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Emma & Chloe September 2017 FULL Spoilers + Coupon!

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We have the full spoilers for the September 2017 Emma & Chloe box!

The featured designer this month is Anne Thomas.

Anne Thomas is our French jewelry designer of September! Her original collections are inspired by colorful geometric designs and are perfect for those who rock unique yet chic styles. Starting off as a coveted stylist for Parisian women, she’s now styled women around the globe for more than 10 years. Anne Thomas highlights French artistry with her diverse range of lacquered jewelry, made entirely in France.

More from Emma & Chloe:

1) How did you discover your passion for jewelry?

I have always loved creating art with my hands. My first pieces of jewelry were made with ceramics; jewelry design is a field of artistic expression that has continued to evolve for me over the years.

2) What was your inspiration for the brand?

In 2005, I participated in a contest for up-and-coming designers organized by the major department store Le Printemps in Lyon. I won an award and had the amazing opportunity to host my own jewelry pop-up there during the busiest holiday season of the year. Thanks to this beautiful exhibition and success, I participated in my first trade show and the adventure of Anne Thomas really began…my dream came true: to share my jewelry creations with the world!

3) What was your favorite moment of launching your own jewelry brand?

Being at the head of my own jewelry brand is an indescribable adventure in itself, rich in encounters and discoveries. I honestly cannot choose a single best memory …

4) What is your most memorable collection?

In 2015, as an homage to Yael Naim’s album “Older”, I designed a unique piece in golden brass to match the theme of an owl which was on the cover of the album. The breastplate was designed with black brass “feathers”, a necklace, and a pair of gold earrings. This capsule collection was available exclusively to the concept store Merci. It was interesting to mix the two artistic universes of fashion and music, and particularly exciting to work with one of my favorite music artists!

5) Which of your designs is the most popular?

The REDA ring is one of my flagship designs. Gold-plated in 18 carats, the application of the lacquer is done 100% by hand. My collections evolve, but this jewel remains one of our bestsellers!

6) What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

To find inspiration from my daily life, and to create only things that inspire me and that I truly enjoy. In creating original designs, one must know how to use a freedom of expression beyond trends, preconceived ideas, and not yield to simplicity.

7) What’s your inspiration for your next collection?

For the Winter 2017 Collection, I wanted to work on new artisanal techniques with jewelry wax. The careful polishing work on each piece makes each jewel unique.

Each box will include:

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Emma & Chloe is a French jewelry subscription box. Each month you’ll receive a jewelry piece based on your preferences (gold or silver, pierced or clip earrings). $35 a month.

What do you think of the September spoilers?

The Subscription Box: Emma & Chloe

The Cost: $35 per month

COUPON: Use coupon code SUBADDICTION you’ll save $10 off your first box!

The Products: French jewelry valued between $50 and $200 plus a magazine about French Fashion/Jewelry trends. 

Ships to: U.S. and Canada

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  1. Good to know that I’m not the only one that got silver when my preference is gold! Emailed them and hope to get this resolved soon.

    Question: I have a six month subscription and I don’t want to forget so if I cancel now (and have 2 more months), I should get the rest of my sub right?

  2. I’ve liked every piece I’ve received from them. For $35 it’s not going to always be to everyone’s liking- but they are packaged nicely and can always be re gifted. I’d be happy with any if the choices this month. They all look lovely.

    • Mine was in the post when I arrived home. I received the silver with the coral and they are so pretty. I’ve been getting gold & thought I’d switch it up for a few months. I couldn’t be happier. They are very sweet on, light and classy.

  3. To counter the complaints below, I have contacted customer service via email a few times for various reasons– a discount code not working, a shipping question, confirmation of a certain style–and they always respond within 24 hours, they are more than polite and helpful, and it always gets resolved. From what I can tell, my issues have always been a result of glitchy web software (which is typical of my experience with European shopping), not a problem with the company itself.

    If your jewelry mishap just arrived TODAY, then expecting a resolution TODAY is a little excessively demanding.

  4. I was super excited about the earrings, until I received today and the send me a silver ones, when my preferences says gold!! 🙁 so dissapointed, and it is impossible to get in touch with their customer service, I still waiting for a order in their shop ftom a month ago, and any answer in their end 😤
    Anyone has some tip of how get in touch with they? I looked online and I didn’t found a phone num or anything 😡.
    (So sorry about all the mad emojis, I’m so frustrated right now with this company)

    • I had a similar problem. I emailed them, but also sent them a direct message on Instagram. Woman told me to check my spam, even sent a picture from her phone of the email response they had already sent, sent the email again but I never got any of them. She answered my question on Instagram message so it was fine, but I don’t know what’s wrong with their email server. I have a Comcast email, it has no spam filter I swear. Anyway send them a direct message on Instagram or maybe another social media account that you might have. Or email them from a different email address. Sorry that this is happening to you. Id also be really upset.

      • Ohh thank you! I never thought about instagram! I tried trough fb without any sucess. All my hopes in instagram 😄
        Thanks again ❤️

      • Same thing happened to me (ordered silver, got gold). Emailed customer service and hoping to hear back. They’ve been pretty good about responding in the past.

        Out of curiosity – what happened with the ones they sent that were wrong? Did they have you send them back or just keep them? Thanks!

        • No idea, We will know if the ever get back to us 🤷🏻‍♀️
          In the worst scenario maybe we can swap 😃

        • This has happened to me twice now. I cancelled my year sub and when I did it switched from Gold to Surprise Me so I emailed them and asked them to switch it back to gold and they told me they did…till I got another silver item. I recycled the box while I was waiting for their response and when they did finally get back to me they told me to mail the silver one back to them which I couldn’t do because I recycled the box it came in and the pouch since I don’t use them. So yeah, I had to keep the silver. They told me they changed it back to gold again but my monthly email went out and it said Surprise Me again. Sheeze. When I emailed them they told me they couldn’t switch it back to gold as I had cancelled my sub. 3 more boxes and I’ll be so freakin’ happy when this sub is done. I’ve had enough of the poor customer service and cheap looking jewelry. It’s gone way down hill since 2016 in my opinion both quality and service.

          • Wow that is crazy 🙈🙈🙈! Yes it is the worst customer service out there 🙁
            I hope they dont ask me for sent back since it was their error, and also in the email says gold 👆🏻
            I wish never prepaid a year of this subscription 😔
            *we should give some tip to Liz for the therapy we do in the comments of her website 😻

    • I had the same issue where I received silver but my preference was gold. Has anyone had any luck with getting exchanges? If so did they provide shipping label?

      • Yay! Customer service responded quickly the next day and shipped the replacement quickly. They do ask for the old one back but they said they will refund the shipping cost.

      • Just chiming in that same thing happened to me. I’m gold preference. Have received gold for several months then suddenly received these earrings in silver. I’ll probably give them to someone, I guess. I don’t have the patience.

      • Yup me too. Just got silver when my preference is gold. They’ve never messed up my preference before (I’ve subbed since Jan). I’m worried with all the trouble I had with email back in May that their response email won’t go “through” again. I’ll give them to Wednesday and then try facebook. I thought about just keeping the silver and avoiding the hassle, but I just like the look of the gold ones more. Hopefully they’ll have the gold still available!

      • Update already heard back!

  5. I love them 😍

  6. Nice! The red and silver will be a nice pop of color, but I’m really hoping for the silver and (looks to be) black combo. I love the neutral pieces.

  7. I really like the look, but from the images they don’t scream “high $200 quality” to me with the laquer.

    All of the reviews on this box rave about the quality of products. I’m totally obsessed with the concept behind this box, but is this the standard quality that everyone raves about?

    • I definitely noticed the quality on my first box. As someone who has dozens of baublebar pieces, I was surprised I could see the quality difference in person. There was a pair of dangling earrings I thought I’d immediately swap, but when I held them up found I loved them. The pieces are heavier and made nicely. I honestly don’t think the retail prices are inflated like jewelry in all other sub boxes. Pictures don’t show quality as well as having the piece on hand. That said, I got my sub for discount so I’m happy with my monthly price point. It’s really up to you to decide since it’s a slightly expensive monthly box 🙂

    • I should add! None of the pieces claim to be $200. If you check past boxes I think most range $50-$100.

      • Thank you for the response! 🙂 I’m not basing my comment off just the images, I’m a new subscriber. 🙂 last month’s ring was my first box.

        I was shocked in the opposite way you are describing. It was literally the opposite of heavy. I haven’t even worn it bc it is so thin it won’t last. Was yours heavy?

      • Haha well I actually did not like the ring last month, you’re right. The stone type jewelry is not my style and you’re right the cut is thin. I know nothing about stones so I can’t speak on that quality, I just figured the stone cut might be where the quality points were and not the frame. That ring and the January ring I really didn’t like. But if it means anything all the rest of the years items I’ve liked! Even the caurie bracelet I thought wouldn’t like but really ended up loving. The June and Feb and last Nov necklace had some weight to them and were pretty solid. So even though these earrings aren’t exciting I might end up liking them a lot more in person. The sub keeps surprising me. I hope that helps a little!

    • The earrings claim a value of over $100 and that seems in line with the designer’s pieces. I received gold with the orange/red. I had my fingers crossed for green, but the red is nice.

  8. My account stills shows order as unfulfilled… else with this issue?

    • Mine shipped yesterday, so hopefully yours will be going out soon too!

  9. Totally disappointed. Tiny earrings which are not my style. Time to ditch this one!

  10. This will be my first month, and not liking this 🙁 small earrings get lost next to my curly hair lol…Getting the gold ones, obviously don’t know the colour yet, but if someone wants to swap, it will be up!

  11. Of course, the first month out of six that I don’t like, and it overlaps with my new subscription so I’m getting a silver AND gold. 😕

    These pieces are so nice and high quality that hopefully I’ll be able to swap. Lovely for someone else, just not my style

    • If anyone wants to swap for the RZ circle earrings with vertical bar in gold, let me know!

  12. I know I’m getting silver and have my fingers crossed for the red ones … I l-o-v-e them…

    • I’m getting gold and hoping for black!

  13. Did they happen to say the RV on these?

  14. Nice!! No heavy earrings! Love love love 😍

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