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Play! By Sephora August 2017 Box #130 FULL SPOILERS!

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Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 9.12.22 AM

We have full spoilers for the August 2017 Play! By Sephora #130!

Play! By Sephora Box #130 will include:

Source: Instagram

Play! By Sephora Box #197:

Play! By Sephora Box #189:

Source: Instagram

Play! By Sephora Box #205:

What do you think of the spoilers?

In case you missed it, Sephora shared these exclusive spoilers for the August box just with My Subscription Addiction readers! The theme this month is The Innovators, and you’ll receive one of these items:

To find out which box you’re receiving at the beginning of each month, follow these instructions:

If you log in through a browser, not the app, and go to my account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details (it was dated 11/1 for me), you can see the “item number” next to the image.

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  1. I’m getting 130 but would love to swap for 189 or 197… I need the dry shampoo so much!!

  2. Yay, just got both of mine (both were 130 this month) and the Hourglass shade is in Shell 😀 Perfect for my fair skin. Favorite box by far!

  3. I have box #130. There is not one product I think I will use from this box. 🙁
    Definitely the worst box from Sephora play for me, and I’ve been a subscriber since day 1

  4. This will be my fourth box and I’m not sure I’m going to stick with it. Can we discuss how with all the new perfumes and makeup out there one box still has Light Blue in it and Clinique high impact mascara. Really! I thought the point of these boxes was to introduced to and try new things. Is this typical?

  5. Hey, my box is 130! Glad to have dodged the dry shampoo that’s in so many other boxes. The foundation stick may be a miss as most ‘light’ foundation/concealer samples are still too dark on me. Otherwise, this looks like an acceptable box with products I look forward to trying.

  6. I’m getting 122 I would love to swap for 197. Or for the kopari melt can swap my glamglow?

  7. So I just saw on Facebook that someone got #122.
    Its the Caviar mist, the glamglow volcasmic, mascara melt off, the clinique duo mascara, and the mini beauty blender.

    If anyone got a light shade in the hourglass foundation or the concealer, I’d like to swap some stuff for it!

    • Thanks so much for letting us know! Do you know what perfume they received? I’ll put together the spoiler post now!

      • Its the Kat Von D Saint/Sinner Duo.

        • Thank you!!

  8. So I just saw on Facebook that someone got #122.
    Its the Caviar mist, the glamglow volcasmic, mascara melt off, the clinique duo, and the mini beauty blender.

    If anyone got a light shade in the hourglass foundation or the concealer, I’d like to swap some stuff for it!

  9. This is my box and I’m pretty happy with it. I hope the vanish stick is in a shade that works for me. I would have like to try the Brazilian bum bum cream that is in another box but otherwise this box is a great fit for me. All usable products for me.

  10. I’m so sick of getting freaking dry shampoo. My hair is literally 2″ long and I have no use for dry shampoo!!

  11. Hoping for a box #155 spoiler update today 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

    • Me too cuz I just found out that’s the one I’m getting too. Would be nice if 155 was some super luxe, rare limited edition box lmfao hey one can dream right?!

    • Just got my box 155 today, it was the caviar mist, mini blender, glow cream, clinique mascara/primer, hourglass vanish in shell, and d&g light blue

  12. I’m getting 197 but would really like to do a total swap for 130!

    I’m based in California if that sways anyone for shipping reasons 😉

    • I think it is time for me to unsubscribe. Every month I get really excited about the boxes, then I get one that has nothing to do with any of my preferences or profile. I was DYING to try the vanish stick foundation, not getting that. So excited about the clinique mascara/primer, not getting that either. I hate the way the saint perfume smells, I much prefer the sinner….. so womp womp womp, again. I was really hoping for box 130 or similar, instead I ended up with 197.

    • I am getting 130, but would love box 197!!!!!

      • Hi Deanna,

        I’m still on the waiting list for the swapping site but if you want to arrange the swap just by exchanging emails I’d do that.

    • Id swap!!

    • i would love to swap I’m getting 130 !!!

  13. I just got an alert on my phone from the sephora app for my play box spoiler and it was the beauty blender so i know for sure everyone is getting something beauty blender by looks its a mini

    • Where on the app can you find alerts about your a sephora play?

  14. Do you go by the first 3 numbers or the last 3 numbers to tell which box you’re getting? I’m either 194 or 155 lol

    • Last 3

  15. Do you go by the first 3 numbers or the last 3 numbers to tell which box you’re getting?

    • Last 3

  16. Could someone tell me the address of the swap site please? I know I saw it yesterday or the day before but there are a lot of posts on this site lol. Thank you!

  17. Hi everyone- I’m getting box 130 and would love to swap the entire box for an entire box of 189 or 197. I just posted my box on the swap site. Cheers- Kara

    • Looking to swap my 197 box for a 130 ?? How do i go about getting on the swap page ??

  18. HI,

    Can I make a suggestion? When listing the items in the picture; maybe list them left-right, right -left, top-bottom, etc. I was looking at the picture then the list to see what was what (I confess I’m on my laptop right now so enlarging the image is a trifle difficult) it might help people unfamiliar with certain products. That is all, carry on. 🙂

  19. The last 3 numbers of my item number are 213. Has anyone else seen this as theirs? I haven’t seen any mention of this in the comments

    • Mine is also 213! Happy to see someone else finally has this number also!

    • Mine is too! Really wanting that saint perfume lol. I just hope our box is a good one! 🙂

    • Hi I need help on how do I know what number box I have. Because I never knew they had a number.

      • Go to your orders on the sephora site, and the item number under your current play order will be listed–the number box you get is the last three numbers of your item number. 🙂

  20. Yes! I love everything I’ve ever tried from Korres! I’ll probably pass the beauty blender as a stocking stuffer because I know I won’t use it. But I’m really excited for the rest of the box, especially if the foundation is the right shade of Casper.

  21. Oh, this is wonderful! I’m excited to try everything there except for maybe the volumizing mist, since I have curly hair, and the last thing I need is any sort of volumizer. My mother might want to try it out, though.

  22. Yay! I am so happy to not be receiving a dry shampoo!

  23. Still impatiently waiting for spoilers for 122!

    • Same! If I get a beauty blender though I will be willing to swap for something.

      • I can’t wait for spoiler #122 too. I bet we’ll get cellulite stuff. 😉

        • I’m fair, no cellulite so far lol, hoping for just a box full of awesomeness

          • We (122) will either get the cellulite cream or the glow cream. And based on all these spoilers, the dry shampoo, beauty blender, some sort of foundation or concealer, and a mascara. I’m just making a guess based on all these other boxes, honestly, I don’t have a clue what we’re getting.

        • I looked through my profile and had but cellulite as a concern (although I don’t recall because it doesn’t really bother me) and ended up with # 130.

          When I saw the “guaranteed items” spoilers I thought for sure I’d end up with the cellulite sample.

  24. Does anybody know what boxes have gone to people who didn’t select light skintone? I have a darker skintone, and am wondering if there have been any other options for the concealer or foundation stick?

    • I got box #197 and the concealer was medium cool. I have medium skintone on my profile.

    • I’m a darker skin tone and it says I’m getting 205

    • 130 is my box and my skin tone is listed as porcelain.

      • Just shows me they suck because I’m medium toned and there is no way I can wear light do thanks again for not looking at my profile play,must be why I buy from Ulta instead of Sephora ,it’s because I’m always mad at them lol

    • I’m getting #130 and my skin tone on my profile is light.

  25. EEK! Such a poor match for myself and my beauty needs – the worst one for me in six months!

    Would LOVE to swap for # 189 or #197!

    • Me too yuck

    • I’m getting #189 and I’d be happy to swap. I’m still on the waitlist but if you email me at quotiert @ maybe we can arrange it.

  26. MSA! Ugh lemme off the dang swap waitlist. I been on it for over a month!!

    • I have 130 and would gladly swap

  27. Ugh. I was so excited when another used posted predictions for what would be in this box based on our profiles, but this one doesn’t fit my profile at all. I appreciate the mascara, but the rest is a total bust. I have thick hair, so have no use for a volumizing mist. I only use powder foundation, so I have no use for a blender or a foundation stick. And I’m too young to have any use for anti-aging products. What a letdown. Sephora, you’re losing me…

    • You must have been put in this group because you checked a light skintone?

    • Honestly no one is ever too young to start using anti aging products! Start using them now (especially daily sunscreen. Neutrogena makes a great sunscreen that I use daily) and your skin is going to thank you everyday when you are older 🙂

  28. I’m getting 130. I was really hoping for the KVD concealer, though.

    • Same here.

  29. This is my box. Anybody who has 197 and wants to swap, let me know! 🙂

    • I’d love to! I have 197.

      • Great Kate! I’ll go list my box in the swap site. I think it’ll be the only one there!

        • Where is this Swap Site?

        • I got box #205! Pretty excited! Except for the finish foundation stick. I think it’s a bit too light for me.

          • You know what color the foundation stick is??!

      • Hi Kate. If you want to email me, we can figure out a way to swap!
        lacyann 1985 @

        • Hi Lacy! I sent you an email. Sorry it took awhile to reach out!

  30. Getting 130 and hate everything in it. Anyone wanna swap for 197??? Or can point me in the direction of a page that does swaps???

    • I have 197 and am looking to swap for 130! 😊

      • Awesome!! Want me email to swap?

        • I have no idea how to use the swap site…but def want to exchange!!

    • I’m getting 197, ugh I’m 55 would have loved to get # 130.

      • I want to swap but im not in the swap page yet. I just found there was one. I can do it by email if you would like if thats allowed. Not sure???

      • I want 197 ,I’m getting 130
        The only thing that concerns me is that I’m not light I’m medium skin tone

    • I got #197, I’m 55 and would love to trade for ##130.

      • Do u still want to swap? I can go through email

  31. I’ve got box #221. This will be my first play box so feeling very impatient with all these other spoilers

  32. My box #130 looks great! Especially excited about Hourglass! I was hoping it will be in my box!

  33. 130 and so happy to avoid more dry shampoo

    • Same! It doesn’t work at all for my hair!

  34. Please someone post the shade of the

    • I got 205 and the shade is beige

      • Yesenia, what does your profile say for your skintone?

        • Olive

  35. I’m 130. I love this box. Thanks, Sephora. I’m surprised and excited about the Hourglass. FYI, it’s in Shell, which is light neutral.

    • This looks like the best box to me. Wish it were mine! Alas, I’m 122. Really want that Hourglass!

    • How do you find out the shade? I can never tell 🙁

  36. I got 197. This is my favorite box from Sephora ever! I was thinking about canceling but now I won’t.

    • Same here.

  37. I am getting box #130, this is the perfect selection for me.

    • Same here, I’m so relieved! I would have been fine with anything but out of the options this is probably the best picks for me. Yay 😀

  38. If anyone wants to swap this one for 189 let me know. You can even keep the perfume!

    • This is my box if you are st looking for someone to swap with you, I would be happy to.

  39. Every box variety but mine, lol. Waiting (im)patiently for 122! I’m going to guess mine will have the GG volcasmic, my profile has my skin as combo/oily I think. Anyone else with 122 think we’ll get the GlamGlow?

    • I’m #122 and have dry/sensitive skin! So I’m hoping for the Erborian Glow Creme. Strange that we’d get the same box with opposite skin types… :-\

    • I am 122 too but i have dry skin

    • There’s also a box #148 left. I’m hoping we get GlamGlow. I have Fair/Combo skin in my profile and said I wanted to try GG when I subbed last month.

    • I’m 122. Pale redhead super dry skin, straight hair, oily.

      • I’m also a pale redhead getting #122. I have combo/oily skin but straight/oily hair.

        Everyone saying that they’re fair and getting #122 is getting my hopes up that we’ll get a foundation or concealer that might actually be a good match for us. I’d love to try the Hourglass foundation or KVD concealer other boxes are getting, but I’m not used to boxes sending out products for fair people. Fingers crossed!

    • I’m getting 122, I’m very pale with combo skin, naturally curly hair, and I’m 31 so not really any reason for anti-aging and I’m also not concerned about cellulite. I have it, I just don’t care about it lol I don’t want the anti-cellulite cream, there’s no way there will be enough in that sample to really try it out. I think put of the other 2 that are left the GG would match my profile better. I’ve noticed they don’t seem to care about that sometimes though so I’m not going to get my heart set on anything.

      • I am 122 with light-medium skin tone (Hispanic) not oily skin or dry natural brown but I think I changed my profile hair color to red hair I’m 33 so idk but I hope its the GG I FEEL everyone is getting a beauty blender and one of the featured items !I I am waiting but don’t kinda of scared to be disappointed I do love the bag !!!

  40. So excited for this month’s box!! I have #130. After seeing that the other boxes got the Living Proof dry shampoo, I assumed that all boxes would. I was super excited about this since I have been wanting to try that and am almost out of dry shampoo. But now seeing that we get the Alterna volume mist, I’m even more excited! Plus, I have been debating whether or not to by the micro mini blender since I don’t know if I’ll really use it a lot, or just resort to using my fingers since its faster. Now I can try it out for a lot less! I always love trying out new serums (and masks for that matter) and I really hope the hourglass foundation is a good match because I’ve heard good things. Definitely a great box 🙂

  41. I’m getting#130. I’m pretty excited for it. Sounds like the Korres serum might be a great product for me. And the Burberry scent, I may like. I love Jasmine fragrance.

  42. I am 130 and this is the perfect box of me. Out of all the variations this is what I wanted in every category except hair. I won’t use the alterna but it swaps really well. Score!

  43. This is my bag. After giving it some consideration, I’m liking what I see. The only item giving me pause is the foundation stick if it’s not a good shade for my skin.

  44. 130 looks like it might be an almost perfect fit for me. I’ve tried the clinique mascara and love it so hopefully the primer end will be just as good. I somehow have expensive taste so I knowil l end uplov ing the korres serum. I’ve wanted to try that perfume for a while now and I’ve never had a beauty blender so even though it’s tiny I’ll be able to feel like I know what I’m doing

    • I used Clinique’s Lash Building Primer for years, prior to accumulating an impressive mascara primer collection thanks to sub boxes, and it is a really great primer. It always deposited just the right amount of product onto my lashes, and while it does make the lashes a bit white, it will be camouflaged right away by any mascara. A cheaper dupe (that will be my new regular primer if the day ever comes I finish all of the sub box ones I’ve received) is the L’Oréal Voluminous Primer. It works just as well as the Clinique one. Earlier this year, I used up a couple of the same primer/mascara Clinique duos that’s included in this month’s Sephora box, and that Clinique mascara is my favorite version of theirs, so it was the perfect pairing for me. 🙂

  45. Aww, fudge? Anyone getting 197 looking to swap for 130?

    • or 189.

      • I’m getting 189 and would love 130

        • Well Hello, dani (winks). I’m a swap virgin although I have signed up for it, never used it. I’m MariaS in the forum. Play your cards right and there may be a Bliss Body Butter that I got today from my Glossybox in it for you. (I’m on my laptop, so just picture the ‘blowing a kiss emoji right here).

          • I haven’t ever done a swap on this site, I did just sign up to be on the wait list, we can e-mail each other our addresses or wait until I get off the waitlist? I’m a newbie here as well 🙂

        • I put a post that didn’t show up. How do we do this swap thing, dani?

          • yeah it won’t allow emails in the comment, but can you email me at danobanano_021 AT hotmail (dot) com

    • I’m getting 197 and could swap for 130. Would like to keep the concealer though, if we could make that work.

    • I’m getting 197 and would love to swap for 130.

  46. No this one looks like a good box but did the hair spray leak? It’s still not mine- 122.

    • I think that’s the string holding the label on the bottle of the Alterna.

    • I’m also getting 122- I’m hoping we don’t get a foundation or concealer since I’m extremely fair and I doubt anything they send would be anywhere near light enough.

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