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MyGreenFills Laundry Bundles Review – August 2017

MyGreenFills August2017 Eco-Friendly Subscription Box

MyGreenFills is a non-toxic, hypoallergenic laundry detergent subscription service with an eco-friendly spin: your first box will contain refillable jugs and mix-at-home packets, and your future deliveries will consist of only mix-at-home refill packets.

MyGreenFills August2017 Eco-Friendly Subscription Box

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

This review is of the MyGreenFills The Change Maker, $28, box.

MyGreenFills August2017 Eco-Friendly Subscription Box

The Subscription Box: MyGreenFills

The Cost: $28 for The Change Maker, $24 for Clean Conscience, and $18 for Fresh Start.

The Products: Non-toxic, hypoallergenic laundry wash, laundry rinse, enzyme stain remover, and stain stick. These products are free of SLS, dimethicone, silicone products, perfumes of any kind, glycol, dyes, fillers, phosphates, 1,4-dioxane, chlorine, DEA, thickeners, fillers, formaldehyde, petrochemicals, or optical brighteners.

Ships to: The US for free

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Seeing that this box isn’t one which touts an element of surprise, the contents are pretty straightforward and exactly as marketed. Which a good thing!

MyGreenFills August2017 Eco-Friendly Subscription Box

Here are the two jugs you’ll receive, which MyGreenFills calls the “last jug[s] you’ll ever own.” The concept is that you mix the contents of specific packets with warm water in these jugs, and voila, you have your laundry detergent. It’s kind of DIY-ish and I find it to be a really clever way to reduce waste!

MyGreenFills August2017 Eco-Friendly Subscription Box

On the back of each jug is uplifting text that really makes you feel like you’re helping toward a “greener” planet by using this system. Which, of course, you are, so the best part is that it’s true!

MyGreenFills August2017 Eco-Friendly Subscription Box MyGreenFills August2017 Eco-Friendly Subscription Box

This little container holds the contents of the stain remover packet, no mixing needed. I love jars like this—my first thought was, “My, how Pinterest-y my laundry space is going to look!”

MyGreenFills August2017 Eco-Friendly Subscription Box

Here’s the scoop that comes with the jar. It fits perfectly inside, even once you’ve added the powder.

MyGreenFills August2017 Eco-Friendly Subscription Box

The lids of the jugs read, “I am honored,” and the top of the jar says, “I am loved.” These are such nice touches that add a hint of positivity to laundry day. So thoughtful.

MyGreenFills August2017 Eco-Friendly Subscription Box

Here are the three packets that you add to their respective jugs/jar. The directions say to fill each jug with very warm water, add the contents of the packets, and then shake. The laundry wash was a little challenging to pour into its jug without making a bit of a mess—it’s a very friction-y powder and needed a little coaxing. Once shaken, it was very bubbly. The laundry rinse is liquid and went in very easily. I wasn’t sure what laundry rinse is, but the jug indicates it’s the same thing as fabric softener. As I mentioned above, the enzyme stain remover doesn’t need to be mixed; just relocated to its cute jar.

MyGreenFills offers both scented and unscented version of these mixes. I chose to receive the signature scent, which is made from a mix of orange oil, lime oil, fir needle oil, clove leaf oil, lavandin abraili oil & eucalyptus oil. When I signed up for my subscription on the MyGreenFills website, the signature scent option had a little image of fresh lavender under it, so that’s the scent I was expecting. In reality, it’s a much more classic laundry detergent scent, though I associate that smell with freshly cleaned clothes, so I don’t mind it.

MyGreenFills August2017 Eco-Friendly Subscription Box

MyGreenFills August2017 Eco-Friendly Subscription Box

Finally, the stain stick. It came in this little compostable paper sleeve. I like how the instructions for what to do if this stick comes in contact with your eye or gets swallowed have a hint of personality. It makes the  MyGreenFills brand feel more personal and relatable, like there are actual humans behind it.

MyGreenFills August2017 Eco-Friendly Subscription Box

I thought I’d put this stain stick to the test on a really stubborn stain: a grass stain on my husband’s (very poorly tie-dyed) mountain biking shirt. Because it ultimately doesn’t matter if this shirt has grass stains on it, I decided to only rub the stain stick on one small part of the stain. That way I could tell compare between the stain-removing capabilities of the stain stick vs. the regular ol’ washing machine. If you reference the above image, the part I rubbed with the stain stick is the few inches below where I’m hovering it. Per the directions, I wetted that area first.

MyGreenFills August2017 Eco-Friendly Subscription Box

MyGreenFills August2017 Eco-Friendly Subscription Box

Well, the difference is very clear if you ask me! The top photo shows the T-shirt pre-wash. I threw it in the machine with other workout clothes and washed it in hot water with approx. ¼ cap of both the laundry detergent and laundry wash, which is what the directions recommended for a high energy washing machine. This is much less detergent than I’m used to using, so I was wary, but I went for it anyway. I also included a scoop of the enzyme stain remover powder with my load. The directions were a little confusing; they direct you to add “1 tiny scoop” per load, and I wasn’t sure if “tiny” referred to the fact that the scoop itself is, indeed, very small, or if the suggestion is to only use a partial scoop. I ultimately bet on the former and used a full scoop.

The bottom photo reveals that the washing machine was little to no help in removing the grass stain (though, in retrospect, I guess I knew grass stains don’t usually come out in the regular wash), while the middle blot that got the stain stick treatment is significantly lighter. My vote is that the stain stick was a success!

Note: While my current setup should last me 50 loads, I popped back over to the MyGreenFills website to see what’s up with refills for when that time comes. Each of the four products I have cost $7, so that adds up to the $28 spent on the original box. The default setting is for monthly refill shipments, but with only 2 people in my household, that seems way too soon, so I’ll be changing my refill date. I also might use some products more quickly than others, and their website makes it really easy to adjust what your refill shipment will include.

Verdict: Okay, I’m officially a supporter of MyGreenFills! While this box differs from other subscriptions in that it doesn’t arrive filled with fun surprises, it includes hints of thoughtfulness throughout, and that alone was a welcome surprise. Mixing the detergent and laundry rinse in their jugs took all of five minutes and doesn’t involve any sort of crazy chemistry, so not much can go wrong. And, the stain stick actually works. Plain and simple, this is a great service for everybody, eco-minded or not.

What do you think of the MyGreenFills concept?

MyGreenFills Laundry Bundles

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Written by Christen Russo

Christen Russo

Christen is a smile collector, outdoors enthusiast, and appreciator of soggy French fries. Her favorite subscriptions involve eco-friendly products and clothes, nature supplies, stationery, and coffee. She can be easily won over with a good sheet of stickers.

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Comments (9)

  1. I don’t mind the labels or mixing powder with my filtered water. I prefer my slimmer, semi-clear bottles for mixing & dispensing. Mine are easier to lift & I can SEE when it’s time to reorder! I also have jars & scoops already for those products. Is it possible to get just labels for the products I order?

  2. I wanted to try it as it was reviewed well and a friend said it was good.

    It smells great in the bottle. The clothes come out smelling like the bottom of the hamper. I was getting thoughts on their FB page and my post was blocked by admin. Which makes me think that they know more people are having issues with it.

    You have to email and wait for them to cancel the subscribtions. I wish I knew which laundry detergent to try next. This one is by far the worst I have ever used. When you mix the powder it just like pouring water with two drop of EO in it. O.o.

  3. I ordered this as well and waiting on it but did the a la carte way as I want to try out the products first but the more I read I should have gone the other route. I have tried so many and usually disappointed. It would be nice to see how this does on normal stains that you do not see so do not pre-treat. So many I have used I do not see until it comes out in the dryer and realize that I had a stain. It would be nice to see how it compares to what you used in the past and if you still use this.

  4. LOVE this company!!! It works like Amazon’s subscribe and save program. You can change or delay or cancel anytime! I love not dragging huge chemical-filled jugs with my kids through the grocery store and home anymore!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND trying them out!

  5. I have been with them for a while now. Love My Green Fills!

  6. This looks interesting. I think I’ll give this a try!

  7. Interesting idea for a sub box. I’m just not clear why you need the jugs at all. Why not just add the concentrate directly to your washing machine?

    • It’s a concentrate that needs to be diluted before using. You do that by adding the concentrate and water to the jug. Using this type of system cuts down on waste, too. Better for the environment.

    • Hey Beth,

      I like the way you’re thinking, taking this idea a step farther in reducing plastic waste! The detergent concentrate is exactly that—very concentrated—so using the refillable jugs makes for an easy and tidy way to dilute it. Though, I guess you could reuse an old jug you already have on hand for mixing the solutions. I suggest reaching out to the MyGreenFills support team at [email protected] to see if they’d leave the jugs out of your first order. 🙂

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