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Macy’s Beauty Box September 2017 FULL SPOILERS!

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We have FULL SPOILERS for the September Macy’s Beauty Box! (Thanks, for the heads up, Renee!)

The September box will include:

What do you think of the spoilers for the September 2017 Macy’s Beauty Box?

Macy’s Beauty Box Box is $15 a month. Each month you will receive five deluxe beauty samples, one bonus item, a collectible cosmetics bag and a $5 beauty coupon exclusively for Beauty Box subscribers, available for use online and in-store.

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  1. I’m actually liking the Macy’s boxes, the bags are super cute, so much better than Sephora or ipsy bags. I can use most of the items, but I do agree the 15 price tag is a little steep, it really should be 10, thinking maybe it’s the bag quality that causes the higher price? Hopefully the value/items will get a little better, I’d like to see more high end samples in the future. I figure it’s only their second month so I’ll give them till the end of the year as someone mentioned earlier. Also on the charges, I also noticed they charged me twice, but the next day my bank account was correct with only 1 charge so they must’ve had a glitch or something, I did not have to contact them thankfully. Sorry for those with cs and billing issues, hope they fix those for everyone

  2. Although this may be a boring box month, I will use every product in it. The best thing about the Macy’s beauty box is that when they charge you, they actually ship it!! I am so tired of being charged on the 1st by Ipsy, Boxy and Sephora, only to wait two weeks for shipping. I was charged on 8/28 and received 9/1, love that! Plus the $5.00 code can be used for any beauty product with FREE shipping, hello, I got a MAC pigment on clearance for 5bucks +tax, win for me.

  3. Got my first box today. Love the cosmetic bag itself, (I’m a sucker for those). Can’t wait to try the Laura Mercier primer! It’s a good size too. If I don’t use the rest of the items, my two daughters will.
    Hope the customer service and billing improves.

  4. i am DONE with them. not just this box but Macys in general. i have gotten such a runaround and they are telling me my BANK is WRONG not them !!! i told them how theY double charged me, charged me on the 25th (twice) !!! WHICH IS AGAINST THE AGREEMENT ETC but they will not make it right and don’t care. i cancelled today and got an email as proof but i’m still going to tell my bank not to accept any charges from them just in case. i’m writing a letter to the bbb and ripoff reports but it doesn’t help my nerves any. i expected so much better from them. im disgusted in what they call customer service.

    • I jponed in July never herd a thing from them so at the end of July i cancelled. Then i see that they just took money out of my checking for Septembers box, so I call and they tell me i must not have cancelled byAugust 10th OMG i had told them about 5 times already that it was the last week of July that I cancelled. So i said to the guy “if i didnt cancel why didnt i get an August box? I tried everything i could and he said he talked to the manager and he told him to tell me to call when i get the box. Isaid to the guy i was talking tois that your bosses way of blowing me off? And he said yep pretty much.

      I swear i hate Macy’s!

  5. Really disappointed. I signed up after Aug bag had decent brands in it. But seeing Burt’s Bee’s and the Ahava, I immediately regretted it. I was SO disappointed this will be my first box. I should have saved my $15 and I could have purchased the one item that actually attracted me to the last box. If next month doesn’t have any color items or something that really sets this bag apart, I am certainly canceling. It’s also really unfortunate that you have to cancel by the 10th but they won’t release spoilers before then. Obviously, they do that deliberately… crappy for us already unhappy subscribers.

    • Agree!

    • I totally agree!! I signed up in the morning on Aug 1st. The website showed the August bag as being the beauty bag I was signing up for. Throughout the whole sign up process, it showed the Aug bag on their pages…but it never arrived. I figured they were probably having issues due to it being their full first month, so I waited. Finally on Aug 24th, they charged my macy’s account, and said a delivery date sometime in Sept! I emailed, received a ridiculous response that gave me no more info than the email stating my credit card had been charged. I emailed again, and finally someone said in order to have received the Aug bag, I would have had to sign up by July 15th. DUMB! So now, Sept will be my first, and I’m SUPER disappointed that they stuck a drug store item in there!! 🙁

  6. It’s definitely a ‘boring’ box this month… but the way I look at it is I never have to pay for high end skincare or primers or powders (which usually work for everyone) and the money I save on those items allows me more money to spend on COLOR which i love… it’s hard for these boxes to make people happy with color items – everyone always complains that they are getting another black eyeliner, and everyone HATED the Kat Von D bright liquid lip in the Play box.. I was annoyed/surprised to see my account charged on August 24th for September… I think I may give it until October/November and then decide to cancel… between Sephora Play, Allure, Glossybox and Ipsy I get more than I could ever use, but I’m thinking Boxycharm has just been so amazing lately that I may have to cancel Macy’s for Boxy… Also, the $5 coupon does nothing to entice me to shop Macy’s beauty, I’m loyal to Ulta with their amazing rewards program and at least once or twice a week free items with ANY purchase

    • I agree with you – my skin has never looked better since I started using the products in subscription boxes. I personally loved the KVD bright lippie in Sephora, so much so that since I didn’t get that shade in my bag, I bought one just so I could have it. I actually really like when they send color cosmetics. I try them all, even if they aren’t something I would have actually purchased on my own. And while the $5 coupon doesn’t entice me, it’s nice to have. Macy’s Beauty has lots of things that Ulta doesn’t. I agree, if Ulta has it, I will probably buy from them for the rewards (or Walgreens for drugstore, since I work there), but there are so many other brands than just what Ulta has.

    • Yeah, I unsubscribed from Play when they did the Kat Von D lipstick, and then swapped for it in the other shade, Lovesick, which is actually really nice.

      To add to your point, I am not sure if a beauty box subscription at this point can even do anything that would just wow everyone after everything else they’ve seen in their years of subscribing. Maybe if they stuffed a $300 value into a $15 box, that would wow people, but I am talking about something more realistic.

  7. I also got charged on Friday night for Sept. This happened last month as well but then the charge got credited back and recharged on 8/1. Waiting to see if this happens tonight.

    I like this month but if everything is teeny tiny again I will be done.

  8. I just posted this comment on Facebook and I am sending this to Macy’s headquarters since customer service obviously does not care. “On the subscription agreement it says they take out the money the first week of the month and this is the SECOND time they took the money out early it came out from my bank account on the 24TH !!! If they don’t go by the rules we signed up with why should we?? This is my LAST month. I shop Macy’s beauty all the time so I didn’t mind the higher price because I can and did use the coupon. But their shady customer service for this box is a big NO for me ! Very disappointed in @Macy’s”. If anyone is having problems canceling before the tenth , tell them THEY broke the member agreement

    • They charged me twice last week (per my bank account). Ughhh.

      • They charged me twice in one day, within minutes of each other for the one subscription last month.

    • Same I was told charge was between the 1st and the 10th.. I wasn’t prepared for the 16.00 charge out of the blue like that..

  9. For $15, I think Allure is much better than Macy’s. Or to spend 6 more bucks to get Boxycharm. LOL

  10. I ordered the Aug box and thought it wasn’t to bad but now they charged me 7 days before the 1st of the month for the Sept box and also charged me $1.05 in tax so not only is this box not worth the $15 price they advertise but now they have me paying $16 for it! I emailed Friday but heard nothing yet about the early charge but I won’t give up and I’m canceling!

  11. I got an email last night, already charged for Sept. I will be cancelling once I have the tracking info – or the day I receive it, to make sure everything is in good shape. This is not a $15 box and I won’t use the coupon,, regularly enough to justify it. I had high hopes for this sub. Its a shame it didn’t live up to the hype. (for the YEAR or so it was in the making)

  12. I just got billed yesterday for September! I thought we were supposed to get billed at the beginning of the month. Plus I dont know if the value is worth $15- even with the $5- card. I don’t buy from Macy’s every month! But I guess that’s the idea, right?

    • Make sure to check out the Sale & Clearance section in the beauty category and all the gifts with purchase (of which they have a TON at any given time), and you might find it worth your while.
      What really appeals to me is that any beauty purchase from the Macy’s site gets free shipping, there is no $50 minimum. You can literally get a $5 item just for the sales tax, and the shipping is very quick, too.
      I just wish they carried the cheaper brands that Ulta does, for a full beauty shopping experience, but this way I can try out some prestige items on the cheap.

      • I ended up using my coupon because I wanted to purchase $25 in clothing. Adding a $6 (-$5 coupon ) beauty purchase made the shipping free

  13. I really thought Macy’s beauty box was going to be really good. Like more higher end brand samples. I love BOXYCHARM ( the Tarte pallet was awesome) and Sephora’s box is fun & great for $10.
    But definitely some disappointment in Macy’s 🙁. I was hoping for MAC travels sized samples and other different brands. The Smashbox 2/ color eyeshadow was nice. But when they first announced the spoilers I thought it would be the whole pallet. I was thinking WOW Macy’s box is gonna be great.
    I will probably wait until end of the year to decide.

    I feel bad for you guys having issues with customer service. I hope you get your $$ back.

  14. Agree this isn’t a $15 box. The $5 coupon is nice and I did use it on the $27 Naked smoky palette. But it’s not enough for me to keep getting this box. I did cancel but I guess not in time, hopefully this will be my last one.

  15. Used my $5 card from last months box, last night online. Macy’s has a lot on sale in the beauty category. Works like a charm.

  16. I signed up too late for last months box…but I am excited about this months box. I like the brands listed. Clinique has great moisturizers! I use setting powder quite a bit and even though I received this in Beauty Fix I am glad to get another. I think for $15 this is a nice sub!

  17. This is so not a $15 box.

  18. That Laura Mercier Primer is awesome. Reminded me of the old Smashbox primer that had dermaxyl in it. That setting powder was in Beautyfix this month. The rest is lame.

  19. I wanted to love this subscription but I just don’t at all. There are far better boxes out there.

  20. What I don’t like about Macy’s is the last minute spoilers and then charge immediately Cancelled!

  21. After not getting all my products for August and having to deal with their Customer Service I cancelled my sub on August 13th, I JUST now got an email that I have been charged for September! Off I go to deal with their customer services from hell!

    • Ugh! You have to cancel before the 10th…. I hate Macy’s!

    • They are the worst! After having cancelled my subscription with them because the billed me TWICE for the one August box. I just got an email confirmation that I was just billed for September! 😡

      • If you have written proof that you cancelled an order before it was shipped then their cancellation policy doesn’t matter. The bank will cancel the payment and refund your money, you just have to call them and tell them what happened. It’s unlawful to charge someone for items they cancelled before being charged and especially before shipping. I wish more people knew this.

      • I get you I am beyond mad mad I got billed yesterday for the box but it got cancelled and I had to call today a lot and transfer to many people to tell me that my billing information was incorrect and that the box was sold out :# I don’t get why is sold out if people all over the internet are cancelling this box. I guess i am going to have to wait and purchase it from eBay or poshmark.

  22. Well,, cancelling. At Least with Ispsy or Play it took a while but this is not with the money. And was hoping to stack coupons so that is no incentive either.

  23. That made it easy. Cancelled.

  24. I cancelled after seeing this but it says i will still get this box. i already have all these products, these are the same as most of other subscriptions. i had more expectations for the macys box, first because it is macy’s and second because its $15 +tax.

    this is not worth it.
    and if the bags are cute i can always try to get them in the swap site.

  25. This isn’t worth it in my opinion. They charged me tax which brought my total to almost $16. This is no better than the $10 Sephora box and for $5 more you can sub to Boxycharm which gives you 5 full size products and it’s usually valued over $120!

    • This is exactly what I was thinking!

  26. Meh. I was really excited for this sub, but but between my nightmare experience with their customer service last month and the first two boxes being okay-but-not-awesome-and-why-is-this-$5-more-than-sephora-play?, I went ahead and cancelled.

  27. I really like both this month’s and last month’s bags – the actual bags. But that’s really it that I see that I love. And since they screwed up my subscription last month (never charged, never sent, blamed me), I bought what I really wanted, the bag, for 6 bucks on Ebay. I resubbed (why? why? why?) so we’ll see how we do this month, but my experience last month was pretty frustrating. I’ll use the stuff inside, but it’s the bags that caught my eye. And I agree with the poster above (below?) who pointed out that there are NO COLOR COSMETICS. Come on, Macy’s, when in doubt, throw in a lipstick, even Sephora sample size.

  28. I cancelled after the first box as well. Think there are just too many subs like this.

    • I canceled too, The first box was mediocre–this one, forget it!

  29. Well this is a little less pedestrian than the last box, but still pretty boring. I’m still far from interested.

  30. I subscribed the 1st week of last month. I guess too late for Aug (I really liked the Aug. spoilers, wish I had got!). I hope they start me this month! It all looks gr8 to me! Not sure if they do a waitlist or not. Looks like a nice sub and only $15 a month.

  31. I’m so torn. I don’t know whether I should cancel or not. It isn’t a bad box but nothing too exciting either. I think I will give them 1 more month which will be October and if they haven’t stepped up the box I’m out.

    • I agree! I was hoping September would help me decide but I’m still on the fence so we will see with October I guess.

  32. And there is no color in this box. I am glad I never subscribed to this one. I was going to take a watch and see, but this subscription sucks.

  33. That Laura Mercier primer in Radiance looks pretty with no foundation, especially with a tan. Also, the bag is much cuter than last month’s, but no regrets cancelling after the first month since I have no interest in the other items.

  34. The first 3 & the bag – yes!
    The others? Pass. (Even though I love that Burt’s Bees salve.)

  35. I never even got the first box I ordered 🙁

    • me either! Thier Customer Service is absolutely HORRIBLE! And the worst part is, they don’t care. I will NEVER shop at Macy’s or order ANYTHING (including this box) EVER!

      • Exactly about cust serv!

    • I’m glad to know I’m not the only one. I could have sworn I ordered the very first one but never received it. Ironically, my husband works for Macy’s.

  36. I wish they would let us pick it up in-store for $10. It would help them get us in there and save on the shipping.

    • Double that.

  37. I’m really glad I cancelled after month one.

    • I was a one and done as well. First month’s samples were decent, cute bag. Might use the $5 coupon, but not worth keeping the sub.

  38. Burts Bees at Macy’s??? I expect something more high end. Don’t get me wrong I like Burts Bees, but I can get it a ton Walmart. For $10 this would be an alright box, but for $15 no thanks.

    • I was also surprised to see it – didn’t realize Macy’s even carried Burt’s Bees.

  39. Blah! Looks rather boring but I get too many boxes so maybe it’s time for a break.

  40. I haven’t used my $5 coupon from last month. Does anyone know if we can stack them?

    • No, only one promo code at a time.

  41. I was just thinking about how much I love that Laura Mercier primer – I got a deluxe sample size of it in the Sephora Glow Kit and I’ve been using it almost daily since, so it’s almost gone. I also use that Burt’s Bees salve for my cuticles. It’s kind of tempting, but I think I’m better off using my $15 towards a full bottle of the primer.

    • Still IMO best primer on the market and their original goes with everything, even waterweight foundations.

    • I was thinking I might cancel, but I really want to try that primer.

  42. I’m still not sure if I should keep this sub. I like the items but there is nothing special. $15 is too much! It should be $10! Ipsy & sephora are better. Even allure is better. I think September is my last month.

  43. I haven’t used my $5 coupon from last time yet. Does anyone know if we will be able to stack them?

    • No, we can’t do that. I tried. 🙂

  44. I don’t like that primer (for my skin, personally) but everything else will get used.

  45. How do you know you have too many cosmetics? When a sub box comes out with 6 items and you already have ALL of them in your collection.

    • I was just thinking that. I def. don’t need anything in this box. I’ve gotten all of these products already in my $10 boxes!! EASY pass!

  46. It’s a little boring but I will use everything which is rare.

  47. Well, I’m out! This was month #2 for me and hey went from boring – but with some useful items – to terrible. There is nothing I’m even remotely interested in here.

    I’m not sure they realize who they’re competing with. Even my worst month of Sephora Play ($10) was wayyyy better than this. And add $6 and Boxycharm blows them out of the water!

  48. Wow, the Dermablend setting powder is everywhere this month! Even the current Ulta gift with purchase has it. Oh well, if it’s as good as Liz said, I’ll use all of it. 😃
    I wish there was some color in the box, like lipstick or eyeliner, but this isn’t bad, I am pretty sure I’ll use everything.

  49. Still giving Macy’s time on this box, at least receiving usable quality items

    • Yeah, that’s how I think of it, too.
      I can’t say I “get” all the hate – this is so much better than most other subscriptions, where you’d be lucky to receive more than two (or sometimes even just one) usable items.

  50. Wow! And I though last month was bad!! I decided to give it one more month because it was Macy’s, but now I wish I had never signed up for this! This isn’t anywhere near as good as Ipsy, which does it for $10 instead of $15.

    • I cannot wait for the beauty box so far I am loving Macy’s beauty Subscription I get this and Ipsy I love them both.

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