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Play! By Sephora August 2017 Play! Date – FREE Box for a Friend!

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Play! By Sephora hosts a monthly Play! Date. You can bring one guest to the August Play! Date and they’ll receive a free Play Box! (Thanks for the heads up, Kate!)

More on the Play! Date:

A PLAY! DATE gives you and a friend the opportunity to come in-store and learn how to use and apply the products in your box:

– Sample and play with even more of our must-haves for May

– Discover pro beauty tips and tricks from Sephora experts

– Master you favorite looks using this month’s selection – and more!


RSVP by August 24th to secure your spot!

If you haven’t signed up for a Play! by Sephora subscription yet, the waitlist is currently open!

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  1. Read your email very carefully.

    The main link is for Sephora. The calendar has difficulty loading though. Very limited, always by region and kind of pointless in terms of reaching a lot of subscribers due to distance.

    The second, smaller link is for Sephora in JC Penney. There are a lot more options and availability albeit still not great.

    The point is to RSVP for the Sephora in JC Penney as you have a better chance of finding a location closer to your home.

  2. PLAY by Sephora is disappointing. I am sure the waitlist is open. Why would be wait for this. I cancelled after a year and it just never got better. Agreed the store help is terrible.

    • I was just thinking about how bad the customer service is in Sephora – they all seem so busy doing stocking and straightening up displays, it seems they have little time to actually HELP the customer. This is what I noticed in JC Penney – they should wait until it slows at night or in the morning to do stocking and display work – that is Customer Service 101

  3. Really!? There’s 8 Sephora’s in Houston, and that’s not including all the JC Penney Sephora’s, and they decide to hold this event at only 1 of them?
    Ofcourse it will fill up quickly and not many people will get to go. Minutes after receiving the email I opened it just to see it say there’s no available times.

    I also wished they would offer these play dates at different times of the day. It sounds like it would be a pain to get off work around 5 or 6 and make the +-1 hour drive or so through Houston prime time traffic if you live in the opposite end if the selected location.

    My last pet peeve with this box is the pass for the extra points, I wish they would let me use it for online purchases. I have yet to be able to use that thing since I tend to buy all my Sephora purchases online because I don’t have time to go during the weekdays and will do all I possibly can to avoid the huge crowds in malls on weekends.

    • Memorial City has always been the location where the play dates are for the Houston region. I have been a subscriber since it was released by invite only right after beta release. They are still not considering holding additional play dates at any other location (IE: Galleria) any time soon. The location at Memorial City is usually first for anything in the area, for example, Perk! facials can only be found at that location.

      The play dates are rarely full and I have only seen it full once in almost 2 years. It would make no sense to hold various play dates when not more than 10 max people show up for such a huge metropolitan area.

      I now live near IAH and leave at 6 or a little after to avoid most traffic and still make it in plenty of time for the 7pm start.

  4. One of the reasons I cancelled. Besides the fact that every time I’ve been in to my store, the girls are more interested in gossiping and checking their phones than helping anyone.

  5. I’d have to drive all the way to LA. Not convenient.

  6. My nearest Sephora that is having a play date is 5+ hours away… in each direction. How unhelpful. I’ve never even had a makeover at a Sephora, yet I’m a Rouge customer. Why don’t they offer these benefits at every store, including Sephoras inside JC Penneys? Honestly, no one need answer this question, I’m not interested in the logistics needed here. If this is something they want to offer, it should be offered in all stores, so that all customers can enjoy the benefits. Like someone else said, maybe a Sephora exec will see these posts.

  7. I RSVPed, since they are FINALLY offering one in “Portland, OR”, but it is actually in Tigard and I’m not sure if I can make it on time at 7pm in a weekday :/

    • I RSVPed for this one — luckily I live pretty close to Washington Square. Hope it’s fun!

  8. Whenever I click the location and then it goes to the calendar, it says that “there are no available times.” I don’t know if this is a glitch or what, but it’s unfortunate, because this is the first time I would be able to go to one of these. I got this with the available 3 locations from me to choose from.

    • try RSVP’ing on a computer. I had the same error until I tried it on a laptop.

  9. I live In Brooklyn, NY and is incredible that this event is only at 1 location. Nuts!

  10. Really?! That is so maddening! My Play box got lost during delivery and when I called them they said they could not resend another box because they were all out of stock and the only thing she could do was credit my $10 and give me a few bonus points. Yet here they are giving free boxes for friends. UGH!! I’m watching you Sephora & I don’t like what I’m seeing, not at all.

  11. It would be nice to attend, but unfortunately there isn’t a Sephora anywhere near me. 🙁

  12. Wow, this would be a most insightful and informative thread for a Sephora exec to read. They are missing significant groups in their demographics with these playdate events, and alienating many customers loyal enough to subscribe to their beauty box program.

  13. my first box really stunk. It didn’t match my skin tone at all. I wrote medium and they sent me deep/dark. Very disappointing. No, I won’t tell my friends. Why would I want them to be equally disappointed?

  14. Hey Sephora! You were happy to take our $$ from the first launch of play… do you really expect us to drive 4 hours away on a Thursday night to attend? At least once hold one in Austin!!

    • and Nashville

      Why are they always at the same places

      And you make us click on the link and check every month just in case

    • Hey Sephora!
      Don’t send me an email for an event that’s already full 😲

  15. this was my first playbox and since I saw what I am getting- not delivered yet- I gotta say, I would Not want a free playbox for a friend. It contains 2 items I was seriously excited about getting and are WAY not the right colors for me. My skin color is medium and they are sending a foundation and concealer for gals with deep skin. Useless to me- why would I enlist a friend? Obviously the questionnaire I answered was a waste of my time! I don’t inform my friends about “deals” that aren’t. Extremely crappy first impression. Hope next month is better or else play falls on the chopping block. Abysmal so far…

  16. Always 7-8 pm on a Thursday. If only my two kids under 3 didn’t have to be fed and put to bed.

    • If only

      • I wish they had them during the work day in DC. I would sneak over there to pick up the freebies.

    • Amen. 2.6 and 1.5 years old here. And the husband who might starve to death with them. Otherwise I would make the drive about 19 miles to get to it.

  17. I also tried to RSVP minutes after receiving the email and it said everything in my area was full

  18. I got this invitation twice and it is useless. When I tried to register nothing was available. I tried different locations too and nothing was available. Why even bother to send the invite when nothing is available?

    • This is exactly the response I got when trying to rsvp with the available locations for me to do so. I don’t get what the point of it all is then.

    • When I tried to RSVP, both August and even September weren’t available. The only available date was October 27. Has anyone else seen this? Has anyone been to a Play Date without RSVP’ing?

      • I bet you could just show up. When I went to one we all just gathered around the area it was being held, and the girl just started talking. She never took attendance or anything. And, the majority of us brought a plus one.

      • Oh! And I bet there are always going to be people that RSVP but never show up too.

  19. This is only for people who live in a few very specific areas. You would be better off trying to sign up for a free class at Sephora (if you’re interested in that sort of thing). I go to a free class at my local Sephora approximately every 2 weeks on Sunday morning. Not all Sephoras have them, but a lot more than have the Play Dates. They have topics like brows, foundation, no-makeup makeup, skincare, etc.

    • That sounds so fun! Do they provide product for you to use? Or do they just show you?

      • they provide the products. Is very fun and informative. I have learned a lot from attending them.

        • II think I’m too self conscious to go to a play date. I would be the only 100% clueless person there. Or the only person there period.

          • You should go to one if you’re able to! Like others have said, they’re quite fun, and you can get loaded up with even more samples of products you wanted, but didn’t get in your box. They also show complementary products to those in the boxes, and you can get samples of those too! Also, when I went we all had questions to the Sephora rep about the products. It was a very open, non-judgmental experience… at least the one I went to.

  20. Yea…. I already tried to RSVP. To all 3 locations in the tri state area… it said no space available for all of them within minutes of receiving the email. 😒

  21. Is this only in US?

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