Allure Beauty Thrills Box October 2017 – Available Now!

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The October Allure Beauty Thrills Box is available now! (Thanks for the heads up, Suzanne!)

The cost is $49.95 + $10 shipping.

The October Beauty Thrills Box will include 19 full-size items. And here are the FULL spoilers:

  • BURT’S BEES Glossy Lipstick
  • CHAPSTICK Total Hydration Moisture + Tint Flaunt It Fuchsia
  • FREEMAN Beauty Infusion Revitalizing Pomegranate & Peptides Peel-Off Mask
  • GRANDE Bat Your Lashes
  • HASK Chia Seed Volumizing Dry Shampoo
  • INCOCO Nail Polish Appliqué in Cherry Blossom
  • JORDANA Glow N’ Go Creamy Strobing Stick
  • LE PETIT MARSEILLAIS White Peach & Nectarine Extra Gentle Body Wash
  • NOT YOUR MOTHER’S Coconut Milk & African Marula Tree Oil Smoothing Cream
  • NUBIAN HERITAGE Coconut and Papaya 24 Hour Deodorant
  • PAULA’S CHOICE RESIST Intesive Wrinkle-Repair Retinol Serum
  • SPA LIFE Miraculous Moisturizing Hand Gloves
  • TOM’S OF MAINE Luminous White anticavity natural whitening toothpaste
  • WEN HAIR AND BODY CARE BY CHAZ DEAN Bamboo Green Tea Cleansing Conditioner
  • WEN HAIR AND BODY CARE BY CHAZ DEAN Bamboo Green Tea ReMoist Hydrating Mask
  • WEN HAIR AND BODY CARE BY CHAZ DEAN Spring Gardenia Green Tea Cleansing Conditioner
  • WEN HAIR AND BODY CARE BY CHAZ DEAN Winter Cranberry Mint Cleansing Conditioner
  • WEN HAIR AND BODY CARE BY CHAZ DEAN Winter Vanilla Mint Cleansing Conditioner

FYI – the Allure Beauty Thrills box is separate from Allure’s monthly subscription box – check out our Allure Beauty Box reviews for more info.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I contacted customer service about the missing gloves and they are going to send me a Foreo-The Beauty Essentials. I already have one but not sure if they are sending the skin cleaning machine (that is pricey) or maybe some of the cleansers? I will let you know when I receive it.

    • i had 2 boxes and emailed them yesterday after i read the emails that said customer service was asking for substitutions with other box items. so i sent a friendly email that i thought
      would help. WRONG!
      anyone else think think this sounds pissed off? I was complimentary about the substitutions and friendly so this startled me:

      Dear Subscriber:

      Thank you for contacting Allure Beauty Thrills.
      Replacement items will be mailed. Please allow for delivery time.

      We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

      If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. To ensure your future concerns are handled in a timely fashion, please include all previous e-mail correspondence.

      Thank you,

      Allure Beauty Thrills Customer Service
      [email protected]

      • Yes, the reply was abrupt. They are probably getting swamped with missing glove emails. They should have put a note in each box telling people that a different item would be mailed to them. But Allure doesn’t have the best customer service. I’m just happy to get anything.

        • thanks, i was wondering if it was just me.. after all of these years of thrills boxes (9) the monthly trial boxes (8) and magazine (10) I would have liked a bit more friendliness.

          it’s not my problem they didn’t substitute something…
          they used to substitute a product and put a printed note in the box.
          of course there were 2 or 3 times more products so no one complained much.

          now i am wondering what i will get as a replacement…
          COAL? A BAR OF SOAP? 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • If they put a note in the box then they would actually have to send a replacement to every single person that didn’t receive one this way they only have to replace the product for those people that complained about it and thus save a ton of money. Same as popsugar mystery boxes that they advertised 8 products and sent seven. If you didn’t email them they didn’t send you anything.

          • Good point. I guess some people won’t complain.

      • This was nicer than my blow off comment that they sent me. Boo Allure!

    • Allure has the WORST customer service. I ordered an August box on September 19, it arrived October 27.


      Every time I sent a questioning email, they sent a rote unapologetic response. Finally, they wrote Hope you’re enjoying your items… It still hasn’t arrived!!!

      My money is going somewhere else from now on. Plenty of other great boxes out there.

      Bye, Allure Beauty Thrills.

    • I received the replacement item for the missing gloves–a Foreo Luna Play with 2 Foreo Cleansers. Much better than the gloves! But I ordered 2 boxes on different days and this is for the 2nd box I ordered. Still haven’t received anything for the first box.

      • i was lucky i guess … i told them i ordered 2 boxes and got my Foreo ( i already have one and love it) and my Revitalizing Supreme light creme from Estee Lauder in the same box last week. Much better than the gloves.

  2. I just received my box today and no hand gloves either. My box contained orange blossom shower creme which I like, a dark contour stick that may work out as a lipstick, Paula’s Choice to lighten brown spots and brighten skin, I am pale with freckles so this should be interesting to try. I only hate the bright pink Burt’s Bees lipstick, but my goodness the huge bottles of Wen shocked and surprised me. I actually like not knowing everything in advance. Overall, for me it is a really nice box to use and share lots of new products.

  3. Did anyone else receive their box? I got mine today, but I had a few issues. They accidentally left out the SpaLife miraculous moisturizing hand gloves and I got variants on some of the items that didn’t match the promised contents (lavender shower creme instead of the white peach and nectarine shower gel, a super dark Jordana contour stick instead of the highlighting stick). Does this box usually do variations? I was under the impression that, other than the lipstick, we were receiving the products as listed? Not being whiny… This is my first beauty thrills box and I don’t know if this is a common occurance.

    • I got the exact same variations you described in my box today. I was planning on contacting Allure.

      • Were you missing the gloves as well?

        • I was missing the gloves as well

          • me too!!

          • Call them and they will send a substitute

      • Me to. Poppy milk instead of the white peach. No hand gloves–and I was missing a pump for the large Wen shampoo. I also got a contour stick instead of the highlight. This was my first Beauty Thrills box. I had canceled the monthly subscription due to too many issues and poor customer service…

        • They sent me a full size Clarin moisturizer in place of the gloves. One of the large Wen does not need a pump. It has a flip lid.

          • They ended up sending me a full sized Jurlique rosewater balancing mist. I’m actually really excited to try it… It has a pretty good rating from Sephora!

    • I received my box today. I did not get the gloves either but no big deal. I got Cotton Milk and Poppy body wash instead of peach/nectarine but that is fine with me. Also got a Jordana Sculpt and Go in Light which is fine too. I was missing one of the Wen pumps but I have plenty on hand.

      I am very happy with this box mainly because of the Wen. I am going to order another box. Just too great of a deal to not have another one.

      Also the order form says Contents of box may vary so they are covered for substitutions. Don’t know what they will do with the missing gloves.

      • Thanks, that’s good to know! I must have missed the part about the varied contents in my excitement during the ordering process. As a whole, I really do love the contents… I’ve never tried Wen before, so I’m looking forward to using it! I’m pretty bummed about the gloves because I love those types of hand masks, but the value is definitely there for the entire box and I will use everything in it except the lavender body wash 😁

      • I did not get the gloves either but that’s ok. I got no Jordana (was actually hoping to try that) and two Burt’s bees instead. I got the cotton flower and Poppy body wash and love it. The Wen makes me so happy. I would order another but couldn’t use the went fast enough. I hope they do a similar box in the spring,💕

      • Me too! I ordered two boxes because of the Wen products. I love them!

        • No problems with hair loss with the WEN products? That was all over the news last year as they were/are under a lawsuit.

    • i didn’t get the SPA LIFE Miraculous Moisturizing Hand Gloves either… I have had something like this happen in the past and they sent the product.

      you should email [email protected] and they will help.

      i asked customer service and they told me there were substitutions. and no exchanges or replacements… i asked because there were so many.

      so i didn’t receive the JORDANA Glow N’ Go Creamy Strobing Stick either … i got the same hideous dark brown contour stick… i am a fair skinned blonde. WAY too dark .

      LE PETIT MARSEILLAIS … i rec’d Cotton milk and poppy. wonder what it smells like

      PAULA’S CHOICE RESIST Intensive Wrinkle-Repair Retinol Serum is replaced with what look like a trail size brown spot remover… this is why i bought the box so i am frustrated.

      and SPA LIFE Miraculous Moisturizing Hand Gloves were MIA.


      • Ugh, I’m sorry. I’m also super fair skinned, so the contour stick will be pretty much unusable for me as well. I hope they correct the issue with the missing Paula’s Choice… that was one of my reasons for buying too!

        • I did email CS yesterday and they replied last night:

          Thank you for contacting Allure Beauty Thrills.

          There were a variety of scents of the La Petit Marseillais that were shipped in the October Thrills box. We will not be able to send any customer a specific scent. The Jordana Glow Sculpting Stick replaced the Jordana Glow-n-Go Strobing Stick.
          We apologize but we were unable to include the Spa Life Miraculous Moisturizing Hand Gloves in the October Thrills box. We would be happy to send you another full size item.
          If we can be of further assistance, please let us know.

          I just asked for more makeup removing wipes… It’s the most usable item for me 😊

          • I got the same email except they told me the product they would send me (instead of me choosing). They said they would be sending Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Light Anti-Aging Cream

    • I hope I get the lavendar too instead. I really prefer that!

      It’s normal. They reserve the right to change the contents have to because of the sponsors.

  4. This says it would ship 7-10 days from payment processing. Can anyone confirm the shipping time frame? I should have received a confimration by now.

    • Don’t hold your breath. The recent boxes are shipped in about a month from payment. The only time they have been sent quickly was in the old days when they sold out the first day.

      • I guess I’m going to buy shampoo, toothpaste and deororant while waiting for my shampoo, toothpaste and deororant

    • I’d think since this is a unique box, never done before October BC Awareness Month, we’d receive by 10/31. But who knows? I don’t really care as the box is a want not a need for me.

    • My question about this box is how is it related to Breast Cancer awareness? It was announced that it was going to be a “special” box specifically for BC. Anyone know? Am I over-looking something? Not real fond on all the WEN products either. I will say that this box is letting me down.

      • If you took time to read the comments you will see Wen is included because his Mom died from Breast Cancer and proceeds from this box go BC charities. 1st time they have done this. Don’t be so critical.

    • I ordered on Sept. 28th and still haven’t received a confirmation. I emailed them, and this was the response:

      Dear Subscriber:

      Thank you for contacting Allure Beauty Thrills.
      Due to a delay in receiving a product for the October Allure Beauty Thrills box, there will be a delay in the shipment of the box. Customers will receive an email when their box ships. We apologize for the delay.
      We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

      If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. To ensure your future concerns are handled in a timely fashion, please include all previous e-mail correspondence.

      Thank you,
      Allure Beauty Thrills Customer Service

    • I received notice that my box shipped!

      • Great! Thanks so much for letting us know. Appreciate it.

    • My box arrived today, I didn’t get an email letting me know it was being sent out.

    • I can confirm. Mine is at my local post office and is scheduled for delivery tomorrow. I ordered on the 16th

  5. When do this box ship? Does anyone know?

    • That’s what I came here to find out!

      • Me too. But I couldn’t figure out how to make an original comment.

      • Me too!

    • gosh, been waiting so long. I’m an annual subscriber and haven’t gotten any emails with dates or shipment info…

      • I ordered on Sep. 28 and I just got an email with my shipping notification.

  6. Is this a recurring subscription? I tried to find the customer service website but there is none listed.

    • When you order your first box you can sign up.

  7. Does anyone know if the September box has gone on sale yet? I bought one, but kept seeing that it was still available so wondering if they’ll offer a discount.

  8. Resisted, thought about it, now bought it. Good staples and so far good experiences with Wen. Now I can move on with my life.

    • I was so disappointed by what is in this box. Wen! I purchased the last box which I loved and couldn’t wait to see the contents of this one. I definitely will be passing, the fact that allure put Wen in this box makes me disgusted. I first hand saw what wen did to family members and friends of mine. Even my hair stylist told me stay away it gets impacted in the scalps pores and won’t wash out. Friends of mine that had beautiful hair lost clumps and clumps I felt so bad. Many of them hiding at home not being able to leave there house. Was traumatizing on them. I looked to see if they even changed the formula but could not find any information on google, or in Chaz deans main website making ammends and proving to people that your formula has been changed would be nice. Considering the people that got affected by this product. My heart goes out to all the people that were affected by Wen. I wish wen would let us know if the formula has been changed and make and Annoucement like how has it changed? What is different from the new formula vs is the old? The risk are heavy using this some people didn’t notice right away after a few years of use. So that is scary as well I just think the risk are too high and not being able to find out much on if the formula has been changed scares me.
      Definitely will pass on this one. Hopefully the next will be better 🙁

      • There was a lawsuit over it, I know as I was contacted! I doubt they’ve changed anything, either, but did you try contacting WEN directly?

        • Thank you for this information! I actually did contact them and filed a complaint years ago on behalf of my mom with guthy renker. They offered to send us more we said no thank you. They said it could be defective I surely hope they changed it. I don’t trust the company. To many horror stories. I won’t support a company that did that to its customers. The least they could do is announce a change of formula not make people have to read a label. The sad thing is many people are unaware of this. My friend used it for 6 years and then her hair started falling out like crazy she even slept with it on. You can’t get it near your scalp. Very sad this box contains Wen. Will have to wait for the next box. Does anyone know when the next box will be on sale?

        • No, because it probably didn’t happen.

      • Even if WEN fixed their problem I mY literally scaredy-cats and don’t want you test try any of their priducts. Must if the big items a are from wen which I won’t be using. Maybe allure can exchange the items to something different for the ones that don’t feel comfortable using the wen product. It’s out safety and choice and I would hope allure won’t help us out if

        • Please grow up. Many of us have said on here the products work great. Don’t buy the box then. I bought 2 of these boxes I like their products so much. Scaredy cat? Seriously? Come on. I honestly love Wen products and my long hair looks fabulous.

          • Wen has been amazing for my hair! I’m 40, with a baby. Soooo, lots of hormonal stuff going on and I’ve had ZERO hairloss! You can find people who have had trouble with ANY BRAND if they see dollar signs! If you don’t want it, don’t buy it! It really is that easy!

          • I agree. LOVE WEN

          • another WEN-lover here. have used wen products for 5 years. my hair has never been better. I’m 60-something and wen has actually help to reduce hair-thinning. thrilled that it’s in the thrills box 🙂

          • Some of us pre-paid for our boxes, never realizing that our worst nightmare of receiving FIVE WEN products in one box could come true. I know Wen is expensive, so my mind thinks of so many other products I would’ve enjoyed getting over WEN. I have 1 friend who I give Wen products to, but everyone else I know, including me, has had bad experiences or fears the worst. So, yeah, I kind of feel I have the right to not be happy.

          • That’s a great point.

  9. I was really enjoying reading all the products in the box until I realized there are 5 bottles of Wen. That’s a lot of Wen. This would’ve been a excellent deal though if I was still using Wen. I used Wen for several years with no problems. When I dyed my hair red, I was hoping that it would keep the color better, but it was just okay. So, I looked into another product & I like it better for color maintenance. (I’m using Monat now.) So, this is going to be a pass. I still have 2 bottles of Wen that I’ve not used under my sink. I don’t need to add 5 more bottles.

    • Hi Maggie – I’m curious about your Monat experience with your color treated red hair. Which product(s) do you use and how long have you been using it? I’ve just started hearing about Monat recently and am curious to try it. Havent quite dared to. 🙂 I’ve been using Wen for several years now and it’s the only product I’ve been able to find that doesn’t wash the color out of my hair right away. Thanks for any info you can provide!

      • Hello Elle,
        I’ve actually used a few of the Monat products. I started with the Volume System (Renew Shampoo & Revitalize Conditioner). I’ve also used their leave in conditioner & styling products. I’m currently using their Intensive Repair shampoo & conditioner. When I use their products, I find that my color stays pretty good between salon visits. My hair doesn’t turn brassy or too faded. In the first two washes after my hair is freshly colored, the water is tinted a little red, but then the color stays. And my hair color stays the same (no fading) for the 6 weeks between salon visits. Plus the products are good for my hair. It’s great! My parents, my brother & my best friend are now all using Monat products too.

        • Thanks for the info, Maggie!

          • You’re welcome. 🙂

  10. This box isn’t as appealing as the new Cosmoprof box.

  11. I am an annual subscriber and am more than excited for this box! I also ordered an additional box for my daughter since she also has 3 teenaged daughters of her own who will love the hair products!

    • Awesome

  12. Why would I ever pay $60 for this stuff I could go buy mostly at Walmart? I don’t see the Allure connection with this box.

    • This is a lie. You can’t buy all this at Wal-Mart, much less than for $60

  13. I ordered I think it is a good deal. I Like Wen products. They don’t have a lot of chemicals or sulfates so it leaves your hair soft and silky. I have been using Wen shampoo from the last Allure Beauty Thrills box with good results. I Know that many people have had hair loss according to this post but I have not had this problem. I Love it and I look forward to multiple bottles

    • Wow you still have product left from last years Summer box? I must overly use product…

      I need to really work on this, save some money….

    • Me too.

  14. I used wen and it did in fact make my hair fall out. I stopped using it the way they recommend which is to rub it in to my scalp. Since my hair was falling out from the root I suspected it was this product long before there were complaints and a lawsuit. As soon as i stopped using it on my scalp, my hair stopped falling out and grew back.

    I’ll occasionally use it on my ends because i like the results but I won’t let it get anywhere near my scalp.

    • I’ve never had this issue.

  15. Awhhhh soooo disappointed I don’t have the money for this right now! I am happy there’s so much wen in this! I have very long hair that needs lots of tlc and wen works wonders! I’m hoping since so many people appear to be passing on this one because of to much wen that they will be available when I have the money.

    • You’ll have to get an extra job. Don’t go into debt over hair stuff.

  16. Coconut smell is my least fave and i have straight hair. All that conditioner cream makes my hair look super dirty and greasy. boo.

  17. Eeek! No way would I even take the chance of losing my hair. I just grew it back after losing it during chemotherapy. Pass for me.

  18. For those that believe something is wrong because of the amount of Wen, here is a bit of info. The creator of Wen, lost his mother to cancer. He is also very heavily involved in charity work and fundraisers.

    • I am not sure I see the connection.

      • JuJu, a portion of the sales from this box is donated to a cancer organization.

      • Pay attention. This is breast cancer awareness month donation.

  19. I would love this box except for the Wen. I tried it and it ruined my hair. I definitely don’t want five bottles of it. What a disappointment.

  20. I am all over this one as a 10 yr Wen girl!

    As for some of these comments…

    Wen contains menthol, the same ingredient that causes the “tingling sensation” in products such as Head and Shoulders, C.O. Bigelow, some Dove products and Paul Mitchell Tea Tree.

    The Bamboo Green Tea products (green label) contain rice protein and the Seasonal products (blue, red, white) contain soy protein. None of the Wen items included include wheat, it was only 2 items in the wheat based line that people complained about.

    If you tried the original line of Wen, the rice protein products are more nourishing and many state they rinse easier. The seasonal products offer more treatment over the original line as well.

    If you were to arrange the different lines from least treatment to the most it would be as follows:

    Seasonal (the fun line, new scents every season)
    Ultra Nourishing

    Many people think all Wen products are the same and this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are different lines with different properties and different ingredients. As such many of us Wen girls have our favorites so this set is a good way to try a few out.

    The jar is a Bamboo Green Tea remoist treatment. If you are looking for a deep treatment this is it! You use it on clean wet hair, let it sit for 30 mins (I do it overnight) and rinse with cold/cool water.

    • I am one of the people that filed a lawsuit against Wen and won! I lost 75% of my hair in 2015 and it has just started growing back but now it is very limp and fine and I still have bald spots where hair has never grown back. I had to wear a wig for 2 years! Wen quickly settled after seeing video and pictures and doctor statements. They still have not put warnings on their products that you may lose your hair! 1,000’s of women have had problems with Wen products but they still do nothing to fix the problem except pay out millions of dollars in settlements. Wen is a horrible, irresponsible company! My life has been ruined in more ways than one!

      • Nor were they required to do so by the terms of the settlement. In fact the settlement stated there was no evidence of fault found with Wen.

      • I hope your hair grows back. This sounds truly awful to have to experience. I want to thank you for sharing your story. I have made my decision. The risk is not worth it to me. Losing some hair is one thing but to still have bald spots 2 years later is unacceptable. This is a case of permanent damage in my opinion. The fact that your hair is now fine and limp…. what the hell did their products do- and more importantly, why? I can’t thank you enough for sharing!

      • What products or line of Wen caused this?!!! I always hear about this, but I am not clear why hair loss was a side effect…

        • Any product can cause hair loss. Pantene (PG has been sued over it)and it makes my hair fallout by the bucket loads and I’ve been using WEN for years and my us hair thicker & healthier than its ever been in my entire life. I swear by it. Its truly my only HG product.

          • Pay attention. This is breast cancer awareness month donation.

        • Laura, the two were Sweet Almond Mint and Tea Tree. They are both in the original line and contain gluten and nut extracts (two of the largest food allergies). I don’t know if that was the issue and people were having allergic reactions or not as no ingredient has been labeled as harmful within Wen.

          Wen contains more essential oils and extracts (plant, food, nut) than a chemical based standard shampoo. Personally I am allergic to witch hazel so I don’t use the products with this ingredient (Cucumber Aloe and Wen Kids)

          • Hmmm. Interesting. I worked in a high-end salon for four years during college, so I rarely get drugstore shampoo because of the harsher detergent like ingredients, but I did like that Hask Charcoal shampoo from the May Thrills and the Aveeno from Sept wasn’t too bad. I would never use products like Pantene due to the wax build up. I often use Rusk Full, Aveda Shampure, CHI color safe shampoos, Tea Tree Paul Mitchell, or organic lines like Giovanni or Giovanni2Chic from Whole Foods. I have straight med/thick hair, so very few shampoos don’t way my hair down or give me that dirty/stringy look. I HAVE to blow dry with a leave spray conditioner (Davines and Alterna CC Creme are AWESOME!) or I look like a schlub. I was always curious about the Wen problems as in what was in it that made hair fall out so severely. I thought maybe it was more of a strange chemical in them rather than allergic reactions. That stinks.

          • I thought Alterna Caviar CC cream was the worst. Couldn’t believe the positive reviews after I tried it myself.

            But then, my experience with some some other high(er)-end hair products we’ve received in beauty boxes wasn’t great, either, like Fekkai or EVOLVh.

          • Oh, and Pureology Style & Care Infusion I threw in the trash after one use.

            Bottom line is, no, the high end products are not inherently better.

          • oops *weigh my hair down…

          • JuJu – with the Alterna CC Caviar Cream, I apply a dime or quarter size amount to my hair (mostly on middle and ends) when it is still pretty wet, and then I blow dry in sections with a metal large barrel round brush. My straight hair blow drys amazing when I use it that way.

          • I don’t blow-dry my hair though, for me a hair cream has to control frizz and add curl definition, and this product was awful at that. Plus that horrible lemon smell – who uses that on HAIR? As I said in my product review for it on another site, “Alterna, there is a reason other hair care companies don’t use it.”

        • JuJu- Styling creams are usually heat activated. Alterna CC cream is mainly for anti-breakage from heat/heat protection, UV protection but also helps with shine/smoothing/light hold. It is the wrong product for what you are trying to do and so is the Pureology I am guessing. Those are mainly for blow-drying.
          -A product like ‘OUAI Finishing Creme’ is meant for what you need as it instructs to apply to dry hair to smooth fly-ways and frizz. I heard many curly hair people like John Frieda FrizzEase and that is drugstore..

          • Laura, spot on. It’s the wrong product for what juju is using it for. And it ID heat activated. Before trashing a product, asking regarding it’s use maybe is better juju.? The trick really is using the right product for what you are trying to accomplish. Asking a licensed hair professional would most likely solve any issues for you. I also love alterna CC cream and the scent. Anything citrus and I’m in.
            I also have thick yet fine hair (fine hair but tons of it. Lol) and it’s straight. My hair is incredible when I use it and blow dry it. Juju find a curl definer product as that would work much better for you.

          • Lemon is the scent of many household cleaners, and is out of place in hair products.

            And yes, thank you, I can read – none of those products state that they are specifically for blow drying.

          • I smell a citrus to it, but I don’t smell lemon in CC Alterna. Everyone is different. If a product says ‘Heat Styling-Anti-breakage’ which it does on the tube of Alterna CC that I have with me right now, it means mainly for blow outs. I am not sure why Juju is getting mad, trying to help explain. geez.

        • If you’ll scroll up, you can read another lady’s comments about what is making people’s hair fall out! She mostly said not to use it on the scalp, that’s where it gets in and won’t wash out either and sets you up for hair loss!

  21. I was one of the WEN subscribers that went from too much hair to using garlic shampoo for thinning hair. I still use the oil and restoring spray on the tips to use up the product but there is something to the madness and negative press and also getting “high end” products in the allure box. For people that want to try WEN swagbucks has a great offer when you sign up with them to get basically the entire cost back in points to use on gift cards. That’s how I originally got hooked.

  22. Great value even without the Wen.

  23. I’d rather just donate to the breast cancer research fund and skip this box.

  24. Who wants 3 Wen cleansing conditioners? By the time you get done using one, I bet the other 2 will be expired. I mean… it’s probably already old stock. Easy pass.

    • Wen is good for two years after opening.

    • You don’t wash your hair enough.

      • Mary-I love you. SPOT ON!

  25. I am on the fence with this one. 25% of the box contains wen- which , reviewing the comments – 8 people really like. 2 had bad reactions- the rest of the negative comments were not based on personal experience. They were based on class action lawsuit rebates that affect a lot of products recently, including the honest company, AND Fun, FIt Fab has a settlement too about gift cards for those of you that subscribe. If you qualify, you can file a claim. I think I will wait on this one and read more comments from users of the product- both positive and negative. Thanks in advance for your input.

    • I don’t know, to me even the slightest possibility that a shampoo or conditioner might cause hair loss is a total deal breaker (I am amazed that these products are even still on the market), and I don’t need to hear any more testimony on that. And that’s considering that I have a mane of hair.

      • Did you know Head & Shoulders, Pantene and many other big names have all been accused/sued for hair loss?

        • I don’t know about Head & Shoulders, Pantene’s lawsuits or if they won or lost those cases, but people have a right to be wary of a product, just like people can choose to defend it. My issue is 5 products from the same brand in a box. A brand I couldn’t use even if they didn’t have the hair loss issue because with my fine hair, co-washes are way too heavy for it.

          • People can choose to do whatever they would like. There is a lot of misinformation spread about Wen and many of these details I didn’t learn until I did my own research.

            I started Wen 10 yrs ago so I was already a customer when I started hearing rumors. My family also use it so of course I started investigating. At one point I stopped using it because people were basically saying… if you use it your hair will fall out. After more research and seeing the greed that was pushing some people to become a part of the lawsuit, I came back.

            Now, that was my choice and decision and others should make their own, on their own.

          • CM, yet you are replying to almost every negative comment about WEN. That’s great – it works for you. You did research, etc etc. Now let others who have bad experiences share THEIR stories and make their own decisions.

          • Actually, I only directly replied to two negative comments. The rest were either my post or responding to someone replying to me.

          • MzBev, Actually I only directly replied to two negative comments. The other replies are in response to someone asking a question or replying to me.. such as this one.

          • Pantene makes my hair fallout like crazy, can’t use it.

          • The trick is to apply to dry or damp hair, sleep and in the am, wash it out and condition as you normally would then blow dry. If you have fine hair, this will work wonders BUT you apply two inches below your scalp so it won’t get oily.

          • I tried all the tricks and my hair is just too fine. No matter what I did my hair looked flat and greasy whenever I used a co-wash. I didn’t try it on a blow dry though because I rarely wear my hair straight. Now my sister can use co-washes because she has a thick head of hair, she gladly used up what I had left.

    • I think WEN is one of those products that works either very well or very poorly depending on the person using it. My grandma bought it when it first came out and swore by it for a long time. My daughter used it and her hair looked amazing…so thick and shiny. I used it and hated it. My hair felt greasy and heavy. So I feel that people need to try it and make their own judgements. I’ll admit it can be scary after reading the horror stories but I do feel that it was more of a reaction than a specific chemical/ingredient. Not everyone had a bad reaction. Now that doesn’t make it excusable by any means…there shouldn’t have been any potentially reactive ingredients in the formula and I feel terrible for the people harmed by it…but it’s not the first product to cause side effects and won’t be the last.

      • Exactly! Not EVERY product is good for EVERYONE!

  26. Many people don’t realize they are super sensitive to the hydrolyzed soy that was being used in WEN. All I had to do is avoid using the soy based scents and have not had any issues. Not everyone reads the ingredient list or takes the time to figure out why they are reacting to a product but since I am reactive to everything it was an easy investigation. I can’t wait to get this box!

  27. Easy pass strictly because of the Wen products. Know someone whose 7 year old lost all her hair and is still suffering the after effects. They need to be out of business!

  28. That is a lot of Wen, but I can get a better deal on it from QVC, and I don’t need or use anything else from this box. One of us has really fine straight hair, the other thick wavy hair; and we both use the rice based formula of Wen. While we don’t like it as a cleansing product, we both really like it as a conditioner, and no, it has not caused us to loose our hair at all.

  29. Didnt even second guess buying this with all the WEN. Since its expensive for me I only use it routinely during the cooler months and all year-round for a leave in conditioner. My hair always looks amazing when using it regularly so I’m excited for this box 🙂

  30. I am so thankful for this bonus box this year. It really made pre-sale feel special. I am pleased that the box is full of practical items. Lots of useful things to send to Puerto Rico. Thank you Allure.

    • What a great idea – sending to Puerto Rico! This box and New Beauty Test Tube always have so many practical and useful items.

    • Bonus box?

      • It’s considered a bonus box because Allure Beauty Thrills generally does three boxes a year. The company said the October box was added for Breast Cancer Awareness month when the information for the pre-sale came out.

        • Oh Okay….I see. Thank you for clarifying. I think it is wonderful that they are doing this. I lost my BFF to breast cancer in 14′

  31. Nothing super interesting, least of all Wen.

  32. Just noticed that the picture is Paula’s Choice Vitamin C spot treatment and not the retinol serum.

    • The retinol serum was in the August box, it would make more sense to send a different one this time, so I guess maybe the Vitamin C is the one that will be in the box.

    • Almost got excited when I thought it was the eye cream but sadly it isn’t the eye cream.

  33. Considering the Wen class action lawsuit was just paid out earlier this year, this feels like they probably paid Allure to feature their products for good PR…seems really disingenuous and I would avoid this box! I can’t find anything on the internet that indicates if they’ve changed their formula for the cleansing conditioners, which was the product at the center of the lawsuit.

    • Gosh, that’s so awful.
      It also makes me suspicious seeing so many Wen products in one box.

    • 1. The items included in the suit are not included in this box.

      2. The suit settled without any fault or guilt found on Wen. It was cheaper to settle than fight. Also to this day the accusers couldn’t state what ingredient or ingredients were harmful and have made no statement to this. As a matter of fact, they took their checks and haven’t said a word.

      3. Did you know the lawyers walked away with millions for settling while many of those they claimed to represent only receive $25. That’s less than the cost of one bottle and therefore is not even a refund. The only people that made money on the settlement were the lawyers and the original two women that started the suit. To me it seems they got exactly what they wanted…. money.

      • I’m curious, are you employed by Wen? You sure know a lot about the products and the law suit.

        • No, I’m not…I am a 10 yr customer. Its a product I use on not only myself but I also used on my children. When the rumors and talk began, I investigated and kept up with it (as any mother would). When the law suit started, I was contacted and stayed up to date with it.

          As far as the product, it was a new approach to cleansing and not cheap. I watched the presentations on QVC to make sure I was using it correctly and learned more about it. 10 yrs ago, there was only one line (original) so yes.. over the years as the new items popped up I watched their presentations and tried the ones that appealed to me. Essentially, I learned over time and through use.

    • You don’t wash your hair enough.

  34. This one is such an easy pass with all the Wen product. WHY. Last months box was my first Beauty Thrills box and so far I have loved everything in it. Hard pass on October.

  35. Wow 5 Wen products… It’s like a brand or two dropped out at the last minute and Allure thought “hey! We’ll just throw another Wen Cleansing Conditioner in!”

    Easy pass

  36. Call me crazy, but I love that Wen is turning people off from ordering.
    Maybe if they have enough boxes left they’ll offer ’em at a discount?
    I’d happily buy another box! Or two!!

    • Same here! Or hopefully more Wen will hit the swap site – not much left even though I look all the time. Have used nothing but Wen for maybe 4 years, LOVE IT!

    • Me too. I love Wen products.

  37. I still haven’t gotten my regular September box. Allure has really been disappointing me. And their customer service is not helpful.

    • I didnt receive my September box neither. I had to email them 5 times before they replied and read the emails in their entirety. My account somehow was discontinued even though they had charged me for it.

  38. Not a fan of Wen. I had never had a shampoo feel like it was burning my scalp before using Wen and then my hair also looked like I hadn’t even washed it. As someone with fine oily hair Wen was just a huge miss for me and honestly painful to use. I even used it for awhile to make sure it wasn’t just a thing where my hair or scalp had to get used to the product. It just really was that terrible. If it had something other than Wen I would have bought a box.

  39. Wen fans must be very happy. For them, this is a great box. For me, not so much! I never liked that cleansing conditioner product. I’ve tried it several times and it just never worked for me.

    Big risk for Allure to go so heavy on one brand, especially Wen since it seems to be a controversial brand.

    It also feels a little like they’re trying to get rid of old stock … I think that Spring Gardenia was in a past Beauty Thrills box. Either way, it definitely isn’t a fall/October scent.

    I used to love these Allure boxes. Now it feels like they’re phoning it in for them. I guess I just have nostalgia for the old days when they knocked it out of the park every time.

    But I’m glad the Wen fans will be getting a great deal. Good for them! 👍😀

    • The September box had so many oil/conditioning products. Argan, shea, other heat oil sprays…i have straight hair and need volume. Couldn’t use much of it beside the shampoo/conditioner and face products. This one looks okay, but not worth $60. bummer.

  40. Did they change the Wen formula? Cause last I heard they had a huge lawsuit against them for hair loss.

  41. I just don’t understand this box. Easy pass.

  42. OMG! I swore I would never buy another box after the issues I had with the last one but this is an amazing box. Of course I’m a Wen user. I bought one and may buy another one.

  43. That’s a lot of Wen! I have used it….no issues but I just wasn’t a fan. I did the preorder though so luckily my sister is a huge fan.

  44. Oh, Wen. Pass. I’d like to keep my hair on my head.

  45. How many cleansing conditioners does one need. I’ll have been ok if there’s some Shampoo or something but 3 conditioners!

    • Well, cleansing conditioner is a fancy name for shampoo.

      • Annabella for me I cant do shampoo/ conditioner. I use both so I need a shampoo and a conditioner different bottles, so having 5 of the same thing is crazy

    • Vianny, I agree! From a curation standpoint, I’d much rather see a fun new shampoo and conditioner duo instead of multiple cleansing conditioners, which perform differently from shampoo and conditioner products that are used separately. One cleansing conditioner makes sense to me, but not multiples from the same brand. However, this is a great steal for all of the Wen fans. 🙂

      • Exactly! If you want to add 5 of the same company at least mix it up.

  46. This is the first Beauty Thrills box I’ve picked up in some time becuase of the WEN! Been using it for years and LOVE IT! YAY!

  47. I really miss the original boxes. They had a mix of high end products with some drug store brands. I’m so glad I didn’t pre-order the year.

  48. This looks like one of the least appealing allure boxes I’ve seen. I’ve read nothing but horrible things about wen. Just doesn’t seem like a well put together box

  49. 5 WEN products? Nope, passing. I purchased the last one, but this seems a bust, to me at least.

  50. I got the last one and I’ve been loving everything I’ve tried so far, but this one seems like a dud. Way too many Wen products considering how many people have had issues with them. Seriously…FIVE haircare products from the SAME BRAND? Might be a good buy for someone else but outside of the Paula’s Choice serum there’s nothing here that seems worth it to me.

    • I agree, my SO used to love them (he called it the product that made his hair feel like buttah) but then after only using that product for awhile his hair started falling out (promise it’s not me causing him stress). Would have definitely loved this box if it had cleansing conditioners from other brands.

      • I’m afraid to try WEN because of the negative things I read about it. I like everything else in the box and would order it if it weren’t for the WEN.

        • My sisters and I have used Wen for years and have never had a problem. I think some of the early claims were found to be fraudulent. Who knows. Products effect everyone differently.

          • Love the box and the WEN products. Have used WEN for many years with no problems at all.

        • I agree the Allure boxes aren’t what they used to be, but I am a Wen user, so this is a big win. I have been using it for about three years and it made a great difference in my hair. Keeps my color and better texture. I gave it to my husband first, after seeing a guy on QVC who used it. He is not a product guy and usually uses anything I leave in the shower, but he will only uses Wen. Just our results. The other items are ok to me, too – meaning I will use them, instead of donating. But there are always some products I donate, since there are so many in the box.

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