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Sugarbash Subscription Box Review – August 2017

Sugarbash is a bi-monthly subscription box curated by radio-host Shirley Strawberry. The box includes a mix of beauty and lifestyle items.

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

The Subscription Box: SugarBash

The Cost: $39.99 every other month

The Products: Every other month you will receive a box of carefully selected full-size products. Each box is curated by radio-host Shirley Strawberry.

Ships to: US Only

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Each box comes with a fold out card detailing the items included.

It starts with a letter from Shirley.

And ends with a note from the Sugarbash team:

Now, on to the items!

Pure Cosmetics The Essentials Palette – Value $60

I’ve sampled Pure Cosmetics before, and in general I like their formulas, but I’ve never see a palette this big!

This palette includes 6 eyeshadow colors, 2 blushes, a lip gloss, a mascara, 2 lipsticks, a concealer/eye primer, and a black eyeliner powder.

But wait, there’s more!

We also have a bronzer, a finishing powder, a brown eyeliner pencil, a lip liner pencil, and brushes for lip lipstick, blush, eyeliner, and eyeshadow!

Here is the first round of swatches (this palette is a 2-arm-swatch type of kit!):

First up, we have 6 eyeshadows and the two blushes beneath. The pigment is pretty great though out, and all the colors are very wearable/neutral for me. (The eyeshadows include a mix of shimmers and mattes, too.)

Swatched in this order: Lip liner, eye liner, two lipsticks, concealer/eyeshadow base, eyeliner powder, lipgloss, translucent powder, and bronzer.

(As you can see from the swatch, the translucent powder isn’t really translucent. It has a nice matte finish, and I could blend it in easily, though.

In general, I’m very impressed with this kit. I could pack this, my foundation and concealer, and be good to go. (I’d probably still pack my tarte mascara, though!) This mascara was pretty good. I was able to apply multiple layers without any clumping issues, and it gave me a nice, natural look. (Not recommended if you prefer a dramatic lash, though.)

Greenmarket Archivist Candle in Tomato + Lime – Value $9

This 3 oz travel candle has a burn time of 10-20 hours. The scent is like nothing I own (My candle collection is mostly vanilla, lavender, or lemon) but I’m digging it! The lime speaks to my love of citrus, and the tomato is an unexpected combination.

(And bonus points for lovely packaging!)

Londontown Kur Protective Top Coat – Value $18

I can always use a high-gloss shine top coat, so I was happy to see this in the box. The most impressive thing about the formula is the drying time, though. My nails were good-to-go in under a minute!

Plum Island Soap Co Orange Hand Butter – Value $8.75

More citrus scents! And a new-to-me brand! This hand butter is rich cream made with all natural ingredients, including olive oil and beeswax. It’s very moisturizing, but it didn’t leave my skin greasy, and the subtle sweet orange scent is perfection!

Jessie Steele Classic Tote Bag – Value $30

(Subscribers will receive one of several patterns/designs.)

This pattern isn’t really my style, but it is black, so that’s something!

The material is 100% cotton, so it’s machine washable. (Perfect for a resuable grocery bag.)

There’s an interior pocket, plus two exterior pockets. And it’s very sturdy for a lightweight bag.

I’ve been using this as my catchall bag for everything in the car – and it is perfect.

Go Comb – Value $16

This credit-card sized comb fits in your wallet, and the flip-side has a mirror:

So smart!


Verdict: This box has a value of about $142! I think that is fantastic for a $40 box! Everything is super usable for me, too. So far, Sugarbash has really delivered on high-value boxes – I would recommend this box if you are looking for a women’s lifestyle box!

What do you think of the latest Sugarbash Box?


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (46)

  1. Finally received my August box on September 11th which is missing the Pure Cosmetics kit. The candle was out of its packaging and thankfully it did not melt like others had happen. The bag….well let’s just say I am not sure about….I received the cupcake rounded bag and on the inside it has a zipper pocket with a bow attached to the zipper handle….the bow is sewn into the upper part of the bag so the zipper compartment does not open….yes I can just cut the bow off but c’mon Sugarbash!

  2. Had anyone else NOT received their box yet? ? The tracking number still says it hasn’t been picked up yet!

  3. I received my first box today. I like it! My candle came melted as well. I contacted them right away. They are sending me a replacement. I like the box enough to give it a second chance.

  4. I received my first Sugarbash box last week. I was excited to receive it and currently am a subscriber to 10+ monthly boxes! The box I received was a mess! Not packaged nicely at all, looked as though it was thrown together. The candle arrived out of the box it was supposed to be in and broken glass everywhere. There was wax all over everything! I cut my finger on the glass as I attempted to see what was salvageable in the box. Nothing was. I was not happy especially being this was my first experience with them. I immediately contacted them and emailed photos of what I received. They asked me to send the box back to them!! Even with the pics showing broken glass and candle wax all over! I thought that was gross, DIDN’T tell me to throw it out, they were sorry I cut myself, or appologize and offer to replace!!! I returned the box and will not be continuing with this service. Also the address to return appears to be someones house. The most unprofessional subscription box I have ever received. What a waste of money.

    • What boxes do you get?? I am just getting into this any advice by a sub box vet would be appreciated

  5. I was disappointed in mine as well. My makeup was not in a box and said tester as well and it looked like it had been opened so I’m a little leery of it. My candle wasn’t in a box and my hand cream had been opened as it wasn’t sealed either. I think they lost my box to start off with as it took over 2 weeks to get it from the time I got a shipping notice. This is one of my favorite boxes too but questioning it now. I thought maybe it was just me but I guess not.

    • I have been a subscriber since last October without any issues! I love this sub. I remember Ipsy, Birchbox and FFF had issues as they grew. I am not ready to get the pitch forks out yet. I disagree with the Jessie Steele bags as fake. Jessie Steele just commented on their social media.

  6. I’m disappointed in the tote only because mine doesn’t have outside pockets either and no removable bottom… makes it just a fancy bag vs a usable travel tote. I emailed customer service and they acknowledged their description is wrong but offered no other help. I’m actually very disappointed with their response. Your spoiler item isn’t as advertised!

    • I got the round bag with the love letters theme. It was pictured in the spoiler however I am a VIP. I got to pick. Are you disappointed because you didn’t get to pick?

      • How do you become a VIP??

      • No, I wouldn’t have cared which pattern I got if the tote I got was as described…. with exterior pockets and a removable/washable bottom. Just think it’s false advertisement if you send me something else and then do nothing to resolve it.

  7. Did anyone else get a makeup palette without a box with a big white sticker across the mirror saying “tester not for resale” with big, bold letters??? I was quite appalled by that.

    • Wow! No, mine came in a box and the box was wrapped in bubble wrap. I’m sorry that happened to you. I would be appalled too.

      My candle came out of the canister and melted over some of my things. My lotion was unsealed (I was thinking it was the heat, but who knows now) and smelled spoiled. I was able to save the candle, but the canister and lotion were tossed. I like the bag and makeup kit and the nail polish will be useful. But, I wasn’t that crazy about the rest of the box and the bad packaging.

      • My lotion came sealed, so I would definitely be worried if yours wasn’t! Mine also has an expiration sticker at the bottom stating “7/19”. Make sure you have an expiration sticker – but then what’s the guarantee the sticker is original? I’ve been enjoying Sugarbash’s products since I signed up with the Home Sweet Home box, but will be cancelling if this doesn’t get resolved.

      • This happened to me too. I emailed them. And they got back to very quickly and stated that the warehouse made a mistake. Mistakes happen and they are sending me a new one. Honestly no big deal. I have been subscribed since October and never had an issue.

    • This happened to me too. I emailed them. And they got back to very quickly and stated that the warehouse made a mistake. Mistakes happen and they are sending me a new one. Honestly no big deal. I have been subscribed since October and never had an issue.

    • I emailed Sugarbash and they responded right away. They stated it was a mistake made by a new employee at the warehouse. I can certainly accept an honest mistake. I was relieved to hear that we shouldn’t be getting testers in our boxes. I should be receiving a new one in the mail shortly! The service I received in regards to this mishap was excellent!

    • Yes!!!! Shadows broken, ending up in the glosses. And “TESTER”???????? How could they even let this get by? The packaging was the worst, palette was just bumping all over the box.

      Next, the candle was melted, created a grease stain on the box and a general mess. Can’t even get it out of its tube.
      Sorry but top coat, comb and small jar of hand cream does not make a $40 box exciting Why couldn’t they include a case for the comb?

  8. I received my box today and I am very pleased with the curation/theme! I think Sugarbash does an excellent job of thinking outside the box in providing beautiful and different products in their subscription box. Are they going to make everyone happy 100% of the time with every single product they send??? I think not. But I do believe they are very innovative and have one, if not the BEST customer service departments in the subscription business. I have written them several times, most recently on a Sunday, and always hear back on the SAME day. Their group is outstanding! This is one subscription I will keep because I feel they really care what their customers want in a sub service that is not all about makeup.

  9. My box also came with a completely melted candle, though it had fortunately not gotten on everything. Also the hand cream seal was broken, which I think was due to the heat as well. Phoenix hundred plus degree days here. I emailed customer support and heard back less than one hour later with a reply saying that they would send replacements next box (which I asked for since the weather will be much more conducive to candle travel in October than August here). Awesome customer service! Now just hoping that those item show up in two months 🙂 Now I just want another one or two of the bags to take grocery shopping.

  10. Received my box today–and not overly impressed. The candle has melted through the cardboard container and leaked on everything. Which I didn’t realize until I picked up something! Then I had to clean all the melted wax off everything and remove and throw away spoiled packaging (luckily things were wrapped or it’d been even worse!). Not sure how a candle plays into a travel box and WHO would think to ship candles to the deep South in the middle of August-but it wasn’t well thought out. As for the bag-it’s is hardly worth $10 let alone $30. Mine is the brown with polka dots. There is not any outside pockets as stated in the flyer nor is there a removable plastic liner. No zipper-just a single snap. Not even close to the retail value stated. Plus without pockets it is pretty useless as a “travel bag”. (before someone jumps on me-I understand that patterns/styles may vary–HOWEVER if the main items you use as marketing are not part of every design they shouldn’t included in the info!!).

    I have written customer service and am awaiting a reply. Overall just not a very “take off” box with the exception of the palette the rest seemed not well planned to me. I guess sugarbash has given me much higher expections of them from their previous boxes.

  11. I got a Lavender hand butter (which is awesome!), and a copper comb (cute but I’d like the mirror on the flip side). The bag exceeded my expectations (I got the cupcake one but want some of the other prints). I still haven’t decided how I feel about the palette. I tend to like cooler and bolder colors.

    • I would just like to have more say so in what colors are sent! Honestly most of the makeup and nail color options don’t take in account different skin tones, or ethnicity! Candles was definitely not a great one, very little scent! I look forward to the boxes, but am quite disappointed at the collection many months!

  12. 9 Items last month including two high value and this month is 6 and all are meh. I like the bag but not enough for that to save the rest of the box. I’m really happy for those that like the palette but if I never see another Pur makeup item in a box I’d still be using up all the ones I’ve been sent for the rest of my days and no one wants to swap for them either =/

    Also candles and nail polish aren’t really ideal for traveling… kinda of a no-no on planes, trains, and generally in cars.

    • I don’t understand the negativity here. I subscribe to POPSUGAR, FFF,and Rachel Zoe. Popsugar has 5or 6 items, for the same price point, so the fact that Sugarbash has been outing 9 items in a box is amazing. I am paying the $99 forZoe and. FFF! So my expectations are different.

    • I certainly wouldn’t USE candles or polish while on a plane or train, or in a car. But I’ve packed both in my carry-on, for use at my destination, and had no problems. In fact, I prefer to apply polish after I’ve arrived, so it doesn’t get chipped as I negotiate airport security and boarding.

  13. I am so excited to receive this box! It is filled with items that I will actually use and NOT give away or put in my gift closet. I love this subscription so much better than PSMH. I will be canceling Pop Sugar as soon as that sub expires.

  14. I don’t know why but I love that comb idea!!! Maybe because I just forgot my hair brush on my last trip? This would be perfect for travel. 🙂

  15. Liz Cadman can you tell me where is palette manufactured? USA, China or somewhere else? Thanks a lot!

    • Made in Taiwan. Hope that helps!

  16. When I first saw the spoilers for this box I was a bit disappointed but this review is great!! That palette looks fabulous & I can’t wait to use it. I’m excited to see what print I get on my bag. I will use the hand butter & the top coat is a treat.

  17. It’s an impressive box for sure. I think if I were new to sub boxes I wouldn’t hesitate to subscribe. But there’s something holding me back and I’m not sure what…maybe I just have too much stuff.

  18. I love the rare and wonderful inclusion of a top coat! Great box! I’ll use everything, although that comb looks potentially painful and damaging. I’ll put it in my wallet for my boys either way. Well done Sugarbash!

    • (Unless it’s also painful for them, lol. That sounded bad!). 😂

  19. SOOOOOOO much better than POPSUGAR!!! :-O

    • Ditto that comment! I will use everything in this box! Thanks for the awesome review!

  20. Hi Liz. Thanks for the great, thorough review! I’m getting my box next week and I can’t wait. The makeup kit is what made me sign up, but now I’m excited about everything. 🙂

    • Glad to hear the review is helpful! 🙂 I think you’ll love the makeup kit – I was pleasantly surprised by how great all the formulas were.

  21. That’s a pretty impressive box for $40. The travel palette has pretty much everything you need (if the colours suit you) except a foundation. Not bad at all.

  22. Cute box, nice variety of different items. Great reviews.

  23. Mine should arrive today or tomorrow. Not a WOW box, but satisfying. I will use every single item in this box, that’s what most important and get more value to me.

  24. Yours arrived early. Still waiting for mine to ship

  25. If I subscribe today, will I still be getting this box?

    • I’ll reach out to them and ask. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear back!

    • Just heard back. If you were to sign up now, this would be your first box:

      “Yes, the Take Off box will ship until we sell out or September 15th whichever comes first. We have only 80 boxes left before we sell out.”

      • Thank you, Liz!

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