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Target Beauty Box Review – August 2017

Every month, Target launches a beauty box, and it usually sells out very quickly. (This box is actually still available, though!)

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My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

The Box: Target Beauty Box

The Cost: $7

The Products:

  • Dove Clear Finish Dry Spray Deodorant – 3.8 oz
  • SpaLife Nourishing Facial Mask – 1 ct
  • Herbal Essences Argan Oil Shampoo – 1.4 oz
  • up & up Facial Wipes – 25 ct
  • Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips -1 ct
  • Garnier Clearly Brighter Daily Scrub – 1oz

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Each box comes with an info card and a Target coupon good for $3 off a beauty purchase of $15 or more.

Now, on to the items!


up & up Facial Wipes – FULL SIZE! Value $3.84

These wipes don’t have great reviews on Target, so I was expecting not to like them, but they worked well for me! They took care of removing makeup and didn’t irritate my skin – no complaints!

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strip -1 ct Value $1

I’ve been using Biore pore strips for years, and I’m always happy to get more in a box! There’s just something wonderful about a beauty product that gives you a clear before-and-after!

If you haven’t tried these before, I can’t recommend them enough. Just make sure your skin is wet, apply the nose strip, wait 10-15 minutes, then slowly remove and the strip literally takes the dirt and oil out of your clogged pores! Magic!

Dove Clear Finish Dry Spray Deodorant – FULL SIZE! Value $5.49

When it comes to trying new beauty products, I’m pretty reluctant to use anything but a stick deodorant. I’m glad I made myself to try this to review it, though – I’m now a spray deodorant fan!

This goes on completely clear as promised, and it is instantly dry, too. I don’t mind the scent, and the scent stayed with me all day, too. I think this actually works better than my regular Secret stick!

Herbal Essences Argan Oil Shampoo – 1.4 oz Value $.60

This is one of the best Herbal Essences fragrances I’ve sampled. I also appreciate the formula is paraben-free and color safe! The sample is large enough to cover two washes, too.

Garnier Clearly Brighter Daily Scrub – 1 oz Value $1.25

This is a foaming gel cleanser with argan nut shell powder as an exfoliant. It’s not the finest scrub, but it didn’t irritate or dry out my skin. The scent is pleasant, too.

SpaLife Nourishing Facial Mask – 1 ct Value $2.49

The eye holes in this mask were a bit annoying, so I did something I should have thought to do years ago with sheet masks – I cut it into several pieces to fit my face perfectly!

The mask was hydrating and gentle on my skin – nothing special, but no complaints. (Edit: one complaint: I wish this mask REALLY smelled like oranges. I love citrus scents so the lack of fragrance was a bit of a letdown!)

Verdict: This box has a value of about $15. I think that’s good for a $7 beauty box. Given the lower value, I’m not surprised that this box didn’t sell out immediately. The full-size deodorant is a win for me, though, and everything else is usable. So I’m getting $15 value out of this box, and the coupon is icing on the cake!

What do you think of the August 2017 Target Beauty Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (50)

  1. Two new Target beauty boxes are up for September! $7 each!

  2. If anyone is still reading, did your Target box take forever to ship? I ordered mine in 8/6, and it still hasn’t shipped. That seems really unusual.

    • I ordered Friday night, and my order email says my estimated arrival date is 8/23 – 8/25. I ordered another nonbeauty item, and I haven’t gotten a shipment notification yet on it either.

      • Just got shipment notification.

      • Ha, same here!

  3. Loved this box! I will use everything in it and I think $7 is a great value.

  4. I love Target Beauty Box, i have to confess that all those negative comments got me a little nervous because the box was on its way and later read the comments. Now that i have it i can say its a pretty good box, i am using everything, I havent used the wipes the BEWARE WIPES haha…. will post when i use them. The Dove deodorant is a WOW!! i loved it, the scent is sooooo nice! i think i will keep on buying it.

  5. I love that Dove deodorant!

  6. I had a gift card, so this was a $2 box for me, and Liz’s summary is exactly what I would’ve posted.

    Used the wipes on my arms, neck, and decotallage after housecleaning and found they were sturdy, plenty moist with product, and smelled like chamomile. (Have rosacea so I avoided my face.) Everything else included will get used, so it was worth the price.

  7. I wasn’t so excited about the box once i saw that it was available to purchase but I love these Target boxes so i bought it without hesitation. I got mine this weekend and I was surprised at how many remover wipes came in the packet (full size) and at the full size Dove deodorant. That in itself was a win-win because I wear makeup everyday and in this heat, spray on deodorant may be better because my stick deodorants break up being tossed around in my purse. I do think the shampoo is incomplete without the conditioner but whatev, and i love the Garnier skinactive facial scrub. It’s so refreshing in the morning and did not make my face dry. It goes with those vitamin C serums and even that Acure day moisturizer from last month’s box. A true dose of citrus to wake you up in the morning. Overall, I will use everything in the box but it reminded me too much of last month’s box.

  8. Wow, I was so “anti” this box because: (1) the facial wipes were rated badly (which I read even before the 61 “BEWARE” posts); and (2) I thought this was the same as another Dove spray deodorant that I’d tried previously and hated. Apparently it is something different, and the facial wipes aren’t as bad as the reviews say, which makes me wonder if they’ve been reformulated or are made for Target by a different company now. I use facial wipes daily, so they will always be put to good use. I can keep the deodorant at work as a refresher or before I put on a suit jacket for court (I don’t wear a jacket in the office). I was a little turned off by the lack of conditioner, but who am I kidding, I can always use shampoo. Plus, a Biore strip is never a bad thing.

    Anyhow, the value seems to be there, and you’ve all convinced me to buy. I don’t think this is just FOMO… I am so weak!

    • Ooh, and I have a $5 gift card. Feels even better now!

    • I wasn’t initially interested in this box at all, but now I am thinking that if it goes on sale for $5, I’ll buy it just for the Dove deodorant (especially since I have a $5 Target gift card, so the box will cost me pennies).

      I got a Degree dry spray last year in an Allure Thrills box, which I love and am amazed at how long it lasts, so it would definitely be curious to see how the Dove compares.

      And given the price of that deodorant, anything else I happen to like in that box will be just a bonus.

    • I love the Target box, and I used the coupon to buy some samples of the condition. So swap with me and mention it and I will send you the conditioner for free! I always use my coupons,so this box is basically a freebie!

  9. This is actually one of my favorite Target boxes.

    I used to be skeptical of spray deodorants until I received one in another sub. I think it really comes in handy when you need to freshen up quickly. I’ve toyed with the idea if storing this in my car but was worried because wasn’t there an alert about some other type of sprays exploding in hot cars?

    I think, for some, this box might feel like it’s missing because usually there’s a lip product in these boxes. I didn’t even notice there was only a shampoo and not a conditioner (but that’s because I am super picky about stuff I use to cleanse my curls and any shampoos/conditioners go in the free to whomever wants it pile). For $7 and for how much I liked everything (except the shampoo) I feel good about this purchase.

    One thing I did, because I am always super paranoid about a good box coming out and getting sold out and forgetting to use the coupon is the weekend before I added some items to my cart and once the spoiler came out I just added it and completed my order. Since it didn’t sell out I guess I didn’t need to be paranoid but it’s a tactic I’ll use in the future.

  10. Cutting sheet masks into pieces to get a customized fit is brilliant! I have a small face and this is a great idea. One of those things that seem so obvious, but I haven’t thought of it before. I got my box yesterday and I’m happy with the items.

  11. I was curious about the Dove spray, but disappointed that there wasn’t any info given about what it smelled like. (Also, the name of the scent isn’t legible in the photo.)

    Can anyone tell me what it smells like?


    • There is no scent name. It smells clean with a slightly fruit & powder scent. It isn’t a heavy scent though. Very mild, light, fresh scent.

  12. THanks for the review but we could have done without the visual of the muck you pulled from your pores. Am I the only one who said ewwwww? 🙁

    • I don’t think she used it. When I zoom in, it looks like its still on the plastic. I think the strip is just slightly colored.

    • I don’t know if you are the only one, but I personally didn’t think it.

    • Really?

      It didn’t bother me at all. It’s good to know those things really work!

    • It isn’t a used strip. The strip itself is multi colored with pink, blue, yellow paint splatters. That’s why its limited edition, they colored the strip.

    • Didn’t bother me… It’s not like she showed a photo of a used strip or anything yukky. :/

  13. I too prefer the stick deoderant, but had a revelation – I like to pack deoderant in my gym bag and leave it in the car, but in the super heat of summer I have had a deoderant melt – the dove spray will solve that problem!

  14. I really liked my box! The dove spray has worked great for me and there is no cloud of spray that wafts through my house. It is my new fav deodorant!

    The wipes I like a lot also! I have sensitive skin and had no irritation at all! They work better than the Neutrogena wipes. I rubbed them all over my eyes too and had no burning at all! You do not have to BEWARE these wipes!

  15. It’s nice to get the full size Dove deodorant since it’s the one I usually use. FYI -They also make a version called Clear Tone that really works to lighten up skin discoloration from shaving, rash, etc… It cleared up my skin after using a few cans.

  16. Lol I really just came to look at the comments to see if I saw BEWARE BEWARE ANYWARE .Anyways I got my box yesterday also it was heavy I thought.Im happy with my box so far I’ve only tried the deodorant and I wasn’t blinded by the mist so I felt that was good.Havent tried the wipes yet I hope my eyes don’t fall out ,I’m sure from everyone’s replies it will be fine.And looking forward to winter to try my deodorant out with boots

    • LOL, same here. With the bad reviews and so many people coming in to say it worked well for them, I wonder if they changed the product.

      • and then* so many people

        In other words, I wonder if the bad reviews were based on an old formulation.

  17. This is the first target box in a very long time that I didn’t feel a need or want to get. It’s only a deal if you like and will use what’s in it and I won’t so will pass on this one.

    • Same here. This one felt very Walmart-y to me.

  18. I liked everything in this box, I haven’t had a chance to use it all because I got it in the mail yesterday. But, since I paid half of what it’s worth, and I will use everything in it, I’d say it’s a fair deal.
    Only weird thing, there’s no conditioner with the shampoo…

    • Hi–I am so glad you mentioned the lack of conditioner! How weird is that?!?

      • I thought it looked weird without conditioner, as well. Maybe that would have pulled the box together better…

  19. I haven’t gotten a Target box in a few months but I definitely had to get this one! I can use every single product in this box, which is more than I can say for the last few months. I love those wipes and I regularly buy the full size, I use the Biore strips all the time, and I’ve been wanting to try the shampoo. So the value is definitely here for me.

  20. I liked everything in this box! I love facial masks and was happy to get this one and the Dove deodorant was something I’ve been wanting to try so I was glad to see it in the box too! I thought this box had a good value!

  21. I needed the dove spray anyway so I’m glad I got one-says delivered, but it’s dark out and the mail box is too far😂

  22. Anything citrus is an irritant, btw.

    • For certain skin types? Because my skin loves citrus or any fruit extracts I’ve found.

      • No, in general.
        That’s like saying that alcohol is only irritating to certain skin types.

      • I use citrus masks any time I have irritated skin and they always soothe and get rid of redness. Especially lime or orange!

    • Pfff, you can’t just say something is an irritant — you have to say it at least 15 times in ALL CAPS 😜

      • Lol, right. 😀

  23. I wonder if they’ll put this on sale for $5….because then I MIGHT try it. It looks like it’s missing one more item, though. (Especially in the picture of what came in the box.)

  24. Liz, I had tried that Dove spray in a different scent before and just loved it. So when this box came out I was really wanting it because of that product alone. I didn’t even realize it was a full size until my box came in today. Overall, I really liked this box so I was glad when your alert went out and I was surprised my box came in so early! I am going to have to try the herbal essence formula. That will be a new one and I really felt we got a really good amount of make up wipes in this box!

  25. I wound up ordering the box simply because I wanted to try the makeup remover wipes myself!

    • Tara, I am excited to try those myself. The box I received today had 25 wipes in them! I thought that was a lot for a $7.00 box.

      • Neutrogena makeup wipes are $4.49 for 25 usually, so with full size deodorant it’s worth it for box I guess.

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