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POPSUGAR Must Have Fall 2017 Limited Edition Box – Available Now!

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The POPSUGAR Must Have Limited Edition Fall 2017 box is available now!

The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have Limited Edition Fall 2017Box

The Cost: $100

The Products: “Filled with over $450 worth of gorgeous Fall fashion, beauty, and home accessories, this box is full of items that will have you feeling stylish and cozy all Fall long.”

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Are you going to grab a Limited Edition Fall Box box? Check out my review of the 2016 POPSUGAR Fall Box, and my review of the 2015 POPSUGAR Fall Box to see what has been in past boxes!

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  1. I haven’t caved yet, I AM STILL WAITING FOR SPOILERS!!!! So far FFF seems the better deal right now.?
    And if I miss it,….. it seems like they have a ton of boxes from now until the end of the year, so I guess time will tell

  2. Where👏🏻 Is👏🏻 Our 👏🏻 Spoiler 👏🏻 Pop👏🏻 Sugar👏🏻

    I’m getting impatient! Of course I bought it already though.

  3. Can you use Paypal to buy these?

    • Unfortunately Paypal is not an option. Credit card only. I’d love to be able to use Paypal – mostly because my husband can’t see what I spend with Paypal. lol

      • That’s exactly what I was trying to do, hide the transaction from my frugal husband. Thanks for letting me know. Back to the drawing board to think of excuses I can use for the added purchase

        • I’m getting a jump on Christmas shopping, sweetheart. It actually works out cheaper this way as everything’s around 75% off retail.

          All true. And in my case, much of what’s in the box does end up as gifts.

          But I get to keep the best stuff.

  4. Well dang…. I caved and bought it. I was really trying to talk myself into waiting for a spoiler. Oh well, hopefully we get a spoiler soon anyways.

    • I caved too after saying I would wait for a spoiler. I only had $100 to spend on boxes this month. I have FOMO about this box. I loved their summer box and all the fall boxes I’ve ever received from them. So I shall see whether or not I wasted $100!

  5. Are the Quay sunglasses the first spoiler? Those things are huge. Take up half that models face. Not my taste. Kicking myself for purchasing..have a feeling it’s going to be a box full of creams for the face and things I can’t use. If the best spoiler they have are the sunglasses it’s going to be the worst box. No purchase. Just learned my lesson. Rachel Zoe box is already 100% better. Hopefully the next item makes up for the sunglasses (for fall..really..isn’t that a summer staple?). That’s only $60 of the $450..hoping I didn’t make a huge mistake.

    • We just had sunglasses in our Summer box! And in Rachel’s Summer box! Surely not more!

      • There’s an e-mail from Popsugar about the Jeep giveaway and the sunglasses.

    • Picture please?

      • that a little late at night. All I saw was spoiler. After looking over the e-mail again, realized it’s a bespoke box. Thank goodness. I was thinking the same thing. We just got a pair of sunglasses in the last limited edition. Whew..

  6. I bit. Since I am not thrilled with Rachel Zoe or Happy Rebel for myself (not insulting anyone here). It has been a long time since I’ve bought a LE box sight unseen but I decided to go with this box. I just hope no hats, scarves or gloves since I live in a temperate climate. I am hoping there is something by Kendra Scott in the box!

  7. My $100 is set aside waiting to throw down on this box. But … not without knowing what’s in it first!
    C’mon Popsugar – do the right thing! Give a peek.

  8. I wish they would release a spoiler. I thought it through and I don’t want the Fall Rachel Zoe. So now all I need to see is a spoiler to make me pull the plug! If there is a Kendra Scott piece of jewelry in there, then I am going for it!

  9. I had to preorder mine as I always buy their LE boxes and always love most of the items and actually use them! I loved last years and the cozy scarf and headphones were a win! Can’t wait now for these to ship out! So eager to find out what’s inside!

  10. I got the Fall box for the last two years and was pleased overall. I have gotten a lot of compliments on the scarf from last year. I haven’t been impressed with the monthly boxes, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the Fall LE box remains a hit.

  11. If this box has Kendra Scott in it, I am all in. After getting a few of her pieces this past year, I am totally hooked.

  12. I am sitting thos one out which means this will ne an awesome box. You’re welcome in advance to all who pick it up.

  13. I usually find that PS is a dud when they want you to buy before you even see anything. I am holding strong.

    • Me too! I don’t know why PS won’t release spoilers like Rachel Zoe and FFF do! I don’t take risks on boxes sight unseen.

  14. No spoiler, no buy.

    After what we’ve seen this year with LE boxes – not worth the risk anymore.

    • This is exactly how I feel! I need a spoiler.

  15. I’ve got burned pretty bad with a couple of boxes, so I’m holding out for a spoiler. Tempting though!

    • Saaaame. I finally learned my lesson and won’t buy a LE box without a really tempting spoiler (even when I really want to haha).

  16. I’m keeping fingers crossed for another Kendra Scott piece. I wouldn’t mind a scarf also…but I agree with someone about…NO HATS!

  17. Last year’s Fall LE sucked so bad, I’m holding out for a spoiler or two!

  18. Considering so many of the recent LE boxes have been complete misses for me, I definitely need to wait for a spoiler. Or two. But I am encouraged by their focus on style. Any guesses on which “fan favorite” brands they’re including? Kendra Scott comes to mind.

  19. Seems like a long time to wait before we get this. Does it usually take this long for a box?

  20. Purchased mine

  21. Spoiler Please! I don’t buy without a spoiler or two.

  22. I’ll need a spoiler before deciding–hoping one is released prior to it selling out! It seems the fall boxes have sold out in the past without having to go on massive sale, unlike the summer ones.

  23. ……….. I admire the “ability to resist” shown by 3 girls in my office….. ALL are waiting on a spoiler or say it’s a no go….. also, no FOMO from any of them……. between this, BOS and now the Breo box…… there really is no reason to ever regret “not”….. 😀

  24. No spoiler? I won’t buy without a spoiler or two. What is wrong with these people? Why can’t they release a spoiler. I HATE when a box announces a box sale with no spoiler! I did not get the summer until I saw that cute straw bag! So I have to have a spoiler on any box I buy.

  25. Jumped on the Summer LE box and wish I had waited….need a spoiler before I jump again PS! 😊

  26. Last years box value was around $440 so it’s not a large $ amount increase in value.
    I will need a spoiler before I jump on this one.

  27. How many limited edition popsugar boxes are there per year? Is it just summer, fall and Neiman Marcus?

    • For those wondering, I checked back through the blog for posts on last year’s fall limited edition box, and the spoiler (the headphones) was sent to Liz before box went on sale and she posted about it before it went on sale.

      • I was wrong. She posted the spoiler 4 days AFTER it went on sale.

        I still bought it anyway. Most of the items in last year’s box were seasonless, which I like. They said “cozy” in the description, so I am thinking a scarf or a throw. The “inner street style star” in the description worries me. Please no hats, please no hats, please no hats…

    • You should look at Liz’s previous reviews of the LE boxes. There is a Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. In addition, there is the Neiman Marcus. The Neiman Marcus is more expensive than the other LEs! 🙂

  28. do these go on sale? I am noew to pop sugar and haven’t seen seasonal boxes yet.

    • It’s rare for LE boxes to go on sale. The summer one going on sale kind of shocked me a bit. The Fall ones are usually more popular and there’s even a risk that it’ll sell out before we get full spoilers.

  29. I really wish we had at least one spoiler before buying, i don’t jnow what to do.

  30. Definitely waiting on a spoiler on this one first. $100 is always too much for me to spend without a spoiler.

    • The entire review is posted already in another post.

      • where?

    • nevermind…. I misread. Those boxes are old. Yes, I agree!

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