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PINCHme Free Sample Box Review – July 2017

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PINCHme is a service that delivers free samples of personal care, pet, home & family, and food & drink items from the leading brands to your doorstep, free of charge! You simply need to fill out a questionnaire to determine eligibility for various samples, and offer honest feedback in exchange to continue receiving more.

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

The Box: PINCHme Free Sample Box

The Cost: Free, including shipping!

The Products: A variety of samples curated based on your shopper survey

Ships to: US

Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

In addition to the samples you choose to receive, you’ll get a bunch of offers and coupons as well:

WSJWine by The Wall Street Journal – $100 Voucher

Anytime I can receive a free voucher for an amount this large, I raise an eyebrow. If they’re giving out $100 off a subscription, it must cost a lot, right? The back of the card breaks it down pretty clearly. You can redeem this card for $100 off an introductory case of wine that normally costs $169.99. You’ll still have to pay tax and shipping, and sadly, they don’t ship to my state (PA) because of our liquor laws. Whomp whomp. However, check out Shawn’s WSJWine review to see what it’s all about!

Free Graze 4-Snack Sampler Box Coupon

We are well-versed with Graze here at MSA, so this coupon doesn’t exactly thrill me. There’s a code to get your first 4-snack sampler box for free. You’ll get the same deal just by going to their site.

Hello Fresh $30 Gift Card

You really can’t escape these Hello Fresh Gift Cards in the subscription box world. They’re given out like candy. Not surprised to see one here. Check out our Hello Fresh reviews to learn more about this box!

Free 8×8 Photo Book from Shutterfly

I’ve never ordered a photo book before, but it’s pretty nice that they are offering a $29.99 value one for free here (you’ll still need to pay tax and shipping).

Next up are the samples I “chose” after filling out the questionnaire on PinchMe. A few of us at the MSA office all filled it out and we all got the same 4 samples offered to us. At first, we thought it was a coincidence because we are similar demographics, but then realized that Anna doesn’t have a cat, and none of us identified as being male, yet we all were offered the following four products to receive:

Fancy Feast Creamy Delights in Salmon Feast, 3 oz. – Value $0.59

This is a full size can of fancy feast, which means it’s a small can of wet cat food. 😉 I feed my two boys (Kit and Gregg) dry food only because they are on a diet, but I let them splurge on this. They are both extremely motivated by food almost exclusively, so they both gobbled this up as fast as I could put it down. My boys are not picky eaters and really love salmon especially, so I’m glad I got that flavor.

Fancy Feast also included a card to ask you to share your thoughts with them. No coupon though. 🙁

Gillette Endurance Anti-perspirant/Deodorant Clear Gel in Cool Wave, .5 oz. – Value $0.52

The next item is an anti-perspirant/deodorant presumably intended for men. I’m not super picky about how things like this smell or whether it’s packaged in blue or pink, but even though I identified as a woman in the questionnaire, I received this product, which when asked to review on the PinchMe site later, only wanted a man to review. 🤔

They’ve thrown in a coupon for $1.00 of a full-size version as well.

Sensodyne Deep Clean Toothpaste, .8 oz. – Value $1.10

I’ve never used Sensodyne, but am always willing to take travel sized toothpaste for when I leave town. I tried it out and it’s your basic minty toothpaste, but seemed to foam more than my usual Crest Whitening. It got the job done.

Hidden Valley Ranch Simply Ranch Dressing in Classic Ranch…RANCH, 1 oz. – Value $0.27 (buy a 12 oz. bottle for $3.28 on

I live in Pittsburgh, which means I consume a great deal of ranch dressing on the reg, usually by way of french fries. PINCHme has been so kind as to give me a travel size of probably the most famous ranch dressing of all, so I can keep it in my purse and be prepared at any moment.

Verdict: With PINCHme, I received three sample sized products and one full-size product, along with a bunch of coupons and vouchers, for free. All I gave in return was my time filling out the questionnaire, and the time it will take me to do a short survey on each item. The value of the items I received was under $3.00, so it was nothing that blew my mind, although I now have travel deodorant and toothpaste, and my cats like me a little bit more. I’m not sure I will bother filling out the surveys, but perhaps if I’m bored, I’ll go for it. Note that you have 30 days to complete the surveys to be eligible for more samples in the future. It’s also good to note that once you have the account, there are a bunch of other deals and offers online that you can sign up for. I happened to exercise an offer for a free year of Vogue Magazine and started getting it this month, which is pretty cool. I will also mention that it took over a month from when I chose my samples to when they arrived, but what do I want for free?

Will you be signing up for PINCHMe? If you already have, did you receive the same samples as us?

Written by Marne Orenich

Marne Orenich

Marne is a stationery addict, lip product connoisseur, record collector, and twice over cat mom. Her favorite subscriptions contain office supplies, anything kawaii, and all things food. She is also proudly the unofficial “Meat Editor” of My Subscription Addiction.

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I’ve been a pinch me-er for a few years now and have received toms of boxes of the most random things- gummys, deodorant, shampoo, you name it. They really like to send me gold bond hand cream and pet food (pretty much in every box), but I end up using it so hey. It does take a while to get the samples but as they’re free I guess I shouldn’t complain.

    Your review was hilarious btw Marne!

  2. I’ve been doing PinchMe for about 2 years and I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been able to score an entire box of samples. I’m typically not home during the day when they have their one-time-per-month option to request samples and if you don’t snap them up within the first hour that they go live, you don’t get anything.

    Filling out their surveys completely DOES offer you a few opportunities to receive stuff targeted for your demographic but for me that seems to mainly boil down to cat stuff and most of those samples are not grain-free, which my pets need, so it’s a bust.

    I would suggest anyone considering them to have a couple of different profiles and make up personalities to hit up all of the opportunities (young male, older female with children, etc).

    • Hello ! Tell me please, and I will receive the track number on the mail when they send the order?

  3. I have a dog, and I can confirm that we did NOT receive the cat food sample, lol. In its place we got a sample of some Caesar’s dry dog food and instead of the Gillette deodorant sample I got Zzquil. The other two samples were the same for me though. You definitely don’t get samples every time though–this was the first time I’ve actually been eligible for samples after a few months of trying, but I also got some samples in the most recent round as well.

  4. I received the same samples but in place of cat food I got zquil

  5. I wondered if this Pinchme thing was even real. I signed up a few months ago, and now I receive an insane amount of emails and it takes over my Instagram. I’ve never received anything, and I did try to check it (once) at the special Tuesday at noon, and I wasn’t eligible for anything. Seems like a waste of time to me. I find all the messages and social media annoying. I could be sweetened up if I got a box or two, though!

    • I got a couple things ONCE. I am never eligible anymore either.

  6. …but where are the pictures of your cats?

  7. haha! All the comments! This is exactly true. The questions about what your pet liked most.

    My dog ate the dang food, IDK he liked it I guess? Yes, he likes the piquant aftertaste. Please, my dog would eat the cat box. He doesn’t care.

    Don’t miss out on the feedback either or you’re in Siberia with them.

    I find them hit or miss for getting actual samples. I don’t fit the criteria sometimes. Like for female things.

    Even sample companies are judgy.

  8. I haven’t received samples in months. I’ve been a member for two years and at the beginning it was awesome. Like 5 or 6 products in every box, that’s how I discovered Sinful nail polish. It’s cheap; but it’s sooooo good. I got like four from Pinchme. The last year has been super disappointing not even qualifying for samples most months. It’s not worth the time anymore.

  9. I got this box also.

  10. I’ve gotten 3 boxes so far, but there was a long period where I didn’t qualify for any. It’s not something I count on every month, it’s just a nice treat every once in a while.

  11. I’m doing the survey now:

    ‘What did you or your cat like most about this product?
    • appearance
    • texture
    • inclusion of “just a touch of milk”
    • protein flavor’

    I dutifully asked my cat, but she just glared at me.

    • I love this!!!! 😂😂😂

    • That is SO funny!

  12. I’ve received full sized Covergirl lip gloss, mascara, and eyeliner before (all on in one box back in November). I’ve also received Eucerin body lotions and a SheaMoisture mask. Of course most of the items are Zzquils and toothpastes, but it’s all free so it’s pretty great.

    I always forget to review though. I received about 3 or 4 boxes without reviewing, but then I was cut off since about Dec to this past July when I was surprised to get an email saying I had samples lol. I’m definitely reviewing now!

    • I received that box with the Covergirl items, too. Apparently, I qualified for it by answering that no, I did not like Covergirl. (I have the eyeliner up for swap – lol) I’ve been qualifying for boxes for the past 2 years with most of it being dog/puppy treats, cat food, Breath Right nose strips and Zzquil. They used to send out a lot of Gold Bond lotions, too. The best thing I discovered was the Greek yogurt Ranch dressing – I would have never thought to buy that!

      Sample Source is a similar site that sends out free boxes quarterly. Their items are a mix of food samples, household cleaning items and beauty/healthcare.

  13. I just filled out the online profile but it said it wasn’t a match for their brand partners so no free samples for me!

    • check back on the day they offer the samples to see if you match

  14. Just FYI. They only offer free samples one time per month. Typically it is on a Tuesday starting at noon. You need to log into your account and claim the samples offered to you. You will not always get samples. I’ve seen one time that they emailed me a few days before and wanted me to claim a specific sample before it opened to everyone else. I am sure they are looking for specific demographics for their surveys for some items. If you follow them on FB they usually have a preview of what the possible samples will be and many people will tell what samples they got. I have found that if you are in a younger demographic you are more likely to get any beauty samples they may offer. I often get dog stuff because I have dogs, but I also seem to get products offered to me that fit my age category (at least what they think they should offer me) so things like dish sponges, pain medication, sleep aid….It’s free so I’ll take it, but they are not always the most awesome things.

    • I should add the one time per month sample grab is what I know unless they have just changed it.

  15. The surveys take a long time and they want a written review for each product even if you’ve received it before. I received three different samples of gold bond lotion and was going crazy trying to write a review for each. It used to be really great when they started out and you only really had to rate the product and then a month later answer if you bought it again or were planning to but they have had so many people join that it’s easier to get the samples off freebie blogs without the surveys.

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