriber for over two years and willingly pay my $21 per month to them, because they knock it out of the park every time. Glossybox has gone downhill and very quickly, there is little value in their boxes anymore.

    • I have the basic same but different color pureology shampoo/conditioner after I just surveyed that that I can’t stand receiving sh/cond.
      One pan eyeshadow, glo, the Lancome duo..mind you already own the the expeniive full bottle for full price from Saks. I just cancelled. It was accepted. My box had already shipped.
      How this was worth 21??? Nonidea bit I am so done I’m well done.

    • Mine was 1.7 lbs
      1. Lancôme advanced Genifique
      2. Pureology clean shampoo and conditioner
      3. Pureology hydrate shampoo and conditioner
      3. Beauty Infusion clay mask
      4. Morgan Taylor nail lacquer
      5. Manna Kadar Glo

      I’m happy… I have a 2nd sept box coming next week (new sub for year)

      • Oh, my numbering! Yikes

    • I have the sample size of the GLO, and that mini tube is about the size of the 0.67 sized packages lid. Is that tiny. This 0.67 is really large verses my sample.

  6. Ick, totally not feeling this one. Thank goodness for Glossydots.

  7. This was my last month. Glossybox used to be my favorite of all boxes but lately they’ve gone down hill big time. This month was a let down too. Another shampoo and conditioner sample. Seriously! I only belong to FabFitFun and Ipsy now. Ipsy just keeps getting better and better for me now that they know my preferences.

    • I agree with you! I left and went to Boxycharm…they keep impressing me. I will never leave IPSY and FABFIT FUN LOVE THEM!!!!

    • I was just thinking the same thing. Every month I have high hopes that this month will be better than the last. Well surprise surprise this month was just as bad as the last. It feels like they just keep throwing anything in the boxes. I didn’t even get a detail card in this box smh.

  8. Wow. So glad this is the end of my 3 month deal. Great for $10 but otherwise I don’t think it’s worth the regular price.

    • Same for me.

    • Agreed. Glad I only paid $10 and that I remembered to cancel before I got billed for next month!

  9. Glossy updated their website to reflect the actual number of full-size products in the boxes. There will be at least 3. I’m not sure why they don’t know what is going into the boxes until after they ship. This is the last month of the three months for $10 a month. For $10 this box is worth it. I like the products.

    The Hut Group recently acquired Glossybox. Maybe they can get Glossybox back to being a desirable box.

    • I knew it would happen as soon as people started receiving them. They update afterwards because they get more people to sign up with promises of 5 full size items. Then by the time your box comes it’s too late to cancel for next month.

      I really hope they make a comeback. I also hope the past couple of months have been lackluster because of all the $10 promos. I would rather pay full price for a worthwhile box than get it at a discount and find it’s not worth it. I’ve loved a few of the items I’ve received, just not the box as a whole.

      • Actually the site still says 5.

        • On my laptop it says 3. On my phone it’s 5. I, too, would rather pay full price and get a quality box. Ive gotten some nice things from glossybox over the past year and I liked it better than boxycharm. BC is a nice box, but I just can’t use nor need so many eyeshadow pallettes. I want a nice variety

          • I agree completely. I’m so overloaded with eyeshadow palettes it’ll take me a decade to use them all up. I believe BC is sending one each month for the rest of the year. I would cancel but they keep popping in other things I either want for myself or to gift. I wish GB would get it together. I’ve really enjoyed a few of the skincare items I’ve received. It’s just gone downhill so quickly. And the profiles are useless. I had two subs with the same profile and got two different July boxes. The second one was great though so oh well lol. I hope they get it together while they still have some loyal subscribers.

  10. Cancelled Sephora yesterday and Glossybox today.

  11. I am so glad I cancelled this sub. Totally subpar customer service, poor content, and a big disappointment. I also receive Boxycharm (LOVE it!), BeautyFix , Ipsy and FFF. I am much happier with all of these, no bait and switch there!

  12. For a change I don’t hate it. I used glossydots so i have no idea when ill get it. Not sure why they can’t tell you when it ships or track it if you use dots.

    Hopefully I won’t get a crappy version like I’ve gotten the last few months.

    Wish they’d get their act together, used to love this box.

  13. Still waiting for an answer from glossybox since July 17th. They were authorized to take $10.00 a month and instead took, $110.00,and the same day $21.00 and 2 weeks later took another $21.00. I cancelled my subs and my credit card.I am trying every avenue to reach them. Terrible customer service

    • Oh my! That’s terrible! From what I’ve seen, they respond much faster to social media posts than emails. Instagram is supposed to be the quickest. I would be relentless on posting until they responded because that is just not ok. Also, I recently saw a YouTube video and the girl said that when you call and the message comes on stating to contact them via email, if you stay on the line someone will pick up. I worry that any other methods could result in a run around.

      • They NEVER pick up the phone! I’ve been with glossybox for 4 years and am waiting for my term to be up. The WORST customer service experiences I’ve ever had with anything actually. Don’t bother leaving a voice mail, they say they will respond but after leaving two voice mail messages not one response over a month later. Same with my email request, almost a month to respond, they cancelled my subscription without me even authorizing it and then of course……no response to my subsequent email for yes, almost a month. This is the most agonizing experience I’ve ever had with a box and I’m a box junkie. I’ve been super faithful but when my yearly subscription runs out next year, that’s it. My advice to everyone is save yourself some grief, stay away from this company. HORRIBLE!

    • I’m so sorry. I’ve had similar CS experiences with them.

  14. I got my box everything apart from the eye shadow. I got the clay facemask that was in the box last month.

    So glad I cancelled back then..GB isn’t what it used to be.

    Plus the nail colour is of two shades

  15. I got the 3 for $30 deal and actually loved July. Aug was crappy for $21 But fair for $10. I feel the same for September.

    It’s a buzzkill when you think you got a steal on something and it turns out you got exactly what you paid for.

    I’d be p!ssed if I paid full price for this, just sayin.

  16. Glossybox, you suck.

    I can’t wait to cancel you.

    • I already canceled my “LousyBox.”

    • lol!!!!!

  17. This is the last of my 3 for $30 boxes, and it’s my favorite of the 3. (Yes, I cancelled.) I love the Pureology Hydrate line, and while I don’t really need extra volume, I will be happy to try this shampoo and conditioner. The nail polish looks pretty, so I’m happy about that. I would be excited about the sunscreen, but it looks super tiny. It will be used, though, along with the tiny serum sample.

    Did anyone else order the LE CEW awards box? Does anyone know how long it takes GB to ship the LE boxes? I haven’t heard a peep since I received my order confirmation 3 weeks ago. Thanks in advance!

    • I’ve found that it usually takes Glossybox ~3 weeks to ship LE boxes so hopefully you’ll be getting a shipping notice soon.

    • Same here! I ordered almost 3 weeks ago and while they instantly charged my card, there’s not indication that it’s being prepared for shipment. Lesson learned with this company. I should have listened to everyone’s issues.

    • I paid for it weeks ago and still haven’t heard a thing.

    • I got emailed notice my CEW box shipped today. With tracking info. Out of New York. 1.9 lbs…

      if that helps.

      • Yes, thanks. I received my shipping notification, too. Can’t wait to get it, as I’m confident I’ll actually use most of it.

  18. What a terrible subscription, I used to be subscribed to them…. I am very glad I left, I would be extremely mad!

  19. I do wonder when they’re going to change their site. It says “at least 5 full-size products worth over $73”. There’s no where near that value in this box and only 2 are full-size.

    • I looked at the shadow link and it retails for $20+ for the single, so my guess is the shadow, Manna Kadar product, and the polish are full size. I think some items tend to have inflated prices though and seriously, where are the other two full sizes? You never know what GB will pull though, they considered the one pack of eye pads full size even though their pamphlet clearly said “full size” was 4 sets of eye pads.

      • There were sooo many people ticked off last month over those. GB had to go back and change their site because they got bombarded with complaints that nobody received what they advertised. This is my last $10 promo month so at that price this box isn’t too bad, but I feel sorry for anyone that paid full price. If you want to be a $21 sub then you need to send products that compete with that price point…currently it’s questionable that they’re even competing with other $10 subs. Yes Ipsy and Play send mostly sample and travel sizes but you know that’s what you’re getting. They don’t claim to send anything else. I don’t imagine they’ll be keeping customers for long if they continue this pattern of baiting with false advertisement then switching their site once they’ve taken everyone’s money. It’s fraudulent business practice and will destroy their reputation quickly. I’m taking a break and will wait to see what happens now that there is a new company involved.

  20. Please stop with the Manna Kadar! I don’t need any more highlighter. I like the nail polish and the rest of the box is OK. This will be my last month of my 3 month trial subscription and I am not going to renew.

  21. Omg!!!!! I’M SO EXCITED!!! More Manna Kadar GLO!!!!! Woo to the freaking hoo!! Not.

    • 😂 I love all the humor I’ve been seeing on these threads the past few days. You all are really brightening up a very dark time for me. Thank you for that.

      And I’m so thrilled for you to finally be receiving the elusive Manna Kadar Glo. It’s soooo hard to find!

    • Woo to the freaking hoo 😂😂😂

    • What is this Manna Kadar you guys are talking about? I’ve never heard of them! Are they new???


      • 😂😂😂

    • As much as I hate seeing MK in boxes, I did find ways to like their eye candy priming shadow stick (and ofc I received it broken off the tube and melted all over the cap) Instead of eye shadow, I use it as a highlighter on my face and lips. That rosy shimmer works really well with my medium/warm tone complexion, and it’s really pretty dabbed over lipstick!
      But, would I pay 24 to buy it again? Hell no.

  22. This manna kadar glow product is really getting around this month!

    • My thoughts exactly. I already have two….. sad thing is, I sub to so many boxes, that I can’t remember which ones also sent it, and I have such a product backlog that I haven’t tried them yet. Sick of Manna Kadar either way.

  23. Ugh…more Manna Kadar?!?!?!

  24. I don’t think I commented this, but before they released spoilers I was positive the nail polish would be Morgan taylor due to the distinct bottle shape (coming from someone who has over 300 polishes).

    • Also pretty wild is a beautiful color and I will be trying to swap for it.

      • Jessica, I’ll be setting up my swap profile this week.

        If I get the polish, look for me. It will be listed!

    • Why is it that when it’s time to resubscribe, only 25% is off, not $10 for 3 months?! When you live in Canada, it’s even more disappointing.

      • Give it time. There will be a mass exodus once the last 3 monthers subs expire this month.

      • The deeper discounts come out after the 15th of each month, because of GB’s cancellation policy. If you subscribe after the 15th, you are automatically committing to two months of boxes.

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