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BeautyCon Flash Sale – Past Boxes On Sale for $8.75!

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UPDATE: As of Saturday, 9/2, 11:30 PM ET, all boxes have sold out. If you didn’t get a chance to get one, make sure to check out our round up of all the best Labor Day Sales for other subscription box deals!Β 

Now through September 5th, BeautyCon is having a Flash Sale on old boxes! Thank you, Frances, for the heads up!

(FYI – BeautyCon has shut down their subscription service.) Use coupon code FLASH to save 75% – that makes each box only $8.75 + free shipping!

Boxes available:

Check out my reviews of BeautyCon Box to see what’s been in each of these boxes!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. FYI… I emailed them asking why I was only charged for one box when I ordered 3, and this was their response:

    Dear Rachel,

    Thank you so much for your purchase at the Beautycon Shop. We were thrilled to be able to offer our community such a steep discount, but we did not anticipate how popular our sale would be! Unfortunately, your Summer 2016 and Summer 2017 Boxes will not be able to be fulfilled. The other items in your order will be shipped out soon. We apologize for the inconvenience..

    • I ordered 3 and have been charged for 2. I have one shipping notification from FedEx supposedly to arrive today. I have no idea what I am receiving! I think maybe they would have been better off to limit one per customer.

      • I haven’t got any shipping notifications yet. I sent an email a few days ago inquiring when u would receive my shipment and I got the startard 5-7 day shipment reply

    • I got the same email

    • Oh, I hope I get my summer 2016 box. I should check my credit card online and see what they charged. I know one is coming tomorrow!

    • That is some unfortunate BS.

      Looking back on BeautyCon’s reviews Liz made remarks about their shoddy customer service/box fulfillment. Is it any wonder BC shuttered it’s doors??

  2. Has anyone received her/his boxes yet?

    • No I have not. I haven’t received a shipping notice either!

    • I received one shipping notice (not sure if it’s for both boxes that I ordered) but it’s supposed to arrive tomorrow according to fedex.

      • I got my three – although missing 2 items. A Luxie brush & a duplicate of the Kate Somerville scrub.

        Overall given recent updates, feel very lucky!

    • I got 1 of the 2 boxes I ordered today

  3. I just called customer service. They are not honoring the order for the summer 17 and summer 16 boxes I placed because they sold more than they had anticipated and claim there was a technical issue with their website. I am so disappointed. You better call to confirm if indeed you will be receiving anything at all!!!

  4. Doesn’t work any moreee… help :(((

    • The flash sale ended on September 2nd. They sold out. Sorry!

  5. I just wanted everyone to know that I received my order of non-box items from BeautyCon today. I ordered two of the water bottles and the canvas tote. The bottles are great and will be used immediately. The tote is tolerable. But, $20 for everything and free shipping from FedEx, it’s definitely worth it!

    I am still waiting for my four boxes. However, they are on their way via FedEx and are scheduled for delivery in three days.


    • Super glad I passed on the tote!

  6. Aww man! I wish I would’ve seen this, I totally missed out on a great deal! I guess it’s a good thing for my bank account that I didn’t though! Lol

  7. They are already having shipping and ordering issues. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised!

  8. Something smells scam to me. How can there be boxes for sale still when I haven’t been shipped my boxes. Somethings not right here. I ordered 5 boxes been charged only for one. Have not received a shipping notice. They did reply to one of my e-mails and confirmed my 5 boxes and said they would charge my cc when the boxes ship. Now for the past three days they are no longer responding to my E-mails. I smell scam all over this as they are closing or I could be wrong and its just kaos over there and they don’t know what their doing. Any whoot they should not go down like this. Be faithful until the end Beautycon.

    • I was charged for mine some of the charges were separate but I ended up with 3 shipping confirmations and all boxes finally came out of my account. I have 2 boxes scheduled to be here Friday and one box scheduled for Saturday.
      I am sure with all the orders that they are overwhelmed.

    • Well, the point of a scam would be to get our money, and they aren’t even charging us for what we ordered. They just can’t handle the volume. I can only hope that the orders are filled on a first come first served basis, and not randomly.

      • I have 3 shipments that fed ex has received. One is 4.1 lbs another is 5.1 pounds and the last is 5.9 pounds. So unless Beautycon sent a box of rocks to fed ex to be shipped to me then I don’t think it is a scam. I will know by Fri and Sat. Another reason that I don’t think it is a scam is that they only charged before then sent each shipping confirmation. My first order I received a charge for $8.75 cents and then a day later for $17.50. I think if it was a scam that they would have taken the entire $26.25 and not bothered to send fed ex tracking info. The Fed ex shipping info shows that they have received a box from Beautycon.

      • I got my three 2016 boxes today in one shipment.

        Everything that listed on the website was included. Except 2 items:

        SUMMER 2016 – Luxie Rose Gold Large Fan Brush

        FALL 2016 – Kate Somerville Exfolikate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment

        IDK if they have these & forgot/overlooked to pack them or if they’re already at a deficit… πŸ˜•

        • UPDATE: At least their CS is responsive.

          They cannot send out replacement missing items.

          But aren’t they selling these boxes again?

        • Great! Now i want my money back. I really wanted Kate Somerville (((

          • I was supposed to get it 2 of my boxes, so at least I got one! πŸ˜•

            I’d say given the odds, 98% is pretty good.

  9. So far, I have only been charged for one box. I ordered one of each. Hope this doesn’t mean they ran out….

  10. Has anyone else not received a shipping confirmation or even been charged yet? I ordered 3 boxes an hour after it went live. They charged and then credited a $1 to my account but nothing since.

  11. Looks like the Fall and Winter boxes are back in stock..

    • The FLASH code for 75% seems to be not valid anymore … 😒

      • I noticed that the boxes don’t have identical items to the original versions.

  12. Ughhhh I’m so over this company. I checked out with the coupon, it reduced the price but I was billed $35 anyway!! I disputed the charge difference with my credit card and sent them an email. I should have listened to my gut and skipped this “deal”.

    • I think someone else had this happen! I got immediate response from their CS when I asked about delivery. I hope you do too.

  13. I just got my tracking # and I was informed all of 4 boxes are shipped!!

  14. I got my shipping prep notice yesterday. My expected delivery is Tuesday.

    (It’s coming from Orange County, CA & I’m in LOS ANGELES – where is it going for 5 days??!?!)

    Because the label was for 1 package I sent CS an email inquiring about my order of all three of the 2016 boxes. They’ve packed them into 1 shipment! Huzzah πŸ˜€

  15. I ordered 5 boxes have only been charged for 1 which was on Sept 5th which I don’t even know which one was charged and still no email confirmation about shipping. Sooo frustrated.

    • Well I ordered 9 was charged for 2 on the 6th & was told they would ship the next day still no confrontation so I called & was told that they are refunding the $ because they can’t ship the boxes u til the rest of the boxes are in stock even though 2 are available I have to wait 7-10 days for the other boxes to arrive so they can all be shipped at once! This makes no sense why not ship what’s available and already charged & more than likely they will be short so I’m over it I just want my money back I don’t even want these boxes now

  16. ALERT🎁🎁 for those who are waiting for the LOOK FANTASTIC ADVENT CALENDAR 2017 ….in it on sale know for $115!!!!!!! Go check that out on LOOKFANTASTIC.COM….I just place the pre-sale order

    • The box looks amazing…..25 items

  17. Does anyone have any idea when these will ship or if they will provide shipment emails/tracking?

    • I have one that shipped but have been charged for five.

      • I have only been charged for 1 and it hasn’t shipped yet. Ordered 5

        • I was charged for one and got a shipment notice today. One box 8.2 lbs. I ordered 5 (kinda by accident…) kept pressing buttons when their website froze!! πŸ™‚

    • I got my shipment information today. They shipped all four boxes.

  18. I just got off the phone with them about ordering all four boxes and only being charged for 1. I was told they are processing them separately but that I would get all 4 and they would ship once they are all processed. So phew! I was afraid I wouldn’t be getting what I ordered even though I got the email confirmation for all 4. I was told I would get them in 7-10 business days. Just thought I’d post for anybody who had same thing happen and hasn’t had a chance to call.

    • Thank you! Was nice to let us know….me…same situation

    • I hope so. I ordered 5 so I could gift them for Christmas.

  19. Did anyone else have some weirdness with the payment coming out? I bought $50 worth on my first order and then a second order for 3 more boxes….got email conformation that the order went through but the charges are coming through my bank 1 discounted box at a time ($8.75). Just hoping i get my whole order! Beautycon was my favorite!

    • Same thing for me…4 boxes

  20. no shipping email yet. have others shipped?

    • I got my email that it had shipped last night about 9:30pm. A coworker who also ordered when I did hasn’t gotten one yet

    • I have one that shipped and three showing pending on charge although they told me 4 to 6 week backorder.

    • My coworker ordered 1 box after I did and she got her shipping confirmation today πŸ‘ I’m still waiting on mine only two $9.47 charges were taken from me for 2 boxes out of the 9 I ordered

  21. I ordered one of each within 30mins of this originally being posted. (Took another 30 mins to get everything in my cart and check out). I haven’t gotten an email from them besides my confirmation showing 4 boxes, but I was only charged for one. Has anyone else had this happen? I’m wondering if they sold out and now I’m only getting the least popular one. I would think they would charge them all together and ship at the same time…?

  22. I ordered 3 of these soon after the MSA post…I never got an email conf. but I did save my conf. page after sale. I just checked my Credit card today and I was only charged for 1, $8.75 so not sure whats happening there…guess we shall see.

  23. I purchased 4 boxes and today I only got charged $8.75 does that means I’m going to get one of the box?

  24. I have a feeling a lot of these are going to be canceled. I ordered all four boxes the first day (within the 1st few hours) and my CC was charged today, but only for 1. Hoping I am wrong….

    • Same here I ordered 9 boxes immediately 6 summer 2016 1 summer 2017 & 2 winter 2016… I was charged for 2 the winter boxes I called customer service & was told the other boxes are on back order

  25. I called to check on my order after seeing reports of 4-6 weeks. The rep confirmed I had 4 boxes ordered, but currently the two summer ones were backordered and that that was also impacting the fall box, so the only one ready to ship tomorrow was the winter box. She said they are expecting the supplies to complete the other boxes in 7-10 days, that I should get an email within 24 hours after the box has been shipped, and that my card would only be charged as each one is shipped.

    • I am just wondering why they’d backorder anything if they are discontinuing the box?..

      • That’s interesting that they are back ordering products for past boxes.
        They are going out of business and these boxes are over a year old and already created by the creator of that month.
        Something seams wrong or I’m reading to much into it? They only are charging for the boxes their shipping out, so their not taking anyone’s money.
        I would think that they would of just sold the boxes they had left over from that season that they had in stock? The reason for the sale to get rid of everything because their shutting down. I guess I will be happy with my one box and hope everyone was able to get one as well.

    • What is the customer service number? Does anyone know?

    • I just called to check my status after reading these comments. I hadn’t been charged but the CS rep said I’ve been charged for 1 Box. I got the impression he was being vague and was talking over me so I had to specifically ask him if the box shipped or was in the process of shipping. In process of course, lol. I also asked if any boxes on back order and he said no. The delay is because some are 2016? Ok. I also asked if I would receive tracking info for each shipment and he said yes. But then if I didn’t to call back. πŸ™„. In the end he said I should receive these in 7-10 days. I’ll try to be positive but it seems strange some being told back ordered. Wouldn’t they just be sold out if the sub is discontinued? Good luck to us.

  26. I don’t know what happened but I was charged for only one box. The last time I corresponded with them, we went over the two orders I placed and the amount they would be deducting from account because there is California taxes they added to the final charge. No problem, I was very appreciative they responded asap. But now I’m only getting one box. I ordered 5. I’m ok if it’s one box per sale. But shouldn’t they of told us this? Maybe they can’t fulfill all the orders. Any hoot, I guess I’ll be thankful for my one box. Good luck Beautycon…I really loved your sub.

    • Oh really, I only ordered 2 boxes because I wanted others to have a chance. I’ll be happy with only the winter box though if they only send 1 per customer.

  27. Just got an email from them. They told me that my order is in process and I will receive it in 7-10 days

    • I have $8.75 pending on my charge
      Problem i ordered twice for a total of 7 boxes. Looks like I am getting one. Both orders were in the first 24 hours. I did receive confirmations. Wonder which one I’ll get

      • My card wasn’t charged $8.75 this morning but I ordered two boxes in two separate transactions. I wonder if they’re going in order? I got them both Friday night so I really hope they both come through. Do they send another email aside from the confirmation after purchase?

        • *Was charged. I wish we could edit the posts lol.

      • I got $8.75 pending too, and I ordered three boxes (all the 2016 ones).
        I wonder what that means now…
        I mean, it won’t be the end of my life, obviously, but I was so excited already about getting all these boxes, and I ordered at 2am the night we got the email.

        • I called them. They said boxes were on back order but would receive in 4 to 6 weeks.

          • Oh yeah? Well, that’s something to look forward to! πŸ‘

          • I also called and was told my boxes (3 of them) would ship out within the next 48 hours and would be received in the next 7-10 bussiness days.

        • I did not got any charges😼 bought 4 boxes

          • Same here. I ordered 4 boxes 1 of each, and haven’t been charged for any of them. I will be so upset if I don’t get them. I always miss out on all the good deals, and I finally made it on time to get it will be a bummer if I don’t end up getting what I ordered.

    • I was just billed the full amount for the water bottle I ordered.. Waiting for the boxes to bill. I wonder if this company made so much and had so much fun at their big events that they decided to ditch the box selling business and focus on their events. They do look very cool!!

  28. The confirmation email I received said they would start shipping out on Tuesday! Can’t beat that kind of response & turnaround!

  29. All boxes are now sold out. Luckily I acted immediately yesterday when I got the notice.

    Thanks to Liz & Frances for the hook up!

    BC merch seems to still be in-stock. I almost bought one of their totes. It’s less than $9 with free shipping….

  30. I received a late e-mail for one of my orders yesterday. So for those who haven’t received an e-mail but placed an order, rest assure.
    I also was told they will not charge any credit cards until the boxes ships.
    Tomorrow is a holiday.

  31. For everyone worried about being charged–they just replied to my inquiry and said the payment method on file will be charged when the items are shipped.πŸ€‘

    • Thank you for sharing! Enjoy your boxes!

  32. Dang, sad I missed this….All ‘Out of Stock’ now.

    • Just saying, the water bottle is in stock for 6.25, use the same code. It is cute and is a great one!!

      • Does anyone know if the water bottle is BPA-free?

      • Does anyone know if the bottle isn’t BPA-free?

        • It’s not plastic. It’s by H2GO FORCE, 17 oz. Double wall stainless steel vacuum thermal bottle with threaded insulated lid. Vacuum insulated body and copper plated inner wall. It has a very solid feel to it. Made in China, stainless steel top and bottom, hand wash recommended. Sure glad I ordered one!!

  33. Place the order, but I did not got any charged not even a hold. Anybody else?
    Of course, everything is sold out…

    • Did you get a confirmation email?

      • Yes but my cc stopped the payment because ” unusual activity” 😾, put a hold for $1 until I did sent the confirmations thet everything is ok, and then nothing, not hold not payment. Hope everything went through……good look to everybody ….

    • I ordered one of each yesterday and got an email confirmation a few minutes after. Right before that I submitted my order and my cart was empty. Checked my cc to see if was charged and tried to find tel # for Beautycon to see if order went thru but didn’t locate one . So I decided to try again. Only got one email confirmation so I’m guessing only last one went thru. That was around 2:30 pm. At 8:00 pm I got email from Beautycon about items still in my cart which showed all 4 when only Summer 2017 was in stock. But when I tested check out the others said out of stock. I just called my cc to check if charged and they said a $1 charge that’s already been reversed. Hope they charge the full amount soon and ship quickly. I read Tuesday I think. Also the description of Summer 2016 box doesn’t list the expired product but a Luxie Brush not originally in Kandee Johnson’s unboxing.

      • Thank you! Looks like we all are on the same boatπŸ˜„

  34. All four are out of stock πŸ™

  35. Got all 4 plus the water bottle for me and ordered 4 for my sister-in-law. Then we both went back in that night and got the only box that was left and a tote bag. Many thanks.😘😘

  36. All of them are out of stock… So sad πŸ™

  37. Ordered 3 2 days ago, said it went through, then got email that they were still in my cart? And had 1$ credits back to my account? I don’t know, I’m guessing I didn’t get any of them, but what was with the 1$ refunds back to my account??

    • Got the same thing! I believe they check on us the ability to pay. Just kidding! πŸ˜„ enjoy your Sunday and wait for better news next week

  38. Thanks! I bought one of each. They’ll be a celebration surprise for my daughter when she finishes all of her college applications, since I know I won’t have enough self-control to wait and give them to her for Yule. She loves to watch youtube unboxing videos, so with these she can channel Tati and have a lot of fun. πŸ™‚ Anything she doesn’t want will go into our donation box for the local shelter for homeless LGBTQ+ youth.

  39. I was having problems with the website yesterday, but when I logged on a little while ago the boxes appears available, but say out of stock once you add it to the cart. Anyone else tried and it looks like everything was sold out?

    I should have tried to jump on the deal sooner – it’s worth it even if you only use an item or two from the box.

  40. Sold out.
    I got all 4. Went on again to order for a gift for the ladies in my family. Sooold out.

  41. I ordered the Winter 2016 last night. Checked back to possibly order another one (Body Karate and Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer. Oh yeah) Alas, only Summer 2017 left. Bought it because of that price and it will work great for gifts. I got 2 water bottles too. Anyone know what size the bottles are. I already have a S’well 9oz that I like, but was hoping for a bigger size.

    • The white bottle LOOKS bigger than the 9oz Swell bottle, but I was wondering, too.

    • The 9 oz swell lists at 25, and the 17 lists at 35 on Urban outfitters. It’s probably 9oz… I was hoping for the bigger one, but I still will be happy either way, I mean I paid $6.25!! It’ll have to be in addition to a larger bottle each day..

  42. I’m so sad. They haven’t taken the boxes down and they don’t even say they’re sold out until you click add to cart and a separate screen comes up. Which really just allows you to just get interested and excited about things. I would have ordered this morning, but I was so tired from work and I could hardly get the site to load. And I just missed out on the 50% off elf sale too when I finally got my order exactly right and there was 10 minutes left and I go to check out and everything is taking several minutes to load. That was even worse. To be in check out and see my total go from 25 to 50. And now with this sale I assumed it would actually say it’s sold out on the page, but they were all 4 still there with the add to cart button. So I was looking at reviews and really considering the items and there was really only one that didn’t look too good. So after taking all that time to consider I go to add to cart and a popup comes up that they’re all out of stock. And when I reloaded the page they were all still there with the add to cart option, so who knows how long it’s been out. Anyway both of these incidents have upset me much more than I think they should have, I’m not sure if I have a more serious problem than I thought or what, but it’s incredibly upsetting and disappointing when you spend all that time and energy into something only for it all to be a waste. It’s just not nice to get excited about getting something only to have it ripped from your imaginary grasp. It’s deflating and it makes me feel sad and I just needed to get that out. I don’t think I have too much in life to look forward to so this kind of thing just makes me so sad.

    • Jex,
      Are you on the forum here? If not, what is your email address? I would like to send you something.

    • I’m in total agreement with you Jex, but I just couldn’t get the words out like you did. I was so excited to see all showing available so I also did the research and when I went to order it was sold out, one after another. Didn’t want the last one so didn’t bother to get it πŸ™ I was very disappointed & upset as well… Doesn’t seem right to me that they’re still showing up that way, or that their wasn’t a limit. I mean I know they want to sell the stuff; but I’m on disability and don’t have a car. So I I don’t have the disposable income or ability to sub to these boxes normally. Whenever they do go on these sales there should be a limit for the day or per person so people like myself get a chance too… I just live vicariously through the rest of you who are able to try all the luxe subs and hope I’m not too late for the next sale… β€οΈπŸ€—

    • Jex, you have said everything that I feel right now. I had to move unexpectedly because I have the worst landlord in the world. Our utilities were included in our rent. There was a business below us. They went out of business. Our landlord sends a text to my boyfriend that we have to be out by the 1st and he sent it on the 25th. Our rent was paid. I suppose given that situation we would have continued to stay until we could find a reasonable place and had the money to move, moving isn’t cheap. Anyways, on Thursday, he sent another text that our electric would be shut off either that day or Friday. We weren’t able to even start looking for a place until Wednesday due to helping family with their problems that we had agreed to do before this started. Needless to say, I have been packing and putting things into four different vehicles since yesterday without any electric. This morning we were supposed to sign a lease for a new apartment. That landlord decided he needed to wait because there was work that hadn’t been completed by the maintenance guy. It is Saturday and a holiday weekend. We managed to get a place much further away than we wanted today, for which I am grateful. But buying one of these boxes had been a bright spot in all of this madness. Like you, I was looking at each and every review in route with a load as my boyfriend drived. Any spare minute I had I was looking and reading. We have finally finished getting everything out, mind you we were wearing head lamps. Smh. And I am sitting in the car, while he is grabbing some food and I was finally going to purchase the Summer 2017 box. It had been in my cart for hours. But I hadn’t had the time to checkout. And it is gone. Ugh. So sorry guys that I have written a novel that doesn’t involve sub boxes much, but I am actually in tears now. You can only take so much in a day. I didn’t have the money to buy more than one so I was trying so hard to make a good educated decision. And it’s just too late now.

  43. I wanted a summer 17 box and was able to get one. I also immediately received the email order confirmation. Hope all goes well with receiving all the box items.

  44. I only first learned of this box this summer, and in ironic twist of fate that turned out to be their last one.
    I am so glad I am still getting the chance to try out their previous boxes, and for a fraction of the price!
    I am not even sad that the Spring 2017 box wasn’t available, since I already own that Cargo palette and a few other items from that box that matter to me.

  45. Well I just wanted to get a winter 16 box but I was too late for any of them πŸ˜₯ even summer 16 would’ve been nice but those are gone too, oh well guess it wasn’t meant for me 😒

  46. Unfortunately I missed out, only the Summer 2017 box was left. I really wanted to try at least one other. Oh well.

  47. Has anyone not gotten a confirmation email yet? I ordered a winter 2016 box at about 10:00 AM EST and still haven’t received one. On the checkout page, everything went through though.

    • I got an order confirmation email before the website had even shown the order as complete. If you don’t have an email soon, I’d contact their customer service.

      Good luck!

    • Ordered last night. Got confirmation but the site is probably overloaded.

  48. Almost ordered all of them this morning(zero problems with the website/super fast), but hesitated after reading so many comments about their horrible customer service and how it seemed they could not possibly have THIS MUCH overstock. Ran errands and came back to 3 out of 4 being sold out. Still kind of glad I didn’t order any because companies doing this make me nervous- like, what if an item is missing? Or what if they run out but still charge me? Everything is so cheap until I think of the headache of messing with bad customer service reps. How much of this stuff is still even good? Makeup has a shelf life.

    • That’s a lot of worrying! πŸ˜ƒ

      And the shelf life is usually 36 months.

      • You never know with these companies! I just spent way too much of my time getting a $30 credit from one of them earlier in the week. I was repeatedly outright lied to, despite emails, etc. You mention lawyer and man, these guys accommodate a bit faster. I guess I’m still bitter about having to take it that far. πŸ™‚ It should never have to come to that.

        36 months?! Good to know!

    • Wow! You’re fretting a lot over $8 bucks! For your own sake, I sincerely hope you don’t ponder quite as much over each decision you make like this! For instance if you go out to eat, wouldn’t you spend substantially more, on one meal? By your own rationale, it might take you a week just to decide between Olive Garden or Chili’s.
      If an item is missing from an $8 box, whose company is going out of business, I will have ten items instead of eleven, and go about my day. 😊

  49. I got one of each this morning, but I just went back to do the same for my mom, and only the summer 2017 box is still in stock.

  50. They are sold out!! But i got mine. Winter Box 2016..only got one..because i have so much makeup already but i just couldn’t pass up $8.75 for $140 worh of products.!!!!!

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